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    SNK is adapting its fighting game IP The King of The Fighters to MMORPG for mobile platforms with The King of The Fighters: World. The game will be launched in China first and then in global market. Today SNK revealed the first gameplay details of the MMORPG.

    First and foremost, you will be able to explore a 3D open city for the first time in the KOF series. You can call a cab to where you want to go, you can ask a friend to a bar, you can hunt down criminals in the city, or join a street car racing, and you can see many iconic scenes and spots in the series.

    The game's stories will be told in chapters and each main character's saga will be unfolded through missions. Players will play a whole new character and will meet 4 brand-new KOF characters through the adventure. Although 3v3 combat remains in the MMO, exploration and simulation are what The King of The Fighters: World wants to focus on.

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    Today, 4:33 Creative Lab revealed 3D sci-fi strategy simulation game InterPlanet. Written by DC Comics and DC Universe Online editor and author Dana Kurtin, InterPlanet is set to launch globally later this year. The game is now available in "soft launch"to download for mobile gamers in Australia, Canada and Singapore on iOS and Android devices.

    InterPlanet is a 3D action-adventure, strategy simulation game where players must choose to ally and lead the Anxo or Human races to victory in a battle for the universe and survival. The battle rages into deep space as players travel and conquer a variety of planets as part of an engrossing and tension-filled storyline. Players with be able to play solo or battle against others to collect fleets, skills and resources to defend and strengthen bases from an onslaught of alien invaders.

    With its upcoming global launch, InterPlanet will feature:
    -Extensive Universe filled with Planets to Conquer: Travel the universe to explore and conquer planets to build a galactic empire and strength the fleet;
    -Galactic Fleets and Captains to Command: Collect over 30 fleets and over 60 captains, each with unique advantages and skills to master and strategize;
    -Engrossing and tension-filled storyline: Journey through the game's epic storyline created by veteran comic author and editor, Dana Kurtin;
    -Compete in the Player versus Player (PvP) Raid Battles: Battle against a friend in the fierce raid battle mode to take enemy resources;
    -Powerful Space Bases to Manage: Strategically upgrade player bases to mount the ultimate space offense and defense.
    InterPlanet will be available worldwide for iOS and Android in 2017. A "soft launch"version of the game is available to play right now for free for iOS and Android in Australia, Canada and Singapore.

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    ArenaNet legend and art director Daniel Dociu announced to leave the studio after 13 years' service. The Romanian artist direct the art style of ArenaNet's games since 2003. Now his son, Horia Dociu, will take over his position as the Guild Wars 2 art director. Mike O'Brien, Guild Wars 2's Director, thanked Daniel for his entire work at ArenaNet in a post on game's official forum.

    Daniel Dociu will be leaving ArenaNet. Daniel has been defining the art direction for ArenaNet since 2003, before the launch of Guild Wars, and the impact he’s made on the studio and industry will be seen for years to come. It’s been a pleasure to work with him. Daniel, thank you for thirteen wonderful years creating worlds together. We’ll miss you. We look forward to your continued success.

    Horia Dociu now takes over as the art director of Guild Wars 2. Horia also first joined the Guild Wars art team in 2003. He loves the game, he lives and breathes the art, and he continues our tradition of putting art at the forefront, never settling, relentlessly pushing ourselves to new heights. With Horia as art director, the game is in great hands. 

    We did a special column for Daniel Dociu in 2013. You can read about his story here.

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    Nexon Korea announced an immersive first-person shooter (FPS) with role-playing game (RPG) elements in Gunpie Adventure. The game is available in limited release for iOS and Android devices in Australia, Canada, Finland, Indonesia, Macau, and Singapore and will launch globally later this year.

    Gunpie Adventure combines a modern FPS experience with RPG elements in a fast-paced, action adventure game. When the Sirius Foundation awakens a power that releases ancient monsters, players must explore and uncover prehistoric artifacts to engage in battle and restore peace to the world. Vast excavation sites feature artifacts with energy that players can absorb to improve combat power, increase weapons arsenal, and provide access to a wide selection of realistic vehicles.

    Gunpie Adventure Features

    Arcade-like FPS experience: Intuitive controller designed for easy, drag and aim FPS gameplay with seamless reloading and swapping functions;

    Immersive story: Players will become invested in an immersive storyline featuring real voice actors and 3D dialogue animation;

    RPG-like growth system: Character recruiting and growth evolve with the collection of DNA and artifacts to enhance abilities, firearms and vehicles;

    Variety of modes: Players will master core exploration within the main story, join excavation groups in stages with varying levels of difficulty that change daily, and chase treasure through fierce battles;

    Real-time player versus player and boss raids: Co-op battle modes let fans compete against or play with friends around the world with leaderboards that are updated in real-time.

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    Overwatch has 25 million players worldwide and usually a title with this level of popularity can faciliate a lot of fanmade content. In Overwatch's case, somebody created a Playboy style Overwatch magazine dubbed "Playwatch" that features soft porn images. It was almost like a real business if you take a look at the images below, and what really worried Blizzard was the fact that they set up a Patreon to accept monthly donations. Blizzard surely won't allow that to happen and they had to take down the magazine.
    You can take a look at some well made Overwatch character art below. 

    Source: bitgon
    Related: [NSFW 18+] Why Overwatch Porn Is So Popular?

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    Hello guys!

    Been a while.

    First, a warning: this is a directly transcribed article. That means aside from some editing here and there, is written just as we held the conversation. There are also some questions that I asked later on but then put them in the middle so that they are read in accordance to the contents they are about.

    Anyway, as you may have guessed, I had the opportunity to talk with Chris Wilson about the new Expansion of Path of Exile: The Fall of Oriath, as well as some other big events like their Chinese and Xbox One version release. Hope you enjoy it!
    For me, is always kind of a thrill to have these conversations with Chris. He is always pretty supportive and fun to talk with, and he also understands English isn't my native language, so he is patient and understands pretty quickly what I want to say. In this mindset, the first thing he showed me was an image with different data about Path of Exile till now:

    "So, talking about path of exile in 2016, you are pretty aware of this stuff because you helped cover this releases , but it went really well last year. The game was already popular but it became a 44% more popular in terms of played hours. So by that I mean just the number of hours of people in the world who played PoE was 44% higher compared to last year."

    "We also had over a million active players in December. Now, the reason I'm posing active players: is pretty easy for game publishers to say how many registered users there are. Like we have five million, then ten, then fifthteen, and the numbers just keep getting bigger as people try out the game and make multiple accounts. But, this makes it kind of hard to know how popular the game is, because you hear about these titles who have a great number of registered players but then the game shut downs because nobody plays it. This is why I'm saying that we had over a million players active in December, to state that the game is still popular and that we've made it to a bunch of top list sixteen and that kind of stuff."

    No news there. I mean, Path of Exile is already popular only from its no pay-to-win micro transactions. If you add the passive tree (from which I'm still dropping some friends' s jaws that don't know about the game everytime I show them an image) the quality and quantity of content... well. It speaks for itself.

    "There are two new markets in 2017. We have the big Chinese launch which is coming out in the middle of the year, that's kind of huge for Path Of Exile. And we also have the Xbox One release which I'm also happy to talk about... because, all of our content that I'm showing you today will be available in it as well. So is basically a full copy of the game, it has both: the core game of PoE as well as the expansions and full new content also. So we are trying as hard as possible to have it fully featured."

    "How does it work? I mean, maybe is because I don't actually know much about it, but how did you make the transition from mouse to controller in the Xbox One?"

    "I also was a bit sceptical at first. I mean I'm not a console gamer, you know, never actually owned any consoles myself. So I wasn't sure how it was gonna feel. But the team were really confident. Johnathan, who is running that proyect was really confident that he could get a good feeling in the Xbox One version, and he did. Honestly, it just feel really good to play. And that's the thing we've been hearing from journalist when we showed them that version this week, as they pick up the controller and they say it just feels really precise, fast and responsive."

    "So, the way it works is basically you use the left joystick of the controller to move you character around and you've got your right joystick for aiming. You can cast your skills with the buttons on the right, you can hold on a trigger to swap between an alternate set of skills, the flask are on the shoulder buttons... Is a very intuitive way of playing and it feels really good. Like, if you have to cast a skill like a curse that you'd usually cast at your mouse, the game just searches for monsters in front of you that you are probably meaning to target, and it curses them. It works really well."
    "Seeing that there have been some performance issues with the PC client, there have been some doubts about the Xbox One version... "
    "We have been working hard on performance and believe that we'll hit a solid 60fps on the Xbox One. We're almost there! These performance improvements are directly rolled into improving the PC version as well."
    "And regarding the Chinese release, you mention it will have all the contents we are discussing right now.."

    "Yeah, everything we are discussing will be present in the Chinese and Xbox One version, and we are planning the Chinese release later this year whenever Tencent is ready to do a big launch. They are the Chinese publishers so we are working with them to make sure the game is a good fit for China, which means small changes to the game, you know, pass local changes and censor laws and that kind of stuff."

    It was then that he showed me the trailer of Fall of Oriath:

    I gotta say it surprised me that they actually went and developed them all the way to act ten, which is something that I made manifest with my "Wait... WHAT?" that escaped my mouth while thinking Chris was away. And yeah, he wasn't.

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ A little unprofessional, but it depics exactly how I felt.

    Anyway, after that I told him my impressions, at which he answered:

    "The reason why we did this: as you know the game got cruel and merciless difficulty in it, and that means replaying the current content several times. So we felt that this wasn't the right way for the game to be you know, with people getting bored of running cruel difficulty. So we decided to make new five acts that are elusively based on the first ones, like is the same kind of areas but with entirely new bosses, new quests, some new monsters and some new areas to go along with the old ones. This way you have a new story to playthrough that continues from where act five leaves off, so is like one big ten act playthrough."

    I kind of knew that "recycling" the previous areas could come as a disappointment for some people. In fact I was about to point it out when Chris showed me a gameplay. It was then that I realized that maybe I was being too hasty in my judgement.

    "As you know at the end of Act IV you killed the beast and finished most of the content there, and so you are told there is a way to get back to Oriath by using a device at the top of the mountain next to the Act IV town. If you climb the mountain you get a chance to teleport back to Oriath in hope of a peaceful retirement, but instead you arrive in the middle of a slave revolution. all of the slaves in Oriath are rising up to try to take control of the island and get rid of the templars who are running everything. You know, Dominus's friends basically."

    "So even though you've already killed Dominus yourself, there is a new High Templar in charge. And so you join with the slaves to advance further into the city: most of Act Five takes place in Oriath where you are initially working with the slaves and controlling areas and so on, until you eventually get into the Oriath Square which is a nice outdoors area with snow gently falling, and you get to fight some cool soldiers there who all have cloak physics going on, so we are pretty pleased with how it turned out. It was an interesting challenge to come up with the art here, because a lot of it is very cleaned up, like this is a city where people live instead of an old ruin, so we had to put a lot of effort into making an Act that feels kind of... seems like there are people apparently living there. "

    "Next, is a mid act boss fight: High templar of Oriath, who is kind of the guy who took over after you killed Dominus, and is an interesting fight as well. Is a relatively long fight. There are multiple stages to it, it uses a lot of different spells, and honestly now we are making boss fights a little differently. Previously we'd took a monster and made him big with the name of a boss and maybe a glow with the cool of a boss, but now we are actually putting a lot of effort into making these boss fights."


    "I can see already, with that spell where he summons a giant knight..."

    "So, the big statue guy is interesting because he eventually stops following you and kind of turns to stone again. Then it lets you hide behind him for cover from the projectiles because the Templar gets pretty spammy with them. This fight is also cool from a plot point of view: players learn a bunch of stuff about how Act five develops when they reach this fight... I kind of don't want to spoil anything in this interview so I'll be quiet but there is a bunch of cool stuff that happens right after this fight"

    "I appreciate that, I mean, is kind of the core of the RPG genre right? you go through a plot then reach a Boss who has kind of a personality, and whose skills also reflect that personality. "
    "Yeah, there a lot of fights like this one... I think there are 24 boss fights in this set of content"

    "So, this is a diagram that shows the differences between the old and new playthrough structure. Previously, as you can see up here, there were three difficulties: normal, merciless and cruel, because the game repeats three times before maps. Now, you play Act 1-4, then five, then six to ten. Just one playthrough of ten acts... rather than having different difficulty levels. And this is because they have about the same amount of content: the ten acts take about the same time as the twelve acts repetition in the past. This means that now the player has an interesting story from the beginning to the end, and don't have to repeat the same story over and over again on that character to get to the end game content. "

    "Does that mean the difficulty of the ten acts also matches the ones of the twelve acts before?"

    "Yes, the difficulty of the game scales up in a similar way."

    That, I thought, is definitely interesting. And I bet that hardcore players would be grateful for it. I mean, new stuff always kind of refreshes the will to play a game. Yet... I still wasn't entirely convinced a reused playthrough of the first four acts would have a refreshing impact.

    In the trailer you could see A glimpse of Lioneye Watch at our return from Oriath, which is what Chris described:

    "So, this is the town. As you can see it's transformed. They build a bridge up here, they put a boat and got some piled up bodies here. The starting area is now an optional side area that you can go to and fight a new version of Hillock. There are also washed up people from Oriath who tried to swim to shore. The Coast line area has new monsters: Karui warriors who have tried to take over the coast, so there are various totems and the fights are a lot harder than they were before. The mud flats have been changed, and now have a lot of Karui architecture cuz they've moved in. Next is the fetid pool, now called the Radiant Pool, because as you can see is not dark anymore and now is quite nice. There are even some nice yellow parrots and so on that we put here."

    "This is a fight against Tukohama who is a new boss. Instead of running through the caves you get to fight this guy. Then, instead of going to the Ledge you go to the Redge, which is the other side of the mountain. Is much darker and more evil... all in order to get to the same Prison."

    "But once you get to the prison, instead of going down to fight Brutus in his quarters you instead climb to the top of Shavronne's tower. She is the lady of Act IV who is doing the experiments on Brutus. Once you get to the top of the tower, you can look down on the prison and you have to fight both: Shavronne and Brutus and the same time. Then you go to the Road,  which is the prisoner's gate area. And you actually have opened the path to the forest, so unlike the first act, you can go to the forest straight away. That is how now you are in what was the Act II, but still in what is part of the "first" act. So, you find out that the path to the Act II town is actually blocked, and you have to find a way around while not being quite sure as to why can't you get to the town, and why is still called Act VI rather than Act VII."

    "So, you continue on, retracing your steps backwards through the Phrecian Forest until you get to a new beach here which is a new tileset that is connected with an Area called The Beacon. This Area has a bunch of puzzles where you have to push things around... this map is a bit similar to The High Gardens map we have in the atlas I think. And eventually from the Beacon you take a boat to the Brine King Rift, which is the big Act Boss at the end of Act VI."

    "So, as you see, some of this content are reused assets from the first act, which is how we could make six acts simultaneously. But there are a lot of differences in terms of how we play it, so the goal is to have it so players are happy with going back to the original areas and see what's changed after they finished. So an example: Nessa isn't in town anymore, she has gone looking for the stone of the Star of Wraeclast amulet (Any players who don't know what the star of Wraeclast is: is the thing that corrupted Merveil and turned her in "the evil fish lady" -Chris's words, not mine) So, any players who understand this, know that things aren't good regarding as to what may have happened to Nessa."

    "Notice that we aren't previewing Acts Seven, eight and so one here. We'll be previewing them in the next weeks and months before the release of the expansion."

    I gotta say, my hype had just been piling up since I saw the trailer. Which is what I had to restrain myself from another "Wait... WHAT?" when Christ said: "Now, we'll be previewing the Pantheon system".

    "This is a new Character customization system. Plot Wise: The Beast in Act IV was actually suppressing all the powers of the different gods and goddesses that Wraeclast used to have. So after the beast arrived, there were no more gods powers available. So all of the gods that people of Wraeclast were worshipping were literally powerless. And so, when you are fighting High templar of Oriath in Act V, you find out that he was actually being possessed by the god Innocence. And this is possible because after we slayed the beast all these gods are getting their powers back, and this Pantheon image you see here represent all the different Wraeclast gods and their many forms, and you actually get to kill a lot of these gods. So in the playthrough that I showed you, there are like sixteen gods or something you get to fight along the way."

    "We are talking about Path of Exile right? not God of War."

    He laughed.

    "Indeed. So, there are a lot of god fights you encounter along the way, which brings me to the Pantheon system. This image shows an unfinished version of the user interface, in which we are still working in making it pretty, but it exemplifies what I want to explain: in the top there are four mayor god powers, and on the bottom there are twelve minor ones. As you kill gods you get to unlock their power: you get to have one mayor power and one minor one active in your character at any time. This means that for example 'Soul of The Brine King', that is a mayor one, says that you can't be stunned if you have been stunned recently, you can't be frozen if you have been frozen recently. Is a relatively defensive and minor thing, but the point is that you can change these powers at any time, by going to town."  

    "So normally in PoE, You put points in your passive tree or you kill a bandit leader, that is a decision that stays with you for a long time, but these passives here can be changed just by going to town, so the point is to change them really often, like you are about to fight a fire boss and then choose a passive that makes you an anti-fire kind of character. Also, the bosses you kill unlock various ways you can switch your defences around on the fly."

    "Do passives have something like a grade? Like Legendary, rare..."

    "No, but you can upgrade them. If you notice, in the image it says 'Defeat Glace and you'll unlock 50% reduction of chill on you'. So, these are bosses in the Atlas of Worlds Maps system. So if you go to the Map with Glace in it, and slay it, your Soul of the Brine King will become more powerful."

    "The passives are completely separated from the passive tree and the Ascendancy classes right?"

    "Yes, that's correct. You now have three customizable progress in your character. Yet, they are not crazy powerful like the Ascendancy passives because they can be changed any time, and they are also exclusively defensive because we want them to be something you change right before a fight. It also makes us rebalance the difficulty of the whole game and give us the opportunity to create some more challenging content. There are also several Synergies between these passives."

    "When playing through all of the acts, do you get all of the passives?"

    "So, when you enter Atlas of Worlds you have all of the passives if you killed all the gods, but none of them are upgraded. Now, minor gods are typically side quest, so some of them are mandatory while a few others are optional ones you can go and kill if you want to. So it is possible to miss some of them if you just go straight for the main quest."

    I have never been a fan of going for a defensive build, aside from life steal or life regeneration... but well, having the power of a god at my call before a boss fight or a certain area didn't sound so bad.

    "So Fall of Oriath content will be entering beta later this year, probably late April - early May, and our intention is to try to release the Fall of Oriath around June, now this may change of course so we are not giving any specifics dates, but we just wanted to mention that there are still a few months before the players get to play this. Now, in the meantime..."

    Yep, you probably already called it:

    "We have a new Challenge League: Legacy League. It's coming out in a few weeks (March 3). Is a League for people to enjoy while waiting for the beta or for the full release of Fall of Oriath."

    "Gotta build up the hype"

    "Yes! Exactly. So legacy is interesting for a couple of reasons. Basically, there are seventeen leagues that used to run in PoE, and in this league you can find items that represent these leagues and you can combine them together to have up to three different leagues running at the same time. So if you like Breach, Talisman and Perandus, you can have them running in your character simultaneously. And as you find these items you can trade them with other players and have special versions of the league, like a breach mod that make several breaches to spawn in the same area. "

    When he said that, my instant thought was "Well, goodbye FPS".

    "In addition, the old unique items that used to drop in those leagues are available again in the legacy version of those leagues. So is a new challenge for players to find these old items that haven't been available for a while."

    "Can you elaborate a little? These items... how do you combine them? Is there an NPC who helps you?"

    "You find Leaguestones, which are items that represent one of the seventeen old leagues. There's a special new UI screen where you can equip up to three leaguestones (one slot unlocks per difficulty level). They last a few areas each so you need to keep finding more."

    And that was the end of the previewing, but I still came up with some questions later one which I thought were a nice way to end this article... I mean, collect important information:

    "Will there be any significant change to the passive skill tree?"
    "There are some changes in 2.6.0 that make the tree better for existing players. We may make further changes in 3.0.0 (The Fall of Oriath) but that hasn't been decided yet."
    "Cloak's physics, new spells visuals... yet PoE is a game that is slowly but inexorably getting outdated by the new graphic engines. What could we expect in the future of PoE?"
    "We have a team working on keeping things up to date. While our new assets and systems are cutting-edge 2017-quality, they're also working on replacing our oldest assets. By now, a large portion of Act One has been replaced with much newer art. Various NPCs that were previously made eight years ago are also being replaced. We expect this replacement cycle to continue."
    "What can you comment about music/visuals... in the new expansion?"
    "The music and visuals are the best we've ever made. From the custom soundtrack to the beautiful new environments of Oriath, we're incredibly proud of what our team have created. I think that our players will really enjoy seeing (and hearing) what this expansion has to offer."
    "Have you read some of the "Predictions" that are circling around reddit and the forums? If so, what can you comment on them?"
    "They're fascinating! There are some very close guesses, so I'm sure some people will be patting themselves on the back when the real news is announced. We try to place small clues in various places, so a few of the good guesses are quite well informed."
    "Which parts do you think were the hardest to decide on when devising the new expansion?"
    "This is an expansion that came together very easily. There was so much canvas to fill that everyone's ideas managed to find a place. The hardest part was sorting out subtle detail regarding how things like the bandit quests work with the second and third difficulty levels removed."
    AND that's it. I hope you enjoyed the article, in which case I encourage you to click the like button down here. Also, please don't hesitate to leave a comment if you have anything to add or say about Fall of Oriath.

    Twitter: @DezartVanheart

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    One of the important features in Crowfall is the possibility to build settlements. But what is a town without homes? Today the developers discussed this feature in the new video. We will see 3 types of dwellings, from outside to inside.

    • The cottage has an area of ​​167 square meters.
    • The villa has an area of ​​511 square meter
    • Those who want to have their huge estate will be able to build it into one of the worlds Crowfall.,

    Crowfall is an sandbox MMORPG mixes strategy game elements. War is what the game is really about and players and their kingdom can step into the middle of a war against other players, after a careful plan on resources, strategy and even diplomatic. The game is expected to release in 2017. 

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    Hey guys, the introduction of the Japanese role playing games (JRPG) in the late 1980’s was vital in the development of the gaming. By exposing us to fun filled and exciting games, it truly made a remarkable entry. And what’s best? JPRG as still sought after by gamers across the globe as they make it point to achieve exceptional gaming experience every single time.

    We have seen a lot of mind blowing games over the last years. Why should 2017 be any different? Here’s a list of the ten JPRG that you must look out for across all platforms and play this year.
    (Numbers do not represent the ranking of the game. Merely for numbering purposes)


    Super Robots wars V is all set to release towards the end of February. The game will be released as a part of the 25th Anniversary of the Super Robot Wars Series. The makers of the game have released quite a few videos helping us have a quick look at what the game would possibly be. The game will follow its predecessor and utilize the same graphic engine. A new feature that is going to be added to the game is a 3D isometric map.

    The beginner’s mode is also being reintroduced into the game along with several other new game modes. These gameplay mechanisms included in the game are; Extra Order and Extra Points. One of the most attractive feature of the game is going to be the cross-save feature which will allow players to play the game both on the PS 4 and Vita without actually losing out on any saved data.

    Nier Automata cover art.jpg
    DEVELOPER: PlatinumGames
    PUBLISHER: Square Enix
    RELEASE DATE: Japan: 23rd February, 2017
                                North America: 7th March, 2017.
                                World Wide: 2017 (Exact Date not yet confirmed)

    When the original Nier was released in 2010 for the Playstation and Xbox Series, it immediately climbed up to the top of the favourites list for millions of gamers across the globe. Seven Years later, Square Enix has teamed up with Platinum Games to bring us the sequel to the game. The game is all set to release in the end of February and will be one of the most anticipated games of the year. Nier Automata is set to entertain the players with a plethora of new features such as pod assist for players during the game etc. The game features stunning and smooth flowing graphics which is sure to keep the players hooked to it. To sum it up, the name ‘Nier’ speaks for itself and will definitely be among the top games once it is released. Here’s a quick look at an amazing trailer to get your blood pumping.

    Image result for ni no kuni ii revenant kingdom
    One of the most anticipated games in 2017, Ni No Kuni II is all set to awe gamers worldwide and bring back the nostalgic memories of the original game. Unfortunately, we are going to be kept in the dark with respect to the release date as there is still no official confirmation regarding the same. The game will be made available even on the PC which opens up the game to a lot more players.

    Revenant Kingdom looks beautiful. A first look at the videos released creates quite the impression. A seemingly amazing storyline couple with brilliant and elegant graphics does nothing else but stir up one’s interest in the game. You guys will understand when you have a look at it yourself below.


    Image result for valkyria revolution
    DEVELOPER: Media Vision
    PUBLISHER: Sega/Deep Silver

    Valkyria Revolution is to be tentatively released in the second quarter of 2017. The game is a spin off from the Valkyria Chronicles and it comes across all the three important platforms i.e. PS4, XBOX and PC. The flow of the game consists of the player preparing at their base, going to the battlefield to achieve their objectives, and then returning to the base again. The game is rumoured to have the permanent death of the characters which will make it an extremely realistic and intense game to look forward to in 2017.


    Image result for ni oh
     DEVELOPER: Team Ninja
    PUBLISHER: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    PLATFORM: Play Station 4
    RELEASE DATE: 7th February

    Nioh is a game which focuses on the life of the Western Samurai William Adams. The game has taken a substantially long time to come out into the open as the developers were unsatisfied with the results they had achieved in the past eight years. However, the game is finally here and the poster itself looks stunning and catchy. The players have to guide William through closed environments by defeating enemies; both human and supernatural.

    The trailer of Nioh will give you Goosebumps. Sony Interactive and Team Ninja have done an excellent job with respect to the graphics and it is extremely evident from the gameplay trailer. It is quite obvious that attention to detail was on top of their lists as every minute aspect has been given importance to.

    Image result
    DEVELOPER: Omega Force
    PUBLISHER: Square Enix
    SERIES: Dragon Quest
    PLATFORM: PS3/ PS4/ Nintendo Switch
    RELEASE DATE: North America: April 25th, 2017- PS4/ March 2017- Nintendo Switch

    Dragon Quests Heroes 2 will feature as a sequel to the Dragon quest Series. The game is set to be released across all platforms except for PC. While the Japanese Version of the game has already been rolled out and is available since late 2016, the game is set to officially launch on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch version in North America and Europe soon.

    The game is set to gall under the Hack and slash genre which will make it an interesting game to look forward to in 2017.

    Image result for persona 5
    RELEASE DATE: 2017

    Person 5! This is easily the game for 2017! After the unobstructed success of Person 3 and 4, the next in the series is all set to continue creating history. The sixth instalment in the series, Persona 5 will feature a new stealth mode and various other abilities. The game is guaranteed to be better than all of its previous versions with respect to gameplay, storyline, abilities, movements and graphics. The game is said to feature new camera features which allow players to view the game foe various angles while playing.

    Image result for god wars future past
    DEVELOPER: Kadokawa Games
    PUBLISHER: Kadokawa Games
    PLATFORM: PS4/ PS Vita
    RELEASE DATE: United States: March 28th, 2017
                                Europe: March 31st, 2017

    The game plays as a tactical role-playing game, with the player navigating a team of characters across a grid in order to defeat an opposing party of characters in turn-based combat. The game's customization options for characters include 30 different job classes, 200 weapons to equip, and over 600 skill moves to learn.

    Image result for God eater online
    DEVELOPER: Asobimo
    PUBLISHER: Bandai Namco Games inc.
    PLATFORM: Android, iOS.
    RELEASE DATE: 15th February, 2017

    On the mobile front, the God Eater series has ventured into the mobile platform. God Eater Online is a spin off from the original series. The game will be designed to cope with the android and iOS systems. The game was officially made available on the android platform and will be soon be out for the Apple users and a global launch can also be expected soon.

    In God Eater Online, players wields weapons and fight while trying to protect the Earth from the invasion of creatures.

    Image result
    DEVELOPER: B.B. Studio
    PUBLISHER: Bandai Namco Entertainment.
    PLATFORM: PS4/ PS Vita
    RELEASE DATE: Japan: February 26th, 2017
                                North America: January 31st, 2017

    Digimon was one of the best animated series to have surfaced. Its unique storyline and amazing creatures made it globally acceptable. So whenever Digimon games come up, it is sure to keep an eye out for them.

    Digimon World: Next Order is an open world role-playing game, the gameplay in Next Order is similar to that of Digimon World, Re:Digitize, and Decode, but with the addition of a second Digimon partner.

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    Square Enix announced a new mobile RPG SINoALICE, a fantasy title with very unique setting. The game world traps various characters from fair tales and repeatedly plays their tales. These characters are commiteed to bring the authors that create them back to life.

    The unique fantasy style is created by Taro Yoko, the director of Nier Automata, an action RPG published by Square Enix for PS4 and PC. We have no idea what kind of gameplay SINoALICE offers. However, we know the game is free-to-play and scheduled to launch in spring 2017 in Japan on iOS and Android systems. The pre-registration has started at the JP official site.

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    It's been about 4 years since Capcom announced Deep Down as a PS4 exclusive online action RPG, and there's almost no solid progression in the past few years. Yesterday the company trademarks Deep Down in US again, according to Neogaf. But don't get excited yet, because this doesn't mean anything other than the game is not cancelled. The first Deep Down trademark expired in early February and it's a common move to file a new one. We just hope Capcom will seriously complete the game this time.

    Deep Down came out as a next-gen dungeon crawler in 2013 with an extravagant trailer (you should watch it again below). What's more exciting was Capcom planned to release it as free-to-play game. It didn't take long before fans realize they may have to wait indefinitely for the game. Will there be something new about the game at E3 2017?

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    was an anticipated adventure VR title in early 2017 but all it got was a disappointed launch. Like many titles claimed to be "3A", Syren showed eye-catching screenshots and promising trailers but at the end it had serious issues in the graphics at launch. Steam users reported the game was very blurry even at the highest graphics setting, and more people complained about bugs and glitches.

    The developer released a patch to fix the graphics. "We've deployed our first update patch due to community feedback about the visual sharpness. We've upped the resolution settings for normal and high, as well as adding a new ultra setting," the dev post said. As of this news is published, the game is still marked "mostly negative" on Steam. We'll keep tracking on the community's feedback.

    2016 wasn't a year for VR gaming. There was no hit title but some disappointed ones. VR gaming along with the technologies may still need another year to become a mainstream. What do you think?

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    has done pretty well in the West, but it doesn’t seem to be doing quite as well in China, as Perfect World announce that the China server will be shutting down on May 19. While the Chinese versions for Xbox One and PlayStation4 remain unaffected.

    English players can feel free to enjoy the game as the previous official announcement of The Cloaked Ascendancy update, which will be launching in the west on February 21. 

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    The Russian version of Revelation has an upcoming update that will be introducing in new boss raids. A new teaser trailer released by the Russian publisher shows some of the gigantic enemies players are going to be facing. These bosses should also come to the NA / EU servers later.

    The update in February will also feature a new flying mount, which is very uncommon, a giant flying cat. Do you want this mount in the NA / EU version?

    Giant Flying Cat

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    I just had the opportunity to sit down with Casey McGeever, CEO of Heroic Games, and Matthew Wilson, lead developer, for an extended Q&A about the upcoming superheroic MMO, Ship of Heroes. They gave me a live tour of the first level of the game, Apotheosis City, and our discussion spanned a gamut of topics, ranging from raids to crafting, day jobs and the importance of community. I'd already been looking forward to Ship of Heroes, but I left our conversation downright excited. This is the game that I've been waiting for since the loss of City of Heroes

    The very first thing that struck me when we loaded into the game was the NPCs. They are currently robot standins for what will eventually be people, but as Casey was giving me the quick introduction to the game, I watched it became clear that the little robots were more than simply static backdrops. They had different moods, and this was clearly visible in their body language. I saw angry robots, happy robots, casual robots, super amazingly ecstatically happy robots, and what's more - they stopped when they encountered one another, interacted, and their moods would change based upon their interactions. As we spoke, I watched one angry robot stalk across the street, bump into another robot, have a little chat, and over the course of their conversation he calmed down until he was able to casually stroll to the park. 

    A little while later, a super happy robot came dancing his way up into view. He danced across the street, through a bit of lawn, up a set of stairs and out of sight, and his joyous abandon seemed to have an effect on some of those he passed as a few of the robots in his path began dancing as well. I couldn't help but feel that if one of them had been carrying music, an impromptu party might have broken out in the park, and I loved it so much I asked them to make me a little video clip. So without further ado I am able to share the Happy Dancing Robot Dude making his way through Apotheosis City:

    I've seen this level of interaction promised in many a game, but this was the first time I've ever actually seen it happen before my very eyes. The product of Matthew's superb coding skills made the city already seem alive despite its unfinished state. They were all blank robots, clearly copy/paste standins, but thanks to their AI packages they were all easily identifiable individuals. I have to wonder, if they have this in their game already and hadn't mentioned it - what other marvels are waiting to be revealed? I asked if combat AI was receiving as much love, and was told absolutely:

    For the enemy AI, we are scripting our own decision trees, and setting a lot of interesting capability in motion.  For example, each type of enemy will be using different weapons and tactics in combat, so players will have the challenge of responding to different combat settings, tactics, weapons, and powers from the enemies.  In addition, NPC enemies can randomly select different attack decision trees even if they are identically armed, which will change up combat quite a bit, making it less predictable.  The enemies can be very smart. In addition, enemies are aware of one another and interact with one another.  The player has allies and so do the enemies.  We have currently scripted a line of sight AI system, so a player can sneak up on enemies. This is not a standard plug and play MMO AI – UE4 allows some very interesting features, and we are picking and choosing what we want to enable, and to change."

    One of the things that rapidly became clear as we spoke was how much Heroic Games values community. They are building their game from the ground up with the community in mind. And yes - there is sidekicking! Casey stressed how important it was to him that level 1 characters be able to group and have fun with higher level characters right off the bat. They won't have as many tools in their toolkit, but even so, they can be sidekicked up to join in on whatever adventures are happening around them. It was clear that the community comes first even with things like raiding. As we were walking, I kept seeing little signs along the roads, and when I asked about them I was told they would mark raid progress.
    "If you remember City of Heroes, you had all sorts of raids there. You had Hamidon, Rikti mothership battles, you had my favorite, Rikti invasions. What I liked about Rikti invasions is that if you had a new level 1, and you were looking around, someone would invite you onto a team. And even if your team leader was level 50 and you were 1, you could still join in and be effective. They would sidekick you up to level 49. We want to do that, we want to have raid content where it doesn't matter what level you are. Although I do say that with a proviso, because if you're actually level 1 you're only going to have a couple of powers, and it will be more difficult for you. But you should be able to join in and have fun."

    Then we moved on to the next area. We circled around what looked like empty sand dunes, stretching out along a river. Off in the distance I saw a landmark that was reminiscent of the Golden Gate Bridge.
    I was informed that this area was being left empty deliberately - it was intended to be populated as part of an effort to bring the community into the game even at this early stage. It's going to be a hazard zone, and when it's time to fill it up they will look to the community. "We deliberately left it blank," Casey explained as we flew above it, "so that we could engage our community and ask what they want to see in our hazard zone. What kind of monsters? What kind of dangers? What do you want to see here?"

    And he once again commented on the importance of community, and how important it was to him that players be able to play the characters they wanted to play. 

    "We don't want to force players to play our story. We think super hero games should enable you to be a creator of the story. Be your own hero. Create your own backstory." 

    It is worth noting that we also discussed powers, and while they were not ready to reveal specifics, that freedom to create is carried through into powers as well. Like City of Heroes, players will have access to powers and slots to customize those powers. But that is where the similarity ends. Want to dump all your slots onto just one power? You'll be able to do that. You'll also be able to stack the same enhancement type into that same power if you really want to super specialize. The cost of that freedom is that not all builds will work out, but they feel that the freedom to do that, the freedom to create and explore possibilities is more important than locking characters down into easily predictable templates. Customization and being able to build the hero that you want to play is the name of the game in Ship of Heroes.
    If you're a long term super hero fan, you've probably been wondering - but wait Nephthys! You mentioned day jobs! And so I did. My husband is a supers fan, and one of the things that has disappointed him with every supers game we've tried is the lack of day jobs. Heroes are not heroes every minute of every day, after all! Ship of Heroes is addressing that absence. Casey talked about engineering jobs, medical jobs, securities, trading, and bounty hunting, each with their own missions, contacts, and rewards. Day jobs will be where you can obtain crafting recipes for rare and valuable items related to the type of field you've entered. He mentioned such things as schematics for temporary powers like invisibility and life and power buffs. You will be able to work through all of them if you want to take the time, but my impression was that it would take some real time and dedication to acquire all of them. And then he uttered the magic phrase. And while I cannot help but feel some skepticism after all the times this has been promised but left undelivered, what I was seeing during my tour was rock solid enough that I find myself daring to hope that this time, in Ship of Heroes, it will actually happen:

    "We're not making a race to the end type of game. It's the journey that's important, we're about the journey."
    And now .. fellow fashionistas! Rejoice! If you're at all like me, then you understand the pains of character creation. I have to look at every option combined with every other option, and will routinely spend hours, days even, tweaking and working on my characters. I couldn't even tell you how long I spent working on my Black Desert characters ... This means that I have received more than a few compliments on my appearance. But it also means that I am often to be heard ranting and raving about things like clipping and lazy texturing. Clipping and texturing issues in games will usually limit me to one or two usable hairstyles, and the same with clothing. Common culprits are boots, belts and shoulderpads.

    Matthew has done the incredible. He has done away with clipping. I'll say that again because it's just that amazing - he has done away with clipping. Clothing items interact with each other, rather than all sitting on top of the model claiming space even if there is another article clothing in that space. Want proof? I have several screenshots demonstrating with the nastiest of clipping villains: boots, shoes and pants.
    Before I display the magical closeups, let me pause to comment on colors. For those who just want to get through character creation, and aren't so concerned with detail, they have set up the selection of color choices you see here. But at the very bottom, you can see boxes with listed RGB values. These can be directly edited for fine-tuning color control. You're not limited to the colors you see on the palette, all you need do is go to any RGB value chart and customize as you please. And now, without further delay, the non-clipping shoes and boots:
    He ran through a bunch of hairstyles and clothing options, and I did not see an single instance of clipping. Not a single one. 

    Sadly I was so excited about the lack of clipping that I forgot to ask for a screenshot of the various sliders to customize your face and body. Quite an oversight, I know! But there were enough sliders and template choices to satisfy both the speedy builder and the more detail concerned like me. There are currently 49 base face shapes that were actually noticeably different, and when you add the sliders onto that, the sheer scope of faces that they demonstrated was impressive. Best of all, they confirmed that the character creator can be packaged up and made available prior to launch to provide plenty of time for customizing. So we'll be able to take our time before the launch, saving templates to our accounts, and then speed through the process of creating a character and getting into the game as quickly as possible once it goes live.

    And when finished, we had Nephthys, the Purple Puncher! I found the hotkey to shout your tagline in game a very nice touch. They haven't revealed any powers yet, but I was informed that characters will choose a primary and secondary powerset, with the ability to choose powers from a tertiary and various other power pools as they level. And like City of Heroes and The Secret World, costuming in Ship of Heroes is completely seperate from power, so there is no need to ever make the choice between appearance and statting.
    It's not really visible in the screenshots, but they do have Apex PhysX, so Nephthys' hair and clothing moved appropriately as she was turned this way and that during the demonstration. Casey summarized their stance on character creation and the amount of thought they are putting into providing the players with choices:

    "We think character creation is one of the cool, really interesting things that anchers the game."

    Will this game be the home we've been looking for since the loss of City of Heroes? From what I've seen so far, I have to say yes. There was so much more that I saw and discussed that I will have to hold onto for future articles because I simply don't have room to write about here and now. And all of it was rock solid, and really exciting. I came away from it with the sense that I'd been told about what could be expected in launch would be in the game at launch. They were very careful to note whenever something we discussed was planned for the future of the game, or in discussion but not decided upon. Keep an eye out, for I'll be back soon to discuss setting and lore.

    But with the emphasis on community, freedom of creation, and the journey rather than the end destination, this is sounding more and more like the game that I've been looking for. They are bringing something with a wonderful blend of old and new to the table, and I definitely can't wait to see how it progresses. 

    "Our game is a niche game, and I'll say right now, we do not believe that we are going to displace World of Warcraft. We're not even seeking that outcome. What we want is to create a game that is really fun to play, that has the community feel, the content, and the longevity of an older style MMO. We don't need millions."

    If you like what you see, check out the game's official webpage.
    Comment on their forums!,

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    If you ever wondered how well beautiful anime girls can pilot super mechs, then Goddess Kiss has got you covered!

    Goddess Kiss is a 3D free-to-play strategy RPG, published by Dbros Corp, available for download on both iOS and Android. The game features strategic gameplay, tons of pretty girls to recruit, customize and date; a hub area, as well as PVE and PVP content.
    The Story
    You take on the role of the commander, a savior-like figure whose role is to free brainwashed soldier-girls from evil and the influence of the ‘Obedience’. Once you’ve kissed them free, the girls will in turn fight for you, and you will also, occasionally, have the chance to go out with them for a drink- or something more. A story about an extended, innocent harem that is not to be taken too seriously.
    The Graphics
    The graphics and textures in this game are beautifuly done. Everything looks crisp and detailed; no two girls or mechs look alike. The combat zones also feature polished 3D graphics and skill effects. The game seems to run smoothly, but this may require more tests to be confirmed.
    The Gameplay
    On the battlefield, each side consists of three lanes (3x3) where mechs can be placed. Combat is automated and turn-based, but the ultimate abilities of each mech are still controlled by the player. Be that as it may, positioning and skill upgrades are very important in Goddess Kiss. There are single target and AOE skills, buffs and debuffs which affect certain units depending on their position within the zone. Units specialize in attack, defense or support.
    Each pilot has her own individual level which needs to be levelled separately from the player’s level. Luckily EXP training cards can be obtained and will help your pilot catch up quickly. The specific mechs or units that the pilots control can be upgraded with items and gold. These units determine the skills that the pilot can learn and level up. Earning enough affection with a particular girl will increase her combat stats. Pilot-exclusive costumes can be purchased from the game’s cash shop.
    Upon reaching milestones you will unlock certain features (Shop, Achievements, Bank, Arena etc.), some of which will aid you in expanding and strengthening your army (e.g. Shop, Bank), while others will allow you to face off other commanders in PVP combat (Arena). Other features, such as Federations (Guild System), Deathmatches, Boss Raids, will unlock as you keep playing.
    The Bad
    Since real money can be used to get gold, crafting items and skill points to upgrade your army faster and dominate PVP, one could claim that Goddess Kiss has pay-to-win elements to it. You should keep in mind however, that the game is free, and that all content is available from the get-go. You don’t have to pay to be good at PVP, it will just take longer to get there.
    Combat can get repetitive. This could be avoided by switching pilots and strategies regularly to spice up the gameplay.
    RNG-heavy battles, especially in PVP, which effectively means that an opponent with lower max. power could, potentially, beat you.
    Game’s theme and gameplay in a way greatly limits its audience.
    The Good
    - The graphics are great.
    -All the girls, their mechs and skills are unique.
    - Tons of variety and choice.
    - Pilot choice and placement has a huge impact on the outcome of a battle.
    - High-level battles and modes can be quite challenging.
    - PVP can be fun. Rank and Score system keep the game competitive.
    - Dating and kissing beautiful anime pilot-girls.
    So, what are you waiting for? If you like the game, download Goddess Kiss now! The game is free to download and play on iOS and Android! Beautiful girls are waiting for you to liberate them!

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    Final Fantasy XIV will let you play the samurai job in Stormblood expansion that launches in June. At the Fan Festival in Frankfurt, Square Enix revealed the long-awaited samurai as a new job. You can watch a video and a trailer of new job below.

    The samurai will be a melee DPS class wields a katana. The job starts at level 50.

    The samurai will be able to deal with serious damage. He also uses techniques like "Iai" (Iaidō), the traditional Japanese "way of sword pulling." Techniques of the "Sen" like "Setsu" (snow), "Getsu" (moon) and "Ka" (flower) are also used Role-play.

    The samurai can store energy in his katana, then unleash it in special attacks. Above we have embedded the first animations of the samurai in a short trailer.

    Official Trailer

    Other information:
    • The job's questline will start in Eorzea
    • The samurai has no class from which it is directly dependent
    • He will use the same armor that the monk is keen on - that is, Str-Gear
    • Timing will play an important role in his attacks
    • Naoki Yoshida has actually played with the Spiderman T-Shirt on the Spiderman director "Sam Raimi" whose name resembles Samurai.

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    Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss just teased a series of new weapons for each class. The new weapons that currently only confirmed for the KR version will not only get unique visual effects, they can physically change like they have live. You can watch the teaser trailer below and then a gallery shows each class’ weapon.

    According to the Korean official site, these weapon can only be obtained from a limited time PvP event. That means the weapons are probably just available for a limited.

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    Info and Mechanics
    The first thing you're going to notice about the Fire Emblem: Heroes game is the beautiful art of everything . The artwork, animation, and sound design in this mobile game is very good and well made. From the opening screen to the menu screens to the fantastic battle transitions and animations, this game just has a really great feel to it.It's very well optimised and works very smooth.This is a part of a Nintendo Series and the fans of the series are really going to appreciate the loving care that the developers put into this.

    There are multiple modes of play, but the main one you'll start with is the Story Maps. It's like a main campaign. As the story goes, the noble heroes of the Askran Kingdom are putting up a fight against Princess Veronica and the Emblian Empire, which seeks to to rule all worlds. A powerful summoner (aka you) arrives just in the nick of time, with the ability to summon and control Heroes from across all worlds to join the Askran army. You set off to different worlds to free the heroes who have been cast under Princess Veronica's spell by defeating them on the battlefield.This is a strategy game,where you will have to think about every move you make, although it's easy to learn and suitable for beginners. There are several different types of heroes, but the main three are red, green and blue, with a few colorless heroes as well. The first few chapters in the story mode really help to establish the basics of combat, while you learn the Rock, Paper, Scissors-style battle (which is quite interesting and fun considering what a bother this mechanic can be in some other games) and figure out how to best position your heroes around the battlefield.Once you've worked your way through the first few chapters in Story Maps, you'll unlock other modes like "Special Maps, Arena Duels, Training Tower" and a fifth mode you unlock once you've completed the main campaign. These modes allow you to train and level up your heroes and offer you more ways to play beyond the story mode. You're also able to go back and replay chapters of the story mode with a new lineup of heroes if you wish to test out new battle strategies and tactics. "Arena Duels" are very interesting, as you're able to test your mettle against other players in quick battles, though it certainly won't feel like a PvP experience. Though, if you manage to link enough "Arena Duel" wins together, you can work your way up the global player ranks. It definitely feels like this will become the centrepiece of the game once you've worked your way through the main storyline. If you've got friends who are playing, you can add each other by tapping the glowing stone in the bottom left corner of the home menu and adding them via their unique friend ID.

    Also, battling is limited by your stamina meter which automatically refills over time, but you're also given 50 stamina points and missions costs are low, meaning you really won't run out too often unless you're  grinding a lot (which is good considering that every mobile game nowadays has that annoyingly awful "energy" mechanic). When that does happen, you can simply spend some time tweaking your teams and upgrading your heroes in the shop menu while you wait for the meter to recharge. There's always something to do, which is definitely a good thing because a lot of apps tend to get boring pretty fast.

    Pros and Cons

    • Very beautiful graphics;
    • Smooth gameplay and easy to learn;
    • The gameplay is interesting and definitely doesn't get you bored too fast;
    • Lots of gamemodes and a nice PVP ranking system;
    • As Many as gamemodes this game has it still gets a little repetitive;
    • It feels like there's something missing,different from the original series.

    Overall, it's clear that a lot of thought and care went into "recreating" this experience onto a mobile device. In the short time that I've played "Fire Emblem: Heroes" , I'm finding myself actually not hating it. I'm pleasantly surprised by how much more that the others I'm enjoying this game.

    2P SCORE: 8.5

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    Hey Guys,
    Aden is a new Mobile MMORPG which has been released officially in Korea. The game is spell bounding and its success is already being reflected. Though it hasn’t been long since the game released, it has already started making its way to the top of the chart. The game boasts excellent graphics along with brilliant gameplay which makes it a must play game. Here’s a quick look into the game after having played Aden. Watch the trailer below to have an idea of what you are going to look at.


    Aden is a Korean based open world MMORPG which has been made for both the android and iOS versions. Though the game has only been officially released for the android platform, the iOS version is set to roll out soon. The game features an open world combat which is extremely fun to play. Players can create a character from a particular class of their choice. Aden also provides a PvP and PvE format of gaming which ensures that the players don’t get bored of having to play the game in one mode.

    Aden’s graphics is undoubtedly one which will keep you glued to the game. It is perhaps one of those ingredients of the game which has resulted in its unobstructed success. The graphics to this game have definitely played an important role in catapulting the game to the top of the chart.

    Attention to detail. The most crucial aspect to the success of any game. And Aden has done a phenomenal job of giving importance to every single aspect of the game when it comes to graphics. Not only does the game provide a colourful and realistic environment, every combat aspect is so well detailed that one cannot simply take your eyes of the game. Even when it comes to in-game videos which outline the plot, the graphics are extremely realistic and even fun to watch. The game has been created in a 3D environment and it has been done brilliantly.


    Aden’s control features is perhaps the only thing that I personally did not like too much. One players have become too accustomed to the standard controls, i.e. a floating joystick or slide to move, they usually tend to enjoy the game more when it is in one of those formats. However, Aden has taken a slightly different approach when it has come to the controls.

    The controls are tap-to move. This means that the players will have to tap on the screen to get the character moving. Theoretically speaking, this is an easy way but it when it comes to playing the game it lead to a lot of hardships. The first hurdle that some players will need to cross is to get used to this control system. The second difficulty that you will face is during combat. In order to perform an attack the player has to tap on the monster or enemy that he chooses to fight. This becomes hard when it comes to fighting several enemies at the same time. It also makes it difficult to move away from the enemies during combat as the direction based movement cannot be determined exactly.

    The skill moves and attack combinations are placed on the right bottom corner of the screen and each attack has a cool down period.
    Aden features an in-game tutorial. So you learn as you progress. The guide takes you through the basic movement controls, on character upgradation, creating guilds, forging and upgrading weapons, collecting skill points and daily rewards. Hands-on guide is also provided while in combat with regards to character change etc.

    The game also provides you with tips which will help you while engaging in combat.

    A lot of factors need to get added together in order to create a good game. And for every game, the characters provided are perhaps tasked with the greatest burden of making the game a success. Aden gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to character selection.
    The game offers you a set of four characters from different classes. The four playable classes in the game include;

    a) Knight

    b) Archer

    c) Wizard

    d) Assassin

    Players can choose their character based on the requirements that they want. Some characters offer you high HP while others are more stable. This also helps you choose between close range and long range combat characters. While the Knight and Assassin can be used for close range combat the Archer and wizard can be used for long distance combat.

    In addition to offering these characters, Aden also allows the players to create four profiles. This will help the players in designating each profile for every character if they so wish. However, this is completely up to the players. The game can be played with a single profile too. The added advantage of creating multiple profiles is simply that players can try out and engage with the different characters.
    Characters and their weapons, armours etc. can be upgraded within the game by collecting diamonds and using them effectively.

    Another important feature about the game is that the characters can be switched during combat. Characters within a playable class can be switched during combat in order to defeat monsters faster. If players use the characters wisely and as per the conditions that are present, they can easily win the combat.
    Multiplayer gaming on Aden is fun and immersive. Players can battle others in the open world in the PvP mode and even the boss fights happen in the open world environment. The game mode available in PvP include Deathmatch and Demon Legion. Deathmatch is a 3 v. 3 mode where players will have to team up with others and defeat the opposing team.

    Demon Legion is an inclusive mode where two teams get together in order to defeat a strong boss. Upto 5 players can join in the Demon Legion mode.

    In addition to this, players can create their own guild right from the beginning itself. The option to create a guild is available in the starting profile page.


    Specification Android IOS
    Version Android 4.1 and above iOS 6 and above
    RAM 1 GB Minimum 1 GB Minimum
    Storage Less than 100 MB Less than 100 MB
    Though the game will run smoothly even on a 1 GB RAM mobile device, the game will have to be restarted if minimized. This is only due to the limited RAM available and is not an issue with the game,

    Have Fun Gaming!

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    If you are currently playing Conan Exiles, Funcom's sandbox MORPG that currently in Early Access, and you are living in Asia, Russia or South American countries, there's bad news for you. Funcom has decided to block IP from these regions.

    Community Manager Jens Erik explained on a Steam forum post that there were 3 reasons:

    We have decided to East/West region lock the official servers for three reasons. The language barrier and the different playstyles is proving jarring for a lot of players. Also, the vastly different time zones between regions made offline raiding an unavoidable issue for a lot of players who would wake up to all their stuff being completely ruined.

    There's good news, too. Jens also confirmed that separated servers for these regions will be put up soon, hopefully in next week.

    We will be putting up servers in Asia, South America and Russia. Hopefully we'll be able to do this sometime next week.

    Are you playing this game now? Do you think it's necessary to carry out regional IP block?

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