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    Safe Haven Expansion for Revelation Online went live today after the regular weekly maintenance and that was announced by the publisher and NetEase the developer of Revelation Online.

    The expansion is for free, it will allow players to get a home in the game through the exciting apartment feature, it's something like BDO's housing future.

    Players will be able to purchase their own houses once they reach Lv40, the house can be filled with 160 decorative furniture unit. Players also can invite their friends and give them keys of their own houses.

    For more information, check out more details.

    There's also a teaser trailer was revealed for the expansion, shows the various decorative items and you can watch it below:

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    Gearbox, the creator behind Borderlands, is working on a new first-person competitive shooter code-named Project 1v1. Unlike traditional FPS game, Project 1v1 bands shooter gameplay with strategic card game mechanics.

    Project 1v1 is scheduled to enter first Closed Beta test in summer. If you are interested in this game, you can pre-register the qualification on the official site. There are three different modes available in this beta test namely Ranked, Challenge and Arena.

    Ranked: Competitive ranked match – win the game can get exp and new card packs.
    Challenge: Friendly battle
    Arena: Defeat other players to replace their position in arena。

    There are no details on how dynamics based on collectible cards will be implemented, however, it seems that winning matches will earn cards. No information even on target platforms the title will surely reach PCs, while we do not know if a console version will be created. 

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    Lots of images for Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire elite specialization weapons and armor sets were posted on the internet. Most of them are obtained through datamining and posted on Reddit via imgur. Take a look at the appearance and visual effects of these items.
    Deadeye's Rifle - Cursed Flintlock

    Firebrand's Axe - Expurgation

    Holosmith's Sword - The Cutting Edge

    Mirage's Axe - Veilrender

    Renegade's Short Bow - Guerrilla Arc

    Scourge's Torch - Guide for the Lost

    Soulbeast's Dagger - Fang of Mokele

    Spellbreaker's Dagger - Silence of a Thousand Years

    Weaver's Sword - Warpblade

    Source: Reddit

    Bounty Hunter - Light

    Bounty Hunter - Medium

    Bounty Hunter - Heavy

    Warbeast - Light

    Warbeast - Medium

    Warbeast - Heavy
    Elonian - Light

    Elonian - Medium

    Elonian - Heavy

    Spearmarshal - Light

    Spearmarshal - Medium

    Spearmarshal - Heavy

    Unnamed - Light

    Unnamed - Medium

    Unnamed - Heavy

    You can see more at this Reddit post.

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    Gal Gun VR was released today on PC via Steam by Inti Create. The game offers a great environment for any otaku player out there, and basically you are inside a pure harem anime, girls are everywhere, so what would be better than that for any true hentai otaku :3

    The developer actually said that "this is exactly the kind of game that VR was designed for! In Gal*Gun, virtual reality truly *is* better than reality! Experience the joy of being surrounded by beautiful girls, only this time, you can enjoy this world from every angle!".

    Your goals in this game is to aim for the weak spots of girls to give them euphoria, and that's being done by Pheromone Shot, and keep in mind different girls have different weak spots. Also you can keep looking to the girls or just invite them to your house take as many pictures as you can of their panties ;)

    The game is now available on Steam Store for $29.99 but thanks to the 15% discount which makes the price $25.49 instead. The discount lasts till August 16th.

    The game can only be played by using Oculus Rift or HTC Vive VR headsets. For more info you, visit the Steam Page.

    Below, you can watch the launch trailer:

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    The free-to-play, hack and slash MMORPG MU Legend implemented the 2nd female class today in the Korean server, and it's Emphasizer, the new the telekinetic class.

    Emphasizer has the ability to manipulate weapons and enemy's mind, immobilizing or mind-controlling a small group of targets.

    With the release of the Emphasizer class, the game now has 5 classes available in the KR version, and as previously mention that the KR Open Beta launched without the Emphasizer but finally they released it. So i hope we get it soon with the Global Open Beta launching in September 2017.

    Not to mentioned that they opened new KR server which is called"NaturaM" for the new players and as they said "to provide a more seamless gameplay environment". They also announced some brand new events for the Emphasizer which you can find more details about them HERE.

    For more information about the class, head to the official KR website.

    Below, you can watch the Emphasizer cinematic and gameplay trailers:

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    Although the gaming world is no longer as interested in the next World of Warcraft expansion as it was before, any buzz regarding the new expansion will cause some stirs. Veil of Shadows might just be the name of the 7th expansion of WoW, and the new content could include:

    • New skill & specialization progression system;
    • New weapon types, new combat animations, and class/weapon combinations;
    • New race/class combinations Death Knight: Pandaren. Shaman: Human. Paladin: Trolls, Night Elves. Warlock: Draenei, Tauren Druid: Pandaren;
    • New world;
    • Some familiar heroes and villans, including Vol'jin will return with this future expansion;
    • Level cap will be increased to 120;
    • New dungeons and raids;
    • New world bosses;
    • New battlegrounds, and more

    More can be read here, but remember that this is just a rumor.

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    With tons of new mobile games and updates rolling out every day, it is challenging to find the best new games for your mobile devices among all kinds of choices. To help out, we round up five awesome games we think are worth downloading and playing this week.

    Dragon Nest 2 Legend

    Developed by Nexon, Dragon Nest 2: Legend is a mobile ARPG which has been soft-launched for iOS and Android in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, and the Philippines.

    As the official Dragon Nest mobile game, Dragon Nest 2: Legend allows players to explore Dragon Nest’s 500 years of lore and unique story for each character. There are three distinctive characters for players to choose from, namely Gabel, Jereint, and Marion, and players are also able to customize skill combos and create unique skill build for combo attack. When you face difficult dungeons, solo is not a good idea. Dragon Nest 2: Legend also supports smooth real time gameplay with other players, allowing you to conquer “nests” easily.  


    The Elder Scrolls: Legends

    The Elder Scrolls: Legends - Heroes of Skyrim is a strategy card game based on the world and lore of the award-winning Elder Scrolls series.

    The Elder Scrolls: Legends made its debut on the PC back in March, and the strategy card game is now available on mobile devices with the Heroes of Skyrim expansion in tow. The free-to-play title features cards based on characters from the Elder Scrolls franchise, and you'll be able to play against online opponents or with an AI.


    Tiny Dino World: Return

    Developed by A.R.T Games, Tiny Dino World: Return is a pixel art RPG that allows you to become a chief of the village and build the dinosaur kingdom. 

    Tiny Dino World: Return features both simulation and side-scrolling battles. For the one hand, players have to construct a wide variety of buildings to defend from invasions and command mighty dinosaurs to invade other villages. However, manage the village is not an easy task. Allocating villagers to right job can create a strong and economical home to live. For the other hand, there are more than 200 dinosaurs at you command, and you can control them to destroy enemies’ base to receive rewards.


    Combat Squad - Online FPS

    Developed by former Counter-Strike Online developers, Combat Squad is a tactical FPS online multiplayer shooter to test your skills and tactics against others around the world. 

    As a mobile FPS, players need to create, customize, control and command elite squad and wage a tactical battle against the enemy squad. There are 7 different multiplayer game modes to choose from and due to Unreal Engine 4, the graphics of the game looks very decent for the mobile display.


    Fighting Fantasy Legends

    From renowned authors Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone (co-founders of Games Workshop) and Nomad Games, Fighting Fantasy Legends is a role-playing card game set in the world of Fighting Fantasy. Following the PC version which was launched in July, the studio published the mobile version on iOS for $4.99 

    In Fighting Fantasy Legends, players are able to explore the continent of Allansia, collect cards and power up dice. You advance through decks of cards themed to your location, including cities and dungeons.

    Each location has a shuffled deck of cards which includes fiendish creatures, powerful objects and dramatic events. You must build up your collection of powerful treasures and level-up your dice to have any chance of surviving the dangerous streets of Port Blacksand.  

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  • 08/10/17--04:28: The Rise of New Mobile Sites
  • In recent years, e-commerce is one industry that has been rising massively, however not all is as it seems. M-commerce is the true frontier and is becoming increasingly popular, just like mobile is becoming favoured over desktop in general, thus, there has been a huge rise in the number of mobile sites like new casino site Sloty.

    In simple terms, m-commerce involves shopping via a mobile device, whether that be a smartphone or tablet. And thanks to the rise in mobile sites, m-commerce is dubbed to burst into the mainstream thanks to advancing technology making it easier for people to shop on their phones. In the foreseeable future, m-commerce will continue to rise. Just three years ago, m-commerce made up some 11.6% of the total $303billion e-commerce total in the States. This is set to reach $284 billion in just three years time and will accumulate for almost half of the e-commerce market.

    And this is just mobile getting started. For the first time last year, the number of searches on mobile devices officially outnumbered the total number of searches made on desktop making mobile the most popular way of accessing the internet, with this, the number of new mobile sites make sense. Admittedly, Google searches made from desktop remain very high but such figures indicate that mobile technology is just on the rise, it has risen and not only has it risen, it has done so to the very top. Shopping sites, mobile casinos, social media, streaming services, gaming, are all popular on mobile. 

    With this information, it is no surprise that businesses are soon keen for their websites to be optimised for mobile. Nowadays, having a mobile site is absolutely necessary. And this is still not enough, your site must also be mobile friendly meaning it needs to do more than just be displayable on a mobile device, it also needs to be easy for users to navigate. As a result of this, page views will increase tenfold as mobile friendly sites always get more views, it’s as simple as that. Mobile sites are rising simply because if users aren’t able to access a site easily on their mobile, they will give up and look elsewhere hence, hosting a mobile site is essential for retaining customers, whether you’re a retailer, social media site or even mobile casino.

    It’s no surprise that in the past few years mobile has been king. Now the most popular way to browse the internet, a change of criteria in Google’s search indexing is on the horizon. The search engine giant have announced that plans for a mobile first index that will rank pages on the SERPs based off the mobile version of their website is now in motion. Before announcing a new site, Google recommend that your site is mobile friendly and that a mobile friendly test has been conducted as well as a mobile usability report. And if Google recommend you do something, you tend to do it, especially where a website is involved!

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    Path of Exile is an online Action RPG  developed by Grinding Gear Games set in the dark fantasy world of Wraeclast. We came back from their company and let's have a look what their company looks like.

    Grinding Gear Games located in Auckland, New Zealand. It’s a beautiful town just like paradise. We thought the games they make will as beautiful as New Zealand. But actually the world of their game Path of Exile is a dark and brutal continent, fulfill with monsters.

    That’s how Path of Exile looks like, what kind of company can produce such a terrifying game, let us find out.  

    When we come close to their company, there are over 500 cars parked here but we can recognize their cars immediately. Not because of their logo stickers, it’s because almost all of their employees are fans of 80s’ car. That already has become a part of corporate culture.   

    This lovely building is GGG’s Office building, and about 200 people are working here. Compare to some huge game corporation like Blizzard Entertainment, maybe 200 people just a little group. But at New Zealand, it truly is a big company.

    The first thing we saw is a large rest area when we stepped into this company, and they will play video games or watch movies together at spare time or hold parties on weekends.

    The working atmosphere is relaxed. As we can see from this photo, they provide a lot of snacks and beverages, even liqueur. That right, all kinds of LIQUEUR. Although employees don’t allow drinking at working time, they can taste it after work.  

    Besides these drinks, GGG also have a kitchen with full set of cooking equipments.

    GGG’s staffs show us their ROM cartridges collections, these cartridges even may older than you. Actually every staff is a game master, even QA team or customer service team’s staffs are game fans.

    Two game designers are talking about the skill tree, a skill system allowed you to build complex combinations of skills in Path of Exile.

    This lovely girl is an artist of Path of Exile who loves the movie Alien or The Thing.
    And those are the “cutest” paints draw by this girl. She told us that every image needs to be checked by their art director, and sometimes he will come up with more creepy ideas.

    This handsome guy takes charge of costume design. And he is showing his most satisfy work on computer. (BTW, this limited costume maybe can be got freely in the future)

    He continues to show us the awesome reward outfit at new season.  

    Then we come to a dark room. And meet the music producer, who produced every effects sound and music by him alone. He told us that he has to stay in the dark room to inspiring him to create creepy music.

    She has been worked in customer service team for 10 years. She is also a game fan and according to her words, the first step to work at GGG is you are a game fan.

    These two bros are working at testing team, their job is finding bugs. They have the best computer in company and the game scene will transport to different places every half second in order to find out bugs.

    Path of Exile has been developed for 11 years, lots of their employees joined this company at the age of 20s, and they are all already 30s now.  (From left to right is: CTO Jonathan、PM Yeran、Art director Erik、CEO Chris )

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    Today, Overwatch's developer announced that a new game mode is coming to the Arcade and that was actually explained by the game director, Jeff Kaplan on the game's official youtube channel.

    There will be two types of the new mode,Team Deathmatch and Free-For-All Deathmatch. Team Deathmatch is where one team tries to take out the other to the last player, while Free-For-All Deathmatch is where every player is against everyone else.
    In the new matchmaking mode, if you are in the top half of players aka top four, you will win credit towards your Arcade loot box.

    Also the current maps will be modified to be suitable for the Deathmatch mode beside a new map is coming especially for Deathmatch mode.

    If you really wanna try the new Deathmatch mode, it is live at the moment in PTR(Public Test Region), so you can check out how to participate via the official website.

    Below, you can watch Jeff Kaplan revealing more details about the new mode:

    If you don't know Overwatch, it is a team-based multiplayer online first-person shooter video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment and released back in May 2016 for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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    Nexon has released the Q2 2017 financial results, registering a strong growth in revenue (up 23% y-o-y) and net income (up 157% y-o-y), which exceeds the company's expectation. The agrresive strategy in mobile gaming market is the key to the growth, and the investment in mobile gaming will continue in Q3 2017.

    The lineup for Q3 2017 and onward is also revealed, and it includes several anticipated mobile titles: Durango: Wild Lands, Final Fantasy XI Mobile, and Mabinogi Mobile. The PC lineup includes Need for Speed Edge, Titanfall Online, and Moonlight Blade but doesn't mention Peria Chronicles. I can only guess the game won't be coming out in 2017. 

    >> Peria Chronicles Is Being Re-developed

    At G-Star 2016 Peria Chronicles showed a lot of gameplay including a new trailer, terraforming and character creation, and more. I hope there will be more at G-Star 2017 this year.  

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    Elite Lord of Alliance, aka ELOA, failed again in the west and announced to shut down for the second time. Webzen was the original publisher of the game in the west and they terminated the game service in September 2016. Game & Game picked up the game and relaunched the game in November, and this time the game lasted about 10 months.

    >> ELOA Revives in North and South America

    The publisher Game & Game will close down the game service and server on August 11th. There aren't too many explanations on why the game is closed, although it's quite certain that the game just doesn't have enough players.

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    Hearthstone's sixth expansion Knights of the Frozen Throne is now live globally with 135 new cards and a Death Knight version for all original heroes. 

    As usual, each new Hearthstone expansion is an opportunity for Blizzard to introduce new decks into the meta. And Knights of the Frozen Throne is absolutely no exception. Today we will round up the best recommended decks for Knights of the Frozen Throne. Please note that the meta is still forming and many decks will be changed throughout the day. 

    TRUMP's Malfurion The Pestilent Big Jade Druid

    Brian Kibler's Putricide Secret Hunter

    Weghuz's Frost Lich Jaina Control Mage

    Reynad's Death Knight Control Paladin
    DisguisedToast's Highlander Priest

    Ryzen's Lilian Voss Miracle Rogue
    Un33D's Deathseer Jade Evolve Shaman

    Kripp's Warlock Zoo

    Reynad's Scourgelord Garrosh Tempo Warrior 


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    37Games and Paizo Inc announce a Pathfinder CCG in the form of Pathfinder Duels. The beloved franchise will be adapted into a CCG game with a unique blend of Pathfinder’s imaginative world and exciting gameplay featuring simultaneous turns. Pathfinder Duels is promised to be quick and witty!

    Players will enter the world of Golarion and use their favorite Iconic Heroes to battle against the forces of Greed and Evil in a story inspired by Paizo’s Rise of the Runelords Campaign. Build a competitive deck to call your own and take part in unique simultaneous turn-style battles to determine the true Hero!

    Pathfinder is a top-selling RPG known throughout the world for its community inspired background and immersive gameplay. Pathfinder Duels looks to give players a CCG that goes beyond the current offerings and set new expectations for gameplay.

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    Chinese mobile game developer Youzu Interactive and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced at ChinaJoy 2017 to develop a Game of Thrones strategy mobile game for
    Chinese market. Based on Turbine's upcoming Game of Thrones mobile game which is scheduled to come out in the western market later this year, Youzu's Game of Thrones mobile game will involve HBO's GoT team and the game is committed to providing the best gaming experience to gamers. 

    There's no detail of how the game will be like at the moment but Chinese players can pre-register the game at the official site now.

    Below are more images at the announcement event.

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    Tanks Mobile: Battle of Kursk is an epic piece of WW2 tank-themed mobile game, you are going to date back to the battle grounds of European continent and experience the fierce tank fights. Jumbo v.s Tiger to repeat the epic fight or Jumbo with Tiger to form a best cooperation? All will be presented in Tanks Mobile: Battle of Kursk coming at the end of this August for both Android and iOS devices!

    Born in fire and march in fire, they break the enemy front and pave the way for attack. They compose a song of iron and fire, leaving fear to enemy shivering in the trench. They are the tank legion throwing the light of death upon enemy! Now you are given the chance to command your WW2 tank legion to kick invaders out of homeland!

    Collect All the WW2 Tanks!
    -Battle as one of the 50 unique and varied epic tanks from Sherman Jumbo, Sherman Jumbo or White Tiger in WW2. You can even gather the ones that are not applied to battles in the history!
    -Equip your tank legion with legendary gear to smash enemies into ashes!
    -Recruit famous people in the history to drive the battle tanks!

    Date Back And Go Through the Epic WW2 Battles Again!
    - Strategy is key: Find your tanks strengths and form the ultimate alliance
    - Battle horrifying War Machine of evil and become the one true leader!
    - Clash in grueling challenge levels to test your battle skills!
    Play free fantasy games and battle alongside friends in the epic heroes’ war! Join Tanks Mobile: Battle of Kursk, the most epic tank game, and battle enemies as your adventure becomes more and more challenging!
    You can now follow out Facebook to join in the tanks discussion and earn rewards for the pre-launch events!

    For more information, please visit:

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    The massive Amazing Adventure updates that are being gradually released to Black Desert Online Korean server has been able to keep players engaged. According to Pearl Abyss, the concurrent players increased 40% compared to the same period of time in 2016.

    Amazing Adventure includes a truck load of new content including Kamasilve expansion part 2, new Mystic class, legendary unicorn mount, new ocean boss Vell and more.
    On the other hand, the developer has revealed to western players more details of what's coming next to Black Desert Online. The game's Executive Producer Jae-Hee Kim has talked about the plans to enhance existing contents and add new contents in the future.

    Reinforcing Existing Contents (some contents are only available in KR server for now)

    • Rabam’s Enlightenment – Skill Enhancement
    • Training of Black Spirit
    • New Siege Weapon
    • Mystic Awakening
    • New Tutorial System
    • Items without Enhancement

    New Contents to be Added
    • Vell, the Heart of the Ocean
    • Luxury Auction
    • A Real Adventure and Journey, Camping System

    You can read details at the official site.

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    Hello gamers,

    In today’s article we will be looking at a new survival, sandbox game called ROKH. Unlike most of the games of its genre, ROKH takes place Mars instead of a post apocalyptic version of Earth. As in all survival games you have to work together with other people in order to overcome the many obstacles and threats which you will encounter on the Red Planet.

    This is a First-Impressions article and I need to mention that the game is still in Early Access and still lacks many of its core features, such as combat, also it has bugs, some of the them being game-breaking,  for instance I had many server disconnects throughout my playtime. I won’t be talking about those crashes though game since I believe that those are problems which will be fixed along the way and from a quick research on Reddit, I’ve found out that the developers are listening and responding to players’ feedback.

    Before we get any further into the impressions, let’s take a brief look at ROKH features. Most of my impressions about this game are related to the following, so I thought that it would be a good if you had a small idea about them.

    • Adaptive survival. The resources are limited and mismanagement or hasty decisions can lead to death of your character. You have to be creative on how you use them.
    • Unique crafting mechanics. Forget about the typical Blueprint+materials=new item recipe. ROKH has a fresh way of crafting items.
    • A beautiful place to explore


    First let’s look over the pros of ROKH aka the good things

    Hardcore survival experience

    I’ve played this game for about 6-7 hours and all I have to say that this game is BRUTAL!
    However I generally enjoyed it, despite the numerous DCs. I always love a good challenge in games and ROKH gave me just that. With only a few pointers at the start, I was left to explore the vastness of Mars on my own without any idea what I had to do in order to stay alive (long live youtube guides!). The best aspect of the whole survival thing was that aside from basic stuff like food and water, there were also many other factors which I had to watch out for. Temperature being the first, you can easily die from cold or heat if you ignore the weather condition when you go out to explore. Radiation was also a concern, not a big one though I have been used to it from playing Fallout, just gulp down a special anti-rad pill every time that happens. Finally there was the most important of all, oxygen,
    you are in Mars after all.

    Not only you do have to watch out for your oxygen level while playing, but even when offline, because you can die from asphyxiation if you do not resupply the oxygen generator for a long time. That’s a why you should always play in a team so that there would always be one player available to do the maintenance.

    The Red Planet itself

    The whole game runs on Unreal Engine 4 and its graphics are quite impressive for a sandbox game that is. Also the whole game environment has been designed based on actual pictures of Mars from Nasa and its huge in size 400km² to be precise.

    Regarding the quality of graphics and the details in general, I especially liked how they designed the day-night cycles. The color of the sun beams, ranging from orange to blue hues depending of the time of day made up for an incredibly realistic gaming enivornment. The little details, like the dust clouds arising when air blew or the meteor showers only added to the game’s immersion.

    Crafting System

    I found out that crafting in ROKH was differently implemented compared to other games of the genre. As I’ve mentioned in the beginning, you do not need to buy or search for blueprints in order to craft things. Instead, you open up the crafting menu where there are various tools which you can craft and each tool has its own things which it can build. Personally, I like the concept behind it and found that approach quite interesting, however as you will see next, the execution of it was poorly made.

    Now, let’s move on to the cons of ROKH aka the bad things

    Needlessly complex gameplay

    An example would be appropriate in order to show how much annoying the gameplay is:
    Let’s say that you decide to build a very basic tool,  a hammer. In order to use it though you have to first drag it into the toolbar and select it with the1-5 hotkeys, then click it and bring up the crafting sub-menu of the hammer and then you can craft an item from the hammer-menu. If you need to use another tool, say a screwdriver then you will need to first unequip the hammer and then do the whole process again for the screwdriver which will happen quite a lot if you want to just check a recipe. I simply do not understand why would they make so many menus when one would suffice.

    Clunky User Interface

    The UI in ROKH is insufferably bad. There is a noticeable delay when opening most of the crafting menus and sometimes the whole thing becomes unresponsive. There are a lot of  things which I can complain for the interface and which made the annoying complexity of crafting even more painful, but I shan’t because I want to hope that they will be fixed soon. Some of the most noticeable ones are: the lack of sorting, the lack of mouse sensitivity adjustment  


    Overall ROKH is a cool game with a lot of potential if you are into sandbox games. Despite its fatal flaws I would still recommend the game to people who are fan of the genre because I am certain that they will enjoy it once the game has been patched up. It is not a game that I would recommend to those who want a casual experience though, the game is tough and not only in terms of playing it, but also in terms of understanding it. It took me quite some time experimenting with the  game’s mechanics before I understood the basic concepts behind it.

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    Created by Pendleton Ward for Cartoon Network, Adventure Time is a famous animated television series following the adventures of Finn and Jake in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. Now you can meet Finn and Jake on your mobile devices since the official licensed Adventure Time mobile game will be launched in this fall.

    Developed by YesGnome Games, Champions & Challengers features a story-based campaign that tasks you with rescuing Adventure Time characters kidnapped by the Dice Lord. Players can rank them up as they are rescued over a stretch of 120 battles in 12 episodes. This real-time tactical game will have over 70 characters for you to collect, and you can rank them up to gradually unlock new abilities and skills.

    In addition, Champions & Challengers-Adventure Time also features PvP arena, allowing you to fight against other players in the real time battles. If you are interested in this game, you can pre-register the game here.

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