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To Play and to Know MMO Games Better.

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    Wild West Online developer 612 Games announced today that at alpha, the game's will open at least NA, EU and SEA servers. More servers could open if it's needed, the dev said on Twitter. 

    On the other hand, the first gameplay video that's supposed to released today was delayed because it's not completed. 

    Wild West Online is a GTA style open world MMO. You can choose your path and role in the game world but will be responsible for a lot of behaviors in the game with the reputation system. Being an outlaw you can rob the bank, rob the train. You can lie, cheat, and murder but you will need to get ready to be hunted down by players choose to become enforcers and bounty hunters.

    Learn more about the game at the game hub or official site.

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    LawBreakers is finally opened to everyone for the first time with the open beta. If you like some fast-paced shooting and action experience but haven't played this game, download the open beta client at Steam and check out the thrilling, gravity-defying combat. Be noted that the first open beta event doesn't last very long and it will end on July 5 at 9 am PDT.

    The beta includes:  

    • New Map: Vertigo – located in a remote location in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Vertigo is a high-altitude reconnaissance outpost with near suborbital elevation;  
    • New ModeUplink – capture the uplink in the centre of the map and deliver to your team base, continuing to protect it until points are earned;
    • Weapon Stickers – players can test a new customisation feature and earn a special Beta participant Weapon Sticker by completing five matches during the event. This reward transfers to the full release of the game at launch.

    LawBreakers is a multiplayer FPS in which the laws of physics are shattered, creating intense gravity-defying combat across a futuristic landscape. Players choose whether to fight to uphold the "Law" or go out for blood as a "Breaker," as they take part in a conflict raging across locations including the boiling oceans off the Santa Monica coastline to a gravity-ravaged Grand Canyon. The game will officially launch on August on Steam and PS4.

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    I've been looking forward to Need for Speed Edge since it's announced in 2015. The MMO is based on Need for Speed Rivals so it uses the same Frostite 3 engine and has a lot of maps that players of Rivals are familiar with.
    I was excited about Need for Speed Edge because it's an MMO that boasts the biggest car lineup in the history of the NFS franchise, it allows you to trade cars with other players, and it has a car building system which is never seen in any other NFS games.

    Recently I got the opportunity to play the China pre-open beta version published by Tencent Games. Car control feels the same to Need for Speed Rivals, and the graphics isn't compromised. What's more the Item Battle mode is intense for it not just challenges your driving skill but also your brain — you have to make the right and fast decision on when to use an item to attack or counter your opponents.

    However, all the excitement just remains in the PvE mode, not in PvP. In PvP matchmaking the game is all about how “powerful” your car is. I got a Golf GTi with stats (max speed, acceleration, endurance and so on) rates at 227 and I barely stand a chance against cars with about 247 stats rate. How to increase the state rate? Grind for parts or spend money in the store to get them fast. It’s a bit frustrated that the car stats overruns player skill almost completely. Hopefully Tencent Games will balance it otherwise the matchmaking will be a party for money-spending players.

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    If you are a fan of the Assassin’s Creed and you are going to buy a new phone, Huawei Honor 9 will be your perfect choice since Assassin’s Creed Unity mobile spin off will be available exclusively on the new Honor 9 for 6 months, and it will end up in the mobile devices globally after that.

    According to the game's screenshot, Assassin’s Creed Unity mobile appears to be a 2D platform action game featuring anime art style incorporated into its 3D graphics. Ubisoft hasn’t revealed much information about the game and we are still yet to know when the game will be released globally on IOS and Android.

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    Maybe Netease Games was just planning to put Twilight Spirits' open beta version onto Steam to see how players thought about the game but they messed up. Just a few days after the game released on Steam the negative reviews have made up 65% of all reviews. And so now the game is "mostly negative" on its Steam page.
    First of all the game supports Chinese language only but it's available for everyone. People who don't speak Chinese can't understand the story as well as most gameplay content. Then the server is in China and players are complaining about the connection and crashing issues in their reviews. The other things people didn't like was overpriced cosmetic items, graphics was set at medium, repetitive combat content, and all kinds of errors, etc.
    The developer immediately posted a statement on Steam to apologize for the poor launch. They said they were scheduling a timetable to optimize the major issues including:

    • The explanation in the Tutorial section is not clear enough;
    • Default graphic setting is not the finest level of the game;
    • Some of the control settings do not fit in with Steam Players’ requirements;
    • The game lags under some of the graphic display settings;
    • Should be able to use Roman alphabet to name a character;
    • An English version is in urgently need;
    • The character designs should be more diversified.
    Now the team is working on the following:
    • Set the default graphic display as the finest. After which, players can adjust the graphic display level under the settings menu in the game;
    • Improve the guides and explanations in the tutorial section;
    • Make it available to use Roman characters to name a character;
    • Optimize the experience of players with integrated graphics cards.

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    Developed by Runic Games and published by Perfect World Entertainment, the Torchlight Mobile spin named Torchlight: The Legend Continues was launched in China late 2016. Half a year later, the English version game finally soft launches in some other regions of the world.  

    Torchlight: The Legend Continues is a hack 'n' slash action game with gorgeous cartoon visuals, various loots and equipments as well as distinctive characters. As a mobile exclusive follow up, the game inherits those classic feature of the game, such as random map, pet system, fish gameplay and more.

    If you are interested in Torchlight: The Legend Continues, you can download the Android version game here. The iOS version has only been soft launched in the Philippines App Store.

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    Funcom's shared-world MMORPG Secret World Legends is only one week old but the game has been ready to bring in new contents. Update 2.0.1 will introduce in elite dungeon system that offers 10 difficulty levels for the dungeons. Each difficulty will increase the challenge of the dungeon as well as the loot that can be gained.

    This week patch also improves the Patron Benefits. This means that players will receive double the amount of AP and SP from experienced earned. Additionally Marks of Favour Patrons receive from challenges will be increased by 20%.

    Another change added to Patrons is that they can teleport for free in addition to being able to Anima Leep for free. Based on players feedback, Funcom decided that crates will have a greatly increased chance to reward Extraordinary talismans and weapons instead of Distilates, when you are in a story dungeon. Other details about this week patch can be found of game's website.

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    Bandai Namco has announced its upcoming multiplayer-focused action game Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker will launch  across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in both NA and EU sometime early next year.

    As an official licensed game, Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker is a multiplayer online game set in the universe of Naruto. Players will have the pleasure of fighting with their favorite characters and discovering a new gameplay style set in thrilling 3D environments with a completely new graphic style.

    The game features 4-versus-4 team based gameplay with eight ninjas fighting simultaneously. In addition, there is also dynamic third-person ninja gameplay lets players take advantage of the arena environment verticality by jumping and running onto the wall and maps.

    Similar to those traditional MOBA game, Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker introduces different roles such as tank, DPSer and healer.According to the trailer, we can see the characters like Naruto, Sasuke, and Team 7, and there will be more characters coming out when it officially launches.

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    If you're here to see some Overwatch review, well, you just got jubaited! Welcome to Transformers Online

    Tencent announced the close beta test two months before the release of the upcoming Transformer movie The Last Knight, for a wonderful celebration and promotion of the film. In comparison to the last close beta test, the CBT offered a redesign of the abilities of all the Transformers and the combat system, so it’s a pretty huge upgrade. Now an open beta is on stage.
    (new character Arcee released in open beta)

    Before I go on any further about this game, let's begin by asking you this:

    I want you to tell me which one is Transformers OL and which one is Overwatch?
    And the answer is...yep you’re right, I'm not gonna tell you.

    Now behold, this is not an Overwatch vs Transformers Online comparison article. This is a first impression review on Transformers Online’s gameplay during its close beta test. I will leave you to figure out what the differences are between the two games on your own...

    ..for the rest of your life.

    Let's take a peek at the specs:

    Guess what, like any other upcoming Unreal Engine 4 games (Dark and Light, Age of Wushu 2), you need 16gb memory! Haha! RIP memory.
    Nah, Tencent just wanted to scare ya xD, I can run this baby on an 8gb toaster alright. Hmm, do you smell something burning?


    Now, most of the character designs is based on the cartoon version:
    Bringing back any old childhood memory of yours?
    (“Well, I’m too old for this s***!”.) No you’re not! Keep reading!

    However, there are a few Transformers that come with both movie and cartoon skins like Optimus and Ratchet. They will eventually release more movie skins for the rest of the… aliens. Yes, it’s a fun fact that Transformers were depicted as extraterrestrial living beings.
    There’s a preview button on the character screen that allows you to switch the transformation back and forth from bot mode to vehicle mode.

    Now, I know what you’re thinking - "I can smash that s*** as many times as I want! That will be enough for the entire gameplay!"

    Game Modes

    They have different game modes along with different maps:

    Escort, Control Points, Death Match, and Assault. You can choose between Quick Play, Play vs Ai, Competitive Play or Custom Game.

    Don’t those options remind you of…
    Ok, alright, let's not go there.
    The matchmaking takes about 20 seconds during the close beta . There is a quite number of custom games you can find. So I’d say the player population is fairly good. The open beta would be even better.

    Prematch stuff:
    Settings: you can adjust your graphic, sound, and controls. This game has decent amount of options provided like you can adjust low, medium, high, ultra along with other detailed graphic options and decent list of screen ratios.

    Besides from choosing different skins for your character, you can equip runes to make your character stronger. There’s a rune page, you know, something similar to League of Legends. During the CBT, you can store up to two presets and you choose one of them during the character selection stage before diving into the game.

    Examples of the runes: Increase in melee attack speed, range attack strength, armor penetration, shield cap, energy pool, energy regen rate, etc.



    Besides how they are divided into different classes, each character’s strength varies in different range attacks. Some are stronger in long range, short range, or melee attacks, etc.
    Character abilities and controls:

    During battle, each transformer can transform into vehicle mode, melee mode or FPS mode.

    Depending on which character you use, some come with 4 abilities, while others come with 5. By default, left click for normal range or melee weapon attack, right click for special ability that is unique for each transformer, E is your ult that is also unique, Shift for mobility skills – some transformers have teleportation while others trigger speed buff, so it depends. Q is a switch between FPS mode and melee attack mode. Abilities have cooldowns, especially your ultimate skill’s CD is pretty long just like You-Know-What made by Blizzard.
    (a transformer going invisible)

    Each transformer is equipped with unique weapons, range and melee - shotgun, machine gun, lazor with slower projectile speed, electric laser, hit scan, and so on.
     (Scope view of a sniper rifle - 2x level magnification.)
    Your shield is your first layer of defense followed by your actual HP. Shield has quick auto regen while HP doesn’t. And noobs, don’t blame your heal support if you rushed to the front line trying to 1vM.
    For all you Autobot die heart fans out there, sorry but Decepticons come with an extra gun with their vehicles. While Autobots still want to leave their fans an impression that their aesthetic is cooler looking on their non-military vehicles, well, prepare to increase the cost of your car insurance.

    There are different buffs you can grab in the field. If you plan to save them up, they’re gone for good :D

    Post Game

    You can keep track of your scoreboard, Win Rate, KDA, number of kills in all games in total, etc.

    There are Daily Quests and Progressive Sidequests, which you can earn rewards like currency, supplies, and player XP. Reward items are sent to you as attachment in your mail in the lower right corner.

    You can purchase runes, different character skins and weapon skins.

    Sometimes Tencent hosts prize or activity events with free stuff: 

    My thoughts on this game...
    Pretty fun game overall. When it comes to gaming, I’m kind of picky in graphics. For this game, the graphic is not bad, pretty optimized for those who have a lower end pc.
    I don’t think however, they have fully made use of the functions in Unreal 4. Their art design concept on the other hand, looks a bit confusing in terms of the objective - are they going for a cartoony style like Overwatch, or rather a realistic style, or even surreal? I think character modeling could’ve been better with more details but again it has to do with their art design concept in the first place. The color rendering is fairly good speaking relatively as a cartoon based game. Lighting and shadow effect, not at the top of the line but decent enough if you’re not looking for anything cinematic. As I said, I’m kinda demanding on graphics.
    I don’t really like the distortion they have for those vehicle models, it could be caused by the FoV but it doesn’t look natural, not to mention the presentation of its partial coverage unless you really have to lower your camera angle to make out its wholeness. It only applies to large vehicles, smaller ones like racing cars are less problematic.

    Now diving into the gameplay, 9 maps for a MOBA game is pretty decent.

    In terms of impact and hit effect…

    There's room for improvement for more particle effects, as well as the animations of a character’s or object’s reaction when being hit. Although there is knock back effect spotted a few times, it's not enough to be thrilling.

    The sound effect of explosion and object contact is pretty neat. As a FPS game, if they add in normalization of sound relative to changes in distance for any gun shot, it would've enhanced the overall gaming experience. The voice over is a little weak though, it needs to be more dramatic and volatile imo, it sounds sloppy sometimes, that those transfomers are like they have just gone through hibernation.
    Pathing: Vehicle movement and the vehicle’s pathing is a little awkward but it’s not a huge deal to me, the physic doesn't seem quite normal there but it doesn’t affects the gameplay much.

    If you ask me about the character balance, such subject matter is hard to discuss, as I would probably need to spend hours and hours in this game before I can sort what each character is really capable of and give a fair judgement. However, just based on what I experienced so far, there isn’t a huge DPS gap between each character unless like in a situation where a sniper is going in for some easy kills while the opposing team clustered a bunch, or… if you’re John Wick, headshotting Transformers..for the entire game. As for the balance in matchmaking, occasionally there are few situations where a heavy leaning on one side, but most of time the score gap is pretty flat and steady. It also has to do with your skills as well, so debating on a player’s level on paper vs a player’s actual skill will put you in a misery of discussion.

    My Evaluation:

    Graphic Quality: 7.0/10
    Art Design: 7.0/10
    Sound/Music: 7.3/10
    Gameplay/Content: 7.5/10
    Story Illustration and Lore: N/A
    Overall Score: 7.2/10

    My note: this article is not sponsored nor paid, and completely self-voluntarily written. The personal views and opinions from this article is not related to the standpoint of the Official or the media.

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    The record set by Lineage 2: Revolution in terms of popularity and sales didn't last too long, as Lineage M went even further. Launched on June 21st in Korea, Lineage M quickly took over the first position on both App Store and Google Play.

    In less than two weeks after its launch, Lineage M gathered more than 7 million players. According to NCsoft, on the day of its launch Lineage M boasted 2.1 million daily active users, and has managed to maintain 1.5 million users on a daily basis ever since.

    In terms of cash flow, this mobile MMO scored an average of 9 billion Korean Won ($7.8 million) on a daily basis. In this short period of time, the game's revenue reached around $90 million. To mark the game's massive player base, a commemorative event will be held until July 20th, as the dev seeks to give something back to the users as a reward for their support.

    Labeled as an open world MMO, Lineage M brings back the gameplay and the visuals (with higher resolution) from the 19-years-old PC MMO to mobile platforms.

    Source> mmoculture

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    Maybe you haven’t heard about this game before, but it is definitely the most popular mobile game in China. Developed by Tencent Games, King of Glory (王者荣耀) and it’s currently China’s top grossing iOS mobile game and also the most lucrative mobile game all over the world. According to CNG, game’s Q1 revenue is around 880 million US dollar. 

    With more and more young players entering the game, parents and teachers have complained that children were becoming addicted to the King of Glory. Responding to complaints, Tencent Games implements the strictest anti-addiction rule for young players especially for the users under 12 years old.

    Users below 12 years of age will be limited to 1 hour of play time each day, while those aged between 12 years and 18 years will be limited to 2 hours a day, Tencent said. Besides, users below 12 years are also forbidden to log in the game after 9PM and also have a maximal real-money consumption in game.

    Do you think game developer should implement strict anti-addiction rule for young gamers? Please leave a comment below to tell us. 

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    Japan's Internet community and culture has switched rapidly, and we witnessed relationships and marriages to avatars, although it's typically been within the confines of the virtual world.

    To make its newest adult game stand out from rest, Japanese company Hibiki is giving users the chance to marry their virtual girlfriends in LovelyxCation by a real life wedding, with the help of VR technology.

    On June 30, first LovelyxCation virtual wedding was held in Japan. We can see the bridegroom wear a HTC Vive headset, standing with his favorite character in LovelyxCation. The whole wedding looks similar to the regular wedding. To create the most realistic wedding, introduces a sponge-like haptic device for groom kiss.

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    Icarus is the Russian version of Riders of Icarus and it just has an open beta date. Russian publisher 101XP will kick off the OBT on July 21, 2017. Russian players can purchase Founder Packs starting at $5 to get a head start for OBT.

    Players who own the $50 Founder Pack gets a 3 days head start and can create characters starting from July 13. In OBT stage, players can progress up to level 35.

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    Drifter's upcoming VR co-op action shooter Gunheart allows you to gear up as robotic bounty hunters to fight alien enemies. There 2 moving modes, the traditional teleport mode and the strafe mode. The strafe mode is for players who want to make cool dodge and jumping and won't feel sick. Take a look at the gameplay video below to see the 2 modes.

    Gunheart is a Unreal Engine 4 game that gives you an arsenal of technologies and killing machines to blast, hack and mow the enemies down. You can also use your multi tool to grab barrels, crates and even badguys and use them as makeshift weapons, lob them off cliffs or just rip them limb from limb.
    The game supports full cross-play between Oculus Touch and HTC Vive and will start early access on Steam later this year.

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    If you are new to Master X Master, there are a few features and terms that will end up being somewhat confusing. Attunements are one of those, and I myself remember wondering if it was affecting my games. So what are attunements?

    Attunements are basically elements that are assigned to Masters as well as enemies you will encounter as you play. There are three of them, namely Ardent (red), Helix (green) and Kinetic (blue). Think of Ardent as Fire, Helix as Nature/Plant, and Kinetic as Water. Ardent is effective against Helix, Helix is effective against Kinetic and Kinetic is effective against Ardent. Likewise, Ardent will be less effective against Kinetic, Kinetic will be less effective against Helix, and Helix will be less effective against Ardent (see the image below). While you may think that this will affect your damage against other Masters in PvP matches (I know I did), a quick look in the in-built guide will tell you that attunements will only affect your PvE content as well as the Titans in Titan Ruins.
    This will be especially important in PvE maps where the monsters and bosses will all have attunements. While the extra damage you get from attunements may seem negligible (+15%), it can be quite essential in PvE instances to get the S ranks required to unlock the next difficulty level, even more so when compared to using a Master with an attunement disadvantage (-15%), which brings the total difference between their damage to 30%. And while this isn't as essential in Titan Ruins, having a few Masters with the right attunements on your side can really hinder an enemy push.
    Finding out the attunements if your Masters is also pretty easy. Simply check their status though the Masters' Information tab, and it will be shown on the right. This is simplified in PvE stages, where the Masters with an attunement advantage will glow during the selection phase.

    List of stages and their attunements

    Caligo FactoryAttunement TypeArdent
    • Munitions Factory
    • Tesla Lab
    • Arms Factory
    • Mainframe

    LacrimosaAttunement TypeKinetic
    • Derelict
    • Power Plant
    • Highcrest Tower
    • Station

    Rentu LaboratoryAttunement TypeKinetic
    • Breeding Chamber
    • Research Wing
    • Trial Facility
    • Disposal Center

    KarithAttunement TypeHelix
    • Forest
    • Sanctuary
    • Tribal Grounds
    • Caverns

    NuuranAttunement TypeHelix
    • Outskirts
    • Battlefield
    • Ruins
    • Ghost Town

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    Intrepid Studios confirmed in the most recent livestream their anticipated sandbox MMORPG Ashes of Creation will be playable to the public at PAX Prime 2017 in September. Character creation and some combat/class contents will be available to those at the event, according to the developers. PAX Prime 2017 starts on September 1 in Seattle.

    Ashes of Creation is running the summer crowdfunding campaign now until July 21. You can become a backer by purchasing one of the packages ranging from $25 to $5050. According to the package information, the game will be opened to backers around the end of 2018.
    Ashes of Creation is a high fantasy MMO with subscription model. You can expect lots of freedom in the open world game, including the ability to make the trade run or attack others' caravan, the possibility to create an extreme versatile of items in crafting, and the dynamically changing quest chains which are based on your choices, etc. 

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    Korean mobile MMORPG has already taken global market by storm, and last month we witnessed a successful game Lineage 2: Revolution enter the global market. Besides, there are more games coming out in 2017. Recently Gamevil’s ambitious mobile MMORPG, Royal Blood, made an appearance at Unite Europe 2017.

    As a main project for Gamevil, Royal Blood has a large developer team of more than 100 people. Unlike other mobile MMORPGs which powered by Unreal Engine 4, Royal Blood uses Unity to bring a PC-caliber MMORPG experience to mobile devices.

    Royal Blood features various distinctive characters, dynamic open world as well as seamlessly map and events. In addition, the game also focuses on PVP. 100vs100 guild wars and large-scale raids which requires players from the whole server to participated in will be introduced to the game.

    Royal Blood is scheduled to be released globally on Google Play and App Store in 2017.

    Source: MMOCulture

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    In real life situations, people can perceive warmth in some ways and the game will apply the same with such setting. If you're stepping into a very hot zone you will get a debuff, increasing the rate of stamina consumption, and the rate increases regardless of what activities you're doing.

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    After a successful soft launch in some western countries last December, Blackbeard has announced this cyberpunk action RPG Dystopia: The Crimson War launches in Korea today, and the global release is coming soon.

    Developed by former Call of Duty and Blade & Soul designers, Dystopia: The Crimson War has gained much attraction in early days development. Dystopia: The Crimson War has a distinctive battle system, allowing users to enjoy dynamic battles with one hand via optimized control system for mobile. 

    Rhythmical attack and consecutive inputs offers the good experience of the action RPG. Especially, the automated battle system created by a new AI that learns user’s play patterns presents a new challenge to those that are tired of simple game plays.

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    Last month, Mistwalker, a studio owned by the man who created Final Fantasy, announced two new games to follow up on its popular Terra Battle. Terra Battle 2 and Terra Wars are both planned for PC and mobile platforms in the free-to-play model. Terra Battle 2 is slated for release in Japan and North America Summer of 2017, and in the Anime Expo 2017, we saw some new gameplay.

    In the Anime Expo 2017, Japanese famous coser Miss Habit put her hands on the game. In the video, we find out Terra Battle 2 combat is mostly similar to its predecessor, with the main mechanic being the need for players to surround enemy units with friendly units to be able to attack.

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