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    2P teamed up with Gamesamba to offer Star Trek: Alien Domain players an exciting giveaway opportunity that includes a Pre-Christmas gift pack filled to the brim with goodies that rivals even Santa's sack of presents.

    Gift Pack contents:
    1. Deuterium Box (x2)
    2. VIP Card (x1)
    3. Key-C (x1)
    4. E-Crystal Box A (x3)
    5. Officer Exp-Card (L) (x2)

    How to participate in:
    Step1: "Like" Facebook and "Share" this event. Follow Twitter and Retweet this giveaway.

    Step2: Please download "WHAT2P" on Google Play to get the code.
    WHAT2P is downloadable on Google Play. Here is the URL:
    You could also scan the following QR Code:

    The reward will sent to your WHAT2P account on the launch date or 1-2 days later.
    *We encouage you to visit Star Trek: Alien Domain Hub Page and write a quick review for Star Trek: Alien Domain after you play so as to help more players.

    Code Redemption:
    1. Click on ITEMS in the lower left section of the game.
    2. In the ITEMS windows, click CODE.
    3. Enter your Code in the input box and click OK.
    4. The items will be delivered to your ITEMS right away.
    1. Each account can only claim 1 code for this event giveaway.
    2. Codes are to be redeemed in game.
    3. Each code can only be used once.

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    Resultado de imagem para bless online wallpaper
    Bless Online is one of the most wanted MMORPG games that has released in South Korea and launched Open Beta in Russia. A mobile game based on Bless IP is also indevelopment. However, western players might face an indefinite wait for the NA/EU release.

    Bless Online was signed by Aeria Games in April, but the game hasn't posted any update since November. Now the official website is down, making people guess that the game might be in an indefinite delay, or even worse, it's no longer be published by Aeria Games.

    What do you think?

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    Piggy Boom is a cute and addictive wheel-of-fortune casual game, where players spin their way to riches and build up collections of fantasy islands, while climbing local and global leaderboards. In celebration of the upcoming festival, 2P and RAFO Technology teamed up to host a giveaway event, rewarding gamers with 10 spins & 3-days VIP.

    How to participate in:
    Step1: "Like" Facebook and "Share" this event. Follow Twitter and Retweet this giveaway.

    Step2: Please download "WHAT2P" on Google Play to get the code.
    WHAT2P is downloadable on Google Play. Here is the URL:
    You could also scan the following QR Code:

    The reward will sent to your WHAT2P account on the launch date or 1-2 days later.
    *We encouage you to visit Piggy Boom Hub Page and write a quick review for Piggy Boom after you play so as to help more players.


        • Magic Wheel
    Every one loves having some luck in a game and Piggy Boom gives you free daily chances to spin the wheel and win heaps of coins!

       • Theme islands
    Every casual game players love to build and have a customized avatar!
    In Piggy Boom, hundreds of themed islands wait for you to unlock them and build. The more you build, the more islands you will have.

      • Play with Friends
    Invite your best friends and compete with global players. Are you under attack and want a revenge? Call your friends and attack together.

      • Miner System
    Be a miner and keep digging, a rich gold mine is waiting for you to explore in the game! Become the richest player in the game for a second.

      • Cute Pets
    Get your daily dose of cuteness with your adorable pets and protect your island together. Remember to feed your cute pet and level it up.

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    Final Clash is a free-to-play fantasy online role-playing game that features strategic, fast-paced combatand stunning 3D graphics. As the first collection-based RPG with multi-character skill combos, the game will be available for Android and iOS users in mid January. 2P joined hands with PopPace to host a pre-registration event, rewarding gamers with Ser Paarth*1, Energy Potion*1, Stamina Potion *1,200,000 Gold and 100 Gems.


    How to participate in:

    Step1: "Like" Facebook and "Share" this event. Follow Twitter and Retweet this giveaway.

    Step2: Please download "WHAT2P" on Google Play to get the code.
    WHAT2P is downloadable on Google Play. Here is the URL:
    You could also scan the following QR Code:

    The reward will sent to your WHAT2P account on the launch date or 1-2 days later.

    *We encouage you to visit Final Clash Hub Page and write a quick review for Final Clash after you play so as to help more players.

    Game Features
    •    Heroes: Choose from over 50 heroes! Develop each hero's unique skills and collect equipment for additional power upgrades to defeat foes.

    •    Beasts: Acquire cute animal companions to accompany and assist heroes in battles. Upgrade beasts and unlock new talents to further enhance hero powers.

    •    Massive Map and Player Count: The huge city environment supports over 10,000 players on the same map.

    •    GvG: Join a guild and ascend to become its leader. Form alliances and battle competitors to become the server's top guild.

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    This New Elite Barb deck will certainly be a fun deck to play with. This offensive strategy is anther Ash strategy where he believes that the quickness of the hog rider and the elite barbarians can devastate your opponent.
    This battle strategy can be used in Arena 8 and higher.
    Battle Deck:
    Hog Rider + Elite Barbarians + Freeze Spell + Fireball + Cannon + Archers + Mega Minion + Log
    Starting Strategy:
    Before you start off and go into battle, it is important to understand your won deck. Every card in your defensive unit and every attacking combination should be known by you. These attacking combination are also prone to weaknesses, so, it is important to be prepared for that. It would be smart to wait till the elixir bar goes up to 10. If you feel like you already have a good attacking combination already at your disposal, I would recommend going in for the attack and creating quick pressure. However if you do feel the necessary attacking resources are lacking them sit back and defend against your opponent’s attacking combination. Make sure you follow up with attack when your opponent is vulnerable.
    Use and role of each card:
    1.The Hog Rider:      
    The Hog Rider is a card that has been around since the very beginning. This card is highly dangerous as it can cause a lot of damage in a very quick amount of time. The reason this card has been chosen in this deck is to give the Elite Barbarians that extra edge in fastness.
    Add the elite barbarians along with the hog rider and you can claim a tower in span of seconds. It is quite obvious that this combination is vulnerable to several defense troops. The skeleton army, minion horde, tesla, inferno tower etc to name a few. But use the combination of the freeze spell as well and your combination is deadly.

    Elite Barbarians:
    The Elite Barbarians are a new addition to the game. They come out as a deadly pair of two. Adding to their strength and striking capacity, their quickness is one to watch out for! Having the elite barbarians can be extremely useful in tight situation.
    This card so far has been proven to be a game changer. The elite barbarians are a common card and they can therefore be easy to level up. I would suggest leaving them up to a minimum level of at least nine before you can start using them.
    3.Freeze Spell
    The Freeze Spell forms your last component of your attacking unit. This is that definitive unit that can completely put the match in your favor.
    When the Elite Barbarians and The hog rider are coming at a quick pace against your opponent’s tower, your opponent will be pushed on the back foot. He may play all sorts of cards to defend against this combination, however, the freeze spell can freeze them all.

    The Role of the Fireball is two fold. It can be used in attack as well as defense. In terms of its defense it can be used against several attacking pushes. The defense aspect will be explained further below.
    In terms of its attacking fold, the fireball can be used initially, dealing damage to both troops and the tower. It can Similarly be used at any time during the match and this decent damage done to the tower can go a long way for you to win the match.


    The prime role of the cannon is to distract troops that are on the offensive against our tower. The cannon will be a part of the defensive unit taking care of card like the Giant, the Prince, the hog rider etc.
    The cannon comes a reasonable elixir just of just 3, so make sure you use the cannon wisely and appropriately.

    The archers ply typical hand role of a supporter in this deck as well. It can be used to weaken flying units from a distance. Apart from the defending aspect it can also be used along with the offensive push.
    Each arrow of an archer packs a good punch and can quickly turn the match in your favor.
    7.Mega Minion:


    As I have mentioned in my previous articles as well, The mega minion is a card that is not very high on hit points. Although it comes at this disadvantage the damage the mega minion can cause is quite severe in nature.
    I would recommend sending the mega minion behind another card or simply using it for defensive purposes against cards like the giant.

    The legendary log is useful card to have in your deck. It can mainly serve you in two ways. One way would be to push a threatening offensive combination heading towers your tower. This will cause a small amount of damage to the opponent’s troops and give a little extra time.
    The other main use comes in the way of taking out the skeleton army or any ground unit which is low on hit points. This can be useful in protecting your own troops while they goon the offense as well.
    Battle Strategy:
    Offensive: Elite Barbarians + Hog Rider + Freeze Spell
    Speed is the most influential aspect of this combination and it can make it across to your opponent’s deck in no time! However this combination can come with weaknesses as well. Cards like the skeleton army, minion horde, or even goblins for that matter can prove to be a threat against this combination.
    However with the use of the freeze spell as well, this combination is nearly invincible. Make sure you use and time the freeze spell well.
    Main Weakness: Fireball: As the fireball cannot be frozen, it is important to release this combination when your opponent has either just finished using this card and f your opponent is not in possession of that card at all.
    Defensive: Cannon, Archers + Mega Minion + Log, Fireball
    The defensive unit is rich by having as many as five cards that can cater to this department. Each card has his or her role.
    Cannon(Can serve as a distraction as well) –- Giant, hog rider, Prince etc.
    Fireball –- Barbarians, Minions, Skeleton army etc
    Archers –- All flying and units with low hit points from a distance.
    Log: The log can specifically take out the skeleton army and other elated small elixir troops.


    1.A high average elixir cost combination will require patience in creating offensive pushes.
    2.Attack one lane while carefully defending the other.
    3.As it is a combination strategy remember to use each card to supplement the other.
    3.Use your final sixty seconds wisely, don’t let your opponent rush you.
    4.Watching videos and understanding the role and the weaknesses of every card in your deck will greatly help you.
    5.Look to win Elixir Trade offs and don’t focus too much on just attacking.
    6.Last of all, like I always say, Have fun, share and comment away!

    You may also be interested in the following guides:

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    Recently a rumorspread to the gaming community that Aeria Games might no longer be the publisher for the Western version of Bless Online. This rumor, if true, will not only increase the delay of Bless Online arriving to the western land, but might even prevent it from landing at all.

    In a assuring response, Bless Online facebook confirmed that Aeria Games is still and will publish Bless Online to the west, In fact it also state that the"New Combat System" is almost done!

     here's a screenshot of the post...

    I have seen different reactions to this rumor. Some are happy, some sad and some doesn’t care at all. What is your initial reaction? Are you still feeling the same after Bless Online confirms that Aeria Games will still be the Game Publisher for the Western market? Tell us in the comment section below!


    Source: Bless Online Facebook

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    With the launch of the Revelation update and the promise of p2w free servers (for a while), ArcheAge managed to put itself at the center of the MMO scene once again, gaining thousands of returning and new players. And if you are one of those and that you don't intend to spend money on the game, your main concern is probably to buy as many Apex as possible before prices go up.

    Call it what you want, but ArcheAge is, and has always been, a Sandbox/Themepack hybrid. In practice, this means that there are different ways for you to spend your time in the game and develop your character, and just as many ways to earn gold. And while I will discuss these in later guides, I'll tell you about how to earn gold fast in ArcheAge right here, right now.

    There are three main ways to earn gold in ArcheAge at the moment, some obvious, others not so much.


    This came as a surprise to me as well. While I knew that the launch of new servers would give logs some decent value, what I didn't expect was for them to be the most valuable resources in the game's market. Think about it. Thousands of players are currently evolving across the different servers, with a good portion of the community focusing on building houses, farms and boats. That means that everyone is out there looking for logs, bringing the value of a single log to 30 silvers.

    This means that by logging a single basic tree and earning 3-5 logs, you've already earned 1 gold, possibly more. Log 100 trees (again assuming you only cut down basic ones, with advanced ones giving as many as 7-12 logs) and you've earned yourself 100 gold coins, enough to buy an Apex on the North American servers.

    So basically, just go out there and log everything you see. Prime locations for wild logs on the East continent are:
    • Silent forest - Old Trees
    • Rookborne Basin - Apple Trees
    • Rokhala Mountains - Apple Trees and Cedar Trees
    Feeling more adventurous? Take your glider and make your way up mountains to find some illegal farms. Or just plant your own illegal forest. But be careful in conflict zones, as you may end up having to fight for them quite literally.

    Daily Quests

    ArcheAge has a bunch of daily Merit Quests that players can complete to earn Merit Badges, and up to 60 gold, depending on their levels.

    Members of a family also get an extra quest where they need to deliver a pack from the Blue Salt Brotherhood headquarters to a specific Community Center. While it does take some time to complete, especially if you have no vehicle/donkey, this quest does reward players with 10 gold.

    Vocation Badges

    Finally, if you've been keeping up with the ArcheAge news, then you should know that the 3.0 update also placed more emphasis on Vocation Badges, certain animals (cows, yatas, bears), seeds and saplings only being available from Vocation Vendors. You can even buy T1 Dawnsdrop armor with vocation badges.

    Need some extra gold? Sell some of these vocation items, or save up until you get enough for a Majestic Tree. This tree allows players to harvest it immediately after being placed, yielding as many as 1000 logs in one go. Even better, they can be harvested up 10 times, although there is a cooldown of 7 hours. But considering that nearly no one currently has the land to required to place one of these, you will have to place one in the wild, and hope no one finds it too soon.

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    Vindictus will end this year with an update called The Blight of the Unseen. Scheduled to be deployed later this week, this update brings along a new episode in Season 3, Chapter 2.

    Berbhe, a small town hidden deep beneath the battlefield of Lochlann is the main scenario of this new update. This new town from Vindictus is packed with 8 new battle quests, each featuring a new boss, that must be defeated in order to protect the inhabitants of Berbhe.

    The Abomination of Berbhe is a new raid boss with a grotesque look which is animated by one goal: to destroy and consume. Defeating this big foe grants you access to a new set of Plate Armor and powerful new weapons. With this future update, Nexon is also launching a brand new lucky box that contains a bunch of new attractions such as:
    - a proud general's regalia;
    - 4 varieties of Seafarere Outfits for the female Mercenaries;
    - 2 player-designed outfits from the China 2016 Outfit;
    - 2 adorable pets with sailor suits of their own.

    Source: official-site

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    Less than 2 weeks to go until the beginning of 2017. Snail Games was supposed to announced the Early Access date for Dark and Light (DNL). However, we get nothing expect a new screenshot, showcasing both the environment and the character. Today I saw a news on the Chinese official page, saying Dark and Light was rewarded as the “Most Anticipated PC Game of 2017”.

    We can read from the news “Dark and Light will bring the new era of sandbox game in 2017”. What does it mean? DNL won’t be available this year?

    According to Chinese lunar calendar, New Year is on January 28. I’m not sure “coming this year” refers to the the lunar calender or December 31, 2016. What’s your opinion? Please comment below.

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  • 12/19/16--07:48: Top 7 VR Games of 2016

  • We only have a couple of weeks until the end of 2016. And with that, we will slowly start to see obligatory Top 10 of 2016 articles pop out everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about these types of articles, in fact, I love them. They are short, easy-to-read and if you care about writer’s opinion they are a great way to show theirs. This year I could write another standard Top 10 games of 2016 article, but I am not going to. Instead, I want to focus on something that I followed closely throughout the whole year and that is Virtual Reality.

    I have played with all major VR headsets and written about them already, but what I didn’t do is put out a list of top games for VR devices in 2016. A lot of games that came out for the first generation VR are more of a short experience than games, but I wanted to give credit to developers that actually made some great games for this new and upcoming platform. So without further ado, here are, in my opinion, the best games for VR in 2016.

    Superhot VR

    If you played regular Superhot than you probably know what to expect, but for all of you who didn’t, it is a shooter where time stands still unless you move. I always knew that this mechanic would be perfect for VR and as it turns out I was right. Superhot VR makes you move your body to dodge bullets and other enemy attacks, while you grab weapons and objects to take out enemies. You will get quite an exercise by playing this, so don’t forget to stretch out before. It is available on Oculus Rift for $25, but keep in mind that Superhot VR requires Oculus touch pads.


    Thumper is amazing regardless on what platform you play it, but when you play it with VR headset it takes it to the whole other level. This is mainly because this game relies so much on its visuals. If you didn’t already know, Thumper is a classic rhythm-action game, but with super psychedelic visuals. Amazing music, visuals and overall gameplay of Thumper makes it a must-buy for 2016. It is available on PlayStation VR for $20, but it will release for Oculus Rift in the near future.

    Rez Infinite

    Another rhythm game with psychedelic visuals, but this time with shooter mechanics makes its way on my list. What can I say, VR headsets and unique and stunning visuals work so well and if you add great mechanics and music on top of that you get a game of the year contender. Rez has first released 15 years ago for the PS2 and received great reviews. With Rez Infinite they upped the resolution and visuals and added new content to the game. Trust me, you will come out as a different person after you experience this mind-blowing game. Rez Infinite is available on PS VR for $30.

    Minecraft VR

    It was only a matter of time for Minecraft’s adaptation to the VR devices. There is not much to say, Minecraft is the most popular game in the world, millions of people have played it in the last couple of years and everybody knows how great it is, but virtual reality gives Minecraft a whole new perspective. Because this game is a never-ending sandbox you can literally build your own experiences inside of it. It is available for Oculus Rift and Gear VR for $10 and $7 respectively.

    Job Simulator

    This game is available on all three major VR headsets, PS VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. What we have here is a funny, creative and beautifully visualized game about working everyday jobs. In Job Simulator you will take a role of a human who has to accomplish tasks, working as an office worker, chef, and a store clerk. Job Simulator doesn’t focus on its mechanics, but more on humor, quirkiness and freedom to do whatever you want, which overall makes it a great package and centrally one of the best VR games of 2016. You can get it on the above-mentioned platforms for $30.

    Batman: Arkham VR

    Batman: Arkham VR is a PS VR game and it is basically a simulation and experience, which lasts for about 60 minutes on the first playthrough and it will cost you $20. But what makes this game special and deserving to be on this list, is its narrative and setting. Who doesn’t want to be a Batman and solve a crime that involves one of his allies, I sure as hell do. Great visuals and amazing storytelling are what ultimately tipped me over to put it on my list.

    Eve Valkyrie

    Lastly, we have Eve Valkyrie, the game where you take a role of a space pilot and fight enemies in stunning space environments. Eve Valkyrie offers fast-action space combat with amazing visuals and both single-player and multiplayer game modes. Additionally, there are ship upgrades, PvE modes, character progression system, etc. This game didn’t launch with stellar reviews, mainly because of $60 price and microtransactions, but with this being a first generation VR game I think it deserves a spot on my list. It’s not like it doesn’t run well or has bad mechanics. Eve Valkyrie is available on PS VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive.

    That brings my list to an end. In my opinion, it was a great year for VR devices. We saw what this technology is capable of and what we can expect in the future. I hope that developers keep improving and innovating games for VR headsets, so we can get some fully developed titles. Also, I would love to hear your opinions on these games and if I missed some of them, so please leave a comment. Thank you for reading and take care everyone.

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    With the winter celebrations almost here, we start looking towards the new year in our search for the next MMO that will keep us entertained for hundreds of hours. To help you in this quest we already prepared a list of 10 titles you shouldn't miss and 5 honorable mentions to keep an eye for.

    Note: As always these games may take a lot longer until release so expect some of them to go live in 2018.

    Peria Chronicles 

    We talked so many times about Nexon and their upcoming anime style, fantasy MMO Peria Chronicles, and I feel that a lot of features have been changed and a lot more will be redone in the future, so for this title we will focus on the latest info that we got from GStar 2016.

    When you are trying to compare Peria Chronicles to others MMOs, the only one that has similar concepts is Minecraft, but this will be a far more complex version, based on players and communities.

    Players will be able to create almost everything, from small villages where a few friends gather around to vast new lands if enough materials can be brought by a large number of players. In order to connect various areas, portals must be built, so the world will evolve based on community decisions.

    There will be two types of portals: one that is already available in each area that can't be moved or destroyed, and the second type of portals that are built by players and can be destroyed by others. The second type can be abandoned and even disappear if no one is using it to travel for a long time.

    There are other interesting features that will help players develop and manage their village such as the ability to create your own quests or enlist an NPC to handle these tasks that you previously created. So many questions arise from this as how far we will be able to go with scripted quests, but for the moment the only available type of mission was "deliver a specific amount of goods to a certain village".

    The developer sandbox doesn't stop here and you will be able to create your own dungeon, script different parts of it like doors, traps, etc, while other players can run it for a certain reward. Some features tend to sound too utopian, but a viable economic system can be built by players if they have enough freedom. For example, (this is just an imaginary test) you can create a dungeon and set 100 gold from your own pocket as a reward for those who complete it. After that, the game will reward the creator with 100 stone, wood or iron for each player that completed the dungeon, resources that will help you construct or repair different buildings inside your village.

    The combat is a mixed of TCG and Pokemon with a few bits of standard MMOs, but even if the demo showcased a real-time combat system, I feel like Nexon is still undecided if they should go for turn based or real time combat.

    Below you can see some of Peria Chrnocile's features (character creation, combat, building, terraforming) that were available at the GStar 2016 demo:

    Dark and Light
    A lot of hype was built around this new MMO, but beside the original cinematic trailer, we didn't get to see the core features in action. The game was supposed to start an early access phase on Steam this month, but at the time I am writing this, there were no updates about it.

    Dark and Light can be described as an attempt to mix survival, sandbox, fantasy RPG elements into a modern MMO based on the Unreal Engine 4. The only thing that stomped the hype was the maximum numbers of players that can be on the same server. 

    In a few interviews, Snail Games said that the server population will be far less than the traditional MMO and suggested that we look at Dark Light as an open world multiplayer fantasy game with survival MMO aspects, rather than an MMO with survival aspects. It's clear that they can't give us a number until they see how the early access phase handles the number of players flooding the servers.

    At the beginning of the game, you will choose one of the main races (humans, dwarves or elves) and start your journey inside a shantytown. As you progress or better say survive, you will be able to afford a better settlement and work towards upgrading it, forming a village or a city. The most well-known and beloved players will be eligible to become the Lord of the City and guide its citizen in different matters such as territory expanding, trading and war.

    In order to survive in different biomes, you will need to take care of your hunger and thirst and be properly equipped for different temperatures. How hardcore these survival aspects will be, remains to be seen in the upcoming early access.

    Besides these features, Snail Games also confirmed underwater exploration and PVE content (don't think about naval content), and air combat with offensive flying mounts such as griffins and dragons.

    Lost Ark
    You don't get any decent hack and slash MMOs for a few years, but when you do, you get two of them. Compared to the previously mentioned Lineage Eternal, Lost Ark will be a more traditional game evolving around party play, special dungeons and raids that require a lot of cooperation in order to succeed.

    After the original details were shared, we were worried about the end game content, but the latest KR CBT that was held in August (you will find a 12 hour video at the end) featured a lot of things to keep us entertained for the entire period. These activities included Field and World Bosses, Guardian Raiding, Hidden Scroll Dungeons, Cinematic Dungeons, The Tower of Infinity, Cube Dungeons and PvP Arenas. 

    Field and World Bosses are quite similar, but the last one have a huge respawn time and gives better loot. The Field Boss dropped Epic Items, while the World Boss dropped a token that could be exchanged for a legendary item.

    Guardian Raiding takes place in a special dungeon where your party needs to search and kill the dungeon boss (each time the boss spawns in a different location) in a limited amount of time. The entire party shares a limited number of lives (called orbs) and when those orbs are depleted, the dungeon is over, even if there are players still alive. Another important thing is that you can't use the HP pots you get from the shop, so in order to recover your health you will either need a bard or carefully play and survive until the boss runs away in order to take a break and recover around a camp fire. Guardian Raids can drop legendary accessories, crafting tokens or epic items.

    The Tower of Infinity is a floor based dungeon where players get various objectives inside each floor. The higher you ascend, the better rewards you will be able to get. In order to enter inside the tower you will need special tickets that can be bought for a quite expensive price, from a certain NPC.

    Cube Dungeons are designed for 4 player parties. At the beginning of the dungeon  your party will get a loot box that can be upgraded. After finishing a room or defeating a boss, your loot box gains XP, and it can be upgraded 5 times. The trick here is that every room will give your party a buff or debuff, and if you end up dying inside, your loot box will disapear.

    During all of the above mentioned dungeons and bosses, from time to time, you will recieve a hidden dungeon scroll that ranges from normal rank to legendary that will get you another chance of gearing up, by opening a new dungeon with very good rewards.

    There are more things to talk about, but for the moment I will leave you watch the 12 hour gameplay from the last CBT.

    Lineage Eternal
    I hoped that we will get the chance to play this game by now, but it seems like NCSoft still has a lot more features to develop and tweak until the official release. Lineage Eternal was first announced in November 2011 and since then a lot of things have changed.

    The core ideas remain the same, but there are a few features that were completely redesign such as the new Eternal system that lets players control a team of 4 heroes and switch between them at any given time.

    In the beginning you will be able to choose 2 starting eternals, with more being unlocked as you progress. Your eternal team will be made of 4 heroes that share the same XP, but you will need to grind your gear for each specific eternal that you included in your team.

    The basics of the PVE system remains similar with Diablo 3, but NCSoft brought all of it to a massive scale. In the last beta crafting items were quite powerful so there was a lot of grinding of dungeons and world bosses for specific rare materials.

    There is also a quest system that brings a way for players to catch up in leveling by completing the so-called "urgent quests" that gives a large amount of XP.  To create an immersing experience, a lot of quests are finished on the go, so you won't need to travel back and forth for every 20 enemies that were killed. If you are tired of questing or grinding you can join a world event, dynamic quests similar to Guild Wars 2.

    Besides taking the hack and slash genre to a new level, a lot of work was put in the PVP/PK system. Lineage Eteranl features an open world PVP system similar to Lineage 2. For those of you who never played Lineage 2, the system looks like this:

    Once you are on the field, the system is everyone for himself, unless you are in the same guild. You found the perfect grinding spot, with a good respawn rate, and you plan to stay there for a few hours. At any given time, another player can come and kill (PK) you. After a few PKs, that player will get karma and if killed he may lose an item from his inventory (you can drop from any eternal inventory). You can fight back when he starts attacking you, turning the battle into a consensual PVP or wait for him to get karma and then try to kill him for that chance to get some new items. Karma is reduced by killing mobs or raids, while killing other players will raise your karma level.

    Below you will find a few videos recorded by Steparu so you can see how the game changed over the past few years, and I hope that the next CBT will feature some of the upcoming siege and territory wars.

    Bless Online
    Bless Online is one of that MMOs that gets a lot of mixed reviews, depending on what type of player talks about it. The game is already available in Koreea, while the Russians are currently having an Open Beta phase. For the Western version, Aeria is supposed to publish it, but they went radio silence since last month, and their official site is currently down, so we don't know what to expect at this time.

    For me Bless Online is the traditional, old school if you want, MMO that doesn't really bring something new to the table, but that doesn't mean it should have. Taking the old proved features and polishing them, plus focusing on community and PvP is enough to bring a well-designed MMORPG that will hook me up for months or even years.

    Last 10 years we got a lot of new features inside our standard MMO so I don't know what people expect as innovations. We already have all type of PvPs (from small arenas to territory wars and castle sieges), every type of dungeon, sandbox and survival elements, aerial and naval combat, underwater exploration, random dynamic events, etc. A game with all these features should be enough, right?

    Bless Online features 4 unique races and 8 classes without any gender lock, and the character creation is one of the best system I've ever seen. After creating your character, you will get to choose between the two warring factions as around level 30 you will be involved into open world PvP, PK and politics, based on the faction you choosed.

    Each race starts into a different zone and has its own backstory, cut-scenes, quest lines and biomes. Due to the vast open world, various regions seem dead, unless there are enough people in that certain area, and I'm afraid that the lower level areas will turn into a dry land unless Neowiz decide to give players a reason to return to these areas.

    Although the quests and crafting system are quite generic (kill ten mob, gather a few plants, bring or get that item to an NPC), Bless Online shines at large scale PvPs where guilds and factions fight over control of the lands or world bosses.

    Bless Dungeons required a lot of teamwork and carefully planning, and they use the holy trinity system so again, I guess the old school players will love this aspect also.

    I won't talk about the combat because again it's a personal opinion, some people like the action fast combat, other preffer the old tab targeting one. Also there was an announcement that the combat system will be reworked for the Western version, although I highly doubt it.

    Anyway, this is definetly a game to look forward in 2017, and remember that everything you read now (besides Steparu and a few others) has two very important aspects lacking: first of all most of the reviews are made by people who don't understand KR and they are playing it without any friends, so it becomes very boring to grind towards the endgame. 

    Sea of Thieves
    Sea of Thieves is a shared world adventure game that was first introduced to the public at E3 2016. The game sets you as a becoming pirate in a persistent online world filled with oceans and islands, each with their different riches and adventures. The game will be available for Xbox One and PC, both versions sharing the same servers.

    We don't know how big the map will be, but the lead designer Chapman said that it will take around 6 to 8 hours to sail around the seamless open world. Each region will have a different feel ranging from the classic Caribbean islands to lush wilderness with ancient civilizations.

    There won't be a main story, but players will uncover several legends such as The Legend of the Cursed Mermaid Treasure, where different goals can be completed. Some of them will take a session while others will exist across several sessions.

    You can start your adventure on your own small ship, but the real fun to be had is with a full crew inside a larger player owned vessel.

    Sea of Thieves is all about having the life of a pirate, freely exploring new islands and hunt for treasures. There will be quests that you can follow, and treasure maps that will mark different treasures, but they will not stop you exploring and venturing into the unknown.

    As we are talking about a pirate themed game, we will also have PvP, but Rare Studios said that the encounters with other ships will be quite rare, making each battle into a memorable moment. 

    More details can be found in the video below:

    Crowfall is a different, unique MMO that tries to combine elements from strategy games with standard MMORPGs, without having the usual level up and end game system. Developers described the game as a Throne War Simulator.

    Crowfall shapes to be a sandbox MMO with player driven economy, big focus on resources and crafting system, sieges and world destruction. 

    Each Server will have an ongoing campaign with different map, rules and winning scenarios. Players will join a faction, guild or noble house in order to fight for owning the land until the winter approaches, when the world slowly dies and a new campaign will begin. 

    Although the game focuses on PvP and land control, players that seek other gameplay experience can still contribute by resource gathering, crafting and killing monsters. You will also find several survival features such as hunger, so if you want to serve your guild on the battlefield all day, you will need others to provide the necessary resources.

    Playing the campaigns will not go unrewarded, and the campaign rewards will be used later to create and shape your own eternal Kingdom by placing mountains, forests, rivers, cities and castles. You will also be able to split your kingdom into provinces and give land to other guild mates. If you are lucky, during the campaigns you will scavenge rare artifacts and relics that can be installed in your temples to grant blessings to your vassals.

    If you are looking for a fast-paced action MMO keep an eye on Crowfall and you will not be disappointed.

    Back in November Nexon Korea and Barunson's Studio 8 announced a new game that brings up TCG elements with fantasy MMORPG gameplay aspects, Astellia Online. 

    The game is built on Unreal Engine 3 and features five playable classes each with their four subclasses that will be available at level 60: Warrior (Crusader, Dark Knight, Berserker and Gladiator), Archer (Hunter, Hawkeye, Ranger and Sniper), Rogue (Assasin, Shadow, Revenger and Venom Master), Scholar (Vesta, Shamand, Prophet and Sage) and Mage (Wizard, Sorcered, Warlock and Druid).

    As you can see in the videos below, players will be able to collect various cards in order to summon different companions that will help them in battle. The graphics are quite good, reminding me of Blade & Soul and Aion.

    With two progression lines, your main character and the summoned companions, and with over one hundred  cards to collect, your team composition will dictate the playstile and combat strategy for each encounter.

    Maplestory 2
    Maplestory 2 is the upcoming 3D sequel of the Nexon's well-known 2D MMO, Maplestory. The action takes places before the original, and the new looks are similar to a Minecraft game, as developers went for a cube style approach.

    With the new art style, Maplestory 2 developers had more space to implement a lot of new features, hidden areas and special events. The world features different environments with a few destructible elements.

    The combat is fast paced, based on chaining skills together. For those of you interested in other things than combat, the game features a ton of mini games, an open world housing system where players can design their own house block by block and decorate it with special items (some bought from different NPCs and others obtained from different adventures). These items don't serve only as decorations, as some of them give various bonuses, adds extra inventory space or give the ability to swap between armors on the go.

    The game also features different PvP systems like an open world map, small arenas, the Bloody Tear Mine - a free for all PvP map, and Peaks of Valor, a map designed for guild vs guild PvP.

    Age of Wushu 2
    Snail Games China decided to make a new wuxia themed MMORPG, but this time they went for a sandbox approach. Age of Wushu 2 will be built on Unreal Engine 4 and will inherit the wuxia vibe from its predecessor, but there won't be a set timeline or a fixed quest system.

    Both players and NPCs will be affected by location, environment, weather and other survival features. Developers promised a new era for the AI, with NPCS that will form alliances, fight against each other, perform kidnappings and even build fortresses and threat actual players.

    There are many questions left unanswered, but slowly Snail Games is releasing additional info for various resources and sandbox features. For example, they talked about the plants that will be available in Age of Wushu 2 and about the way they are going to be used as crafting resource (for weapons, hose carts weapons, furniture or shelter), medicine or food. They also recently revealed some of the tools that will be available for gathering resources, hunting or surviving during the dark nights that will be available in the dynamic day and night and weather system.

    To keep an eye for upcoming news related to this new sandbox MMORPG, keep an eye on our Age of Wushu 2 game HUB.

    Honorable Mentions (most of these games are in an early phase of development):

    Chronicles of Elyria

    Chronicle of Elyria is a very ambitious, dynamic and immersive MMORPG, where your character ages and dies in a fully destructible world with non-repeatable quests.

    The game will feature a closed economy, finite resources and a full destructible environment making the world unique for each player. The main selling points for Chronicles of Elyria are the aging system, player skills that matters, offline player character (an AI system that will allow your character to exist even after you log-out) and game enforced player contracts.

    Project W

    Project W is an ambitious secret project of Bluehole Studion, developers of Terra.  At this moment we don't know anything about it, besides some marketing quotes as the "W" from the title stands for World, representing developer's ambition to create a world instead of a game. Other quotes include very impressive graphics, advanced MMO technologies and surpass all existing MMOs.

    Normally we wouldn't be too excited about an unknown upcoming MMORPG, but what intrigues me the most is that they already secured the publishers for various regions such as Kakao Games for Europe and NA, GameOn for Japan, etc. 

    To strike these deals in the early development phase is something rare and hints towards something special.

    Crossfire 2

    Crossfire 2 will be an evolved game compared with the original title, but it will continue the core IP DNA. This new project will be co-developed by Smilegate and Remedy Entertainment (a well-known European studio known for games  like Alan Wake and Quantum Bream).

    Remedy Entertainment will be responsible for the personal combat and will provide users with the best gaming experience.

    No gameplay details were revealed, but Smilegate hopes that with the new technology, the added gameplay modes and the new storytelling,  Crossfire 2 will become a popular online shooter not just for Asia, but for the entire gaming world.


    Closers is a free to play anime 3D side scrolling action MMORPG that brings various arcade elements. There are currently two game modes available: an RPG mode with side-scrolling maps and a MOBA mode where players can change their camera angle freely, and 7 playable classes.


    Maguss is an upcoming AR mobile MMORPG, similar with Pokemon GO. It's not a clone by any means as the indiego campaign that wasn't fully founded was released back in 2015.

    Maguss will allow players to start their adventure as a wizard by casting spells on their smartphone, walk to raid dungeons and collect various rewards, study to learn new spells, brew magical potions and duel other players for fame and glory.

    0 0

    CCP Games has published a series of new videos for EVE: Valkyrie beginners with introduction and tips to play the 3 classes. The latest video focuses on the Support class, and the previous 2 videos tell you how to play Heavy and Fighter classes. 

    Beginner’s guide to Support Class: 

    Beginner’s guide to Heavy Class: 

    Beginner’s guide to Fighter Class: 

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    2016 is coming to an end, and that means we can look at what's coming out for 2017. While I spend a lot of time following Asian mobile games, I believe there are 5 titles that are worth checking out in 2017.

    Wildfire Ex
    Release date: TBA

    Resultado de imagem para 无尽战区EX
    Wildfire Ex is the mobile version of the PC MOBA Wildfire developed by NetEase Games. Unlike the MOBA version, the mobile version has a focus on PvE instead of competitive experience.

    Report says that the mobile game will improve the visual quality and add rich gameplay content as it aims at PC and console's quality. 

    The game is already in closed beta in China. You can watch the CBT gameplay video below.

    After School: Girls Tribe
    Official Website:

    After School: Girls Tribe is a cute JRPG developed by Ateam. The game features solid combat experience, beautiful character design and arts that can be compared with JRPGs PS4. In my opinion, the game is by far one of the best mobile games that will come out next year. 

    Project Orca

    Resultado de imagem para Project Orca NCSOFT
    Project Orca is a upcoming game by NcSoft. The trailer doesn't show any actual footage but NCsoft promises the game boasts the best graphics you can ever expect for a mobile game. If I have to guess, I think it will be like HIT in combat but with better graphics. 

    Icarus Mobile
    Icarus Mobile Mobile is an MMO powered by Unreal Engine 4, and it will be focusing on action and epic battles. I would see it as the Asian version of God of War on mobile. 

    A lot of lighting effects are used in the game and it has better visuals than its PC counterpart. Flying content is still an important part of the game but in the mobile version, you won't have an open world to explore but have to progress stage by stage.

    Blade II: Return of Evil

    Resultado de imagem para blade ii return of evil
    Developed with Unireal Engine 4, Blade II is undoubtedly one of the most visually stunning mobile games to wait for. Fortunately, the hack and slash mobile game has been confirmed for global release. Report said that the first title Blade: Sword of Elysion (released in 2014) has marked 126 million downloads. .​

    0 0

    Super Alexander! has just released their lastest mobile game TechnoStrike for Android platform worlwide. If you like Transformers or competitive action shooter, you can download the game at Google Play. What's more, the game is free-to-play without VIP system.

    TechnoStrike features 5v5 battle and 8 different robots, with unique abilties and upgradable high-tech weapons.

    0 0

    Today, Snail Games announced Ark: Survival Evolved Online will be available in China on January 1, 2017. According to the official announcement, it will be a free-to-play title and all the contents will be the same as English servers.

    Compared with western version, players can expect higher efficiency: exp gaining, materials collecting,and creature taming are doubled, and the time of breeding is shortened 2 times or 3 times. So players will have more time and freedom to explore the amazing world. What’s more, players will be able to revive the killed pets in the CN version.

    In order to make it easier to play, Snail Games optimizes the map and adds a tutorial as well as a operation guide in the game. Private message and mailbox are also introduced into Ark: Survival Evolved Online, so players can enjoy better social interactions.

    Based the on the original server capacity, there will be a newly added ‘battle server’ that allows all the tribes start a war. The two tribes at war will have enough time to prepare for the it. The GVG gameplay will be the hardcore of Ark: Survival Evolved Online.

    The tribe war requires teamwork, which means all the players will assume an important role in the battle. Topographical reconnaissance, materials preparation, base construction, and tactics... All of this will affect the final results!

    0 0

    There are a lot VR games coming out in 2016. And finally courses are also available in VR. Dating Lessons should be one of the most interesting titles. Developed by Cerevrum Inc., the course will give a man the skill set to put any woman under his spell. Wanna know how it works? Check the trailer below:

    Instead of passive watching and listening, players will get engaged in a game-like process which makes learning more interesting and efficient. There are 12 lessons and 8 practical interactive sessions in game. After finishing this course, men will be able to overcome their shyness, and learn how to enhance their power of attraction.
    The game is now available on App Store and Steam. It’s compatible with Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The Google DayDream app will be available as soon as it will be on the market.
    If you’re interested in the course, please head to the official page for more details.

    0 0

    Finally the wait is over! The steam page for Dark and Light went live! Snail Games announced that their fantasy sandbox MMO will kick off Early Access next year. Along with the announcement, they released a combat gameplay trailer. Check it out below.

    If you have been waiting DnL for a long time, you may notice Snail Games removed MMO tag from the Facebook page. But it’s listed as an MMO again in the steam page. The Early Access was supposed to be available this year, however, it’s delayed because they need extra time to optimize and polish the game. We don’t have confirmed release date. But I think it would be released in the first half of 2017. What do you think? Please share your opinion below.

    Check the official page for more details. See more screenshots at the game hub.

    0 0

    Black Desert Online is one of the most visually appealing MMORPGs in the market, that has been crafted using an in-house engine specifically developed to handle the fast rending required fot its seamless world. Aware of the game's potential, Pearl Abyss partnered with Silicon Studio, a Japanese middleware provider and game developer, with the purpose of boosting the game's graphics to a higher level. Pearl Abyss offers an example of its class in terms of graphics with the Winter event.

    While almost all games implement snow during the Christmas holiday events, Black Desert steps out of the box with a more realistic weather system. The falling snow actually acumulates on the ground, grass, buildings, other surfaces and even on player characters and NPCs. "When it stops snowing, it gradually melts, leaving wet surfaces and puddles of water, which then evaporate.

    There are some videos that will show you how snow actually changes the worlds look. In case you haven't played Black Desert until now, this could be the perfect time to start, as Kakao Games let's you try out BDO for 7 days for free.

    Source: dualshockers

    0 0

    Snail Games announced to develop and publish ARK: Survival Evolved Online, a free-to-play version of ARK: Survival Evolved optimized for Asian market. The game's teaser site supports 5 different languages, implying that it will also come to South Korea, Japan and Russia in the future. According to the official announcement, ARK: Survival Evolved Online will be available in China on January 1, 2017.  
    Compared with the original version which is still in Early Access, players can expect less hardcore gameplay experience, better tutorials and faster progression. You can learn more at the previous post.

    0 0

    Hello guys! it's been a while.

    Today I decided to write down some of my experiences when I played CBT1 of Revelations Online, so that people who didn't play it, or people who did but don't have a fresh memory of it, knows what may have changed in the CBT2 that is about to come up.


    For those who haven't heard, Revelations Online is an action MMORPG that is coming by hand of, bringers of other games that may sound familiar, like SkyForge. It's main assets in my opinion would be its open world, flying system, and progression diversity. That, aside from other aspects it has in common with other games of the same genre.

    Because when I first played it, the name that immediately came to my mind was Blade and Soul. 

    Anyway, Let's get started with...

    Character customization.

    It took me some time to realize that after choosing your class you get to pick from a set of predetermined "races". I say "races" because although they look pretty much alike, their animations and physique slightly changes. In some cases drastically.

    Animation is the Key word here. From your running to your skills all animations are different. Some are cooler while others seem more delicate... you catch my drift.

    Now, in CBT1 all classes didn't have all presets (or races) unlocked, so for example if you wanted to create a female Gunslinger you only could choose between the "Sexy" and the "Normal". Not the Lolita. Or if you wanted to create a Blademaster, your choices were "Normal" guy or "Big-muscle" guy, while the "Femenine" guy was out of question.

    The customization level of your character was decently deep. It was not a "Black Desert" level but you could change just about anything you wanted to make your character yours. Moreover, you could change your appearance later on if you wanted, free of charge.

    I can't possibly summarize just how many things I tried here alone, so I won't bore you guys with it and jump straight ahead to the gameplay.

    Because, what could you expect of a CBT1?

    Well, for instance: Lag. Lots of it. I mean, don't get me wrong. My net is not the best out there and I knew that a CBT meant things like that. But it is a fact that it was kind of laggy.

    Another fact were the translations: a mix between English, Russian and Chinese, lots of Chinese. by level 25 or so the main storyline was all in Chinese. You could only know what was happening by reading the summarized quest description.

    Yet, I also have to point out that they fixed some things along the way, and in the end the translations were a kind of like my articles: you could understand them, but it was nothing to win a Novel Prize for.

    Some of the things they also fixed along the way was a bug there was on the first day: Akuta, one of the key NPC for continuing the storyline and level up, went suddenly missing for an entire day before players were able to get past level 16. And although he came back, he brought with him some unexpected development: some NPCs got duplicated. Many-in-the-same-place like. It was unnerving. And I think even at the end of the Beta they weren't able to fix it.

    Anyway, there was nothing game-breaking after that. I spent most of my time trying things out and enjoying the sight of my Gunslinger, because nothing is more exciting that watching how your character fires a shot from its rifle, then spins it in a hand, to finish with another charged shot.

    Progression was fast, mostly because quest and the like gave more exp than it was described when completing them. Every few levels you would also get helpful items, like potions and your own pair of wings. Upgradable wings.

    Flying felt pretty amazing. And although there were some invisible walls, it wasn't a cage. players wouldn't be able to notice them it they weren't looking for them. In my case, the first thing I did was to see just how much higher was I able to get. Then I started following a giant flying fish.

    Some people say I lose sight of my priorities very easy.

    To give some finishing notes, there were three available raids, of which I was able to play two with various classes. Even with lag the game felt as if skill mattered. Or common sense, depends on how you want to put it.

    And there was also plenty to do. From dailies to solo dungeons. Even a mentor system that would reward you for helping low level players to complete raids, which I found refreshing over the "Noob-hate" that usually populates some games.

    With so much to do and so many things to try out I had plenty of fun, and I'm really excited to play the CBT2. How about you guys?

    Thank you for reading!


    Twitter: @DezartVanheart.

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