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    Fans can vote online to help
    Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise win the People’s Choice Award at
    The International Mobile Gaming Awards Global (IMGA Global) has come back with its 13th times. This time, Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise (from VNG Game Studios) proudly among the 159 nominees were picked from nearly 3,000 submissions and from local winners, all aim for the biggest award - Grand Prix and other twelve awards.

    As a nominee, Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise is also eligible to win the People's Choice Award, which is voted online by fans across the globe. From now until February 27, 2017 Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise fans and gamers can cast their votes at:

    Back to November 8th, 2016 Sky Garden: Farm in Paradise won the People’s Choice Award in the 1st IMGA Southeast Asia.

    “Nominees like Sky Garden: Farm in Paradisehighlight the new standard of creativity and the emerging quality of the productions found in mobile gaming”, said Maarten Noyons, founder of The IMGA.

    Winners will be announced on February 28, 2017 during the highly anticipated IMGA ceremony, which will take place in San Francisco.

    Download the game: android | iOS (Not available at this moment)

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    Koei Tecmo has just announced a "next-gen" VR arcade VR Sense, which offers not only virtual reality gaming experience but also allows you to get the feeling of touch, smell, and heat/cold, etc. VR Sense is a PlayStation VR machine at its core but it will support 3A IPs such as Dynasty Warriors in VR.

    Dynasty Warriors in VR is still in development and what we know is very limited. According to Koei Tecmo, the game is about rescuing a princess captured by the enemy. It has many novel ideas as you can expect "whole new battlefield atmosphere", "realistic heat feeling and flame", and "overwhelming immersion" in VR.

    Koei Tecmo also revealed other 2 games for VR Sense: Horror Sense (a survival horror game) and GI Jockey Sense (a horse racing game). VR Sense is a 1,016mm × 2,075mm × 1,788mm machine that weighs 300kg to 400kg. It's for one-person gaming and the price is to be announced.

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    NCsoft just released the Q4 2016 financial result as well as the western beta and release plans for several anticipated titles including Lineage Eternal, Aion Legions, and MXM.

    Lineage Eternal will start the second closed beta later this year in South Korea, followed by the open beta & commercial. NCsoft West is working on the mobile version of Lineage Eternal and they plan to launch both PC and mobile versions simultaneously.

    Aion Legions aims at a soft launch in Europe and North America in the Q2 2017, and official launch in Q3 2017.

    Master X Master targets at a western release in Q2 2017, followed by launch in China in 2nd half of 2017. 

    Lineage M and Blade & Soul Mobile were also mentioned but they didn't have western release plan at the moment. Lineage M was supposed to launch in the first half of this year, although it got a delay of 2-3 months.

    Source: inven


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    Hello everybody! Enoma here. About me: I'm a fresh new level 12, thanks to my 55k donations, with a personal best of 4800+ and I won more than 24 thousands cards in challenges.
    I'm here to talk about a deck I made a couple of days ago I'm very excited about. I won the last 72 games I played (6 whole classic challenges), without a single loss. I know classic challenges are much easier than grand ones, nonetheless I'm very happy about how I managed to beat many different kinds of decks and archetypes.
    The deck is partially inspired by the one /u/marcel_p used for the Battle Ram challenge, so credits to him. He also recently published an amazing video with an intense live battle to reach #1 in the world I really suggest everybody to watch.

    The Deck
    Dart Goblin
    Electro Wizard
    The Log

    Card-by-card analysis and possible subs

    Your main win condition. Send him alone for chip damage or use him to tank for your counterpush after a succesful defense. Be sure to diversify your Miner placement every time you play him: it will be much harder for your opponent to counter him. Check this old but gold OJ video about how to use and counter Miner if you haven't already.
    Dart Goblin
    This card is amazing, I feel like people still have to fully discover his strength. His main role in the deck is to deal a good amount of chip damage: with his fast speed and great range, your opponent needs to be fast and precise to counter him if you drop him at the bridge. He can also defend a push from the other lane, or from behind your towers. He's good to remove or damage pesky buildings (such as Furnace). Relevant OJ: how to use and counter this card.
    I won't say much about the best card in the game right now: you all now his strenghts and weaknesses by now. His main role in this deck is to defend big pushes, especially with the help of Tornado. This video about that particular combo is really helpful - thanks again /u/yyarn.
    Electro Wizard
    With the recent buff, he's one of the best defensive card in the game. He shouldn't be underestimated on offense, though, especially because of his synergy with the Miner: he can dish out a lot of damage if left unchecked or if not properly countered. OJ again. /u/darchangels13 recently wrote an amazing strategy post about him, check it out.
    My favourite building. For only 3 elixir it provides a stream of Skeletons and it pulls troops toward the center of your base. It's great against Hog Rider, Elite Barbarians, Giant, Prince and much more. It also attracts The Log like no other building, and that can be really useful to make your Dart Goblin feel much safer.
    The Log
    One of the best spells, even after the little nerf. Not much more to say. Short OJ video.
    I was skeptical about this card at first but I really changed my opinion over time. I now believe Tornado to be the best spell in the game. It's so versatile: it can completely counter a Hog Rider and activate your king tower without taking a single hit on your crown tower - this is just broken for a 3 elixir spell; its synergy with Executioner is just too OP to be true, you can stop 15+ Elixir pushes just with this properly played combo. You should really check out /u/coltonw83 's video about Tornado, he explains the exact tiles you need to play your Tornado to activate the king tower with many different troops, and much more.
    Your secondary win condition. Don't be afraid to Rocket 4+ elixir troops or building near the crown tower as soon as you have the chance (it especially feels great when you blow up an Executioner), but be sure to keep this spell for Elixir Collector if your opponent uses it. If you have an elixir advantage, or if it's double elixir time and you're a few rockets away for the win feel free to Rocket 3 elixir troops alongside with the tower, too. Don't forget you can use Rocket on defense in case of emergency, or actually in any case you can make positive trades (for example if a big push with Giant, Electro Wizard, Executioner is coming down). Check out this hilarious video to discover how many rockets can break the bridge! - if you succesfully pull out this technique your opponent will often give up.
    Possible subs
    I love this deck as it is, but I do recognize it has two main weaknesses: the lack of cheap distraction troops and the lack of air troops. That's why you should consider these two cards to sub in: Ice Golem and Mega Minion or Minions.
    Again, in my opinion you don't really need to make these changes, but if you want to you could take out Dart Goblin, Electro Wizard or The Log.
    How to start the match and general gameplan
    Ideally you want your opponent to make the first move, and then react properly:
    If he starts with a 4+ elixir "rocketable" troop from the back or with an Elixir Collector and you have Rocket, use it. If you don't have Rocket you can apply pressure on the other lane with Miner or Dart Goblin (not both). Otherwise, just start from the back on the same lane with Executioner or Electro Wizard.
    If he starts with a tank or a "non-rocketable" troop, apply pressure on the other lane with Miner or Dart Goblin. Otherwise start from the back with Executioner or Electro Wizard.
    If he starts with a quick push with Miner or Hog Rider, defend properly. If you already have Tornado, you're a lucky man: activating the king tower so early can really give you a big advantage, especially against those kind of decks.
    By following these suggestions you'll keep the control of the game in your hands. Your opponent will have to either waste elixir to defend your Miner/Dart Goblin or suffer a good amount of chip damage, and it will add up over the course of the game.
    When his pushes will reach your side of the map, just use your amazing defensive tools to stop them: Executioner + Tornado, Tombstone, Electro Wizard. You can then exploit your surviving troops by sending the miner to tank for them.
    Chip damage is the name of the game: everytime that the table resets and there are no troops on the field (or at the start of the game, if your opponent really doesn't want to play first), just send a lone Miner or a lone Dart Goblin to chip away the weaker tower. Your goal is to bring down a tower to 493 hp (a Rocket's damage) or lower, then you can start focusing on the other tower. If you don't have these cards in hand, as usual start from the back with Executioner or Electro Wizard.
    Three small tips you may have already got:
    During regular elixir time, never send together Miner and Dart Goblin for chip damage, especially if your opponent is starting a big push from the back on the other lane. They can easily mitigate the damage and you would be in a severe elixir disadvatage, with a push ready to cross the river. Generally speaking, never over commit. Keep confident that you can defend any push they throw at you, if you have enough elixir, and you can keep on grinding chip damage slowly but surely. Of course during double elixir time you can be more aggressive and send them both, especially if your opponent doesn't have The Log in hand.
    With this deck you never want to play a proactive Tombstone, always a reactive Tombstone. It's not a beatdown a deck, it's a control - chip damage deck.
    If you have both Miner and Dart Goblin and it's the right time to go for chip damage, which one is better? The answer is: it depends. Play the Miner if you want to keep your Dart Goblin in hand, he may help you on defense if a push is about to come. Play the Dart Goblin if you're confident you'll be able to defend without him - you'll also have the Miner ready for a counterpush.
    That's about it. I hope you all enjoyed reading such a long post, I'm sure that if you decide to try out this deck you won't be disappointed.
    Feel free to ask me any question, I'll be happy to answer.
    Please forgive any mistake I could have made, English is not my mother tongue.

    Credit to: Enoma

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    Mobius Final Fantasy reached another milestone recently. The developer Square Enix announced that the mobile and PC RPG has achieved over 10 million players globally. To celebrate it, there will be a special in-game event runs until the end of February, which allows players to get up to 14 Summon Tickets as well as other items.

    Mobius Final Fantasy was launched on Steam on February 6th as a free-to-play game. Players can use the same account that they have used for the mobile version to play the game on PC and carry over the progression from the mobile version. Besides, the PC version supports 4K resolution while both mobile and PC version now have multiplayer mode.

    You can download the PC version on Steam

    Source: official forum

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    Joycity, a Korean game developer and publisher, today announced that the next installment in its series of “Gunship Battle” videogames, Gunship Battle2 VR, is now available for Samsung Gear VR for $9.99.  A fully immersive game (not just another VR experience).

    Gunship Battle2 VR offers gamers two highly intriguing, episodic, story driven episodes (10 levels per episode) that meld together amazing graphics and visuals to deliver a seated cockpit experience with simple controls and non-stop, fast paced action in vast open battle fields, providing the ultimate “feeling” of being an Army helicopter pilot in combat. The three years of research and development allowed the studio to offer an immersive VR experience without the usual, dreaded VR nausea.
    The action begins with players starting off as former ace pilot, ‘Lieutenant Dylan Reece,’ in a top-secret government project that has wiped his memory clean.  Before he knows it, the fate of the world rests solely on his shoulders and “his” experimental gunship is the only chance he has to save the world.  Immediately, and as ‘Dylan,’ players will find themselves flying over various terrains and having to complete mission objectives, and will quickly find themselves immersed in an action-packed journey.

    In-game, players can choose from a wide range of combat aircraft (a.k.a. Gunships), five different gunship classes to provide them with different strategic play choices, and they can unlock and upgrade their gunships and weapons (guns, missiles, rockets, bombs and torpedoes) to better progress through the game and meet the challenges of each mission.
    Each episode contains 10 stages, each with different objectives and selective difficulties.  Each stage has unique play settings and aesthetics to provide players with various difficulties and experiences.  In the game’s last stage, players can access a massive “Boss” battle experience that is sure to thrill!
    Key Facts About Gunship Battle2 VR:
    Open VR battle field with free movement
    Developed in collaboration with the Korean Army Pilot School
    Full-fledged VR game rather than a short VR experience
    Dedicated 3D cut-scene environments for VR story telling optimization
    Story written by Hollywood writer, Evan Skolnick

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    Com2uS announced that a new mobile MMORPG based on Summoners Wars, a popular action-packed mobile game integrated with strategic elements. The Summoners War MMORPG features the original game's strategic system known as hallmark and adapts it into MMORPG gameplay. 

    The original Summoners War mobile RPG has snatched over $500 million USD worldwide since launch. Com2uS hopes to expand the IP in the global market. According to Korean media inven, the developer is considering animes, novels, movies, and merchandises inspired by the Summoners War IP.

    Currently only some screenshots of The Summoners War MMORPG are released.

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  • 02/08/17--01:47: MU Legend CBT2 Key Giveaway

  • MU Legend
    is the highly anticipated action MMO and follow-up to MU Online. It features fluid and stunning hack 'n' slash combat, content that caters to both solo and party play, and a deep and intriguing world that will satisfy new players and fans alike. The second closed beta test will run from Feb 21st to Feb 28th, 2017. 2P has partnered with WEBZEN to giveaway 200 beta key for our readers.

    How to Get a Beta Key 
    Tell us in comment which / what features of MU Legend you like most.

    How are winners selected?
    We randomly pick up 100 players who make a valid comment. Winners will be announced at this post after the event ends. Beta key will be sent to their registered email.
    When does the giveaway event end?
    Event ends on Feb. 14 at 5:00 AM EST.

    Are you giving away CB3 keys in other channels?
    Yes. We giveaway 100 keys on What2P app. It's "first-come, first-served". You can download the app on Goople Play.

    You could also scan the following QR Code:

    How to Activate the Code
    1.Visit the official page and access the "Redeem Beta Key" page.
    2.Log in with your Webzen account, or a create a new one. You might need to verify your e-mail address.
    3.Enter your CBT key and click NEXT.
    4.And that's it! You're now on the list of guaranteed beta players.

    Note: If you already had access to the first CBT or received a confirmation e-mail granting you closed beta access, you will be able to play as soon as the servers open; no need for an extra CBT key!

    System Requirements

    *We encouage you to visit MU Legend Hub Page and write a quick review for Revelation Online after you play so as to help more players.


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    Fire Emblem Heroes has been released for a week and many players have summoned their favorite 5-star heroes. If not, no worries, because the game has a mechanic that increases the appearance rate of 5-star heroes each time you summon multiple non-5-star-heroes in a row. This guide tells you basic knowledge of Arena and the best heroes for Arena battle.
    Things you should know about the heroes in Arena:

    • Ranged heroes are very effective in the duel because in this game heroes have low mobility and cavalry heroes can't go through the forest.
    • Hybrid team (4 different colors) is not always a good choice and single-colored team is not necessarily bad choice. Since you don't know your opponent's lineup, a smart choice is to make a team with high mobility, and both ranged and melee heroes. Heroes without a color attribute are also recommended
    So the best Arena heroes are:
    She doesn't have a color attribute, and she can slow the enemy down and directly move though an enemy hero. These make Takumi the best Arena choice.
    He can fight back even he's attacked by ranged hero. Besides, he can boost up allies' speed while he himself is a good DPS. However, he's weak in physical and magic defense.
    Hector is a moving fortress. He can only move 1 grid each turn but his weapon skill makes him very difficult to kill.
    He's effective against heroes that can transform to dragon. What's more, he has outstanding stats growth and the Pivot skill allows him to get good mobility. The ability to recover HP in every 3 turns makes him an all-round character.
    Can transform to dragon, has great stats except speed, and can heal adjacent allies after each attack on the enemy. Only thing you need to worry is there are a good number of heroes can counter dragon.
    High burst DPS and can lower enemy's defense which is effective against heroes with heavy armor.
    She doesn't have high defense but can attack first when HP is lower than 50%. Lyn has many skills and can boost attack power and speed. Her Galeforce skill (need 5-star rarity) allows her to take one more action after an attack to the enemy — a great ability in Arena!
    Similar to Marth but has several very useful special skills such as Aether. But Lucina is weak in defense and she's not recommended if you have Marth in your hand.
    Has good skills on her skill list including AOE skill and combo attack. What holds her off is plain DPS power and the vulnerability against archer and heavy armored characters.

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    Bless Online Korean version has Introduced a new update that made changes to the guild war system. There are some features in this system that will diversify the boring arena and PvP.

    How to participate in the Guild Wars

    1. declare war on another guild:

    Enter the name of the guild, which we want to declare war.
    Remember that the guild can declare war only if it meets all requirements.
    Participation in Guild War:

    • Guild level must be 8 or higher;
    • You should not engage in war with another guild;
    • You do not declare war on other guilds;
    • It took at least two hours since the end of the previous war;
    • Number of declared wars a guild, there should not be more than 7 times per season (one season 2 weeks);
    • The number of lesions in the Guild. should not exceed 10 times per season.
    After declaring war, the screen will pop up a message:

    in preparation for the war given 5 minutes. After the end of time begins the war itself.

    2. The duration of the war
    The War limit is 24h
    In this period of time for the warring guilds becomes available PvP.
    After killing enemies with another guild, you'll get points.
    Show them you can also tab: Guild Wars [G].
    Also  you can see how much time is left before the end of the war.

    Guild members are united in the group;
    Killing members warring guilds, during the passage of raids / dungeons, not possible;
    You can not leave the guild, as it is involved in the War.

    When the Guild goes into a state of war, in the tab: Guild Wars [G], activated Surrender button.

    After the end of the Guild of the season receive a new framework. Which displays their merits.
    • 3 Wins: 1 star;
    • 5 Wins: 2 stars;
    • 10 Wins: 3 stars;
    100 vs 100 PVP

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    Hello fellow challengers! Long time lurker here, decided to have my first post be a deck build and strategy guide on the deck I've been using through every meta since new card releases became a thing. In CR I play as Yawgmoth and I lead the clan Phyrexian Arena, been playing since the launch as an F2P player with a current record of 4270 trophies
    First I'll just post the decklist followed by card combos and strategies. I appreciate your criticism!

    Three Musketeers (9)
    Giant (8)
    Bowler (5)
    Elixir Collector (8)
    Minion Horde (12)
    Skeleton Army (5)
    The Log (2)
    Zap (12)

    Average Elixir Cost: 4.6
    At first glance the deck appears very heavy and fodder for the executioner, but 13 of the past 15 games played were wins against pretty much every meta deck at the moment (Giant+Exe+lightning, RG+ebarbs, Golem beatdown, Lavahound beatdown, Hog cycle etc). Let's go over each card individually first to highlight their purpose and potential replacements and then we'll get into the combos, opening hand plays, etc.
    Three Musketeers
    My favorite card in the game, ever since I watched the first Top 200 replays nearly a year ago of them demolishing entire pushes on their way to the enemy tower. These gals are tricky to get comfortable playing at first with their expensive cost and frailty. This is a high risk-reward card, just like Sparky, Giant Skeleton, Balloon etc. and cannot be treated as a primary win condition card. Typically you want to save this card until your opponent has revealed their spell cards, as lightning/rocket/fireball will dictate the placement of where they are deployed.

    Split 3M every time you play them until one tower is down. Applying pressure to both lanes at once catches many players off guard. I've found that 3M has the "oh crap, do something quick!" effect like RG, leading to an overcommitment of elixir. More times than not, your opponent will respond in the best way they can on your first 3M deployment, so be careful to take notice of that vibe.

    Expect the 2 musketeers to take the most heat, whether its a fireball+zap or skarmy drop at the bridge, don't expect your opponent to let them lock onto your tower unanswered.

    Do not gamble your first 3M deployment, especially when you haven't seen at least 6-7 of your opponent's cards. An elixir disadvantage is not a place where you can afford to be with an incoming counterpush.

    Use them defensively first! Placed in the killzone they will shred almost any troop unscathed, and can aggro troops from both lanes at once. Placed directly at the river, one musketeer will target anything in range on your opponents side while the other two split off to each lane.

    Besides being the best tank for the elixir cost he is also your main win condition, to a degree. His slow speed allows you to rebuild elixir, and draw out responses from your opponent. Since he only targets buildings he is more likely to get a few punches in for some heavy chip chunk damage than say a knight/valkyrie/PEKKA which can be easily kited from ever reaching the crown tower.

    A defensive Giant can kite and tank troops like Ebarbs, the PEKKAs, the Princes, Executioner, etc. If your skarmy keeps getting zapped or the logged, you may have to sacrifice a large chunk of Giants health in favor of your crown tower. Placed on top of enemy troops already locked onto your tower will cause them to retarget your giant once his bulk has pushed them out of range.

    Going into an offensive push, place Giant behind your king tower. You need all the time you can get to rebuild elixir, so sit back and let it build and wait for your opponent to make the next move, unless for some reason they let you get back up to a full bar.

    Before his release I used a variety of cards depending on the current meta in his place with the purpose of defending pushes and buying time. Some of those were ice wizard, valkyrie, barbs and goblin hut.

    Bowler is very slow and favors the early game slow pace of this deck. Besides mopping up cheap troops like goblins and spirits, he completely stops barbs, fairs well against ebarbs depending on their level, and prevents most hogs from getting more than one swing if played right. Although he doesn't push back the RG, he will hit whatever support is behind it.

    Deployed directly behind the giant he makes good support by clearing any small ground troops on the giant's way to the tower.

    He is a great way to counter furnaces as he will often clip off any princesses that get in the way as well.
    He baits a minion horde / meta minion very often, which do completely destroy him, but those are more threatening when used against the giant. The bowler does not do a significant amount of tower damage so it is acceptable for him to be a sacrifice outlet.

    If your opponent is playing ewiz, don't drop your bowler to counter it outside of tower range or you'll find yourself disgruntled as he just stands there and does absolutely nothing. If you play him before the ewiz comes out, then at the very least you have a decent amount of time to rebuild elixir while the two stutter over how to attack.

    Bowler is favored over executioner because of his bulk and ability to survive with more health during a fight. The executioner does make a great replacement for the bowler in that he targets air troops as well (on top of all his other ridiculous features) but I've never been able to enjoy the game the same way when playing with those types of cards (ebarbs, RG, graveyard).

    Experiment by substituting bowler with: valkyrie, mini pekka, knight, goblin hut, lumberjack, meta minion, executioner, barbarians, or even another musketeer

    Elixir Collector
    Even after this card was fairly balanced (some call it nerfed) this card is an absolute necessity to this deck. Its primary purpose is pretty obvious and that is to generate elixir at a rate that makes this deck all the more viable. This is always the first card you want to play if possible. Skilled players are more concerned about an elixir advantage than whatever else could be in the deck and will fireball/lightning/rocket/miner or even graveyard the pump as quick as possible to shut it down.

    Baiting out spells, even a fireball, helps expose which one(s) your opponent is carrying. This puts their high damage spell out of rotation and can suggest what deck archetype they are running.

    Put down as many elixir pumps as you can during the first half of the game. Focus on defending when your opponent responds to your play, rinse and repeat. You'll likely never have more than 2 on the field, but don't ignore a pump in hand unless it is double elixir time. Most of my losses with this deck happen when I neglect to get a pump on the field and then starve myself of elixir defending pushes.

    Minion Horde
    Risky in this executioner meta, risky in furnace princess meta, risky in goison meta, but still manages to shine when played at the right times. They are zap/arrow/fireball magnets, but don't be discouraged if your opponent has a means to wiping them out easily. Their high DPS makes them worth it for defense, and with enough practice baiting out spells between skarmy/3M/pump these crazy bats can do some serious damage while giant and bowler are tanking for them.

    Do not split the minion horde. I have seen some people do this, and it is a mistake. Plus, it hints towards that 3M that you have waiting to play later in the game.

    Aside from hogs and ebarbs, be confident in your use of minion horde when countering troops, as most players will be ready to respond immediately to keep their threat alive as long as possible. Since zap is falling out of the meta a bit, sometimes it is better to risk dropping your horde versus skarmy, as the log is in almost every deck you'll play.

    Experiment by substituting minion horde with: executioner, princess, wizard, archers, furnace

    Skeleton Army
    They will get zapped. They will get the logged. They will be destroyed with haste and without prejudice.
    Play skarmy the way you usually would, but in addition skarmy is your counter to miner sent to take out your pump. As soon as you see the miner deploy, hover skarmy and drop on your pump as the miner is just reaching the bridge. Miner will target the doots instead and get denied. Your opponent may zap skarmy to try to save the miner, but most times he will be completely denied if played right.

    Before skarmy got the balance it sort of deserved I would alternate between stab goblins, tombstone, cannon, and fire spirits, but nothing really compares to the value of skarmy in the current state of the game

    Experiment by substituting skarmy with: minions, archers, stab goblins, princess, miner, ice wizard, tombstone, and when it comes out, goblin gang

    The card I requested for months on end to get to level 12 so I could OHKO level 1 princess and level 10 minions that I was frequently facing and having trouble with. The zap balance seemed very reasonable to me; however, it would be nice if it still OHKO'd a level 1 princess.

    Zap is zap, like skarmy is skarmy, everyone seems to have a pretty good handle on using it. Just a reminder to use it on infernos and sparky, its stall/reset value is just and important as its ability to quickly deny skarmy and other frail units.

    The Log 
    I still don't understand how the log is a legendary and zap is only a common...anyways the log is your denial to goblin barrels and princess, and skarmy if you know you're not being baited (remember, bowler squashes skarmy too)

    If a tombstone is dropped to counter your giant, as the giant is just about to get within punching distant, drop the log to get the second "hit" and it will take out the spawn skeletons as well.

    Carefully consider hitting a wave of fire spirits from a furnace, it is usually not worth it unless you can clip some other troops and the tower as well.

    Always aim to hit the crown tower as well as whatever you're taking out with the log for that extra chip damage, but always wait until the opportune moment to deploy.

    To stop a batter ram, drop the log when the ram is half way between your tower and the bridge, it'll reset its charge and your tower will break the batter ram before it has time to recharge on you. You still have 2 barbarians to deal with, although not as threatening as before.

    A level 1 the log will not kill a level 3 or higher princess.
    Experiment by substituting the log with: ice spirit, fire spirit, stab goblins, ice golem, spear goblins, arrows, dart goblin and even rage spell

    Opening Hand
    Ideal Scenario #1
    Elixir collector in hand, skarmy in hand or next in rotation. Place elixir collector in the back, next to your king tower and on either side of the field. Since skarmy will be in hand after pump is deployed, play this pump aggressively by deploying it when your elixir bar is just about to reach 8.5 elixir. You want this aggression because most players will wait until they have a full bar to play a card, or even wait for you to break the ice and make the first move. There is a strong psychological component to playing first and it can mess with your opponent's head a bit. However they react, you have skarmy as your cheap counter to quick pushes like a pushed hog or ebarb sniping. They might be a miner chip player, so hover that skarmy on the pump until they respond.

    If they hit you with a fireball/lightning/rocket, shake it off and get ready for a giant minion horde push.
    Unless they start a push that will destroy your tower in one go (ice golem balloon rage), build up that elixir and dont be afraid to suffer some tower damage. Plan to play bowler (for ground defense) or giant (soak air troop damage and counter push) as your next play and try to maintain aggression.

    Ideal Scenario #2
    Elixir collector in hand, but no skarmy in hand or next in rotation. Similar opening play as before, except you'll have to be a little more creative. Our plan is to still be first to deploy and force a response out, but we want to drop as soon as the elixir bar passes 9.0 elixir. If your opponent hasn't emoted you yet, when you're around 7.5-8.0 elixir, throw them a "goodluck" and a thumbs up. This is generally just a nice thing to do, but they will often respond by doing the same, and while they are distracted with emotes you can rush plant that collector.

    Since you don't have skarmy in hand, the pump is going to go in front of your kings tower, and least two tiles away from both crown towers. This denies them hitting both pump and tower with a rocket. This also gets both towers to aggro any miners coming in to deny some of that elixir production.
    Since you don't have skarmy yet, you must have either giant, bowler, zap, the log, or minion horde, all of which are viable to use as a second play. Zap and the log will give you stall and cycle power to get to that skarmy, but in other cases get ready for the same giant/bowler opening push.

    With a forward placed elixir collector, for goodness sake, don't set yourself up for a value lightning or fireball, push down the lane furthest from the pump.

    Ideal Scenario #3
    Elixir collector next in rotation, and any troop in hand besides 3M. You can choose whatever makes you most comfortable, wait until you have full elixir and start a push with either giant or bowler, or wait until your opponent starts and respond by defending against their push. Either way, you'll want to stop or prevent as much damage as possible. If you've neutralized the opponents momentum, you can play your pump early, other wise wait until a full bar. Example: opponent drops level 13 royal giant and spends the next 15 seconds cry and laugh emoting while your minion horde goes to work. Wait until the threat is about to clear up before placing the collector incase ebarbs are about to come down the other lane. Wait for the emote spam to start before hitting the skarmy pump combo.

    In all seriousness though, the elixir collector is your priority for the first minute to minute half of the game, so play it as soon as logical, not as soon as possible.

    Neutral Scenario #4
    No pump in hand or next in rotation, but good news is you drew a tank. Same aggressive strategy as in #2 above, drop that giant or bowler behind the king tower just before the bar fills up.

    Keep pressure and control to one lane as best you can until you get that elixir collector out on the field. In some instances, the heat of battle will cause you to be forgetful of the pump at first, but next thing you know you've successfully pushed down a lane and took a solid chunk off that tower with a giant+minionhorde+the log+zap combo. You may have even gotten it within spell chip cycle range and can afford to play defensively the rest of the game. Unless you're in double elixir time, you still have to try to keep putting those pumps down.

    The crummy scenario
    In terms of playing aggressive, the 'worst' and somehow for me most common opening hand is 3M, skarmy, zap, the log. Since we are trying to save 3M for when pumps are down and nearing double elixir, we now have a hand size of 3. Skarmy doesn't get played before the card it counters comes out, and zap and log are a bit wasteful if all they hit is a tower. So sit back and wait for your opponent to make a play and use your preferred counter card in hand and cycle it up.

    One time I played a match where I felt I had to drop a the log just for the tower chip so I could get my next in line pump in hand and put that down, but my opponent had to do the same exact thing, and we both the logged at the exact same time, and pumped at the same time. It was comical, and a bit risky, but it worked out for the both of us. If your luck is anything like mine, don't count on something like that happening, and avoid casinos.

    If your elixir collector punishes you by being the 7th or 8th card in your starting cycle, just focus on getting one good defense or counterpush in and then mentally start over from scratch, with the pump being your priority. I would consider it to be slightly tilting by not getting to play it early, fixating too much on defending threatening pushes, and being in the elixir hole all game only to get chipped out.
    Wait, so when do I play 3 musketeers, I thought that's what this deck is all about?
    Once you have gathered sufficient evidence on your opponent's play style and deck you can start playing your 3M. A brief checklist of things you should have covered:
    Is my opponent's fireball/lightning/rocket in cycle?
    Is my opponent low on elixir?
    Do I have a tank ready to pave the way for 3M?
    Is a lavahound loon and or minions coming at me?
    Will I be able to prevent myself from losing a tower if my 3M gets completely shutdown?

    Heavy air raids are the biggest threat to this deck, since minion horde is your main answer for early air troop takedowns. Thankfully, the executioner + tornado meta has pushed lavahound decks out of frequency.
    Having pumps down is crucial because if your opponent is running lightning and you feel the need to play 3M while its in their rotation, you want that elixir boost to give you the opportunity to drop a giant or bowler on the 2 musk so the lightning hits 1 musk, the tank, and the tower.
    Where to deploy 3M
    Opponent has fireball: in your killzone 4 tiles above king tower if your giant or bowler is close to reaching the bridge. behind your king tower if you dont have your tank down yet, or you are confident fireball is out of rotation.

    Opponent has lightning: behind your king tower, with the 2 musk going down the lane opposite the side of your elixir collector. Placing in the killzone is risky, unless you are absolutely sure of their current elixir and card rotation. You want at least 1 musk to always survive, do your best not to make it easy for your opponent to pull a positive elixir trade

    Opponent has rocket: always in the killzone, distance from king tower can vary. Rocket will not make it in time to hit all 3, no one in their right mind will launch a predictive rocket at the killzone with nothing there yet. That rocket is in their deck to hit your tower. Don't let it hit 2 muskies as well. Better to have them waste a rocket to kill 2 muskies and scrape your giant a little bit than take nearly 500hp from your tower

    Opponent has poison: either they are experimenting around with it, stuck 5 months in the past, or have some insane combo they are gonna try to pull off with it. Shouldn't matter too much, poison is a 10 second long fireball that 3M can walk right through. You wont encounter poison enough for it to be really threatening to this deck. Otherwise, its ok to go with either a killzone or kingzone deployment.

    Opponent has tornado: tornado, when played at the right time, can bring the split muskies back together no matter where they are split. If they have a splash troop near your killzone, take it out first and then play 3M. If they are going to tornado 3M and hit them with zap/arrows/log there's really nothing you can do to prevent that, but if that's all they have for spells then they have bigger Giant problems to worry about.

    Opponent has none of the aforementioned direct damage spells: go for the 3 crown, show no mercy.
    When NOT to split up the 3 musketeers
    When your giant just plowed through a tower and your opponent is scrambling to cycle back to defensive cards, it can be tempting to drop them in the killzone to aggro either the opponents king tower or other crown tower. Don't get cocky and dump 9 elixir to displace dominance, wait to see if they are going to surrender the match or try to play it out for a draw.

    If you've pumped up effectively and have a situation like 2 healthy pumps on the field with a giant bowler minion horde in the process of annihilating a crown tower, you can drop your 3M behind as support to ensure a quick denial of any panic drops like an opponent putting a minion horde over your bowler. It should go without saying that you should never underestimate your opponent, even if you are fortunate enough to out-level with in both cards and apparent skill.

    General tips for gameplay:
    It's ok to take some tower damage here and there as long as you have your mind set in the right place. Did your skarmy get logged before it took care of an ebarb snipe? Let them take a few tower shots before dropping a giant on them for the re-aggro to save your giant that extra bit of health.

    The game is not over if you lose a tower. After some practice you'll find that this deck can quite effectively take all 3 towers in one push. Stay focused. The push that just took your tower is likely the same one that will be used for the next, adapt to handle it.

    If an xbow gets played, forget about taking it out, drop a giant in range to go down the other lane. If you try to take it out with a giant, chances are it will get melted by the inferno thats about to be placed adjacent to the xbow.

    This deck works exceptionally well at tournament standards. I've won my first 12 win grand challenge (12-1) with this deck (used goblin hut in place of bowler) and will generally net about 8-9 wins. I don't claim to be a highly skilled player and this has been my go-to deck whenever I enter a challenge.

    Replaced bowler with batter ram and got up to 10 wins in the challenge, mostly getting around 6 wins though. I found myself not using the batter ram at all during the challenge so I blame my lack of knowledge on how to use the card rather than the deck's potential.

    If you try this deck or a variant of it and do well with it on the ladder or in a challenge, write up a post on what you liked about it and what changes you implemented.

    If you have any criticism on this write up, the deckbuild, or suggestions, please let me know. If you guys liked this guide, I'll follow it up with my aggressive Mortar deck I use at 3.5K on my other account.
    TL,DR Scroll back up for decklist. Try it out. Mix it up. Have some fun.

    Credit to:  PhyrexianArena

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    League of Angels, the award-winning free to play MMORPG from GTarcade, is proud to announce the release of a brand new Angel! Joining the massively popular browser game is Thana, the latest Angel to arrive in the League.

    Thana is the guardian angel of the extreme north. As the successor of one of the most ancient Angel bloodlines, she was bestowed an ancient artifact by the Creator when she was just a little girl. Legend goes that Thana's stunning beauty was admired by all the Angels before the invaders looted and destroyed large parts of her homeland. After the disaster, she embraced her responsibilities and became an elite warrior, creating a fierce reputation with her deadly sabers.
    Thana’s unique skill, Freezing Beam, blasts enemies with heavy magic damage while buffing her party’s agility, attack, and crit by 8% for 3 turns, meaning the buff will scale with the stats of your heroes. The higher their stats, the more powerful this buff becomes. This attack also cannot miss so it’s guaranteed to hit enemies.

    What new surprises with this radical new Angel bring to the League? A truly unique being, Thana is set to change the League of Angels with her entrance. Please stay tuned to the League of Angels Facebook fanpage and the official website for more information coming soon.

    We hope players will enjoy this new Angel joining the League of Angels universe, and look forward to more great content in the future!

    About League of Angels
    League of Angels is a free to play MMORPG featuring strategic combat and beautiful visuals, making it one of the best online games in its genre and awarded “Best Browser MMO of 2015”

    Official Site:
    Facebook Fan Page:

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    I've recently had the joy of discovering the wondrous Project: Gorgon, an indie MMO that harkins back to what MMOs were a decade and more ago. Rich, detailed worlds full of discoveries, exploration, and without a directed guiding pathway to follow. Quests don't provide a level - and indeed, many can't be done the moment you pick them up if you are a new player without a high level combat skill or two or three, nor do all of them tell you where to go. I have many deaths to my name as I work out what I can handle, and I will likely have many more. I'm having a blast as I fumble around racking up death XP (see my section on death below) and figure things out. But it does mean that the learning curve can be a bit steep.

    In keeping with the theme of exploration and discovery that this game espouses, this will not be a follow the dotted lines to the specific location type of guide. I will be keeping spoilers to a minimum, with the bulk of them at the end. If you're here looking for a specific item or location, you can skip down to the checklists at the bottom.

    Character Creation

    However much fun I am having with it, this remains a unity game, so character creation is very basic. You pick a race, skin color and your hair and that's about it. One thing that is not explained anywhere, at least not that I've seen, is that your race does matter to a certain, very minor, degree. There is no "best race for X skill;" however each race has a behavioral preference and ignoring that preference will hit you with a minor (1%) XP penalty and likewise give you a small (also 1%) xp buff if you follow it. Worth knowing if you care about the tiny details!

    • Rakshasas hate killing sentient creatures, and their comfort counter decreases when they do so.
    • Elves hate being dirty, and their hygiene count decreases as they kill things.
    • Humans get lonely, and their social count decreases as they spend time away from cities. 
    I've mostly played an elf thus far and I already make it a point to splash through every lake and river I come across, and jump in every fountain to keep clean. If I go too long without bathing, I will gain a filthy debuff. So elves, go forth and jump in ponds!  Splash through rivers! Play in fountains! It certainly makes for some interesting RP as I am cleaning off my filth in a fountain right next to someone filling water bottles for cooking...

    Important Advice

    Now that you've created a character, before I go into specific areas, here is what everyone needs to know when playing this game:

    Let me repeat this, because it is so important, and I see a lot of questions that are only asked because the querying player mindlessly clicked through text:

    There is even an in-game area for writing notes, accessible in your quest journal, if you don't want to deal with keeping out of game notes. I have a decades old binder where I keep MMO notes, and it is slowly filling with Gorgon related sprawls.

    UI Fiddly Bits

    Once through character generation, you appear on an island with your only skills being sword and unarmed. A message pops up telling you to open a nearby backpack, and from that point on you are largely on your own! It's a delicious experience that I have sorely missed in recent games. With inventory open, your UI looks like so:

    Down the side to the left are special abilities. I don't have any yet on this newbie character I created for the purposes of this article, but you can put things like potions there, some buffs, pet charming skills, armor repairing, and I'm sure there are tons more. 

    The bar on the right is your standard systemic bar where you can access (from the top down); bug reports, inventory, chat, skills, the map, quest journal, crafting recipes, pets, character stats, options, and social. Most of it is self explanatory if you've played an MMO before, with the most confusing bit being skill selection. If you click the skill button, all it will pull up is a window telling you what skills you've got and at what level. I will note that it will only display skills you have, so unless you look up the skill list on the wiki, you truly can have a fun discovery game.

    If you want to change the abilities on your hotbars, click the little arrow to the left of the hotbar and select the skill line that you want. As you level it and adventure, you will learn more and more abilities - these are selected by hitting P, clicking the abilities tab and then dragging and dropping to your hotbar. I find myself constantly reviewing my skills as different situations call for different abilities, and mods on gear can completely change your rotation.

    There is also a stat tab under persona, that displays the finer details. Many are recognizable MMO staples such as health, regen, resistances; but it also shows the comfort, loneliness and hygeine stats I mentioned above.

    Inventory Management

    Oh, for the lack of inventory spaces... Or rather, the lack of organization. I hate inventory management. It is the bane of my existence in just about every game out there - and this game is one of the worst. I can't ever find anything. The icons are tiny, and to top it off bank space is scattered across multiple NPCs - this one will only take alchemy items, that one only equipment... so here is my advice on inventory:

    Learn to drop items, or not pick them up in the first place.

    There, I said it. I am an inveterate hoarder, so this is a very difficult thing for me to say, let alone practice. Everything in this game serves a purpose. Vendor trash in Project: Gorgon is ... really just a state of mind. And you will invariably decide to toss something because you don't need it at the moment, only to need it 5 minutes later. But inventory space is limited, storage space is limited, and there are thousands of items ... so learn to drop them or you will go mad.

    Dropping items to the ground is done by clicking the icon and holding, then dragging it down to the box that appears, which you can see here, above. You can also see my inventory problem. Everything in this game can be used to gain favor with the NPCs and/or craft, so you'll need to learn the art of prioritizing what you pick up.

    Unfortunately I ihave run out of room, so keep an eye out for part 2! I will be going into more details and providing checklists of things to do on Anagoge Island (newbie isle) as well as other features! 

    You can download the game at the official site and play it for FREE

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    The latest update patch released in the NA/EU version of Black Desert marked the beginning of Valentine's Day celebration in the game. An unique event called Valentine's Day NPC Popularity Contest invites all players  to craft their own V-Day chocolate and offer them to a selection of NPCs. Select the most popular NPC and at the end of the event you could win a prize.

    This love update also included a new ocean Rescue system, which allows stranded players to call for a rescue boat, in order to bring them back to safe harbor. Except for the above mentioned features, this new update contains class, item, mechanic, monster, quest and interface changes.

    Meanwhile, in the Russian version of Black Desert, a similar event called "Oh l'amour" is ongoing.

    You can learn more about the NA/EU update at the official site.

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    If you've never heard of Ashes of Creation before, you are in for a treat. An upcoming sandbox game, this video made my jaw drop - and then caused me to cast it to my 4k UHD tv rather than watch it on my computer. Move over Black Desert, a new name in eye candy has entered the ring, and it is breathtaking.

    Two minutes of pre-alpha dungeon testing footage that shows amazing combat and graphics:

    If this isn't enough, it certainly wasn't for me, I'll tack on another video demonstrating seasons. A fast-timewalk through the play of seasons and weather in Ashes of Creation, and I am already salivating to get my hands on this game. Take a look.

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    KLab Inc., the developer behind LoveLive, announced today that they’re currently developing a new smartphone game application based on Captain Tsubasa.
    The new game features the familiar special moves that play such an integral role in the world of Captain Tsubasa, as well as famous scenes that allow players to relive their favorite storylines all over again. The game is slated for release in Japan in 2017, with plans to take a global version of the game to the international playing field in the future.
    About Captain Tsubasa

    Created by Yoichi Takahashi, Captain Tsubasa is a Japanese manga that centers on the sport of soccer. Since premiering in Shueisha’s landmark comic anthology Weekly Shonen Jump in 1981, the series has grown into a legend that has inspired and delighted countless soccer fans across Japan for decades.
    Even after the end of the initial serialization, the story has continued to evolve with new works highlighting the growth and development of main character Tsubasa Oozora. The series’ popularity continues into the present day, with Captain Tsubasa Rising Sun currently appearing in Shueisha’s bi-monthly manga anthology, Grand Jump.
    The series has sold over 70 million volumes in Japan alone. Captain Tsubasa’s popularity extends beyond borders, having been translated and published in over 10 countries and regions around the world, finding fans and winning the hearts of soccer lovers around the globe.

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    E3 is usually something that is reserved for those in the gaming industry, but things will be changing this year. E3 2017 is opening its doors to the public, an total amount of 15,000 tickets will be available on February 13.
    Only the first 1,000 tickets that are sold will cost $149. The remaining 14,000 tickets will cost an additional $100 at $249. Tickets provide access to the showfloor, panel discussions and other events over the three days. If you’re interested in the event, please head to the official page to get your ticket.

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    Snail Games' Taichi Panda series is going to have the 3rd game, and that's something you don't see very often in mobile market. Created with Flexi 3 engine, Taichi Panda 3 provides players a large open world with enhanced visuals compared with previous Taichi Panda games.

    Players can hunt and tame about 1000 different mounts, fight world bosses which can also be captured and tamed, and participate in aerial fights and mounted combat. According to the developer, Taichi Panda 3 features 3-man, 5-man, and 10-man PvE instances as well as 10v10 battlegrounds (which also support aerial combat).
    The game will start iOS beta test in China later this month. Global release can be expected in the future.

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    Fairy Tale Busters is a new anime third-person shooter, according to the official website, the game has just started open Beta in Japan. The game features story mode and multiplayer PvP & PvE modes. In addition to assault rifles and sniper rifles, there are melee weapons and even hilarious hammer available to use in the game. What's more, players are able to create outfits and use various decorative objects and even pets.

    The gameplay video below is full of fun elements and it's worth a look. Go to the official site and download the game if you can read Japanese and your internet is good enough to support you to play the game in Japanese server.

    Source: Steparu

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    Lineage M is the classic Lineage MMORPG on mobile platform, and the game aims at audiences who missed the hardcore grinding experience and want to have it on their mobile devices. NCsoft claims that Lineage M isn't like the other Lineage mobile games (Lineage Red Knights and Lineage 2 Revolution), and the game isn't mobile game but PC MMO experience on mobile platform.

    The developer has released the first trailer features some in-game footage. Watch it below.

    Lineage M will probably launch in the first half of 2017 in Korea.

    Source: official site

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