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    SteamWorld Dig 2, the latest indie game from Sweden-based game studio Image & Form, just released in Nintendo Switch on September 21st, with the price at $19.99.
    As you may know that SteamWorld Dig 2 is the sequel to SteamWorld Dig, which IGN once spoke highly of and scored it (9.5/10). I've got my hands on the game to see how the sequel performs and from what I experienced, I got to say that "so far so great" and even more, I’d give you a small warn: you’ll get hooked up by the game!
    The first SteamWorld Dig game ends up that the plucky robot miner Rusty defeated the boss but was lost in the cave-in. Thus, in SteamWorld Dig 2, we meet a new character named Dorothy whose mission is to find her missing friend Rusty. What Dorothy has to do is keeping digging in the mines with her pickaxe and other items acquired after level up.

    Like the predecessor, you can experience game elements like action, puzzle solving, resource management mixed into SteamWorld Dig 2. In Dorothy's mine digging journey, she has to collect all the minerals and jewels but at the same time she needs to deal with the traps or enemies buried in the mines. As the game goes on, Dorothy has to sell the stuff she collects, buying new equipments and also update them to be more powerful.
    Another thing you should pay attention to is your lamplight's durability and backpack capacity meanwhile you need to plan your digging tunnel as you have enemies lurking around so you have to dig in a way that you can easily retrace back.
    Thanks to the steampunk character design, Dorothy is able to get through and jump freely in the mine. As you keep playing, Dorothy will be more versatile. A new Hookshot can be obtained to get out of reach objects and treasures. Also, a jackhammer can be used to pound through unbreakable rocks. There's even a jet engine that Dorothy can use to soar above the mine.

    SteamWorld Dig 2 also has some interesting puzzle designs as there are traps here and there. It definitely requires skill and agile operation either in digging quickly or avoid traps and enemies.
    Progression system is based on purchasing upgrades with gold earned from mining. The Cog Mode allows players to upgrade the abilities. There is an experience system in the game which affects gold gain from selling things as they level up.

    It’s worth noting this game doesn’t feature randomized dungeons, in other words, the amount of resources is fixed, and planning the route in advance will help collect as many resources as possible in the map. According to Image & Form, SteamWorld Dig 2 has far bigger world than the predecessor and it will cost players much time to explore, which means more fun is awaiting.

    As a matter of fact, this is the third game in the series and the developer has been very experienced in building underground world. The lack of difficulty variation may cost new players some time to learn to play, but the game in general not only delivers the quality the previous games did but also brings the game to a new high level. It definitely would be a must buy title for all Switch players, no matter you’ve played the original game or not.
    Score: 9/10

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    Epic Games will release a battle royale mode for Fortnite on September 26 as a free-to-play standalone experience. However, the mode was called a replica to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds by Bluehole VP and executive producer Chang Han Kim.
    In a follow-up statement for PC Gamer, Kim clarified that he didn't mean to blame the battle royale game mode itself but Epic Games who may have been replicating the experience for which PUBG is known.

    There were other BR gamemodes earlier this year that were released, like last man standing or GTA 5's battle royale game mode, and we never raised an issue, and I think it's great that there's more competition and everyone should be able to create their own battle royale game mode, and it's not about the idea itself, it's about Epic Games.
    There are a lot of different issues but everyone else that released a battle royale game mode made their own thing, but it was Epic Games that made this game that is similar to us that has similar elements, and that's the concern, that it was Epic Games.

    It's unable to ignore that Fortnite's battle royale mode looks very similar to PUBG, in other words, it's a carbon copy. The other reason Bluehole was frustrated was that Epic Games licensed the Unreal Engine to Bluehole and agreed to support them on the project, and they made their own Unreal Engine 4 battle royale game without noticing Bluehole in advance.

    Bluehole said they had reached out to Epic Games, hoping to discuss the issue together. We will see how this will be wrapped up.
    Source: PC Gamer

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    Snail Games has announced the launch date for ARK Parkat Sony’s TGS 2017 Conference. A brand new VR experience based on the world of the popular survival game ARK:Survival Evolved, ARK Park will be launching in December this year on Playstation VR.
    ARK Park will support both controller and PlayStation Move, and supports English, Chinese, and Japanese voiceover and subtitles. ARK PARKalso features online play for an exciting online multiplayer experience. 
    Game Features:

    • 10 Gorgeous Maps: Freely traverse a grand virtual world without restrictions. Explore a wide variety of distinctive primal environments solo or with a group of friends. Each map features its own unique experience, challenges, and hidden easter eggs.
    • Gene Collection: Visitors to ARK Park collect ‘Gene Fragments’ from the creatures they encounter during their excursions. These fragments can be used to unlock new crafting blueprints or even entirely new maps. Collecting them all will require a combination of puzzle-solving logic, quick reflexes, a trained eye, and careful resource management to bag the genes from the rarest and most prized creatures.
    • Dinosaur Breeding: Collect and incubate eggs to raise your own little dinosaurs! Gather food to keep them satisfied, and watch them grow into massive, earth-shaking dinos. Nothing beats the feeling of going for a ride on your dinosaur when it finally reaches adulthood. 
    • Battle Mode: With friends by your side, defend your base from rampaging dinosaurs with weapons that you forge yourself during your exploration of the park. Strategically choose your weapons from a selection of melee, ranged, and specialized combat items to conquer each level. 
    • Multiplayer Tours: Explore with your friends, and capture your memories using a virtual camera! Excursions throughout the park are much more exciting when players can brainstorm ideas and search for hidden easter eggs together.
    An extension of the ARK: Survival Evolved franchise, ARK Park is a multiplayer adventure game designed from the ground up to harness the feeling of an ultra-immersive dinosaur theme park. Filled to the brim with fascinating Jurassic creatures and adrenaline-pumping gameplay, ARK Park will launch in December 2017 on PlayStation™VR.

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    Tokyo Game Show 2017 has good video games and it has beautiful booth babes and gorgeous cosplays as well. Take a look at Famitsu's capture of the best booth babes and cosplays at TGS 2017.

    Monster Hunter: World

    War Thunder

    Let It Die

    Yakuza Kiwami 2

    Code Vein

    Hokuto ga Gotoku

    Monster Energy

    World of Tanks

    Chun Li

    Bullet Girls Phantasia

    Source: Famitsu

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    Dx2 Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation is an upcoming mobile role-playing game was announced at Tokyo Game Show 2017 by SEGA, the game developer. The game will be free to play and it will be released later this year in Japan for iOS and Android devices.

    The protagonist is a male who joins the liberators which is a group made to protect the world. The game system has new features to the Shin Megami Tensei series, such as exploring 3D dungeons via Aura Gate and converse and negotiate system with demons to make a friendship with them.

    The Story:
    Devil Downloaders. Otherwise known as “Dx2” (D-Two). Those with the power to summon and use demons from a dedicated smartphone app.

    “You,” guided by a mysterious man and given his power, become a member of the “Liberators,” a secret organization that protects the world, and together with popular video makers like Megakin, get caught up in a conflict between fellow Dx2 users.

    The enemy’s name is “Acolytes.” It is another Dx2 group that acts based on their own philosophy. Those with high “empathy quotients” are obstacles to their objective, and they secretly eliminate them.

    On the other side of a society that is seen as peaceful, the malice of its people is quietly spreading, and the battle of the Devil Downloaders is gradually intensifying.
    The release date of the game is not announced yet, but you can learn more about the game mechanics and characters via the official website of the game, and you can also download this App to stay updated with the latest news. Below, you can watch the first gameplay video:

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    The 2013 action MMO Dragon's Prophet developed by Runewaker Entertainment may no long on your playlist. The EU publisher gamigo is reworking and reshaping the game to something different. Called Savage Hunt - Dragon's Prophet, the new game will focus on dragon collecting and progression, action-based combat, and cross-server GvG, etc.
    >> Dragon's Prophet Sunsets in North America

    All 600 dragons will be completely free to obtain in the game, says the gamigo, and you can compare your tamed dragons in a website-based album. You can progress and specialize your dragons through over 4000 quests and work hard to train them to the ultimate mounts.
    Currently the game is in a stress test phase and it will be relaunched soon. Learn more at the official site.


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    I recently was able to get a close beta key to this game.

    For those who don't know, The Amazing Eternals is a team-based shooter currently being developed by the creators of Warframe, Digital Extremes. It had its NDA (Non disclosure agreement) just lifted in August 28th and I don't know about you guys, but I haven't really caught much information about the game this past month.

    That's why before writing a full review of the current state of the game in its closed beta, I thought about giving you something like a first impressions/expectations of the game.

    So, for starters, The Amazing Eternals (From now on TAE) seems to be an Overwatch DNA game... yet it also has a personal touch which defines it, cutting it apart from the mere copies of the great franchise.  

    Is almost like playing a crazy PVP Fallout 4 (Or any previous releases)

    For now there are not much "Eternals", six to be precise, and most of them remind me of the comics you could find in Fallout: Rocketshaped pistols, Circular UFOs, a Cowgirl with a bow (If that makes sense). Yet there are lots of "cards" which serve to customize the playstyle of the eternal you want to be.

    In fact, imagine you are playing a shooter with one hand, and a card game with the other. Depending on which card you draw from the deck, the gun in your other hand may turn into an assault rifle, an sniper, or even a mortar! Maybe you'll run faster, maybe one of your abilities will gain extra bonuses...

    I like the addition. It makes the matches way more dynamic.I have yet to play all game modes, as there are not enough players in the matchmaking sometimes. It should improve in the future with all the closed beta keys they are giving away. In anycase, there is this one mode in which you have to "Siphon" enemy fragments. 

    Much like having to capture certain points. However, in this case you have a countdown in which you have to drain the entire crystal... or the enemy team will have its chance at yours. Is almost the same as some other games... but it has that personal touch I was talking about before which takes that similarity away. 

    Finally, there is also a board game which basically represents your account progression in the game.  I still don't understand exactly what do I gain by advancing but I'll tell you more about it in a follow up article.

    That's it for now! If you enjoyed the read and want to know more about me and my work, please follow me on Twitter: @DezartVanheart. 


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    Today, En Masse Entertainment, the publisher of the third person shooter game, Zombie Monsters Robots, has announced the closure of the game via the official website, mentioning that the game will be online until October 31.

    They have also stated that anything in the store of ZMR will be for free until October 31 which is the date of the closure, beside being able to transfer your En Masse Points (if you have some) from your ZMR account to any En Masse’s game. And don't forget that once the game shuts down, they will give 1,000 EMP to anyone has played during the period of July 18 until September 18.

    To learn more about the closure, visit the official website.

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    VR game changes the way we play games, and it will continue to do so. In 2018 you will be able to play MOBA in VR, although you may not like it. But let's not get to the conclusion so fast and take a look at the gameplay trailer first.

    At Tokyo Game Show 2017, Sony presented a VR MOBA called Dark Eclipse. Labeled as a hybrid between real-time strategy and MOBA genres, Dark Eclipse allows players to choose three characters from over 20 available heroes. You win by forcing your opponent to retire his character or by destroying the main tower of the enemy's. SunSoft, the developer of this game said that the intuitive nature of VR control schemes will change the paradigm for simulation and strategy titles. Dark Eclipse is expected to be released on PlayStation VR in 2018.

    Source: VRFocus


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    Webzen's upcoming MMOARPG MU Legend has just concluded the stress test which satisfied the developer. Adead of the game's Open Beta starting on November 7, MU Legend announced 3 Frontier Packs, each of which included collector's wings, exclusive mounts, unique pets and special titles. The Silver, Golden and Platinum pack is priced at $19, $39, and  $69. You can see the details here.

    The MU Legend team stated: "We wanted these collector's items to be truly for the collectors among our fans. So, true to form, they won't be purchasable after November 7th."
    It's worth mentioning, that MU Legend is a free-to-play hack-n-slash MMORPG, and that these founder's packs are just a "bundle of special memories" for players of the MU franchise.

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    Today is the day in which the Black Desert NA and EU players can enjoy the long-awaited Kamasylvia expansion, as its first part will be deployed on the western servers. Kakao Games plans to release the first part of the Kamasylvia expansion after a 6 hour maintenance that starts at 08:00 UTC. This massive PvE-centric expansion features a new region, new story quests, side missions, a new horse called Arduanatt, and a bunch of other goodies.

    Black Desert Online's new region, Kamasylvia, features elven woodlands that stretch out to the south of Hexe Sanctuary, from the Valtarra Mountains to the Shady Tree Forest. In terms of the landmass, the new region is about the size of Calpheon and houses an elven village known as the Old Wisdom Tree. There is no level requirement for Kamasylvia, but it is a dangerous place to go alone, so being at high level will be beneficial and group play is recommended. There is also new group-based content such as The Altar of Training that will enthuse players who are looking for some co-op action.

    Beside being a free expansion, it has no level requirement and it's accessible for everyone. The second part of the expansion is "arriving sooner than many of you would expect". Any guess?

    Source: official site

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    The incredible success of Pokémon GO has confirmed the interest of the general public for augmented reality games. Unsurprisingly, numerous developers grew more interested in AR, with some titles already at work. Maguss, one of these titles, has secured its funding via Indiegogo and already possesses a core community that is constantly growing. While it does not have an official license behind it, Maguss allows you to take on the role of a wizard and live an adventure close to the classic MMORPGs... but in reality augmented. As such it is not unusual for some to compare it to Harry Potter.

    The idea was born in Copenhagen, the Danish capital, in July 2014. After mounting a first prototype in June 2015, the Maguss team launched a Kickstarter in August 2015. It took a second prototype and the success of Pokémon GO for then to once again present Maguss on Indiegogo. Since then, the campaign has been successful, and since last February the developers were able to launch their first open-beta and send backers their magic wands … The title is a kind of MMORPG in which players must use their phones to cast spells and participate in a long augmented reality adventure with and against other players.

    The games starts, as you would expect from any MMORPG, with the creation of your character. The customization is rather simple, with about 4 premade choices for each gender, as well as the selection of an Order (quite like the Teams in Pokemon GO). While there are no classes per ser (since everyone is a wizard), players can choose spells among the four different types to further customize their character. Your looks may also be altered depending on what your wear. Thus nothing too extravagant in this aspect of the, but enough for the immersion.
    As you can see from the picture above, it is possible to play with a magic wand. This small accessory, which for some should make all the difference, is surprisingly an integral part of the gameplay, since it connects to your phone through bluetooth, much like the Pokemon Go Plus accessory. The accessory is compatible with all Android devices, in version 4.1 minimum, and iOS 7, and has a motion sensor. This allows players to cast spells in the game if they move their wand according to a pattern. According to the designers of the game, the wands have a battery life of 48 hours; note that it is possible to recharge them via the micro-USB port that equips them.

    Your phone will display the different spells you control and will show you its various effects, as well as the gesture to be made, whether with your finger or with the wand.

    For what purpose? Well, Maguss presents itself as a MMORPG in which you will have to ally with other players to complete quests, and fight monsters ... but also other players. At the beginning of the game, the beginner wizard will be able to join one of the four Orders in the game. The Order of Enthrallment is the equivalent of Gryffindor, the Highmoon Brotherhood can be compared to Ravenclaw, while the Fellowship of Wizardry may evoke Slytherin. Finally, the Circle of the Guiled is more like Hufflepuff, by default due to its yellow color, rather than by its title. Concerning the comparisons with Harry Potter, the developers were very clear that the game had no official license; the artists have opted for an artistic direction closer to classical fantasy, which gives the game a real soul, far from the easy pastiche that one could fear.

    Maguss has also thought of players that either do not want to go outside, or unable to. Players also receive daily rewards as they login, which can either be monetary, or in the form of random items. It will also be possible to challenge other players from the comfort of your home, via a classic matchmaking system. In this system of duels, it is above all question of anticipation and strategy. There are different types of spells, from magical protection, to the invocation of mysterious creatures, passing by charms and offensive spells.
    However, the content will remain somewhat limited unless you go out and explore the world of Maguss. Note that while wandering the streets, in search of some dungeon, you will be able to fight a number of critters, going from the mandrake to the troll. There are also herbs and such as well as treasure chests that appear over the map for the players to loot. Of course, Maguss uses the GPS of your phone to move your character over the map. As for Pokémon GO, the inhabitants of big cities will see more activity on the than those enjoying the calm and serenity of the countryside. The game also offers players a crafting system where they gather materials on the map to then create potions through a mini-game. These range from health potions to attack/defense boosting ones, and will be essential when exploring the map, and even more so when diving into dungeons.

    While Maguss may not benefit from the same success as Pokemon Go, it will without a doubt have it’s own niche. The game does a great job at not only emulating a world of sorcery, but also immersing players into it. Finally, while Maguss is intended to be a free-to-play AR wizarding mobile MMORPG at it’s launch, they only way to play it currently is by backing the game on their website and obtaining an Alpha Key.

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    Modern Combat Versus, the first-person-shooter multiplayer online game which was revealed in the last April by Gameloft, has got the global release date September 28, 2017.

    The game offers beautiful graphics and suitable environment for the first-person-shooter players, in addition to five wide multiplayer maps, and it doesn't has single player campaign but focuses on multiplayer experience instead.

    Modern Combat Versus will be available on PC via Windows 10 Store and on mobile via GooglePlay and App Store. You can pre-register right now for the PC version via the official website, and for the Android devices via Googleplay. For more updates, keep an eye on the official Facebook page.


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    (You can read my previous article here. I'll talk as if continuing it)

    I gotta say...  at first, I was really lost.

    People would kill me out of nowhere. There were some rare things that looked like cards on the left side of the UI. When I pressed the card's number, something would happen yet I rarely knew what. Sometimes my weapon would change, and so would my playstyle, so learning how to use Nia's bow wasn't really my choice.

    I tried changing my eternal, but everyone would just kill me anyway...

    It was hard. At first.

    But then I started to learn the maps more or less. I asked people I played with about it... advices like "Don't change character too much if not at all, You'll lose your upgrades" were really helpful. That's why I started to die less, kill more, get the plays, the no scopes (Literally)...

    So now I can tell you in detail about the current game.

    Lorespeaking, The Amazing Eternals is a board game much like Jumanji. It transports us to another dimension in which we become powerful beings called Eternals. These beings come from different parts of the multiverse, which explains why there is an electric-skull-faced -maniac among them (Dread).

    Now, to the gameplay.

    First: The card system.

    I thought starting here was the right choice because is precisely what differences TAE from Overwatch, Paladins, Team Fortress (the real predecessor some may say)... or any other of the same genre.

    How does it work?

    Nice question! Every Eternal has its own arrange of cards which can form a deck of 12. This deck will decide IN ORDER what cards will appear as the match progresses, with a maximum of 3 cards at the same time. If you change character in the middle of a game, the order will be reset.

    There are lots of different cards, and each one has a certain effect. Hence, the key to create a good deck is to understand your eternal, its weakness and strong points, and choose to reinforce them accordingly. For example, the eternal I've been playing the most is Nia, a cowgirl with a bow.

    She has two abilities: a snaring trap which slows enemies when triggered, and Haunt, which sends your ancestors as spirits to follow and mark one enemy in your sight, effectively granting you vision of its movements even through walls.

    Cards for Nia have some real nice effects, reinforcing her bow (which well aimed is very deadly), trap, haunt and giving her the option to use other weapons such as rifles, poison crossbows, snipers (A card which I have yet to find). Some even enhance her gameplay, allowing her to land critical hits for a set amount of time or to do more damage if she remains aiming with a rifle for more than 1 second.

    "Dynamic" is the word that comes to my mind. I love it.

    Second: The game modes.

    For now there are only two: A simple team deathmatch, in which we are thrown to kill each other at our hearts desire. The first team to reach 40 kills wins.

    And the Fragment Fight. Much more like capture a point, but not so much. Lorespeaking, every team starts with three fragments and a neutral one in the middle of the map. Our objective is to siphon/drain the energy of the neutral fragment (by staying close with no enemy near) before the other team does, in order to be the first to attack.  

    Once the Fragment is story, the attacking team will be able to proceed to the next one, while the defending team will try to ensure its safety by contesting the area around it as much as possible until the timer runs out. As you may have guessed, if the defending team is successful, it'll be their turn to attack.

    The match ends when the global timer runs out or when a team doesn't have any fragments left.

    In my opinion is not such an innovative game mode, yet it has just the right details to make it different from having to capture zones and gain points. It will get boring with time though.  

    Finally, Third: The board game or account progression.

    Imagine Jumanji, and those who don't know what Jumanji is, please google it. Is a classic. Or Zathura, for those who want a more accurate title to the game at hand.

    Once you've done that, picture any board game in your mind (yeah, I know. You don't need Jumanji for this). Everytime you finish a match (Or as a loremaster, get absorbed into the game), you'll earn experience which will make you advance spaces in the board, and each space yields a reward. Coins (to spend in cosmetics or more cards), a free space to move foward, or a set of cards for an specific eternal.
    In the future you should also be able to unlock different eternals in this manner, or so I understood from reading the main website.

    In any case, the game is still in Closed Beta, which basically means bugs. Lots of bugs. I may write a detailed feedback in the future to give you guys to pros and cons, but to picture an image: You died. and in the Deathcam you see how the other guy shot you literally outside your body. I don't know if this is a latency problem, or a deathcam inaccuracy or simply the hitbox is way bigger than the model of my character... but is quite frustrating sometimes to be killed even though you reacted correctly and took cover in time.

    I have to confess that at first I thought the game would be a real boulder to play. Don't mind my metaphors, but you get my meaning. However, once I understood the basics it became way more fun, and the community is really kind and friendly. Which is why if you want to play, you should definitely keep an eye out for any keys giveaways. Or to buy a founder pack, but that's your decision, not mine.

    SO, If you enjoyed the read and want to know more of my work, please don't hesitate to follow me on twitter: @DezartVanheart. I'm trying to be active and tweet about what I'm playing or thinking in writing a review about. Thanks and...


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    Gamevil has started the pre-registration for ArcheAge Begins which will release worldwide on October 25. You can click this link to jump to the page to pre-register the game for rewards including 500 gems, 150,000 gold, 100 stamina and 50 universal pieces. You can get additional rewards by registering through Google Play store.
    ArcheAge Begins is a mobile MORPG produced by GAMEVIL and developed by XLGAMES. ArcheAge Begins takes place 2000 years before the PC MMORPG ArcheAge and includes some of the PC version’s most recognizable heroes and game modes.

    In the game, players will learn more about the origins of the “Ancient Rift” and the secrets of the “Garden,” which is rumored to hold a great but dangerous power. ArcheAge Begins’ primary gameplay mode will give players the chance to exercise strategic expertise; players will need to form teams of four unique heroes and use the “card-flipping” battle system to conquer challenges and unravel the story. ArcheAge Begins will also have compelling multiplayer features including in-game commerce and Guild Battles.

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    WarReign is a new fantasy strategy mobile game developed by Red Sahara Studio and published by Smilegate. On September 26, the game announced to start the pre-registration for the global launch scheduled for late October. If you like Clash of Clans, you may want to give this game a try. You can watch the trailer below to see the gameplay.

    The game has 3 races to choose from: Humans, Elves and Undead. Each of those races has special features, such as powerful ranged abilities and so on. In addition to stunning sound effects and graphics, beside 20 heroes branched from the 3 main races, which are available to allow the players to make their own offensive and defensive strategy.

    The pre-registration is available for iOS and Android devices and you can pre-register and read more details about the game via the official website.

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    Webzen has just released a trailer, announcing the return of ArchLord. The original ArchLord MMO was developed by NHN and published by Webzen on PC. The PC version was released in the west in 2006 and shut down in 2014. Soon the game will resurrect on mobile platform as ArchLord Awake.

    The mobile version brings back the monarch system with some twists and allows players to become the ArchLord in their server. You can also play dungeons and open world PK (in certain areas) in ArchLord Awake.
    Webzen will reveal more about the game later this week.

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    Ragnarok Spear of Odin is a mobile hack-n-slash action RPG with a Ragnarok pedigree. The game is developed by Gravity and Neo Cyon and it features more than 200 monsters and 15 original dungeons from the Ragnarok Online universe. 

    In March, it was reported that Gravity will conduct the game's English CBT for Android devices in Singapore. According to a Korean source, both studios plan to conduct a Closed Beta Test for the Southeast Asian region on September 29. Labeled as (Unreleased), the game can be downloaded via Google Play Store for free.

    Source: play. google& hungryapp

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    NetEase's Anime-inspired mobile RPG Onmyoji has already amassed over 200 million downloads throughout Asia, and has even being honored as one of the App Store’s 10 Best iPhone Games of 2016 in China.

    With stunning 3D graphics and customizable characters voiced by real anime legends, Onmyoji is a mobile RPG with strategic, turn-based combat in PvP or PVE battles. After a long wait, players in North America and Canada can finally give the game a try on iOS and Android through a closed beta test.

    iOS Testflight:
    Google Play:

    For those of you that are out of these regions, however, the game will be unavailable.

    Thankfully, this can be bypassed by installing the Onmyoji APK that you will find below:

    Onmyoji English APK

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    Nexon has announced to obtain the publishing rights for upcoming 2D action mobile game Battle Storm (also known as Project B). The game is developed by NTWO Studio, the maker of Unreal Engine 4 mobile title HIT (Heroes of Incredible Tales)

    Battle Storm is for adult players as the game features super seductive characters which can remind you of the original, unmodified version of Blade & Soul. The game is 2D side-scrolling action game claiming to have dazzling actions, easy-to-play combat, various battle modes including real-time PvP and PvE campaign, and lots of costumes. According to the developer, Battle Storm aims at casual and mid-core players.

    The game will be released in China and Japan as well, followed by global release in the future. You can learn more at the official website.

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