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    The Amazing Adventure continues in Black Desert (KR). The developer Pearl Abyss' strategy is to gradually add new content to the game across the summer. Today they announced the second part of the huge Kamasilve expansion called Light of Healing will be released on June 29 in South Korea.

    With the second part of Kamasilve expansion the game will finally offer the complete region of the Elf world located in the south of Calpheon. The game world will be greatly expanded, and if you are wondering how large the new region will be, watch the 8-minute-long fly through trailer below.


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    The battle of the online survival arena games is quite popular these days. A couple days ago, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds became the most-played game on Steam and many people love the crazy things they can happen in the game. If you are a fan of this genre, you will definitely like Outpost Games’ new game SOS: The Ultimate Escape.

    SOS: The Ultimate Escape is a survival MMO shooter set in a isolated island. The goal of SOS is simple: find a relic, signal for extraction, and escape on the helicopter. With sixteen Contestants and only three seats on the helicopter, you’ll need to out-think, out-run, and out-fight your opponents. 

    Outpost Games also announced that SOS Alpha Phase would run from Monday the 26th of June until July 2nd. If you are interested in this game, please sign up for Alpha Test here.

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    Tencent has released a free update coming to Monster Hunter Online in China this summer. Features highlighted in this new update include 7 new monsters, new weapon talent, new map, the addition of a number of costumes and pets.

    Monster Hunter Online is available now for PC in China, and there is no words on whether this game will be launched in North America and Europe.

    New Monster




    Black Gravios(黑铠龙)

    Gold Rathian(金火龙)

    Dancing Thunder Wyvern(舞雷龙)



    New Weapon Talent

    New Map

    New Costumes

    New Pets

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    Russian developer Battlestate Games' realism-focused, story-driven FPS / MMO hybrid Escape from Tarkov will enter closed beta stage in July 2017. Players who pre-ordered the game will automatically get the access to play the CBT to take a look at the new features including a new map, weapon parts, new loot, economy rebalancing and the insurance system, etc.
    Escape from Tarkov not just has realistic, hardcore gameplay but also stunning graphics. Watch the alpha gameplay video below.

    New Gameplay Features in the Closed Beta:

    • Insurance - For a small amount of in game currency, players can insure weapons and equipment, increasing the chance of retaining it
    • Loot and Economy - The CBT will feature a new Merchant, new barter loot, medicines and additional useful items for players to buy, sell and trade. Economic balancing means items will be made available in marketplaces for barter and in loot drops based on their popularity and rarity within the economics system
    • Weapons - New weapon customization parts and ammunition types, along with the addition of the modern-classic MP5 submachine gun will offer players even more customizations in the game that prides itself on making thousands of weapon combos and upgrades possible
    • Locations - There will be a total of four locations available to play- Customs, Woods, Factory and Shoreline - all with different sizes and terrains. The Shoreline location will be newest and biggest map addition to the CBT.
    • General Chat - Chat channels will be available to all players online in the game, allowing players to share useful information and group up for raids.

    The game's storyline takes place in the Russian city of Tarkov, which has been sealed off by roadblocks and plunged into chaos as warfare rages between private military companies throughout the urban battlefield. Escape from Tarkov's Hazardous Environment Combat Simulator employs a number of custom system modules to create incredibly immersive gameplay and make players feel the reality of their surroundings. Combatants will be able to customize their weapons, creating nearly-limitless, though realistic, combinations of weapon features, while learning skills that can improve, or, in a new twist, degrade over time, depending on how much use they get from players.

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    Back in 2010, NCSoft announced Metal Black Alternative, a run and gun MOBA with hybrid gameplay that was unfortunately cancelled midway through its development. Four years later they unveiled MXM: Master X Master, a game that many call a revamped version of Metal Black Alternative. The first thing that will catch the interest of most is the fact that the title includes characters from well-known NCSoft licenses such as Blade & Soul, Lineage, Aion, Guild Wars, Wildstar. After nearly two years of beta testing, the game was finally released this month, giving me the opportunity to try and test it.

    Master X Master, while on first thought it might sound like an uninspired name, it soon makes sense when you enter the game. Indeed, MxM is based on the principle of Tag Teams: you control two characters in both PvE and PvP. Before each match or instance, you have the opportunity to pick two among your unlocked Masters. Once in game, simply press the tab key to alternate between the heroes in full action (although this switch does come with a cooldown of around 12 seconds).

    The possible combinations between the capacities of the two characters opens the way to interesting personal strategies. For example, one CC focused Master will take care of stunning your opponent, giving you the possibility of switching to a DPS focused Master to deal massive damage. Likewise, you can have a Master that will heal and support teammates, and another that will focus on chasing and killing opponents. Better yet, their two life bars are independent. Unlike other MOBAs, where a low health means that you will have to teleport back to the base, here you can simply switch to your other Master at the most critical moment, allowing the Master on standby to recover health. Do not mistake this for invincibility, however, as it takes some time for the standby master to regen health. I would also recommend that you avoid switch to a different master right before an encounter as the 12 seconds cooldown can prove to be fatal.
    MXM also differs from the traditional model of the MOBA on the side of its movements. No click to move option here since the mouse is used to direct your Master’s aim and the trajectory of their skills. No automatic targeting is available in the game either, and it will be necessary to learn to aim and especially to anticipate the enemy’s movements to hope to shine in a match. Fluid, dynamic and especially easy to learn, the movement system of MXM adds a certain verticality to their equation thanks to the introduction of jumps, allowing the heroes to climb up certain reliefs of the maps to reach objectives, enemies or even avoid attacks. Finally, there is a dodge option that also comes with a cooldown and allows players to get out of some tense situations like the harmful AOEs launched by opponents.

    The first grip of MXM takes players in a small PvE instance, consisting of trash mobs and bosses to eliminate. Fairly linear in their construction, we feel that NCSoft relies heavily on this PvE component (as well as the tag team system) to have the game stand out from its tough competition. If the first levels of difficulty are extremely easy to clean, it is quite different when it comes to aiming for the S rank, necessary to unlock the higher versions of each instance. In addition to the higher difficulty, they also provide much more experience and valuable objects.

    The bosses of the instances demand a certain rigor to be defeated: AOEs to avoid, perfect positioning at key moments, the PvE is refreshing in many ways. A feature that almost had me regret the absence of such an element in other MOBAs as it opens up opportunities for hours of group play. The PvE is not to be regarded as a shady timesink that is here just to spend time as you wait between matches, but rather as an important part of MXM for which the studio will bring additional content at regular intervals.
    In its multifaceted MOBA approach, the PvP of MXM is, for now, divided into two main game modes: a 3v3 arena and a more classic mode, known as Titan Ruins, composed of lanes and opposing bases. The arena mode is undoubtedly the one that will hold the most attention because of the condensed and decisive nature of its encounters limited to 5 minutes. Three players with controls of two characters, a closed map with some reliefs and elements of decoration to hide in, and you have a nice recipe for a casual, yet hardcore, Team Deatchmatch. Simple, effective, this mode seems to be the most popular PvP one. The other side of the PvP, the Titan Ruins mode, seems to be inspired by a certain Heroes of the Storm. The player finds himself in a team of 5 players on a mirror map consisting of lanes, a jungle and bases to capture. At each objective met, which ranges from capturing points, killing enemy masters along with other secondary goals, your team's point gauge increases. Once you have reached 100 (and with every additional 100 points from then on), you are able to summon a huge Titan that will go straight to the enemy base to wreck havoc. By its principle, this mode is very similar to that of the map of the Haunted Mines of HotS and the studio at the origin of MXM does not hide its desire to propose approaches of different objectives on each of the future maps of the title .

    The Titan mode map does not have the classic turrets placed along the lanes, they are all located inside the two bases (which still take a huge portion of the map). The heart of the fighting in mid-map resides in this sense in the confrontation against rather weak creepers, punctuated by bloody encounters between heroes who will be fighting for the various objectives. Moreover, now and then objectives that allows players to summon Fallen Hero will be available on each side of the map. This involves killing two guardians, and channeling an altar to summon the Fallen Hero. A common strategy will be having the bulk of your team focus on one side of the map, while one or two players will be on the other side to hinder opponents trying to summon the other Fallen Hero. Once one is claimed, everyone should head to the other is it is still unclaimed. Who gets the most of these can be as decisive to the result of the match as summoning Titans. Once the right conditions are met, the players themselves can turn into a Titan for a short time, which can be more than enough give the enemy’s base a final push, or save your team from a desperate situation. Mixing influences, MxM does not invent much, but offers a nice degree of finishing combined with a very good grip .
    On the evolution of the character, it will take place through the central HUB, a sort of space base stuffed with merchants of all kinds to spend your acquired currency in the various improvements of weapons, skills and skins for the characters. The number of alternate appearances of heroes is already quite impressive, proof that the costumes bring big to the publishers. Each PvP and PvE session rewards us with random loot such as runes or craft materials. Weapons can be upgraded and characters equipped with Nodes of different qualities used to improve their statistics (defense, standby healing, defense penetration, weapon damage, etc).

    Finally, the community itself seemed quite active. Most of the time, the matchmaking didn’t take more than 5 seconds to find players for Titan Ruins matches. The same could most likely be said for PvE instances and the Arena mode, although I didn’t play they enough to have an accurate idea.


    MXM represents NCSoft's attempt to enter the hyper-competitive MOBA sector, and so far the odds seem to be in their favor. The audience is already quite large, and I have no doubt that they will have no trouble with retaining players. With the focus on the PvE component, and the Tag Team feature, the studio has all the arguments to appeal and convince.

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    Funcom's The Secret World finally re-launched as Secret World Legends, a free-to-play MMORPG. Without the purchase barrier many new players will definitely be going to play this game. Here's a compilation of the beginner guides around the internet.
    You can run the game at DirectX 9 mode if you play on an old PC, and you will need to manually download the DX9 files.
    How to solve the puzzles / complete the investigation quests:
    There are many puzzles and investigation quests in the game. Puzzles in The Secret World shouldn't change too much in Secret World Legends and you can find all puzzles' guide here.
    The game doesn't have real class although the game does ask you to pick one at the beginning. And then the game allows you to choose your own playstyle by equipping any weapons and different abilities. Weapons are unlocked as you play the game and earn currency.
    You may have a total of 6 actives and 5 passives equipped at a time – you always need 1 basic ability (costs no energy, does low dps), and its recommended that you also have 1 consumer ability (costs energy, does more dps than basic). The other slots can be filled either with additional consumers, or actives (“cooldowns”), or 1 elite ability (long cd, high dps). You gain AP and SP by gaining experience, and you can also gain some by fully completing zones (all quests, fully explored, etc). Quoted from Reddit
    How to earn money in the game:
    There are 3 types of currencies in the game: Marks of Favour, Anima Shards and Aurum. Good thing is you don't have to pay real money to get any of them. Marks of Favour is earned via daily challenges. Anima Shards are earn doing quests and killing mobs and used to upgrade and fuse weapons. Aurum is premium currency to buy clothes, pets, store items, unlocks, etc. However you don't have to spend real money to get Aurum but can buy it in game from other players. Details here.

    You may see someone in the game has a lot of weapons at the beginning, and that's because he's returning player from the original The Secret World and he got his weapon carried over to the new game.

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    Booming Studio brought a playable demo of Conqueror's Blade to E3 2017, allowing western players to get their hands on the game for the first time. We took the chance to try the game and talk to the game director Wang Xi and felt Conqueror's Blade was not like any MMO in the market, and what's more, we were impressed by the game's ambition of becoming war game for global gamers.
    The combat is difficult, really difficult
    In case you don't know, Conqueror's Blade was originally called War Rage. The game director Wang Xi told us at E3 that War Rage was more like a codename and he thought it was not a good name for the global market. What's more, he said the launch version of Conqueror's Blade will be drastically different from what War Rage had. "War Rage is a fake Conqueror's Blade," Wang joked.
    I played Conqueror's Blade E3 demo, and the first impressions I had was the combat became less flashy than what's shown in War Rage's gameplay video. Wang Xi told me "there were many visual effects in combat before, and combat made the game feel like Dynasty Warrior. But now it's completely changed, it becomes realistic and hardcore. Now you are very unlikely to survive if you are surrounded by NPC troops."

    Conqueror's Blade is not an action game anymore, and it's not for players who expect Dynasty Warrior type of gameplay, it's even harder than For Honor in combat. I tried to break into a group of enemies to pave the way for my army and found the enemy soldiers weren't pawns for you to kill. The game is not MOBA, where you slay mobs and encounter enemy heroes. You have to believe that the "mobs" in Conqueror's Blade are as deadly as enemy hero when they are in proper formation and outnumber you. After got killed for several times I understood the game wasn't stressing on heroic but fighting with your troops as a group. You have to know how your troops and enemy troops fight and what their weaknesses are. In simple words you have to think first.
    There's no grinding, no repetitive quests, and no gold farming. You form an alliance with some friends, conquering other players' cities and territories in the world. That's a game I would play for a few years if the game provides a good tutorials.
    The game is developed for global market from the ground up
    Conqueror's Blade is currently only available in China but the game is not going to have a Chinese version and a western version like other Chinese MMOs. Wang Xi told me that the game is created from the ground up for international market. "Many Chinese companies release their games in China and when they make enough money in China they localize the games for oversea market. That's not going to happen in Conqueror's Blade. The game has one global version and we will try our best to release it simultaneously in the east and west. We hope western players don't see Conqueror's Blade a Chinese MMO."
    The game has generals and armies from different culture and to make sure the Crusaders are Crusaders, and Persian fight like Persian, Booming Studio has hired top artists from different culture background to help create the art and animations of western characters. "Chinese artists can design western characters for sure, but what they create always looks unnatural in the eyes of western people." Wang Xi said "the motion capture for western soldiers and generals are also done by foreign actors." I was also told that the team invited a famous writer from the west to pen the game's story.
    It has a huge world and sandbox elements

    Although in siege the game goes into 5v5, 15v15 or 30v30 matched battle, Conqueror's Blade does have a large world stretches from China to the Western Europe. The world map and sandbox elements are still in development and Wang Xi has a lot of ideas. He's even considering a way to allow players from different countries to fight in the same global server. However, it looks like the possible scenario is to have Chinese server, NA&EU server, Russian server, and South American server, because many publishers have reached out Booming Studio to talk about the cooperation.
    As for business model, Wang Xi said they were still considering it but he personally thought free-to-play model was better for this game.
    What do you of think the game, do you like a hardcore war game where you have to command your army and work with teammates to win a siege? Feel free to share your opinions.

    Related:Conqueror's Blade Interview: A Realistic Yet Romantic MMO War Game

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    NCsoft announced a special event for AION (KR) today that will allow players to fly back to 7 years ago to revisit the content released in 2010, by opening the Solution Server. However NCsoft doesn't intend to operate this nostalgic server for a long time, and instead they will open it from July 12 to August 23. Players will be able to play the nostalgic server 5 hours a day for 6 weeks.

    Character date will be deleted in Solution Server after it's closed. Starting from today South Korean players can pre-register for the server. It's guessed that NCsoft will use this event to evaluate whether it's worth it to open a formal nostalgic server. Do you want NCsoft West to host similar event in AION?

    Source: Official site

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    In the upcoming summer holiday, Chinese Portal Knights fans will be able to explore the fantasy portal world with their friends and create their own castles by their imaginations, On June 28, Duoyi Network held a big conference in Beijing and announced they would partner with 505 Games to release localised versions of action RPG Portal Knights on PC and mobile.

    The CEO of Duoyi and 505 Games

    Duoyi Network and 505 Games will develop a version of Portal Knights tailored for the Chinese market, enhancing the game with social elements and supporting cross-platform gameplay. Portal Knights is an action sandbox game that enables players to adventure across the 3D world, collect resources and craft whatever you like.

    Chinese Fan-made Temple In Game

    Portal Knights officially launched in May 2017 for western gamers, and has received numerous global awards and accolades. The Chinese version of the game will have a cheaper price and also without any additional charges.

    In addition, Duoyi Network and 505 Games also revealed the MMO Portal Knights game is under development and it is scheduled to launched globally in 2018. The MMO Portal Knights features new classes, new dungeons and other MMO elements. 

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    The launch of the new Stormblood expansion brought Final Fantasy XIV long queue and server congestion which were expected. To ease the congestion issue the game would automatically logout idle players who were away from keyboard for 30 minutes, and let those in the queue login. However a number of players used methods to circumvent the automatic logout and made heavy congestion. 

    To deal with that Square Enix announced to carry out a forced logout measure that will logout all players simultaneously across all servers once a day, and even you are in the middle of a boss battle or quest, you will be kicked out. An announcement for when this will take place will be made one hour prior via in-game system message. It sounded bad to me when I heard this but I thought otherwise after taking a second look. Previously many players intentionally stayed in the conversation with NPC to avoid being removed when they were afk. Others trie bypassing this auto-logout with different methods.  

    That said, I think this is Square Enix's issue and they should find a better way to reduce the congestion instead of kicking everyone offline. Afterall not every server has the queue issue and it does bring negative experience to players in a less congested server. What's more, there's no time frame when this will end.

    Source: official site

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    Tale of Toast is probably the most surprising indie title in the MMO scene that I've had the chance to try this year. Despite the fact that the development is yet to be completed, this little gem turned out to be far more engaging than titles from much larger studios (quick reminder that Tale of Toast is being developed by a team of 2 people), and I found myself playing for 25hrs over a single week-end during the last test.

    >> Tale of Toast First Impressions

    Those of you that have been looking forward to giving this MMORPG with hardcore PvP a try can rejoice. Another Alpha Test will be held this week-end (note that tests happen bi-weekly) and anyone willing to join can simply tag along.
    How to join?

    Simply visit the Tale of Toast website here and sign up to the newsletter. You should receive a key to be redeemed on Steam within 2 days of signing up.

    I would also recommend joining their Discord Server should you have any issues with the newsletter of the key received, or simply to discuss any question you have about the game with the developpers and other players.

    While you wait, here are some of the stats from the previous Alpha Test:
    • 500 activation codes were used.
    • 560 characters were created.
    • 2284 log ins were made.
    • 488 tickets with bugs/feedback/suggestions were created.
    • 4621 items were thrown away by players.
    • 42048 items got looted by players.
    • 594 player deaths.
    • 41660 enemies died to players.
    • 574 players were killed by monsters.
    • 15 players got killed by Bunnies.
    • 10687 Bunnies were killed.
    • 161 friendships were started during Alpha.
    • 9 friendships ended during the Alpha.
    • 0 people got ignored.
    • 45 letters got sent.
    • 1682 recipes were taught to players.
    • 1799 hours was spent playing by all players.
    • 66.3% of all in-game characters were Male, and 33.7% were Female.

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    The fragile but popular WoW emulators have been there for more than a decade. In Spring 2016 the Nostalrius server, one of the most popular WoW private servers was shut down by Blizzard. Nostalrius passed the torch to Elysium Project then.

    Here we have another WoW emulator called Burning Crusade that aims at bringing back The Burning Crusade memories many WoW fans had 10 years ago. Players who are willing to try it will be able to reach the Outlands and paly up to level 70. This free PvP server has been under construction since 2012 and recently went into open beta.

    According to the team, "development for Burning Crusade has spanned years behind closed doors and is designed to emulate a World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade private server up to retail standards."[...]"Using publicly available data, we have tackled the fundamental issues that remind players that they aren’t playing on official servers. Our software is the product of closed source development around clean professional programming standards. The goal of the project is to produce a complete and satisfying experience."

    At the time when this article was written, the emulator's website was down. Did Blizzard pay them a visit?

    Source: massivelyop

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    Based on the 3A console title, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a mobile strategy MMO licensed by Square Enix and developed by Epic Action LLC. The game has a highborn name but generic gameplay that reminds me of games like Game of War.
    Download the iOS version here and the Android version here.
    Journey through vast kingdoms, gather magical resources, and build the strongest Empire in Final Fantasy history. Fight fire with magic to defend friends and defeat foes alongside players from around the world.

    City building games on mobile games usually requires players to invest real money or a huge amount of time, and looks like Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire will be considered a money grab game by some players. We got our hands on the game when it was in beta, and you can see our opinions on the gameplay here.

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    Smilegate has teased in last year that 3 new classes: Summoner, Arcana and Destroyer will be available at the second closed beta of Lost Ark but they never revealed anything about the new classes (except for Summoner). Today the developer finally officially unveiled the 3 new classes, along with the changes in the upcoming closed beta 2 in Korea.
    Destroyer is an embodiment of destruction and a juggernaut that wields a Gravity Hammer. He can crush, pull, and blow away the enemies. Destroyer is pretty slow in attack speed but his every blow can deal huge damage.

    Arcana masters a variety of short and middle range spells and she can adapt to all types of battle situations. There's an interesting feature about Acana, that she can draw a card from her deck at the critical moment but even she won't know what it would be.

    Smilegate let us see how Summoner fights 2 years ago and they should have changed it a little bit now. The core gameplay remains the same, and she controls different creatures or spirits to fight. Summoner can summon DPS, tank, or supporter to fight alongside her but first she has to collect the ancient spirits during the adventure. Summoner herself is like Elementalist who has the flexibility to deal with different situations.
    A lot has been changed and improved since CBT1. First the character animations of movement and attacks have been improved and become more natural. Smilegate stresses that the hit and blow feel much better. On the other hand, the monsters' death animations are now more diversified according to the attacks and abilities players use.
    Existing classes get rebalanced and each one now feels more unique. For instance Warlord can now rely more on the high defense and excellent survivability, with the changes in the abilities. Bard is now more of a supporter than a magic DPS with some abilities being changed.  
    Bard's supportive spell

    The Tripod system (talent and skill system) for each class has received some changes in the purpose to allow players to customize their character's combat style with more options.
    Warlord defense stance

    Warlord's guardian skill

    Then the quest system is improved. There were feedback saying the side quests were boring compared with the main quests, while some players complained some quests took too much time, and some people wanted more intriguing quests. So some side quests have been removed for CBT2 and a special episode has been added to the main adventure quest in each region. Last but not least, many quests are modified and now fit into the entire game more naturally.   
    Also the UI and many convenience features are improved. There are many small things get fixed or enhanced.
    However, Smilegate hasn't announced when the second closed beta will start.

    Source: KR official site

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    Kritika Online OBT head start started 2days ago, and today the OBT client is going to be available for everyone to download at 8 am PDT, and the servers will open at 9 am PDT as announced on their official facebook page.

    You can download the client from this link when its available.

    And like how they made closed beta event, they are going to spread some cool events between the OBT and the official worldwide launch!

    Let's see more details about these events as mentioned on their official website.

    "Do Your Level Best For Rewards"

    It begins at lvl 15, and every five levels after that, you’ll get rewards for your character. Each rewards package includes items to help you get to the next milestone, plus special rewards at levels 15, 40, and 65.

    Level 15: Special Title—Choosy
    Level 40: White Starter Wings costume accent
    Level 65: Special Emblem—Navigator’s Star, White Angel Wings costume accent, and 1,000 Kred.

    "Attendance Marathon"

    All you have to do is tp login to daily to get a rewards box, so if you play more days during open beta, you get better rewards as the days counter gets higher.

    Daily rewards: Blessed Elixir × 3, Resurrection Stone (Bound) ×1, Alandra’s Summon Stone ×3
    Day 5: Reappraisal Scroll ×100, Recalculation Scroll ×100, Attendance Event Reward Costume Box ×1
    Day 10: Attendance Event Reward Costume Box ×1, Inferior Kagerfeld Badge ×15
    Day 15: Reappraisal Scroll ×300, Recalculation Scroll ×300, Attendance Event Reward Costume Box ×1
    Day 20: Special Edition Whetstone Box ×1, Attendance Event Reward Costume Box ×1

    Day 25:
     1,000 Kred, Halo Box (Bound) ×1

    "Daily PvP Event"

    It begins at lvl 15, you can earn daily rewards for completing at least in 3 PvP matches. You'll earn special coins whether you win or lose, and you can exchange them for rewards.

    But wait, that's not all, they said that there will be more events as announced on their website: 

    And that’s just the in-game events. Community Manager Smoreceror has a lot more up his sleeves for the coming weeks. So pay attention to our news posts and forum posts for even more open beta action! 

    Well, hope this was useful for everyone, and im so excited to play the game, i'll be waiting for you when the game begins, also stay tuned for some guides to help everyone soon ^^

    For whoever new to this game, Kritika Online is a free-to-play MMO-RPG ONLINE ANIME 3D brawler for PC that features a great combat system, stunning anime characters and art, and deep RPG progression systems.

    Kritika online facebook page 
    Kritika online website

    Specs required are detailed below:

    Minimum system requirements:

    * Windows XP or later
    * Duel Core (2GHz) or Higher
    * 2GB of Ram or more
    * Geforce 7600 / Radeon 4650

    * DirectX 9.0C or Higher 
    * 9GB free space

    Recommended system requirements:

    * Windows 7 64bit or higher
    * Quad Core (2GHz) or higher
    * 4GB of Ram or more
    * Geforce 9600 / Radeon 2850
    * DirectX 9.0C or Higher
    * 9GB free space

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    The span of 15 years is a span that is very important in transformation of people, and so do the ChinaJoy, and so do the Chinese game industry which has undergone tremendous changes in the same 15 years. Accompanying the development of China's pan-entertainment industry, ChinaJoy has grown from the initial adolescence to today's capability, a process that a young people must pass through and that makes the 15-year old teenager ChinaJoy to the real maturity. The 15-year-old ChinaJoy always adheres to its initial mission, and never changes its positive energy - when we talk about it in our gossip, what is the most fortunate we feel is having stories that we can look back, recall, and re-motion. 
    First, the Game: "April showers bring May flowers"
    For more than a decade, China's game industry has been making unremitting efforts of exploration, and the annual ChinaJoy has become an annual “pilgrimage trip” that is indispensible for Chinese game pilgrims. In everyone's expectation, the size of the pilgrimage is getting bigger and bigger like snowballing. More and more people are looking for good games in ChinaJoy, however, good works are always in short supply.
    The domestic players have been looking forward to. However, although from 2004 till now the domestic games developed rapidly, the player's taste has peppered up correspondingly. If we say game types in the early stage were rich and can meet all kinds of needs, however, things have changed as time goes by, and consumers require and demand more and more. So, the domestic game manufacturers still need to provide more, and the game types are still to be expanded. But, the game product content has reached a peak in quantity, which is why manufacturers want to innovate, players want to innovate, and all aspects need to be innovated.
    In 2004, the Chinese online game market started and began to take shape. But at that time, the internet has been far from universal, and South Korea online games almost monopolized the domestic game market. At the first ChinaJoy, the number of domestic game manufacturers was less. On the Show were only the Korean games that attracted players. Fewer EU and US manufacturers participated in, only the French Ubisoft and Finland Nokia mobile games were present in the exhibition. For the Japanese games, it only got Sony here to promote its PS2 and EQ2.

    The lack of independently-developed contents made us see the domestic game manufacturers need to be improved, and a blue ocean of the environment will become the very soil suitable for the game manufacturers to develop. In the following ChinaJoy events, the Perfect World, Tencent, Changyou, XOYO, Shanda and other national enterprises emerged, flourishing, and domestic independently-developed games were face-to-face competing with foreign products in ChinaJoy and gradually dominated in the next few years. Today, ChinaJoy has grown from the one of a pure client game show to the one of diversified development, with web games, mobile games, and Console games subsequently becoming hot spots one by one. During the successfully-held first eSmart in ChinaJoy 2016, VR/AR and other intelligent hardware industry had powerfully come to the Show; the arrival of the era of pan-entertainment has also promoted the rise of ACG culture. With 15 years of continuous progress and exploration, ChinaJoy has presented and will show more and more contents for players in the future. Today's game market is no longer a single development. The era of large-scale integration has come. If there has been no such period of exploration, how can we see today's industry flourishing?
    Second, Showgirls: However beautiful they are, they are just side shows
    Every time when talking about ChinaJoy, Showgirl is always a hot topic. Who will not fresh their eye-sights when in ChinaJoy? In 2004, the first ChinaJoy, no one can think of that beautiful girls can have such big promotion effects for game manufacturers and game shows, and it is even beyond the social significance a game show itself has. In the context of that era, there was no domestic platform that allowed game manufacturers to collectively promoting their products, so ChinaJoy's presence was undoubtedly the one that provides excellent opportunities for them. Then the question came, when all the game manufacturers gathered here, how to create the most popular booths......? In fact, the original purpose was quite simple, that is, ChinaJoy wanted to provide a place for the players to gather and play, and for the game manufacturers to show their products at booths to the players.

    If only from the Showgirl point of view, at the first ChinaJoy, actually not too many people cared about the energy of these young girls. Indeed, what actually caught up in their memory is the activity the "Westward Journey 2” for which Stephen Chow participated in person at the scene, or the “Special reports of ChinaJoy” that CCTV5 conducted two hours. This also laid the basis for ChinaJoy to become a pilgrimage land in the hearts of Chinese players. The time that really makes Showgirl famous is in the 2005 ChinaJoy when a showgirl named Sun Ting appeared on the event. Sun Ting became the most beautiful Showgirl that year, and her popularity soared to reach the peak. Now while looking back, we will find that it is maybe Sun Ting's popularity that promoted the Showgirl phenomenon.
    Over the next few years at every ChinaJoy, game manufacturers generally began to increase investment in Showgirls, and sometimes showgirls were even hotter than games. Only until 2015 when ChinaJoy issued the historically most stringent order on Showgirl, the major manufacturers started to return on the normal track.
    Attracted by the most beautiful scenery at the venue, people's attention on Showgirls may be no less than on the games. Maybe, among the Showgirls, not all of them are perfect. But we also know that girls who earn part-time living cost are not a few. The presence at the scene of those girls who bring their smile to everyone and stand on the stage all day is the most beautiful positive energy of ChinaJoy.
    Today's ChinaJoy began to strictly manage Showgirl, and officially designated a model supervision agency to implement the new rules. For Showgirls, this is undoubtedly a strong support, and is a start for Showgirls to establish social image and good reputation.
    Third, the Industry: Numerous Flowers on the Roads are Blossoming;
    In the last two years people always heard that the monopoly by game industry giants has become more and more serious, and this is inevitable when the game industry has developed to a certain stage; and if you got something to expect in the game industry, that is ChinaJoy. 

    In the past in people’s mind, ChinaJoy starting from 2004 is just a simple game show in which manufacturers issued peripheral products, and this is repeated year after year. Today, ChinaJoy is no longer a simple game show. It contains broader and far richer contents. 
    Early years, due to technical constraints, games produced were rough and single, and often just with simple pictures and stories and gameplays to create a game system. And a single-player game just occupied a few Gigabytes. But now, even a mobile game that is with beautiful picture would often occupy a few Gigabytes in your mobile phone memory. In fact, this is the development of the game. From music, pictures, plot, and setting to the story system, all has been carefully crafted. The reason why game is called the ninth art is precisely because it integrates more Kind of art forms, and integration has become the biggest trend in the era of pan-entertainment.
    In 2016, ChinaJoy was undergoing new upgrade, covering comprehensive fields of pan-entertainment, and film & television, animation and online literature has become indispensable elements in ChinaJoy. The “both Soft and hard" strategic layout is a new attemptand a change for adapting to the development and transformation of the times, and more importantly, it is a stick to the initial vision and mission of ChinaJoy. Today's ChinaJoy has long not been a single game show, but the one that integrates a lot of sectors that no doubt will be more worth seeing. 
    In the 15 years, ChinaJoy has all the way witnessed the growth of the Chinese game industry, its changes, upgrades ...... and the experiences in the past have become valuable assets. What will be really left will become the glorious history of Chinese game industry. Nowadays, this young teenager is moving wisely and maturely. It needs us to look into the future or what will happen, with our positive energy. Only in this way can we carry forward the social responsibility of ChinaJoy, and really realize the significance in development of China's game industry.

    The ChinaJoy 2017 Trade Visitor Passes and Conference Passes are on sale! Buy now to enjoy a discount! Ticket Address:

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    As an annual event that currently is most influential in global pan-entertainment field and is an industrial weather vane, ChinaJoy has successfully held 14 galas. Every year in late July, practitioners and professionals of the global game industry and game fans alike gather here in Shanghai to enjoy this lavish feast. This year, the 15th ChinaJoy, which is the themed as “To Share Pan-Entertainment after Peering in 15 Years", will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Center through July 27 to July 30, 2017.
    To highlight this year’s expo theme of "Pan-entertainment" and to cover more the contents of pan-entertainment, ChinaJoy will also hold concurrent events of the Global Smart Entertainment Hardware Expo (eSmart), China International Comic & Animation World Amazing Expo (CAWAE), and the World Mobile Game Conference and Exhibition (WMGC).
    In order to enable everyone to have a more intuitive and vivid understanding of ChinaJoy, the editors here sorted out the brilliant moments that ChinaJoy experienced in the latest three years. Let’s together follow the editors to review these ChinaJoy classic moments in the three years. Here we go! ~ 
    ChinaJoy 2014: To meet the industry’s new developments and new opportunities
    The ChinaJoy2014 has flashed out a number of hot spots, such as game manufacturers joining hands with film makers and the Internet to lead the trend; hot IP competition; mobile games emerging as a huge sector; and 13 years after the ban on the host game is lifted, Sony and Microsoft and other overseas producers first face-to-face competing in ChinaJoy and in the domestic market – Xbox One announced to enter China, and Sony’s star products were lined up to make China’s debut.
    Mobile games
    In the CDEC Summit, the participants from the game industry have said that the explosive growth of the mobile games provides new opportunities for various game producers. But for the client game manufacturers, they had to go through transformation before they can make greater development.
    Take the domestic client games manufacturer -The Perfect World- as an example. The Perfect World, when the tide of mobile games has boomed, it has already made the transformation by playing out its own advantages, and has thus released some mobile game products, with the "Condor Heroes", "Fantasy", "Forsaken World" and "Cross Gate" asits representative works.
    Enhanced Quality of Client games
    Although mobile games in the ChinaJoy2014 had the limelight, yet Client Games was still the main force in the Chinese market. What is different from previous blowout of client game works and highly-homogenized competition is that the works shown on ChinaJoy2014 are mostly masterpieces, including "Archery Zero", "TERA", and "The Third Sword" and other end products, and are diverse in types and differentiated significantly.  
    At the same time on the ChinaJoy2014, the game manufacturers also suggested that the only and ultimate way out for client games is by optimizing product structure, improving game quality, targeting segmented crowd, expanding into the international client game market, and taking differential development paths.
    Xbox One entered China Market
    How the news of Microsoft Xbox One entering into China could not become explosive news and a hot spot to watch in the ChinaJoy2014? No Way. It is the first overseas mainframe host that enters the China market after the ban is lifted.
    Among the premier games, the "Neverwinter Online”, as the only third-party game products, is recognized as the only masterpiece game that is most sincere in development and most attractive, and Microsoft has also highly regarded the game’s XBox version in terms of its screen effect, operating experience, game content and other aspects of performance.
    PS4 All-Star Products Lineup
    Since the ban on foreign game host is lifted in the mainland, Sony and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group reached an agreement to plan introduction of Sony’s game hardware products, so this year’s ChinaJoy has become the official large-scale event for Sony to make PlayStation family debut.
    In the Sony booth center, it was the game masterpiece "Gran Turismo 6”. In addition, the organizers also opened a cool local tycoon BMW M4 Coupé placed in a prominent position, making people feeling as if in an auto show. At the ChinaJoy, Sony prepared 15 game works for players to experience, covering PS4, PS3, PS Vita and PS Vita TV, and some of them were games shown in Chinese words. 
    ChinaJoy2015: Make happiness simpler
    From client games to browser games to mobile games, the game industry has evolved from the one that is dominated by only a type of the games to the one that is shared by the three. Trends of the game industry has always changed, and also moved to the right direction. In 2015, mobile games have become the largest brightest spot in the ChinaJoy.
    Mobile games
    With the efforts of domestic game manufacturers constantly putting on game quality enhancement and game brand construction, in the mobile game era the domestic mobile games have also bid farewell to the embarrassment that they operated without IP, and no fans, but only by simply imports to attract users. They were now ushering a new era that relies on game quality and brand to attract fans.
    Major manufacturers began to focus on mobile games, and the ChinaJoy2015 become a platform for the major manufacturers to display their flagship mobile games.
    Intellectual Property (IP)
    In the Summit Forum of ChinaJoy2015, IP has become a hot spot. Games with high-quality IP emerged in a large quantity. For this, good games, animations, films and other quality works played a very good role in promoting games’ quality enhancement.
    With the acceleration of Chinese enterprises going global, the domestic and domestic browser games and mobile games also show out the advantages of original IPs. Although the Chinese enterprises are quite hunger for IP, however, due to high cost of IP access, major manufacturers should operate with independent IPs and self-brands and long-term goals.
    Wearable device
    ChinaJoy is not just a stage to purely show the games. On the site of the ChinaJoy2015, in order to allow players have a better experience in paying the demo games, there came a considerable number of wearable devices. Wearable devices link the "virtual world" and "real world" during the gaming, blurring the boundaries between game and life, and enhancing the player's user experience.
    ChinaJoy2016: Embracing Pan-entertainment in the New Era of Games
    At the ChinaJoy2016, VR, E-Sports and live broadcaster greatly feast people eyes; and at the same time, major manufacturers also staged one by one invisible strength competitions.
    If we say that VR in 2015 was just a concept or a trend, then a year later it has been flourishing. Just within a year, major hardware manufacturers have launched their own VR equipment.
    In the exhibition site of the 2016ChinaJoy, any producer who has VR products has set up a large area for players to experience. However, this is not enough; it is still in short supply, as at almost all experience areas, players were lined up with a long queue for experiencing. For average consumers, a complete set of VR equipment is expensive, but for a game fan, VR games is just like a new continent, full of infinite magic, and they naturally will not let go any experiencing opportunity.
    Completely different from previous ChinaJoy where showgirls stood on stage and peripheral products were released, at ChinaJoy2016, a number of heavyweight booths, including booths of Tencent, Blizzard and the Giant Interactive Group Inc., have carried out their own E-Sports or gaming performances, attracting players and onlookers from around the world.
    Among them, mobile E-Sports had particularly become a hot spot in the 2016ChinaJoy. Different from the traditional PC gaming, the mobile e-sports refers to the e-sports race on terminals (mobile phones, flat, etc.), and because of its popularity and its increasing enjoyment and technics that gradually catches up with the PC's, it is considered to be the future trend in e-sports.
    Live Broadcaster
    At the 2016 ChinaJoy, broadcasters were gathering here, creating a new beautiful landscape.
    The editors interviewed several broadcasters, and found their identities are also quite different. Among them, some are personal broadcasters, that is, they register on a live platform to stroll live; some are broadcasters hired by game platforms who through the game platform live broadcast certain contents, mainly about things for promotion; and some are media who broadcast the event through live video coverage.
    Looking back the grand show of ChinaJoy in the past three years, are you more interested in this year's ChinaJoy? Indeed, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of ChinaJoy, a milestone and a historical moment of China Digital Entertainment Expo & Conference, ChinaJoy this year will be grander and more spectacular than ever. As for what eye-catching products will appear on this year’s event, and how the major manufacturers will launch how high-quality games, let us wait and see the opening of the ChinaJoy2017. 
    The ChinaJoy2017 professional audience tickets (passes) and conference hearing tickets are now sale! Buy now to enjoy a discount! Ticket Address:

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    Snail Games announced today details of the bestiary for the upcoming dark fantasy multiplayer survival game, Dark and Light. In the latest development update, players learn how to utilize Bestiary creature cards to track and learn details about in-game creatures.

    The world of Dark and Light is full of mysterious, magical creatures that may be difficult to track. While many creatures can only be found in specific locations, others obtain special abilities and elemental immunities that make hunting or taming them a difficult task. To help players keep record of the creatures they’ve encountered, slayed, and tamed, the Dark and Light team has added the Bestiary cards to inventory the beasts and track which ones have or have not yet been dominated.

    Every creature in Dark and Light will have its own creature card in the Bestiary. At the start of the game, all creature cards appear in grey which indicates that the creatures have not yet been conquered. Once a creature is defeated, the card is updated in color and players will receive a notification that the creature’s card has been unlocked. Once a Bestiary card is unlocked, players can view additional details and lore about the creature by clicking on its card.

    Basic creature information can be located on the Bestiary cards in the four icons under the creature image, which provides helpful details about the in-game beasts such as aggression level, diet preferences, tamability and more.

    A wolf, for example, is incredibly aggressive and will attack other creatures on sight, which is indicated by the single sword icon under its portrait. The wolf is also carnivorous, can be tamed and ridden if equipped with the proper reins once captured and tamed.

    The Dark and Light development team continues to polish the game’s visuals, address major bugs and add content, while optimizing the game with faster load times and increased performance as they prepare for Early Access Launch.

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    It's been a tradition that Blizzard has to do a lot of extra work to modify their games' content to meet the regulations and laws of China. Diablo 3 has just released the new Necromancer character but it may not please players who purchase the Chinese version. With the modifications of the Necromancer content, Chinese players can barely feel the sense of death and rot, and instead they may be shocked. Look at the comparison screenshots below.

    First of all, the bloody flesh becomes some kind of... fossil?

    And the skeletons turns dark, and looks more creepy.
    Here's the most shocking one, and it looks like the oil's spurting out 

    Obviously the modified version just turns all gory and bloody things to black. 

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    Resultado de imagem para la tale
    La Tale is a 2D side scroller developed by Actoz Soft and the game aims at anime MMO gamers and those who like the MapleStory type of experience. The game had been published by OGPlanet in NA since 2008 and it closed down on June 28 2017. The game was immediately picked up by Vertigo Games America via its portal Papaya Play. The game has relaunched now..

    OGPlanet's player data won't be transferred to Papaya Play's server. However players will be able to mark their accounts as a "legacy" by completing a form on the Papaya Play website. Legacy accounts will receive unique rewards upon first login. And even those who did not have an account will get special package with several items.

    Alongside the relaunch, the Call of the Goddess expansion will be introduced into the game. It adds a lot of new contents:

    • More content for level 200+ like Temple of Seres
    • New Legend Skills
    • More than 100 New Quests
    • 5 New Areas
    • More than 30 Monsters
    • New Runestone System

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