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    Closers Online is a side-scrolling hack'n'slash MORPG from Korean developer Naddic Games. Few months ago the Korean studio expressed the intention to bring the free-to-play title to North America. In a recent Kritika Onlinestream, it's spotted that Closers Online was in the community manager's En Masse launcher. Is this unintentional mistake proved that the game was actually going to the western market? Until En Masse makes an official statement, we consider it no more than a rumor.

    Source: massivelyop

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    Boss Key Productions has confirmed the date of the next Open Beta test for its team-based shooter Lawbreakers. The OBT begins this Friday and runs through Monday. The beta will be available for both PC gamers and PlayStation 4 users.

    Lawbreakers is a team shooter that has as main differential gravitational combat in futuristic environments, besides being more bloody than its competitors. The game currently has 9 functions represented by 18 characters with different styles of play.

    Lawbreakers has scheduled to release for PlayStation 4 on December 31 and PC (Steam) on August 8. On Steam, the title is available in pre-order for $107.50, while its Deluxe version comes for $122.90.

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    In this guide i'm going to show you the fastest way to level up trade life skill to reach Master Lv2, which is one of the requirements i have mentioned before in the trading guide.
    This method is more effective the more you lvl up the trade life skill, and it's faster than the normal trading in terms of gaining trading EXP.

    First you have to obtain these requirements before applying the method:

    A- Free storage slots in Heidel via spending CP (as much as possible)
    B- Free storage slots in Velia via spending CP (as much as possible)
    C- Rent a container
    D- Residence in Lynch Ranch and in Toscani Farm

    "Visit the CP guide if you haven't enough CP"

    You can use Elixirs and buffs to boost the trading exp, but it's not really a must, you can just use +1/+2 Trading Clothes. You can get these items from the market.

    If you dunno how to obtain the 4 requirements above, you have to follow the steps below:

    1- Buying storage slots

    You can buy storage slots in heidel and velia by choosing "Storage" from the function search bar, then buy slots as much as possible using your CP.
    Don't worry about spending much CP, because you can redeem them once you reach trade master Lv2.

    2- Rent a container

    You can rent a container by going to a storage npc, and click on "rent a container". You will pay 10 CP for that, but you can redeem them later.
    The container is a movable storage, can be placed in residence and connected to the nearest main storage.

    4- Buy a residence in Lynch Ranch and Toscani Farm

    You can buy a residence in Lynch Ranch and Toscani farm, but choosing "Residence" from the function search bar then buy the cheapest residence for CP (the one which costs lowest CP).



    After following the steps in the previous page, then you are ready to follow the steps below:

    1- Buy trading goods as much as you can from the trading manager of heidel, then roll by holding Q and repeatedly press W until you reach Heidel storage (it's better to have many inventory slots).

    2- Store the trading goods in heidel storage.

    3- Repeat the 2 steps above until none of the trading goods are available, or the storage is full.

    4- Once you finished the 3 steps above, go to Velia as fast as possible (using a good horse is better).

    5- Repeat Step 1, 2& 3 but this time in Velia.

    6- Once finished, go to Lynch Ranch, enter your residence and place the container that was rented.

    7- Take out as many trading goods as possible from the container.

    8- Use the Elixirs/Boosts (optional).

    9- Sell the trading goods that you have in your inventory to Lynch Ranch's trading manager.

    10- Repeat Step 7& 9 until no trading goods are left in the container.

    11- Collect the container from the residence, then go to Toscani Farm.

    12- Repeat step 6, 7, 9& 10 but for Toscani Farm which is connected to Velia.

    13- Collect the container from the residence, then change the channel and repeat all these steps again.

    Note that there's a cooldown for the channel switching which is 15min, so try to be accurate to avoid wasting time.
    Also its not a must to connect Toscani Farm or Lynch Ranch to their own cities, it doesn't affect the gained exp.

    Now you should be able to reach master level 2 in around 50-60 hrs of non-stop trading.

    That's all, happy trading.

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    As Black Desert Online [KR] released a Mystic teaser trailer from few days ago, they released the actual class today after the weekly regular maintenance in the KR version of the game. Not just that, they also revealed her backstory. The Mystic is the female version of the Striker, with some different abilities.

    You can read her backstory below:

    I fell down to the ground in despair. The stench of blood and acrid smoke filled my lungs, numbing my senses. My village, once filled with the joyful laughter of merry villagers, now lay silent. The war against Calpheon had reduced my home to mere ruins and memory. I lost everything I loved.

    I lingered on the brink, believing death would soon come for me as well. It was then that I met my mentor, the one who gave me the strength to go on. He looked into my eyes and told me that he saw immense power and potential in those calm, serene eyes. He asked me to come with him to the far east, offering to help me. Having no more reason to stay in that forlorn place, I turned my back on the rubble I once called home, and followed my new mentor into the east.

    The new life I had in the strange land was not an easy one; the easterners did not reserve trust in their hearts for blonde, blue-eyed strangers.

    My mentor was the only one who I could really speak to, but his only interest lay in forcing me to learn martial arts, which I had no interest in. As I grew stronger, I noticed that people began to regard me as less of a stranger. However, rather than distrust and suspicion, their eyes were now filled with envy and resentment. I became more lonely as the time went on.
    One day, my mentor brought a man who had golden hair and blue eyes, just like I did. I never imagined that I would ever meet another person like me here in the east. 

    At first, I was filled with simple surprise and curiosity, having finally met someone who was as foreign as I in this faraway land. Soon my simple interest grew, and my head was filled with thoughts of him. Before I knew it, the man who was but a stranger now meant everything to me. However, our parting came before I could confess my deep feelings for him.

    After he won in the combat tournament and joined the Western Frontiers, he vanished from my life without a word. He left me with nothing but loneliness. Without him, the east was a desolate and dreary place to me. I spent the days gazing out beyond the sea, longing for him to return. Weary of waiting, I finally decided to go myself and look for him in the west.

    After writing a short letter to my mentor, I got on a ship to head for my homeland, a place that was now nothing but a far-off and forlorn memory. But ever greater than my dread, was my desire to meet him again.

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    MMOculture reported that Tencent Games presented a playable VR version of Lineage 2: Revolution at their booth at ChinaJoy 2017. The video footage shows a player attacks and blocks but without being able to move around or cast any skills.

    This is more of a VR experience that many companies will make to market their games played on traditional platforms. The fact that this demo was running on SteamVR could indicate that we might experience a full VR experience for Lineage 2 Revolution sometime in the future. Scheduled to be launched in China in the fourth quarter of this year, Lineage 2 Revolution will be published by Tencent Games.

    Source: MMOCulture

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    Ragnarok Online is a beloved 2.5D Pioneering MMORPG with 2D Sprites and 3D Environment that was first launched in 2003. Recently, both Warportal and Electronics Extreme revived the game with their own "modified" versions. Opening new servers with classic+renewal combined features that enable players to bring back those memories of their past and create new exciting adventures with the game.
    Recently, a DDoS attack was launched against both Warportal Ragnarok Restart and Electronics Extreme Ragnarok Online Philippines servers. The source and the motive of this attack is still unclear and many speculations arises. Most says that it is the private servers who attacks the official servers to pull players back to joining private servers, some says it is the other company who does it and some says that there is NO DDoS attack but the current situation is due to incapability and or failure to manage the servers.
    The high latency (LAG) and disconnections were felt on July 24th followed by a post on Warportal RO Restart Forum section regarding this matter:
    Well prepared for such an event, Warportal immediately posted an update/notice regarding such issue. The server went up afterwards but it seems like the attack protrudes again causing the immediate disconnections and unfortunately shutting the servers down again.
    Warportal is continuously communicating to its players regarding this issue providing updates and information about what they are doing to fight off the DDoS attack and other issues like bots problems etc.

    Now...let us move on to Electronics Extreme Ragnarok Online Philippines...
    Unfortunately, Electronics Extreme Ragnarok Online Philippines still DOES NOT have a forum page. So the only reference point is the Ragnarok Online Facebook Page.

    The supposed to be DDoS attack started right after the end of the emergency maintenance on July 26th putting the servers back to another maintenance for a lot longer than the players expected.
    The 2 servers, Thor and Loki, went up and down, then up and down... as if the server is only running on auto-restart after a server failure was detected. Nothing is posted during these times, not even from its Community Managers. The last post from the Electronics Extreme Ragnarok Online page was posted yesterday...

    .. and after more than 24 hours, the company still fails to update their players regarding this issue. Nothing is also heard from its 2 community managers whose main responsibility is to keep the player community updated and accommodated. Silent treatment is a very bad move in this times of peril.
    Still up to this hour, both servers, both companies are experiencing the same DDoS attacks as if Baphomet himself is on the loose! I highly suggest that Electronics Extreme will provide an update soon, because everything is already burning and not a single drop of water was given to ease the pain of their player community.

    Whoever the culprit is, whatever their motive(s), this attack indeed puts players to play on other games and some even went on RO private servers... 

    Being optimistic, i see a hopeful near future where both servers/companies overcome this attack and build a stronger defense against future DDoS strike... 

    But will it be the end of the game breaking problems?

    I certainly think not! Especially for Electronics Extreme Ragnarok Online Philippines...

    Deliberate Denial of Bots

    While Warportal recognize and adresses the bot issues, Electronics Extreme is so confident that its version of Revo-Classic Ragnarok Online is impenetrable by Bots and that there will never be any bots on their game. They also mentioned this during Electronics  Extreme Ragnarok Online Philippines Press Conference that...

    "The Easy Anticheat is a great success for Ragnarok Online Thailand with solid proof no bots found on the server."
    the images above are the exact same images they showed us during press-con.

    They even included this on their FAQs page!

    Did you notice the difference in their so called anti-cheat name? Did something just happened there?

    while on the other hand... players are reporting of bot sightings and even providing video recordings!!!

    Watch these videos and see for yourself...

    This is a video from RO Exe TH the same company and version as ROPH. Bot exist before the game even reach the Philippine soil.

    The next video is a new breed of bot program that does not use the old style read memory and command injection via dos enabling it to cloak its automated-bot-actions as genuine player commands. This bot program was tested on the Electronics Extreme Ragnarok Online Philippine server itself. 

    you can search youtube for more Electronics Extreme Ragnarok Online Bot videos taken and recorded by players themselves.

    It is a known fact that Closed Beta was very short and OBT the next day was nothing but a rush...but why? Why would they start OBT a day after CBT ended? sadly, unexpected, the reason is none other than the money grab scheme Electronics Extreme have done the last weeks since the game entered its open beta test/soft launch. In fact they prioritized Ragnarok Points Purchase than fixing game breaking problems.

    None of the game breaking issues from CBT are addressed/fixed but every weekly maintenance Electronics Extreme adds a new set of CASH SHOP items which includes powered headgears, cash shop exclusive consumables and worst are the dreaded so called RNGesus boxes that will randomly give a near useless item or at a super rare low chance give you something good.

    A set of new cash shop items each week...
    Closed Beta Issues
    Lag or high latency is the major cause of discomfort for players and its been there, now getting worst, until to this day.

    Multi-Client issue, not an issue in my own opinion... until I discovered that it is in fact UNLI-CLIENT where you can open as many client as you want, as much as your system(s) can handle.

    During Electronics Extreme Ragnarok Online Philippines Open Beta/Soft Launch, the company is also greeted by many disappointed players since they forgot to totally wipe out the server leaving Closed Beta Items on players inventory including the 30,000 Ragnarok Points worth of items. Worst, it took almost a day before they turned down the server for cleanup, but its too late since a lot of players are able to hide the said items via Merchant Cart Storage. 

    To this day, the same Closed Beta issues lingers, and getting worst up to Open Beta.

    For the sake of the cherished memories of the very first Ragnarok Online, I do hope that these issues will be properly dealt with...soon.

    Ragnarok Online Restart Facebook page
    Ragnarok Restart Forum

    Electronics Extreme
    Ragnarok Online Philippines Facebook page
    Ragnarok Online Philippines still DOES NOT have a forum.
    Coming soon...since pre-CBT.

    Which company do you think better handle problems especially this DDoS attacks? During a DDoS attack, Do you agree that being silent to the player community is the worst step they can do? Bots infected Ragnarok Online game since its birth, do you think that there will ever be a version of this game that is really impenetrable? Does Electronics Extreme Ragnarok Online have a better future compared to other versions of the game? Do they handle the game better? or obviously focusing on the contents of their pockets? Please tell us on the comment section below!

    Thank you.

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    Griding Gear Games kicked off on Thursday (July 27) the long awaited Open Beta for Path of Exile on Xbox One. Although it is an open testing phase, it required interested players to sign up at the official website for a beta key, since the spots are limited.

    The Open Beta phase on Xbox One will last approximately three weeks and includes all game content that are currently in the Beta of the PC, including the upcoming expansion The Fall of Oriath. The expansion has as one of its main highlights the addition of six new acts to the history of the game. In addition, it will also bring a new system called "The Pantheon System" that will allow players to obtain powers from the gods.

    "The Fall of Oriath" is scheduled for release on August 4 on PC and later on Xbox One.

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    I’ve talked a bit about Gigantic - in fact, I liked it so much I even compared it to Overwatch: one of the biggest games out there right now. But, then came Paragon and MXM and I thought…"can Gigantic stand up to these two like it once stood up to Overwatch?” Well let’s find out, because it’s round 2 for Gigantic and a three way brawl between them, Paragon, and MXM -and there can only be one winner!

    It’s a three way brawl!!

    Since I’ve played Gigantic the most, I’ll start with that. Gigantic is a team based free to play shooter from a third person view developed by Indie game studio Motiga. It has a colorful cast of characters similar to Overwatch each with their own backstory. The world is colorful to match it’s character and it’s like someone took paint and had a blast with it creating whatever came to mind! Each character has their own unique abilities and they are all a joy to play. No one character is similar to each other and you’ll quickly find out which ones you want to have as your mains.

    Obviously there are offense, defense, tank, and support characters.  These characters will be switched up depending on the situation and these situations change a lot because the map is pretty big. There tunnels around the place speedy characters like Tripp (Lady Lightning Daggers) to flank enemies or capture points within those tunnels. Characters like Lord Knossos will be leading the charge against main enemy points, Omani and Voden sniper from far off, while Uncle Sven and Xenobia heal friendlies. You can change your character before you start the match which always helps to keep a well balanced team The match lengths are pretty average as well which gives you enough time to turn the match around in your favor. For me, they averaged around 20 minutes.

    Gigantic Characters

    There are some cool things to this game like the fact you can upgrade your abilities mid battle which will help you give you the edge you need if you are ever in a tight spot. The upgrades are branching trees so it's not just fully upgrade all abilities it's choosing what upgrade you want to have for a certain ability depending on playstyle or situation, and some of these are AOE (Area of Effect) abilities that can help your teammates in a pinch.

    Tripp in action with her abilities.

    There are not very many cons to this system or this game. There is a lot of getting double teamed or even triple teamed in this game though which is very annoying. One of the biggest concerns of this game however is the wildcard character. You have your assassin, your tank, your sniper, and your support, but the last character is always the wildcard and sometimes it's not very fun to fight or even be him/her.  Honestly, that's a very minor gripe with the game. Another con is that the gameplay can get a little repetitive, with capturing points and trying to defend your Guardian while trying to defeat the opposing team’s Guardian. Overall though, the game is fun with very minor gripes here and there and it'll probably be a bit of a stand out from the crowd.


    The next game I will focus on is Paragon. Paragon is a 3rd person MOBA game created by the same studio that made the popular Gears of War games, Epic Games. This is their first take into the MOBA genre and it's definitely paying off. It has elements of games like DOTA and SMITE along with it’s own unique card system. The first thing you see is the game is beautiful looking with Epic Games fully utilizing their in-house Unreal Engine.

    The world and the characters are really cool to see and it will just suck you right in. I don't think the characters themselves are quite as memorable as Gigantic. However they do have different categories in which each character fit in. If you have no idea what the characters are capable of, there are character stats that you can look at and it’s put into a very neat way so it’s not a mess. It’s very helpful for determining who your mains are going to be and accurately seeing who might be a threat or help if an enemy or ally uses them.

    I really like using Feng Mao as my physical attacker.

    The characters may not be as memorable but the maps on the other hand might just be. They are huge open landscapes you can explore and conquer! The Jungle being the first map that comes to my mind in Paragon. Other maps are being made and they are gonna look just as cool as the Jungle!

    Welcome to the Jungle!

    One of the interesting points about this game is it’s unique card point system. Instead of using items or magic to help or heal you this game, it uses a card system that uses card points you get by defeating minions or other players and capturing points and the game makes it very easy for you to get card points due to the very fluid combat. There is a wide variety of cards to help you out in a variety of ways. Whether it be offensively or defensively and it promotes strategic planning. These cards can even be used to buff characters of the same ability type if you have the right card. It makes the game much more interesting and switches up the game but this leads into one of the game's biggest flaws.

    Paragon’s Card System

    One problem with the game is it’s RNG based system for cards. Initially you don’t start off with a lot of cards. So as you go through the game you unlock cards through RNG. The problem with this is that you’ll probably get a lot of the same card before you unlock a new one which is highly annoying. Sometimes you really need a certain card to help you out but instead you get a card you already have. It makes certain card builds impossible to make because of this. Also you have a limit of about 40 cards, so once you run out, there are no backup plans. It’s kind of like Destiny in that sort of sense, since both games use RNG systems.
    Another big problem with this game is it requires a higher entry skill level then games like Gigantic. With games like Gigantic, it's rather easy to get into, only needing to learn a few different things here and there. With Paragon, it's a lot to take in and it's difficult to learn it all. Once you do learn it though, it's a bit easier, but it's still a bit to take in.  It's difficult to say whether this game will stick or whether it'll fade into obscurity. But only time will tell with Paragon because I do very much enjoy Paragon and it's unique take on MOBAs.


    The last and final game we will take a look at here is MXM or Master X Master created by NCsoft, the people who brought you Blade and Soul. This game is basically like Heroes of the Storm. NCsoft took all the characters from Wildstar, Guild Wars 2, Blade and Soul, and Ion and put them all in this game with a few original heroes. It plays almost exactly like games like Heroes of the Storm and League of Legends but a little bit more action based and it has the standard take down towers and reach the enemy base and stuff. The default controls you use are the WASD keys with option to use click to move which is a nice touch. But it offers something else to the table.

    It offers a 3v3 and 5v5 arena mode! It’s freaking awesome that you get to use your skills in a battle arena against other players. Whether you’re facing 3 or 5 players with a team of 3 or 5 you’ll have a blast just fighting other players and I highly recommend this mode to play for it is incredibly fun. If you ever want to jump out of PVP though, there is also a PVE story mode that you can play solo or with others!

    The battle arena!

    During PvP, you rank skills up after a certain point, but all of your skills are available from the get go  and can be leveled up in any order you choose. In story mode stages, you must  upgrade your abilities using in-game money before you even enter the game. These upgrades will stay with you forever, so they will always apply to whatever Master you decide to use no matter what stage you run them through. The story itself is presented with 2D versions of the characters talking in speech bubbles for the dialogue. It kind of harkens back to a lot of old games which is a rather nice touch. There is even a lobby in which to enter the story mode with other players. I won’t spoil what the story is about so I guess you’ll have to play it for yourself! But there are a variety of stages like a battlefield, a ghost town, a factory and all these stages belong to a certain atonement or alliance. So jump in and figure out the story!

    Yes ma’am!!

    The best addition to this game that I don’t see many MOBAs implementing are minigames (And we’re not taking those Winnie the Pooh Kingdom Hearts mini games)!! There are four sets of minigames that are chosen at random. A Sprint Course, A Second Sprint Course, and a Horizontal sprint. In these, you run in an obstacle course and need to hit the finish line first to win! Next up is A BULLET HELL ( I am not a fan), Jump Rope, and a Lightning Runner. You basically dodge bullets, lasers, and range attacks in this mode. A Candy Rush mode where you must eat ALL THE CANDY! Finally you have Jumper Cables, Lightning Runner, and Tile Drop where it does exactly what you think it does. It’s similar to the second set where you need to dodge the obstacles and enemy attacks or experience DEATH. The camera changes from a top-down perspective in one and then to appear as a side scroller in another, adding variation but also making things a bit nauseating at times.

    Minigames galore!

    This is all well and good but this game is not perfect. There are in fact LOCK OUT times for PVP. Meaning you can only play this mode for a certain time of the day before you get locked out from the game. This has been an unfavorable feature of the game for many players who just wanna keep playing PVP into the wee hours of the morning. Another point is you can only play minigames only one day per week. Only one day, really? Look these minigames are fun and addicting as all hell and I do not like you can only play them only one day per week. It makes the game a bit of a slog and very boring to play with the lack of options of things to play. Also is it just me or does the game feel a bit too much like Heroes of the Storm. It may be just a little nitpick of mine but it definitely feels like that for me. Quick note, the cash shop is very very expensive and is not worth it at all because of all the grinding needed. This is a very limiting game.

    Master X Master

    SO WHO WON? Who lost? And who got second place? Well…..this is just my opinion but I do believe Gigantic wins round two against Paragon and MXM. It’s fun, it’s different, and easy to get into. The characters and maps are memorable and it overall is just a joy to play! Gigantic could implement other game modes to play similar to what MXM did with the minigames, or Overwatch’s arcade and custom game mode. I feel it would be a much better game for it and add more replay value to the game! Paragon I think definitely earns that second place spot on this list. It definitely brings many new things to the table that are interesting and fun to get into. My issue with it was it’s characters not being as memorable and the fact it does take a little while to properly learn the game which aren’t big issues. My biggest issue was it’s RNG based system for the cards and how big you can make your deck. I think if there are some improvements to the RNG system like giving you cards you don’t have more often, I feel it would be a much better experience! In last place is MXM. It feels very limiting and is too much like games like Heroes of the Storm. Even with all of it’s features, it’s much too grindy and it’s lock out times for PVP and the minigames are pretty bad. So the winner is Gigantic!

    Don’t agree with me? Do you think Paragon is the superior game to Gigantic? What are your thoughts on MXM? Leave your comments down below! I’d love to read what all of you have to say!

    Winner is Gigantic!!! Thank You For Reading!!!

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    Software as the Heart of Gaming
    The reason because of which the Computer became a traditional household item is the rich variety of applications it offers. The device can be used in every single aspect of the daily routine. No one can deny that the modern world is easier to live in thanks to the computer. However, as useful as the electronic device is for complicated tasks, such as the operating of machinery or the preparation of documents, the invention has a lot of applications outside the realm of everyday work.

    Although the computer was created as a tool for the working man, nowadays many take it more as an entertainment box instead of a computing device. After the Internet had become a widely available service, the applications of the computer for fun and relaxation widened as well. You can download torrents, watch movies, listen to music, make video chats, and last but not least you can play interactive games. Still, let's not forget that the internet wouldn't exist if it weren't for computers.

    What is a Gaming Software?
    This article is exploring the basics of the web in detail because the computer is one of the most distributed electronic devices. The Internet has turned from an instrument for the exchange of data into the best form of entertainment people can find. Of course, no computer application can operate without software - a system of data that provides instructions to the computing device. The system consists of various programs, written in a high-level code, that determine the functions it is capable of.

    Every software is designed by programmers. Some of them work for large enterprises while others upload their work online to make it available to all internet users. There are different types of application software you can download from the web. The most popular one among them is dedicated to gaming. The system software is more important for computer, but the gaming software has the highest number of downloads. The following paragraphs of the article will explain why.

    The application software is essential for the financial profits of each gaming company. If there's no fun, there's no point in spending cash on a game. That is why sites for gamers hire the best developers at any cost. The player will be willing to pay as long as the gaming software is making the experience interesting. The top internet bingo sites where you can play for real money are aware that this condition determines the success of the betting game. If you think about it, casino games have the same features as the simplest online games. Whether we're talking about colourful graphics, catchy music tunes or dynamic movements, all of these features are created via software.
    Playing for Free or via License
    Have you ever thought about playing video games online? If you are a rookie who wants to give it a go, then we can give you some proper advice. The first step you need to take is to download a gaming software. The downloading process is so easy that even a child can do it. Despite that, you mustn't rush as there are several factors to take into concern.
    Check the software for a price tag. Such a mark means that you won't get the product for free. That kind of software requires that the user is a games license holder, otherwise he or she won't be able to play the game. Although it may cost a lot, having a license allows you to share games with your friends and colleagues. Not to mention the extra features you can access when you play.
    For those of you who don't want to spend money to play video games on a PC, there is the option to use a freeware gaming software. The advantage of the feature is that it allows the user to download and share games for free. In that case, you don't need a license to play online, but there won't be extra gaming features as well.
    Other Types of Software
    Shareware is rated as one of the best types of software you can find on the internet. The special feature that made the product so popular is that the player can try the software before using it. That way the customer can be sure of the quality of the product. Once you've decided to download shareware, you need to pay if you want to use the software any further. Still, it will cost less that a licensed one.

    As we said earlier, online betting is also a part of the topic. Most online gambling operators allow their customers to download the software from the site for free. As the gamblers are going to bet money in order to play, they deserve to access the necessary gaming feature without having to pay for it. The homepage of Topbingowebsites has a list of bookmakers where the software is free. Despite that, don't forget that the cost you pay increases with every bet you make.

    Once the gaming software is installed on your computer, you are ready to play. There are many games to choose from, as the variety grows year after year thanks to the gaming companies. You can take part in a gameplay of action, solve puzzles, play sports or enter a role-play. Because of that diversity, the online market offers different types of gaming software. Before you download the feature, check whether the product is suitable for the gameplay you are looking for.
    The Nature of Gaming
    Decades ago, playing video games was limited to the gaming clubs. Nowadays it is available at home for everybody who has a computer. Installing a gaming software allows you to access and play video games on your PC anytime. Despite the progress, the nature of the activity hasn't changed over the years. After all, games are designed to help us relax both our mind and soul. Still, the perception of this form of entertainment did evolve thanks to the software development. The first video games on the market were believed to be for kids only, but with the modern features, gaming is not a matter of age anymore. Games can be played by every age group as a favourite pass time activity. Not to mention that some of them can help in developing skills and intelligence.

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    After playing Gigantic for a while, I have come up with some reasons why you should really play this game, and keep in mind these reasons are based on my experience and just my opinions.

    The game was fully launched on 20 July on Steam, Arc, Windows 10 and Xbox One, so you can download it and play it right now.

    So let's begin with the reasons why you should play Gigantic.

    1- Beautiful animation

    While playing the game, you will really like the art style, the graphics may look abit childish, but believe me it's stunning. It feels like an animation movie, or in other words a unique environment. The blur, the colour intensity, contrast, the character design give you the feeling of playing in a cinematic trailer of some game. The art style of the heros makes them unique, even the animation of the abilities/skills of each hero is amazing and you will really enjoy the environment.

    2- The variety of heros

    Gigantic offers heros of different play styles, you can choose from ranged, melee, offensive, stealth, mobile and tanky heros, you don't really get bored of it. If you don't like the ranged heros, you will find melee tanky heros or even offensive. If you are a hero shooter player, then you will enjoy the ranged heros so much. Also stealth heros are enjoyable, it's some kind of assassin.

    You can also find deadly snipers in this game, so take care !

    There are 19 hero available right now and much more in development will be revealed soon.

    3- Skills/Abilities multipath upgrade

    Simply you have different paths to upgrade your own abilities, each path has different effects/buff /debuffs etc. You earn points to upgrade your skills, one point per level, so choosing wisely is really recommended in this stage.

    But the huge advantage of this system is when you play versus someone who is playing with the same hero of yours wont be a mirror battle anymore, you both have different builds/effects which makes the game more challenging.

    Related: Gigantic: Beginners Guide & Strategies & Tips


    4- Fast movement/gameplay

    The gameplay is fast, your attack, dodge, fall back or anything related to the movement is really fast, giving you the feeling of being excited! And when i say fast, it's really fast, literally there's no way to be idle. In my opinion it's one of the fastest moba games i've ever seen. But that also requires a fast reaction from your side, which really makes the battle full of energy.

    5- Team-Fight based

    The Objective of the game is to gather points to power up your guardian, once the gaurdian's power bar is filled it will attack the enemy guardian and then your team can attack the enemy guardian. The way you gather these points is by summoning your own creatures or allowing the creature enough time so you can gather points from them later or killing your enemy or destroying the enemy creatures.

    You can't easily do any of the point gathering methods solely, even when your team guardian attacks the enemy guardian, you will have to attack the enemy guardian too while in the same time killing the enemy heros, which is kinda essential whether your guardian is rampaging, or in a defensive mode.

    Because during rampaging, you give your guardian more points by killing heros so the guardian can attack for more duration, while in the defensive mode, you give it more points which gives shield to hold up the enemy guardian.

    So basically it's totally team-fight based.

    6- Suitability for many players

    Gigantic gives you the feeling of hero shooter mixed with moba mechanisms, so it really doesn't matter if you are a hero shooter player or a moba player, regardless of the game type you came from, you will just enjoy it. You'll always find a suitable hero for your play style. In other words the game offers a balance between both moba and hero shooter games. So if you don't like Moba or you don't like Hero shooter, you still gonna enjoy playing Giganitc.


    7- Wide spreading

    Gigantic being released on PC steam, Arc platforms and console gives it the ability to be wide spreaded through many players, you really shouldn't be worried about how popular the game will be, because being released on different platforms gives it a high chance of getting a high player-base.

    8- Easy to learn (Pick & Play)

    The game is really easy for new players to learn, how you control the hero is not really much different from other moba/hero shooter games. Also keep in mind there's no such a build or items to buy during the battle like League of Legends for example. Which really makes it much more easier for many new players, even those who have never played moba or even hero shooter games. But building your abilities gives you more challenge, however it's still easy to learn, you just read the details wisely, and choose what is suitable for you. In other words you just pick the hero and give it a try.

    9- Play-to-Win

    You can play Gigantic without spending any of your money, You can buy various staff like skins, heros, creatures by spending ingame currency, however they can be purchased aswell by money, you can also buy ingame currency boosts by money which is really ordinary for free-to-play games, but it's really balanced which makes it not pay2win. The battle itself is not affected how much you spend in the cash shop, which is great.

    10- Unique moba experince

    Gigantic is a moba game, however it gives you a unique experince, the game is kinda different from other moba games. Simply no towers, no lanes, no minions, you just gather points to power up your team guardian by the methods mention before in this article, so it can rampage.

    But then you'll have to attack the enemy guardian while for sure having a really interesting huge battle with your enemies !

    That's it, Hope you find this article useful for you to decide whether to play the game or not.
    For beginners guide, strategies and tips you can check this guide.

    For those of you who don’t know the game, Gigantic is a free-to-play moba third-person multiplayer hero shooter online battle arena video game developed by the independent game studio Motiga and published by Perfect World.

    Specs detailed below:

    Gigantic Minimum Requirements:

    * Windows 10 64-bit / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
    * 2.6 GHz processor
    * 6 GB RAM
    * GeForce GTX 580, DirectX 11.1-compatible video card (Nvidia or AMD only)
    * 1280×720 Resolution

    Gigantic Recommended Requirements:

    * Windows 10 64-bit / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
    * 3.2 GHz processor
    * 8gb RAM
    * GeForce GTX 580, DirectX 11.1-compatible video card (Nvidia or AMD only)
    * 1920×1080 Resolution

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    A-1 Pictures, the studio behind multiplePersona animations announced that Persona5isgetting a TV anime series in 2018 during a special Persona 5 event which was held at Katayanagi Arena in Tokyo. The Persona RP in Japan also announced an official statement via Twitter account.

    it’s not confirmed yet whether or not we are getting an English dub version of it, but anyway let's hope we get it.

    You can also check the teaser trailer on dailymotion from via this link.

    For those who don't know the game, Persona 5 is a role-playing video game developed by Atlus for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 video game consoles. Persona 5 is chronologically the sixth installment in the Persona series, which is part of the larger Megami Tensei franchise.

    Related: Persona 5 Cosplay: Sexy Takamaki Ann Ready for Battle

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    After Destiny 2 Beta on PlayStation and Xbox was over, Bungie has revealed how and when fans can play in the scheduled PC beta. Which is a great news for PC players who were waiting for the chance to participate in Destiny 2 Beta.

    >> Destiny 2: A Player Tried to Log in Over 500 Times Before Open Beta Started

    Bungie’s official website revealed that beta access for player who pre-ordered the game will begin on August 28. This will be followed by open access for everyone else the next day which is August 29. The Beta should last until August 31, but extensions may exist like the previous betas, while the release date will be on Oct 24.

    You can pre-order the game from the official website of the game.

    The system specs to participate in the beta were also revealed and you can check them below:

    Minimum Specs:

    • CPU: Intel – Core i3-3250AMD – FX-4350
    • GPU: Nvidia – GeForce GTX 660 2GBAMD – Radeon HD 7850 2GB
    • RAM: 6GB
    Recommended Specs:
    • CPU: Intel – Core i5-2400AMD – Ryzen R5 1600X
    • GPU: Nvidia – GeForce GTX 970AMD – Radeon R9 390
    • RAM: 8GB
    These are the specs for the Beta. They could change before launch on October 24. It all depends on how things play out.
    • Uncapped framerate
    • 4K resolution support
    • Mouse and Keyboard support
    • Controller support
    • Custom key mapping
    • Text chat
    • Adjustable field of view
    • 21:9 monitor support
    You can find more about it HERE.

    Destiny 2 is an upcoming online-only multiplayer first-person shooter video game in development by Bungie and in assistance, Vicarious Visions and High Moon Studios. It will be published by Activision.

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    From the beginning of 2017 til now, this game has on record, the most participated players of all close beta games in China...

    Once upon a time, somewhere in the other end of earth far far away, there was a myth, the myth of ancients, creatures, Gods, technologies, and of course, mankind. This myth is set in a fantasy world of China in a game called Gujian Online (or also known as Legend of Ancient Swords / Swords of Legend named by other players).

    Before you read any further, you can check out the screenshots and graphics here.
    Gujian OL is developed by Aurogon Technology Shanghai, later published by GameBar Inc. (the game official‘s Chinese name is Wangyuan Shengtang, headquartered in Beijing). This month, the game entered its 5th close beta test for three weeks of July. The last close beta happened in June 2016 which was almost little more over a year. The major changes are the huge graphical leap utilizing new technologies, the redesign of character models, the reengineer of the entire combat system (action combat from tab target), new dungeons, improvement of UI, and among other features.

    Game Shown at E3 2017:
    In this year’s E3 gaming expo, the game decided to take a stab at the global market, the official has named the game “Gujian OL” to finally showed itself to the western audience, and likely in the future that the game will come to the West someday. The game official staffs questioned and took notes of western players’ perspectives about the game. The audience in E3 commented about the fascinating mythical elements they learnt, as well as the nice graphics and the smooth combat. 
    (GameBar Inc. with their own neat looking booth and models presented in E3)

    The Official stated on their billboard in E3: 
    “Gujian OL is a highly anticipated 3D MMORPG, featuring vivid details of Chinese traditional culture.
    The game is based on imagined history, combining real sceneries in the real world and Chinese fairy tales.”

    Where it came from? How famous?
    How did this game exist in the first place? Checking on its birth certificate, it’s actually not the first child being born, it’s an online version spin off after the 2nd sequel, from a series of single player games called “Gujian Qitan” (Ancient Swords and Legends). The very first game of the series was released back in 2010, gaining a huge fame in China almost dominating the #1 top rank single player game in the market during that period, over 7 million units sold in one year. Due to the inextinguishable hype that have continued on, comics, novels, Chinese TV dramas, along with other products have taken adaptation from the game. Following up, the 3rd sequel was announced recently to be released in 2018. A film is also currently in production on the way to the big screen.


    Strong Chinese Culture, Myths and Folklore:

    Although a game with a fantasy world may share similar elements or life in other western games. Story wise and background, what sets this game apart from other already released Asian fantasy MMORPGs in the market? How different is the culture compared to Blade and Soul, Tera, Black Desert, Age of Wushu, Final Fantasy XIV and etc.? The literary illustration of this game is surrounded with more mythical tales and folklore than traditional martial art literature or western fantasies where you have wizards and magic. 
    To give you some ideas, ever heard of some of the classic stories like Journey to the West? Madame White Snake? Or Ancient Chinese Ghost Tales? This game combines different elements of folk’s legends, such as Chinese Gods, Demi-Gods, demons, ancient Chinese ghost stories, and the concept of reincarnation.
    Not to mention, the story about love passing through time before life to afterlife...
    Moreover, religion and belief such as Buddhism, Taoism, temple and monastery are part of the environment. This game explores the ethical conflict in the human society. Some examples of the plots involved:
    (A man cultivates oneself by helping and doing good deeds to people, once he passes the test he will reach nirvana. Another story, is a man living a happy life with his family until one day he has a sudden change of personality that makes him kill his whole family and other people in the village, no body know the reason until later find out that he was possessed by a ghost that is cursed of lingering in the world without freedom. And then, you have a story of kind-hearted demon taking a form of human, wishing that she will be like other human beings, having a normal life, which is to find love, get marry, have children and live happily ever after. But no, there’s always a douche who is stereotypical about how demons are all evil and wishes to dispose them from the human society. )
    Despite all the folklores that contribute to the major plot, they don’t make up 100% of the content. This game dressed up a layer of fantasy Wuxia, with some magic and western fantasy elements as well, not to mention the air travelling technologies that are very futuristic but taking the form of ancient style to suit the era. The beautiful landscapes on the other hand contain more real world sceneries rather, than what you will find in a fairy tale. 
    Specs and Settings:
    This game is very compatible with wide range of PCs. Graphic is optimized from the very low end PC to the high end using 4K. The graphic setting provides plenty of options like texture, post processing, lighting, shadow, clouds, water, antialiasing, etc. Each with its own slider! The slider moves from lowest, low, medium, high, very high, to ultra-setting. You can also move and place the different UIs to wherever you like on your screen (like your health bar, the quest listing area, the mini map, shortcut menus, skill bars, chat windows, etc).

    This game is open world with good mix of PvP and PvE content.

    Graphics: For information on graphics, I made a separate article covering the graphics,please see HERE.

    Character customization:
    A big leap comparing to the last close beta. I say it’s very similar to Moonlight Blade, where there is a lot of options of available and you can choose to use the sliders or drag with your mouse. Some of the character models are not optimized, you can tell by the hair rendering and the skin texture are kind of poor. It’s not the best of mmos due to only having facial surgery available but no body slider. There are options of choosing the voice for your character like what they have in BnS or Tera, although it’s a small thing but it’s very neat to have and each voice sound very clear and distinctive. 
    (That’s one ugly #%*$!@ you can create...)

    There are SIX classes:
    -All of which are not gender lock. For those who are fans of Loli characters, sorry no shorty for you.
    -All classes are Hybrid, taking on two roles, can be switched back and forth freely throughout the game.
    -The two roles each has its own mastery of skills and different stats. You have the freedom of customizing based on which of the two roles you take, not only choosing the skillset but also free to switch between the stat customization.

    What are the hybrid classes?

    1. Two of the classes can be the roles switchable to DPS or Tank (Giant sword, spear, dual spears)
    2. One class is a summoner, can be the roles switchable to damage output or support. (Staff)
    3. One mage class that uses 5 elements of nature for magic, each element is a selective option, which 4. creates different effect for your skills. The mage can be the roles switchable to damage output or support. (Instrumental weapon: harp, zither)
    4. One class is full on damage can be the roles switchable to using melee skills or range skills. (Flying sword or swords)
    5. One class can be the roles switchable to assassin or support using dark sorcery. (Scythe)
    Character Progression
    So far I have discovered:
    -You have your gear (can be crafted, enhanced, refined, etc.) with different pieces of wear (accessories, head piece, upper body armor, boots, main and secondary weapons etc.) and those pieces also define your fashion cosmetics but some fashion in the game are also not defined with your gear otherwise. There are PvE and PvP gear.
    -You have a meridian system in place to invest points in stats, both the meridian system and the crafting of scrolls provide skills add-on effects as well.
    -You have a spiritual guardian that connects to your character soul, which is also acting like your secondary pet. It plays a huge part of strengthening your character. It is a character development system very similar to the summoning system of a few Final Fantasy games.

    Skills and Combat
    Melee characters are pretty much all action combat, range characters are skillshots and tab targeting combined. Some skills change mechanics between PvE and PvP.
    This game pretty much has most of the mechanics you can name of:
    Directional dodges, manual block, charge attacks, flying skills, air combat, attack cancelling, crowd controls (stuns, knock up, knock down, pull, ragdoll, etc.), crowd control disables/escapes, buffs, debuffs, and heal. In addition, for mobility, there are attack moves (attack while moving, not apply to all skills but some), and dashes.
    It feels like playing Black Desert with the hack and slash. Triggering the action, it is very responsive and smooth as those guys said in E3. I was playing at 200+ ping, with a booster, there’s absolutely no delay of skill activation. When the ping do spike up around 400+, there’s no delay but it introduces robber banding and skipping frames.

    Hit Effect...

    When we’re talking about hit effects, it’s not just about the visual effect or how smooth the combat is. It’s simply how you feel when you’re hitting something or getting hit. Let’s begin with the sound effect first, it is very nice, you really feel like you’re hammering stuff. Now here comes the thing, the monsters do obey to the effects of your crowd controls but sometimes they are not very reactive to your other attacks. I think Black Desert and Tera have the same problem too sometimes, monsters don’t feel like they’re getting hurt despite all the blood spill and the nice visual effect coming from your skill cast. If you ask me what a good action combat RPG should be, I say hit effect doesn’t just happen on one side, it’s an interaction on both sides.
    I tend to favor towards Japanese games for hit effects (Nier: Automata, Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Rising…) or other ones like God of War, I think those are the best in that area. They have a good wide range of attack animations, very natural motions, and the action is intense. Talking about the different reactions, besides the effects from crowd controls, enemies can stagger, their unbalance is triggered, as well as the effect of rebound, particles, and vibration. Voice reactions and different sound effect for different impact of objects should also be considered. Crowd control should not be eternal of course, there should be given a chance of recovery, invincibility, some kind of break in between to strike back. In addition, mobs in mmo rpg games tend to have lower artificial intelligence than single player console games. Combining all of the above elements together with a good variety and range, is what mmo rpg lacks nowadays. 

    This game has a flying skill for your character to get onto higher grounds. You can work your way to even climb onto a skyscraper-like building in the city. 
    Life Skill:

    Culinary Art and Potion Making are huge in this game. They both require you to collect ingredients for crafting. They play part in combat and their roles are to provide buffs, cures of debuff, heal and other effects to your character. Culinary art contains a cookbook with a list of dishes you can make with classification of different flavours (sweet, sour, bitter, salty, etc.), each providing its own effects. You can do fishing as well as part of collecting some of the ingredients for crafting or you can make money off of them (a fishing rod is not needed but instead there’s an ability for that). There are other life skills but they are gameplay for the casuals, they will be mentioned later in this article.
    PvE Content
    Don’t expect to be a Dynasty Warrior game where you kill monsters like cutting paper or mowing a lawn. Monsters are meaty, they do quite hurt. My character died several times even just from running the main quests from the beginning until late game. The number of heals I’ve had are uncountable.

    Monsters in dungeon hurt even more and harder to be shut down, they are not designed for single player and you could imagine how the boss would be. For dungeons, there are three modes to choose from: normal, difficult and heroic. It’s usually 5 people in a squad. There are 10 and 20 people instances. Pretty challenging overall. Even at the very first dungeon on the lowest level that I ran, which is a normal dungeon, my entire team got destroyed 2 times even with a healer on the side. You can’t spam spells, you need to plan out your attacks, like what sequence your skills should follow one after another, what the right time should be to unleash a certain skill or saving a skill for later use. Sometimes there are traps, sub plots, and other props that come along instead of only killing, killing, and killing in a dungeon. Out in the open world, a few world bosses are also made available, some can be done solo while others require you to form a team. Since the dungeons in this game have three different modes mentioned above, you will expect to revisit the place again as you’re leveling up your character. For daily quests, they have town quests for fulfilling reputation such as bounty hunting. The treasure hunting quest is debatable, personally I think it’s forced.
    PvP Content 

    So far of what I’ve seen there’re 1v1, 3v3, 15vs15. There are PvP gears separated from your regular gear.

    Pretty much all the NPCs have voice over with some animations while you’re in first person’s view every time when you’re talking to them and accepting the quests. This happened from the very start of the game to late game. You can tell, this is very detailed work being done here and they really put the effort. The quests are the typical killing and collecting stuff. Nothing new being offered except a few times where you got into some instances and play around with traps. Getting through the traps are pretty challenging, most likely you can died for the first 1 or 2 trials, they should’ve added more of those types of gameplay.

    The story and the main quest are LONG. It took me about 2/3 of the way before the close beta ended to max out to level 50. However, it’s never a good idea to rush leveling as this game has dungeons, instances or other PvE events along the way with your main quests that provide good resources for developing your character. Although you can still defeat higher level mobs with the gear obtained from the main quests only, you will eventually find out your damage will fall off quickly and will have to kill the mobs with more effort and be more careful. 

    Other Contents:

    You can customize each part of your clothing differently (head piece, upper body wear, weapons, back wear, shoes, etc.). Like mentioned above, gears also define your fashion clothing while some fashion in the game are also not defined by your gear. Each single style of fashion has a set of different colors as well. However, this close beta has very limited unique extraordinary looking fashions available. You will expect a bunch to be shelved in the Cash Shop in the future.
    Emotes: Comprised of single person’s or couples’ emos with voice over.

    Even your pethas its own set of emos. You’re looking at a great number here but there really isn’t much variety of pet emos.
    Character’s Profile Picturecan be changed, as well as the frame.

    You have two pets in this game. One is your guardian that spiritually connects with your character. The other one just lives on its own.
    Casual Gameplay Content
    This game has instrumental playing and photography. Nothing to do with combat, they are all casual. Do not overlook these, they offer tons of features. Photography mode contains good options as if you were taking a picture in real life (exposure, flexible movement of camera angels, color adjustments, depth of field, filters, etc). 
    Instrumental playing has karaoke mode, scoring system, composing music, collecting pieces, playing with selective keys and chords, etc. 

    You can play duet with another person.

                     (Karaoke mode and keeping track of your score)                  (Hunt music sheets in the world and make your own playlist)
    Compose your own music: there are different tones of instruments available to select: violin, piano, zither, xylophone, drums, cymbal, gong, triangle, etc. Once you play the music, you will hear those tones.

    In Conclusion...

    Well, is this a NextGen of MMORPG? Simply put, it has a lot of new stuff to offer but at the same time, it has a lot of stuff that already exists in other MMOs.


    I judge this game based on the perspective if it were to take its current quality to open beta. If I rate this game as a close beta where things still need to be optimized and fix, I will add 0.5 points to Art Design,  Story, PvE, Questing, Tutorial and Guide. 
    • Technical Quality on Graphics 9/10 - they have nice technologies and tools to work with, weather effect, details and textures are great overall. Lost 1 point on color cast and few optimizations.
    • Art Design 7.7/10 - Environment and architecture are excellent. Lost points on character model and fashion creativity, objects looked dull sometimes especially under low light situations, shouldn't happen with directx11, it’s about detail management.
    • Story 8.5/10 - Good illustration, they have good cutscenes at the beginning but later kind of falls off. Nice creativity on stories but there're still some clichés, something inevitable I guess.
    • Combat 8.0/10 - Skills are decent with great varieties of mechanics, performance is responsive, less ping dependant. Lose points on hit effect.
    • PvP: N/A – Will not have a fair judgement on this yet, can’t tell s*** if I only played for like 2 matches.
    • PvE: 8.0/10 - Challenging dungeons and mobs. Even though they only have few traps, props, and mini games somewhere, it would be nice they implement more mini games. Mobs are bit too tanky sometimes and lack some Ai.
    • Lifeskills: 9.5/10 –Life skills related to character development are effective. Life skills that are aim for casual (camera, instrument) are also pretty fun with great features. Fishing is literally AFK until you get a bite. Musical instrumental gameplay is amazing.
    • Questing 7/10 - Mobs are challenging for dungeons and daily quests, story is good, NPCs are easy to follow, lost points on repetitiveness. They said they will cut them down in the next build.
    • Tutorial + Guide 8/10 - Crafting ingredient locations should be included in the description. Otherwise, their guides pretty much cover everything but lacks little details. They have a pretty good quest tracker.
    • Bug Fix and Quality: 9.5/10 - They listen to their community, bug fixes are on weekly basis.
    Current situation if it’s an open beta game: 8.3/10
    As a close beta game: 8.6/10

    Reference: Picture sources are mostly from the Official site:, coupled with my own screenshots.

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    Once upon a time, somewhere in the other end of earth far far away, there was a myth, the myth of ancients, creatures, Gods, technologies, and of course, mankind. This myth is set in a fantasy world of China in a game called Gujian Online

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    Resultado de imagem para the elder scroll legends
    The Elder Scrolls: Legends digital card game has finally been released for mobile devices. The game can be downloaded on Android and iOS.

    The mobile version had interface adjustments to make it look nicer on smaller screens. The base game is totally free-to-play, but anyone who wants to expand their experiences can buy Heroes of Skyrim expansion that adds more than 150 cards and new mechanics with Dragons, Shouts and Companions.

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    At ChinaJoy 2017 Black Desert Online developer PearlAbyss shared with MMO Culture about their plan of opening the Southeast Asian server later this year. According to PearlAbyss' COO and Overseas Business PM, the closed beta for SEA version will start before the end of 2017, and they are preparing for English, Indonesian, and Thai support.
    Besides, they also told that the reason why they acquired Nettention was to utilize its technology for the upcoming mobile version of Black Desert. What's more, it's confirmed that the first trailer for Black Desert mobile version will be released this September.

    The PC version currently has a stable network environment, but we will certainly look into integrating ProudNet in the future. But for now, the main usage will be for the mobile game.
    Source: MMO Culture

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    Following the bumpy Early Access launch of Dark and Light on Steam, Snail Games decided to improve the way it communicates with the community. As a result, the Archos Herald is launched, as a regular series in which the dev shares details about the game's development and offers previews of the upcoming patches, and more.

    In the first Archos Herald post, Snail Games admits that Dark and Light had a bumpy launch due to the large number of players. With 18 official servers, some big patches and new features, the team is confident that most of the problems that concern the community will be tackled. The upcoming patches will focus on improving server health, reducing lag and fixing bugged quests.
    More over, A Home Fit for a King is the first community event that rewards the most impressive player-build structure.

    Source: Steam

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    Funcom is definitely not in the vacation in the hot summer days, as they are preparing to add some chill to Conan Exiles. Later this week, "all shall be revealed", the developer teases about the forthcoming expansion set to freeze the world of Conan Exiles.

    Scheduled to launch on August 16 on both PC and Xbox One, the first major expansion will expand the game world, allowing players to march from the scorching desert to the cold, frozen highlands in the north. So, "Winter is coming", right in the middle of the summer, and Funcom is the one to blame for it.

    On the other hand, Secret World Legends is now available on Steam. If you have The Secret World account and wish to transfer it to the new game, read here to learn how. And in celebration of the Steam launch, the game is hosting the Whispering Tide event. Learn more about it here.

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    Hello gamers, 
    This is an article dedicated to the BEST MMOs and multiplayer games which you can play in 2017. This list will receive regular updates throughout the year depending on new releases.  We tried to include games from various genres and pricing models so that there will be diversity.

    If you have a game which you personally think that should be on this list write it in the comment section below so more people can see it and learn about it.

    First we have one of my personal favorites MMOs and one game which I thoroughly enjoyed playing back when it came out, Nevewinter. Neverwinter is a F2P game published by Perfect World and it is an action MMORPG based on the famous Dungeon & Dragons games. Neverwinter is very story driven game, with an immersive storyline, well-developped characters, polished action combat and  lots of endgame PVE and PVP content. The game receives frequent updates and new campaigns are added regularly with the last of them being the Cloaked Ascendancy.

    If you are a fan of MMOs which require player cooperation and are also fan of the classical fantasy setting with orcs, dragons, elves dwarves etc. then you should definitely try it out with your friends.


    Creativerse is an open world multiplayer crafting/building game. It is very similar to Minecraft but with a lot of extra stuff in it.  There are two different versions of the game currently. Obviously there's the F2P version and there’s also the Creativerse - Pro version which by buying it, gives you the ability to create multiple worlds and be able to customize them to your heart’s content with many more additional, advanced options like a glider to be able to fly through the skies. In my opinion if you want a good Minecraft alternative which also adds tons of new stuff and features in the game then you should definitely try it out. And if you see that you are liking the free version, you can spend some money and buy the whole game which will greatly enhance your gaming experience.

    Ark: Survival Evolved

    Ark Survival is a sandbox, survival MMORPG published by Studio Wildcard. Like most games of that kind your goal is to gather supplies, craft things which will aid you, build your base and fight off enemies who try to kill you. Ark: Survival Evolved though, has one more thing which sets it apart from the majority of those games, dinosaurs. Not only you can hunt all kinds of dinosaurs in the wild, you can also capture them, tame them, breed them and take them into battle. Who wouldn’t like riding into battle atop of a Tyrannosaurus Rex or on a flying Pterodactyl. Ark: Survival Evolved is a game in which you have to be part of a large group, if you want to actually be relevant in the game, it is not recommended for those who like soloing. Despite that, I think that this is very good game to buy if you are into this genre and it will surely keep you occupied for quite few months.

    Secret World Legends

    Secret World Legends is not actually a new MMO, but it is the remastered and improved version of the popular MMO Secret World which had been released back in 2012 by Funcom. Secret World is very story driven MMO whose story and setting is heavily based on the famous, horror writer Lovecraft. This MMORPg blends the occult and modern day technology and plunges you into a mysticistic war against mythological beings and monsters from various legends across the world. The original game had some faults, like clunky UI and combat, but since the game has been revamped, all of them had been revamped to fit the standards of modern MMOs.

    While I personally think that I will like this game, because of its mature story and dark theme, I understand that this is not a game for people who are looking for PvP or prefer having the story presented to them in a plate. This is a game for people who like to immerse themselves in the game and for those who like exploring the game world - reading lore books, talking to NPCs etc – I believe that people who like to roleplay in MMOs will like this game. Secret World Legends will come online sometime in June 2017 and it will be F2P. People who had bought the original game will keep all of their stuff and get some bonus for owning game.

    The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited

    Moving on, we have Elder Scrolls Online or ESO for short. ESO is published by Bethesda. ESO follows
    the same pattern as in all Elder Scrolls games where after you create your character, you are met with a huge, seamless world to explore and immerse yourself in it. The game does not force you to do anything and you can level up in any way you want, either through questing, PvP, crafting even by exploring the game-world. The game features, large scale PvP and PvE battles, a different storyline depending on your faction, dungeons with scaling levels of difficulty, great skill customization and a detailed yet simple crafting system. ESO is a B2P with optional subscription and has recently released its first large expansion which adds the whole Morrowind province in the game.

    Guild Wars 2

    Guild Wars 2 is a F2P MMORPG being published by NCSoft. I am one of the people who had bought the game almost as soon as it had been released and I had the luck to experience what Guild Wars 2 had to offer in its full glory. Six years had passed since then and I can say with certainty that this game had aged very well. Before releasing its first expansion the game went F2P from B2P and while many people thought that this would ruin the game, it most certainly didn’t. Instead many people got the chance to try it out and later buy its expansion Heart of Thorns which by the way is awesome. Guild Wars 2 has a decent Tab-targeting combat system, diversity among playable classes, a lot of endgame PVE content and regular events for both Heart of Thorns players and free-to play ones. Guild Wars 2 is a game which you will enjoy no matter if you’re playing alone or with a party, so if you’re looking for a good F2P MMO to play, then you should definitely give it a try. 

    Black Desert Online

    Black Desert Online or BDO for short is an action MMORRPG developed by Pearl Abyss. BDO is a sandbox oriented game which gives the player a lot of freedom and things to do as he explores the world. From the typical monster killing and questing to more complex stuff such as real estate management, castle sieges, trading with your own cart, whale fishing and many others. Its strongest feature by far is its fast paced action combat which differs from class to class. This is not an MMO where you can level up multiple class at once or else you will never truly progress in it. BDO is an excellent game with a lot of things to do, but is not however recommended to people who are not dedicated to it, it requires a lot of grinding and you need to invest a lot of time if you want to have fun doing  endgame things. BDO is however more PVP focused and is not a game recommended to people who prefer doing dungeon and large scale Raids like WoW. If you are one of the former, then 10 bucks for this game are definitely worth it.
    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is one of the best if not the best subscription based MMORPG currently in the market. The story is beautifully written, with loveable and memorable characters, along with a well thought out plot that isn't afraid to take risks. The music is amazing, and the environments are absolutely beautiful. The combat is generally slower than most MMOs, and provides a very laid back experience, however the game does not let you get lazy, and the late game content provides a challenge that most hardcore gamers would welcome. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is a PvE focused games with almost no PvP at all, unlike Black Desert which is the complete opposite. If you enjoy doing challenging raids and dungeons with their friends and guildmates then maybe you should check it out. The game’s second big expansion Stormblood is released in June 2017.


    I do not think that introductions are necessary for this gem as I’m sure that any person who plays games will have heard of Overwatch at least once, since it was released. In any case, I should say something about it though. Overwatch is being published by Blizzards and is a hero shooter game with various MOBA elements in it. Characters belong in one of the four classes, Attack, Defense, Support, Tank and each one has his own skills and weapons. The game uses stylized, cartoony graphics which in my opinion look very nice in-game, despite me not being a huge fan of cartoony artwork. And also has several different maps where each one of them is specially designed for a specific game mode (assault, payload, control etc.). If you are looking for a fun and highly competitive shooter game to invest your money then you should definitely buy Overwatch.

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