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    I’ve always loved to play low-tier cards, because they are a mindgame. This deck is especially amazing in that regard as it uses some of the most unusual baits and pushes that seem much less threatening than they actually are. To give you an idea of how low-tier this deck is, according to, the odds of you facing a deck without any of these cards in it is around 40%. That’s including Arrows and Minion Horde!

    On to the guide. As always, feel free to skip around, leave snide remarks, and/or tell me how the deck works out for you.

    The Deck:

    Three Musketeers- These are the power card in your deck. They are mostly going to be used for defending, then split pushing. Almost always place then in the middle for the best counter-push. Add a small tank, and they can deal serious damage to a tower.
    Giant Skeleton- The biggest tank in the deck. Every card in the deck pairs well with him. If he makes it to the tower, a clone spell will insure the tower’s death.
    Minion Horde- A good complement to Three Musketeers. They bait Fireball for each other and stop even the largest of pushes in their tracks.
    Dark Prince- The secondary tank and most reliable card, thanks to his shield. His biggest benefits are countering Barbarians and surrounding Skeleton Armies for both the Musketeers and Giant Skeleton.
    Clone- An amazing complement to most pushes. Spell-proof on Dark Prince, and creates lots of damage on everything else.
    Goblin Barrel- The Zap bait and a massive damage dealer of tanked for. Thrown often as a distraction and pairs wonderfully with Giant Skeleton.
    Elixir Collector- Generally pretty safe in this deck with all of the Fireball bait. Beware of Miner, though, as this deck is not suited for stopping him. Allows for some bigger pushes before overtime.
    Arrows- Little explanation needed. Don’t be afraid to take out Princess if the opponent isn’t using a spell bait deck.
    The General Gameplan
    You want to analyze your opponent’s deck and decide on how to play quickly. This deck plays very differently each round, so practice deciding how to play quickly.

    If they tend to throw down token pushes (Hog Rider, Elite Barbarians) save Three Musketeers in hand for a quick stop to them. Push back and slowly chip down with small support to each side. Get Collectors down, but also don’t be afraid to sit at ten elixir when you know that they are about to attack. Make sure to slightly change the timing and positioning so that they don’t counter. Save Giant Skeleton as a surprise.

    If they try for a slow build-up push, respond with distraction to the other lane (usually Goblin Barrel, and use tank and spank to pull off defending. Or, you can try to use a Giant Skeleton+Goblin Barrel push on the side that they are pushing. It will also kill many support troops. Another good response for less urgent attacks (Golem in the back, for example) is to waste their time on the other lane with Giant Skeleton and support (a threat they practically have to answer). This deck is high DPS, so you will win a three-crown rush.

    If the opponent plays super defensively, build a large push on one side, and have something smal on the other. Slowly chip down the opposite lane and surprise them with different pushes every time (especially where they can out-cycle you).

    Use lots of good defense, but when an opportunity arises, jump in headfirst and don’t look back. A small mistake on your opponent’s part can easily turn the battle in your favor.

    Offensive Combos
    Split Musketeer Supports

    -Dark Prince on the two side is amazing. Some of the most common responses to the two Musketeers are Fireball, Skeleton Army, and Barbarians. His shield is anti- Fireball, his charge splash wrecks Skarmy, and with the help of Musketeers… 

    they can kill the Barbarians in four shots and go on to take a tower.

    -Goblin Barrel can both tank for and be ranked for by the Musketeer. If the Barrel lands before the Musketeer crosses the bridge, the tower will take six shots to handle the Goblins while the Musketeer isfiring away. If it lands after she crosses, the Goblins can wreak havoc while the tower is stuck handling the Musketeer. Lots of damage either way.

    -Giant Skeleton can only go in front after you have a Collector down. It isn’t advisable to do unless you are fairly certain that the opponent can’t counter it.

    Giant Skeleton Pushes

    -Paired with Goblin Barrel, the Giant Skeleton can easily take the second tower (which will surprise opponents expecting Three Musketeers in the middle). Imagine a Goblin Barrel headed for your second tower. It seems like something you can afford to let go without taking much damage until…

    there is suddenly a Giant Skeleton in the center of your side. You have to stop the Goblins now, and by the time you do that, Giant Skeleton made it to the tower.

    -Giant Skeleton with Dark Prince and Clone is deadly.

    Make sure that the cloned Skeleton goes first if you aren’t sure what they have to defend with. He will drop a bomb for cover in case of air troops, Valkyrie, etc. The Princes push the Skeleton super fast to the tower, and any ground troop in their way will take a huge amount of damage from the two charging Dark Princes (instant Barbarian death). And the best part: The Princes both can survive a spell with their shields, so the opponent can’t take out the clone easily.


    Dark Prince and Goblin Barrel makes for a great starting push. Drop the Barrel and instantly follow it with the Dark Prince centered on the bridge (just tap their tower for both placements). He will distract the tower with perfect timing. Even with Archers to take out the Barrel, this deals over 1000 damage, so it’s nice.

    Ending Words
    This deck has a ton of weird pushes and synergies that you can improvise as you go to play. It is heavy, so you need to be careful, but at the same time, you need to take advantage of any openings, since this deck can take a crown from even the slightest mistake. It got me to 4000 trophies with cards on average 0.125 levels below tournament standards. So far, I can honestly put it into my top three favorite decks to play. Good luck, and the real reason I built this deck: Have Fun!

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    From Jan 5th to Jan 8th, the new Resource Tycoon will be online. By competing to collect resources, players have a chance to win the brand new Wrathwing, Pegasus!

    Pegasus is a name that has passed down from the greatest legends. This winged divine steed is known to be the mount of gods and the mightiest of heroes. Many gods and heroes alike have performed their legendary deeds while riding atop this majestic horse. With its unparalleled grace and speed, Pegasus can soar through the battlefield with invincibility. However, to earn the favor of Pegasus, a champion has to be truly blessed by the gods and destined for greatness. To borrow the power of Pegasus, the Pegasus Wrathwings were crafted using a single feather from the divine steed. That alone is enough to grant unimaginable power and speed to its wearer. Many Guardians seek to obtain the Pegasus Wrathwings in order to scribe their own names among the legends of Aurora.

    Note: Resource Tycoon will only be available on older servers from Jan 5th to Jan 8th. New servers (those that opened within 15 days) will have to wait a bit before seeing the event.

    Additional Information:
    Try out Legacy of Discord– Furious Wings by visiting the following link:
    For the latest news and updates, follow Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings at
    and check out the forums at:

    About GTarcade:
    GTarcade is a leading global developer and publisher of free online games. With its guiding principle to “create leading global entertainment brands”, GTarcade has created award-winning MMORPG and strategy games for browser and mobile.

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    Christmas has gone but the zombies are still there. The cruel winter couldn’t stop them expanding their forces by numbers and more bloodthirsty than before. A massive and full-scale attack on New Year has blown out, the perfect time for striking when mankind lacks of defending themselves due to long holidays!

    But they’re underestimated us, because we have brains!

    To help survivors stand against them, protect our people in New Year’s festival, the army of Dead Target: Zombie has ordered all the permanent packs in the shop must be discount 50%!

    What to expect in these permanent packs?

    • Discount 50% all the permanent packs - These permanent packs will be Big boost pack, Ultra pack, Destruction pack, Weapon pack and Daily Gold pack, Supply pack. More golds, more powerful weapons with half price! What are you waiting for?
    • 1 week for the event - The duration of this event started from January 1st to January 8th, 2017. So take time to choose your best arsenals and armed yourself to the teeth!!!
    Download:Android | iOS | Windows Phone

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    First Revealed in November, Project 100 was an exciting mobile action RPG with shining combat and skills. Now according to MMO Culture, the game developed by Hound 13 Studio gets an official name Hundred Soul and will be published by Line in 13 different countries in Asia.

    Hundred Soul is led by Jungsic Park, the creator of Dragon Nest franchiseThe game has a lot of weapons which can be used for different combat situations, large hunting area, and console-like visual quality. We don't know whether the game will be an open world game or a dungeon-based game like Dragon Nest.

    Source: inven

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    XLGAMES has teamed up with Nexon to allow Nexon's players to access ArcheAge without having to create a new account. A new ArcheAge server will be launched to accommodate players come from Nexon's platform. As we mentioned before, on January 19th, a new update will be applied on the Korean server. An interesting feature of this forthcoming update is the introduction of the Successor Level.

    A total of 7 successor levels will be added, which will be available once you hit level 55. In order to level up these levels, you will need to grind for tons of experience, plus certain items. For example, if you want to reach Successor Level 1, you will need a total of 3,77,158 XP and 8 items. Besides, the Successor Levels also unlock new attribute points. 

    In other news, the NA servers has got a massive number of support tickets from players due to the launch issue of the Revelation expansion in December. The costumer service team continues to work over time to adress these tickets.

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    Wanderer: The Rebirth
    is a Virtual Reality hunting-action game, which provides players with intense and fast-paced combat in ultimate VR gaming experience. Take a look a at the trailer below, which showcases monster-hunter like gameplay.

    Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the game is set in the world of Greek Mythology, where the fires in Mount Olympus burned for 7 days. The Earth Goddess asks players to put out the fire. In order to find out the where the fire begins, players need to trek through forests and over mountains to a island. During the journey, players will encounter many fierce monsters.
    1. Special Debuff System
    During the combat, you’ll see a green bar which showcases the monster’s weak point. After destroying the weak point, the monster will lose related skills in a certain time.
    2. Destroy Monster’s Equipment
    Monsters will equip as many gears as players. After destroying the the equipment, players will be able to debuff the the monster forever. The rewards will be given according to the broken equipment, so that players can use the materials to upgrade their own gears.
    The game is compatible with HTC Vive. It was supposed to be released via Steam on December 26. However, it was delayed due to certain issues. Stay tuned for more updates.

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    Battlestate Games has announced that their hybrid FPS/MMO, Escape from Tarkov, has entered the extended Alpha stage and will be accepting more players into the Alpha program. The Extended Alpha is a more advanced stage, with several new features being introduced to the game, and more pre-order owners will be granted access to this test phase. The chance of being selected for the extended Alpha is higher for those who pre-order the game early and is based on the pre-order package purchased; for example, purchasers of the Prepare for Escape package have a 75% chance of getting into the Alpha, while those who buy the Left Behind package have a 50% chance of getting in.

    New additions to the Extended Alpha version include:

    • A new raid location, the Woods - wide open spaces, dense forest vegetation, entirely new tactics and game experience
    • Weapon failure and repair system
    • Ability to create groups for going into raids together
    • Improved game physics
    • Additional performance optimization and fixes for existing issues

    Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore story-driven MMO featuring elements of FPS and RPG. The events take place in the Russian city of Tarkov, which has been sealed off by roadblocks and sunk into the chaos of local warfare between private military companies. Escape from Tarkov's Hazardous Environment Combat Simulator employs a number of custom system modules to create incredibly immersive gameplay and make players feel the reality of what is happening in the game.

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    Hi-Rez Studios has announced another new game sets in the SMITE universe called SMITE Rivals. The game is a collectible card arena (CCA) for mobile and Steam platforms, featuring well-known deities and characters from SMITE. Take a close look at the gameplay, you will easily notice it's a Clash Royale style game with 3 lanes.

    According to Brian Grayson, Executive Producer of SMITE Rivals:

    With SMITE Rivals, we want to create a game for our fans that is familiar, fast-paced, and engaging, but different from the MOBA experience we all know and love. 

    Not only will players collect and command an army of their favorite characters in a new and fun art style, but we’re excited to share that in-game progression will be continuous across all platforms. If you play on PC, you can pick up wherever you left off on your mobile device, and vice versa.  

    SMITE Rivals is played one-on-one in quick intense matches that take place on a three lane field. Players use cards to deploy units across lanes in an attempt to take the enemy tower on the other side. As players collect and unlock more cards in SMITE Rivals, they gain access to new units, strategies, and playstyles. In addition, any progression that players make on their account in SMITE Rivals will be saved to any platform they log in from for an easy and persistent gameplay experience.   SMITE Rivals is fully playable for attendees at Hi-Rez Expo and players looking to get their hands on it can sign up for the Closed Beta now at
    SMITE Rivals FAQs

    How can I stay up-to-date with the progress of SMITE Rivals?

    Once you sign up with your email, you will be alerted with major updates via e-mail. You can also follow SMITE Rivals on Twitter to stay up to date with the latest information!

    When will Rivals be released?

    SMITE Rivals will be released in 2017.

    Will it be free to play?


    How do I redeem the Global Mana Rewards?

    Milestones will be unlocked for ALL players of the game, so there’s no need to redeem anything. Just play SMITE Rivals, and content will be unlocked.

    Will you have (fill in the blank) feature?

    As with all Hi-Rez games, our games are constantly improving and tweaked based on community feedback. We are currently exploring many features that we want to implement in the future.

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    Koei Tecmo announced Toukiden: Mononofu also known as Toukiden: Slayer for iOS and Android at Tokyo Games Show 2016. According to the official announcement, the game will be playable in 2017 and the pre-registration for the game is available now.

    Basically, Toukiden: Mononofu is a game like Monster Hunter but the difference is that players must fight against demons to obtain necessary materials to upgrade gears. In the game, players stand in a territory where a war between demons and humans have happened 8 years ago. Everything is back to normal, but that territory is still a war zone surrounded by Onis, and it will be your duty to hunt them.

    For the moment, the game is about 85% complete. Hope it will be released soon. Head to the official page for pre-registartion.


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    Runic Games' action MMORPG Torchlight Mobile will be available to everyone starting January 12. The game will be first released in China and then come to global market. If you want to try the game before it releases worldwide, you can choose to download the Chinese version later this month.

    Compared with the PC version, Torchlight Mobile optimizes the skill and combat system for the control on mobile devices. Players just need to press several button to active the combat skills. Runic Games created a skill combination system to allow players to combine 6 character skills into 36 different variations.

    Torchlight Mobile also features random gear stats and shortens the time costs to complete a dungeon. On the other hand, the developer creates a new weapon skill feature that the PC version doesn't have. The rarest weapons come with a powerful active skill (it's like you get a new ultimate ability) that provides you great help in both PvE and PvP.

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    Resultado de imagem para conan exiles
    Funcom has released a new trailer for Conan Exiles showing the "building" aspect of the game. If you don't know, the game is tagged "Survive", "Build", and "Dominate." The developers explian how the world of Conan is built in the trailer below. After that you may want to check out the survive aspect of the game in the previous trailer.

    Conan Exile will start early access on January 31st and the game allows you to host your own server, or play in the official servers. The game is more like an MORPG than an MMORPG, and it stresses on the survival element and brutal Conan style combat content.

    Related: Conan Exiles Explains the Visceral, Brutal yet Tactical Combat


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    Landmark, the sandbox building game released in June 2016, is going to follow the unfortunate fate of Everqest Next. The developer Daybreak Games announced to shut down the game servers on February 21st, 2017, at 4:00 PM Pacific Time. Daybreak express its gratitude to all players who "pushed the boundaries of what Landmark could do". From now on and until the day the servers are shut down, players need to know the followings:

    - All the code and data from Landmark will be retained by Daybreak; DGC prohibits players to create a Landmark emulator or a fan-operated Landmark server;
    - After February 21st all Landmark forums and sites will be closed;
    - Your Daybreak currency remains in your wallet, so it can safely be used in other games of this company;
    - For any other issues, players are advised to contact the Customer Service team. Last March,

    Daybreak announced the termination of EverQuest Next development. In less than 12 months, two other titles were closed down: PlanetSide and Legends of Norrath. I think it's a wise decision to close old and unprofitable games because they are now an independent company. Operating too many MMOs at the same time consumes their resources. The problem is what new games they have to make themselves rise again?

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    Giantica is an upcoming strategy action RPG from Nexon. The game has kicked off CBT2 pre-registration for Android in South Korea. While the game won't be available for most of us in the west, it's a game that worth some attention.

    The game is quite unique as it features a real-time action combat system that rely on the use of cards. Unlike other action RPGs where you tap on the skill buttons on the screen to fight, Giantica offers you multiple cards you can select to use special abilities while it allows you control and move your characters using the analog. 

    What's more, the game is an open world online RPG with PvP and guild war features. You can watch the actual gameplay in the video below.

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    ARK Survival Evolved Online (CN)

    • Launch
    • Free-to-play

    For some of you ARK Surivvial Evolved is already an old survival MMORPG, but there are still players that didn't get to try it. When you go to their steam page, you see a ton of mixed reviews that can be put together like this:
    • Good Reviews: the game is great, a lot of freedom, different biomes, a true survival MMO;
    • Bad Reviews: server problems, allowing free transfer for tribes from other servers, developers focusing on releasing the console version, ignoring their pc player-base, paid DLCs on an early access game.
    As you can see, 90% of the bad reviews have something against Studio Wildcard and Instinct Games, so we can assume that if Snail Games decides to bring the new licensed free to play Ark Survival Evolved Online to the Western Market, a ton of players will flood their servers.

    There are a few differences between the two versions and I think there will be a lot more on the future, but for the moment we know that the f2p version will have a vanity costume shop, detailed tutorials, private chatting, mailbox features, a slightly easier progression and an enhanced graphic system.

    The Chinese Open Beta has three different type of servers (civilized, war and savaged servers) each with its own rules. If you can pass the language barrier and want to try this new f2p version of Ark, we already have a registration & download guide for you.

    World of Warcraft New Vanilla Server - Elysium Project
    • Launch 
    • Fresh-start server
    • Free-to-play

    Even if this is a private server, for me it's a rebirth of social aspects inside an MMORPG. I'm so excited about this project, but let's start from the beginning. 

    World of Warcraft Elysium is the new vanilla server that will be launched on January 7, 2017 at 18:00 GMT+1 (as the time I am writing this article there are still a few hours left). After the old Nostalrius servers were shutdown by Blizzard, with just a cease and desist order, and a long waiting time for a Blizzard announcement regarding the Legacy Servers, the core and the old Nostalrius database were handled to Elysium. This move assured the rebirth of Nost realms (as both the old PvP and PvE servers are up and running) and the birth of a new PvP server called Elysium.

    You may be wondering what makes it special, right? Each player that decided to roll a new character on this server has its own reasons ranging from the love of core aspects that made World of Warcraft the top MMORPG for so many years, to settling down and finding a new place to call home.

    For me it's all about the community and the journey. Other MMOs and the retail Legion WoW servers have lost the social aspect a long time ago. Trying to please everybody, easing every aspect of hardcore gameplay have killed the social interaction. I can hardly wait just to log in with thousands of other players (Elysium new server is expected to have around 15k-20k players) create a party, and chatting about anything while struggling to find a mob to kill. There is no phasing system, no easy way to skip the content so we should work together to achieve our goals.

    There are players that hate fighting over a low amounts of mobs due to the large number of players around them, but if I only wanted to kill something I would install a singleplayer RPG. There is a history to be written, stories  and  special moments that will remain fresh in our memories for many years and I want to be a part of them.

    PvP with the opposing faction, those massive open world fights are coming also, and to be honest I would join any game that can bring back those old times that made the genre great.

    If you want to learn more about Elysium check the official site and if you join the game, hit me up on Apophis. For the Horde - Lok'tar Ogar.

    Ragnarok Mobile (CN)
    • Open beta
    • Free-to-play

    Ragnarok is one of the most known MMORPG, and there are still many fans out there waiting for a new version. Even if they hoped for a PC title, a mobile version of RO should not go under the radar.

    >> Ragnarok Mobile Opens Stress Test for CBT Server (Download Guide Attached)

    The new developers are trying to remain faithful to the original version, but they also stated that the gameplay is somehow outdated, plus they need to adapt it to fit the mobile scene. In Ragnarok Mobile players will have a lot of quests and storylines missions, but if they prefer a grinding approach they can skip those and start killing mobs, without missing important gameplay aspects. The PvP modes are not availabe yet, but those will come at a later date in the new timeline, same as it was back in the old days.

    The core gameplay will be a mix of autofight and skill decisions, although the developers are trying to create a challenging experience that will get you kill if you only set the game on "auto pilot". Also, if you die in Ragnarok Online you will loose XP. Another important factor will be the teamwork, so even if in previous tests there were some classes that could solo almost every map (like the assassin), developers are doing their best to fix this ballance issues.

    Ragnarok Mobile will be officialy release for both Android and iOS on March 1st, but until then a beta test is scheduled for January 19th. If you want to learn more about RO check our In-Depth Review: Ragnarok Online Mobile Kicks off Autumn Test and keep an eye for new guides (you should also watch the forums).

    Torchlight Mobile
    • Open beta
    • Free-to-play

    Torchlight Mobile is not a port for the PC version, the new game developed by Runic Games, Perfect World (CN) and Fedeen Games (they will be responsible for the Western release) was coded from scratch for both Android and iOS devices.

    The mobile version remained faithful to the original game and implemented or adapted almost every feature loved by Torchlight fans such as large dungeons, random loot drops (the rarest weapons will come with a powerful active skill - like a character ultimate ability), a large variety of enemies and the fan's favorite pet system. The combat system is fluid and players will have the option to create different combos by combining 6 character based skills into 36 different variations.

    Perfect World decided to go even further with Torchlight Mobile  and added PvP elements such as 1 vs 1 duel Arena and some kind of "moba minigame". We don't have any details about the future cash shop / payment system, but we know that there won't be any stamina system so that's a big start.

    The CN Open Beta will start on January 12 so if you want to try the game before it will be released worldwide you should definitely try it now. 

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    Fans of Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, the free-to-play FINAL FANTASY® mobile game, are in for a surprise this month as internationally acclaimed recording artist and actress Ariana Grande will lend her likeness to the hit RPG. The collaboration with the superstar is further detailed in a new video, check it below:

    As part of this collaboration, Ariana’s hit song “Touch It” will be arranged as a FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS –style remix, which can be listened on YouTube.
    More details around the collaboration and limited-time in-game event will be revealed in the middle of January.
    Square Enix also announced that Final Fantasy Brave Exvius has surpassed nine million downloads worldwide, excluding Japan. To celebrate this special milestone, for a limited time, players will receive a significant boost in daily log-in bonuses.
    Final Fantasy Brave Exvius is available now as a free-to-play app (with in-app purchases) through the App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App store.

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    , the creators of the world’s first eye tracking virtual reality headset, announced at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 (CES) that they will begin shipping their cutting edge HMD around the world. After a successful pre-order campaign launched last fall, FOVE will begin shipping thousands of headsets to customers around the world beginning January 2017.
    “This is the culmination of a two and half year adventure,” said Yuka Kojima, co-founder and CEO at FOVE. “We started FOVE as a small team back in 2014, and now we’re finally realizing an entirely new way for humans to interact with a virtual world." Kojima also announced that FOVE will focus exclusively on white headsets, another unique aspect to the FOVE 0. The black headsets were part of a limited edition launch wave of headsets, and Kojima mentioned that FOVE will stop selling them by the end of January.  

    FOVE fully supports SteamVR, the open-source platform championed by Valve. Users would be able to play over 250 titles that are currently available on the Steam distribution service. FOVE does not currently support VIVE’s Lighthouse tracking system. The headset will ship with its own position tracking camera and an extra foam faceplate for comfort.

    For more information on FOVE or to purchase the headset, please visit 

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    Hey Guys, hope you all are having a great new beginning to 2017! So here’s a guide for Dragon Nest Mobile on how to efficiently use each the characters, quickly gather skill points and level up. As I had mentioned in my article before, Dragon Nest Mobile is quite an interesting game which can be played for hours together. For those of you who wish to know more about the game, clickherefor a comprehensive review about the game.

    Dragon Nest Mobile has been designed in such a way that the method of collecting skill points is different for each character, this means that the time taken to level up and learn new skills will vary a little from character to character. The mobile version of Dragon Nest features the same characters that was present in the Pc version, the standard characters that are available as of now are: warrior, archer, sorceress, cleric.

    Before dwelling deep into how we can use each character to gather skill points quickly and level up let me let you guys know the various methods in which skill points can be collected. There are several ways in which this can be done;

    a) COMBAT

    Let us now take a quick look on how we can gather skill points from the above mentioned methods

    1) COMBAT.

    This is one of the quickest and easiest ways to upgrade your level by gathering points. This is where each character plays a role and carefully using the perfect character tailored for your ease assumes importance.

    SHORT RANGE COMBAT (Cleric and the Warrior)

    Both these characters are extremely powerful and deliver powerful blows to the enemy. The cleric is apt for beginners considering that the character provides the standard attacking features. The warrior on the other hand can also be used by beginners but creating efficient combo skills and moves might prove to be a bit of the challenge, but if this can be done then the warrior and the cleric can help players who enjoy close combat and plain on the offensive front. This in fact will help players gather a lot of skill points during the game.

    The reason why these close combat characters help in collecting so many skill points is because of the fact that they can quickly attack several monsters at the same time. Consider the cleric, one of the special moves easily available is to take a 360 degree sweep ensuring that every monster present around is hit at the same time. While striking a single monster fetches enough skill points, being able to attack several of them at the same time will help in collecting combo points which will double or maybe even triple the chances of collecting these points.

    If you are comfortable using these close combat characters then it will attribute to helping you collect more than 50 % of the required points in order to level up at any given point. One of the disadvantages of the close combat method is that it puts the player right between the crossfires of the enemy’s. This means that while attacking several monsters at the same time it will be harder to slip out and escape the attacking blows. One way around this is to use the quick slide move which is provided for every character, this will ensure that the player can swiftly move out of the attacker’s path. The key for this move is present adjacent to the attacking key on the right hand corner of the screen.

    LONG DISTANCE COMBAT (Archer and Sorceress)

    The main advantage of using these two characters is that one can attack from a safe distance without receiving any damage while at the same time ensuring that skill points can be collected.

    It will come of great help if the Archer and wizard are improvised quickly with various combination moves because this will ensure faster attacking, helping the player collect points quickly. For those of you who have just started with the game it is not suggested that they start playing with the sorceress or wizard because compared to the close combat characters they do not collect skill points as quickly. This is primarily because when attacking from a longer distance several enemies cannot be targeted at the same time which means the players will not have a lot of opportunities to collect points from combination attacks.

    However, there is a way to circumvent this. The archer and sorceress are excellent choices for multiplayer gaming. The wizard especially will play a pivotal role in this aspect. Considering the fact that her skill moves take a longer time to build up she can be used to provide effective assistance to the short range attacking players while engaging in multiplayer mode. This will help in creating combos which will in turn help you collect skill points.

    One of the added benefits of using either the archer or the sorceress is that they will not be in close proximity to the enemy’s attacks. This can be used to the player’s advantage as they can engage in the offensive while not having to dodge any attacks constantly as they can quickly anticipate an attack and move away from that path.


    Another quick way of collecting skill points is by upgrading your characters. Adding value to your character ensures that you can dwell more heavily into the game and play more efficiently and quickly thereby helping you to collect points faster. This is one of the most important things which need to be kept in mind as upgrading your character will help you in progressing through the game quickly and smoothly.

    Some of the quests require a specific level for you to be qualified to play, in order to this the characters must be levelled up as quickly as possible else you will have to work your way through various tasks in order to get to the required level which can be quite tiring.


    Purchasing equipment’s for the purpose of developing the character that you’ve chosen is one way to collect more skill points. In addition to this, it also adds to the strength of your character, upgrading the weapon, adding more combat resistant armour etc. will also help you in tackling the different kinds of monsters that are present in the game. As you progress the game the difficulty only keeps increasing and therefore it is wise to purchase equipment and add it to the character.  


    This is one of the best ways to level up quickly in Dragon Nest Mobile. The quests usually follow the storyline of the game and can be quite interesting, therefore it won’t bore you either. Some of the quests require that you need to team up with other players, at this point you can use the characters who can attack from long distance in order to finish the quests quickly. This feat can be achieved by completing dungeon quests which require you to have a certain level of stamina. So bear in mind this fact before beginning a quest as if you don’t have the required stamina you will not be able to enter it.


    Some of the levelling up techniques that has been mentioned will require a considerable amount of gold. For example, purchasing equipment’s etc. will require gold. Now, there are several ways in which gold can be collected quickly.

    The first one is by completing quests (Dungeon and tower). This is one of the quickest ways to collect a large amount of gold. On completion of a quest, gold is given to the player as a reward, however the amount of gold that is rewarded will depend on how you performed during the quest. When a quest is completed the player will be given stars, a player obtaining three stars will get a higher amount of gold than when compared to those who get a one star.

    Another method of collecting gold is by upgrading your character. Whenever you upgrade your player and level up you will get coins, this can again be reinvested on the character as it ensures that you will gain more points and gold once the character levels up.

    Follow these methods to quickly progress through the game and to collect skill points and level up.

    Have fun gaming!

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    ​Howdy peeps. q1a2 here to talk about why my favorite deck style has been seing some decline. I have always loved heavy decks, but even when the cards get buffed, the decks seem to get worse. I've been doing some experimenting with heavier decks (6.0 average cost at 3800 trophies), and I've found what I think are are the reasons that heavier decks just aren't working as well for many people (including me). As always, feel free to jump around and read as much as you want.

    a)Some cards require too immediate of a response. To list a few: Elite Barbarians, Miner, Hog Rider, Royal Giant, and Princess. These troops tend to not be extraordinarily hard to take down for a positive elixir trade, but if untouched, they are extremely powerful against your towers. This mostly applies to Elite Barbarians and Royal Giant.

    If you play a Golem in the back, and the opponent plays one of these right at the bridge, it is extremely hard to make up for the huge amount of damage your opponent just got. The cheaper troops provide a different problem. They are hard to kill and make an invested push on.

    Often, my cheapest counter to Princess will cost as much as four elixir, and its push will be useless without support, so I have to wait and make a large push that will take it out. Miner is super similar to Princess, in that countering his micro-push will require an expensive card that isn't worth playing without support. Hog Rider has both of these terrible effects, but I'm a slightly smaller scale. To solve this problem, make sure your deck carries a cheap, mediocre counter that can be played right after playing your heaviest card, and will be semi-useful against almost any push (Guards are amazing for this).

    b)We focus too much on single cards for each role. This applies both to win conditions and counters. With a heavy deck, you will not be able to spend some time setting up a nice cycle. That would take the first half of the game.

    Don't say to yourself that you will use Mini PEKKA to counter Hog Rider and assume that anyone attacking with Hog Rider doesn't stand a chance. Your opponent will likely use it about 1.5× more frequently than you will have Mini PEKKA. This means that on every third defense, you need to improvise. You need to know how to use every card in your deck on both defense and offense, and judge each situation using what's available.

    Also, be able to improvise any sort of counterpush. If using a weird card as a tank (things like Goblin Barrel and Dark Prince) is the only option, so be it. This means that you need some all-arounder cards that are able to do well on both sides of the arena, such as Elite Barbarians and Three Musketeers. These should be able to fill the variety of roles you need to play a heavy deck. Oh, and don't forget tank and spank.

    c)People tend to play decks that go for one crown while completely stopping the opponent. This doesn't work for heavy decks, since they don't have solid defensive options. It is almost impossible to have two counters to every meta push, and if you don't, they will lutcycle you and win.

    With a cast array of mediocre counters, you need to be able to get a lot of value out of your push for it to be worth trying. Big beatdown will usually be the way to go. Make sure that the cards all have good synergies and aren't all countered by the same things (I tend to be very weak to Rocket and Barbarians).

    Have good coverage in troops instead of spells so that you can have that long-lasting and self-sustaining push that will give you some elixir advantage back when the opponent tries to counter. Make sure that you have the sort of slow build-up push that will take a multi-stage defense to take it out. Make your threat per elixir bigger than theirs.

    d)The Elixir Collector is both necessary, and harder to protect. OK, necessary isn't the best word, but it is extremely nice to have, as it lessens some of the problems that I've already mentioned. Your opponent has three ways to react to one. First, they can kill it with Miner, which is pretty terrible to try to counter with a heavy deck. Second, they can spell it with Fireball or Lightning. Blocking that requires bait, but in a slow-cycling deck, you need a lot of bait. Third, I will discuss in the next section. There isn't really a solution to this except in gameplay. Be careful of when you play it.

    e)Many players feel that sitting at ten elixir is a waste. I'm not just talking about the start of a match. I mean when you are at ten elixir, they are at eight, and you don't have any cheaper cards in hand. Just wait. Let them make the first move so that you can counterpush and be safe from the rush threat. Where this mistake is made most is with the Elixir Collector.

    The third, and worst response to Elixir Collector is to rush the lane and destroy a tower. Someone plays it and instantly loses a tower to Ice Golem+Elite Barbarians. Even at the start of the game, wait if you don't have one of your better defenses available. The disadvantage that playing a card gives you (especially the Collector) is often worth as much to you as the 1-3 elixir you will let your opponent catch up on, so choose the lesser of two losses. Once again, be the judge of each situation and decide the value of playing each card, considering both players' options. Don't play a card just because not playing one is bad. Playing it might be even worse.

    Anyways, try to keep those in mind when building and playing a heavy deck. They aren't that powerful, but (time for an argument) I would say that they take more skill than cycles. Cycles go unpunished for small mistakes, repeat pushes, always have the same defensive trucks available, and don't consider the risk involved with investing in each card. Overall, they require less adaptation.

    Last, but not least, the deck. This has held me in a range from 3800-4000 with cards about a half level above standards:

    -Lava Hound (part of the Dank push)
    -Golem (for taking towers in most games)
    -Elixir Collector (explained above)
    -Three Musketeers (main defense for bigger pushes, and spell bait)
    -Elite Barbarians (useful for anything and spell bait)
    -Minion Horde (part of tank and spank, a deadly defense after everything locks onto the tower, and spell bait)
    -Electro Wizard (a cheaper mediocre defense for any push, spell bait)
    -Arrows (anti-Princess and Minions)
    Good luck using it.

    Thanks for reading (no matter how much you did). Please let me know what I missed, leave your heavy decks, tell me if this helped, make a snide remark, or argue about any point I made. Also, credit to KN11F3D for the Dank push.

    shared by q1a2

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    Recently I have gained access to Revelation Online CBT2. I delved into this game previously on Asian servers and even though I didn’t understand much about the story and world of Revelation Online, the gameplay and core mechanics were enough to grab my attention. As soon as I saw that we will get a chance to play it fully localized for the western market, I had to get in.

    CBT1 and CBT2 didn’t change much as far as I can tell, we only got further performance and bug improvements and they fully translated most of the content. CBT2 didn’t last for too long, only two weeks. On top of that, it was during the Christmas holidays, the time of the year that I play games the least. But nonetheless, I had plenty of time to experience and learn about Revelation Online as much as I could from the limited content in CBT2.

    With that said, here is my beginner`s guide for all you folks that are interested in Revelation Online. I know that CBT2 is over now, but there are rumors that CBT3 is on its way and even maybe an open beta phase in the early February. So I am sure you will get a chance to make use of this guide.

    Which class should you play?

    First of all, you should decide what class to play. If you played a lot of MMORPGs, then you will be familiar with the basics of each class because Revelation Online relies on the standard tank, DPS and support classes with a bit different take on each. There are seven classes in the game, but one, the Assassin, was not available in CBT2.

    Vanguard- This is your standard tank class. Vanguard uses a spear to throw powerful stab attacks and a shield to mitigate incoming damage. In defensive stance, you will be able to draw aggro on yourself and use some abilities that are not available in your regular stance. Definitely, try this class if you are into soaking damage for your teammates and being in the front line.

    Swordmage- Don’t let the name fool you, this class is a ranged spell caster. Swordmage excels at dealing high damage and CC-ing mobs with its freeze spells. You have an option of three elements, ice, fire, and lightning. You are encouraged to switch between them as much as you want because they combo of each other. So if you like staying in the back and doing tons of damage with spells, this might be the class for you.

    Spiritshaper- This is a primary support class in Revelation Online. Spiritshaper is also known as Summoner because you are summoning all sorts of animals like dolphins and snakes to attack your enemies and CC them. Of course, your main job will be to heal your party and resurrect fallen allies. If supporting is what you like, you will have a ton of fun with Spiritshaper.

    Gunslinger- As the class name says, you are wielding all sorts of guns, from dual pistols and machine guns to snipers and turrets. You will be dealing damage from afar, but unlike Swordmage this class deals physical damage. With action targeting, Gunslinger feels responsive and pretty fun to play. You will be dodging left and right and dealing huge damage from safe distances.

    Blademaster- This class is what I played for the most time. Blademaster is pretty standard melee DPS class, with the ability to fight with two swords or one great sword. You can dash, spin, charge and do all sorts of attacks that deal high amounts of damage. If you want to be up close and personal with your enemies but do a lot of damage instead of tanking, Blademaster is perfect for you.

    Occultist- Lastly, we have the Occultist, a mix between DPS and support class. This class is great for players who can’t decide on what to play. With Occultist your primary role will be to deal DPS, but in later levels, you can spec for a full healer. In my experience, you cannot replace Spiritshaper with this class as a primary healer. The Occultist is best used as an off-healer until the late game. Only then you can maybe spec out for full support.

    It all comes down to your preferences, but because Revelation Online PvE encounters are highly dependent on the holy trinity of tank, support and DPS, I have a feeling that Vanguards and Spiritshapers are going to be really useful and sought out. Let’s face it, most of us play DPS classes.

    Best ways to level up

    Next, I would like to talk about the leveling process in Revelation Online. Most of the early leveling in the game is done through questing. There are five types of quests, and each have their own benefits. First and most important ones are orange quests. You will gain access to them after level 20 and finishing them will reward you with progression points, key character features and much more. Orange quests should be your number one priority. Greens are your daily and weekly quests and blues are the faction quests.

    Before you reach level 20, you should follow yellow and purple quest lines. Yellow quests progress the main storyline and reward you with huge amounts of experience and purple quests are some kind of tutorial that teaches you about the game. These quests will easily take you to level 20 and once you unlock the orange quests you can ditch the story ones if you are not interested in the plot of Revelation Online.

    Additionally, once you hit level 20 you will unlock the daily and weekly activity window. From here you should do Trials of the Four Kings daily because it will give you a lot of experience early on. Next milestone is level 25. From here you will gain access to the Hot Springs Inn, easy way to gain experience points, Ragescale Trials, massive experience gain, and the Daily Dungeon that gives a nice amount of experience. Later on, you unlock more daily activities, but if you don’t have time to finish them all these four are the best for experience grinding as far as I can tell.

    There are other ways to level up and boost your experience gain, but for beginners, this will be enough. Once you play the game and start leveling up these ways will come to you naturally. Don’t worry about maximizing the experience gain in the early game and just enjoy playing the game, you can worry about that later.
    Short combat guide

    Lastly, I would like to go over the combat system in Revelation Online. The combat in this game is one of the best I have experienced so far. There are options between three types of targeting. Frist we have classic Tab targeting like in World of Warcraft. This is nothing new, anyone who played any MMORPG knows how this system works. The second is some sort of mouse clicking system similar to Diablo games. I didn’t really try this one out because it just doesn’t seem right for this type of MMORPG, but from what I have seen it is quite more challenging than the other two systems. The third and the best system, in my opinion, is Action targeting.

    Classes like Vanguard, Blademaster and Gunslinger really benefit from this combat system. You will be able to perform your attack and dodge enemies with ease. I definitely recommend using this one for beginners, but I am sure most of the player base will use it also. Action targeting is finally tight and responsive, so there is no reason not to try it. But ultimately, it comes down to what suits you and what you are good at. Luckily, all three combat systems are nicely designed, so you can play however you like.

    As for the combat itself, you will be using abilities to build up your combo. Your basic abilities that you use regularly will build a combo gauge. Once you reach a certain amount of combo points you can execute a combo ability. Think of this as a finisher because these abilities are usually much stronger than basic ones. When in combat always pay attention where is your combo bar and use these finishers as soon as they are available. But be careful not to waste them because they go on much longer cooldowns than the basic abilities.

    Now let’s talk about enemy mechanics. There are two types from my experience, the generic mob mechanics and boss mechanics. Generic mobs attack you as soon as they see you and they have ordinary, predictable attacks. Basically, they go straight to you and attack you with their basic attacks. There is no problem defeating and fighting these types of enemies, so we won’t go any deeper on this subject. This might be different in the end game, but I am here for the beginners.

    On the other hand, boss mechanics are quite interesting. All bosses have their attack patterns and you will see prompts when they attack. This makes fighting them a lot more interesting. You will be dodging, blocking, counterattacking for the whole duration of the fight. Some bosses even have some kind of phases. For example, they will become enraged and attack faster and more aggressively after you take half of their health bar, etc. So make sure you are focused. Early on try to figure out their patterns, so you can avoid their attacks easily.

    Also, pay attention to your stamina bar. I didn’t mention it before, but Revelation Online has a dodge ability that depletes your stamina bar if used frequently. In order to defeat bosses, you will need to time your dodge ability and blocking abilities, so you don’t run out of escape options. Some bosses will destroy you if you don’t manage this properly.

    And that is all from me. I know I didn’t cover every aspect of the game, but I think these are the most important ones for new players. If I get a chance to play in upcoming CBTs I will write more guides, so if you liked this one, stay tuned. Additionally, if you have anything to add or want to share your opinion on the game and on my guide, please leave a comment down below. Your feedback is much appreciated.

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    Back in August 2016, Gamevil hosted a press conference in South Korea, announcing their most anticipated mobile RPG ArcheAge Begins will be officially released in Q1 2017. Today, I found it has already kicked off pre-registration with a lot of updated contents. Check the latest combat 
    Related:Exclusive ArcheAge Begins Interview with Gamevil

    The game is described as dynamic mobile RPG with collectible card game elements and real-time combat. The life and combat content in the PC version will be modified to fit the mobile experience. Besides, the game also features trading, collecting and territory war systems.
    If you’re interested in the game, please head to the official page for pre-registration.

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