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    Action mobile game is the most popular genre in Korea, and ED Games has recently published a new action game named S.O.D.A(Shine on Dark Age)which combines shooting game element with robust character system. The game just kicks off pre-registration in Korea, and hopefully the game will also be released in western market.

    As an action shooter game, S.O.D.A features beautiful anime characters and visually-stunning combat. Players are able to choose one of 17 Ace members and fight against waves of alien invaders. There are 11 chapters which include more than 200 missions such as special trainning, base defense and infected attacks. Besides, you can also join the PvP arena to fight against others.

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    LytoMobi, the mobile game branch under SEA publisher Lyto Games, has just kicked off pre-registration event for the upcoming action-packed ARPG, Shadowblood. By pre-registering, players will receive notice when the game launches and will also receive several exclusive in-game items.

    Developed by Korean studio UTPlus Interactive, Shadowblood is a dark theme action RPG featuring splendid combat visuals, real-time PvP, extensive weapons, various skills, and a vast world. There are 4 playable classes for you to choose from, including Assassin, Ranger, Berserker, and Magician, and each type of character has its unique play style. You can check out the new gameplay trailer above.

    Source: MMOCulture

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    It’s clear that old video games never really die. Graphics change and more buttons appear on the controllers, but a good game is a good game regardless of the time it was made. But not everyone has the means or patience to deal with decades-old hardware, which is why emulators are absolutely flourishing at the moment. With either Raspberry Pi or many other alternatives out there, gamers have been using these single board computers to help bring old games back to life.

    So, with all these historic games having a rebirth of sorts, this got us thinking: What exactly is the best decade for video games? Including the 80s, 90s, and 2000s, Even though many incredible games have been released this decade, we’re going to exclude the 2010s because, well, the decade hasn’t ended yet. We’ll list a top three for each decade and then declare a winner at the end of it all. And yes, we know we probably left out a lot of great games, but that’s the nature of a top three. Let’s begin!
    The 1980s

    • Pac-Man – 1980
      Although it starts out simple enough, Pac-Man becomes challenging very quickly! Strategy basically goes out of the window, as you duck and weave your way around the ghosts to get those dots and sweet, sweet cherries.
    • Super Mario Bros. 3 – 1988
      Super Mario Bros. 3 still looks years ahead of its time and was far more difficult than any previous Mario games. The great thing about SMB3 was all the different Mario versions you could control, including Fire Mario, Raccoon Mario, Tanooki Mario, and even Hammer Mario.
    • Tetris – 1984
      Moving blocks around never felt so good! Despite its simple premise, Tetris was and still is a lot of fun. The type of game that could be passed off as educational because of its problem-solving nature, Tetris is actually the best-selling game of all time with 495 million units sold.

    The 1990s
    • GoldenEye – 1997
      We’re going to say it, no 007 game will ever come close to beating GoldenEye. When you think of Bond and video games in 100 years’ time, we still believe people will remember GoldenEye. The solid graphics, beautiful controls, cool array of weapons, and impeccable level design, GoldenEye also shines for its outrageously fun multiplayer mode. Just be sure to unfriend anyone who picked Oddjob.
    • The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – 1998
      What more can be said about Ocarina of Time that hasn’t been already? There have been many great Zelda games over the years, including the latest title Breath of the Wild, but Ocarina of Time is routinely given as the No.1 place from every Zelda fan. The scope is simply jaw-dropping, as you discover Hyrule as a child, only to be trapped in time for seven years, then emerge as an adult to a world that has changed for the worse. Dungeons to traverse, puzzles to solve, beautiful vistas, memorable characters, stunning music… Ocarina of Time has it all.
    • Mortal Kombat – 1992
      It’s hard to believe that Mortal Kombat has only been around since 1992, as it feels like forever. With latest title Mortal Kombat X still giving fighting fans plenty of bloodthirsty action and gruesome weapons, it’s still satisfying to back to where it all began with the original MK. Though new characters regularly appear in each game, it’s hard to deny that everyone still wants to play with the originals like Lui Kang, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Raiden, and Sonya Blade.
    The 2000s
    • Portal – 2007
      Who knew you could have a first-person shooter that didn’t involve killing things? Portal is truly groundbreaking, as it forces you to really think about the puzzles and tests you’re put through to reach the end. Using a gun that can pick up items and fire two portals – one blue and one yellow – you’ll have so much fun conquering the increasingly difficult levels. The sequel in 2011 was just as epic.
    • Halo 2 – 2004
      It’s really hard to pick just one Halo game in the series, as every title has had stand-out moments, but Halo 2 is incredible. The dual weapon functionality is incredibly cool, enemies are smarter and more ruthless (so many grenades), and the levels are a delight to wander around. Halo 2 recently got a complete overhaul for the Xbox One in The Master Chief Collection, which is well worth checking out to experience it again. Because it was exclusive to the Xbox, Halo 2 was easily the main reason many people chose Microsoft over Sony in the 2000s.
    • Grand Theft Auto IV – 2008
      Like Halo, there have been so many awesome GTA games, but IV is just so memorable for its gripping missions, beautiful city detail, still stunning graphics, and a rocking soundtrack. This was the type of game that many would take a week off work for, so that they could simply enjoy the game’s quirks without disruption. A classic for the ages.
    The Winner
    Although this is like choosing a favorite child, we’re going to have to pick the 90s as the best decade for gaming. This was just such a great time for video games, where gameplay was not overly complicated, but still challenging and rewarding. The graphics still hold up in many games, and along with the three we mentioned, there’s Super Mario 64, Doom, Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, Donkey Kong Country, Sonic the Hedgehog, NBA Jam, Half-Life, Mario Kart 64, Tomb Raider and so much more. Congratulations 90s, you’re the best decade for video games.

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    Game Info 

    This game is different and unique. This is an MMO that focusses on telling stories first and foremost. The game presents us with one of the most atmospheric worlds in gaming, with lore going back thousands and thousands of years. And the interesting part is that you aren't playing in a fictional world. You are literally in the world we live in. This is a game where characters can have Twitter Accounts, NPCs reffer you to google and missions require an app on your phone to solve them. Most importantly this game provides you with a challenge and that is it's strongest and weakest point.

    Gameplay Review

    The game, especially in the beginning, is a bit challenging to figure out. The combat is interesting, but it takes some time to realize the possiblities you have and this causes some people to call it boring. There is no level or classes, but nine weapon types that you can learn. The quests are fun and diverse, but some of them can be extermely challenging. I would go as far to say that if you are not looking for a challenge, stay away. Once you figure them out however, there is an amazing depth here and you will have lots of fun.

    From investigation missions that require you to call a real phone number and sabotage quests that require you to dodge cameras and lasers, the game does a lot more than having you kill just a quantity of mobs. That doesn't mean there aren't more traditional MMO quests, but there is always a small twist and your objective will never have you kill more than a few mobs at a time, even if you are playing an action quest. All of this comes at a price though because it means that content comes at a slower rate. Funcom seems to preffer quality over quantity and I think that is the right approach for this game. The amazingly designed dungeons take out the trash mobs almost completely and provide you with a chain of interesting boss battles that will force you to quickly move around your screen. 

    As for the NPCs, they are just amazing. They have some of the most memorable lines ever and this is one of the only MMOs where you will remember the names and stories of most characters you encouter. As for the players, the community is small, but very friednly and helpful. With player help chats and other initiatives they do their best to make the ride as smooth as possible for new and old players alike. And you would probably need their help, because the tutorials and pop-ups do not always give as much guidance as they should and you really need to pay close attention to what is happening on the screen.

    Pros : 

    • The game is incredible and unique
    • It has the most amazing features I've ever seen in a game
    • The story is great
    • The community is friendly and nice
    • The questing is very fun and different
    Cons : 
    • The game is badly optimised and might run slow
    • The questing can be quite difficult, needing you to seek help from others
    • There aren't that many players
    • Graphic-wise it's a "meh"

    Overall I think the game is great and I suggest everyone try it out especially if you've never played it before. It has amazing mechanics and fun questing which I fell in love with. The classes and weapon using is really interesting to learn about too. Definitely a very well thought out game.
    2P SCORE : 8.5

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    NetEase’s new mobile MMORPG Crusaders of Light is now available on iOS and Android globally. As a WoW-like game, Crusaders of Light features massive open world, a series of challenging quests, dungeons, 40-person raids and more. 

    There are three classes in game, including Rangers, Warriors and Mystics, and each class has its own abilities and play style. In this article, I will introduce recommended skill builds and paths for Ranger class, and you can also check out Mystics and Warriors guide on our site.

    The Ranger class is locked to the Elf/Elven Race and it’s a long range physical damage dealer.

    Recommended Skill Build for PVE.

    Biting Rain and Relentless are the main skills for waves of monsters. Razor Wind has high DPS but the CD is also very long, so I suggest to skip it.
    Recommended Skill Build for Boss Fight

    Blessed Arrows+ Rallying Cry+Relentless can maximize your single target DPS. Shadow Murder and Razor Wind are the filling skills.

    Quests and Auto Farm Skill Build

    Quests and auto farm require high burst DPS and low cost, so I don’t suggest use the Wild Spirit since it cost higher mana.

    Battle Ground and PvP Arena 

    Wild Spirit is the best taunt if you don’t have a warrior class teammate.
    If your teammate is also a DPS dealer or playing battleground match, you can use Razor Wind+ Shadow Murder+Relentless combo to get kills easily.

    Paths(To be Continue)

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    Warrior can play melee DPS or tank role in the game. This article aims to give new players some advices on character builds in different situations, and those with established characters some tips on the runes.
    Part 1: Skills
    Available skills for Warrior:

    Recommended tank skills for dungeons: no doubt you will need tanking skills to keep the mobs' aggro on you and survival skills to protect yourself. So the skills you can choose for a tank Warrior are: Lava Quake, Searing Chains, Tempest Rage, Deadly Forge, Ancestral Totem, Meteor Crater

    I think Lava Quake and Searing Chains are 2 must-have skills here, and the rest 2 skills can be Tempest Rage and Tempest Rage if you are playing the dungeon for the first time, or they can be Deadly Forge and Meteor Crater if you are familiar with the dungeon and want to be able to deal more DPS.
    Recommended DPS skills for dungeons: Meteor Crater, Ancestral Totem and Deadly Forge are highly recommended. You can replace Tempest Rage with Lava Quake depending on your preference.

    Recommended skills for grinding / leveling / dailies: Anvil Drop + Meteor Crater + Deadly Forge make a good combo for these situations. If you are going to face tough mobs or doing a lot of quests you can choose Lava Quake as the 4th skill, otherwise you can consider replace it with Ancestral Totem.
    Recommended skills for Tournament: Tournament is easier since your opponent is controlled by computer AI. Anvil Drop and Meteor Crater are 2 must have skills. You can add Deadly Forge and Lava Quake to your combo. This build can increase your winning chance against opponents whose combat power are 20% higher than you.
    For Battlefields and Arena: If your team has healer and Ranger, and you are focusing on crowd control, you can consider removing Searing Chains. Magma Spikes and Deadly Forge are necessary in PvP and you can use them to pull enemy DPS over.
    If your team has more than 2 Warriors including you, you can consider fast executing strategy. Both you and the other Warrior equip Anvil Drop and Meteor Crater can probably eliminate an enemy DPS pretty fast.
    Part 2: Equipment
    The relationship between character basic attributions and other stats is:
    1 Strength = 1 physical damage
    1 Stamina = 15 HP
    1 Agility = 0 physical damage
    1 Spirit = 53.5 MP
    1 Intellect = 0 magical damage

    • If you are the main tank in your party / guild, the first thing you need to consider is survival. And the priority of equipment stats is: HP>physical resist>magic resist>physical defense>magic defense>physical attack
    • If you are DPS in the group, it's suggested to make physical damage the top priority instead of critical hit rate. The priority of equipment stats is: physical damage>strength> critical hit rate>accuracy>HP>all kinds of defense and resistances>magical damage
    Path and Rune Stone guide incoming...

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    I guess you've forgotten Bless Online after several critical blows in the game in the last few month. In a short recap, the Russian version was closed for a revision for an indefinite period of time, the Korean servers got merged again and again, and the NA and EU version was cancelled by Aeria Games. However, the developer Neowiz Games isn't going to give up the game and they have just announced the "Rebuild Project".

    The idea is to change the game's fundamentals instead of trying to make partial changes. Therefore, Neowiz will pursue 3 main objectives with Rebuild Project:

    • Examining the game systems and framework thoroughly
    • Not afraid of abandoning the current game structure and rebuilding it from scratch
    • Adding new contents

    Below are the current problems of Bless Online, according to the dev team.

    Character growth:
    • It's hard for players to feel the changes even when they equip new items 
    • Players can barely feel the change after enhancing their gear
    • It's difficult for players to enhance the items

    • There many skills for a class but they fail to interpret a class' unique characteristic and identity
    • Too many inefficient techniques for a class
    • Battle is frustrating

    Mounts and pets:
    • Mounts, pets and servants lack of variety
    • There's no reward from investing into mount / pet progression
    • The training gameplay is not fun

    Gathering and crafting:
    • A lot of crafting products are useless
    • Too many weird and useless materials and it's hard for players to gather what they want

    UI and user experience:
    • The UI isn't good enough help players to understand and play the game 

    A test server will be live for a certain period of time in order to test the game changes and receive feedback. More detailed information will be made public on July 25th. Tell us what you think about the rebuilding. Do you think it's worth waiting for?
    Neowiz also shares some information about the new PvP content, which is currently under development. It's a "flag contest" that will take place in Beloruss, a geyser area i the northern part of the continent. The new PvP content will be released in the game at the end of August 2017.

    Source: official site

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    Finally. After months of rumors and speculations about an eternal Beta, Albion Online has officially been launched across PC, Mac and Linux, to the pleasure of fans that have been waiting, playing and supporting the game for nearly two years now. At least for some players.

    Based on the "headstart" model that seems to be getting more and more popular in Sandbox MMOs, access to Albion online will come in waves according to the founder or packs purchased:
    • Legendary Founders and Legendary Starters can start today, July 17th.
    • Epic Founders and Epic Starters start on July 18th, at 13:00 UTC.
    • Finally, Veteran Founders and Veteran Starters join in on July 19th, at 13:00 UTC.
    Related:Albion Online: 5 Things You Need To Know Before Playing

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    Many Black Desert Online players are looking for silver currency resources, in BDO there are many ways to get silvers, but the main known resources are, grinding, lifeskilling and Anicent Relic Boss rides. 
    Some players consider grinding as the best resource for silvers, but grinding is kinda exhusting which means it's not suitable for everyone.
    But today i'm going to introduce to you the best way to get silvers by trading lifeskilling.
    This method is not exhusting like grinding, but for sure it requires a setup, which im going to explain in this guide.

    Before we begin, there are some requirements to be able to use this method:

    1- At least 200+ Contribution Points (for nodes, workers and lodgings) [soon "the fastest way to get CP" guide]
    2- Reaching trading Master Lv2 [soon "the fastest way to reach master Lv2" guide]
    3- "Working The Ash Tree" Quest must be completed (to be able to create plywoods)

    After reaching the requirements above, you'll have to follow the steps below:

    1- Buying Wood Workbench 

    The main aim of this method is to trade crates from Trent to Valencia, but you have to create these crates by yourself. To create crates you will have to buy a Wood Workbench in Trent City, it's in Trent 2 building. You'll find many types of Crates to produce, but in this guide i'll explain the Calpheon Timber Crates only, since it's the same for the others.

    2- Connecting nodes

    After buying a Wood Workbench in Trent, you'll have to get the materials required for creating the Crate. So you hover your mouse on the Calpheon Timber Crates to check the required materials, which are Birch Plywood, Fir Plywood, Cedar Plywood and Black Stone Powder.

    Keep in mind the black stone powder is going to be creating by grinding crystals or directly buy it from the market.

    To get these materials you'll have to invest in/connect certian nodes which are producing them.
    The easiest way to know the location of these nodes, is by going to Incendar then follow the steps in the photos below:

    You can do the same for the other crates if you going to produce various types of crates.

    3- Buying lodgings

    You choose the closest cities to the nodes you are investing in (which must be connected to the invested in nodes), then you'll have to buy Lodgings to be able to hire workers.

    Choose the best lodging for your worker, which means the one which worth the CP you pay.
    You can find the best lodgings by going to Incendar then follow the steps below:


    3- Hiring workers

    In each City you have bought lodgings in, you'll have to hire workers. Each city has it's worker NPC. 
    All you have to do is moving to the worker NPC and hire some workers.

    Note that you shouldn't buy any worker below "Skilled" so keep rolling until you find at least skilled workers.
    But keep in mind that viewing a worker consumes 5 Energy, so you'll need to regen your energy many times (depends on your RNG LUCK).
    Also do not hire Giant workers if you are going to be semi-afk or afk for a short time (5hrs~6hrs), which means you'll have to hire Goblin and Human workers only.
    But if you are going to be afk for a longtime (10hrs+), then you have to hire Giant workers, because they have better stamina.

    To recover the stamina, you use beers which are purchasable from the market.

    4- Let the workers work

    Now all you have to do is clicking on the node, then choose the worker, which should be the closest
    worker to the node (so you produce faster), then set the producing times to the maximum and let him work. 
    Repeat that again for all the nodes and let all the workers work, but keep in mind if you are offline, the workers will stop working until you login again.

    5- Producing plywoods  

    After getting the Timbers from the nodes by workers (which may take 1 week of time), you'll have to convert them to planks and from planks to plywood.

    To do that, follow the steps below:

    1- Press L, then click the chopping icon.

    2- Right-click on the timbers and start the chopping. (you may get plywoods as by product while chopping timbers).

    3- After chopping Timbers into Planks, repeat the steps above but this time you will be chopping the Planks into Plywoods.

    Note that its better to equip a craftsman suit [+1] while doing the steps above. It gives more processing success rate and exp. You can buy it from the market.

    6- Creating crates

    After producing the required plywoods, you'll have to store them plus the black stone powder into Trent Storage, then hire some workers in Trent City, and let them create the Crates.
    And keep in mind you have to buy lodgings for the workers in trent.

    7- Trading to Valencia

    After producing the Crates, you'll have to transport them by the transport system in game from Trent to Port Epheria, then from Port of Epheria to Altinova, then from Altinova to Ancado Inner Harbor, and then
    from there you trade by urself using a horse to Valencia, and your Lv2 master desert buff must be turned 
    on before selling the crates in Valencia.

    But remember, Trent must be connected all the way to Valencia.

    You can store up to 7k crates into the horse's inventory. When you reach Valencia, you'll be able to sell each crate for nearly 210k silvers profit with master 2 buff which gives you 50% more profits, so for example if you trade 500 crates daily, you'll get 105m everyday !

    And here's a Crate Calculator, you can use it to calculate your profits.

    Well, that's all.

    Keep in mind it takes abit longtime to setup for this method, but it's really profitable later.
    I hope you find this guide useful, stay tuned for more guides soon !

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    Following the Maestro class update, Blade & Soul China has been updated with the summer holiday patch, and of course it includes tons of new costumes such as sexy bikini and adorable Japanese school style swimsuit. The summer patch will be available in Korea server and China server in the end of July, and hopefully it will come to western server soon.



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    Good news for RuneScape and Old School RuneScape players. Jagex has announced to bring both titles to mobile platforms and they will release Old School RuneScape first on mobile in winter 2017. What's more, players can carry their data on PC to mobile and don't have to start over. In other words, you play with the same account, same characters, and basically everything you have on PC.

    "Players will be able to log out from their PC when they need to be AFK, and launch the mobile app to continue their adventure on the move, picking up from the in-game moment that  they left it on PC… and vice versa."

    This natural move will increase the games' audience, offering to those who prefer the mobile platforms a chance the experience the game and join the community.

    Source: press release

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    Winking Entertainment, the publisher behind Unearthing Mars, has unveiled its second VR project Reborn: A Samurai Awakens, once again coming to Sony’s PlayStation VR headset.

    Developed by Geronimo Interactive, Reborn: A Samurai Awakens is a sci-fi action RPG in which you have to take the role of Yukimura Sanada, the famous samurai warrior of Feudal Japan, and battle with alien machines by a pair of pistols and lightsabers. The game features several interactive methods such as you can use the lightsabers to cut up enemies into thousands of tiny pieces, and it’s quite similar to the gameplay in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.  

    In addition, Reborn: A Samurai Awakens also features a mechanic named “Hack time”, allowing you to slow time down and deal massive damage to the enemies. Reborn: A Samurai Awakens is scheduled to launch in the end of 2017 on PS VR.

    Reborn is being published by Winking Entertainment, the company behind Unearthing Mars. The game’s due for release at the end of the year.

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    I want to show you guys some new mobile games upcoming this week including many kinds of games. If you like any of them, please let me know

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    Snail Games has teased something important about Dark and Light will be announced later this week. Although they don't give any clue what it would be, it's likely that it would be the Steam early access date and price.

    Previous Snail Games has revealed the price for the China region will be around $29.5. The PC specs for the early access have also been unveiled:
    OS: 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1
    Processor: 2GHz Dual-Core 64-Bit 
    Memory: 4GB RAM
    Video Card: DirectX10 Compatible GPU with 1 GB Video RAM
    Hard Drive: At least 50 GB of free space
    DirectX: DirectX 10
    OS: 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1 / Windows 8
    Processor: Intel Core i7 4770K 3.50 GHz
    Memory: 16 GB DDR3 RAM
    Video Card: GeForce GTX 780 Ti 3GB
    Hard Drive: At least 50 GB of free space
    DirectX: DirectX 10
    OS: 64-Bit Windows 7 Service Pack 1/ Windows 10
    Processor: Intel Core i7-5820K 6x 3.3 GHz
    Memory: 16GB DDR4 2133MHz (2x 8GB)
    Video Card: GeForce GTX 1070 or higher
    Hard Drive: At least 50 GB of free space
    DirectX: DirectX 10
    We'll interview Snail Games at ChinaJoy 2017 around the end of July and try to learn more about Dark and Light. Stay tuned.

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    Smilegate has released a big bundle of screenshots and artwork, showing the new content in upcoming closed beta 2. Take a look.
    More stories, more colorful world
    New continent will be unveiled and players will be entering a world that has not yet been introduced into the game.
    Lohhandel (로헨델), the homeworld of mages and where Summoner, Arcana and Bard are from. You will experience the beauty and peace in the land when you explore in this region. Exotic plants and fairies are something you can't see in other continents.

    Beautiful flowers and mysterious flying creatures 
    What awaits you in the Hall of Dandelion?

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    Dark and Light is a new open world sandbox MMORPG developed by Snail Games and a remake of the previous game with the same name. Earlier yesterday the Dark and Light facebook page teases some "major announcement" that is coming later this week.

    I think everyone is already betting on the Early Access announcement, or else, I myself will be disappointed! And here we are...

    Dark and Light announced Early Access will be landing on Steam tomorrow, July 20th!!! So ready your wallets *cough* I mean your gears and make sure you watch it out on Steam!

    Did you play the previous Dark and Light? What feature of the game did you enjoy? How about a cherished memory from the last game, maybe riding a dragon? Are you excited on this one too? Tell us in the comment section below!

    Source: Dark and Light FB

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    Overwatch's long-awaited hero Doomfist will arrive the live server on July 27 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It looks like he's just stepped out of a Street Fighter game and this powerful villain is fully capable of instantly killing a hero like Reaper and can almost out maneuver characters like Tracer, Pharah and Genji. This makes him quite hard to balance.
    Blizzard's announce was accompanied by a hero preview video, in which various members of the Overwatch development team talks about the history behind Doomfist's progress. This video offers some insight regarding the morality and motivation behind Doomfist. Check out the video and decide if this hero suit you!

    You can take a look at Dommfist skins here.

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    Uber Entertainment, the Seattle-base studio, has announced its strategy simulation game Dino Frontier will arrive on PlayStation VR on August 1. The pre-order is available today with a 20% special offer for $23.99. 

    Unlike other action-packed VR game, Dino Frontier is a strategy-required but fun VR game, letting you build and manage a frontier settlement in a world where the wild west and Jurassic collide. In Dino Frontier, players assume the role of god overlooking your settlement in tabletop scale VR. 

    To create a city in the wild west, you have to carefully balance resources while growing your town, and during the meantime, hatch various dinosaurs to battle with dangerous foes roaming in the land.

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    Have you ever thought about playing as the super heroes and villains in the virtual reality? In Disney’s D23 Expo, Marvel Entertainment and Sanzaru Games unveiled a new VR game based on the Marvel universe called Marvel Powers United VR.

    Marvel Powers United VR is an Oculus Rift exclusive title that allows multiple players to assume the role of various Marvel heroes like Captain Marvel or Rocket Raccoon and team up to do battle against Marvel villains. The game's first trailer only showcases 4 characters battling against thugs and bots, Disney indicated that the final game will feature famous villains from Marvel comics.

    In Marvel Powers United VR, every character has its own abilities and play style, and players will need to use the Rift’s motion controller to independently operate weapons and powers assigned to both hands. 

    Marvel: Powers United VR is schedule to launch on Oculus Rift in 2018. The first demo will be playable at San Diego Comic Con from July 20 through July 23. 

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    Resultado de imagem para life is feudal
    Play with friends and other players with the same purpose are always fun, especially when you are able to devote a lot of time to create and manage a guild. In Life is Feudal: MMO, building a guild requires more than a small amount of fund and a group of players, it needs the guild leader to consider some tactics.

    In the new trailer, the developer of Bitbox shows how to build a guild, dominate an area and claim the land. Since different terrains will have unqiue environment and biomes that will affect the resources you can obtain, guild leader has to count this factor in when he /she's about to pick a location for the guild base. The northern areas, for example, are perfect place for logging but not the place for hunting. The south, on the other hand, is warm and full of animals. However, you can't expect to see too many trees and crops there.

    After choosing the place to settle, it will be the time to build a monument building that represents the domination of your guild in this location. With a monument building, a land becomes the guild's and other players are not able to enter without a consent. The Monument can be improved to have more strength and influence in the game world.

    Check out the video below.

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