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    Ragnarok RE: START is Gravity's response to the nostalgic Ragnarok Online players. This game uses a separated server and doesn't support existing RO account, and it allows you to make parties, groups can form guilds, and the powerful can battle for top spots in weekly Guild vs. Guild battle in order to achieve formidable items. This game is essentially a special progression server which allows players to experience new content and updates just like in the old days and craft their characters as they explore an evolving kingdom of Rune Midgard.

    >> Ragnarok RE:START Is Like a New Game That Requires a New Account to Play

    The developer is committed to bring the Ragnarok RE: START server one step closer to the Ragnarok Online of today, with new dungeons, monsters and episodes that come into play on a monthly basis. The game is available to download from the official website and Steam (it's possible that you might encounter region lock).

    Click the wallpaper below to download it to your computer.

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    The open world sandbox MMORPG Dark and Light will start early access on July 20, and the mobile version game Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia will also be released soon. Recently Snail Games posted an article on the Chinese official site and detailed the question system in Dark and Light Mobile.

    We all know that Dark and Light mobile is as big as a standard sandbox MMORPG, featuring 14,950,000 square meters seamless open world. In this massive world, players will be able to experience the dynamic world quests, and everything you do in the game will influence the world. 

    The dynamic events could be triggered by various things, such as stepping onto an area, killing a monster or even some players complete an achievement. The dynamic events provide a variety of rewards that scales with the player’s level of progression. It’s kind of like the quest system in WoW: Legion.

    In addition to the common event, there are also epic events, which can summon the rare world bosses Wind Blade and Hephaestus. You can check out the pictures below.


    The Dark and Light mobile will be released soon. If you are interested in this game, you can pre-register the game here. 

    Wind Blade

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    Before proceeding with this article, I want to make it clear that this game is still in Early Access, and as such is still incomplete.

    Following the footsteps of Super Smash Bros., Brawlout, available on PC, Xbox One and PS4, is a platform fighting game developed by Angry Mob Games in which players will incarnate various colorful fighters. Players can compete against the AI, or against up to 3 other players using different combat styles as well as ranked mode or weekly tournaments.

    A Growing Roster

    When you start a battle, you choose your character from the six that are available. The characters you have are Olaf Tyson (a snow troll with a wild looking penguin on his back), Sephi’ra (a humanoid cat that might as well be Beerus’ younger sister), King Apu (a monkey with more than tricks up his sleeves), Chief Feathers (the obligatory bird, or rather humanoid falcon that rules the offstage), Paco (a Frog with 4 humanoid arms and obligatory suicide killer) and Volt (a humanoid wolf with a shamanic side and an electric personality). Each of these characters has its own attacks and special moves, as well as movement animations and movement methods for some. And that is not all. The devs intend to include at least 3 additional characters before the game officially launches.

    An Intense Gameplay

    When I first played Brawlout, I used my keyboard, and while I had no issue doing so, the experience was completely different and much more fun when I used my gamepad. This may have been because of my previous experience with console fighting games, but I would still suggest trying both to find the control method that works best for you.

    So yes, for now players can pick between the 6 available character. While this may not seem like a lot compared to other games, they are all different enough to compensate (looking at you Smash and your god knows how many gunners and sword users). Moreover, if several players choose the same fighter, know that you have about 5 different colors available to personalize your character so that you can differentiate them.
    The matches themselves are rather self explanatory. You can play against the AI, against friends on your couch, or online in the friendly, ranked or private lobby modes. Then its up to you to attack and predict your opponents, dodge their attacks and throw them offstage using all your available skills. As a match goes on, the rage bar of characters fill up. Once your rage bar is full, trigger it. For several seconds, you are going to deal more powerful blows to your enemies and have an easier time launching them.

    If you have no friend to practice with, I would also suggest that you start with the AI to train a bit. You define your opponents as bots and voila. You even have the advantage of choosing the character they are going to play, which allows you to learn the fighting techniques of your opponents.

    Finally, the developers have truly outdone themselves by including all the side features you would expect from a fighting game (leaderboards, character profiles/stats/scores, replays, tournaments) to support the community of players.

    Brawlout is an excellent indie game that is leagues above its current competitors and will certainly appeal to all fans of the fighting games genre. The optimization is excellent (although the online connection could use some work), the graphics are fabulous and the possibilities offered are enormous. In short, I can say without a doubt that Brawlout is already a success, and with Angry Mob Games is planning to improve it before the official launch, it can only get better.

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    Black Desert developer Pearl Abyss made a strategic acquisition of Nettention, a Seoul-based tech company whose main product is ProudNet, "a middleware which helps game companies build and efficient server with the best possible latency."

    According to Nettention, ProudNet has been applied to 191 game projects and among them we can find titles such as Mabinogi Heroes, Seven Knights and Street Fighter V. Also, the ProudNet live servers are operated in 13 countries around the world. Black Desert is definitely the main "beneficiary" of this new technology, as well as the upcoming mobile version of Black Desert.

    Source: mmoculture

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    To help many Gigantic beginner players to play the game correctly, since its a new moba game and actually very different from the other mobas, i've decided to write a guide about the things you need to know to play gigantic correctly, and what you really need to know plus some tips.
    Keep in mind this article is based on my Gigantic experience and also my own opinion, so don't take any
    opinion in this article as a must, and decide whats suitable for you.

    • The Objective of the game is to gather points to power up your guardian, once the gaurdian's power bar is filled it will attack the enemy guardian and then your team can attack the enemy guardian.
      The way you gather these points is by:

      1- Summoning your own creatures
      2- Allowing the creature enough time so you can gather points from them later
      3- Killing your enemy
      4- Destroying the enemy creatures

      Once the Guardian points bar reaches 100 points, your guardian will rampage.

    • Only attack the enemy Guardian, when your own guardian is rampaging. You may think it's obvious, but there are many players are rushing towards the enemy gaurdian, attacking it without powering up their own guardian, thinking that they will apply damage to the guardian or they can even survive! You'll not apply any damage to the guardian, and you will by attacked by it as well, and also you will lose any fight with the enemy players nearby the guardian.
    So Just don't attack the enemy guardian without helping your guardian to rampage. When your guardian is attacking it, you have to cause 3 wounds to win the match. Which means you have to cause your guardian to rampage 3 times with doing a successful wound to the enemy guardian.

    • If your guardian is being under attack by the enemy guardian, it doesn't mean its counted as a wound, while your guardian is being attacked, the enemy has a chance to decrease your guardian's health bar causing a wound to happen to your guardian, as mentioned before, 3 wounds and you lose.
    But if you are able to stop the enemy team from lowering your guardian's health bar to reach 0 to achieve a wound, it will waste their guardian's points which means the enemy guardian will stop rampaging, your guardian will be recovered, it will force the enemy team to rebuild those points and have their guardian rampaging to start it all over again.

    • Killing the enemy heroes during the rampaging of your guardian or the enemy guardian is essential.
      Because during rampaging, you give your guardian more points by killing heros so the guardian can attack for more duration, while in the defensive mode, you give it more points which gives shield to hold up the enemy guardian.

    • In the lower middle of the screen, you can see your health bar on the left side, and your stamina baron the right side, but lets talk about the stamina bar.
    Your stamina is used for sprinting, jumping and dodging. But it's only consumed during combat. So when you are sprinting out of combat, your stamina bar will not be confusmed.

    But during the combat, you really have to watch out for your stamina bar to be totally consumed, because if that does happen and you wanna withdraw and run away, then the end will be your death. Keep in mind that the abilities/skilled used to consume stamina, but they changed that to a cooldown.

    • Everytime you lvl up your hero, you get 1 skill point, you use them to upgrade your abilities.
      The abilities have a multipath upgrade system, you choose which path you will upgrade your ability and it's depends on your playstyle. Which means it's your choice, you choose what you see it suitable in your opinion, so i can't really tell you what you have to choose, because there's no recommended effects to apply on your abilities, but anyway i see more stamina very valuable.

      Also if you are a healer hero, then you have to improve your healing abilities with more healing effects on them, so you are more useful to your team. So do it wisely, and choose what is really suitable for your playstyle.

    • Watch closely the top of the screen, the power points bar is really something you have to pay attention for, so you know how many points left for your own guardian to rampage, or how many points left for the enemy guardian to rampage, so you can avoid giving more points to the enemy team, or be prepared for the enemy guardian to rampage.

      Killing the enemy creatures is useful to gather points for your guardian to rampage, but it's a waste of time if your guardian's points bar has already reached 100.

      In other words do not attack the enemy creatures when your guardian is ready to rampage, because you will just waste your time, you wont get any points by killing the creatures, and you will miss attacking the enemy guardian to cause a wound.

      When you see your guardian is rampaging, go straight to attack and wound the enemy guardian, it's the only way you win the game.
    • Every summoned creature (your team's creature), has a healing ability. So if your health bar is low and you are about to die, go near your team's creature and your health bar will be regenerated again.

      Also killing an enemy hero causes a healing orb to be summoned in place, so you can heal yourself after killing an enemy hero.

    • Don't hesitate to run away from fight it doesn't seem that you can win or escape safely. It's better to let an enemy alive with low health and be also alive than dying during the fight giving more points to power up the enemy guardian.
    • Don't try to summon a creature in the middle points of the map, because they are difficult to protect, and you will end up giving points to your enemy guardian.

    • With your focus you can upgrade a baby creature to an adult creature which will gather points faster and be much stronger. Also you can heal allies or reveal enemies.
    • Match Modes

      There are 3 match modes in Gigantic, each one of them is important for you as a beginner.

      1- Practice

      This mode is useful when it comes to try out the new heroes or a hero that you have never tried before.
      It helps to know more about the heroes and their skills, also you can play it as solo only.
      Every hero in this mode is unlocked, you can choose any hero you want, and in my opinion i find it useful to make a decision on which hero i'll buy next. Keep in mind in this mode you don't earn anything, you just test the heroes.

    2- Bot Matches

    This mode is great for the new players aka the beginners to know more about the combat system, the objectives of the game, how to communicate with the team, how to arrange a good team fight and to apply what you have learnt from the tutorial. It doesn't require you to be at a certain level.
    Also it's great and useful training before queuing up for a real online match.

    3- Gigantic mode

    This is simply the online matchmaking of gigantic, you play versus real players, you also play with real
    players, and honestly this matchmaking mode is harder than any bot match. It requires you to be above Lv1 and also to know everything about the game before queuing up for it, which means you have to play alot of Bot Matches before playing this mode. So in my opinion, do not play this mode unless you have bought many heroes (so you can play as your favourite heroes), and have played enough bot matchs to be ready for the real competition.

    • Fortune Cards

      It's a feature which allows you to draw cards every day, each card is a quest. The card asks you to do some kind of a mission to earn some rewards after completing each mission. Keep in mind you can't draw more than 7 cards and you will have to complete them to draw more. In my opinion is feature is helpful for the new players to collect ingame currency to buy more heroes.
    • Play the TUTORIAL! Don't think that because you have knew all of the things above it's gonna teach you how to play the game, and don't think that because you play other mobas that you can just simply know everything about Gigantic.
    Gigantic is kinda completely different from other mobas, the objectives are really different, there are no minions and no lanes, the game is alot faster, so just play the tutorial, experience how to play the game by yourself before queuing up.

    Well, that's all you have to know to start playing Gigantic, but as i said, you really have to play the tutorial, it is a must! You will learn more about the game by playing the tutorial more than reading about it anywhere.

    Hope you find this article useful.

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    Since VR technique has been used into games, everyone has the same idea in your mind: how about playing adult game with a VR equipment. And after years of development, lots of adult VR games released.
    Not all of them are good enough to satisfy us, most of these games just too boring that you can do nothing, or the graphic is so bad that you prefer to watch a pron.
    Here are some adult VR games I’m sure you would love it.

     Be warned, below are NSFWimages.

    1.Fallen Doll

    In summary, Fallen Doll is a real-time next-gen hentai game powered by Unreal Engine 4 with VR support. This game has extremely high quality graphics, many tools you can use and countless poses she can do.

    Overall, it’s a game satisfy almost all of our fantasy, except a little bit lack of story.
    Check out the demo to see how things are shaping up.

    2.VR Kanojo 

    VR Kanojo is a game developed by Illusion. A Japanese gaming company which specializes in eroge 3D game and has recently decided to expand into the field of VR. Illusion describes VR Kanojo as a virtual reality girlfriend experience and it is their first game which has made it into international market as it has been green lit by Steam since October 2016.

    By using VR controller (OculusTouch, Vive controller) linked with actual hand movement you can make more realistic contact. And you can touch her as you wish from front to back.

    3. DEAD Or Alive Xtreme 3 PS4

    This game is not as “adult” as the other games here but it’s worth listing all the same. You’ll be able to view the ladies in the model viewer and playing the activities such as climbing rocks and playing volleyball.

    The core game is only available in Asia and is banned from all Western markets, the game for being overly sexualized and the VR feature for allegedly promoting sexual harassment.
    So if you want to order the game from you’ll need to open a Japanese or Asian PSN account for this.


    Again another soft dating game for Playstation VR from D3 Publisher which is likely to be less on the adult side but has some interesting VR moments that might raise the pulse for some people.


    5. SIN VR

    Sin VR offers the chance to interact with several model types in various scenes. There’s some great audio in this which reacts to your input and with motion controls you can spank, tickle and move the model.


    HONEY SELECT VR is the latest game from Japanese developers Illusion Software. This game have a powerful custom model creation mode, some user made creations such as Street Fighter’s Cammy and DVA from Overwatch.

    Here’s some instructions if you do decide to attempt to play it.
    -Download game (comes as disc 1 & 2)
    -You need to mount disc 1 and choose the setup option
    -set drive path where you want it installed and begin installation
    -during installation it will pause where you’ll be prompted to insert disc 2
    – take note of the drive letter, eject disc 1 and then mount disc 2 but you’ll need to change it to the same drive letter as previously or else it won’t work. To do this go to control panel, System and Security, Administrative Tools, then create and format hard disk partitions, right click the drive and choose change drive letter and paths. Change it to the same letter as Disc 1 was.
    -click continue on the dialogue box and finish installation.
    -Install the VR mod (from the same link above)
    – Now download and then Install the English text mod – FROM HERE
    – Now download and install Eusth’s VR Mod FROM HERE.
    -In the Game Folder make sure you create a desktop link to the Honeyselect_64VR application and run Steam VR before running the game.
    -In custom model creation mode you might find the model is behind the interface, so you’ll have to move it into view with the mouse buttons.

    7.Happy Biting VR

    In this game,players play from a future world of mechanical mosquito , in order to purify the human due to environmental degradation and pollution of blood ,you will use the time machine back to the 21 century , while peeping the girl learned enough DNA samples to save the fate of the future of mankind . Of course you can see some sexy scenes during your adventure.

    In the blood-sucking process requires players to avoid beauty’s attack by pesticides , remove mosquito traps, collect coins, attack girl’s sensitive point.
    In fact,it's a pretty fun game even without the adult part.



    Developed by Hardcore Pink, Pink motel offers a bit of exploration and story elements which are neat and make this feel more like an interactive experience.


    You can also spank the girl in the available demo – downloaded from here.

    Are these eight games satisfiy you? I have to say maybe you can have some interactive experience with these game characters, but you couldn’t actually feel it. But the following two games that you not only can watch it, you can also actually feel it!

    9. CUSTOM MAID 3D 2
    Custom Maid 3D 2 is a comprehensive game in its own right as you manage a club and its staff. The game has come along leaps and bounds since this was posted.

    Now the game has lots of DLC, you can find every kinds of women here. And most importantly the game has motion control support not only using Oculus Touch, but also a creative controller called Chub-lips. Although I don’t understand Japanese, just look at the shape and we can imagine how to use it.



    10. VirtuaDolls – Girls of Arcadia
    The last one may not as good as the other games I mentioned before in almost every aspect, butafter you bought this game, they will give you some equipment to play this game, and I don’t need to explain more about this after you seen the picture.

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    Resultado de imagem para soul worker anime
    Anime MMORPG Soul Worker Mobile is going to start the 2nd closed beta on July 21 in China. The game is developed by Chinese developer Adwo with official license and will be released on iOS and Android platforms later this year. However, so far there's just the Chinese version, and if you are interested, you can download the Android beta version (520MB) at the official site:

    Steparu has taken a look at the gameplay. Watch the video below.

    Source: Steparu

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    Yesterday, we reported Marvel Entertainment unveiled a new VR game named Marvel Powers United VR, allowing players to play as their favorite Marvel heroes in virtual reality. 

    Marvel Powers United VR features those iconic super hero and villains in the Marvel’s universe. The first branch of heroes were announced at last week’s D23, namely Hulk, Captain Marvel, Ronan the Accuser and Rocket Raccoon. To celebrate the upcoming Comic-Con, Oculus has just announced another beloved superhero to lineup –Deadpool, and there is also a 7 minutes of gameplay.

    Marvel Powers United VR is an action-packed VR game in which players can team up with friends and battle with waves of enemies. Every character has its own abilities and play style, and players will need to use the Rift’s motion controller to independently operate weapons and powers assigned to both hands. 

    Deadpool can use two kinds of weapons to take down the bad guys. The ranged SMGs shoot enemies from a distance, but he also gets shurikens to cut up any foe in front of him.

    Marvel Entertainment and Oculus will keep release new heroes to expand the roster before the game official launches in 2018. 

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    Resultado de imagem para Destiny 2
    Fans who have pre-ordered Destiny 2 must be playing the open beta for a while now but they should give the thumbs up to a player who attempted to log in to the game over 500 times before the headstart opened in the weekend.

    Destiny 2 open beta version can be pre-downloaded days ahead, and it can be launched as well. However, you won't be able to find a server before July 18th, 10am PST and will just stay in the welcome screen. Guess the guy was hoping the server would miraculously open earlier than the plan.  

    His resolution and persistence caught the attention of the game's Creative Director Luke Smith.

    Luke Smith Destiny
    Now I am sure that the 600th login would have worked for the guy!

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    DURANGO is now officially called DURANGO : WILD LANDS. The game is a Pre-history Open World Survival Sandbox MMORPG where players must battle the wild animals, dinosaurs and the power of the elements to survive.

    A while ago, Durango Wild Lands Facebook Page announced that a new CLOSED BETA TEST on selected countries has just started today!

    You may download the game viaGOOGLE PLAY just by using keywords "Durango Wild Lands"

    IF you can't download or even find the game via google play, you may use APKPURE's Durango Wild Lands download link.
    In case you are new to this unique and awesome game world, I highly suggest that you check out our DURANGO SURVIVAL GUIDE

    Does Durango Wild Lands reminds you of Lost Ark? What initial character/path did you choose? Did you see those magnificent dino's? Share your Durango Wild Lands experience in comment section below!

    CBT News Source: Durango Wild Lands Facebook Page 

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    Black Desert Online KR Facebook page has just revealed the 15th class teaser trailer. The Mystic will be a part of the "Amazing Adventure" content update for the KR version of the game. Mystic is a female version of the current available Striker class.

    The Teaser trailer was posted as an event for the Korean version, which requires you to share the video to participate in the event runs until July 26.

    I think we will see the full combat gameplay trailer of Mysitc very soon. You can first watch the teaser trailer below.

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    If you have twenty minutes to spare, and you want to spend your free time immersed in a video game, then the game of your choice has to be easy to pick up, easy to play, and just as easy to put down until later. So-called "pick-up-and-play" games range from mobile app games to browser games accessed through the internet. There’s an extensive selection of this type of game to choose from, enough to whet your gaming appetite whether your game of choice runs from arcade platformer through to retro-themed puzzle games. Here we present four games of very different types. Taken together they represent the pick of what’s on offer.

    Flow Free
    Big Duck Games, iOs and Android

    Puzzle games never go out of fashion, and Flow Free is one of the most addictive route puzzlers currently doing the rounds. The aim of the game is to clear each level map by pairing colored dots in such a way that they connect without crossing the path of dots of another color. It sounds simple but grows increasingly complex with every new level. This makes for a challenging test of spatial awareness. The game is simple enough to be grasped by children but hard enough to present a recurring challenge to adults. New puzzles are released every day and players are encouraged to share high scores via the Games Centre social network.

    Ghostbusters Video Slot
    IGT, all browsers supported

    It takes a lot to stand out in the online slot sector but this little gem manages to do exactly that. Five reels and 30 paylines make for superb playability in this new Ghostbusters slot online game. Throw in a selection of Wild Reels and the Stay Puft bonus and then garnish liberally with friendly cartoon-stylised graphics for a well-designed movie-themed slot game you’ll be playing with abandon. Playable on websites like Mr Green, Ghostbusters has video clips from the latest film peppering the action and cash multipliers kick in to move the game along, making this Ghostbusters slot a game you’ll find yourself returning to again and again.

    Backflip Studios, iOs and Android

    If Farmville sank its teeth into your soul a few years ago, then you’ll be aghast or ecstatically happy when confronted with Dragonvale. Hatch dragons from dragon eggs and breed them together on your very own dragon-breeding island to cultivate new dragon varieties. Special dragons are released to chime with seasonal events such as Valentine’s Day, Easter etc, and players can even cross-breed their prize dragon specimens with dragons reared by other players, with the action taking place on a special community island. Islands can be upgraded and attributes enhanced, and the whole thing is curiously addictive for a game that rewards daily log-ins with special growth bonuses and XP.

    Despicable Me: Minion Rush
    Gameloft SA, iOs and Android and Windows x86

    This inventive rush game is modelled on the adorable minions from the Despicable Me universe. Take charge of a minion and guide it through multiple and artfully-scaled levels based on iconic locations from the movies, including El Macho’s Lair and Super Silly Fun Land. Run, jump, and dodge all manner of obstacles and collect bananas to power your way through hundreds of available missions in a delightfully animated game world that pulls inspiration and humour from the original movie and brings it to life in a way that will appeal to players of all ages. Minion Rush has something to offer everyone, and that’s what we like to see from this kind of game.

    Check them out for yourself, and find lots of fun ways to fill a spare twenty minutes.

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    Directed by Denis Villeneuve and starring Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, Blade Runner 2049 will hit theaters October 6. Before that we can take a sneak peek at the movie by the VR spinoffs. 

    At San Diego Comic-Con, Oculus partnered with Alcon Interactive to bring Blade Runner into VR with a trio of experiences from three different developers. The first one named Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit, is scheduled to launch at Gear VR on July 21.

    Developed by Evolve and Left 4 Dead developers Turtle Rock Studios, Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit lets players pilot flying vehicles through near-future Los Angeles as they hunt down a rogue replicant. 

    In addition, Oculus also announced two more Blade Runner-inspired titles would come to Gear VR and Oculus Rift in advance of the cinematic sequel’s premiere in October.

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    No doubt the battle royal game Playerunknown's Battlegrounds has already taken the global market by storm. The successful title always comes with tons of clone games. Chinese gaming giant Tencent recently launches a Playerunknown's Battlegrounds-like mobile game on the test server of Cross Fire Mobile, and it looks like a terrible imitation of Playerunknown's Battlegrounds. 

    Till now, Tencent hasn’t revealed the official name of the game, but Chinese gamers all called it “Tian Tian Parachute". "Tian Tian" is a series’ name under Tencent's arsenal and means "do it everyday" in Chinese. As a mobile game, the control system in Tian Tian Parachute is much easier than the Playerunknown's Battlegrounds.
    Players parachute from a plane and then start to scavenge weapon and food. Survival is one major objective. Since there is no lay down option in this game, the gameplay is quite similar to cross fire mobile but with bigger map. Every few minutes, the playable "safe" area of the map begins to shrink, and you need to prepare for the crueler encounter action or you can also hide in the bushes and wait for the best opportunity to gain the last hits.
    There is a rumor that Tencent will publish Playerunknown's Battlegrounds in China, but they haven’t made any announcement yet.


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    Resultado de imagem para Gigantic

    After five years of development, the free-to-play online shooter Gigantic has finally been officially released for Windows 10, Steam, Arc and Xbox One. The release version brings a new hero to the ranks: the nimble and crafty melee fighter Ramsay. He uses his poisoned blade to inflict damage for a while on enemies. He can also evade attacks by leaving behind traps that slow down opponents.

    In addition, Steam players who log in to the game and play a match will receive an exclusive Stone Relics skin for the jet pack pilot Beckett. Logging into Arc and playing a match will grant players a Lightning skin for the stealthy assassin Tripp, while Xbox One and Windows 10 players who do the same can get the Excelsior skin for the spinning cyclone of blades, Tyto the Swift.

    Players looking to unlock even more for their Gigantic experience can purchase the Ultimate Pack for $29.99 to gain access to all 19 current heroes and any future heroes for life, along with unique skins, progression boosts, fortune cards and premium currency. Steam and Arc players purchasing the Ultimate Pack will also receive a free Starter Pack code to gift to a friend. As a thank you to supportive players, purchasers of the Founder’s Pack will be automatically upgraded to the Ultimate Pack.

    For more information about Gigantic, please visit the official website: .

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    Resultado de imagem para overwatch
    Unfortunately the practice of griefing in competitive online games is a reality, and in Overwatch this is no different. However, the most popular team-based game is going to have a new anti-griefing system, according to a conversation between a OW player and a Blizzard support. Details will be revealed by lead designer Jeff Kaplan in the coming weeks, says the GM.

    The conversation was shared by the user AverageAristocrat on Reddit. The player made a complaint about a player with a high level who was trying to manipulate the rank to reach the lower rank in order to play with his friends.

    As the Blizzard GM suggested, the new system will have warnings and even suspensions. This suspension may be for an entire season if the behavior persists.

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    Webzen will take advantage of the upcoming gaming expo ChinaJoy 2017 to announce 2 new games based on MU Online IP. First on the list is MU: Awakening, a mobile action MMORPG that is being developed by the Chinese studio Tianma (same dev behind MU Origin). The game can be considered the sequel to MU Origin. Tianma and Webzen aim to bring the graphics of MU: Awakening to the next level, and also to introduce some new gameplay modes.

    The second new MU game is co-developed by Webzen and Tarren but there isn't too much information about this game now. Both games will be shown at Tencent Games booth.

    ChinaJoy 2017 will start on July 27.

    Via: MMOculture

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    Persona 5 has been released worldwide for a while and it's certainly one of the best RPGs for 2017. The game is also released in South Korea and able to snatch a lot of fans there, including cosplayers. Take a look at Korean girl RUMI's attempt on cosplaying Takamaki Ann, aka Panther, one of the main protagonists in the game.
    Model: RUMI
    Photographer: SIJUN

    Source: inven

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    The long-awaited action MOBA Gigantic has finally launched and we team up with Perfect World Entertainment to celebrate the milestone, by giving away 25 Arc Founder's Pack, each of which is worth $30.
    The pack includes:
    All current heroes and all future heroes
    Charnok Origins Skin
    Tyto Origins Skin
    Lord Knossos Gladiator Skin
    Beckett Cloudracer Skin
    1000+ Rubies
    10 Win Boosts
    10 Fortune Card Draws
    1 Friend Code for Arc/Steam users only
    How to win:
    Write in the comment who are your favorite Gigantic heroes and why. We'll randomly pick up 25 players with valid comment as winners. Key will be sent to their registered email. You can redeem the key at Arc or Arc Light (the platform Steam will be sending you to when you download the game).
    Event time:
    From now on to July 30, 2017

    You can register and download Gigantic at the official site.

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    Game Info 

    In partnership with TT Games (the makers of other amazing Lego PC and console games, including Lego Dimensions) and The LEGO Group, their latest game for Android and iOS has just been assembled. LEGO Quest & Collect is a new role-playing game for mobile users. The game is free-to-play and transports you to different LEGO worlds such as LEGO CITY, LEGO MINIFIGURES, LEGO NINJAGO, LEGO CASTLE, LEGO PIRATES and a lot more. Using the Unreal 4 engine platform, Nexon has created a unique and colorful world with Lego bricks that all Lego fans of all ages would enjoy.


    The game contains quests that ask players to collect different heroes in order to save the world from the evil Mad creator who kidnapped Master Brick and is trying to destroy Brick World.Not only that, players can collect Lego figures and Lego sets from a wide range of Lego products, including: Lego City, Lego Minifigures, Lego Ninjago, Lego Castle, Lego Pirates and others.

    With three brand new characters – Mad Creator, Scarlet and Brickster – joining the world of Minifigures, players will journey and complete quests in a variety of worlds, and team up with other heroes to save Brick World from the Mad Creator. You can also participate in PVP battles where teams of three face off against each other. Daily dungeons will aid in your progression, as you upgrade your various Minifigures with special skills and attributes with each completed level. There are laso more than a 100 different LEGO Minifigures to collect, so for all the people that like collecting - this will be an amazing game for you! You can even create your own personal dioramas with collected LEGO bricks, so everyone can be a Master Builder and have a fun time on their mobile devices.

     You will have to complete exciting missions in different districts of the world. Fight against powerful bosses and their evil henchmen. You will also control a small squad of heroes in the battles. You can apply the unique abilities of each character to power up your fighters and get supremacy over the enemy. Get rewards and add new characters to your collection.

    Pros : 

    • The game is really fun and colorful
    • The graphics are pretty nice
    • Smooth gameplay
    • Will appeal to a larger audience (cuz we all know Legos)

    Cons : 
    • The game may seem boring for people that played a lot of mobile RPG games
    • Graphics are childish so some people may not be into it
    • PVP can do some work

    Overall the game is really interesting and fun. It's worth to try out even for a little as it's a mobile game. The graphics is mainly what got my attention because I just love colorful and cheerful games with particles and fun noises.

    2P SCORE: 8.0

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