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    A Black Desert player decided to make one of the most important steps in his life and he asked Kakao Games for help — that's how a winter love story began. Kakao Games said on the BDO twitter that one player had a special request adressed to one of its GMs. "Will you marry me" was the special request and if you are wondering what was her answer, well it was a big YES. One of the Kakao Games GMs filmed the entire proposal, and the result can be seen here!

    Source: twitter

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    Merry Christmas from Aza and Hori, members of South Korean cosplay team 2AO. They have released a beautiful cosplay featuring 2 Christmas skins (Slay Belle Katarina and Candy Cane Miss Fortune) in League of Legends. Enjoy!

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    Neople announced that the upcoming update in Dungeon Fighter Online will introduce a female Priest. According to the official announcement, the female priest will come before the female knight. Instead of blonde hair, they choose the dark hair for the priest because of her background. Check the gameplay video below:

    The release date for the female priest was not revealed, but the knight one will launch sometime in summer

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    If you’re a fan of Japanese anime, you must be familiar with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. It is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Hirohiko Araki. Back in May, we knew that the popular mange will get Live-Action Movie in August 2017. It’s said that a Mobile ARPG called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records will come out along with the movie.

    Set in the manga world, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Records will be a free-to-play title for Android and iOS. There are currently five confirmed characters in the game, namely, Josuke Higashikata, Koichi Hirose, Okuyasu Nijimura, Jotaro Kujo, and Anjuro Katagiri. The Crazy Diamond and Star Platinum stands are also confirmed in the game.
    If you’re interested in the game, please head to the official page for pre-registration.

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    ArcheAge had a bumpy launch last 2~ years ago and the same happened with ArcheAge 3.0 Revelation which includes the launch of new "Fresh Start Servers" launch.

    The Queue issue is just one of many as there are same issues that re-occurred during the 3.0 launch, for example is the players getting kicked out of the queue, disconnections during character creation (then goes back to the queue), features not working properly etc.

    It is pretty obvious that TRION is still not prepared during the launch of Acreage 3.0 Revelation, but on the other hand they are really preparing for the "compensation" gifts.

    Both Legacy and Fresh Start Players will receive "gifts" due to the "issues" occurred during, after and still occurring to the game.

    Taken directly from the ArcheAge forum post:

    All players will receive:
    • 50 Warrior's Medals
    • 50 Merit Badges
    • 1 Login Badge

    Legacy players will receive in their pack:
    The Iron Eviscerator & Armor -- This vicious metal mount is revved up and ready to roll! This mount will be retired after this release, and will not be obtainable in any other manner other than this pack.

    Fresh Start players will receive in their pack:
    The White Reindeer Mount & Armor -- This majestic mount carries with it memories of snow, warm drinks, and cheer. Much like the Iron Eviscerator, this mount will be retired after this release, and will not be obtainable through any other manner other than this pack.

    Additionally, if you are currently a Patron ArcheAge player, you will receive 15 days of Patron added to your account.

    Please take note that these rewards will only be given to players who "visited" the game between 7:00 AM PST on December 10 and 7:00 AM PST December 22nd.

    Will these rewards be enough compensation for the players? Did you play ArcheAge when 3.0 update and fresh start server’s release? Did you stay? Tell us what your opinion/answer on the comment section below!
    Happy Holidays everyone!

    Source:ArcheAge Forum News


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    This is a unique battle strategy adopted by Chief Pat where the clone spell can help in literally destroying your opponent. If your looking for 3 stars and highly offensive deck, then this is that deck!
    This battle strategy can be used in Arena 8 and higher.
    Battle Deck:


    Lava Hound + Lightning Spell + Zap Spell + Clone Spell + Tombstone + Archers + Mega Minion + Miner or Minions
    Starting Strategy:
    As you start off to go into battle, make sure you know this new deck well. You can go ahead into your offensive push if you have the right cards with you. Its important to not be hasty with this kind of a deck and to take your time. You may drop the lava hound right from the back and give your more time to build elixir and support the lava hound. The Lava hound can be effectively supported by the Mega Minion and the archers. A Final use of the Clone Spell can help you claim your tower early on.
    Use and role of each card:

    1.The Lava Hound:

    The Lava Hound is a troop that can win you matches single handedly. However, as a player you must realize that the damage caused by the lava hound is significantly lower while in comparison to the lava pups.
    The Lava Hound will form a part of your offensive strategy. The Offensive strategy will not only help you win but it will also help you claim towers in a quick span of time. The Lava Hound is vulnerable to troops like the Minion Horde. However the defensive units like zap spell and the archers will make up for this weakness. Similarly all weaknesses are tackled in this deck making it a strong and a dangerous deck.
    Lightning Spell:

    The Lightning Spell comes at a heavy elixir cost of 6. However, the value of this card is priceless when used correctly.
    The Lightning spell can come in very handy at a later stage in the game when you need to finish off your opponent quickly and when the time is running out. This card can deal in heavy damage and is also extremely useful in taking out an offensive push. A group of
    units charging towards your tower can be taken and to make matters more convenient, it can also result in an elixir advantage.

    3.Zap Spell:
    The main use of the zap is three fold. The two main roles are in the defensive department. This card is commonly used to take out the skeleton army which will ultimately result in a +1 eleixer advantage.
    The second role is to stun the minion horde or the minion and let you tower finish them off. You can also use this card to take out units with small hit points like the goblins as well. The last role is to ensure a safe victory. At rare instances when your opponent has just 50 or lower hit points on his tower left, you can quickly zap the tower to claim it. It may deal in low damage but is extremely useful at that time.
    4.Clone Spell:

    The Clone spell is a newly introduced card. The emphasis of this card is quite extraordinary simply because of its multiple damage capability. This card can clone any troop that falls under its range.
    When your offensive strategy consists of units like the lava hound and mega minion you can be rest assured that towers will be claimed in a matter of seconds. Not to mention the relentless attack of the lava pups as well. If you thought 6 lava pups were dangerous, imagine 12!

    5.Miner or Minions:

    The legendary miner is a very handy card to have especially when you have the clone spell at your disposal. Imagine cloning your attacking strategy and the miner as well. As you keep using the miner you will love it more! The miner comes at a low elixir cost of just 3.
    The minions are an alternative choice you can use. The minions can be used to take out any ground unit and cause significant damage to the tower in quick time as well. Watch out for the zap spell, the fireball and the arrows card.

    The archers play the second hand role of a supporter in this deck as well. The archers can be sent behind the lava hound or the mega minion as well.
    It can also be used to weaken flying units from a distance. Apart from the defending aspect it can also be used along with the offensive push.

    7.Mega Minion:

    The mega minion can be sent right behind the lava hound. While the lava hund soaks up the damage, the mega minion can take out the threats. This a card that is not very high on hit points. Although it comes at this disadvantage the damage the mega minion can cause is quite severe in nature.
    I would recommend sending the mega minion behind another card or simply using it for defensive purposes against cards like the giant.


    The tombstone is a card that should be used for defensive purposes by distracting troops like the giant, the prince and the hog rider.
    While the other attacking combinations can quickly create pressure on your opponent, the tombstone can add to your defensive combinations and options.
    Battle Strategy:
    Offensive: Lava Hound+ Mega Minion + Clone spell
    Although, this offensive push comes at a high elixir cost, it is definitely worth it! As you would have noticed in the video, it can guarantee 3 stars. Remember to send your lava hound first, it has the ability to soak up damage while the supporting units take out the threats. The clone spell can be used on the troops when they reach the opposing tower. This strategy can put immense pressure on your opponent and is extremely difficult to defend against.
    Defensive: Tombstone, Zap + Archers
    This defensive strategy can come into play against any kind of card that your opponent may throw at it. This deck has options to take out small as well as high hit point troops. Each defensive card can be used in the following way:
    Tombstone(Can serve as a distraction as well) –- Giant, hog rider, Prince etc.
    Zap –- All flying units and small units like the skeletons, goblins.
    Archers-- The archers can help support the zap spell and take out any specific troops from a distance.

    1.Send out the Lava hound from the back and give it good backup.
    2.Attack one lane while carefully defending the other.
    3.As it is a combination strategy remember to use each card to supplement the other.
    3.Use your final sixty seconds wisely, don’t let your opponent rush you.
    4.Watching videos and understanding the role and the weaknesses of every card in your deck will greatly help you.
    5.Look to win Elixir Trade offs and don’t focus too much on just attacking.
    6.Last of all, like I always say, Have fun, share and comment away!

    You may also be interested in the following guides:

    Strong and Fun Lava Hound Deck

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    The white snow falling all around in the Mainland Shultain. All the castles are covered with snow and the nearby mountains are clothed in snow as well.

    Shultain is in peace right now, Lilith the goddess holds a Christmas Party inside, are you going to join with us? Don't be afraid of the devil power, all heroes inside Shultain will protect all participators.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. If you are in the way to Shultain, you can take your time to read more of Dragon Chronicles.

    Here are some simple introduction of Dragon Chronicles’s most acclaimed features:
    Full powered 3D graphics display
    - more than 300 unique heroes with 3D display!
    - Cool fighting skill effects, full voice sound and light experience!
    Brand New Siege Mode Real-time multiplayer PK
    -slash and revenge  & pay for the lost
    -adjust your building in castle,defense with your heroes
    Strategic Hero Match
    - 5 kinds of hero fetter for strategic match
    - varified fetter system X strongest ever hero skill
    Game Modes
    - 「Adventure Mode」: conquer the land and save goddess!
    - 「Battle」: battel 1: 1 in real-time to perform your skill!
    - 「Challenge」: challenge yourself to be No.1!
    - 「Elite」: match up your heroes to defeat evil!
    - 「Guild」: battle at the top of castle to dominate the mainland of Shultain !
    Join Us Pre-register event right now, Lilith the goddess is waiting for you.
    About Dragon Chronicles 
    Dragon Chronicles Facebook Fan Page:
    Dragon Chronicles Official Twitter:
    tapfuns Official YouTube:
    About tapfuns
    tapfuns is a mobile game publishing company, which focuses on worldwide especially in European and American distribution. Since its foundation in 2015, tapfuns commits to bring fun and happy times to players. Its successful of launch kinds of mobile games such as Anime Melee, Divine Expedition, Storm of Wars, DIGI MONSTER, Super Smash Heroes and so on, helps tapfuns grow quickly and be highly praised by worldwide players.
    For Media Enquiry
    tapfuns Game
    Natalie Gogh
    Marketing Manager
    Tel: (86-020) 38479001

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    Project Re Fantasy is in development in Studio Zero by developers of Persona and Shin Megami Tensei series. According to press press, the game will be "a return to the roots of where the Japanese games industry began with fantasy role-playing games".  

    The game does't have too many gameplay details for now, but the game delivers an ambitious message: This is not 'Persona'. This is not 'Megami Tensei'. This is the beginning of a new story. You can see Project Re-Fantasy's visuals and concept art at the teaser site.

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    Shards Online is one of the first MMOs that supports community modding and hosting, and the game allows players to design and create their own worlds. Shards Online also features faction system, guilds and guild wars, multi-level dungeons, clogged traps, various bosses, titles, a large number of skills and more. The game hosted the pre-alpha phase this spring, and in June it was greenlit on Steam. And on January 13th, 2017 the game will finally start alpha test.

    Citadel Studios' Derek Brinkmann says that "Based on the feedback we've received from our current playerbase, there are a few things that need to happen before we can consider ourselves ready for Steam, - and those include a bigger world map, tamed mounts, the archery skill, modding, and dev tools." The entire Shards Online : Communnity Roundtable stream can be seen bellow. 

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    NetEase will hold an annual ceremony for gamer lovers on December 28. During the event, a dozen of new games will be unveiled. Ahead of the event, I found they secretly published the official site for the upcoming PC card battler called Realm of Duels. Along with the teaser site, we can see an impressive cinematic trailer. Check it below:

    It won’t be a mmo game, nor will it be a turn-based game. Players will be able to build a deck with different creatures, spells and weapons. To some degree, it reminds me of topdeck.
    If you’re interested in the game, please head to the official page for more details. Note: You need CN phone number to pre-register this game.
    Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow.


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    Twilight Spirits is a dungeon-based multiplayer game developed by NetEase Games, with a focus on fast combat, combos, and time freeze feature inspired by the Bayonetta franchise. The developer revealed today a new female healer who can cast healing spells while moving. This is the 6th character class for Twilight Spirits, and according to NetEase there will be more in the future, giving players more choices like MOBAs do.

    >> Twilight Spirits: an In-depth Preview of Anticipated Action MORPG

    The 3rd Chinese closed beta is also confirmed to start in Q1 2017. The healer class will be available in 3rd CBT, along with new dungeons and bosses. Besides, the developer team plans to allow boss monsters to trigger time freeze by successfuly evading players' attack. Time freeze is the core combat mechanism in Twilight Spirits, and it requires players to learn bosses' abilities and do the evading move at the right time. Time freeze system makes the fight and combos an accurate skill instead of a keyboard mashing experience.

    See more screenshots at the next page.


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    Treacherous Waters is the next-generation MMORPG from Revelation Online developer NetEase Games and the game has just got the official English name Justice. The martial arts MMO has been in development for 4 years but still remains in early stage. Today NetEase not just revealed the official English name but also showed the first female character, and they also hinted that beta schedule will be revealed soon.

    First female character
    Justice is said to be the last PC MMORPG from NetEase Games so the expectation is high. The developer promises a totally new martial arts experience and stunning graphics, though they haven't revealed anything substantial about the game.  

    You will learn more about the game at an upcoming exclusive interview with NetEase.

    The game is based on popular Chinese martial arts novel and it will support 3D and 2.5D modes. The game stresses combat realism and variety while simplifies the use qinggong. It also boasts console game's stories and tries to innovate the interaction in multiplayer experience.

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    A Black Desert player decided to make one of the most important steps in his life and he asked Kakao Games for help — that's how a winter love story began. Kakao Games said on the BDO twitter that one player had a special request. "Will you marry me" was the special request and if you are wondering what was her answer, well it was a big YES. One of the Kakao Games GMs filmed the entire proposal, and the result can be seen here!

    Source: twitter

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    At NetEase's Annual Ceremony for Game Lovers, a playable version for Twilight Pioneers is available. The game is a virtual reality ARPG that exclusive to Google Daydream. Players can experience a magical Eastern fantasy world, assuming the role of the Chosen One and casting spells to power their way through a vividly detailed world with a host of colorful characters.

    Powered by Unity and developed with Dynamic Field of View Modification, Twilight Pioneers works well in Google Daydream and I didn’t feel the VR sickness during the 20 minutes gameplay. The first chapter provides a tutorial overview of operation. players will release a guardian angle from a sealed box, and suddenly a devil dragon rushes to her. The angel will teach players several skills and how to tame the dragon in return.

    During the combat, players can easily switch among different skills. The most OP and interesting skill would be Dragon Attack. Press the APP button for a while to summon the dragon. The dragon will attack the enemy under your direction for 12 seconds. It’s quite impressive to see the dragon move with your hands. However, I have some problem in controlling the dragon to attack the enemy due to the flexible touchpad.

    According to the developer, they aims to introduce PVP features and more classic IPs from NetEase in the near future. And they’re working on adding more chapters for the promising VR game. Based on the current version, I’ll give it 8.0/10.

    Twilight Pioneers is compatible with Pixel、Pixel XL and Moto Z. If you have a proper device, you can down the free-to-play title from Google Play.

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    My Deck

    This deck is super easy to play, and rarely loses. It got me twelve wins in a row without a loss.

    Those two losses were trying X-bow (BTW, it doesn’t work).

    How to Play the Deck:
    This deck is super defensive and designed to simply decimate Elite Barbarians. The entire game, try to have a Furnace out in this position:

    This should draw building-targeters from both lanes. Then, stall by placing Ice Golems, Bowlers, and Electro Wizards behind your King Tower. Wait for them to make the first move. Then, if they drop any sort of high HP troop, use Elite Barbarians or Barbarians to take it out.

    You do not generally want to support any counter-push other than supporting Elite Barbarians with an Ice Golem or Spells. This will let you save elixir to continue not taking damage. Your troops will deal a small mount of damage to the tower, and that is enough.

    Your main damage will come from Furnace, leftover troops from defense, and lastly, spells. With six minutes to play, you need to take every chance to chip that tower. Always play Fireball on an Electro Wizard next to a tower, and always place The Log near enough to the bridge to hit the tower. One game, against a double seige player, I won with three seconds of overtime left, only having dealt tower damage with spells. Seriously, if their tower is close, and you don’t need the spells for any specific threats, start spamming them.
    And that’s it. Play super defensively hoping first for a draw, with a win as the side goal, and you should do fine. Thanks for reading, and comment below with any questions. I’m about to go again to get my Electro Wizard level two.

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    Kakao Games will perform today a 7 hours maintenance on the NA/EU Black Desert servers starting at 10:00 am CET / 04:00 am EST, in order to implement the following features:
    - the Dragon World Boss Nouver will be added to the game;
    - the firework specialists of the Garner Travelling Troupe will wander the land;
    - some minor bug fixes and class changes will be made.

    The patch notes that include all improvements and new features can be found on the BDO forum after the maintenance is completed.

    Get a first look of the Mighty Nouver in this video. And you can find at a guide of Nouver. 

    Source: official forum& dulfy

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    Mythic Relics have been the top dog of Relics on Sapphire for over half a year, but now that is about to change! A more powerful Relic, called Artifact Relics, will be released this week!

    There are 2 Artifact Relics, one is an ATK Relic called Wheel of Fate and the other is a DEF Relic called Mystic Hourglass. Being the next step above Mystic, the attributes of Artifact Relics will be much higher!
    For base attributes, the Wheel of Fate provides ATK+1000 bonus. In comparison, the Mythic Relic Wyrm Heart provides only around 400. Likewise Mystic Hourglass can increase a Hero’s HP by 3840, which is twice of what Divine Shield provides.
    In terms of customization, Artifact Relics have 4 attributes that can be selected by players! When players equip an Artifact Relic, they can click on “Relic Awaken” tab in Relic panel and choose 4 of the 8 given stats for their Relic.
    The value of the 8 stats are also higher than their Mythic counterparts. With Artifact Relics, players can now customize their Relics based on the different needs of of their Heros’ skills. Along with strategic socketing of Runes, Artifact Relics can surely maximize your Heroes’ potential or cover their weaknesses!
    Additionally, Artifact Relics have higher max potential than Mythic Relics. They can be engraved to R8, surpassing Mythic Relics by 2 ranks.
    The pair of brand new golden-colored Relics is now available in the Wheel of Fortune event! The 2016 Year End Carnival will be over soon, so grab this last chance to complete your wishlist in 2016!
    Official Site:
    Facebook Fan Page:
    GTarcade Game Platform:

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    Star Citizen is no longer powered by CryEngine 3, and the game changed the engine to Amazon's Lumberyard with the release of Alpha Version 2.6. "We've been working with Amazon for more than a year," the game's creator Chris Roberts said. "Lumberyard provides ground breaking technology features for online games, including deep back-end cloud integration on AWS and its social component with Twitch that enables us to easily and instantly connect to millions of global gamers."
    You can see how the game looks like on the new engine in the trailers below.

    Now will the engine change further slow down the development progress of the game? The answer is NO, according to Chris Roberts. He said "Lumberyard and StarEngine are both forks from exactly the SAME build of CryEngine." And "Because of this the core of the engine that we use is the same one that Amazon use and the switch was painless."

    Chris points out that Amazon is a massive company that can make serious investments into Lumberyard, while Crytek doesn't have the resources to make such investment and they don't focus on the network or the online aspects of the engine like Amazon does. That's why Star Citizen chooses Lumberyard.
    Hopefully the new engine can boost the development speed of Star Citizen.

    Source: Star Citizen forum

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    NetEase Games announced a new mobile action shooter Apocalypse Alliance at NetEase Games Festival 2016. After getting our hands on the game for a few minutes we think the game looks like Diablo in art style and dungeon design but the game is fun with lots of abilities for each character.

    Apocalypse Alliance is NetEase's first mobile team-play shooting game features a 2.5D overhead perspective and real-time multiplayer shooting action. Delivers a fluid shooting experience with fast-paced, real-time multiplayer battle in a futuristic demon-hunter setting where heroes come together to save the world from the blink of destruction.

    What's unique about Apocalypse Alliance is each character can bring an AI-controlled drone into the adventure. The drone is like a battle companion and there are different types of them such as healer, tank, and DPS.

    The combat experience isn't too different to other games of the genre, and you have to keep moving and shooting the enemies swarm around you. Besides, the game is a team-based shooter and you will need to work with other players to complete the dungeons. In addition to gear, there are also vanity costumes players can purchase and unlock in the game. 

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    PSVR exclusive mech combat title RIGS: Machine Combat League has a new mech type for fans of the competitive VR game. APX is the new mech series with fast speed and they are perfect choice for pilots who prefer high agility and fast travel. But keep in mind that high speed mechs have lower armor rating

    On the other hand, the new Zurich map is the first European arena for the game. This Arena is an extension of the Rigs HQ Complex, and offers a balanced layout with a clear overview for the Tempest class and plenty of tunnels for the Hunter class. Watch the winter update trailer and some screenshots below.

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