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    Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings, the action RPG that is taking mobile gaming by storm, is introducing a whole new type of equipment to the game! Different than current equipment sets, Twilight is an 8-piece set that represents the pinnacle of high-end equipment.

    In the world of Legacy of Discord, the living world and the Nether are connected by spiritual pathways where spirits of the dead travel to their final destination. Strange void energies flow through these pathways and in extremely rare occasions, a vengeful spirit manages to bind with these energies, resulting in the birth of a void being known as a Void Terror. While most of these creatures end up in the Nether, one in particular, called Vizier, was pulled into the living world. The devastation it caused was unfathomable. In took an entire army and twenty mighty Guardians to finally subdue the it. The lingering energies of Vizier’s remains was carefully infused into a set of equipment, now known as the Twilight Set.
    The Twilight Set represents the cream of the crop when it comes to equipment. Only the most proven warriors will be worthy to don this armor and control its unlimited power. But take heed, acquiring the Twilight Set will be a difficult journey but the result is worth the effort.
    On top of it’s amazing visual effects and details, the most unique aspect of the Twilight Set is it’s Twilight Aura, an effect that can absorb the light from others! Unlock the Twilight Aura and watch as other characters around you temporarily lose their special visual effects, for any equipment in the presence of a Twilight wearer is automatically suppressed by it’s overwhelming power.

    Legacy of Discord already provides a ton of customization options for players to develop their characters, such as Wrathwings and Pets, and now with the addition of the Twilight Set, there are more choices than ever. Build your character the way you want and look amazing while doing it! Play Legacy of Discord today and don’t miss another minute of this action packed hack ‘n slash adventure on mobile!
    Additional Information:
    Try out Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings by visiting the following link:
    For the latest news and updates, follow Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings at
    and check out the forums at:
    About GTarcade:
    GTarcade is a leading global developer and publisher of free online games. With its guiding principle of “sharing simple joy”, GTarcade has created award-winning MMO0RPG and strategy games for browser and mobile. Visit today and play all our games for free!

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    Resultado de imagem para world adrift
    Bossa Studios' upcoming building and flying MMO Worlds Adrift just released a new trailer called "Remnants". It shows the game's potential and ambition to become a game for dreamers who like building aircrafts, exploring the floating islands, and fighting in the sky.

    Worlds Adrift is not just a ship building and PvP game, it's a living, breathing world. You will need to gather materials and resources from the floating islands to craft, build and repair your ship.

    The game is still in alpha and the Early Access is scheduled for Q1 2017.

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    Holiday time is giving time! This year,  2P has teamed up with WEBZEN to host a gift pack giveaway event to spread some love and freebies from their games among all of players.  Four games are participating this year. Have a look below to see which games are taking part and what you can get for free!

    Mu OnlineMaster Scrolls of Wrath, Healing, Mana, Health, Wizardry, Defense, and Battle *1

    FLYFFRe-Stat*1, Re-Skill*1, Upcut Stones*10, Grilled Eel*10, 7-Day Gray Tuxedo Box (M)*1,  7-Day Pink Dress Box (F)*1, and temporary balloons *10.

    C9: Continent of the Ninth Seal: PC Cafe Premium Item*1, 100% Extreme Training*5, Skill Reset Scroll*1, Town Travel +Lv. 1*1, School Look Gear Set*1,  Resurrection Scrolls*15, and Prelude to the Storm Soul Set *1

    RAPPELZWhite bear with blue snowboard costume*1, Christmas Hat*1, Christmas Boots*1, Christmas Gloves*1, Christmas Costume*1, Special Health Potions*10,  Special Mana Potions*10, and Altered Almighty Pieces (Enhanced)*5.


    • Usable until: February 27th, 2017 
    • All the items in the gift pack are Non-Tradable
    • Coupon codes can only be used with a Webzen account
    • Coupon codes are limited to one use per account

    How to participate in:

    Step1: "Like" Facebook and "Share" this event. Follow Twitter and Retweet this giveaway.
    Step2: Please download "WHAT2P" on Google Play to get the code.
    WHAT2P is downloadable on Google Play. Here is the URL:
    You could also scan the following QR Code:

    Step3: Open WHAT2P and click Giveaways to redeem the code.

    Redeem instructions:
    1.Go to 
    2.Log in with your account
    3.Enter the coupon code (without hyphens)
    4.Click Check
    5.Select the game, server, and character to which the item(s) should be sent
    6.Click Redeem Coupon Code
    7.The item(s) will be delivered to your selected in-game character

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    Land of Glory
    is a classic magic MMORPG where players can experience various elements of Western fantasy and explore different game modes such as PVP and PVE. According to official reports, Land of Glory will begin Chinese closed beta testing on December 29, in which players can experience exciting new contents. For western players who are interested, the game is likely to be releassed worldwide next year.

    Perfectly designed world that has everything gamers can ask for in MMO
    Using highest quality 3D engine settings, Land of Glory creates a tremendously sized map and cinema- like graphic that is comparable to PC games. The surface area of the Land of Glory fantasy world totals 12.96 million square meters. 

    Land of Glory has three unique races to suit the preference of players

    Each initial class has three possible trajectories of class change, creating a total of nine class variations. Meanwhile, possibilities for matching rune are limitless. Players can explore based on their preference.
    In the team raid mode, Land of Glory is one of the first mobile games to host 40 players simultaneously and achieved great results. Well-designed raid environment, high quality AI raid boss, and raid battle hosting more than 40 players bring incomparable gaming experience. 

    In addition,Land of glory made bold attempts at creating the battlefield of 40vs40 on a smartphone! That would be amazing gaming experience for players. Pairing between classes and skills bring limitless possibilities for the PVP vertical of Land of Glory.
    The next phase testing to begin on December 29 in China, more exciting new playable contents are on the way.
    Since the Alpha testing, Land of Glory has continued to receive positive feedback and praise. Based on players’ comments and suggestions, the development team focused on upgrades and optimizations to not only take the gameplay to the next level but also to introduce exciting new contents.

    With the newly added Watch3D system, NPCs will always face the player regardless in which direction the game is moving. This new system will make Land of Glory more immersive and fun to play.

    Tasks are an indispensible part of MMO. NetEase turns the logic on its head - if you have to do it, why not do it with style? In the upcoming version of Land of Glory, the standard task bar is replaced with something like a nautical chart. On the chart, players can discover missions that are happening in the world and choose which ones they want to participate. 

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    We continue to translate the interview Korean media Thisisgame did with Peria Chronicles developer Thingsoft recently. You can read the first part here. In this part, you can finally hear of the beta and release time the developer plans for the game.  

    Will the lands run out if players keep building things? 
    We should add relevant content to our previous video. In fact if you have enough materials you can create new lands, it's like building a new world. At first an area may be small but it gets bigger as more materials are used. Players can build portals to connect different areas.

    With portals, players can build villages. A powerful clan/guild might be able to control the entire area as well as the portals. But we think this is very unlikely to happen, because there are 2 types of portals: one just exists in the world but can't be moved, and the other one is built by players and can be destroyed. It's worth mentioning that portals will disappear itself if no one use it for a long time. So we have complicated rules to manage the portals.

    What contents you have for players who aren't interested in building and crafting?
    In our plan, it will be quite impressive if 1-5% players of the game can focus on building and maintaining villages. This small group of players will become mayors or lords and they have some powers. Of course they can choose to run the village in democratic ways. With that everyone can be part of the community.
    Will loners feel they don't have much stuff to play, compared with those who stick the community?
    Never forget that the player community is a very creative group. It will be difficult for a single player to create new terrains but it's not a problem for him/her to modify the terrains.
    Once players complete building an instance, the game will reward them. Players and their groups will be happy to create fun instances that loners can also play.
    Server capacity and stability must be a great challenge to you?
    We have to deal with server issues like performance since players can change many things in the game. We have to think of security and anti-cheating. We are always improving the servers.

    MapleStory 2 is a MMO stresses on player-created contents. However the game isn't as popular as it's expected. Aren't you worried the same thing could happen in Peria Chronicles? 
    It's difficult to answer this question. We can't say it's not possible. We have to reach hardcore players and manage them. We have many players in our forum that know programming, and many of them are waiting for the game. We plan to build our community starting from recruiting those players.
    Player-created contents in other MMOs may be just for fun, but those contents influence and change the gameplay in Peria Chronicles. So I think there is a big difference.
    That means the game will be a hardcore MMO, and you will have to have a large amount of hardcore gamers at the beginning.
    Since there's no similar game in the market, we don't have any reference and feedback. But first we will invite players who share our concept to the focus tests.
    Tell us about the main story and missions.
    Many people try to level up as fast as they can today, and they consume content fast and then ask for new content. To avoid that, we decided to create a game where the community creates its own content. So the developer team doesn't focus on adding a lot of content and they don't make a huge storyline for the game.

    On the other hand, every village and town in the game is built by players, and they can be destroyed and completely gone. If there are missions in the village, there could be bugs once the village is gone. So honestly, with such game structure, it's impractical to add deep story content into the game.

    Will players feel lost in the game without any mission in the game? 
    The game does have missions but it offers missions to players in a different way. We have some ideas, such as contracts signed by players. After all, building and managing villages need a lot of players. So villagers and mayors can post bounty missions such as looking for materials and they will pay once the items are delivered.
    What's more, players can create NPCs with certain logics. NPCs can help post bounty missions and contracts for players. The contract we can create is pretty simple at this moment, and it's like "need A materials to be delivered at B time." However, we hope players can think of different situation when they create a contract. For instance, if the server goes down or is in maintenance, the contract could expire. If this happens a lot, we'll consider posting "official contracts" for players.
    This game has so many uncertainty and unexpected situations! So when do you plan to release the game?
    We already have a lot of props, enough to build a village and instances, and it's good enough to start small scale tests. We'll start alpha test as soon as possible in 2017, and then start closed beta in the middle of 2017.
    Although there are still a lot of difficult problems we need to deal with. Take house as an example. We could just design a house according to the concept art but we have to give players the freedom to build their own house, and we have to divide a house to different parts from wall to door and to windows. This is very different to the current MMOs and sometimes we really get lost in the development.
    We use our own engine so we frequently improve it and add new features. That costs us much more time, and no wonder some players think we are not doing anything. We are working hard and we hope to release the game at the end of 2017 or early 2018.

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    Dragon Nest Mobile Kicked off final beta test in China on December 7. Some players have already dived into the game, but the language could be the problem. So I prepare a newbie guide for you guys.

    1. What’s the release date for Dragon Nest Mobile?
    According to the official announcement, the game will be officially released for Android and iOS in Q1 2017.

    2. How many playable classes in game? Which one is the best for beginners?
    There are 4 classes available for the moment, namely warrior, wizard, priest, and archer.
    Best choice for beginners or players who like to be a tank.
    If you like to team up with other players, the powerful healing and buff abilities will make priest the most popular class everywhere.
    If you’re confident in operations and like kiting monsters, archer will be an ideal options for you.

    Most skills of wizard have a long cooldown time. I won’t recommend this class if it’s the first time to play Dragon Nest related games.
    3. I have played Dragon Nest before, but I am sick of the 3D graphics. Do you fix the problem in mobile version?
    Compared with the PC version, players can freely switch from 3D non-targeting system from 2.5D targeting system in Dragon Nest Mobile. So players won’t have much trouble in 3D sickness.

    4. I’m not good at operations and the PC version requires a lot in operations, so I quit the game after playing it for a while. How about the mobile version?

    The skills are optimized, so all the players can get used to the operations soon. Just like mobile MOBA, players will be able to pass dungeons easily with normal attack and 4-5 skills. But after reaching higher lvl, even an old Dragon Nest player can feel stressed since it’s much more difficult to complete the dungeons. During the dungeons, player can except some interesting gameplay from Monopoly.

    5. I’m an old DN fan, what’s the most attractive part of mobile version?
    Based on the classic IP, Dragon Nest Mobile inherits the same world view. Players can see familiar characters like Geraint and Algerta. What’s more, you can team up with these characters in certain dungeons.
    With static balance system and ladder system, players will be enjoy fair PVP. So PVP is more about operations but not how much money you have spent in game.
    Apart from dancing, emotions, selfie, players can also enjoy farming and fishing in the home system. What’s more, there is a radio system that allows player to chat with famous anchors.

    6. Is it pay to win? What’s the most effective way to spend my money?
    It’s a free to play game without VIP system. The cash shop only sells value-added items like fashion, materials, and mounts. We have 3 types of monthly card, namely 12 RMB (1.5 USD), 18 RMB (2 USD), 30 RMB (4.5 USD). Different monthly cards have different bonus. For example, the 12 RMB monthly card will allow players to level up their mounts faster and increase their stamina.
    Closed beta benefit: All the players can get 150% diamonds they buy during the beta test when the game is officially released.

    7. Will it take a lot of time to play?
    It take about 1 hour to complete 80% of the daily quests.

    8. Where to download the game?
    Click here to check the download guide.

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    Dragon Nest Mobile has entered the final Closed Beta Test on December 7th, 2016 in China. I've recored some videos gameplay preview with four classes, namely Warrior. Archer, Sorceress and Cleric.

    Dragon Nest Mobile actually looks like the PC version with advanced graphics. Like most mobile RPGs, it also features autoplay system. In short, I like its cute art style and 3D non-targeting combat system.

    Warrior Gameplay:

    Archer Gameplay:

    Sorceress Gameplay:

    Cleric Gameplay:

    You can learn more about Dragon Nest Mobile and apk download guide here.

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    Chaos devil has been escaped from the seal and captured the goddess Lilith. Who will be the first hero find the goddess? Who will seal the evil successfully soonest? Countless heroes in the mainland of Shultain are given a new force, adventure journey begins at your foot!

    Highest visual feast with top art, excellent combat skills and special effects of the battle scenes. Dragon Chronicles is a real-time PK combined game with unique siege warfare. The historical 3D MMO RPG dual mode game will give you best ever experience! Dragon Chronicles will be launched in the end of December, before that, let’s know more about this hottest MMOPRG game.
    Here are some of its most acclaimed features:
    【Full powered 3D graphics display】
    - more than 300 unique heroes with 3D display!
    - Cool fighting skill effects, full voice sound and light experience!
    【Brand New Siege Mode Real-time multiplayer PK】
    -slash and revenge  & pay for the lost
    -adjust your building in castle,defense with your heroes
    【Strategic Hero Match】
    - 5 kinds of hero fetter for strategic match
    - varified fetter system X strongest ever hero skill
    【Game Modes】
    - 「Adventure Mode」: conquer the land and save goddess!
    - 「Battle」: battel 1: 1 in real-time to perform your skill!
    - 「Challenge」: challenge yourself to be No.1!
    - 「Elite」: match up your heroes to defeat evil!
    - 「Guild」: battle at the top of castle to dominate the mainland of Shultain !
    Are you ready? Join Us right now!
    About Dragon Chronicles 
    Dragon Chronicles Facebook Fan Page:
    Dragon Chronicles Official Twitter:
    tapfuns Official YouTube:
    https: //
    About tapfuns
    tapfuns is a mobile game publishing company, which focuses on worldwide especially in European and American distribution. Since its foundation in 2015, tapfuns commits to bring fun and happy times to players. Its successful of launch kinds of mobile games such as Anime Warriors, Divine Expedition, Storm of Wars, DIGI MONSTER, Super Smash Heroes and so on, helps tapfuns grow quickly and be highly praised by worldwide players.
    For Media Enquiry
    Natalie Gogh 
    Marketing Manager
    Company:  tapfuns Game
    Website:  http: //
    Tel: (86-020) 38479001

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    Blade & Soul, the eastern fantasy action MMORPG from NCsoft was released in Korea in June 2012. The game started with pay-to-play model, and it succeeded in Korea, but B&S still decided to turn to free-to-play model, 4 years after it launched, and it was not because the game was not popular in Korea.
    The free-to-play switchover has conducted in Korea today along with the release of the first part of a major update that increased the level cap from 50 to 55. However, the release of the long awaited Gunner class remained "to be announced". NCsoft released a new trailer though, showing the new features in the update as well as an early look at the Gunner class.

    Source: mmoculture

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    Winter and the holiday events started in Black Desert. Snow will fall over some regions, the night times will have a new Aurora effect and the winter atmosphere will make its presence felt in the world of Black Desert. The Velia, Heidel, Calpheon, Altinova, and Valencia regions will be overflown by Santa and its sleigh, while dropping gifts. Santa's gift boxes will reward all BDO players who were kind, until December 28th. The holiday atmosphere will be completed with Christmas outfits, furniture, and decorations. The patch that introduces the Christmas spirit to the world of Black Desert also includes some minor class changes, item changes, new items for the Pearl Shop, and a hotfix. 

    Source: official forum

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    Just a week before Revelation OnlineClosed Beta 2, prepares another treat for players who have purchased or plan to purchase the Founder or Deluxe Pack. Both mount and wings in the Founder and Deluxe Pack are upgraded to GOLD RANK, increasing their stats and changing their appearance.

    The mount before looks like a black armored horse and now it turns into an elegant IMPERIAL ARIES MOUNT.
    The wings is also upgraded and turned into a BLAZING SKY WINGS which is just one step away from becoming a "Divine Angel Wing".
    The price remains the same, so if you already own a pack, you will get these upgrades automatically when the Open Beta launches next year, says My.comThat's right, the open beta has been confirmed to start in 2017. Will there be CBT3? We don't know.

    Does this upgrade on the wings and mount of the Founder and Deluxe pack makes you wanna grab a founders pack? Or do you prefer the old mount and wings? Will it be better if they just added the Imperial Aries Mount and keep the black horse too? Please tell us what you think on the comment section below!

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    Amazon announced the first Alpha test for Breakaway will be available during December 15-19. Check the 10 mins gameplay below:

    Announced at TwitchCon 2016, Breakaway is a 4 vs 4 MOBA game that focus on "Buildabes"- structures. Instead of controlling creeps and lanes, players will spend their time building augments on their side of the "court," including catapults and barrier walls, then running around exchanging fireballs and fisticuffs and trying to get a ball into one of the various point-scoring nets.

    What does “Alpha” really mean for Amazon Game Studios and Breakaway?
    Alpha to us, means alpha…..a super early version of a game that is in active development. While the core gameplay experience will be fairly polished—if you’ve played our TwitchCon demo, you’ve hopefully already seen that—a lot of the systems surrounding the gameplay loop will be in early stages and various degrees of polish. You might encounter some bugs, you might see us testing mechanics, you might even see game crashes. Again, we want to be as transparent as possible with all of you and give you the earliest possible access to Breakaway to get your feedback. Our goal is to make Breakaway a game that is developed with your input, and that can only happen if we allow you to play the game while it’s still early.
    Who gets into the Alpha on December 15?
    TwitchCon Stream+ promotion winners and anyone who has received a limited edition Alpha code will be guaranteed access to the Alpha on December 15. Once those people have been granted access, we will unlock waitlist access based on the order of signup……so if you’re reading this and you haven’t yet signed up for Alpha, GO HERE NOW! :)

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    Today, Super Evil Megacorp released Update 2.0 for Vainglory, the MOBA built for the touchscreen generation. Update 2.0 is Vainglory’s biggest update yet and introduces highly requested features that give back to elite players while simultaneously making the game more approachable for new ones.

    Updates include:

    • New Hero: Idris - Idris is a new Assassin class Hero entering the fold that adapts his fighting style for any situation. Players can build Idris up for melee combats or ranged attacks suing his speak and chakrams. 
    • The Mystery Chest - Epic prizes await with the introduction of the new Mystery Chest feature. Players have more than a 1-in-3 chance of earning any hero or skin currently available in the market. There is also the very rare opportunity of hitting a 1 million Opals jackpot which could set players up for life!
    • Skins - The update introduces winter-themed skins including a festive Gift-Wrapped Fortress, Winter War Catherine and Winter War Kestrel. Gladiator Ardan also makes his debut sporting a Death Mask and Wolf's head cloak.
    • Guild Improvements - The new guild finder feature makes it easier than ever to find the right fit. More administration features and guild rewards are here allowing players to earn guild fame solo but earn even more together.
    • New Hero Titles - Three core roles have been introduced in the latest update, captain, carry and jungler. Easily identifiable roles allow new players to understand heroes and experienced players to spot team deficiencies before a match.

    Check the official page for more details

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    Last week, Nexon Korea announced a new Musa class (aka Moonlight Warrior) for TERA in a teaser trailer. That trailer featured a Castanic female character wields a Crescent Blade as weapon but didn't tell too much. As the release day approaches, Nexon decided to show more about the new class.

    Have a look at how she crushes monsters with the huge blade in the gameplay video below. Looks like her combat style shares some similarities with Berserker and Slayer. Besides, Musa class will be female only and released on December 22nd in Korean server. 


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    Resultado de imagem para ragnastrike angels
    DMM announced that anime mobile role-playing card game Ragnastrike Angels will launch in Japan on December 15th. In the game, players play the role of Ragna Strikers officers to fight against the alien enemies called Firemu.

    The game was first announced in March 2016 and then its launch had been delayed for 3 times. Like many anime games, Ragnastrike Angels boasts beautiful art for characters and high quality voice acting.  

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    Danish game studio Reto-Moto adds new planes and tail gunner mechanics to their popular WW2 MMOFPS Heroes & Generals with the just released ‘Ihlefeld – Warbirds and Tail Gunners’ update.

    Now is the perfect time to become a pilot in Heroes & Generals as reconnaissance planes are introduced as an all new class of planes. All new pilots from all three factions will get one of the new planes – and they can even bring friends along as tail gunners. 

    The new reconnaissance planes are: 

    • The Soviet Polikarpov R-Z
    • The German Henschel Hs-126 B-1
    • The U.S. Curtiss O-52 Owl
    “Reconnaissance planes as a class fits very well with the overall long term plans for aerial combat in Heroes & Generals, and they add to the complete war experience,” says Jacob Andersen, Game Director at Reto-Moto: “We have chosen these specific three planes not only because they are visually appealing, but they also all have a gunner seat adding a new experience to the game and enhancing teamplay. Plus they are planes rarely seen in other video games.” 

    Fight for your friends as a dedicated support gunner
    All three new planes let players join as a dedicated support gunner to protect friends in the sky and on the ground. Players cannot exit the vehicle while fighting in this role but they can always exit to the deploy menu at any time. The dedicated support gunner role is also available in tanks.

    The plane physics model and controls have been reworked in the ‘Ihlefeld – Warbirds and Tail Gunners’ update, making the handling of all planes feel more natural. Current pilots in Heroes & Generals will find that the planes they already own now fly almost twice as fast as before.

    Heroes & Generals is available for free at and on Steam.

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  • 12/15/16--04:16: HeroWarz gets a new Hero

  • Published by KOG Games, anime action MMORPG HeroWarz is getting a new character Christian Ramirez.

    Ramirez is an honest character with a few skeletons in his cupboard, including the guilt he feels over his twin brother’s death but despite this he is a hot tempered brawler that caters for those who love the interceptor melee combat style.  Veterans of the game will admire his ability to sack HP to recast big damage blasts from energy blast punches to atomic level AOE damage dealers.  He also has some pretty easy to link combo abilities and can draw enemies in to range.

    The game was released in the west in July 2016, HeroWarz is an ARPG with fluid combat, a full cast of unordinary characters, and progressive skill tree/skill acquisition system, etc. The game keeps introducing in new characters regularly for players of different play style.

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    It’s mid-December already. But there is no announced release date for Dark and Light (DNL). All we got is just weekly leaks from Horsejoke. I saw rumors in Chinese reddit said the steam page for DNL will come out first on December 15. However, the steam page is delayed due to the lack of a complete video. So maybe we can expect a gameplay video as well as the steam page next week. Ahead of the video, let’s learn more about the fantasy world:

    At the moment, there are no skill points, just Skill Node levels. Players can except a decent number of spells to play around with. There are big spells that can make a pretty significant impact in large-scale battles.

    There are 31 playabel skill Nodes for the moment, with the potential for more to be added later on. Higher-tier spells require some pretty heavy resource investment, but there's no limit on the number of players on a server who can access any given spell. Players will be able to unlock related crafting recipes once they reach a certain level.
    Gear progression is fairly liner, which mean players won’t be farming equipment from mobs. But it won’t be a big problem since there are a couple of options available in each equipment material tier.
    I will keep my fingers crossed. Hope it’s gonna be a happy Christmas!

    Source: Reddit

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    Gamevil has officially launched their latest mobile game Devilian Mobile worldwide last month. Developed by Bluehole Ginno and based on the PC MMORPG of the same name, Devilian Mobile takes full advantage of Unreal Engine 4. The game has released a new update with a series of Christmas events, which start from December 14 and go until December 19.

    [Event] Special Christmas Event
    Receive rewards based on  gems used during the event. 
    Rewards will be cumulative and sent after calculating the total about of gems used during the event
    EX: 7,000 Gems: Armor Crystal x20, Rare ~ Legendary Armor Ticket x5
    [Event] Costume Christmas
    Complete missions and get costume 

    Kylar Costume

    Ayla Costume

    Elin Costume

    Update Auto Repeat feature added

    Auto replay for Adventure is going to be implemented 

    New Raid Boss

    New Features for Arena and Raid Stamina

    Devilstone copy setting


    Link for Download 
    Android :

    IOS :

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    We continue to give away 50 closed beta 2 keys for Revelation Online today as we kick off the second round of CBT2 giveaway event. We've announced the winners of the first round and sent out the first 50 keys. In the second round we uses the same rule as the first round.

    CBT2 Schedule: December 20th to January 3rd, 12:00 CET (3am PST)

    To get a CBT code, all you need to do is: 
    Tell us in comment which / what features of Revelation Online you like most.

    How are winners selected?
    We randomly pick up 50 players who make a valid comment. Winners will be announced at this post after the event ends. Beta key will be sent to their registered email.

    How to redeem the key?
    If you win a key, create an account at the official site and redeem the key at the profile page.
    When does the 2nd round end?
    Event ends on December 18 at 5:00 AM EST. We'll continue next week.
    About Revelation Online
    Revelation Online is a breathtaking Massively Online Multiplayer experience in which players will discover the lands of Nuanor. Explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery, and use the power of flight to experience absolute freedom. Spread your wings or master one of the many aerial mounts to soar through the sky.
    You can learn more about the game at the game hub.

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