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    Supercell's new competitive mobile shooter Brawl Stars lets you play with and against other players in 4 different modes: Bounty, Smash & Grab, Heist, and Showdown. As usual, there are some tips and tricks for new players to win or become the star player in the game.

    First and foremost:
    Like other Supercell games, if you don't plan to spend money on the game, be prepared to spend a lot of time to catch up.
    Brawler recommendations:
    Showdown: EI Primo, Bull
    Heist: Dynamike, Barley
    Smash & Grab / Bounty: Mortis, Poco
    Stay mobile and keep moving:
    This is as important as quick aim and shoot. To do so it's recommended to use the joystick control mode.
    Make use of the terrains like bushes:
    The opponents can't hurt you when you are in the bushes, unless they use Super attack to clear the bushes.
    Team work:
    In Bounty or Smash and Grab mode, try to protect the teammate who's worth many stars. That's important for your team to get the final victory. Once you accumulate many stars or gems you should avoid playing aggressively. On the other hand, if you are the aggressive type, you should just focus on taking down opponents and clear their stars instead of accumulating stars yourself. 
    How to get coin:
    You get coin from playing battles, winning and becoming the star player, upgrading Brawlers, ranking up Brawlers and from coin boost buff. For beginners, upgrading your Brawlers is one of the best ways to get coin fast.
    How to spend Elixir wisely:
    You can upgrade a Brawler's Attack, Health and Super (ultra). It costs 45 Elixir to upgrade a Brawler to max so you want to upgrade the most important stat first. Below are some advices on how to spend Elixir on Brawler upgrade.
    Barley: Attack > Super > Health
    Bo: Attack > Super > Health
    Brock: Super > Attack > Health
    Bull: Attack > Health > Super
    Colt: Attack > Super > Health
    Dynamike: Attack > Health > Super
    El Primo: Attack > Health > Super
    Jessie: Super > Attack > Health
    Mortis: Health > Attack > Super
    Nita: Super > Health > Attack
    Poco: Health > Super > Attack
    Ricochet: Attack > Super > Health
    Shelly: Attack > Health > Super
    If you are spending real money (but not a lot) in the game:
    Try to purchase the coin boost and coin doubler before you start a battle. It's equal to purchase 1000 coins with 50 gems.
    Coin Boost: + 50% extra coins from each challenge
    Coin Doubler: Doubles 1,000 gold coins altogether
    If you purchase the 14-day coin boost, try to upgrade all your Brawlers instead of focusing on particular ones. You can max 2 Brawler first and then upgrade another 2 favorite Brawlers.

older | 1 | .... | 324 | 325 | (Page 326)