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    Free-to-play anime action MMO NosTale has launched on PC via Steam. The game is published by Gameforge.

    The game offers 3 playable classes: Swordsmen, Archers and Mages. In addition to 28 specializations and the possibility to tame wild animals and train them as a battle pet, you can also build your own home, look after the garden and party with your friends.

    About the game:
    Become part of a thrilling journey and change the fate of the world. Explore breathtaking locations on your adventures, fighting against monsters and other players, or join forces to defeat even more powerful enemies. On your journey through the world of NosTale, you’ll feel how the once idyllic continents have changed. An ominous shadow looms large over every town and creature in these lands. Take up your weapon, battle your way through countless challenging missions, and rescue the people from this evil!

    For more information and to check out the system requirements, check out the official website or the Steam page.

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    Lineage 2 Revolution global version is currently accepting pre-registrations and the global launch can be expected in October or November this year. To better prepare for the launch, there are a series of guides you may find useful. 

    Players can learn how to increase their combat power, access Elite Dungeons, get to Extraction dungeon, achieve rare items, mount pets, earn Adena, and learn rare skills.
    Watch the video guides bellow and get prepare for the release date!

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    One of the best way to promote a new game is to work with cosplayers and in the case of South Korean market, to work with Spiral Cats, the pro-cosplay group that has built their reputation through some classic cosplays. Recently they brought to live 2 sexy characters from a Korean mobile game called Darklord Rise, which was just launched. This time Tasha took the Archer role, and Doremi was the Wizard.

    You can see the gallery bellow.

    Source: naver



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    Regardless of the fact that TERA M is just bringing what TERA PC version has to the mobile platform, the game looks like a mobile MMO where you can get the most authentic PC MMO experience. The publisher Netmarble Games has released 3 gameplay videos showing the town, the wildness, and the emotes.
    The town

    The wildness


    Taking advantage of Unreal 4 Engine and 360-degree camera, TERA M is very close to the PC version in visual. What's more the mobile version will feature almost all gameplay contents in the PC version, including non-targeting combat, dungeons, raids, and PvP. The difference mainly lies in class system.
    TERA M will release in South Korea first in November 2017 and worldwide in 2018. 

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    The action-packed team arena brawler game Battlerite will launch on November 8, announced by Stunlock Studios, the developer and publisher of the F2P game.

    In addition to that, the game will enter a free week which will begin from September 25 until October 1st beside having a 50% discount during that week.

    The game has a very positive user review on Steam and it's available for 19.99 USD during it's Early Access Steam phase. For more information about the game, visit it's Steam page or the official website.


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    Tango 5: The Last Dance is a cross-platform MOBA-like tactical game which was announced by Nexon at last year's G-Star. The game's English version has officialy soft-launched in the Philippines on iOS and Android devices, and it will be launched later for other regions around the world.

    The game offers a real-time and turn-based hybrid PVP system, skill-based combat and teamwork-based gameplay. Each round of game lasts 99 seconds, allowing players to fight a game anytime anywhere. To learn more details about the game, you can read this article beside visiting the official website.

    You can also read our review to see what we think of the game.

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    Battle of Blades is a new mobile battle arena which lets you participate in 4v4 fast-paced team battles, each of which lasts just 3 minutes. A teaser trailer was revealed today by Square Enix, introducing the game mechanics including boss battle and rewards and hero customization system. 

    The pre-registration is currently available for Japanese players and the game will launch later this year on iOS and Android devices. You can see some art at the JP official website.

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    Epic Games, the developer and publisher of Fortnite recently announced a new Battle Royale mode that can be played by 100 players, and today they confirmed the mode can be played as a standalone game and will be free for all the players, starting September 26, 2017. 

    The Battle Royale mode will be downladable for free on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Also a brand new teaser trailer was revealed, showing how the new game mode looks like and you can watch it below:

    Fortnite the main game is a multiplayer tower defense RPG that's currently in early access, and the game will be free to play as well when it formally launches in 2018. For more information, visit the official website. And you can also read our first impressions to see if the game is worth buying in early access phase.

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    Finally Ironsight, the online first person shooter is going to be released in the western market by Gamigo. The publisher announced that they obtained the publishing rights to release the game in North America and Europe in early 2018. Besides, the free-to-play MOFPS will enter closed beta in November 2017 and it has started to accept CBT sign-up.
    Iron Sight is an online military FPS based on the battle over natural resources between armed forces and Private Military Company(PMC) equipped with cutting-edge weapon and drone system in year 2025. The game will feature 20 different maps and various game modes beside the strategic drone operation and being able to unlock 100 various weapons and skins.

    For more information, head to the official website. You can also watch the game's teaser trailer below.

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    Yakuza Online is an upcoming free-to-play game for consoles, PC and mobile which based on Yakuza series was revealed as dramatic conflict RPG with a trailer tells the prologue of the new Yakuza project without showing a gameplay scenes or screenshots.

    At Tokyo Game Show 2017 the game's developer revealed the actual gameplay along with the first details of the game. Take a look at the screenshots below, you can see the game is a turn-based card battle game when it comes to battle. When the game lets you play as Kazuga Ichiban, the new protagonist of Yakuza series, the story will tell in a way that's different to previous Yakuza games.

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    Released in 2012 on PC and Mac, Stronghold Kingdoms made its way on mobiles and tablets, since August 17, 2017 on IOS and on August 31, 2017 on Android, to gather more and more players in this MMORTS. It should also be noted that this is also a first attempt on these platforms for Firefly Studio. So let’s see if it’s worth playing.

    The Stronghold license has long been a big name for the Middle Ages management and strategy genre. It must nevertheless be acknowledged that the license has somewhat declined over time while taking into account severe competition in the field. Stronghold Legend, which deviated a little from the essence of the series by proposing a fantastic universe, is a perfect example of this declination. However, Stronghold Kingdoms returns to the sources of the franchise although it obviously adapts to the modern era with a very advanced MMO aspect.

    By starting the game, the first thing you are asked is to choose the location of your village on the world map. Although much of Europe is already flooded with players, it is still possible to settle easily on some other places on the globe, including the Americas, Eastern Europe, Australia, and so on. The community aspect is a non-negligible component of Stronghold Kingdoms. It is not visible from the start since you slowly learn the basics with the tutorial (creation of buildings, harvesting of resources...), and that one has five days of peace. In other words, you will not suffer any external attack. This leaves you the time to adapt well to the soft mechanics that are not so easy to take in hand especially for newcomers.
    The app therefore offers you the possibility to manage your own village and a castle. The least that can be said is that Firefly Studio created this title for those who like to take their time. Each action will require some time, so be patient. Oddly enough, we can say that the mobile supports are perfectly suited to this kind of process where we can quickly take a look at our advancement in the game, then return to other tasks. As expected from a Stronghold title, it is very complete. It is essential to develop your kingdom through research (which unlocks a lot of things like new buildings, new soldiers, various improvements...), and to always pay attention to the morale of the population by managing the taxes or the quantities of beers offered for example.

    If you do not know what to do or if you are lost, counselors are there to offer you some wise advices, or you can simply complete the various quests. This will, in addition, allow you to get to small amounts of non-negligible resources quickly. One regrets all the same that it is necessary to complete quests one at a time without being able to activate several and gradually complete them.
    As for the PvP aspect of the game, even attacking is not a mandatory action, defense is indispensable if you do not want to be crushed miserably. It is therefore necessary to strengthen your castle as much as possible to resist the invasions. Because yes, the world around you is dangerous. One of the attractions of the app is that it offers a world in real time, the community aspect being very developed and even indispensable if you aim for the high level. Stronghold Kingdoms is addictive because the content is rich and everything is mastered, however it is extremely time consuming to a level rarely matched. And since the essence of the game doesn’t encourage players to be monitor their kingdom constantly, you will not be there to defend most of the time. The community like the factions are therefore a good way to protect you a little bit but this directly excludes those wishing a more solitary adventure.
    Despite some gaps in its ergonomics, the passage on mobiles is rather satisfactory. Graphically, the management and strategy MMO accuses a rather dated look. The animations are also old-fashioned, we really feel that everything was recycled from the PC game released in 2012. On the other hand, no complaints for the the music that perfectly fits with the medieval atmosphere. As for the mobile version itself, the change of support is rather good. It must be said that technically, it is not greedy in terms of resources.

    Despite the fact that it was first released on PC and Mac, Stronghold Kingdoms already had all the characteristics of this kind of title that we see a lot on mobile devices nowadays. You will not escape the microtransactions if you want to invert yourself fully in the adventure. Bonuses are awarded via a system of cards that can be activated when desired and which give different effects (increased production of wood, walls more resistant to damage, etc.). Obviously the packages (even if some are given for free daily) can be obtained through the crowns currency that can in turn be purchased with real money. And as usual, while it is possible to progress without these, you will remain at a disadvantage.
    Finally, a premium mode is also part of the game. It gives you the ability to construct more buildings at the same time, research more at the same time... This also gives you automatic features that activate when you do not play (scouts who will automatically search for resources, merchants which sell automatically...). Last thing, the premium mode gives you the ability to go into "holiday mode" and set a period during which other players will not be able to attack you, essential if you will not be able to play for some time and are surrounded by enemies.

    Stronghold Kingdoms fulfills its role by offering a rich and controlled management and strategy game on the iOS and Android platforms. The MMO aspect will give you a good dose of realism as it is essential to interact with other players either in a friendly way or through tough jousting. Nevertheless, microtransactions will make you run away if you are looking to get to the end of things. In any case, the title is extremely addictive and time-consuming but it will be up to you to judge whether it is a good thing or not.

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    Avabel Online is a popular Japanese free-to-play MMORPG that's released in 2013 and currently available for global market. At TGS 2017 the game announced to head to PS4, PC Steam and Nitendo Switch in the future.
    The developer Asobimo confirms that the graphics will be greatly improved for the new platforms and new content including boss monsters will be added.

    Being a 4-year-old mobile MMORPG, Avabel Online may not interest PC and console players. We don't know how many improvements the PC and console versions will make in addition to graphics upgrade.
    Key features of Avabel Online:

    • Over 70 different classes
    • Up to 1000 players' PvP battle
    • Action oriented combat
    • Raids
    • Lots of cosmetic items and customization options
    • Housing system

    Source: Famitsu

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    Sword Art Online: Replication will finally let you check out the SAO VR MMO in VR. Called Sword Art Online: Replication, the game takes you back to the very beginning story in the Floating Castle Aincrad, where you meet a girl named Mist. Can you protect Mist in your adventure and survive?

    The game will be co-developed by Bandai Namco and NTT docomo using the high speed, large capacity 5G communication technology. Is it going to be a VR game for mobile platform? We have to wait and see.

    No gameplay information is revealed at the moment except that the story will develop based on your actions and choices. Additionally the character art is revealed at the official site.

    Source: Famitsu

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    Fantasy Earth Genesis is another competitive action mobile RPG from Square Enix, and it's the successor to the 2006 mobile MMO game Fantasy Earth Zero.

    Similar to Fantasy Earth Zero, the new game lets you participate in massive 50v50 alliance battles. To participate in these wars, you will need to choose 1 of 3 different alliances. The alliance war is for expanding territories by building offensive and defensive structures beside summoning strong beasts with a variety of abilities to defend your base or to attack the enemy base.

    Thegame is free-to-play and it will be released during the winter of 2017 in Japan on iOS and Android devices. For more information, visit the official website and watch the teaser trailer below.

    According to Gematsu, the main features of Fantasy Earth Genesis include:

    • 50 vs. 50 Battle Royales – Enjoy a real-time war with 50 players on each side for 100 players total in high-action based online battles.
    • Battle Rules – Expand your army’s territory to damage the enemy’s castle and win the war.
    • Structures – Expand the scope of strategy by making use of structures with functions such as territory expansion, summoning, and defense.
    • Summon – Transform into summons beasts with various abilities to turn the tides of battle.

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    Illusion has been a veteran in adult gaming industry for more than a decade but they surprised everyone at TGS 2017 by announcing their first ever non-adult game VR Kanojo: Summer Vacation.
    In case you don't know, VR Kanojo is an adult VR game released in early 2017 and it's the company's first attempt in VR adult game. VR Kanojo turns out to be a popular adult game and Illusion doesn't want this IP to be accessible for adult audiences only. So they decide to make VR Kanojo: Summer Vacation for players of all age. What's more, the game will be released on Steam in 2018 so the English version can be expected.
    VR Kanojo: Summer Vacation will take you to the beach on an island, where you will meet the heroine and interact with her. You may be able to collect swimsuits and other customization items but you won't see any sex scene in this game.
    Another VR title VR Kareshi was also announced which meant the April Fool's day joke become real. The game aims at iOS and Android platform and will be released in 2018.

    Source: official site

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    Sword Art Online: Integral Factor is another new mobile MMORPG announced by Bandai Namco at Tokyo Game Show 2017. The game contains the original Sword Art Online story, which means the game is based on the anime where you can't log out from a VR online game until you clear all the stages of Aincrad.


    The year 2022. The first full dive-style virtual reality MMORPG, “Sword Art Online,” was developed by the genius scientist Kayaba Akihiko.
    However, it is really a horrifying death game in which you cannot logout until you clear it, and game over means death in real life.
    As one of the players imprisoned in this death game, form your own strategy and aim to clear the game.
    The protagonist of this story is actually not Kirito but it will be unknown person who was a beta tester of SAO and he gets trapped in the game then the adventure of surviving begins. Bandai Namco has started the pre-registration for the Closed Beta in Japan, but the game release date is not announced yet. To know more details and to pre-register for the CBT, visit the official website.
    You can watch the reveal trailer below.


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    The team behind Ship of Heroes has continued their amazing power charge forward with the release of another video! This one showcases the current state of the Tank class and the improvements to character customization in the character creator, as the Ship of Heroes signature hero Ambassador is created. We've seen him before, but this time we get to see his face, and it is well worth the look to see just how much better the character creator is looking. I also managed to grab Casey McGeever, CEO of Heroic Games Corporation for a few questions about the powers being revealed here. 
    So check out the video, and keep reading for the Q&A! And then keep reading beyond that because I transcribed all of the powers. Want to study them all, but not fiddle with pause and play buttons? I've got you covered!
    The video displays 4 primary and 5 secondary powersets for the tank class. It looks like you currently choose 4 primary and 3 secondary powers, for a total of 7 powers at launch. Each powerset has 10 abilities, with the exception of Street Sweeper which has 12. As you can see below, there are quite a number of abilities here, from single and multi-target attacks, to taunts, buffs and debuffs. It looks really robust. I like that you can choose freely; none of the powers seemed to be linked beyond being in the same powerset. And I just loved the Lucky powerset. I wonder if it will be mirrored in other classes? I always load up on magic finds in games that have it.

    I can't decide which I think is cooler. Unobtanium Luck or Spears. 
    2P:  It looks like the powers can be chosen freely, with no previous requirements. Will this remain as the character levels or are there pwoers gated by level or previous power choice?
    CM: You can choose any power that is enabled, based on your current level.  So you should always have some choices.  but you cannot choose the final power in a powerset at level 2.
    2P: Many players like to see hard numbers; does this power grant 3% increase, 10% increase, or a hard 5 bonus. Will that information be available?
    CM: A lot of information and hard numbers will be available.  Maybe not quite all, but more than enough for min-maxers to be making judgment calls.
    2P: Will we definitely be choosing 4 and 3 at launch, or is this number going to be decided while watching players during alpha and betas?
    CM: The number of primary and secondary powers will definitely be affected by the player experience in Alpha and Beta tests.
    2P: Unobtanium Luck: I love it! Will that 'grants extra cash' power be viable? I've seen games with powers like this before, and they usually end up completely worthless by the time a character levels as in game inflation means you're generally better off taking abilities to kill enemies more quickly.
    CM: Unobtanium Luck as a powerset has a power that increases in-game currency drops.  This of course is an optional power.  Which means that a player could take the power, or choose something else, or take it early in the game and replace it later with another power later if that suits the players' needs better.
    Primary Powers
    • High Pain Tolerance: Temporarily gives you a higher pain tolerance than normal, increasing your max health and your resistance.
    • Iron Will: Your iron will makes you permanently more resistant to some types of damage.
    • Rapid Clotting: Your body is permantly affected by your will to endure, giving you a mild regeneration boost.
    • Burst of Speed: When on, you're able to motivate your body to move faster, giving you a boost to defense.
    • Confidence: Your confident nature gives you a regeneration boost and causes and accuracy debuff on enemies around you.
    • Laser Glare: You glare at a single enemy, daring them to attack you. Affects a single enemy with taunt.
    • Commanding PResence: When on, your commanding presence acts as a PBAoE taunt on all nearby enemies.
    • Attention Grab: A powerful PBAoE taunt which forces enemies to pay attention to you.
    • Motivated: Seeing a friend fall only motivates you to do more, giving you a boost to damage whenever a teammate dies.
    • Inspiring: Your words inspire others, giving your team a temporary boost to resistance.
    • Hold the Line: You stand fast against enemy fire, giving yourself a boost to max health and healing yourself.
    • Guts: Your invulnerable nature permanently gives a boost to your regeneration rate.
    • Improved Reflexes: Your invulnerable nature permanently improves your reflexes, increasing your defense.
    • Ignore Damage: You temporarily boost your regeneration rate and your resistance in order to ignore damage.
    • Innate Armor: Your invulnerable nature permanently gives a boost to your resistance.
    • Chew Toy: When on, you act as a chew-toy for enemies to deliver PBAoE taunt.
    • Trainstopper: Strong enough to stop a moving train, you grab an enemy's attention. Affects a single enemy with taunt.
    • Defiance: You defy all atempts to take you down, activating a PBAoE taunt.
    • Made of Diamond: When on, your skin is as hard as diamond, increasing your resistance.
    • No Pain: Your invulnerable nature removes a debuff off of you.

    Fiery Defense
    • Fiery Aura: When on, activates a PBAoE taunt on all enemies within range.
    • Consume: Due to your fiery nature, consuming air increases your regeneration rate.
    • Smoke Cloud: Releases a smoke cloud around you, temporarily increasing your defense.
    • Cauterize: You cauterize your wounds, removing a debuff on yourself.
    • Thermal Healing: You use your fiery nature to heal yourself and give yourself a temporary heal over time effect.
    • Inhospitable: Make your body extra inhospitable to pathogens, giving you a temporary boost to resistance.
    • Too Hot to Touch: Your skin becomes too hot to touch, damaging every enemy that attacks you.
    • Overheat: You supercharge your powers, doing extra damage for a time.
    • Fire Retardant: Temporarily increases your resistance to fire.
    • Firestarter: Your very nature makes you prone to starting fires, permanently increasing your damage.
    Unobtanium Luck
    • Improved Sense: When on, your senses are improved, increasing defense.
    • Lucky Misfire: Temporarily make enemies more likely to misfire and not hit you, increasing your defense.
    • Optimism: Your inherent luck makes you more optimistic than most, permanently increasing your resistance.
    • Foresight: Your inherent luck gives you minor foresight, permanently increasing your defense.
    • Not Meant to Die: Fate intervenes, giving a powerful temporary boost to defense and resistance as well as a heal over time effect.
    • Can't Touch This: When on, your lucky nature taunts all enemies in range.
    • Sore Loser: Your continued good luck enrages a single enemy, affecting him with taunt.
    • Oh, Shiny!: Somehow, you always manage to find Dust lying on the ground.
    • Murphy's Law: Enemies in range suddenly find that whatever can go wrong does go wron, reducing their accuracy.
    • Envy: Enemies in range become envious of your success and become affected with taunt.
    Secondary Powers
    Fiery Melee
    • Ignite: Sets a man on fire. Does damage over time.
    • Fire Whirl: Create a sword of fire and whirl it around you, causing PBAoE damage. Does damage over time.
    • Fire Sword: Create a sword of fire and stab a single enemy with it. Does damage over time.
    • Flame Blast: A burst of flames hits the enemy, doing damage over time in a cone from you to the target. Does damage over time.
    • Searing Aura: You gain a searing aura which burns any enemy near you. Does damage over time.
    • Overheat: You supercharge your powers, doing extra damage for a time.
    • Fire Retardant: Temporarily increases your resistance to fire.
    • Fire Breath: You breath out fire, damaging enemies in front of you. Does damage over time.
    • Flame Dash: Dash forward, leaving a streak of flames in your wake.
    • Heat Wave: A PBAoE attack that blasts all enemies in range with a wave of heat.
    Street Sweeper 
    • Unload: Unloads shotgun pellets into enemies in a conical direction.
    • Bash: Smashes the butt of the shotgun into a single enemy.
    • Slug: Fire a single huge bullet at an enemy instead of pellets.
    • Fresh Magazine: Boosts accuracy for a short time by loading a new magazine into the shotgun.
    • Supercharge: Temporarily boosts damage to your attacks.
    • Spiral Shot: A spiral shot that damages a single enemy.
    • Plasma Blast: Shoots a red plasma beam at a single enemy.
    • Ion Shot: Shoots a modified slug that shocks the enmy, debuffing defense.
    • Explosive Shot: Shoots a modified slug that burns the enemy, debuffing energy recharge.
    • Freeze Shot: Shoots a modified slug that freezes the enemy, debuffing energy recharge.
    • Challenge: Challenges a single target, taunting him.
    • Provoke: Provokes every enemy in range, taunting them.
    Martial Arts
    • Head Kick: You snap a kick at an enemy's head.
    • Haymaker: You punch an enemy, barroom-brawl style.
    • Side Kick: You launch a kick into the enemy's side.
    • Feint: You confuse the enemy with feints, temporarily increasing your defense.
    • Multi-jab: Launch many jabs at a single enemy.
    • Spin Kick: You spin and kick, causing PBAoE damage to every enemy in range.
    • Focus Qi: Turning your focus inward, you focus your qi, temporarily increasing your damage.
    • Leg Sweep: Spin and sweep the legs out from under every enemy in range, causing PBAoE damage and knockdown.
    • Knee Strike: Launch your knee upward in the enemy's head, causing heavy damage.
    • Flurry of Kicks: You launch a flurry of kicks at a single enemy.
    Twin Swords
    • Twin Slash: You slash a single enemy with both swords.
    • Hemorrhaging Slice: You slice at a single target at a vulnerable spot, causing both damage and damage over time from blood loss.
    • Slash 'n Dash: With a running start, you dash forward, slashing every enemy in range.
    • Whetstone: Pulling out your whetstone, you sharpen your blades, temporarily increasing your damage.
    • Whirlwind of Swords: In a whirlwind around you, you slash with your swords, damaging all enemies in range.
    • Parry: using your off-hand sword, you parry blows from enemies, temporarily increasing your defense.
    • Trail of Blood: You dash forward, striking at all enemies in range, doing both damage and damage over time from blood loss.
    • Bloody Whirl: Enemies around you are caught in a whirlwind, damaging them and applying damage over time from blood loss.
    • Behead: Finishing move to decapitate an enemy, killing them if at 10% or less health, otherwise does minimal damage.
    • Thirst Swords: The swords drink the blood of the target, restoring a small part of the damage giving has health to the player.
    • Thrust: A thrust of the spear at an enemy.
    • Spear Whirl: AoE strike that whirls the spear, slashing with the tip for extra range.
    • Double Strike: Holding the spear like a staff, striking first with the butt and then the point.
    • Overhead Blow: A sharo blow to the top of the enemy's head, damaging and stunning the target.
    • X-Slash: A cross-cut slashing attack against a single enemy.
    • Staff Sweep: Sweep the legs out from under every enemy in range, causing PBAoE damage and knockdown.
    • In The Zone: You obtain temporary focus, speeding up the recharge time for all your attacks.
    • Spear Smash: Smash the butt of your spear into the ground, causing a shockwave damaging enemies and afflicks knockdown.
    • Sand Sweep: use the back of your spear to sweep sand up in a cone, temporarily debuffing accuracy for all enemies in range.
    • Multistrike: Hitting a single target so many times that not only do you do damage but you also temporarily stun the target.

    Learn more, or participate in the Ship of Heroes community on the official forums

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    Black Desert is a MMORPG that has over 7.5 million registered players worldwide. Like other popular MMOs, Black Desert has its own issues that players complain about, and the FPS issue is one of them. Reddit user Wake_up_shoryu recently claimed in his post that he found a way to greatly improve the FPS in the game. The solution is simple and involves making the following steps:

    • go to your Black Desert Online installation folder, and find the Black Desert launcher;
    • right click on the file and choose Properties;
    • from the Compatibility tab, check the "Override high DPI scalling behavior" box and then hit OK;
    • restart the game and check whether your FPS improved

    This can also be applied to the Steam version. Tell us if that works if you try it.

    Source: mmoexaminer& reddit

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    Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links, the popular anime-based card mobile game is going to get a PC version during the Winter of 2017 as it was announced by Konami Digital Entertainment, the game developer and publisher, at Tokyo Game Show 2017.

    Konami has also announced that the game will allow a cross-platform between mobile and PC versions, which also means that the PC version will contain the same updates of the current mobile version. In addition to the cross-platform, they will add a Yu-Gi-Oh! GX world content to Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links on September 28, which features new characters such as Tenjoin Asuka, Yuki Jyudai to the game.

    The game is coming to the PC platform as a free-to-play game via Steam. And as a player of the game, i think it will be much better to play it on PC as the PC provides higher quality of the game's environment than the mobile. You can also expect new upcoming decks to be released with the new content on September 28. For more updates, keep an eye on the official website.

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    The developer of Yakuza Online revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2017 the first screenshots of the actual gameplay, which made us realise that the game is a turn-based card battle game.

    Today, the developer SEGA revealed the first gameplay footage at a live stream on youtube, which actually gave a better, clear look at the card battle, along with the story and the fact that the game lets you play as Kazuga Ichiban, the new protagonist of Yakuza series.

    Below, you can watch the Yakuza scene starting from 5:05:50. The game will be released in 2018 in Japan for consoles, PC and mobile devices.No word on western release. Stay tuned for more updates.

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