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    Hunters League is an interesting mobile game got released recently by O’olBlue Inc. It's an action RPG game with a team based gameplay and 3D graphics. Use your team which is made of 3 characters, and control their actions with various weapons and skills to create the best strategy for your combat. Take a look at this detailed review to know more about the game so you can decide whether to play it or not.

    Playing the tutorial is essential thing. Actually in this game, you are forced to follow the tutorial as it teaches you how to perform your skills, how to move and how to dodge the enemy's attack. In addition to various things, such as how to lead your team, how to upgrade and buy your weapons.

    You begin as the Master of a team consists of 2 characters, and the tutorial shows you the way to collect more characters or the other two characters, and while doing that, one of these 2 characters will get captured by the enemy and you will have to rescue her so you can get a team made of 3 characters and 1 addition character as a backup.

    The game has 3 modes: Realm, Mid Realm, and Dungeon. The Mid Realm is available at level 14, and the Dungeon is available at level 12. The Realm is available once you finish the tutorial, where you have to clear a map consist of stages to reach the final boss of this map, and the first map's boss is the one who captured your 4rd team member. Which means you get your 4rd member once you kill that boss. You can choose the difficulty of the stages from Normal, Hard and Expert. The more harder, the better rewards you get.

    During combat, you can control the whole 3 characters in the same time by touching 'Select All' button, so they do the same movement in the same time. But also you can control one of them separately by touching him/her. The game's combat is kinda automatic, which means your team movement is automatic, even targeting and attacking the monsters will be performed automatically in case you don't do it by yourself. You can also set them to use their skills automatically. But honestly, your manual strategy should be much better than the strategy of the automatic mode, since you can choose which skills to be performed in an organized way so you don't get all your skills on cooldown in the same time.

    Choosing the suitable weapon for a stage to be cleared is important, you can always check which weapons are effective against the monsters of any specific stage before entering it.

    You can also choose the order of your 4 characters before entering any stage as who is going to be the backup and who is going to be the leader of the team. By chooisng the leader of the team, you apply a leader passive affecting the whole team. That passive effect is different on each character, so you choose what is good for your team. The backup character joins the battle when one of your 3-man team dies.

    In combat you can perform something like an ultimate skill called 'Collabo', where all your team attack with a special fancy skill in the same time, dealing massive damage to your enemy. The Collabo skill can only be used when it's energy bar is 100%, which means you can't use it twice in one stage, because it wont be filled again to 100% during the stage, but you can always refill it before entering the stage.

    In Dungeons, the rules are different. If you die duing battle, the weapon that was equipped becomes useless until the reset time of the Dungeon. But the monster's HP will be saved so you can try again and again until you win the battle. You earn Dungeon coins by clearing the Dungeon Stages, to buy variety of weapon Cores from the Dungeon Shop.

    In Mid Realm, more powerful monsters appear. Unlike the Realm, you can get Weapon Cores as rewards, in addition to the same rewards you usually get in the Realm.

    Weapons, Skills & Upgrading
    Each character has various weapons to choose from, but first, you will have to craft them. At the beginning, you will be able to get a free weapon for each one of the four characters. But to create further weapons, you'll have to use Weapon Cores to craft the weapons, which are obtained by clearing stages in Mid realm, completing missions or by opening Chests. There are 3 type of these Chests: Gold Chest, Blue Chest and Class Chest.

    The Gold Chest is the lowest tier, it gives less rare rewards and can be bought by the Gold in-game currency. The Blue chest is a higher tier, it gives rare rewards and can be bought by Blue in-game rare currency which can also be bought using real money. The Class chest is the highest tier, it gives very rare rewards and can be bought by high amount of Blue currency. All the chests have a daily Bonanza and a daily Luck, so it's all RNG.

    Each weapon has different skills, these skills can be upgraded by Gold and Skill Points, which are obtained from various ways. The maximum skill level to reach is limited by the Weapon level you have reached, which is also limited by the Team level you have reached.

    The Team level can be increased by clearing stages to earn Team EXP. The weapon level can be increased by the Upgrading Stones which can be obtained from various ways, such as clearing stages, opening chests, completing missions, getting daily rewards and other various rewards.
    Upgrading a weapon gives it higher stats. The Team level is not only limiting the Weapon Level but also restricting the Energy Limit, the Hunter Level and the Collabo Skill Level.

    Each weapon can also be upgraded to a new form using Weapon/Evolution Cores, giving it a new look with higher stats in addition to unlocking a new skill.

    Another way to increase your weapon's stats is by consuming Artifacts obtained from the battle, and it's not limited by the upgrade level of the weapon but the amount of the Artifacts and Gold you have got. The Artifacts are divided into five grades. The low grade Artifacts can be synthesized allowing you to obtain the next grade.

    The Stage has a counting down timer, if you don't clear it quickly, you'll have to retry it again, and entering a stage consumes Energy points. So upgrading your skills and weapons is very important to clear the stages faster.

    Skins are available in Hunters League, but they are not only used to give you a new look, they increase your character stats, such as DEF rate, ATK speed, and DEF Piercing. Each skin has different stats and tier. The higher the skin's tier is, the better the stats you get. Each tier can be upgraded. They are obtained through opening chests and boss challenges.
    In addition to Skins, there are accessories available to equip, which increase your character stats too. They can be obtained from the Challenge Shop at Team Level 22, or as a reward. Accessories have different tiers and they can be upgraded.

    After clearing each stage, you get some rewards depends on how many stars you have earned in this stage. Those rewards consist of Artifacts, Skill Points, Gold currency, Team EXP, Hunter EXP, Class points, Upgrading Stones, Evolution Cores (only in Mid realm) and Chests.

    You can also get the same and more rewards by completing daily missions, daily events, Hunters Road event and many other ways will just pop up while playing.

    Bounty hunting is another way to earn Gold rewards, Core rewards and Union Pockets. You get to chase a wanted monster, to get it's Gold bounty. The more you hunt them the higher bounty hunter rank you get. There's a limit of how many monster to chase daily. The Union Pocket contains various rare items.

    Community Features
    Community is a feature which gets unlocked at Team Lv8, you use it to help friends and to get help from them. You can also list your weapons to be rented for Heart currency, which is required to buy items from the Heart Shop. This feature helps the player to not get the feeling of playing lonely.

    The Company buff is something you get when you establish a company where Masters cooperate with each other, the buff expands the maximum energy. The Company in general is a guild-like feature. You gain the access to the Company Shop once you join one of them.

    The Arena is a place where you prove your team's strength and strategies to others in battles. You can earn lots of Blue every time you reach the highest ranking. You can earn Arena coins to be spent on weapon cores in the Arena Shop. The Battle is actually automatic, you can't control your team during the battle, you just set the order of your skills to be used in the fight.

    Ask Help, this feature allows you to ask for help from your friends when you fail or clear the stage with 2 stars or less. Monster HP gets decreased by 5% per 1 help and thats up to 3x help. Asking for help consumes Heart Box currency.

    Overall, Hunters League is enjoyable game, the graphics are catchy, you have long if not endless progressing in terms of upgrading weapons, learning new skills or improving the team strategy. Which means you have tons of things to do, not only clearing stages.

    But the game is kinda pay-to-win when it comes to the Blue currency and the packages which are purchasable via spending real money, although it won't really affect your gameplay since there are many ways to earn them through events and missions.

    There are two things i hated, first thing is the way the combat works. The combat feels the same everytime but with higher damage mobs or a new looking mobs. Also the automatic combat helps it to be more boring, you can just leave it on the automatic mode, so you don't really feel the action part of the game. Even the PVP is consist of automatic combat, which means you can't dodge, you can't do anything during the combat except watching. Second thing is how the game limited to four Hunters only, i feel like it needs more Hunters to be added. But anyway the game is still enjoyable in my opinion.

    I rate it 8.1/10

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    Early this month, Netmarble Games revealed a teaser page and a trailer for its upcoming mobile MMORPG TERA M. Elin, the main protagonist of the game had a different look compared with the cute character from the PC version. With big pupils and a small mouth TERA M's Elin was complained by gamers and even compared to the ghost doll Annabelle from the horror movie Annabelle. Netmarble heard fans' vioces and brought Elin back to the drawing board.

    Now, a new Elin is designed, with a more lovely appearance, with a prestige that stimulates the protective instinct. The rabitt ears and tail were also overhauled. What do you think about Elin's new appearance?  

    As mentioned before, on September 8th, Netmarble Games will host the TERA M showcase and it will provide more information about this the game. Besides, starting on August 30th, fans can make reservations for TERA M. 


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    Smilegate has revealed Lost Ark Korean CBT2 date today and launched the new official site. CBT2 will go from September 15-24 local time. 10 days of beta period is good news for those who receive beta invite from Smilegate.
    On the other hand, the renovated official site features voyage system and details of 3 new classes available in CBT2. Of course if you have a South Korean cellphone number you can apply for CBT2 at the homepage.
    Take a look at some new art and screenshots from the official site.

    Esther's weapons


    Hunting and archaeology

    Affinity system
    Environment in Rohendell region

    CBT1 content upgraded
    Voyage system

    Heart of Keuratereu


    Abandoned Cliff of Wind

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    With tons of new mobile games and updates rolling out every day, it is challenging to find the best new games for your mobile devices among all kinds of choices. To help out, we round up five awesome games we think are worth downloading and playing this week.

    To find out more, you can also check out last week’s recommended mobile games.

    Shadow Fight 2 Special Edition

    Developed by Nekki Games, Shadow Fight 2 is a mega-popular free to play fighter. The special edition of the game is paid version($4.99) which not only removes the mechanic and advertisement but also has an extended stroryline with additional campaign levels. If you are not familiar with this game, you can download the free to play version first.

    Shadow Fight 2 is a nail-biting mix of RPG and classical Fighting. the game lets you equip your character with countless lethal weapons and rare armor sets, and features dozens of lifelike-animated Martial Arts techniques. Your objective is to crush your enemies, humiliate demon bosses, and be the one to close the Gate of Shadows. 


    Hunters League

    Hunters League is a cross platform team action RPG which allows you to play on iOS, Android and PC via Facebook Gameroom. 

    The game features an intuitive game play system (shoot, dodge, target, hit) applied to each character or the whole team of three at once. Players would play the game strategically controlling the actions and the skills of three hunters, and can change hunters’ combat roles by switching weapons with unique skills. In addition, players could confront each combat with different strategy by using Weapon Alteration System. Players can also join PvP battles at Arena and Resources War.


    Flippy Knife

    Flippy Knife is a fun arcade game in which you can practice skill of flipping knife and become a great master by using the best knives from all over the world.

    It’s a physics-based realistic knife simulator with over 35 world famous blades(knives, sabers, swords, axes), and what you should do is sticking the knife back into the stump to collect combo and treasure bags. 


    Radiation City

    Developed by Atypical Games, Radiation City is an open-world survival game available on iOS for $4.99. In the game, players will set out toward Chernobyl on a rescue mission -- but when the plane crashes into the city, you will find yourself in a dangerous wasteland. 

    In this game, players have to explore desolate in-game environments, scavenge for resources, and craft items to fend off the terrifying denizens of this radiation-ravaged city. 


    Raziel Dungeon Arena

    Raziel Dungeon Arena is a Diablo-like hardcore hack-n-slash ARPG which is now soft-launched in Australia app Store. The global and Android version will arrive later.

    Raziel is a meticulously crafted dungeon crawling, boss battling ARPG experience for your mobile devices. There are more than 60+ single player dungeons in the game. In addition, Raziel: Dungeon Arena offers 1v1, 2v2, guild battles, and co-op modes. The game features stunning graphics coupled with detailed character models and diverse dungeon environments. You can check out some pictures below.

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    Today, Black Desert Online (KR) revealed the design of the Mystic Awakening Weapon through the official Korean Facebook page, leaving the players in an infinite loop of guessing how the weapon works.

    The name of this Awakening weapon is 'Blue Wave Kick' and it looks like a metal gloves with the shape of blue waves. Which makes you think that somehow the weapon is related to the water or the ocean, which means it's skills are going to use the water element.

    Also an image of a blue dragon was revealed, makes you wonder if it's some kind of pet? Maybe a partner? Or an extension of the weapon?

    We will get all of our questions answered on August 31th, as it was announced to be the release date of the Mystic Awakening weapon.

    Stay tuned for more information.

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    What's an MMO, especially a superhero MMO, without missions? Going in, beating up the bad guys, saving the day - that's what being a hero is all about. Today, the Ship of Heroes team has gone into more depth about how their mission instancing will work, and I was lucky enough to catch up with Casey McGeever for a few more details about several things including the creation of the game and their difficulty sliders.

    But whatever happens, it needs to be FUN.

    This video showcases the current stage of mission instances, and it is interesting to note that one of the devs was connecting from Europe, and 2 were on laptops. The Ship of Heroes game development model emphasizes building a small core game at a high quality level, and then progressively adding features, code, and art to expand the game as launch approaches. I would definitely say they are succeeding in this method, as the game is noticeably improved to my eyes with every video. The animation improvements in particular really stood out in this video. I am definitely looking forward to the launch of this game!

    I would definitely say the look of the character models, the animations, special effects and the general environment all look significantly improved! And now, on to the interview...  
    Casey McGeever: The first step was to decide what did we like in the old City of Heroes?  And what about other games we could or should draw inspiration from?  After all, we're not re-making COH -- we don't own the IP.

    The first thing to realize is that we, and most other people, loved City of Heroes.  It was not a casual fling for most of us.  People, including me, still dream about their COH experience, even today.  A big part of that was the positive community.  So positive community was actually the first thing we wanted to provide to our players.  We know that we cannot have any continuity of story, or of location or of signature heroes, so all of that has to be completely new.  but the player experience can echo the things we like in other MMOs.

    2P: You've mentioned the positive community a lot. I'm curious how you intend to intentionally create that, given how negative MMO communities tend to be by default now.

    CM: There are multiple elements to creating a positive community.  First is that we're committed to a code of conduct for players, including in game play and in chat, with 24x7 live moderation.  Violate the code of conduct and you'll be silenced for a short time.  Keep doing it and  eventually you'll be banned.  We know this makes our game different (and smaller) than other MMOs.  We also think it will enable  Ship of Heroes to deliver a different player experience.  One that a lot of players want, but cannot find.   Then there is the large team size, which supports the idea of guilds or groups coming together to do regular content, rather than repeating the same dungeon again and again.  Similarly for big raids.  The crafting, trading and harvesting part, along with the day-jobs, allows for a lot of things to be happening other than just run in, blast bad guys and level up.  It is inherently more social.  And then subtle things like the fact that our setting is beautiful -- dangerous and beautiful.  Not post-apocalyptic, or survivalist semi-horror.  That stuff is way oversold now.  Lots of elements are self-reinforcing in the game design.

    The three things that we decided players for a new MMO would want to see were these:  a great character creator, a unique persistent level, and powers/ powersets. 

    We plan to have the community volunteer and take some of this one.  We're a tiny team, and this is a community effort.  We're with them, and we hope the community is with us.

    At the start we also knew we'd be using the skills of volunteers during development, and fusing them with skilled technical professionals like coders and artists, so one of the first things to figure out is what the volunteers can actually do, that needs to be done in the early stages.  This is a really important subject, because most volunteers want to write the story, or organize public events, or stuff they know how to do in real life.  Only rarely do people tell you that they want to volunteer to perfect multiplayer server structure...

    2p: Do you have a list of things players can volunteer to help with?

    CM: We don't have a list for volunteers yet because we determined that we need to develop three critical things first, and then integrate them into a prototype game.  If we did not do that, we concluded we would be doing too many things  and possibly lose effective control of the game development, as a project.
    The three things that we decided players for a new MMO would want to see were these:  a great character creator, a unique persistent level, and powers/ powersets.  We reasoned that if we could get those three things going, and then integrate them into a prototype, we would have the clear basis for a game.  Sixteen months later, we think we were right.    What we did not expect is that our audience is really hungry for combat video.  Combat apparently is where it all comes together.  Most players are looking for evidence that the game will be fun to play, and combat more than anything else shows them what to expect.  So now we have added combat to most of our recent videos.

    Initially we thought there were two questions people would want answered: can these guys make a game?  And will it be really fun?  We expected more doubt on the first one than we have really experienced.  Our community knows we can make a game already.  They want to move on to question 2 and see more combat, more videos, and Alpha stuff.
    2P:  I will ask - does that mean there is more combat on the way to watch? 

    CM: Yes, we more or less just shoehorn combat into almost every video now, because our community wants to see it, and they want to see how we can improve it.  So even though we are going to show a technical development video on mission instances, which is really important code development, we dropped a little indoor combat scene into it, just for the guys waiting patiently for us to get SOH built.  

    I realized that what a supporter should ask is this: what they can expect from almost any Indie MMO project?  The answer is simple.  Each project will deliver more of same sort of stuff they have been delivering so far.  In most games, particularly Indie games, quality either stays the same or declines in the final sprint before a game gets launched.  So what you see now, is what you're going to play in the future. In the case of SoH we've made significant plans to improve the complexity and quality of what we are showing now.  But history makes that a tough target.  That's why we are so focused on good-looking work right now.  We think quality is the first thing, or the community will not embrace our game.

    No one ever advertises a crappy game and then delivers gold at launch  The reverse happens a lot.  And sometimes crappy games get fixed.  But marketing often overhypes a game.  We are not willing to do that, at least knowingly.

    There is a horrible and invisible element here.  If the game company has high overhead costs, then it needs to sell an enormous number of games or change high fees every month or both, just to break even. But a real Indie can keep costs low, and recycle most of the revenues back to costs of operation and new content.  This simple fact actually frees a small team to do all sorts of stuff that a big studio can't do.  It's like the big movie studios.  They need to make Rocky 19, because their costs are high.  But indie film makers make some great films too, often for smaller, niche audiences.  In our case, we can risk banning players with bad behavior because we are small, and don't mind staying that way.  Similarly we have a subscription model that doesn't work for the big studios anymore, in part because they don't take risks, and try to satisfy niche markets.

    For us, the unifying principle behind Ship of Heroes is that the player experience should be positive, free of unwanted negative attention and with a friendly atmosphere.  Even if you are soloing, even if all you ever do is solo, you don't want that toxic atmosphere around you.  We think SoH should provide the level of challenge you want, and be adjustable to suit your mood.

    I'm usually pretty cautious about talking about features that are not fully coded, and changing the difficulty level is not done.  But this is a key feature we want in Ship of Heroes.  We just need to deliver this.  So I'll talk about it before it is done.

    2p: Difficulty sliders are some of the things I am very interested in. Can you give a few details about it at all? Like, will it be more than simply increasing spawn numbers, defense and damage?

    CM: You're asking a great question which is essentially a balancing question.  What we like, conceptually, is to allow players to increase the numbers of opponent, increase the level of opponents, increase the number of bosses, etc.  Right now we are not planning to suddenly give enemies at +4 powers or debuffs they did not have at +3.  I'm not saying that's out of the question -- it could make for a really interesting challenge proposition for the most skilled players, especially if the extra enemy powers were randomly assigned -- but that is definitely not in the at-launch scope.

    But that's also a good example of why being an Indie team is so cool.  Once we've launched we can consider a lot of unusual variations.  As long as we don't force people to that sort of content, we think the community will be intrigued.

    2P: I was wondering about AI paths, actually. Tuning the AI to allow for more and fewer responses based upon the difficulty chosen. Like, at its easiest, the AI may have only 1 or 2 options to choose from, but at the higher levels it may have more, making it less predictable and 'smarter.' I don't know anything about AI to know how possible that is or is not though. But that is really cool to allow the difficulty sliders more than one simple setting. Do you mean there will be multiple variables players can pick rather than a single setting? Ooh, I guess another example might be at lower difficulties mobs won't call for help. but at higher difficulties they may send out a call to nearby enemies to come assist them.

    CM: Changing weapons would be possible.  There is a lot that can be done with AI, and we plan to be experimenting, with the community, in 2018 on the subject of AI and how difficult people want it to be.  Our situation is unique.  We know MMOs are not for everyone, and superhero MMOs like Ship of Heroes are a niche market.  That's OK with us, we love that niche.  But does that niche want traditional AI, or something else?  I don't honestly think people know until they try some alternatives, and that is what Beta testing is all about.

    Yes the summoning help thing would be pretty easy.  I think most of us have wondered, when we play MMOs and you go into the big warehouse, why does each of the nine mobs let you attack them one by one?  How does that work in the story? What if they all reacted at once?  Good if you're the tank.  Nerve racking if you're the devastator...

    But whatever happens, it needs to be FUN.

    So we need to be able to adapt.  We put a lot of effort into hearing what our community wants, between forums, polls, surveys, and in-person meetings.

    One of the reasons I'm looking forward to PAX West is that I think I'll meet a lot of ex-COH players there. Since three new superhero games will be on the panel, I expect that will get people talking about what they like and what they want from a new game.

    I've told you how important I think it is to integrate as we develop.  The city, the CCT and the first powers, that's a game.  So when we show mission instances in a day or two, you'll see us using the mission maps from May, the teaming stuff from July, the enemies from June, the powers we showed recently (and some new ones, if you squint).  It all fits together.  What you won't be able to see is the code that handles stuff like disconnects during a mission in an instance...what happens if you come back after a power outage and the mission has been completed?  Well, we coded that.  What if you have to kick someone?  We coded that.  These are just examples, but we are working our way through the development.  Some of it is just work, but we do what we can to dress it up so supporters can see the progress as new features are integrated into the game core.

    2P: You mentioned City of Heroes as well as other games earlier on. What other games were you looking at? 

    CM:  We did polling and found out the number one game that ex-COH players went to play after COH closed was SWTOR.  Kind of surprising, but there it is.  Really Jedi and Sith in spaceships are just superheroes and supervillains in space.

    2P: What elements of SWTOR are you looking at taking inspiration from?

    CM: For SWTOR I think the crafting they started with had many good elements.  And of course, we like the idea of visiting alien worlds, each one being a different setting with unique challenges.  And we like the big spaceships (ours is bigger ).  And SWTOR has a number of good stories, but their stories are not like ours.  In their stories the player is always "the one."  In ours, you are the character you imagine, not the character Lucasarts imagines.

    Also, if you look at the size of the playing areas, SWTOR has maps a bit smaller than ours, but similar.  Of course they make multiple maps, and then "situate" them on an "open world" but some of that open world is not really playable, and some is really only traversable.

    2P: Thanks for you time, and the chance to learn further insight into the upcoming game, Ship of Heroes! 

    To learn more, visit the official Ship of Heroes site, the Ship of Heroes facebook page, and the Ship of Heroes Twitter.

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    Surpringly Sega is making a free-to-play game for PC and mobile platform with the Yakuza IP. Called Yakuza Online, the new game may not be an online game, according to Japanese media 4Gamer, who indicates the game is a "dramatic conflict RPG" played by 1 player. Its story takes place after the events of Yakuza 6 and the game still sets in Kamurocho.
    Yakuza Online focuses on Ichiban Kasuga (voiced by Kazuhiro Nakaya), a former wakashu of the Tojo Clan’s Aragawa family. 40 years old. Born and raised in Kamurocho. The video below tells the prologue of the new Yakuza project, but it’s in Japanese.

    Yakuza Online will be coming out first in Japan in 2018. No image or gameplay footage about the game at the moment, and there's no confirmation whether or not the game will support crossplay between mobile and PC.

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    Citadel Studios, the developer and publisher of the upcoming role-playing MMO, Legends of Aria has announced the release date of the last Alpha phase.

    All current players will get full access to a new region to explore, beside a fully updated feature set, new abilities, various new weapons, new armors and crafting resources when the servers go live again on September 21st.

    Additional updates and more details will be revealed during the next few weeks, not to mention that the game has got a Greenlit and it is coming soon to Steam. For more information, check out the official website.

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    At Gamescom 2017, NCSOFT has revealed the the release date of Blade & Soul's Gunslinger class for North America and Europe. The Gunslinger will be release on September 13, and for more information, visit the official website.

    In addition to a teaser trailer which was revealed on the game's Official Youtube channel. The trailer is not fully showing how the Gunsligner will be, but it was already revealed and released recently on the KR version. It will be using dual guns and of course mixed with martial-arts as usual.

    You can watch the teaser trailer below:


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    There is no doubt that PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is a tremendously popular game. It sold a million copies less than a month after going into Early Access, and three months later had pushed that number to 8 million. At Gamescom, there was another big milestone by breaking 500,000 concurrent players on Steam.

    With eight million copies sold in just under five months of early access, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds shows the potential to become the top 1 game on Steam. From the picture, there was a difference of just less than 30,000 players between PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Dota 2, the top game at the time.

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    Square Enix has just released a new multimedia project called Dia Horizon on the Japanese market. 
    Dia Horizon is a new anime mobile RPG featuring a beautiful fantasy world, various distinctive characters as well as strategic combat gameplay.

    According to the introduction, Dia Horizon is a story of "death, hope, and freedom". The description speaks of a girl who is born with a secret birthright and who lives without any control over her life or her death, and also of a boy who wishes to share "half of his fate" with her in defiance of the gods.

    In Dia Horizon, players can build a squad team with 4 powerful characters and explore endless dungeons in game. Different characters have different skills, and to cast skills, you have use skill cards which consume SP in game.

    The game is available to download in Japan, however there is no word on western version. For further details or any new updates of the game, you can check out the official website.

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    Hey guys, its TechFusion and I’m just an average Clash Royale esports player but somehow, I managed to get 12 wins in under 2 hours!  
    Here’s the deck:  
    • Mega Knight 
    • Inferno Dragon 
    • Electro Wizard 
    • Pekka 
    • Log 
    • Bandit 
    • Hog Rider 
    • Fireball 
    Starting Strategy 
    Typically, to get initial damage you want to bait their Mega Knight out or any of their Key troops/spells by placing a Hog Rider at the beginning of the game. If you don’t have a Hog Rider as your starting hand, just cycle whatever troop you have in your starting hand! (Although, make sure you cycle without wasting elixr.) This will eventually pressure them to drop a troop they didn’t want you to see. No need to fear, starting out with a Mega Knight behind the King Tower isn't a bad idea. If you are able to bait out your opponent's Mega Knight, this is where the P.E.K.K.A comes in. Simply use the P.E.K.K.A to counter the Mega Knight, placing the P.E.K.K.A 3 tiles in front of your Archer Tower. Then, use the P.E.K.K.A to your advantage and make a counter push towards your opponent. Therefore, you give the opponent something to worry about at the first 30-60 seconds of the game. 

    Card Timings/ When to Hold Cards 
    Holding back cards is an essential part of your winning strategy and this deck itself. Since we have two 7 Elixir Troops in our deck, you need toalways work out what you can counter for a positive elixir trade throughout the whole game. For example, if they have Goblin Gang hold your log for that. Structures such as Elixir Pumps that give your opponent an advantage, Fireball it and etc. 

    What Card do I use and When? 
    These are the walkthroughs of each card and their usual interactions in the game: 
    • Mega Knight – The Mega Knight is a counterattack troop not a win condition! You typically want to use him for large pushes (2+ Troops) and synergize him any a support cards such as Bandit, Electro Wizard, or P.E.K.K.A(The P.E.K.K.A is a little expensive, so don’t count on using him as the main synergy push.) In saying that, do not over commit to a push with the Mega Knight as you will lose this game.
    • Inferno Dragon -  The Inferno Dragon should be held as a mobile tank killer on wheels which can be any big tank including P.E.K.K.A, Mega Knight, Giant, Golem, Lava hound, etc. You can also synergize him with the P.E.K.K.A or Mega Knight on a counter push to take out any tanks they put down. It is a moving Inferno Tower so use it accordingly. 
    • Electro Wizard - The E-Wiz is your best card and most versatile troop in the deck. He should be used to counter any high damage card that can be reset and can be used for offense of defense. Typically place him in the middle of your side of the Arena when dealing with any High-Hitpoint Troop. Any cards can be held for the Electro Wizard as he pairs well with any troop for a Push and Positive Elixir trade. 
    • P.E.K.K.A - This is your main MK counter and you want to turn that into a counter push every time, so this is a card that is essential to your defense. Therefore, save the P.E.K.K.A for those win-breaking times in the game. Paired with the Mega Knight this card can be devastating. Synergized with any support card can be devastating! You can place her in the middle of the map or pair it with the Mega Knight, either way she will kill most troops quickly. 
    • Log - Quite obvious, just hold until you get value or need it in emergencies such as a Hog Rider that is coming to tower with support and you have little elixir. 
    • Bandit - Quick to kill medium sized tanks paired with any other card. Can stop executioner, bandit, knight, night witch, etc. Do not place on top of troops, place around 2-3 tiles from the opponents Troop so she does dash damage.
    • Fireball - Use for Positive Elixir Trades or elixir pumps, wait a little when fire balling pumps to try to get value on troops such as when your opponent places a Troop next to the Elixir Pump. That’s when you quickly fireball the Elixir Pump leaving your opponent with little Elixir and you yourself with a Positive Elixir Trade You can usually get about 1/4 off a pump before fireballing for max value. 
    • Hog Rider – This can be your win condition(optional). Used for cheap tower damage or when you know they have no elixir and synergizes well with Mega Knight because of the splash damage! 
    This is a quick guide for people before they use their free entry and hopefully this guide helps some people out! 
    Good luck and have fun! 

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    Kyu Lee, the USA president of Gamevil, has revealed some details about their upcoming mobile action MMORPG, Royal Blood through a keynote address at Gamescom 2017.

    He said that the game will feature a living open world that intelligently integrates live events and quests to provide cooperative gameplay. He also revealed some features such as, Realm vs Realm battles and the ability to shift characters’ playstyles via combat-stance system during the combat. Beside revealing these new features, some details about the game's storyline were revealed, showing how it is related to royalty and blood lineage.

    The game was introduced as the next generation of mobile MMORPG gaming, with high quality graphics and it will be released globally via Google Play and App Store before the end of 2017.

    For more information, check out this Page.

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    Assassins Creed; a game that reverberates throughout the world because of its magnificence and excellent gameplay. The franchise has been around for decades and has definitely been a successful one. Assassin’s creed is one of those games every single one of us would have played at least once. They have expanded and conquered almost all the gaming platforms with their success. Be it Playstation, X box or for PC the game has been one among the favourites. And now they are back, Ubisoft has definitely done a solid work in ensuring that they will make it to the top even on mobile devices. Assassins Creed Rebellion has been launched in several countries and has been receiving excellent feedback from its players. The game is well set up and one of the reasons for its success is going to be the fact that Ubisoft has retained all the essential elements that were present throughout the franchise even in the mobile version. Take a look at this article to find out exactly what all are the various features that are present in this game.


    How many of you like the Lego Series? It's good isn’t it? They bring a sort of cuteness to all the powerful and towering characters. Well, Assassins Creed Rebellion is like a refined and polished Lego Version of the original series. But please don’t be deceived thinking that they’re cute, cause they are just as aggressive and stylish as they were in the original series. Now the graphics in the Assassins Creed Rebellion are simple and elegant. You play the game from an angle where you can literally see everything and plan your moves accordingly. The characters are very well designed. The legendary characters like Ezio, Claudia and Aguilar have all been given the same features and characteristics that they possess in the franchise. They’re kills and stealth moves are also portrayed in a brilliant fluid motion and gives a great feeling.

    The game is primarily played inside temples and other buildings. So you’ll have to make your way through rooms and other obstacles. This has also been set up excellently in the game. The usual elements such as hay, boxes, extended arch’s etc are all well-defined and included within the game.
    The graphics are simple but perfect.

    The audio and background music in the Assassins Creed franchise is one of the best to be featured in games. And that has been featured very well in Assassins Creed Rebellion too. The level of attention given to the sound effects in this game are just exceptional. The background music is apt for the gameplay and brings a sense of excitement when playing the game.

    Some of the features require a special mention. This includes the sound effects that are played in the background when an assassin attempts a stealth kill by throwing coins or hiding behind the hay. The sound effects which come into play when a deadly kill move is performed is also very well done. One of the best things that I liked personally was the exact same sound which ubisoft has brought into the game when Aguilar or Ezio performs a ‘Leap of Faith’. The sound of the eagle when they jump of the edge and into the hay is just spot on and perfect and brings the element of originality perfectly into the game.


    A tutorial isn’t really necessary in this game as it is quite straightforward. Nevertheless, the tutorial teaches you how to make stealth moves, perform stealth kills, surprise attacks. It also guides on how to create training rooms and improve your characters ability. In addition to this, it also teaches you how to use different players while engaged on a mission.

    The tutorial isn’t a detailed one as it just provides a quick introduction to the various features of the game. There are no tips as such given before the mission begins etc as you will have to use your skill and judgements to complete them. This in fact, makes this game challenging and fun to play.


    The most exciting feature and the one that actually brings life to the Assassins Creed series is the deadly characters that are present in the game. Popular names like Aguilar and Ezio are made available to players in Rebellion. And this is just what makes the game awesome. There are more than forty characters which have been featured in Assassins Creed Rebellion.

    Each character are equipped with different abilities. Some of them are purely for combat while others are perfect stealth masters. Now the entire game has different missions where you will have to aptly change between these characters as per the mission objectives. The style of killing and the way of movement are kept original to the way it has been done for several years by Ubisoft. For instance, the chance of Ezio running up a wall would be much higher and likely than any other character. Similarly, his chance of performing a stealth kill would also be higher than the others. And this unique feature is what makes Assassins Creed Rebellion so much fun to play.

    When you enter into a mission you can have upto three characters in it. You can switch between the characters when you enter into different rooms depending upon the type of skill that you require in finishing that particular objective.


    Now there are no specific control keys which are designated on your screens to make the Assassins move or jump. A unique form of control system has been developed by Ubisoft for this particular game.
    Now, the movements of the Assassins are automated. But don’t be too quick to judge the game just because I’ve said it’s automated. The movements are the only thing that’s automated. What those moves are, how exactly you want those moves to be executed are completely upto you. Whenever an Assassin confronts an enemy there are several options which will pop up above the enemies head. These will include various options such as performing a stealth kill, going for an evasive manoeuvre or even engaging in direct combat. Based on the Assassin that you have chosen, each of those moves will have a chance percentage attributed to it. If your Assassin is one who is specifically trained in performing stealth kills then the percentage of its success would be higher than the option of a stealth manoeuvre.  Similarly, if you play as Luis then your chance at combat success reduces significantly but the same increases when it comes to solving traps and other obstacles etc.

    This way, each movement of your assassin is based upon your decisions. Therefore, it is extremely fun to play because if you choose a move that is not well suited to your Assassin or is not the best option at a given scenario then it is most likely that you will end up failing. So rest assured, that the game is real fun to play with this unique system.



    The one thing I’ve kept stressing upon from the beginning is how the developers have maintained the originality of the series by bringing in all the flagship features of the franchise. Assassins Creed Rebellion involves you battling against the Templars. You will have to fight your way through various levels and recruit and discover new Assassins. You can then train these Assassins, create your own brotherhood and recruit them into your team. In order to unlock new players you will have to discover new DNA fragments from your memory and collect them. The same will also be used to upgrade the abilities of your assassins.

    Players will have to build their own Headquarters where the Assassin’s will recover their health after a battle. For this they will have to collect various materials which will be given as rewards after a mission is finished. Once you have a strong Headquarters you can create training rooms in order to strengthen the abilities of your brotherhood.


    Specification Android
    Version Android 5.0 and above for smooth gaming
    RAM 2 GB Minimum (3 GB Recommended)
    Storage 440 MB
    Specification IOS
    Version IOS 8.0 and above.
    RAM 2 GB Minimum
    Storage 516 MB

    Assassins Creed Rebellion is not a game that should be missed especially for the fans of this franchise. Based on all the individual ratings and other characteristics of the game it can be rated 7.5/10
    Have Fun gaming!

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    AIIA: Dragon Ark is one of the latest MORPG’s that’s been launched in the genre. The game is powered by an Unreal Engine 4 so we can be rest assured that there will be exceptional and good quality graphics in the game. There are several features which makes this game fun to play and extremely exciting. The combat system and the PvP option coupled with brilliant graphics are definitely features which makes the game stand out. The game is definitely one to play if you are interested in role playing genres.  This article gives you an in depth rating and review of all the highlights of the game.


    As mentioned earlier, the graphics in this game is powered by an Unreal Engine 4. Top notch graphics are one of the biggest highlights in the game. It’s been so well worked that at times you get the feel that you are actually playing a game which is suitable for a powerful PC. The gaming environment is complicated but very colourful and challenging. Most of the levels have been set up in an area which features old ruins and classic buildings. However, the intensity and challenges that you will encounter while playing increases as you progress through the game. The environment in which you play becomes more challenging with more obstacles thrown at your way.

    The character presentation is exceptional. The developers have paid great attention to detail in ensuring that the characters look extremely aggressive.  Even during gameplay the intricate details observed during character selection is visible. This level of detail has not just been confined to the characters but has also been extended to the weapons. Each weapon looks stunningly beautiful, strong and devastatingly powerful. The portrayal of the weapons and special moves during combat have also been brought out extremely well. Every slash and strike is well captured and displayed thanks to the powerful graphics featured in the game,

    GRAPHICS RATING: 8.5/10.


    The audio and background music is perhaps the only disappointment in an otherwise well-developed game. It is natural for every gamer to desire a strong and powerful; background music when a high intensity battle is being fought. The issue with the game being that it is just one small track which is played on loop during combat and after a while this monotonous soundtrack can bring down the interest that you have the game.

    Usually games have a slighter music playing in the background when one either selects their character or checks out other options and moves onto a stronger and energetic music when the combat comes on. However, Aiia: Dragon ark seems to miss out on this. Even though this doesn’t affect the game completely it would still have been good to see a wonderful background music while fighting enemies.
    AUDIO RATING: 5.5/10


    Aiia; Dragon Ark features an in depth tutorial which is very helpful indeed. This tutorial will turn out to be very useful for those players who can’t understand the language.  The tutorial will guide you through basic movements, how to upgrade your characters, collect points, change camera view, dodge weapons and enemies etc. It basically gives you fair idea of how to play the game.

    In addition to this, it also teaches players how to use another character when during combat. This will be an essential feature of the game as players can use two characters even when playing quests or missions. The tutorial can guide you on how to use the second character for defensive and attacking purposes.


    The controls in this game are quite simple and easy to use. They are positioned in such a manner that you can use them without having to compromise on your battle. However, the bottom part of your screen can get quite clustered because of the number of options that have been made available to the players.
    The standard movable joystick has been placed on the left hand side of the screen which works like a charm. However, players might take some time to get used to the angle of view from which the game has to be played. The camera automatically adjusts to the point of view from which the game can be played at best. On the bottom right hand side of the screen you will have your attacking options. These include your slash and strike button, a dodge button and the various skill moves surround it. These controls are specific to the main character who is involved in the game (primary combatant character).
    Towards the middle bottom are located the options for your secondary or support character. This include an option to defend the primary character and a special move located right next to it.

    However, the special skill can mostly be used only once in a combat as it has an extremely long cool down period. Oh also, wanted to mention this in the end; there is also an automatic combat system. Cheers.


    When the game begins the players are given an option to choose from three characters. These include a warrior, sorceress etc. While the warrior is the only character who can be used for close range combat the others are more apt for long range combat. The special skills and moves on the warrior have a lower cool down period than when compared to the other two, conversely it is also the weakest of the three.

    Each character comes with a set of unique skills but they are not made readily available to the players. The players will be provided with only one special skill when the game begins, the remaining will be unlocked only when the players reach a certain level. These special moves can be upgraded by the players using the points that are collected. Every special skill once used has a specific cool down period and therefore will have to be sued carefully.

    The game also offers the players an option to choose a different profile with another character. This gives them the flexibility of playing with different characters.


    Aiia: Dragon ark is an MORPG that has been very well set. The players will have to select a character at the beginning of the game and only then can they proceed. The game will immediately take you through the tutorial which cannot be skipped.

    Players will have to use their selected character to progress through the game. They will also be provided with another character to assist them during combats. Using this secondary character can help you immensely in winning combats against boss levels as they have the ability to use both offensive and defensive skills. The boss’s become more difficult to beat as you progress through the game. The boss that you might have beaten at the lower levels will become the normal foot soldiers that you will have to defeat at the higher levels.

    The game also features a real time PvP option. So if you get bored of the regular combats you can either engage in this or join other players in conducting raids.
    • High quality graphics
    • Excellent combat system
    • Skill point collection
    • PvP Battles
    • Raid Battles
    • Mining for upgrades.
    Specification Android
    Version Android 4.3 and above (5.0 recommended)
    RAM 2 GB Minimum (3 GB for smooth gameplay)
    Storage 1 GB
    Taking into account all the ratings given for the individual characteristic of the game it can be rated a good 7.3/10.
    Have fun gaming! Please feel free to comment.

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    Картинки по запросу hearthstone team Czech Republic
    Freeze Mage


    Murloc Paladin


    Miracle Rogue


    Jade Druid


    Evolve / Token Shaman


    Big Priest


    Pirate Warrior


    Demon Warlock


    Midrange hunter


    Source: StanCifka

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    612 Games, the developer of Wild West Online, has updated the official website of the game, revealing the system requirements, beside the release date of the Closed Alpha phase which is September 15th.

    Not just that, the schedule of the Closed Beta and the final release were also revealed. The Closed Beta will be begin during mid fall 2017, and the game will be released during December.

    Founder Packs are available for pre-order with a 34% discount, which are Townie, Pioneer and Collector, for 19.99 €, 39.99 € and 59.99 € respectively to be suitable for everyone.

    Wild West Online is an open world MMO developed by 612 Games and published by DJ2. For more details about the game and the Founder Packs, visit the official website.

    System Requirements:
    OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 64-bit
    CPU: i5-2400 / FX-6100, or better
    RAM: 6 GB
    GPU: GTX 460 / HD 7770, or better
    DirectX: Ver 11
    Space: 12 GB

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    • Here is a list of new and 'old' games for Android/IOS you may want to check out!

    I will post more articles about this in the next days.

    This is my first article on this wonderful website where you can find awesome games to play solo or with your friends.

    The next games are something games should try out and play in my opinion.

    If you enjoyed the videos please be sure to like the article, Subscribe to my channel, Like the videos, activate the Bell Notifications and Comment, i would really appreciate it and it helps me to make more videos! Thank you and enjoy watching!

    Here we go :

    1. War Wings 

    2. Battle Balls 

    3.Mini DayZ

    4.Tekken Mobile

    5.Tome Heroes


    7.Arena of Valor

    8.Mobile Legends

    9.Smash Supreme

    10.Durango : Wild Lands

    *The order of the games does not represent that one is better than another.

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    In development for the past 3 years, NetEase’s new 3D team hunting mobile game The Soul of Hunter(Chinese name 猎魂觉醒) will be released in China first in the 4th quarter of 2017.  The English version is currently also under development and will be launched in the near future to bring the Soul of Hunter’s fantastic mobile monster hunting experience to gamers throughout the US and Europe.

    Featuring 3D free angle of view and the next-generation hyper-realistic graphics technology, the story of The Soul of Hunter takes place in a magical Western Medieval world teeming with evil monsters. Players will fight against the monsters as valiant hunters, side by side with their hunter partners. No matter who you are, whether a die-hard fan of RPGs, an amateur of action games, a rookie of team hunting games, or an adventurer longing for a magic trip to the middle ages, you will find abundant joys during your adventures in The Soul of Hunter. 

    Aiming to provide the most original and sensational team hunting experience for players on mobile platforms, NetEase’s development team strived for 3 years to create the balance between the operation experience and the hunting experience, enabling players to experience the thrill of hunting on their mobile devices. Instead of the repetitive linear tasks of previous hunting games, The Soul of Hunter allows players to distribute their gaming time and formulate growth strategies freely by offering amplified and rewarding secondary tasks including hunting, producing, crafting, cooking, treasure hunting and even wrestling competitions between knights and more. 

    Dozens of different kinds of huge monsters are available in The Soul of Hunter, and new monsters will continuously be introduced. Rare materials can be obtained by dismembering and destroying various limbs of monsters, among which is the magic “Hunting Soul”, the most longed-for collectible. A special eye called “True Vision” enables players to find weaknesses of huge monsters so that players can choose whatever style of weapon they like to initiate an attack. 

    All hunters possess both ordinary attacks and character specific attributes. By winning intense battles, players also unlock different weapon specific abilities. Both PVE and PVP battles in the game are not limited by the level of the players, allowing new players to try various game modes as soon as they enter the Soul of Hunter world. 

    With a newly designed real-time voice chat system, built-in chat rooms and other social contact systems, players of The Soul of Hunter can get acquainted with the NPC partners in the game, and even forge friendships with the NPC partners and experience the stories together.

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    ENP Games has officially launched mobile MMO Iris M worldwide. The game was previously called Light of Aiaran and with the official launch, new server has opened along with some new contents. If you have been playing Light of Aiaran, you won't be affected by the name change and the addition of new server.
    Iris M is an open world mobile MMO for those who like traditional grinding MMOs with social features. Below are the main gameplay systems of the game.
    Real-time Open Field Battles
    Real time PvE, PVP and PvPvE with your friends and guildmates in dedicated gamemodes and in the Open World itself.

    Open up your wings
    Upgrade colorful wings to unleash your true power... and to show others where you stand.

    Explore the Dungeons
    Explore 25 different dungeons with your companions, including special Challenge Dungeons to hunt for specific goodies and adjustable difficulty to aim for the best rewards.

    Unique Character Customization
    Create your character by choosing from three different races and various hairstyles and hair colors and then make it even more unique by dressing up with stylish costumes, weapon skins and various sets of armors.

    World Bosses
    Unite with others to destroy devastating World Bosses and other powerful foes or struggle in epic Guild vs Guild wars while doing so.

    Transform into 'Luminous'
    Transform into one of three different gods of war and wreak havoc among your enemies.

    You can download the global version on Google Play store or Apple store.

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