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    Lately since the last friday, fans of Overwatch have been trying to figure out if the picture below is really a new hero for Overwatch or just a fan made art (actually well-made) by an artist who loves to spread the rumors?

    Anonymous user has been uploading many images to Imgur claiming that the hero is indeed the next new hero of Overwatch.

    Her name is Psyren, according to the information and the biography attached to the images. But her real name is Alexia Galanos, 29 years old. Her weapon was also shown, and it seems like a stretching sword or more like a whip.

    "Alexia was a young scientist working for Blackwatch when the  Omnic Uprising began. Her mother, an Overwatch field agent, was killed during the uprising. Since then Alexia used hero position within Blackwatch to steal technology and blurprints, read black ops mission briefs, and gather intel in a personal vendetta to exterminate the omnics."

    The leak claims Psyren will hit PTR in mid-November and live server around the winter event. You can find more about her abilities and lore here link.

    So what do you think about that? Do you really think it's true, or just a fake yet fantastic fan-made?

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    Conqueror’s Blade (War Rage) which is developed by Booming Studio announced the global version in the E3 in June. At ChinaJoy 2017, the game producer Wang Xi tells us the reasons of the big change in the new version and the direction of game production in the future.

     "Conqueror's Blade is going to return to the most primitive state"

    Conqueror’s Blade has undergone great changes this year. For what kind of consideration you decide to make these changes?
    Wang Xi: First of all, player demands and the market force us to change. At the very beginning, Conqueror’s Blade is a unique product. We want to bring a realistic world of cold arms to the players. But last year when we released the first beta version in September, in fact, we had a lot of gameplay features inspired by other games.
    As we communicate with our players more and more, we found that Conqueror’s Blade must have its own characteristics. Our final decision is that Conqueror’s Blade cannot compromise to the market, and it need to have its own path and traits. The UI is very different to the traditional MMOs, and it represents the most original form of our product. So we call it a return to the original — the core design concept and combat experience, have returned to what it's like at the beginning.

    You said you will pay more attention to the stories and single-player campaign. How do you plan to present the stories to players?
    Wang Xi: Campaign is not our priority at this point because we think the game is about interaction between players. In a small scale, it's dozens of players fighting and in a larger scale it's thousands of players fighting a world war.
    We believe that no stories are better than those come from player interaction. So we are now all focusing on the development of combat experience, and then battlefield rules, diversity, as well as the sandbox.

    "Conqueror's Blade is not a game set in the Ming Dynasty"

    Why Conqueror's Blade is built for the international market from the ground up?

    Wang Xi: After returning from the United States in March this year, I made a big decision: Conqueror’s Blade will have only one version in the world, because we knew a good game should be designed for global market.
    So we spent about three months to make graphics upgrade as well as the changes of core elements. In fact, this decision is very, very important. You will see the change of the whole game in every aspect.
    Will Conqueror’s Blade has more civilizations or generals for the Western players?
    Wang Xi: Conqueror’s Blade is a multi-civilization game, and we want to reflect the 15th-16th century in the history, including various civilizations and all kinds of wars. Conqueror's Blade is not only about the Ming Dynasty of China, it's actually about the 16th century of the world, and it is a war game not just focuses on a single civilization.

    "Conqueror's Blade is not a pay-to-win game"
    We are very interested in the vocal control system; you said that you plan to add dialect into this system before, what is the progress of this system?
    Wang Xi: This is actually an independent system, and we have some very fun technologies, and vocal control is also one of them.
    Adding vocal control system is not difficult, but making it fit the game in actual combat is. It is not a simple implement of new technology, but also something that affects the entire game.
    What other features will be added to the game in the future?
    Wang Xi: Conqueror’s Blade already has enough features. A new player will take a long time to master all systems. We plan to further polish the game. For example, the weather system could mean a lot of gameplay, and it's not simply something that gives buff or debuff.
    I think that the development of Conqueror’s Blade actually starts after the game is released. I want players to be involved in the R&D.
    What business model the game will use?
    Wang Xi: To be honest, we cannot tell at the moment. But there is one thing, Conqueror’s Blade is never going to be Pay-to-win, only Pay-for-time (you can pay to save your time).

    Conqueror's Blade Is a Unique MMO I Would Want to Play for Years
                        War Rage Interview: A Realistic Yet Romantic MMO War Game


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    World of Dragon Nest debuted in November 2016 and then went into long silence. The open world Dragon Nest MMORPG was spotted at ChinaJoy 2017's B2B (business-to-business) area last week, and what's more, the game revealed new information including "Swap Action", "Guild Battle", and no gender lock!

    It's worth noting that the Swap Action system will allow players to choose to build their own combos, while the Guild Battle will allow a guild to gain economic advantage in a particular region. What's more, the open world dragon raid exceeds the scale of existing Dragon Nest games.
    Taiwanese media GNN reported that they were able to get their hands on the demo of World of Dragon Nest at ChinaJoy and confirmed that there was no gender lock. Male and female version of Warrior, Archer, and Scholar were available to choose in the demo, and a mysterious class "Butcher" was in the demo but not playable.

    According to Eyedentity, the developer of World of Dragon Nest, the game stresses on group content in the open world where various quests can be triggered. No release schedule is revealed thought.

    Source: GNN

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    South Korean developer Dragonfly is known for creating team-based online FPS Special Force. Now they are going to bring the franchise to VR platform, with action-packed, arcade style experience. The VR version will retain the gory feature in the franchise and what's more, it's been tailored for VR play with simple control and cross-play between HTC Vive, PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift.

    The HTC Vive version will be released first although there's no exact release date yet. If you are interested, you can bookmark the Steam page and follow the latest update of the game.

    Related: Special Force AR Drops the First Image, Which Looks Absolutely Promising

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    Starting today, South Korean players can login and test the Rebuild version of Bless Online. The Rebuild server, which runs separately from the Bless Online server, allows players to experience a complete overhaul of the game, including revamped character progression, combat, gathering/crafting, pets / mounts, UI and UX, and character customizations. Neowiz plans to add new content to the Rebuild server by updating it every two weeks.

    Goha made a small guide that will help hardcore players in the west to play the Rebuild server. Below is how. But first thing first, you will need a verified Korean account.

    1. Once you solved the account matter, you can go to this link where you must enter user and password.

    2. Then go to the Rebuild page and click on the huge button on the right. After that, you will be asked to install a special launcher, which you must download ( a restart will be required after you install it).

    3. After installing the launcher, press the button again. If everything is fine, then a window like the one bellow will pop-up, and the launcher will appear bellow in the tray.
    4. Once the launcher starts, you must check the box that confirms that you agree with the conditions, and then click on the button on the left;
    5. Choose the place where the launcher will download the 18.5 GB client, and then the download window will appear.
    6. Those who are not from Korea, will have to use a VPN in order to start the game.

    7. After you successfully installed the client, go back to Rebuild page and click on the big red button on the left.
    Some important points: You may need to change the localization of the system to Korean. Also, if you have an error like the screenshot bellow, you will have to download the installation file.

    Source: goha

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    Guild Wars 2 finally announced the second expansion that will launch later this year. The expansion is called Path of Fire, and it will take players to new region of the world.

    we’re thrilled to tell you all about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™, the second expansion for Guild Wars 2. Soon you’ll train mounts to help you explore in all-new ways, unlock nine new elite specializations to customize your playstyle, and discover the vast lands of the Crystal Desert and Elona. An epic chapter in the Guild Wars 2 story awaits you—hunt down the rogue god Balthazar and put a stop to his campaign against the Elder Dragons!
    You can pre-order the expansion right now start from the price of 29.99 $ for the Standard pack till 79.99$ for the Ultimate pack, and you'll also receive additional bonus items.
    You can check more details about these items via this LINK.

    Also when you pre-order any edition of Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire, you will be able to addGuild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns expansion and buy both expansions together for less price !

    The expansion will launch on September 22, 2017 at approximately 9:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7) as announced on the official website.

    You can read more about it by visiting the official announcement.

    Check out more details included in the announcement trailer below:


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    Hob, the upcoming action-adventure game developed by Runic Games, gets finally a release date, which will be on September 26th for the PS4 and PC as developer Runic Games and publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment have announced today.

    >> Finally Runic Games Reveals New Information About Hob in New Trailer

    Not only that, but they also revealed the game's price which is $19.99 USD, a PS4 preorder bonus as a dynamic theme, and 10% off preorder bonus that allows you to save 10% if you buy the game early.
    But it's still unknown if the Hob dynamic theme will be exclusive to preorders or will be a standalone purchase later.

    You can check out the dynamic theme & the release trailer below:

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    MU Legend currently offers players 4 classes: Dark Lord, Blader, Warmage and Whisperer. Today, Webzen announced that the Emphasizer class will be added to the game (KR server) on August 10th. No word on whether the new class will be playable in MU Legend Global open beta this September.

    Like a succubus, Emphasizer has the ability to manipulate weapons and enemy's mind, immobilizing or mind-controlling a small group of targets. A pre-registration event for KR players is running until August 9th, and those who join it can receive item rewards.

    Additionally, Webzen plans to launch the MU Legend Plus, a mobile application that allows you to check anytime and anywhere the information of their game status. This app will be available for both App Store and Google Play.


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    Today Kenichiro Takaki, the producer of Senran Kagura series announced the nextSenran Kagura game which is called Senran Kagura New Link, during a livestream event hosted by Marvelous Entertainment and it's new studio Honey Parade Games.

    The game will be released for mobile platform and introduce three new characters alongside 20 popular Senran Kagura girls will be included from the beginning, which you can see in the trailer.

    The trailer shows all of the most popular characters of the Senran Kagura series, also some gameplay scenes were included in the trailer.

    Keep in mind the game is not for consoles but will be released in Japan this year for iOS and Android. 

    You can watch the livesteam which includes the trailer after 57:26 of beling live below:

    Senran Kagura is a video game series developed by Tamsoft and produced by Marvelous Entertainment. The franchise revolves around groups of female ninjas, and has received several manga adaptations.

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    NetEase Games today announced their upcoming flagship action MMORPG Justice will partner with AMD, making use of Radeon RX Vega graphics card for the best visuals. The game will feature AMD's TressFX technology that has shined in Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider. See how TressFX works in the pictures below.


    TressFX is open source so it works on Nvidia graphics cards as well. In addition to TressFX, Volume Fog is also improved in the game. You can see the beautiful graphics in the trailer below.

    Justice has just concluded the first alpha in China last month. Due to NDA there's no coverage on the first alpha. But you can expect to learn more as the development goes on.

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    Resultado de imagem para valnir rok
    You are going to have a new option in the multiplayer online survival RPG genre other than Dark and Light, Life is Feudal MMO, Ark: Survival Evolved, Conan Exiles, and so on. Inspired by Norse mythology, Valnir Rok lets you play as the Vikings. The developers Encurio and Reverb Triple XP has released the announcement trailer and confirmed to show it at Gamescom 2017 later this month.

    You wake up on Valnir Island and have to do whatever it takes to survive in a land of wild animals, mythical beasts, and violent men. As a hardened Viking warrior, you can butcher your enemies in bloody combat, build and improve village structures, and form a clan to expand your power and reputation.

    Valnir Rok will enter early access on Steam around September. You can apply for closed alpha or read more about the game at official website

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  • 08/02/17--04:45: Durango Soldier Guide
  • DURANGO : WILD LANDS is a Pre-historic Open World Survival Sandbox MMORPG where players must gather, craft, battle the wild animals, dinosaurs and the power of the elements to survive. 

    It's been months, i guess, since I came to this world. No, I was not born here... The mystery of this place and how we got here stays a puzzle. But one thing is for sure, my military training played a great role in my survival. As a soldier, i was trained and exposed to combat. I was also thought how to make use of things around me. Sometimes I think that this world is like a soldier training camp on super steroids. Survival is the major reason that keeps me moving forward... i want to survive... i want to see her smile... even if its for the last time.
    This guide will focus on the Soldier Build (Melee) and combat. Please do take note that you can choose whatever starting class you start with, but starting out as a Soldier (Male or Female) plays a major role in this guide.

    For more information about classes please check THIS GUIDE.
    On the train you will be thought how to engage in combat and the very first thing you need is a weapon.
    Crafting your weapon plays one of the 3 key features on how well you will do in combat. Please take note and remember each and every detail on this combat tutorial.
    The yellow light: This is an indication that your target or a monster is launching an attack. It may take a few seconds to as short as a slipt second for the monster to initiate the attack. You can either dodge (avoid damage) or use defensive skills (Block/null or reduce damage) or you can use counter skills (avoid/null+damage target).
    After Yellow Light: After successfully defending/dodging/countering a monster attack, you will have at least a few seconds to launch your best attack move or run for your life.
    Performing a manual attack is harder especially when auto attack is activated. You have to queue your manual attack right after performing a dodge/block/counter on an enemy.
    After being rescued by K in ANCORA, you have to learn the basic gathering and crafting skills. Complete this task as soon as possible. Please take note that Gathering Queue is disabled in ANCORA.

    After riding the boat out of ANCORA, you will be transferred to one of the SAFE ISLANDS where you will learn basic combat skills. Please DO NOT LEAVE THIS ISLAND unless you have completed all the task mentioned below.
    Before we go into combat, you first have to learn how to craft your weapon and learn powerful skills.

    Please take note that you will receive LIMITED AMOUNT OF SKILL POINTS everytime you level up. Choosing the correct, useful and needed skills in all aspects is required.

    First let me introduce the SOLDIER CLASS. The skill level rely on how many times you engage in a activity related to that skill. The higher your skill level the more skills points you have and the more skills you can learn. A soldier have a level 20 initial bonus in MELEE COMBAT regardless of character level. This is a HUGE ADVANTAGE due to the nature of this game.

    A level 20 Combat will enable you to learn powerful set of skills and will push you leaps ahead of the other classes.
    COMBAT STANCE: There are different types of Stances and each provides different types of benefits. Please take note that you can learn more than 1 stance but may only activate 1 stance at a time.
    I personally chose ATTACK STANCE as this is the most accessible Stance (available from MELEE level 1) and you need a higher accuracy rate when fighting highest level monsters especially RAPTOR TYPE Dinosaurs *chills*.

    WEAPON OF CHOICE: There are different types of weapons in this game. From one/two handed knives to axes, pole, and even bows. This guide will focus on the Two Handed Knife Build.

    Certain weapons requires certain weapon mastery and each will provide specific benefits.

    Sword Mastery will increase your CRITICAL HIT RATE whenever your character is equipped and uses a sword type weapon/tool (Applied to both one handed and two handed knives).

    Sword Specialization will increase your character ATTACK DEFENSE PENETRATION. The higher the defense penetration the more enemy defense is ignored the higher your damage and chance of landing a critical hit. This is a marvelous combo build in dealing massive amounts of damage.

    BASHis a powerful crushing melee attack usable only when equipped with a melee two handed weapon. This attack have a high chance of landing a critical hit. This will be your most powerful after yellow manual attack skill.
    Thats a level 12 hitting like a level 25~30 with just a stone two handed knife.
    Bash combo with Sword Mastery and Attack Instance will cause devastating blows to your target. 

    BRANDISH is a multi-hit area of effect attack skill that can hit multiple enemies at once. The attack starts with a front fan swing followed by 2 full round swings. Each swings causes damage to enemies nearby and the last hit have a higher chance of landing a critical hit. This skill also have the counter capability that will counter an enemy attack if it is launched while the skill is in effect (Cross Counter).
    Please be careful when using this skill especially when there are a lot of targets nearby.

    You may only use certain skills when the correct weapon type is equipped. The skills above requires a two handed weapon and the best weapon of choice will be a Two-handed knife/sword.

    Learning how to craft a two-handed knife is not as direct as you may think it is. First, you need to learn how to gather Bigger Stones (boulders).

    and before you can gather boulders, you have to learn how to craft a Stone Pickaxe.

    After learning how to craft a Stone Pickaxe, now you have to craft it...

    wait... you actually need to know how to craft a "Long Stick".
    You can make long sticks by connecting/combining two sticks, branches and bones with a strap, reed or rope.

    So...can we craft the Two-handed Knife now? uhm... just 1 more problem... You have to craft a Large Blade.
    You may use a boulder, a large bone or a large ore to craft a large should be large.

    The moment we've been waiting for has finally come!
    With an equipped two-handed knife/sword you may now cause devastating blows to your targets.

    Body tackle does not require a weapon to use but is restricted by what activated stance you chose. Since his build is focused on Attack Stance, then we can use this tactical skill as many times as we want. Body Tackle is the best opening attack especially when you are the one who will initiate the attack on an enemy. Your character will rush and slam its body to the enemy causing almost always a critical hit and leave the target confused or stunned. You may follow this attack with a BASH to inflict a devastating combo on your target. You may also use this skill while chasing down running targets.

    What good can a devastating attack do to you if you can't live long enough to deliver it?

    The DEFENSE skill tree is the only skill tree where you have to learn EVERYTHING on it. You may gain DEFENSE exp whenever you dodge or parry your enemy attacks. Learn everything on this skill tree, but if you lack the skill points then i highly suggest that you leave Active:Roll skill behind and focus on the Parry Skill.

    Defense Skill Tree Priority
    Physical Training > Defense Stance > Recovery > Defensive Skill

    Increasing the level of your defense skill tree via parrying attacks is somewhat suicidal, unless you know this tactics.

    First you have to activate Defense Stance, then master the delay between the yellow light and your parry skill queuing.
    Do this whenever you have to level up your defense skill tree as it will dramatically decrease the damage your character receives.

    The Survival skill tree is a set of skills tailored specifically for the survival of your character in the world of Durango. Here you can increase your MAX Energy and Health via Exploration Skills, Learn how to capture animals via Animal Capture Skills, Increase the number of animals you can tame via Animal Taming skills and increase the level of maps you can access in durango via Survival Level Skills.
    Your SURVIVAL SKILL TREE level will increase along with your character level.

    These are the skill trees you should focus on to improve your combat capabilities.

    Weapon Crafting>Parts Crafting>Handles
    Gathering>Gathering Minerals>Mud/Obsidian etc
    Slaughter>Deboning>Bone Gathering
    Processing>Material Crafting>You will learn many skills here
    Building>Crafting Structures>Loom/Bench/DryingRack etc
    Tailoring>Many skills for armor and equipment crafting


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    Now that we have powerful consoles like the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, or even better a PC, online gaming has been taken to new levels. In a world full of skilful players, the question is, how do we make ourselves stand out from the crowd? The answer to that is practice, but also the tools that we use to give ourselves that added edge.

    Dual Monitors
    This is one for the PC crowd, but dual monitors can provide that added screen width that takes your gaming to the next level. With graphics cards able to extend the gaming area over numerous screens, the player can now have an impressive edge when it comes to seeing the enemy coming. If you want to keep the game to one screen though, this also leaves the other screen open for social media and other jobs that you may need to keep an eye on while gaming.

    Gaming Keyboard and Mouse
    While a cheap keyboard and mouse will often be okay for somethings, to get better performance in your games, you really need a good mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse. These are designed not only to be able to handle the abuse they take in gaming, but also offer better performance, and added buttons that can be mapped to important tasks.

    For less strenuous games like the ones you find on live casino sites, these keyboards also offer a more comfortable experience for the player. This helps if you are going to be spending hours online playing your favourite games.

    Professional Controller
    Much like with the keyboard and mouse, if you are going to take your gaming on consoles to the next level then you need a controller that offers a comfortable experience. A good example of this is the Xbox One Elite controller which is not only designed to take the abuse of gaming, but also offer the ability to adapt the controller to your needs, with extra buttons that can be programmed for other tasks.

    Surround Sound Headphones
    When playing a game like Overwatch or the latest Call of Duty game, you need to know which direction your opponent is attacking from. Overwatch is a good example of this as the sound production is focused on offer that sense of direction in the attacks. To aid in improving your ability to hear your whole surroundings, a good set of surround sound headphones is a huge help.

    Virtual Reality Headsets
    This year virtual reality headsets have really taken off, especially with the release of the PlayStation VR. A cheaper headset than HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, it opened up the world of VR to many more players. With the price of the higher performance headsets now dropping, it looks like we’ll all be able to partake in the next big thing in gaming, if of course we have the hardware to handle it.

    When gaming we all have our gadgets that help us improve our performance. Whether it be a trusted controller, dual monitors or a good gaming mouse and keyboard, they help us get the results we need. In the end, of course it all comes down to the skill of the player.

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    Apparently the name TERA M tells this is a mobile game and it was first announced back in January, at Netmarble Together with Press event. Today the developer Netmarble Games opened the Korean teaser page for the mobile MMORPG based on TERA IP, introducing the game's back story and the world.

    TERA M sets 1000 years before TERA's era and as a prequel the mobile version features similar graphics style with the PC version. There' s no actual gameplay at this moment except for a teaser trailer.

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    After explaining how to unlock all classes in Fortnite, it's time to dwell on the classes themselves, starting with the Outlanders. First of all, this one is a sure bet to start with. Irreproachable during the exploration phase, the Outlander class is a major asset for you and your team. Admittedly, the Outlander does not shine in battle, and will not construct the most robust forts, but he has characteristics that no other class can boast of.

    So yes, the Outlander is clearly not the class to choose if you want to fight at the front or build a true fortress. Indeed, it is rather based on the exploration and collection of materials. You will not be useful in repelling enemies, but your teammates will take advantage of you to get the necessary resources and reach the goals of the mission. For this, it benefits from increased speed or even improved luck statistics. Added to this are very useful skills for exploration. There are currently 10 Outlander subclasses, each having different rarity ranges:

    Common - Legendary
    • Enforcer
    • Shock Specialist
    • Pathfinder

    Rare - Legendary
    • Recon Scout
    • Vanguard
    • Trailblazer
    • Ranger

    Epic - Legendary
    • Striker
    • Trailblaster
    • Mythic
    • Phase Scout

    This article will focus on the Enforcer, Shock Specialist and Pathfinder as they are the easiest to obtain.


    The Enforcer’s main appeal is its improved Teddy. It is therefore effective in combat, but loses in mobility.

    Perks (colored green, blue or purple according to the rarity level from which they become available):
    • Focused Acquisition: Increases the chance of finding double loot by 6%.
    • Anti-Material Charge: Performs a punch that damages enemies and structures within 0.5 tiles. Smaller enemies get knocked back.
    • Loot Llama. Deploys a Loot Llama that provides building and crafting materials when hit.
    • TEDDY: Deploys a TEDDY that damages enemies within 4 tiles 4 times per second for 15 seconds.
    • Bear With Me: Increases TEDDY duration by 5 seconds.
    • Shield Boost: Increases the maximum shield by 20%.
    • Phase Shift: Teleports the Outlander 1.5 tiles in the currently moving direction.
    • Overbearing: Increases the attack range of TEDDY to 6 tiles.
    • Phase Shield: Phase Shift forces the shield to regenerate for 4 seconds at 20% the regular rare. Your shield regenerates even if you continue to suffer damage.
    • Bearricade: The movement and attack speeds of enemies wounded by the Teddy are reduced by 30% for 6 seconds.
    • In the Zone : After 5 hits with the pickaxe, its damage increases by 24%.
    • Upgraded Bearings: Increases TEDDY’s rate of fire by 50%.
    • Bearserker: Increases TEDDY’s duration by 5 seconds and boosts its damage dealt by 25%.

    Squad Bonus:
    • Shielded: Increases maximum shield by 10%.
    Shock Specialist

    The Shock Specialist is less effective in combat, although still decent, and compensates by making exploration easier thanks to its improved Phase Shift. in combat and makes it possible to move even more easily thanks to the good eclipse.

    Perks (colored green, blue or purple according to the rarity level from which they become available):
    • Focused Acquisition: Increases the chance of finding double loot by 6%.
    • Phase Shift: Teleports the Outlander 1.5 tiles in the currently moving direction.
    • Loot Llama. Deploys a Loot Llama that provides building and crafting materials when hit.
    • Shock Tower: Deploys a Shock Tower that damages and stuns enemies within 1.3 tiles for 6 seconds, damaging more enemies with each new pulse.
    • Capacitor: Increases Shock Tower duration by 2 seconds.
    • Up The Voltage: Increases the damage of Shock Tower by 35%..
    • Anti-Material Charge: Performs a punch that damages enemies and structures within 0.5 tiles. Smaller enemies get knocked back.
    • Phased Out: Reduces the cooldown of Phase Shift from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.
    • Forked Lightning: The third pulse of the Shock Tower can damage up to 7 additional enemies
    • Supercapacitor: Increases the duration of Shock Tower by another 2 seconds.
    • In the Zone : After 5 hits with the pickaxe, its damage increases by 24%.
    • Electroshock: Shock Tower deals 130 additional Impact damage.
    • Phased and Confused: Phase Shift has one additional charge.

    Squad Bonuses:
    • Shock Phase. Grants a Soldier primary hero 40% damage resistance for 6 seconds after using Shockwave.

    The Pathfinder allows you to search the entire map while your teammates defend the base. Much less useful in combat than the above, the Pathfinder can still deploy a TEDDY to assist, but should nonetheless focus on exploration when possible.

    Perks (colored green, blue or purple according to the rarity level from which they become available):
    • Focused Acquisition: Increases the chance of finding double loot by 6%.
    • In the Zone : After 5 hits with the pickaxe, its damage increases by 24%.
    • Loot Llama. Deploys a Loot Llama that provides building and crafting materials when hit.
    • TEDDY: Deploys a TEDDY that damages enemies within 4 tiles 4 times per second for 15 seconds.
    • Passing Zone: Increases run speed while In the Zone is active by 12%.
    • Keen Eyes: Reveals containers that contain valuable objects within 2 tiles while In the Zone is active.
    • Anti-Material Charge: Performs a punch that damages enemies and structures within 0.5 tiles. Smaller enemies get knocked back.
    • Loot Find: 6% extra chance to find double loot.
    • Work, Work: Increases harvesting weapon damage by 24%.
    • Keener Eyes: Increases the range of Keen Eyes by 1 tile.
    • Phase Shift: Teleports the Outlander 1.5 tiles in the currently moving direction.
    • Diamond Llama: Increases the drops from the Loot Llama by 50% and includes crystal drops. Double the amount of ore dropped when the loot Llama is completely destroyed.
    • Deep in the Zone: Increases damage resistance b6 14% and harvesting damage by 24% while In the Zone is active.

    Squad Bonus:
    • Work, Work: Increases harvesting tool damage by 12%.

    Regardless of which Outlander you pick, they will be a great help to get you started in the game. But once again, if you want to focus more on combat, you should definitely consider choosing another class.

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    Moero Chronicle will be launched for PC in the west via Steam platform on August 16th as it was announced by Idea factory International, the publisher of the game. Idea factory International also announced that the game will be available standalone or in a Deluxe Bundle.

    The Deluxe Bundle includes:

    • Monster Girls Gallery Art Book
    • 3 PC wallpapers
    • 3 phone wallpapers

    But the bundle content is also available to be purchased separately for 5.99$.
    1080p graphics, English, Japanese, and traditional Chinese subtitles will be available and supported by the PC version of the game, but keep in mind Voice overs are going to be Japanese only.

    You can actually read more about the game on it's Steam page.

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    It's not a secret that NCsoft has fully marched into the mobile game market although they seem to be late compared with Nexon. In addition to the Lineage IP, they've brought another classic franchise AION to mobile with AION: Legions of War.

    This mobile RPG features visceral gameplay, console quality graphics, and massive-scale battles. Unlike the PC version, the mobile version of AION is powered by Unreal Engine 4, and it tells an original story where an ominous villain threatens the delicate balance between two warring races, Elysea and Asmodae.

    The Android version has been released worldwide, and it has English language including voice. The game can be downloaded here.



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    Resultado de imagem para lucioball overwatch
    Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has posted a video, telling players how this year's summer event will be like. Lucioball will return in a different style and a new stadium in Sydney, Australia. Besides, in the revamped Lucioball, players will have faster speed, can leap heigh and have a different ultimate skill.

    What's more, this year we will have the Lucioball Cup, a competitive version that will last three weeks. Whoever plays 10 competitive games will get a spray. Those who are among the top 500 in their region will still earn an exclusive spray.

    The event will start on August 8 on all platforms. For more information, visit the official website of the game.

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    Twilight Pioneers from Netease Games has been one of the popular VR games for many media's top VR lists. At ChinaJoy 2017, we are very pleased to interview the lead designer of Twilight Pioneers Mr. Qin Han, talking about the story behind the development.

    Key notes

    • Plans to add co-op content.
    • Cooperation with Google on the technical level. Google provides a lot of help and test data
    • Focusing on mobile VR now. No plan to bring the game to other platforms now.

    After the release of Chapter 2, this game received a lot of positive feedback. What is the plan for future new content?

    Qin Han:We plan to launch more content and more stories in Chapter 3, to attract new players. At the meantime, we want to design co-op feature so that players will play longer in the game.
    How does the co-op feature look like?

    Qin Han:For instance, we want to provide a virtual room for players to play mini-games together, or watch others playing the games. 

    At Google IO Conference in May Twilight Pioneers was announced as launch title  for Google's new standalone VR headset. Can you talk about the cooperation with Google now as well as in the future?

    Qin Han:The cooperation with Google is mainly on the technical level, as Google provides us test data which that helps us a lot. In return we give them the research feedback. We will continue to cooperate with Google, and will release the game as launch title for Google’s new standalone, all-in-one VR headset released this October.

    What do you think of mobile VR as Twilight Pioneers has been available in the market for 6 months?

    Qin Han:We always been optimistic about the mobile VR market, as mobile VR is not limited to mobile phones. We believe all portable devices can be part of mobile VR, including all-in-one headset. We will be more committed to mobile VR.

    Did Twilight Pioneers’ stories take inspiration from Netease Games' other titles? Is there any relation between Tome of the Sun and this game?

    Qin Han: Twilight Pioneers' stories are inspired a lot by Tome of the Sun. There are some connections between the worlds of both games, and players are traveling between different worlds.

    Have you considered porting Twilight Pioneers to PC or other VR platforms?

    Qin Han: We started and grew on mobile VR platform, and we will continue to focus on it. The traditional eastern games are not very popular in the west nowadays, because of cultural differences and barriers. Why Twilight Pioneers is an exception?

    The traditional eastern games are not very popular in the west nowadays, because of cultural differences and barriers. Why Twilight Pioneers is an exception?

    Qin Han: The game's story is about oriental mythology and it's told in simple way. Foreign players can understand and accept it easily, because they are also fond of oriental mythology.

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    As previously revealed that Black Desert's 2nd Awakening System or the new skill enhancement system which called "Rabam's Enlightenment" will makes you able to combine one main-skill and one sub-skills together to create more powerful skill, and these 2 skills are Pre-Awakening skills.

    Today, after the regular maintenance of the KR version of the game, Pearl Abyss, the game developer announced that the Rabem's Enlightenment aka the 2nd awakening system will be released in the next patch of the game, and since they have changed their update schedule to be biweekly instead of weekly (once every 2 weeks), then that means it will be released on August 17, which means the EU/NA version may get it soon.

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