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    NetEase today announced a new MMORPG, Crusaders of Light, for iOS and Android phones and tablets. The full-fledged MMORPG is free to download and currently available in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Philippines, and coming soon to North America, Europe, Russia and Brazil. Pre-registration is now open and all participating players can unlock up to $50 worth of valuable in-game items, including virtual currency, weapons and a ram mount.

    To pre-register now, please visit the official website at

    Crusaders of Light delivers an authentic PC-quality MMORPG for mobile phones and tablets with over 300 hours of available gameplay at launch! Featuring dungeon raids of up to 40 players, Crusaders of Light bands adventurers together with their friends in real-time to beat epic bosses and unlock legendary gear. Those who enjoy cooperative play can engage in ranked 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 PvP arena battles, while sharpening their skills in 25v25 battleground fights. Guildmates can also take advantage of the Integrated Voice System as they climb the ranks by battling other guilds for glory and work together to enlarge their territory.

    To view the trailer with a look at never-before-seen gameplay, visit:

    Leveraging all the elements of a traditional RPG, gamers will embark on a journey in a stunning and open 3D fantasy world filled with luscious landscapes, treacherous dungeons, crab beaches and pirate ships, while completing challenging quests that will reward them with coveted loot. Players will begin by choosing from one of the Ranger, Warrior or Mystic classes and reach legendary status when they unlock the advanced character progression system at level 45.

    Crusaders of Light will launch on the App Store for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, and Google Play for Android devices later this year. Unite with other Crusaders as they take up arms to fight the Demon Hordes and warn the Bright Council of the Demon Lord D’Praive’s plan to destroy the sacred Tree of Light, thereby threatening the energy source of all life and magic in the fantasy world of Milura.

    Stay tuned for the latest Crusaders of Light updates by following: . 

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    StarCraft is the NO.1 video game in South Korea and its fans included Moon Jae-in, the presidential candidate. Perhaps Moon Jae-in was inspired by Hillary Clinton who used Pokemon Go in her campaign 9 months ago, he decided to release 2 custom map called "Moonters" to the public as StarCraft became free-to-play. The maps can be downloaded at his blog. As of now, Moon Jae-in is the front-runner in the campaign and he has just widened his lead.

    One of the custom maps has a mountain of minerals in the middle that reads "1 Moon Jae-in," while the other map has a small "1" in the top right corner. You can see them below.
    The left map above is for 8-player battle and the right map is smaller and for 4 players. You can watch the video below to see the play on Moon Jae-in's map.

    Source: Kotaku

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    Crusaders of Light is a new mobile MMORPG and developed by NetEase. CoL recently started its softlaunch on selected countries. This game is popular due to the WoW like Aura that you will immediately feel from its opening trailer to its NPC's, Characters, Combat, Skills etc. I have seen, tested and played a lot of supposed to be WoW-Like MMO's out there but Crusaders of Light is the closest mobile game to a WoW i ever played!

    I know that having a selected release of such game sucks especially if you are not located in the selected countries. Fear not my friends because this guide will cover the steps on how you can play this game even if you are outside the borders. I will also create the guides on how you can play this mobile game in your PC (Via NOXPlayer & KOPlayer)!!!

    ~Pre-Register for Awesome Rewards!~

    ~Play on PC via NOXPlayer~
    ~CoL NOXPlayer Control Setup~
    ~Link to CoL Beginners Guide~

    Let's begin!

    Download 1: You can officially download the app via google play. Just open your google play app on your device then search for "Crusaders of Light". Tap and install.

    Google Play LINK

    In case you cannot find the app in google play, which means you are not in the selected countries for the softlaunch, or in case google play says that you don't have any compatible devices, not available in your country etc then please download the app using the download steps below.

    Download 2: You can download the app via APKPURE. Please CLICK HERE or use the link below:
    Direct Link: 

    Please download the apk file, transfer it to your device and install. Let it update on its own. Please take note that it will consume at least 800mb to 1GB of data.

    Known Issues:
    Very SLOOWWW download (You may wait or follow DL3)
    Cannot update when connected to the Wi-Fi (You may use direct Sim-Data or Follow DL3)
    Solution: Please follow Download 3

    Download 3: For the known issues above and for emulator users (NoxPlayer or KOPlayer) Please download the 800mb+ App file from APKPURE. Please CLICK HERE to download the file or you may use the link below:

    ~Pre-Register for Awesome Rewards!~

    You will receive a FREE STARTED CLASS Pack + 20pts and more amazing rewards once you pre-register your account/email. 

    Please CLICK HERE or use the link below to visit the pre-register page.

    - Enter your email address on the email box
    - Select your device (Android or iOS)
    - Agree to the terms by putting a checkmark on the boxes
    - Click PRE - REGISTER button
    - Like & Share

    We already unlocked the rewards below so HURRY UP AND PRE-REGISTER NOW!!!



    Google Play Installation
    Installation via google play is direct and easy, it supposed to be, however many users experience issues like the ones on the first page. If your update is slow than what it supposed to be, if it doesn't update at all or you just want to play this game on your PC then please follow the installation guides below.

    Manual Update File Transfer Installation
    In case you already installed the app but the update is very slow. You may try to do the Download 2 guide on the first page then follow the steps below:

    APKPURE uses a new file format "*.XAPK" which requires a very specific way of extraction, via APKPURE APP which you need to install, then download 3 via APKPURE app and install using the APKPURE app manager. But let's make it a lot let complicated...

    Step 1: After downloading the file via DL3 guide on first page, please copy the file to another folder.

    Step 2: Right click the file and select/click "Rename"

    Step 3: Rename the file extension " .XAPK " to " .ZIP " in case you have no idea what zip is, then i highly suggest that you download winrar or any zip compressor/extractor software, you can get them for free, just search on google. Please select YES when on the notice/message box.

    Step 4: After changing the file extension, now its time to extract the contents! Please take note that the file should have that zip logo before the file name and the Type should look like the one on the image below.

    Right Click the file and select "EXTRACT HERE"

    Now you should see these extracted files:
    File A is the app installer file.
    File B is the folder where the app OBB file is located.

    To install the patch file manually, please copy the file name "" which is located inside the File B "Android\obb\" Folder.

    Transfer this file using ESFile Explorer or any File manager.

    The OBB Folder of the game is located at <Storage>\Android\obb on your device. If you cannot see the "" Folder inside the obb folder then please copy the folder along with the file and paste the whole folder itself.

    Rerun the Crusaders of Light application and it should be able to update using the copied obb file.

    Please take note of this step as it will be used on the emulator guides

    ~Play CoL on your PC via NOX PLAYER~
    The convenience of playing games with a computer is undeniable. Beside the boosted performance and ease, PC Master Race offers more option and a much longer gameplay compared to your mobile devices.

    NOX PLAYER Minimum Requirements:

    Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to download and install NOXPlayer application on your computer. Please CLICK HERE or use the link below:

    Please take note that you may also install NOXPlayer on your MAC PC!

    Step 2: Before we proceed, you need to make sure that the "root" of your NOXPlayer is ENABLED. Please follow the steps on the image below:

    Please take note that you have to restart your NOXPlayer before the changes will apply.

    Step 3: One of the key features of NOXPlayer is the drag and drop functionality. To copy your downloaded app, just drag and drop the app file from your Windows Folder directly to the NOXPlayer window.

    Step 4: Once the app file is copied into the NOXPlayer app folder, please follow the steps below to start the installation.

    - Click Open APK Folder
    - Right click the apk file
    - Click Open with
    - Click NoxAppPlayer

    Step 5: Crusaders of Light should automatically install and open. It should also update on its own, however, in case you experience the error "PACKAGE FORMAT ERROR PLEASE DOWNLOAD IT AGAIN" then please follow the additional steps below.

    Step 5.1: Download and install APKPure App. Please CLICK HERE or use the link below:

    Step 5.2: Please follow the Drag and Drop Step 3 and Step 4 in installing APKPURE app. The app should automatically open after the installation.

    Step 5.3A: In case you haven't downloaded the OBB file, then please click the SEARCH icon (Magnifying glass icon) on the APKPURE App and look for "Crusaders of Light". You should see the APK File with a file size of 805.83mb. Please click download.

    Please click install after the download completed. Crusaders of Light should run automatically and should not require any additional update.

    On the other hand...

    Step 5.3B: In case you already downloaded this file via Download 3 link. Then please follow the steps below.

    - Click the "My Computer" icon on NOXPlayer. This is another feature of NOXPlayer where you may transfer files from PC <> NOXPlayer

    Step 5.4: Now do you remember the XAPK file that I mentioned earlier? The one you downloaded on Download 3 guide? well, you need to copy that file and transfer it on the NOXPlayer APK Folder.

    Step 5.5: Another build in feature of NOXPlayer is the File Manager where you can do all windows-like related stuff with your emulator files. Please open the File Manager app by clicking its icon as shown on the image below:

    Step 5.6: On the File Manager, please click "mnt" folder, then click "shared" folder, then click "app" folder. You should see the same directory path as the image below:

    Step 6: Now it's time to install the XAPK file. On the >mnt>shared>App folder, please look for the "Crusaders of Light_v1.0.0... file and follow the steps on the image below:

    - Click the XAPK File
    - Click/Select ApkPure
    - Click OPEN

    The file should automatically install along with the updates.
    ~ CoL NOXPlayer Control Setup ~
    Another key feature of NoxPlayer is the ability to assign keyboard keys to match the mobile control system of games. Please follow the steps and suggested key mappings below:

    W,A,S,D = For movement controls / JoyStick
    Q, E, R, F = For Skill Buttons
    Spacebar= For Jump Button
    C = For Change Target Button

    CTRL + Mouse Scroll UP/Down= For Zoom in/out
    ~Link to CoL Beginners Guide~

    Do you have any suggestion? Do you enjoy playing mobile games on your PC? Do you experience any issue that is not mentioned here? Please post them on the comment section below and I will do my best to help.


    Special Thanks to the Crusader of Light PH facebook community.
    Special Thanks to my friend Je Flores for the emulator file transfer guide.

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    the-king-of-fighters-world-android-ios-2 Vídeo mostra o gameplay de The King of Fighters World
    The King of Fighters World is an open world isometric mobile MMORPG that's currently in closed beta in China. The global version will be released later this year and it's worth it to take an early look of the game if you are a fan of the franchise. 

    It looks like a very generic game from the first 20 minutes. The visuals and the possibility of fighting alongside the iconic KOF characters like Terry Bogard, Benimaru and others are the main selling points.

    The game has a decent customization system and a simple combat system for PvP and boss fights. What do you think of the game? Will you play it when it's released worldwide?

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    At UP 2017, Tencent Games' annual gaming conference, the dominated Chinese gaming company shows a total of 28 games to the public, covering all genres for PC and mobile platforms. However, the long-awaited action MMORPG Lost Ark is absent.
    Obviously the South Korean government's decision to deploy the advanced missile defense system has led to the Chinese government's soft-ban to South Korean video games, and Lost Ark is the victim. Looks like the Chinese version will be delayed indefinitely.

    There are 9 PC online games presented

    • Need for Speed Edge: non-wipe test due in summer holidays; partners with Mercedes-Benz
    • Rocket League: announces to publish the popular competitive game in China
    • Deformers: partner with Ready At Dawn to publish the game in China
    • Paragon: first Chinese beta on April 26
    • Paladins: non-wipe test slated for July 2017
    • Transformers Online: non-wipe test starts May 18; will partner with Transformers: The Last Knight movie
    • Rising Fire: Sci-fi RPG shooter reveals 2 new playable characters and Chinese closed beta time
    • Path of Exile: Chinese version will sync up with the global version for content update
    • MapleStory 2: teams up with Paul Frank and Bilibili (a Chinese video sharing platform)

    Transformers Online
    6 games announced for the A.C.E Program (aiming to support indie developers)
    • Artillery & Torpedo (舰炮与鱼雷): realistic military competitive ship battle game
    • Card Monsters (卡片怪兽): a competitive TCG
    • Hatsune Miku: Fantastic Diva (初音未来: 梦幻歌姬): dancing game based on famous Hatsune Miku IP
    • Hello Kitty World Touring (Hello Kitty环球之旅): a match-3 game targeting at female audience
    • Eternal Crusade (无尽远征): 2D paper-cutting style fantasy RPG
    • Crazy Snowball H5 (疯狂雪球H5): "IO" style casual competitive game
    8 mobile RPGs are shown
    • The King of Fighters Destiny: the licensed King of Fighters mobile RPG will be released in 2017 and  the game has cross-play content with The King of Fighter World. It will also get an animation this summer
    • Chuan Qi Ba Ye: based on popular webgame in China, the mobile version features boss battle, PK, full loot PvP and siege, etc.
    • Mo Li Bao Bei: cute JRPG with various of roles and pets. The game also boasts high quality music 
    • MU Awakening: PC version’s classic gameplay such as the maps and classes will return in this mobile title. The mobile version has enhanced visual. 
    • JX3: based on classic Chinese wuxia IP, the mobile action MMORPG stresses on huge story, unique qinggong for each class, and more. 
    • Lineage 2 Revolution: epic world, beautiful graphics and compelling combat. 
    • Xuan Yuan Chuan Qi: based on Chinese mythology and features over 1000 god creatures, 60 maps and 40 story dungeons 
    • Xun Xian is another mobile RPG shown at the conference and it brings back the PC version’s dungeon gameplay and flying mount content

    The King of Fighters Destiny
    There are other 11 mobile games presented at UP 2017, you can watch the trailer below to see how they look like.
    Video source: MMO Culture

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    Developer and publisher Bitbox announced today that the next closed beta test period from their upcoming medieval society simulation, Life is Feudal: MMO, will begin on April 26 and will last for approximately ten days. The closed beta will allow players to experience Bitbox's group-focused feudal life simulation as they explore the expansive game world, craft tools and gear, build homes, meet other players, form guilds and maybe even conquer their own kingdoms.

    Life is Feudal: MMO is a large-scale group-focused RPG, that places players in a highly realistic, non-fantasy, medieval world where danger lurks around every corner. Players need to work as a team to gather resources, build shelter, craft tools and form a fully functioning feudal society in an unforgiving archaic world. Players may find a place in society as a vassal, a knight, a farmer or even royalty, as their guild builds and expands their medieval societies.

    While players may start their adventure in 
    Life is Feudal: MMO alone, as they gather and craft supplies needed to make it to the next day, they will quickly meet up with others to form groups, then guilds, and finally work their way up to complete medieval societies and nation-states. Life is Feudal: MMO is a realistic social experience, where the best way to thrive in the world is to work together and build a fully functioning society, where everyone has a place, from the most basic hunters and gatherers, to farmers, soldiers and civic leaders. There's a place for everyone in Life is Feudal: MMO, and a world ready for them to explore!

    To sign up for the Life is Feudal Beta, visit

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    Gazillion announced that the closed beta for Marvel Heroes Omega on PlayStation 4 begins. Inspired in part by popular action-RPGs and massively multiplayer online games, Marvel Heroes Omega combines non-stop action and long form RPG progression features. Marvel fans and gamers can level-up, defeat infamous Marvel Super Villains and henchmen, collect rare loot, and grow in power. With thousands of hours of character progression and rewards, Marvel Heroes Omega comes packed with tons of replayability and increasing challenges for a free-to-play console title.

    To celebrate today’s closed beta launch, which is scheduled to run until May 15, 2017, Gazillion also officially confirms drop-in, two-player, couch co-op for Marvel Heroes Omega. This co-op feature will be available starting today, making it the perfect time to join the closed beta with a friend from the comfort of your living room.

    Players interested in joining the PS4 closed beta can select from a variety of Founder’s Packs for sale on the PlayStation Store to secure continued closed beta access - these can be purchased online via the official PlayStation Store website or through the PlayStation 4 console.

    As a special “thank you” to all players, regardless of whether or not they purchase a Founder’s Pack or participate in the closed beta, can look forward to receiving Daredevil, the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, as a free playable character when Marvel Heroes Omega launches later this spring.

    “There’s never been a better time to be a Marvel fan,” said David Von Dorman, CEO at Gazillion. “With so many exciting films, television shows, and comics coming soon, we’re beyond excited to be able to bring the characters, costumes, and adventures of the Marvel Universe to life in living rooms around the world. Marvel Heroes Omega has been a true passion project and labor of love for everyone here at Gazillion - and we can’t wait for players to experience it for the first time themselves on consoles.”

    Marvel Heroes Omega is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this spring. Details on open beta launch dates and Xbox One closed beta dates will be announced soon.

    For answers to common questions about the PS4 closed beta for Marvel Heroes Omega, please visit the official forums for our PS4 closed beta FAQ.

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    Dear gamers, to celebrate the launch of Neverwinter: The Cloaked Ascendancy for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, we are giving away 50 codes that can unlock the Unicorn mount for the console version. If you are playing Neverwinter on console, grab your mount now. We have 25 blue unicorns (Cerulean) for PS4 players and 25 green unicorns (Chartreuse) for Xbox One players.
    About the Chartreuse & Cerulean Unicorns
    These majestic beasts live to protect the forests where they dwell. In honor of these powerful creatures, the forest dwelling fey groom them and adorn them with bright flowers staining their pure white coats with vibrant color. These uncommon mounts grant 50% increased mounted movement speed and two Insignia slots to gain additional powers. 

    How to win a code? 

    Tell us in comment which / what features of Neverwinter you like most and which platform you are playing (if you don't tell us you want a PS4 mount or Xbox mount we can't send you the code).

    How are winners selected?
    We randomly pick up 50 players who make a valid comment. Winners will be announced at this post after the event ends. Codes will be sent to their registered email.
    When will the giveaway event end?
    Event ends on May 7, 2017.

    Redemption Instructions
    Xbox One:

    1. Install Neverwinter from the Xbox One marketplace:
    2. Upon launching Neverwinter, you’ll have the option to link your gamertag with an Arc account. This will open the Internet browser on your Xbox One and you can complete the account linking process there. If you skip it now, you’ll have another opportunity later.
    3. Once you’re in Neverwinter, select the Arc option.
    4. Install Arc. (You can also search for Arc in the Xbox One Marketplace)
    5. Launch Arc and hit the X button.
    6. Enter your code in the field and select “Redeem.”
    7. Head back to Neverwinter and find the Reward Claims Agent in Protector’s Enclave to pick up your item!
    PlayStation 4 (SCEA only):
    1. Open a Sony Network Entertainment account on PSN (or use your existing Sony Entertainment Network account).
    2. Select the PlayStation®Store icon on the PS4™ system home screen and download Neverwinter (or Download to you PS4 here:!/en-us/games/neverwinter/cid=UP1980-CUSA04314_00-2016NEVERWINTER1).
    3. On PlayStation®Store, select 'Redeem Codes' at the bottom of the menu.
    4. Enter the code.
    5. Once the code has been entered correctly, select 'Continue' on the dialog box.
    6. Select 'Continue' to complete code redemption.
    7. Launch Neverwinter and locate the Rewards Claim Agent in Protector’s Enclave to receive your items.
    Please note that these items are Bind on Pickup and may only be redeemed once per account.
    Offer expires December 31, 2017.

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    Bit of background information, started playing Clash royale about 6 months ago, I was in another account but got quick frustrated because I was just stuck on I think around 1.5k trophies and to be frank the cards I got from chests were just not good enough, missed a lot of essential/good rare and epics. 

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    Bless Online started open beta in Russia in December 2016 and 5 months later, the game is going to shut down. MMORPG lives a short life has been an usual thing in recent years but many people don't want this to happen on Bless Online since the game hasn't yet been released in NA and on the EU market. 

    After a discussion with Neowiz, Russian publisher 101XP decided to close the Rusian Bless Online servers on May 25th and "send the game back for revision for an indefinite period", and perhaps we will see it in the future. Starting today, all in-game payments will be disabled, and players can apply for 100% refund. Those who decide to stay to see the final moment of the game, will be able to join some farewell events in the game. 

    The NA and EU version published by Aeria Games is still in development. We hope the effort Aeria and Neowiz have made to redevelop Bless Online to a game that fits the western market will pay off. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment, like are you worried about the NA / EU version?  

    Source: RU official site

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    Ashes of Creation has announced the start of their kickstarter! This stunning, openworld sandbox will be heading to kickstarter on May 1st. To go along with this announcement, they have revealed more information about their game, and will be revealing more in the days to come.

    One of the things that makes this game so unique is the core node system, that allows players to effect the world and its development. Divided into zones, each zone has a node that can be developed from a camp, to village and town, and eventually through enough effort a thriving metropolis. The most interesting thing about this is that they have locked content, up to and including epic world bosses, behind the development of these nodes, and only a limited number of them can be fully developed at any time. They are hoping to encourage competition between guilds and player communities that will alter the course of the game's story.

    The ultimate level of the node is the Metropolis, which represents a massive amount of work and resources on the part of players to create. No more than 5 of these can exist at once, so I am guessing that each server will eventually look quite different from each other! 

    But what does developing these nodes do for players? Beyond affecting loot tables, resources and monster spawns, node development brings player housing to the table. I'm not entirely certain what I think of this, as on the one hand it sounds incredibly exciting to participate in. If I manage to snag a house when a node first opens up, that house will develop along with the node, and while each successive stage offers more housing, those houses in each stage will be less developed when the city becomes a full metropolis. I'm thinking of ArcheAge and Final Fantasy  14 here, where early adopters wound up with all the housing. But at least in Ashes of Creation they will offer instanced apartments for those who don't manage to obtain one of the open world node houses. Does it make it better or worse that nodes can be targeted by enemy players and destroyed? I think I'd be super unhappy if I had a mansion in a metropolis that was destroyed...

    They also offer what they call freeholds, which are plots of land in the world outside of the towns, where players can build quite an extended range of buildings. Stables, inns, taverns, mills, farms and lumberyards can all be built on the freeholds.

    And if all of that weren't enough choice and change, there are 4 different types of nodes that determine what type of city is built, and what benefits that city will bring within its sphere of influence. Want more fast travel? Then make sure you open up a scientific metropolis, as fast travel within Ashes of Creation is otherwise severely limited. If you want something akin to the global auction house, then you'll need to ensure there is an economic metropolis. Militaristic and divine metropoles bring their own advantages.  


    If this all looks exciting, and you want a look at how the game plays, at least at this early stage of development, they've put up a pre-alpha gameplay video of a mage wandering and blasting her way through the world. It looks absolutely stunning, and the music is pretty nice as well. Watch her blow up demonic bunnies, twisted creatures, traitorous soldiers and more.

    And next week their kickstarter will be open! While the full details of the campaign haven't yet been revealed, it has been stated that there will be no pay to win items on any of the tiers. 

    Discounted subscription time (including lifetime subs available on Kickstarter only), headstart for live launch, access to alpha server (will become public test server when game launches), closed beta access, unique pets, monster tokens, costumes, weapon and armor skins, housing/building skins, mounts and a lot more!

    Stay tuned! 

    For more information, visit the Ashes of Creation page, facebook, twitter, watch vidoes on their YouTube channel, or chat on their discord.

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    Canadian developer Creality Studioson has just launched on Kickstarter the new VR roguelike RPG project called Edge of Atlantis. The game supports HTC Vive and Oculus Rifht + Touch, and it features physics-based combat, strategic magical battles along with the crafting systems and procedurally generated dungeons and underground carves.

    The procedurally generated dungeons are inspired by games like Diablo and Torchlight, and the idea that allows players' choice to determine the course of the stories and events in the game is from Guild Wars 2. 

    Strike your foes with ferocity and precision to maximize your damage through the power of physics

    Learn conjuring spells to summon powerful magical allies to your aid, master the elements, and create unique magical combos

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    Snowball Games
    is a Chinese VR game developer that's currently working on their first VR game VR Fishing Master. They plan to release the game worldwide later this year for PSVR first and then HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
    VR Fishing Master looks beautiful. You can travel to the real world location like San Francisco bay area, Amazon River, and even polar region to fish. The power of Unreal Engine 4 makes sure that you can enjoy the amazing environment and not encounter motion sickness.

    Instead of making a serious simulation game, VR Fishing Master aims at mid-core fishing fans as well as people who never fish. The game simplifies the bait choosing, water flow and wind direction and other complicated preparations in real world fishing. It will be focusing on the part when the fish gets hooked, namely the player vs. fish part.
    You can see the game an arcade game, as you can expect to face "boss fishes" for greater rewards. You can also compete on the global leaderboard to see who fish the biggest or most fishes. For veteran players, they can challenge sharks.
    Realism remains an important part of the game but it's not what the game is all about.

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    At Unreal Open Day 2017 (UOD 2017) hosted by Epic Games in Shanghai, China, Tim Sweeney shared his thought on VR and VR gaming market. He's not worried that VR games aren't profitable at the moment, for he believes that the market is growing and will keep growing in the next 2-3 years. Now is the right time to enter the market, he says.
    Tim Sweeney has predicted the future of VR gaming in many occasions. This time he has some bright outlook for the market, as usual. This year he predicts about 1.6 millions VR headsets for PC and PlayStation will be shipped and the number would go up to 40 million by 2021. VR will take about another 5 years to be accepted by the mass and become popular, according to Tim. However, phenomenal VR games or IPs will come out in 2017 or 2018. 

    Tim Sweeney

    AMD's senior director Chris Donahue shares some similar point of views with Tim Sweeney. Chris believes a lot of money needed to be invested to build high quality and impressive VR games and the market will have 100 million users within the next 10 years.
    UOD 2017 also features several Chinese VR game developers such as Winking Entertainment, VRZINC and Snowball Games, etc. We've talked about Snowball Games' VR Fishing Master before, and you can read more here. Another Chinese company VikingVRStudio provides latest demo for Bullet Sorrow VR, which upgrades to Unreal Engine 4.15. The ambitious VR game has launched on Steam and plan to support cross-play between PSVR, Oculus and Steam.

    Bullet Sorrow VR
    The event is joined by over 30 core members from top video game companies across the world such as Epic Games, Microsoft Games, SIE, HTC, and hardware manufacturers like Nvidia and AMD. They have shared their experience on their project and the views of the future. 

    Source: 17173VR

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    South Korean studio Entermate's mobile action RPG Luthiel caught lots of attention recently with Aion-like visual style. According to Korean media, the name of the races in Luthiel is the same as that in Aion.
    Is Luthiel really an Aion rip-off? It may be in terms of character design, wings and some background settings. The game plays very differently to Aion when it comes to the combat. Take a look at the combat trailer below.

    And also the large scale fortress siege trailer below.

    Apparently Luthiel's visual part is more than just a reminiscence of Aion (see the class art below), although the game is led by Jee Yongchan, the ex-director of Aion. On the other hand the combat brings Luthiel to a different path, which is easier to play on mobile devices. What do you think, will you call it an Aion rip-off? 

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    Webzen will be celebrating its 8th anniversary on April 25th 2017, and the company is teaming up with to host a code giveaway event in honour of this occasion.
    Event Duration:
    April 25 – June 6, 2017 (UTC)
    Select one game, and each code will give players a free item package for the selected game. A code is limited to only one WEBZEN game, specifically, RAPPELZ, MU ONLINE, FLYFF, and C9. Each code is limited to one use per account. A full list of coupon items is below.

    RAPPELZ    Hidden Village Pass (7 days)  
    Traveller's Tent
    Red Lydian
    Ancient Horseshoe
    Stamina Saver x5
    Animal Cracker x5
    Impact Amplifier (1 hour) x2
    Mirror Amplifier (1 hour) x2
    MU ONLINE [Bound]Bless of Light(Greater) x5
    FLYFF Re-Skill (Event)
    Re-Stat (Event)
    Gray Tuxedo (M) Box (7 days)
    Pink Dress (F) Box (7 days)
    Kitty (7 Days Event)
    Pink Balloon 6h x5
    Blue Balloon 6h x5
    Yellow Balloon 6h x5
    (Event) Syila
    Bike Box (7 days)
    Upcut Stone (Event) x10
    Refresher Hold (Event) x10
    Vital Drink X (Event) x10
    Grilled Eel (Event) x10
    C9 PC Café Premium Service [7 days]
    Extreme Training [100%][1 hr]
    Skill Reset Scroll [14 days]
    Town Travel Lv.1 [7 days]
    School Look Gear Set [7 days]
    Resurrection Scroll
    Soul: Prelude to the Storm [7 days]
    -        Usable until: 30 July 2017
    -        Coupon codes are limited to one use per account.
    How to win a code:

    1. You can grab a code on our What2P app. Download the app on Goople PlayOr scan the following QR Code:

    2. Look for "Webzen Games" and click it to enter the giveaway page.

    Redemption instructions:
    1. Go to
    2. Log in with your account
    3. Select the game, country, server, and character you want to receive the item(s) on.
    ** The options in each category will vary for each game.
    1. Enter the code (without hyphens)
    2. Click ‘Redeem Code’
    3. The item(s) will be delivered to the account or character that you have selected.
    If you are new to WEBZEN, please see the following;
    1. Create a account.
    2. Go to to download your game client and install it.
    3. Choose a server.
    4. Create a new character.
    * Usable until: make sure to use the coupon before the expiration date
    * Coupon codes can only be used with an existing WEBZEN account
    * Coupon codes are limited to one use per account unless stated otherwise

    0 0

    If your gaming experience in Revelation Online becomes boring, you can wait for the game's upcoming 5-man dungeon Tower of Pain, which is guarded by 4 mystical beasts who sealed their very essence into the tower in order to prevent players from ascending to the 8th floor pinnacle. If that wasn’t enough, it would seem that the guardians like to bend the rules, quietly throwing alternate encounters at those who perform certain tactics and tasks during their ascent.
    Players who dare to enter this new instance must be ready for anything, as the guardians like to bend the rules. Climbing up on the Tower of Pain will not be the same every time, so don't rely on a single strategy on your way to the top.

    Source: official site

    0 0

    Resultado de imagem para guild wars 2 wallpaper
    Who is Lazarus? This is the question that comes up in the newest installment of Guild Wars 2 Flashpoint Living World episode. In addition to a bit of history, the new trailer gives the release date of the new chapter of Living World story. What's more, it confirms that the latest expansion Heart of Thorns' standard edition is permanently priced at $29.99, which is a 40% off. On the other hand, the Digital Deluxe Edition is $54.99 and the Ultimate Edition is $79.99.

    Flashpoint will be taking the third season to its final chapter, and according to the announcement the story will lead to several link links. In it players will discover great secrets and come face to face with a threat never seen before.

    Flashpoint will be released on May 2. Check out the trailer below.

    0 0

    Resultado de imagem para bless online wallpaper
    Neowiz Games is committed to expand the Bless IP to mobile platform and they are working with mobile developers to make 2 mobile game based on the Bless IP now. One is being developed by Longtu Korea and the other one is just confirmed and will be made by Think Fun, a new studio owned by Joycity.

    The second Bless mobile RPG is currently called Project 1 and it's powered by Unreal Engine 4 and it plans to launch in the first half of 2018 in South Korea. Unlike Longtu's Bless mobile game, there are already some screenshots for Project 1 at Think Fun's official site. Take a look at them below.

    Looks like it's an unstoppable trend that PC MMO developers are moving to mobile platforms and make mobile games.

    0 0

    Please take note that I'am still working on this guide and the estimated time of completion is tomorrow 04/26/2017.  Thank you for your patience.

    Crusaders of Light is a WoW-Like Mobile MMORPG that boast amazing graphics, open game world, challenging PvE system, Dungeons, PvP system, Guild System and all the essentials of an excellent MMO. CoL currently on its softlaunch in selected countries but that will never stop eager players to get into this game.

    If you want to jump into the game, be sure to check out the Download, Installation and Guide on how to play this mobile game in you PC! Also, please make sure that you pre-resgister your account for amazing prices!

    As of 04/24/2017 the current pre-registered accounts reached over 1 million unlocking 4 tiers of rewards! Check out the unlocked rewards HERE.
    Table of contents
    ~The Binding~
    ~Character Creation & Class Introduction~

    <<<Page 2>>>

    ~HP & MP~
    ~The Reserves~

    <<<Page 3>>>

    ~Auto Matching(Team/Party/Raid)~


    <<<Page 4>>>

    <<<Page 5>>>
    Events Guide T__T tons of events!

    ~Thundercall Academy Q&A~

    Let's Begin!

    Currently there is only 1 server on the game and I wish it will stay that way.

    Please take note that upon your initial log-in to the game you will automatically be using a GUEST account. Guest accounts are THE UNBINDED accounts where your game data is subjest to deletion when certain events happens (data corruption, game updates etc).

    I highly suggest that you BIND your account by following guide below. 

    ~The BINDING~
    Binding your account will guarantee the safety of its data. Any progress you gain during  your gameplay will be saved in real time to the game server or to the google play DB system.

    1: To bind your account, please make sure that you are logged in to Google Play or to your facebook app. For emulator users, just add your google account, just the same as any Android users to the account list.
    2: On the CoL Main screen please tap/click ACCOUNT.

    3: On User Center please tap/click BIND ACCOUNT.

    4: Then select your bind option (Google Play or Facebook). For android users I highly suggest that you bind your account via Google Play.

    5: Once you see the check mark and the word BIND under the binding option you chose, then you can rest assured that your character data is secured!

    ~Character Creation & Class Introduction~
    Each account can create 4 characters and only 1 character can be active at a time. Although limited, each character have its own pre-built, race and not gender locked options.

    The Barbarian Race which is locked to the Warrior Class is your melee physical fighter. You may choose from 3 different paths once you reach level 20 unlocking the capability to cause more damage, tank or become a hybrid build.
    Gender Selection
    You may tap the gender icons on the lower left corner or tap the characters themselves.
    Warrior Class > 2nd Class/Path: At level 20 you may choose to cultivate one or all secondary class or PATH, however you may only enable 1 path at a time.

    The Elf/Elven Race which is locked to the Ranger Class is your long range physical damage dealer. With piercing arrows guided by the keen eyes of the Elven race, this class guarantees death to its victim. You may choose from 3 different paths once you reach level 20 unlocking the capability to cause huge damage in a very short time, Master of CC's or become a wild tamer for companion and assistance.

    Gender Selection
    You may tap the gender icons on the lower left corner or tap the characters themselves.
    Ranger >>> 2nd Class/Path: At level 20 you may choose to cultivate one or all secondary class or PATH, however you may only enable 1 path at a time.

    The Human Race which is locked to the Mystic Class is your party healer but do not mistaken this class with a typical priest/healer class in other MMO's. In this game, Mystic class is very well capable of causing painful magic damage as it is capable of support. You may choose from 3 different paths once you reach level 20 unlocking the capability to cause sustainable damag or become a Mage that focus on causing huge amount of damage or become a heal slave (Full support Priest).
    Gender Selection
    You may tap the gender icons on the lower left corner or tap the characters themselves.
    Mystic >>> 2nd Class/Path: At level 20 you may choose to cultivate one or all secondary class or PATH, however you may only enable 1 path at a time.

    After selecting your prefered Race/Class then all you need to do is input the character name and let your journey begin!



    The game controls is typical for a mobile action game. The movement scroll/joystick on the left is your main movement controller. While everything else is done by tapping. In case of emulator users you may assign keyboard keys for your convenience. Please CLICK HERE for the emulator guide (on page 3). 

    By default the tap to move option is disable. You may enable this by tapping/clicking the EXPAND button then tap/click the SETTINGS button.

    Then on the BASICS tab please tap/click the Tap to Move option to enable it as shown on the image below.

    Now you will be able to move around by using both joystick and tap to move.
    Questing in this game is pretty easy since you have the auto move/navigate/track/do option.

    However you cannot just rely on this system to do everything for you. Questions, Interactions, Actions that needs a player decision will still require your attention and manual input.
    btw the answer is A.

    Another instance where I highly advice that you do not use this automated system is during boss fights.

    Parties are obliterated easily during boss fights due to the fact that the system will not make your character avoid attacks, thus your character will likely end up dead!

    Quest's are your main source of EXP and each chapter will require a certain level. You might be able to finish all initial quest (Chapter 1) during your first to 25th level and the next chapter might require that your character reach level 27 before you can proceed.

    Please take note that you may skip the Main Quest cut scenes but I highly suggest that you watch them as the Main Quest story line is pretty interesting.

    Another source of exp are the events that I will mention later but before that, let's talk about STAMINA first.

    Stamina is the life blood of your character which enable it to perform certain task like gathering ores, plants, manufacturing raw materials and crafting. Please take note that sending message via WORLD chat consumes 5 Stamina... shocked?
    At the start of the game your character will have a total of 100 stamina.

    The maximum stamina you may store is 200 and  you may regenerate/consume stamina by performing certain task.

    Regenerate 30 Stamina Points for completing a Dungeon for the first time
    Regenerate X Stamina per Trial Quest (Max 20)
    Regenerate 15 Stamina by completing Strange Events
    Every Day - Regenerate 30 Stamina Per FIRST KILL on all bosses on each available dungeons (2 boss / 15 each)
    Every 1 Tournament Battle will Regenerate 3 Stamina (Max 5 times)

    Consume 5 Stamina when collecting Small Treasure Boxes
    Consume 1 Stamina when gathering resources from normal field maps
    Consume 10 Stamina when gathering resources from Guild Property
    Consumes X Stamina when prosessing raw materials

    I will do my best to add more Regenerate/Consume Stamina information as I encounter them...
    ~HP & MP~
    HP or Health Points is basically your character Life. Once HP reach zero then your character will die. MP or Mana Points is  the resource that enable your character to use skills or cast spells, without MP your character can only do very limited things. You may view your character HP and MP points at the attribute window after tapping/clicking the character button.

    You might be wondering what are those "Reserve" buttons for at the end of HP and MP... well, before I explain the RESERVE Mechanics, please take a moment to learn the "almost useless/unused" items on this game... the Potions.

    Potions in this game are as good as super emergency items which may save you only at a certain time, like if you are lucky enough to have less than 1% HP remaining before some monster kill you. The main problem why Potions in this game are not that popular is due to the very long cooldown before you can use any potion after using one. It takes 40 seconds before you can use another potion and you can only use 1 type at a time. So if you cosume a HP potion, any type, all potions in your inventory will cooldown and you wont be able to use any of them unless the cooldown is finish.

    So, the only best way to stay alive is 1: Avoid attacks, 2: Get a good healer... or 3: Be the healer!
    ~The Reserves~
    Now lets talk about those curious looking Reserve Buttons right at the end of HP and MP. But first, again, let me explain what each reserve does.

    The HP Reserve will replenish your life once your character dies or replenish your missing Health points after engaging a battle. The amount of HP replenished is deducted on the HP Reserve pool.

    For example: If your character have 1,000 Health Points and your HP Reserves is 1,500 points. In case your character dies, you will revive with full 1,000 HP and this amount will be deducted on your HP Reserves, thus your remaining HP Reserves is 500 Points. Once the Reserve reach 0 you wont be able to regenerate HP unless you use potions, get healed or use healing skills to yourself.

    The MP Reserve works the same way, keeping your MP to full whenever you revive or comes out of combat status. For example: If your character has 1,000 Mana Points and 200 MP Reserves, when your used a skill that requires 100 MP, after the combat status ends, your character will automatically regenerate 100 MP deducting this amount from the MP Reserves. In the end your remaining MP Reserves is 100 MP. In case you used up all your MP while your character is engaged in a battle, then the only way you may replenish your MP is via potions.

    Without further ado, finally, lets talk about the reserve buttons.

    Both MP and HP Reserves have Current Reseves Points and Max Cap.

    To Increase the Current Reserve points of HP/MP you must consume the specific food items respectively. To avoid confusion, please always make sure that you tap/click the correct Reserve button of which reserve you want to replenish.

    If you want to increase the reserve of your HP then please click the red squared Reserve button on the image above, Blue for the MP Reserves.

    As demonstrated on the steps below:

    Please take note of the values above. Current MP Reserve is 56,912 Points while MP Capacity is 300,000.

    First, lets increase the Current MP Reserve Reserves. Click/Tap the Reserve button under the MP Reserve blue bar, then purchase the "A feast of Fish" which will "increase the RESERVE CAPABILITY" by 30,000 Points.

    After purchasing the MP Reserve Capability Food, it will pop up and you may use it imediately.

    Below is the Current MP Reserves after using the food.

    After consuming the +30,000 MP Reserve Food, now i have Current MP Reserve of 86,912.

    So which item will increase the HP reserves? Well, make sure that you see the "Increase the life span of the reserves" on the food item.

    Life Span = HP Reserves
    Capability = MP Reserves

    I highly suggest that you keep your HP and MP reserves to above 50,000 Points.



    A title can be a quest reward, rank, reputation completion, guild name etc. To equip/change/remove a Title, please open the character attributes window and click/tap the 3 small white dots at the bottom left corner as shown on the image below:

    Here you may remove your current title, change to another title or Use a new title you aquired.

    Everyday you may get a reward just by logging into the game. To Access the rewards window, please tap/click the REWARDS icon as shown on the image below:
    Daily Login will provide rewards throughout the days of the month.

    7-Day Login will provide rewards for the first 7 days you log in.

    Level-Up Gift Pack will provide rewards once you reach a certain level.

    Top-Up Rewards are bonus gifts given to those who support and spend money to the game.

    Gift pack Exchange is where you may exchange your gift codes. Please take note that Pre-Registration Codes will be sent once the game is released globally this summer.

    You will get your free mount as early as level 7/8 as a reward from the Mount introduction quest.
    Once a mount is equiped, your character will automatically mount if you are moving from one place to another within the same map.

    however, in case you need to move from one map to another, like cross continent or someting, then a quick dragon ride will do the service for you.

    Do you want to get a better looking mount? Want to try that ferocious Boss Mount? Don't worry as you can do both for a limited time. Please follow the steps below on how to view, try and find where these mounts can be aquired.

    Please tap/click the expand button then tap/click the Beast button.

    The Bestiary Window will allow you to view information, design and even try the mounts!

    Click/Tap any mount you want to try (2) then click/tap the TRIAL (3) button.
    Your mount will revert back to the default mount once the timer is finished (10 seconds). Enjoy it while it last!

    Please take note that you may only try any of these mounts a total of 3 times every day.

    You will also be able to know How to Obtain the mount by clicking the 5th button.
    ~Player VS Enemy~
    The game offers open world PvE, Instanced and Exclusive PvE's. Ranging from your Field Monsters and Bosses, to Dungeons, Raids, Guild Boss Hunts etc.

    Open World Bosses: can be found in open fields and can be easily seen via map view. 

    Just select any open world map, tap the boss you want to hunt and your character will automatically proceed to the boss location.

    But never expect that it will be easy! You need at least a well geared active party to take down this mammoths. Although pretty difficult, the rewards are worth it.

    Instanced Dungeons: Each dungeons will usually contain monsters and bosses which you have to kill. You may tap the quest tracker on the left in case you want to auto-follow the team/party leader, which i highly suggest not to. Boss fights are pretty challenging since bosses have a unique skill cycle. Low Power level players must always stay vigilant during Boss fights especially healers and tankers.

    Instance Dungeon Rewards: From unique to rare equipments, crafting blue prints, gems, crafting materials, exp, stamina, reputation points, silver etc.
    ~Auto Matching(Team/Party/Raid)~
    During your journey in the open world or through a dungeon, you will require the assistance of your fellow players, friends or guild members. Forming a party can take time and may require more than just clicking a button. Fortunately, looking for a party is much easier in this game. Each Event, Dungeon and even Quest (Daily, weekly, Guild Quest etc) are subject to a Team Queue system where each is separated from one another. As shown on the image below, if you want to join a party on a certain instance/dungeon (Scar Plains) all you need to do is click/tap the Auto-Matching and the system will automatically put you in a compatible party.
    Now, a LOT of players ask this very simple question... HOW TO LEAVE A PARTY?
    Well thats very easy...

    Just tap the Team Tab icon on the mid left corner then tap Leave and confirm.
    Same steps is used when leaving a Raid Party.
    ~Player VS Player~
    Crusaders of Light offers multiple PvP Activities. To begin exploring the PvP options, please tap/click the BATTLE button on the upper right corner of the screen.

    Battlefield is where 15 or 40 Players are randomly assigned to different sides. Each sides will battle until one side gains 1000 points. For more information please click the CHECK RULES button.

    Arena is where a group of 3 or 5 will battle another group for glory. The battle will be in real time and I Highly suggest that you stay active and work with your team. It is advised to plan out your strategy before entering the arena.

    Tournament is the 1 VS 1 PvP Arena where you will be able to select your opponent and climb the stairs of glory.

    You may also access the tournament window via Daily Events.

    I suggest that you get familiar with the following buttons:

    1: My Ranking: Is your character current rank. If you win the battle then your character will move up the ranking, it will fall once you lose.

    2: Player Rating: This is your character power level, how strong your character is. More like a giger counter in Dragon Ball Z!

    3: Opponents: These are 5 of the randomly selected opponents with their Class, Ranking, Name and Rating information. I highly suggest that you battle someone with less Player rating than your character.

    4: Refresh Button: You may use the refresh button to change your opponents.

    Start Battle: Once the battle starts, it is up to you to do your best and win the battle.

    By default the battle will start with your character and enemy on auto-battle mode. You may manually control your character by tapping/clicking any skill. You will receive EXP, Reputation Points and Ranking rewards from the Tournament event.
      Page 4
    You may access your character equipments by tapping/clicking on the EQUIP button.

    1: The EQUIP tab is where you can see all the equipment info on your account.
    2: This is where you will see all the equipments in your bag/inventory. You may use this as a point of origin whenever you want to try different sets of equipments.
    3: This is your character rating or battle power. This is a calculated rating base on the total ratings of your equipments. Please take note that although this does not really affect the outcome of a battle, as the skills and builds matters most, a rule of thumb that when your enemy have 1-3K more Character Rating than yours, your chance of winning against that player is lower.
    4: This is where your Main and Secondary weapon is equiped.
    5: This is where your armor equipments is equiped.
    6: This is where your accessories, banners etc is equiped. I highly suggest that at least you reach level 30 and gather reputation points rather than trying to craft your own accessories.

    The FORGE tab is where you may craft weapons, armor, accessories, polish gems etc. You may also open this tab directly by opening a Blueprint scroll.

    Please make sure that you double check the equipment type before forging/crafting it. It may be too late to find out that you crafted an equipment that cannot be used by your class.

    EMBED is where you attach gems into your equipments. The first slot opens at level 20 while the second slot opens when your character reach level 30. Don't worry in case you want to remove and attach another gem as there is no penalty nor charge when slotting or removing a gem from an equipment. So attack as many gems as you can as it will increase your Character Rating!
    RECAST is the process of reforging your equipments. Please take note that only purple/unique items can be reforged. Each reforge consumes a Regalian's Magic Stone which you may get from quest, item mall or exchange with medals on the Medal Store.

    I highly suggest that you PREVIEW the original attributes of your equipment before reforging.

    Once you click/tap RECAST button, then the system will randomly select attributes which can be seen on the right window.

    Please check the attributes carefully. Some recast provides amazing stats but pretty useless for your class/build. If you like the new attributes then please click/tap REPLACE ATTRIBUTES button on the lower left corner. If you dont, then you may just close the window or recast until you are satisfied with the results. Once the attributes are replaced, those stats will be your equipments new stats.
    As the image above says... well, i don't have any Legendary or Godly equipmentrs so... moving on... lolz

    Skills and skill builds are the core influence in winning a battle. Learning and mastering your skill sets, combos and effects can switch the tides of war.
     I will not dive deep into the skills as a plan on creating CLASS SPECIFIC guides which will tackle each and every skills/skill builds. just to preview the Skills...
    This is your ACTIVE SKILLS window where you will be able to see your CLASS skills. These skills are general in all same class. The maximum level of your active skills is base on your character level. You may see the skill effects/stats by tapping on any skills.

    To equip a skill/skills, please tap/click the EQUIP SKILLS button on the lower left corner of the ACTIVE SKILL window.
    To change, remove, relocate a skill, please tap the skill you want to equip and tap the slot where you want to put the skill. You may also drag and drop the skill to any active skill slot.

    There are 3 Paths in every class and you may start leveling up/upgrading/using a path once you reach level 20. Paths are also considered as secondary CLASS as they offer a different or improved gameplay compared to the original class. In short, paths add more spice to your class!
    You may only ENABLE 1 path at a time, however you may levelup/upgrade all of them. You may switch paths any time you want. It is normal to have at least 2 builds/paths which you switch from when the situation require

    Upgrading a node in a PATH TREE will require silver, skill exp and sometimes...

    RUNE UPGRADE: is where you spend runes to increase the effects/stats of certain skills. 
    The numbers on the left is the required level to unlock the runes. Upgrading a rune does not only provide stats for the related skill but also provides constant additional stats to your character (HP Boost etc).

    Different skills consumes different types of runes. You may get runes from the item mall or from dismantling equipments. So do not sell those green/white equipments as they may give you this rare and valuable material!

    You may upgrade all the skill runes however, the higher the skill rune, the more runes it will require. 
    A character may join or create a guild when it reach level 10/11.

    Creating a guild requires 5M Silver which is pretty expensive, so do not expect that any guild will just accept any member. Some existing guild will constantly kick members that are inactive or doesn't meet the minimum required level or power points.
    ~Guild Perks~
    Joining a guild will not only give you players you can party up with but will also provide incredible benefits that only a guild/guild member can achieve.

    To start, please open the Guild page.

    Members Page: You may arrange the list by tapping/clicking on the headers.

    Interior: This is where you may upgrade and view the Guild buildings/establishments.

    Guild Building: Is the base establishment which determines the level cap for all buildings.
    Government Hall: The higher the level of this building, the more players the guild can recruite. 100 initial members +25 per level up.
    Workshop: The level of this building determines the equipments you can forge.
    Warehouse: The higher the level of this building, the more rewards each member will get.

    Suggested Leveling Path: Guild Base >>> Warehouse >>> Government Hall >>> Workshop 

    Workshop:This is where the Guild leader may upgrade the Guild forging skills and where everyone can craft Guild Gears. Forgin a Guild equipment will require a certain amount of Guild Contribution points.

    Leveling up the Forging Skills will be base on the max level of your Workshop Building. Each level up will also require a certain amount of Silver and Guild Funds. I highly suggest that you level up the first 3 buildings and dont bother about the workshop unless you have a lot of extra funds. The level of equipments over required materials/resources is just not a good trade.

    Benefits: In the benefits window you will see Guild Warehouse where you may purchase "The Crest  of Magellana" an item used to level up certain path skills. Purchasing this item from the guild warehouse will requiree 1,000 Contribution points.

    You may also receive your daily rewards from the Benefits window. This is more like a daily guild salary and the higher the level of the guild the higher the daily salary.

    Guild Auction is where you may sell/purchase raid items that can be purchased/sold on your guild alone. So you dont want that rare killer bow to fall into the hands of your enemies? Then sell it via Guild auction!
    ~Guild Exclusive Events~
    The last tab of the Guild Window offers a wide variety of events.
    ~Guild Quest~
    Once you joined a guild, it is very important to do the 30 Daily Guild Quest. Your character will auto-path to NPC Mariel above which will provide you with the Guild Quest.

    You can find the Go button via Guild Event window and via Daily Events under Adventure Window.

    Once you accepted/started the quest, dont worry about it as your auto-path system will do most of the boring task. 

    Completing Guild Quest will reward you with EXP, Silver, Contribution points and Guild Funds for the Guild. Best of all, you will get The Crest of Magellana which is required in leveling Path Skills!

    Everyone can check how much guild contribution each member have added to the Guild pot.
    Lazy guild members are constantly getting kicked and this is the norm in all guilds. Besides, why would someone not do the Guild Daily Quest? By the time I completed this guild guide, my character automatically completed all 30 quest lolz!
    ~Guild Hunt~
    Guild hunt is the exclusive to Guilds only Boss/Leaders hunting instance where each guild may compete in slaughtering boss monsters and gain amazing rare drops.
    ~Guild Property~
    This is a spot in the guild instance, yes each guild have its own instance, where you will be able to mine/gather the raw materials for your life skills.

    Gathering resources from the Guild Property will consume more stamina (10 stamina) than gathering from normal field map (1 stamina) however, gathering resources from Guild Property will provide better quality, quantity and the convenience of not competing with other players as the resource nodes are abundant.
    Page 5
    How can i level up faster? How can i get to level 25 on 1st day and level 30 on second day? How does even leveling works?

    You will unlock more game features as your character levels up. The very first EXP source for your character is the MAIN QUEST.
    The main quest will not only provide you with EXP but also with nice equipments, rare items, your very first mount and many many more! The tutorials is basically tied with the main quest line. Complete your Main Quest before bothering about sub-quest or events!

    Your second source of EXP are ADVENTURES or the PvE aspect of the game.

    RAID's are instanced dungeons which will not only provide massive amounts of EXP per run, but will also provide STAMINA on FIRST KILL (15 each boss). These dungeons will also be your main source of equipments, blue prints, gems etc.
    RAIDS are available throughout the day however you may only aquire loots for a certain number per day. So i advise that you do FIRST KILL on lower level RAIDS/DUNGEONS and farm the higher level ones for high end/level equipments etc.
    REPUTATION TASKS are quests/events that are more like RAIDS but this time you do stuff like talk to this npc, grab this, kill that, things that you can easily auto-do everything. Some reputation task are available throughout the day however some do have specific time of access/completion and if you miss them, well you need to wait for the next day.

    Since we are now stepping into the TIMED EVENTS and i know there's a lot of players out there who are totally confused about the EVENT TIMING etc well let me explain it in detail...

    You see, the server is located somewhere where the time it follows is GMT+10

    For example, in my case, I'am currently located in a GMT+3 Country which means, the server is 7 hours AHEAD of my LOCAL TIME.

    Now, there is a TIME BUG also in the game...but let me discuss that with the devs...

    So how can you match your LOCAL TIME with the SERVER TIME (GMT+10), well the solution is simple...yet complicated... confused? Dont be!

    Just change your device local time zone to GMT+10 and let your device do the rest!
    Restart your device and your game should be aligned with the game server time.

    This way you can sync with the server events and happenings!
    Please don't forget that we are still discussing about leveling here and how to get EXP and stuff. Events are your 3rd main source of EXP, items, Resources, Stamina etc so please follow through.

    These are events that are available throughout the day and are hosted by the COUNCIL OF LIGHT.
    TRIAL QUEST (20) are quest that will provide a huge amount of reputation, exp, TALENT EXP, GOLD, silver and items.

    You can easily queue up and complete these quest within a few minutes. Please take note that after completing 20 trial quest runs, you may still help others in completing theirs but you will get lower amounts of exp.

    STRANGE EVENTS (1) is just like Trial Quest but you can only do it once but the quest itself consist of multiple mini-quest (10).

    It can also be done by yourself but it will be much easier with a party. Each mini-quest will give you rewards.

    The last parts of the STRANGE EVENTS will take place in this location.

    You will need to answer manually to proceed. Please read the questions and select the correct answer as shown below.

    You may get the same question multiple times. I remember that one question will tell you that the food is burning so you need to choose "Cover with Earth".
    The conversation with this BOSS will only end in different ways. If you choose to agree with him "He's right!" then you move on without anyone getting hurt... however, if you choose to "Shut him up!" then please be prepaired for a fight!
    You may finally complete the event once you defeated the boss monster.

    Completing these quest will provide reputation points for Council of Light enabling you to purchase rare equipments.

    ~ SG~
    Timed events - Guardian Battlefield

    ~Preparation Quest~
    Reavedge Village - All day
    ~Thundercall Academy Q&A Event Answer Guide~

    1: Each player have different sets of questions.
    2: Different Questions may show the same pictures
    3: Different Questions may require the same or different answers.
    4: Same questions might have Pictures/Answers switched places. Please make sure that you read the question and check each pictures before selecting an answer.
    5: Most questions will give a TIP to which of the picture is the correct answer. Example: Wind Talkers CAMP... as the quetion implies, the location is a CAMP, one picture shows a grave site while the other shows tents etc... guess you already know the answer by now. Another Example: Which Raid Captain Mantalusk is located? the fact that the question also says that CAPTAIN Mantalusk is the HEAD OF THE PIRATES, then obviously the picture with sea and a ship is the correct answer.
    6: Each day the questions are shuffled. So don't expect to encounter the same set of questions.
    7: SCORE X / Y in which X is the number of questions you answered correctly and Y is the number of total questions you already opened.
    8: Obviously the higher your score/correct answers the better the rewards.
    9: The more reputation you get the higher the tier of items you can purchase from the respective reputation store.
    10: You don't have to answer imediately. In fact you can close the window, look for the answer or do something else then open it again when you're ready.

    As shown on the image below, On the left is your score or number of question you answered correctly/number of questions you already answered. On the top right is where you can see the question and below are 2 pictures which also represents the answer, one of them is correct and one is wrong. This is pretty easy as you already have 50/50 chance.
    and so i though...

    These are the correct answers for the following questions that I encountered...


    My Score
    Yep I plunked haha but I hope the cheats... I mean, the answers above will help you avoid the same faith. I will add more screenshots of questions/answers tomorrow. Take your time and don't rush it!

    Please take note that I'am still working on this guide and the estimated time of completion is tomorrow 04/26/2017.  Thank you for your patience.


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