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    Month ago, we reported that Chinese clone,Legend of Titan, a mobile game that totally mimics Overwatch in terms of playstyle and character abilities and it also shows how influential China ripoff games are. Today, we find another copycat called King of Legions (王者军团 in Chinese) will kick of second beta test tomorrow.
    According to the developer team, the project started in October 2015. But you may find some of the characters are highly similar to Tracer and D.VA in Overwatch. Check the picture below:

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    The Allods Team and global publisher announced the Early Access phase for Cloud Pirates officially starts today with the introduction of the “Gold Rush” update.

    The update introduces a brand-new game mode, in which a team of seven Cloud Pirate captains are tasked with protecting a convoy carrying precious ore. The second team of seven captains are tasked with destroying the convoy and capturing its contents. Whether players protect the convoy ships and get paid by the Taskmaster, or plunder its smoldering remains, one thing is for certain – untold riches await those who hear the call of the Gold Rush.

    Cloud Pirates is a new action MMO in which players can take command of a customizable airship and navigate the clouds to take part in exciting fast-paced aerial battles. In Cloud Pirates, captains can blaze through science-fiction fantasy battlefields and cooperate with their squadron to outgun or outsmart the rivaling team.

    Get access to the head start at

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    inXile Entertainment and Techland Publishing revealed today the latest trailer for their upcoming, highly-anticipated science-fantasy RPG Torment: Tides of Numenera, the thematic successor to one of the most critically revered and in-depth CRPGs of all time. This epic cinematic story trailer recounts the lore leading up to the very moment that players begin their odyssey as the Last Castoff – the flesh-and-blood by-product of a megalomaniacal deity known as the Changing God.

    Experience a game of intricate choices and consequences with thousands of meaningful decisions that will make every playthrough unique. The game will launch on February 28, 2017 for PC, the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, and Xbox One, the all-in-one games and entertainment system from Microsoft.
    For more information on Torment: Tides of Numenera and the various editions available for purchase, please visit the official website at

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    Kingdom Under Fire 2 has been in development for years. The developer Blueside not just worked on completing the game, they evolved it and will do that in the next one or two years. We know western players want to know when they can play the game in the west, and we asked the game's director and the company's CEO Lee Sang-youn in a recent interview. Read on to find out.
    Russian open beta schedule and NA/EU plan
    Lee said the game has cost about $78 million USD to develop and it's the most expensive Korean MMO ever created. KUF2 will start a non-wiped beta test in China in March and then will enter open beta.

    "China will be the first country Kingdom Under Fire 2's open beta will be launched in, and then in one to two months we'll start beta test in Taiwan," he said. "The Russian version will start closed beta in summer 2017 and open beta in the fall. After that we'll focus on NA, EU, KR, JP and other regions. We plan to launch the PC version and PS4 version simultaneously in NA and EU."

    The upcoming Blueside 3.0 engine will support 60,000 units display on the same screen
    Kingdom Under Fire 2 was originally developed with Blueside 2.0 engine which supported 10,000 units in one screen. "The current engine doesn't require high-end PC hardware, and a GeForce 8800GT is enough for smooth gameplay. We have been studying the technology of large-scale scene since 2002."
    "The Blueside 3.0 engine we are now developing supports up to 60,000 units on the same screen. It's difficult for other companies to achieve this. For instance, Unreal Engine has to be redesigned completely if it wants to reach that level."
    "The most difficult part is how to ease the network pressure when you have huge number of units on the same screen. For example, display 10,000 units on the same screen can generate about 100k/s data flow on the server side, and that's not a problem for the internet condition in South Korea. But for most regions including China, it's a problem so we are asked to reduce the data flow to 30k/s. After 3 years' development we have managed to reduce it to 11k/s."
    Lee confirmed to us that Kingdom Under Fire 2 PS4 version will be powered by Blueside 3.0 engine at launch, and the PC version will be upgraded to the new engine soon after the PS4 version releases.

    More endgame content and new classes are in development
    The team is creating more end-game contents, and one of them is an epic raid that includes multiple phases and a storyline. Lee Sang-youn said it would take players about 3 months to complete this raid. On the other hand, new player experience has been improved with new UI. In the future, the game will introduce new classes including Elementalist, Sorceress (Black Mage), and Paladin. The plan is to introduce a new class every 4-5 months, according to Lee.
    New epic raid

    Elementalist can summon different creatures to fight alongside her

    In terms of units, Blueside plans to allow players to use about 120 different units in the Chinese version in the closed beta in March. However, the developer team has prepared around 350 units and they hope to add a new unit every 1-2 months. "We don't want to put forward a lot of new units to players, especially new players, in a short time. It will be difficult for them to learn how to play a unit," Lee said.
    New class: Vampire

    There will be town building and city development system, which is part of the guild content. "After occupies a territory, a guild can set up guild banners and some constructs like guild statue. With guild points, a guild can unlock more facilities and buildings that can produce useful items. Unlike other MMOs' guild house, KUF2's guild territory is a large and upgradeable town." What's more, a guild can trade with other guilds with the guild town feature.
    New class: Paladin


    Kingdom Under Fire VR is in internal experiment

    Blueside 3.0 will greatly boost VR gaming, and it's a "big breakthrough in VR" and it "surpasses Unreal Engine 4 in visuals", according to Lee Sang-youn.
    Speaking of Kingdom Under Fire VR, Lee told us that players can play the current PC version with VR headset, and they are still exploring the possibility of making a game for VR from the ground up. "We are testing if we are able to bring the Kingdom Under Fire experience to VR, and if we can't, we will make other VR games using KUF IP."
    Blueside is confident of addressing motion sickness in VR gaming, with the new Blueside 3.0 engine. The solution is "let the game runs at very high fps", Lee said. "Players will become nauseating fast if VR games run at 30fps. We believe 60fps is the minimum requirement and 120fps is recommended. The market is pushing VR games to increase the fps and Blueside 3.0 is already a very suitable engine."
    Lee Sang-youn hoped to release a VR demo in May or June later this year.

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    Nexon has announced new mobile action RPG CrushMon will be launched worldwide later this year. The anime style hack 'n' slash game is currently in soft-launch phase in Canada, Malaysia, Netherlands and Philippines, but players around the world can now pre-register for the game at the official site.  

    CrushMon brings players into Sky Island, a peaceful sanctuary which is now threatened by the God of Darkness who seeks to rule under eternal shade. Heroes will emerge to bring back light to the world as they summon powerful pets to battle against the legions of darkness. Built using the Unity 3D engine, the hack ‘n’ slash action RPG will immerse fans of the genre in monster crushing battles.

    CrushMon features:
    • Four unique hero classes: as the last line of defense to defeat the God of Darkness, players choose from Ares, the brave warrior; Kain, the master of archery; Tyria, the sorcerous of dark magic; and Marin, the cute, but powerfully destructive Hammerer;
    • Mighty pets to summon for battle: powerful pets emerge throughout the game to help players strengthen their skills in battles;
    • Hero upgrades and customization: mission rewards unlock new skills, pets, soul stones, weapons and more, allowing players to gain fresh upgrades and customize their heroes;
    • Asynchronous PvP and real-time co-op gameplay: players will run, roll, and crush a path over enemies through dungeons with or against a friend;
    • Rich content and action-packed mayhem: more than 100 adventure maps for players to explore villages and endless towers in both co-op and PvP game modes.

    Ares (Warrior) Trailer

    Tyria (Mage) Trailer

    Kain (Acher) Trailer

    Marin (Hammerer) Trailer

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    In Tokyo Game Show 2016, DMM announced that Clash of Panzer will be available for mobile devices in Spring 2017.

    Set in WW2, Clash of Panzer is a 3D strategic game, allowing players to control different girls to conquer the world. More than 50 kinds of tank will be available for players to choose from. If you’re a fan of tank, please visit the official page for more details.

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    Valve boss Gabe Newell announced at a press briefing at Valve's Seattle office that they were developing 3 new VR-specific titles in the company. The new games will be full VR games, not like "the vignette-style demonstrations shown in Valve's The Lab," reported by Gamasutra. And these new games are made using Unity and Source 2 engines.
    The Lab

    On the other hand, Valve will continue to invest in hardware. He said "So right now, we're building 3 VR games. And what we can do now is to be designing hardware at the same time that we're designing software. This is something that Miyamoto has always had, right?"
    He believes that the future of VR is "all power: lighter, more capable headsets that are hooked up to PCs much more powerful than what most people own right now." And "PC-powered room-scale VR will progress to "house-scale" VR in the near future."
    Can't wait to see how Valve will actually try to revolutionize VR gaming with their effort.

    Source: Gamasutra

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    soul worker valentines
    Soulworker Online (JP) has released some new Valentine's Days outfits for the female characters. As usual in the game, the Valentine's Days oufits allow players to use exclusive emotes. You can see the new cloths and emotes below. The Korean version of the game will also get these outfits later.

    Source: Steparu

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    Even you don't play Final Fantasy XV you should know one of the game characters Cindy. She's 2P's one of the top 10 sexiest video game girls of 2016. In FFXV, Cindy Aurum is the head mechanic of the Hammerhead garage, and even though she's not considered as a protagonist, she catches lots of attention with her sexy appearance. Misa Chang, a cosplayer from Taiwan, dressed up and did the high quality cosplay. Take a look.

    Source: Facebook

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    The Chronicles of Elyria team just shared some new information about the game's development. The game has been upgraded to Unreal Engine version 4.14 and got improved visuals. A new game demo will be shown at PAX East 2017 starting on March 10 and it includes a new look at the combat system.

    The developer also talked about the realism in the game by giving out several details. For example:
    If you eat too much you will become fat.
    If you fall into the river, the clothes will get wet.
    Your cloths will get unpleasant smell if you don't clean them.

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  • 02/11/17--07:34: Conan Exiles Beginner Guide
  • You think you’re ready to survive these forsaken lands? You are so wrong. Unless you are a veteran in Conan Exiles, things will go pretty messy from the first minute you step into the game, but that’s why we are here. In the next half an hour you will learn the basics of surviving and get a few crucial hints that will help you stay alive (or die less).

    Character Creation and The Cross

    When you join a server you will get to create your character. The entire panel will be showing your future character on a cross, and besides customizing your character you will get to choose the race (for the moment I didn’t see any differences besides the lore behind them) and your God/Religion (this will unlock your first shrine).

    Starting Area

    Conan Exiles starting area is almost the same every time you join a server or create a new character. The first things you need to do is look around the starting point for an impaled skeleton (there are a few of them towards the first oasis, but I am talking about the closest one). Near him you will find a water pouch (filled like 30%) that can be refilled later and a message with an audible lore. God bless that stranger that left us that water, as dehydration is the first thing that will kill you.

    Wondering around a little and you will find different ruins of a lost city, some of them with ancient drawings that will uncover the history of these lands, once you interact with them. If you find them near your starting location, ok, but if you miss them, don’t waste too much time looking for them as we have more important things to do like finding some food and a new source of water. 

    As we are still talking about the first steps into the game, let’s see the basic buttons to get things started (they are almost the same for every survival game that you played):

    • E – interact with objects and gather resources;
    • I – Inventory and Character Panel;
    • L-Ctrl – Crouch;
    • Space – Jump;
    • T – Talk;
    • P – change perspectives;
    • Number Keys – Activate/use the toolbar options;
    • Mouse Buttons (L and R) – use the left hand and right hand weapons/shield/tools.

    Survival Meters

    The most important thing is to understand the meters showed on the left upper corner of your screen. From left to right we have:
    • Health (you start with 200 HP, and you will be able to regenerate out of combat, as long as you’re not suffering from starvation or thirst);
    • Energy (this is your stamina that gets depleted when running or hitting, so keep an eye on it before starting a fight);
    • Thirst (this is pretty simple, drink some water or moisture food to fill it up);
    • Hunger (same like thirst, but you will get to cook a variety of items that fill that meter in no time);
    • XP (this is your xp bar, or better say your xp circle – survive/craft/kill to level up);
    • Weight (that anvil icon will hint how much items you can carry).

    You can increase some of them by assigning points to different stats, as you level up, but we will take a closer look in the Conan Exiles Basic Stats section.

    Also note the difference in the screenshot below, where you can see hunger and thirst with a light blue colour. By eating and drinking more, after the meter is full, you will activate a state of “saturation” that will help you last longer before you need to start eating and drinking again. Surviving longer with the same amount of consumables can also be achieved by putting some skill points into the Survival stat.

    First Resources

    Unless the server owner changed the survival meters, in the beginning you will have to constant fight against starvation and thirst. 

    Water. So the first thing to do is search for the river (you will be able to find it by looking at the vegetation, as soon as you see a lot of trees and palms – you are getting closer).

    Don’t run straight towards the river as there are many creatures wandering around, and some of them are agro. And when I say agro, it’s like a mile away agro system. Sometimes I feel like these creatures come for me by the smell , not that I get into their line of sight.

    Also don't forget to refill your water pouch (just go into the river, select the pouch and click use)

    • Insects– these are the weakest type of food and you can find them by gathering bushes;

    • Eggs– a decent raw meal, can be found inside nests, along the river. Near the place where nests can be found you will see a lot of small turtles, but don’t be fooled, they aren’t the ones laying those huge eggs. Watch out for a bigger creature that won’t be happy if it finds you stealing them;

    • Meat – killing turtles, rabbits and antelopes will yield raw meat that can be later cooked (by using a fire camp).

    Remember that if you are not cooking your meat over a certain period of time, it will decay and turn into putrid meat.

    Branches. Used to craft different starting tools and items, they can be found all over the place on the ground, or gathered by chopping trees (for this you will need to craft an axe first).

    Stone. Same as with branches, rocks are found on the ground or can be gathered from stone deposits if you have a pickaxe.

    Plant Fibers. These are used to craft the first armors, some advanced fibers and different items such as beds. Basic plants can be gathered by pressing E, but there are some bigger plants that require a tool.

    Conan Exiles Wild Animals

    Rabbits. These small passive animals can be found almost everywhere and can be easily killed with just one punch. When butchered with a tool they yeild hide, bones and feral flesh (used to cook shredded roast).

    Babby Turtles. These small turtles can be found along the river coast, they are passive and they can be killed with two punches or one tool hit. When butchered they yield hide, bones and feral flesh (used to cook shredded roast).

    Antelopes. These wild animals are a bit harder to kill because they start running as soon as you hit them. When butchered they yield hide, bones and savoury flesh (used to cook steaks). I heard that they are also dropping an antelope head, but I didn’t get any until now.

    Crocodiles. These creatures are the nightmares of all exiles that didn’t manage to upgrade their weapons/armors in time. They are hard to solo until you get more advanced weapons, so better try to avoid them if possible. If killed, when butchered they yield hide, thick hide, bones and savoury flesh (used to cook steaks).

    Shalebacks. These are the mothers of all those delicious eggs we hunt for in the beginning. They can be killed with the basic weapons. Upon death, when butchered they yield hide, bones and feral fresh (used to cook shredded roast).

    There are a lot more creatures like hyenas, ostriches, rhinos, spiders, golems, etc., but we will talk more about them in a future guide.

    Conan Exiles Character Stats
    • Strength – Increases your melee damage;
    • Agility – Increases your defense;
    • Vitality – Increases your HP pool. You start with 200 HP and get 12 HP per each point invested;
    • Accuracy – Increases your range damage;
    • Grit – Determines the amount of stamina. You get 3 stamina points for each point invested;
    • Encumbrance – A fancy way to call the weight limit;
    • Survival – Decreases the rate of hunger and thirst meter depletion.

    If you want to learn more about the stats, check this post on reddit, but remember that all is subject to change in an Early Access built.

    Basic & Apprentice Crafting

    Crafting in Conan Exiles is pretty straightforward, but be aware that you will not have enough points to level anything, so try to stick to a certain type of weapon or be a team-player and distribute the crafting tasks.

    Below you will find the details for the first tools/weapons that you can craft (some of them require the recipe to be unlocked – and this will be done by spending the points awarded for levelup.

    Stone Pick
    • No level or recipe required;
    • Can be used as a tool or weapon
    • Materials required: 5 branches and 5 stones;
    • Repairs: This tool can be repaired by using stones, the amount needed depends on the durability loss;
    • Gets 3- 4 stones from rock nodes and 1-2 ironstone from iron deposits, per swing.

    Coarse Tunic
    • No level or recipe required;
    • Materials required: 25 plant fibers;
    • Repairs: This armor can be repaired by using plant fibers, the amount needed depends on the durability loss;
    • Gives armor and poise (resistance to being knock down).

    Coarse Handwraps
    • No level or recipe required;
    • Materials required: 8 plant fibers;
    • Repairs: This armor can be repaired by using plant fibers, the amount needed depends on the durability loss;
    • Gives armor and poise.

    Coarse Leggings
    • No level or recipe required;
    • Materials required: 18 plant fibers;
    • Repairs: This armor can be repaired by using plant fibers, the amount needed depends on the durability loss;
    • Gives armor and poise.

    Coarse Footwraps
    • No level or recipe required;
    • Materials required: 8 plant fibers;
    • Repairs: This armor can be repaired by using plant fibers, the amount needed depends on the durability loss;
    • Gives armor and poise.

    Improvised Torch
    • No level or recipe required;
    • Can be used to bring a little light during the night (it will last for half a night on normal server settings);
    • Materials required: 5 branches and 10 plant fibers;
    • Repairs: This tool can be repaired by using plant fibers, the amount needed depends on the durability loss;

    Stone Hatchet
    • Requires 1 knowledge point for unlocking Apprentice Craftsman (so at least lvl 2 character);
    • Can be used as a tool or weapon;
    • Materials required: 5 branches and 20 stones;
    • Repairs: This tool can be repaired by using stones, the amount needed depends on the durability loss;
    • Gets 3- 4 wood from chopping trees and 1-2 branches occasionally, per swing.

    • Requires 1 knowledge point for unlocking Experienced Survivalist (at least lvl 3 character);
    • Can be used to cook food and brings a little light into the night when it's running;
    • To cook food for yourself you will need wood or bark and meat, and for your slaves food you will need wood or bark, seeds and plant fibers;
    • Materials required: 50 branches and 30 stone.

    • Requires 1 knowledge point for unlocking Apprentice Craftsman (so at least lvl 2 character);
    • Can be used as a material for more advanced items;
    • Materials required: 3 plant fibers.

    Fiber Bedroll
    • Requires 1 knowledge point for unlocking Apprentice Craftsman (so at least lvl 2 character);
    • This is the most important item that starts the “base building” process and it will be used as a respawn point. After you crafted and set it down, be sure to click on it and set it as a spawn point;
    • Materials required: 3 twines (9 plant fibers), 2 branches and 6 plant fibers.

    Stone Sword
    • Requires 1 knowledge point for unlocking Mercenary (at least lvl 3 character);
    • Can be used as a weapon;
    • Materials required: 5 branches, 20 stones and 10 twine (crafted from plant fibers);
    • Repairs: This tool can be repaired by using stones, the amount needed depends on the durability loss;
    • Deals 30 health damage.

    Wooden Shield
    • Requires 1 knowledge point for unlocking Mercenary (at least lvl 3 character);
    • Can be used for defense (blocking or reducing damage for incoming hits);
    • Materials required: 16 wood and 8 twines (24 plant fibers);
    • Repairs: This tool can be repaired by using wood, the amount needed depends on the durability loss.

    Base Building
    • Requires 1 knowledge point for unlocking Apprentice Stonemason (at least lvl 3 character);
    Allows creation of the following items:
    • Sandstone Foundation – requires 50 stone and 5 wood;
    • Sandstone Wall – requires 25 stone and 3 wood;
    • Sandstone Ceiling – requires 30 stone and 3 wood;
    • Sandstone Doorway – requires 25 stone and 3 wood;
    • Simple Wooden Door – requires 50 wood and 10 twines (30 plant fibers);
    • Repair Hammer – requires 40 wood and 10 twines (30 plant fibers).

    NPC Exiles Camps

    Besides other people (if you are playing online) you will encounter various NPC Camps, ranging from a few barbarians gathered around a fire to vast ancient cities filled with skeletons and other horrors. 

    Killing those NPCs will award you with various materials when looting the corpse, and hide, bones and human flesh (used for sacrifices on your shrine) when butchered. Keep an eye on those nasty archers, as they hit pretty hard.

    Conan Exiles Map

    As this game becomes more and more popular, the amount of info we are able to find will increase drastically. For the moment I am using this map (open it in a new tab and activate the legend from the right upper corner).

    I hope you enjoyed our Conan Exiles Beginner Guide, and if you want us to do a follow up for things like Thrall, Religion, Advanced Base Building systems and more, let us know in the comments below.

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    ITS Games announced the mobile MMORPG Aden's iOS version will soon be released soon. The game has officially launched the Android version in Store Korea earlier this month. 

    Aden aims at PC MMO gamers and provides open world exploration and combat. It features character transformations, open world boss battles, and contents involve both PvE and PvP. The unique feature is the class system. Players can choose from Knight, Archer and Wizard prototypes, and they are able to choose from 3 specializaions for each class: high HP, high DPS, or balanced type. Each class starts with 4 abilities and can transform to 4 different forms. 

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    Netmarble Games has started the Android closed beta for IDEA in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macao on February 9. No announcment regarding the global version but Netmarble will definitely release the game in international market. If you can read Chinese, you can try the game's Chinese version first.

    Download the Chinese beta version here

    IDEA is an action RPG at its core, but the game stresses on group play and boasts beautiful graphics. The producer said "too many mobile RPGs out there are single-player and turn-based games, but RPGs aren't just about gear and collecting, playing with other players, hunting bosses monster together, and fight other players in the arena are also fun."

    The game features many elements of cancelled PC MMORPG A4, including 3 classes, cloth designs, and character lore, etc. The game producer was the same person behind A3 and he worked on A4 before the game was cancelled. 

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    City of Heroes ... just the name has a powerful effect upon those who played it. Its loss is still lamented and mourned years after NCSoft shut the servers down, and it has spawned several projects that aim to be its spiritual successor. Ship of Heroes is one such game. Even without knowing that goal, just looking over its page brings echoes of CoH to mind, and not simply because of the shared superheroes theme.

    They have been slowly rolling out information about the game, and yesterday a new signature NPC was revealed: Dr. Ellen Strikewell. A doctor with supernatural healing powers, Strikewell refused to enter into the Justice Corps, although she does assist on the occassional mission or two.

    I really like the character reveals they have been working out. Not only does it give a great look at what is possible within the character generation of the game, but it also reveals the feel that the devs are going for with Ship of Heroes. Strikewell does look the part of an electricity-wielding medic!

    It reminds me somewhat of Metamorphosis Alpha as well; Ship of Heroes is set on a spaceship, the Heroship FHS Justice, where the player character heroes battle a combination of internal and external threats across the various decks. Everything from invasive fauna and flora to raiding aliens can be found and battled within the ship. And this isn't just any spaceship - it's closer to a giant space station designed to seed humanity across the universe. Want a better picture? The devs created their own video to help them visualize the ship.

    This is now the fourth attempt to create a City of Heroes spiritual successor that I've seen, and I have to admit, even if I hadn't played and enjoyed the original game, I'd have to admire it for no other reason than it managed to engender such passion and devotion that several such projects have been born in its wake. 

    For more superhero goodness, visit the Ship of Heroes page!

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    Hey Guys! So Mitra sphere has entered the closed beta test and here is a look into the various aspects of the game.

    Mitra sphere is an Action Role Playing game (ARPG) which features a simple but fun style of playing.  The game is expected to launch officially in Spring and will be a game that is looked forward to.  Pre-registrations for the game are also open right now and it can be done on their official page.
    Mitra Sphere is an adventure game that tells the story of abutting parcels Npakas Mahanatee, where the sky is covered by oceans. The protagonist had lost his parents at a very young age. He and his little sister could depend on no one but each other. However, they fell into water while fishing and found the larvae of the Dragon coincidentally.

    In the game, players take on the role of the protagonist. Along with the development of character through an adventure that never ends.


    Simple but elegant. Mitrasphere has been rolled out as a two dimensional game with more focus given on the basic elements of the game than on the graphics. This does not however mean that the graphics and the game environment are bad. For some reason, the graphics seem to fit the game and makes it quite interesting.

    Though the game is primarily 2D based it does bring in quite glamorous features. The details can be easily distinguished and visibly seen. This is evident from the gameplay when one engages in combat.


    To be honest, players will barely have to make any movements in this game. The only restricted movement that a player is offered is at main menu where he can interact with other players and NPC’s.  The game offers a simple floatable joystick in order to this.  One has to simply point the joystick in the direction in which they want their character to move.

    While engaged in combat players will only have to select the attack that they wish to use and will not have any big movement roles involved.


    Mitrasphere does not pay a lot of attention to tutorials as such and does not provide an in-depth tutorial on how to go bout the game. In fact, it has been pushed so far back into their important things that the tutorial is shown only after completing the first three quests!

    Perhaps the disappointing part about the tutorial is that it does not give you a hands on one. All information is displayed in Japanese language with suitable images. It puts the task on the players to decipher the language and figure out what each thing means. The entire guide on playing the game and how to update characters etc. are only displayed in the above manner.

    In addition to this, the game does provide tips before the combat begins.


    You play the role of the protagonist and move up the storyline in the game. This is why you have merely any options when it comes to characters.  The only option that you get is to choose between a male character and a female one before the game starts.

    However, in order to compensate for this, the developers have provided a plethora of character customization options in the game. Every minute detail of your character can be upgraded and can be distinctly seen while engaged in combat.


    The various features that are allowed in the game related to character customization include changing the hair style, colour, complexion, eyes and it even allows you to add tattoos. The main menu of the game allows for you to even change the voice of your character and provides a load of options with regard to this.


    As mentioned earlier, the players will have to play the game in a closed environment. Mitrasphere is a turn based game therefore players will have to wait their turn to make a move. The game is played by using a set of given combination attacks to defeat the opposing players in the arena.

    The game sets off with a quite lengthy and time consuming ordeal. Players will have to carefully use their given attack and skill options in order to win the game. Each attack has a time period for reload once used. This is the most striking feature of the game which makes it extremely fun to play. A bar is placed towards the left of your attack box which will fill up every time the player’s casts a move. Once the bar has been completely filled up the player can use it to deliver a special and devastating blow to the opponent.

    The players will have to level up by winning and collecting as many experience points as they can. Each win will give the players a set of rewards which can be used for upgrading their weapons etc. The game also features an Auto-play option which will come to the aid of players in case they find it too difficult.
    It is quite important that players claim all their rewards as it will help them tremendously later in the game.


    The game allows you to add upto five players in the multiplayer gaming. This will be an interesting feature in the game as it involves proper strategizing to play it this way. The game also features a live chatroom function where any message typed will appear on the main screen itself which makes it quite continent. The players are given a set of servers from which they can select any one and enter.


    Operating System 4.4 and above iOS
    RAM 1 GB 1 GB
    Memory 275 MB 275 MB
    DEVELOPER: Bank of Innovation.

    The game can given be a rating of 7/10.


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    Com2us announced its 2016 financial results, beating expectations with a record breaking 515 billion KRW in sales.
    The company recorded 515 billion KRW in sales, 193 billion KRW in operating profit, and 150 billion KRW in net profit, setting new records across all categories.
    These result generated Com2us' highest sales, operating profit, net profit ever, reflecting growths of 19%, 17%, and 20% YoY, respectively. Moreover, the company’s FY2016 Q4 results also set record sales, hitting 135 billion KRW.
    Com2us proved its strength in the global market in 2016, with overseas sales accounting for 86% of total sales, recording 443 billion KRW and reflecting a growth of 22% YoY. In Q4 alone, overseas sales topped 118 billion KRW, cementing Com2us’ place among the top mobile game companies in the world.
    Com2us plans to continue to grow as a global leading company by building on the on-going success of its hit mobile games with aggressive global marketing investments.
    Com2us has been planning to expand the unique IP of 'Summoners War', a game recognized as one of the top mobile RPG games worldwide, by designing the game for a new genre, MMORPG. Com2us will continue to expand the mobile RPG market with 'Summoners War' and plans to make it to the top in the global MMORPG market, as well.
    Furthermore, Com2us has created a new “IP Strategy Team” which will spearhead global IP and licensing to expand the business. The team's first step will be to expand the IP of 'Summoners War' to cartoons, animation, novels, movies, and various merchandising to strengthen the brand worldwide.
    Com2us will target the global market with a strong lineup of games in diverse genres. Independent development projects such as 'Summoners war MMORPG', 'Project S', 'Heroes War 2', as well as games utilizing famous North American Console IPs are planned to expand the market for RPGs.
    Additionally, Com2us will continue to introduce games in the major sports genre including new baseball, fishing, and golf titles to maintain and strengthen its standing as the strongest mobile sports games provider.

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    Oasis Games Ltd., revealed a slate of new player events celebrating Valentine Week in Naruto Online, the turn-based MMORPG for Windows PC. From February 9 to February 15, players can participate in the special “Fateful Encounters” event to unleash romance, collect treasure keys, throw shurikens to get bonus points and much more. This week is full of incredible updates and events for both Jounins and Senins—read on for more details!
    The Fateful Encounters event encourages players to join forces with other ninjas to combine fate symbols and earn Fate Points. FA, TE, LO, VE and many numbers are available—put together the right words and earn a prize or perhaps even true love! If treasure lights up your eyes, complete Daily Missions and Plot/Elite Instances to earn Treasure Keys that can be redeemed for special rewards.
    Every ninja loves to throw shurikens, and the Colorful Balloons event awards points for popping balloons with shurikens earned through Daily Missions. The Total Recharge event gives players extra value with valuable rebates for every ingot recharged. Want more? You got it! Starting on February 12, two additional events will offer players additional Valentine presents: Recruitment Feedback, which offers rewards for Tendo Treasure or Seal Treasure draws, and Limited Refinement, which provides free time-limited Wish Credits very time players level up equipment to a new Refine level.
    For a detailed list of the events on top for Valentine Week, please visit the NARUTO ONLINE Event Page.

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    Funcom reported that 320,000 copies of Conan Exiles have been sold in a week, dominating the Steam’s Global Top Seller List, which is an encouraging star for a developer that laid off half its staff as recently as 2012.
    “We are deeply humbled and very grateful for the initial success of Conan Exiles,” said Funcom CEO Rui Casais in the press release. “Funcom has gone through some challenging times in recent years and seeing the game we have poured so much time and effort into gain this amount of traction so quickly is very invigorating for everyone who works here.
    “This is just the start of the Early Access adventure and we will do whatever it takes to make sure Conan Exiles turns into a fully-fledged game that has something to offer new and old fans of both Conan and survival games.”

    Also, the team has released custom Conan Exiles Dev Kit, that will allow to create mod and stuff like that. You will need to download the Epic Games launcher, and once you’ve created the mods, you can upload them to the Steam Workshop.
    The game servers went offline since Funcom needed to find a new partner, and it seems that they have succeeded. Servers are still unreachable, but you can play solo or join one of the 12,000 privately run servers.

    Conan Exiles is coming to Xbox One through the Game Preview program this spring. A PlayStation 4 version is also in the works, but no date has been announced.

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    Iris Yuma is newest character in Soul Woker and the South Korean cosplayer Tasha has released some beautiful cosplay pictures for this character. Take a look at the invisible Iris with a gigantic weapon. Enjoy!

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    Smilegate is looking for people to help locally test Lost Ark's leveling, character classes, quests, and combat system, etc. The recruitment has been on since January, according to report, and it will end this month. This isn't a public test but at least it's something new about this game. Hopefully another closed beta phase will be starting soon after the internal QA test.  
    Lost Ark is MMORPG developed by Tripod Studio and powered by Unreal Engine 3. The game features open world, Diablo style hack 'n' slash combat, and lots of exploration content. You will see much more flashy combat visuals and you can even have combat mount. Four classes are confirmed for now: Fighter, Warrior, Mage, and Gunner. There will be new classes in the future as the development moves forward, and each class will have 3 subclasses.

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