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    Ever since 2000 trophies, I have only used one deck, which I made myself. I find it to be the most versatile and adaptable deck I have ever come across. It doesn't really fall under any known archetype, because it utilizes multiple archetypes. These include: Zap-Bait, Chip Cycle, and control. I managed this versatility by making the most of the 8 card slots allowed.
    My Deck:

    Dark Prince (4), Prince (4), Goblin Barrel (4), Musketeer (7) Spear Goblins (9), Arrows (10), Barbarians (11) and Minion Horde (11). I am currently at 4K-4.3k with it.
    This deck is unique because it doesn't really have a kill card. If I had to choose one, the Goblin Barrel usually does the most damage. However, if you find that your opponent has several counters to your Barrel, you can push with Double Prince, or even Barbs-Prince. This is what makes my deck so versatile; there are many ways to win.
    Card Breakdown
    Spear Goblinsare one of the most versatile cards in the game. I can use them to distract high DPS units like the Mini PEKKA, or use them to take down 3 minions. They can be used to assist a Goblin Barrel, making a 5 elixir mini-push that must be answered. They also do decent chip damage, dealing 300 damage if left unchecked.
    Replacements: Fire Spirits, Ice Spirit, Skeletons, Goblin Gang.
    are mainly to take out big hordes of troops, such as Skeleton Army and Minion Horde. However, always be wary when using your arrows, as they are the only hard counter to Minion Horde and Skarmy in this deck. Be sure you aren't taking their bait.
    Replacements: Zap, Fireball, Poison
    I synergize my Goblin Barrel with any meaty card in my deck. If left alone, a Barrel can do 769 damage to a tower at tournament standard, which is more than a maxed Rocket! It can be used to bait spells that would otherwise be used on my Horde.
    Replacements: Miner, Graveyard.

    The Musketeer is another versatile defensive card, that is easily turned into a counter-push. It has a range of 6 tiles, and 176 damage per shot at level 7, making it one of the most powerful defensive/supporting units in the game. I use the Musketeer to assist in taking down almost all pushes that the enemy sends, including Giants, Lava Hounds, Golems, and Royal Giants. After taking down the push, I protect my Musketeer with either prince, Barbs, or even a Barrel.
    Replacements: Ice Wizard, Wizard, Bowler, Electro-Wizard.
    Let's be honest. The Dark Prince sucks. However, his unique charge-shot and speed combined with his area damage makes him a keystone in my deck. I use the Dark Prince to tank for a Goblin Barrel. This Dark Prince-Barrel push catches your opponent off guard, and they will usually only respond to one threat, leaving the other unchecked. The Dark Prince does decent damage if it gets to a tower, especially if it gets a charge off. I also use the Dark Prince to push with his brother in a Double-Prince push. I also use him to bait Zap (to stop his charge). Finally, the Dark Prince is decent as defense, especially against Barbs.
    Replacements: I wouldn't suggest replacing the DP, but if you must, use Hog Rider, Valkarye, or Bowler.
    The Princecan be used much like the Dark Prince in this deck, but is better on defense against Hogs and tanks. He also serves as more bait for Zap.
    Replacements: Mini PEKKA, Bowler.
    Barbarians are an amazing overall defensive card that can clean up Hogs, Giants, and other tanks. At tourney standard, they completely shut down Hogs, and shred other tanks. Then, paired with a Prince, they turn into a powerful counter-push. In addition, as a F2p, they are the easiest defensive card to level up, since they are common. I realize that overleveled Barbs can be frustrating, but consider my position: I can’t possibly use other rare or epic defensive cards because they would be severely underleveled.
    Replacements: Elite Barbs (hesitantly), Bowler
    The Minion Horde is another great defensive card. I find it to be the most reliable DPS in the game. It’s DPS is second only to Skarmy, and it survives Zap. In addition, when you deploy a defensive Horde, even if your opponent has a good reaction time, the Horde deals 1638 damage before the Arrows reach them. That’s enough to kill a Hog. I also use the Horde to bait spells that would otherwise have been used on my Barrel.
    Replacements: Skarmy, Minions.
    None of my cards are above 5 elixir, so I always have a response to anything my opponent plays. In addition, I have no defensive buildings; I see them as a wasted deck slot because they cannot be turned into counter pushes. Also, Royal Giant out-ranges everything.
    Some of my Main Pushes:
    -Either Prince with Barrel
    -Double Prince
    -Either Prince with Barbs
    -Either Prince tanks for Horde (assuming opponent has no hard counters in hand)
    -Horde Barrel
    -Naked Barrel
    -Spear Gobs (for chip damage)

    Countering all of the Archetypes:
    Hog Cycle:
    Use your Barbs and Horde to counter the Hog. If it is deployed with an Ice Spirit, use Spear Gobs to make the Spirit waste itself. Try to bait out their zap, then play Goblin Barrel, usually with either Prince to tank for it.
    Use your Barbs to defend their killcard (usually a tank) and then pair them with either Prince for a deadly counter-push. Be sure to hover your arrows in case of Skarmy or Minions. If your opponent plays a tank, or any other big elixir commitment, counter-push the opposite lane with Dark Prince Barrel, neither of these cards are good against tanks, and they must be answered by a supporting unit that would have gone behind their tank.
    Use your Barbs against Royal Giant, they shred him. Then, pair them with a Barrel, and they turn into a counter-push. Against Xbow or Mortar, use your Horde. They move quicker, and your opponent will likely have little time to respond.
    Zap Bait:
    Play conservatively. Don’t use your arrows on anything put their Horde unless absolutely necessary. They will most likely defend your Barrel with Skarmy, so keep that in mind. If your Arrows are out of rotation when they play Horde, defend with your own Horde. Your Prince will be fairly useless in this match up.
    Make sure you have a good rotation. Allow as little chip damage as possible; Control decks are meant to chip you down and control your cycle.
    Deck That my Deck Counters Best:
    Lava Hound. Musketeer, Spear Gobs, Horde, and Arrows shred the Hound and it’s pups. In addition, when they deploy a hound, simply deploying a Barrel makes them decide if they want to take the 769 damage, or respond, and end up with an under-supported Hound.
    Decks That my Deck Sometimes Struggles Against:
    3 Muskies. My deck has no high damage spell, and it’s only area damage is Dark Prince. However, if you can get your Barbs on top of your opponent’s muskies, and play smart, it’s certainly possible to win. It’s just harder.
    The Element of Surprise:
    My deck is very off-meta; I use both Princes, Spear Gobs, and Arrows instead of Fireball, Zap or Log. One of the key advantages of playing off-meta is the element of surprise. Many people simply aren’t ready for cards like the Dark Prince. I use this to my advantage with pushes like Dark Prince-Barrel. Surprise makes reaction time slower, which is fatal against a Barrel.
    Rising Stock (Buy, Buy, Buy!)
    Another advantage of playing an off-meta deck is that some of the cards in it will inevitably be buffed. I am expecting buffs to both Princes, and possibly Spear Goblins and Arrows. My deck has received nothing but buffs since created (eg Barrel reduced from 4 to 3 elixir), and I expect more to come in the near future.
    Overall, my deck is an off-meta deck that is very fun to play. It isn’t very viable unless all of the cards in it are tournament standard, but it is very powerful. If you’re on a losing streak, or looking for a new deck, try this one out. I think you’ll like it. Side-note: I will be posting card guides on all the remaining cards in this deck very soon. If you have any questions comments, or concerns, please let me know.

    Thanks TboltCR for sharing such an informative guide with us, this deck first appeared on reddit.

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    Sega announced its latest mobile trading card game, CODE OF JOKER Pocket, will be available for Android and iOS users on January 5.

    Set in a computerised universe called Arcana, agents and hackers intend to eliminate each other for world peace and honor. Players will assume the role of a secret agent and join the battle to find out the truth.
    If you’re interested in the card battling, please head to the official site for pre-registration.

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    Dark and Light's (DNL) weather and day/night cycle influences the gameplay and environment, improving on the already highly developed weather systems found in many sandbox games.

    Daylight lasts about 50 minutes in real time and is ideal time for exploring far and wide. Hunting is safest during daylight hours as many creatures are less aggressive, and players are less susceptible to surprise attacks. Of course, on a clear day with no rain, players will be able to enjoy miles of visibility from high altitudes, and can experience breathtaking views of Dark and Light's expansive scenery.

    Dark and Light's world becomes increasingly dangerous as night falls. Plenty of menacing creatures imbued with dark magic lurk in the forests at night, and some creatures become incredibly aggressive when the sun has set. 

    Weather also has an effect on your survival stats. On rainy days, exploration is harder because players will get cold more quickly, and will also get hungry more frequently. Rainy days will keep you more hydrated, however. Players who are planning to explore and roam long distances will need to equip themselves accordingly based on conditions in the field.

    Dark and Light puts players in an immersive fantasy world that is filled with magic, monsters, and mystery. In this world, they will be challenged to survive and thrive through a combination of crafting, exploration, and powerful magic. 

     Players can head to official page and Steam store page for more details.

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    R2Games has soft launched the mobile MOBA Heroes Evolved on Android platform in Europe. The iOS version will be coming soon. The game now has over 25 heroes inspired by mythologies around the world, and it has a lot of items you can use to customize your heroes.

    Heroes Evolved is based on the PC franchise that's quite popular in China. The mobile version allows players to match and battle players across the globe. 

    You can download the game at Google Play

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    Durango is a unique Open world MMORPG for mobile where players can experience the struggle of survival in a very unfamiliar era, the pre-historic times! Walk, breath and venture along with other players, ride dinosaurs, mend your very own land or create a whole village for your clan! The World of Durango is a wide free land yours for the taking! But beware, as humans are the strangers in these lands.
    The Limited Beta Test started last December 14th and supposed to end by January 3, 2017. However, today, Durango Facebook page announced that the Limited Beta Test will be extended until January 15/16th!

    Also be sure to check out the Durango guide for a better chance of survival ^_~

    and here's a few BETA KEYS!!! ^_^
    Have Fun!

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    Legacy of Discord is honored to have you with us to start off a new year! Named Best Action Game for mobile in 2016, LoD has been on fire since its release in October. With the most recent Google Play Global Feature, more players than ever are discovering this sensational online action RPG. And now Gtarcade and LoD is ending 2016 with a bang with the launch of 4 more languages and some grand New Year Celebration events!

    Update Content:
    • Firework Master Events
    • New Year Fund
    • New Pet: CL3-Ver.1
    • New Wrathwing: Pegasus
    Firework Master Event
    Set off spectacular fireworks to ring in the New Year with Legacy of Discord! Watch the dazzling display of light and earn great rewards for you and your server!
    New Year Fund
    A new year brings the most cost-efficient event ever in LoD, offering up to 3000% return on what players put in!
    New Wrathwings: Pegasus
    Pegasus is a name that can be heard in the greatest legends. Many gods and heroes alike have performed their legendary deeds while riding atop this majestic winged horse. With its unparalleled grace and speed, Pegasus can soar through the battlefield with invincibility. However, to earn the favor of Pegasus, a champion has to be truly blessed by the gods and destined for greatness. To borrow the power of Pegasus, humanity crafted the Pegasus Wrathwings using a single feather from the divine steed. That alone was enough to grant unimaginable power and speed to the Wing’s wearer. Many Guardians seek to obtain the Pegasus Wrathwings in order to scribe their own names among the legends of Aurora.
    New Pet: CL3-Ver.1
    No one knows who created this strange machine or for what purpose it was made. Its only marking is a serial code that reads "CL3-Ver.1", which led to its nickname, Clever. Unique from other machines, a forbidden magic seems to have been used during its creation to allow Clever to think and talk like a sentient being. Not only that, Clever seems to have developed a mischievous personality, perhaps inherited from its creator. Clever possesses a powerful electromagnetic weapon hidden inside its frame. When threatened, Clever can extend an internal antenna that harnesses the electrons in the air to charge and fire off a powerful electro wave at enemies.
    Gtarcade welcomes players old and new to start the new year with the best free to play action RPG on mobile! Featuring fast and fluid gameplay, deep RPG progression, and stunning 3D graphics, Legacy of Discord - Furious Wings is taking the ARPG genre to the next level! Download and play now for free!
    About GTarcade:
    GTarcade is a leading global developer and publisher of free online games. With its guiding principle to “create leading global entertainment brands”, GTarcade has created award-winning MMORPG and strategy games for browser and mobile.

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    This year's Digital Day Sale has kicked off on Amazon. If you didn't get a good deal at Steam Winter Sale, check out what Amazon has for MMOs. Noted that due to geographical restrictions, some games may be unavailable in your regions. Below are some deals you may be interested in.

    Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade$49.99 $19.99
    Titanfall 2$59.99 $39.99

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn$19.99 $9.99
    Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward$19.99 $9.99
    Tom Clancy’s The Division - Standard Edition$59.99 $24.99
    Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns$49.99 $24.99
    The Elder Scrolls Online$29.99 $15.00
    Elite Dangerous  $44.99 $20.09

    See all games at Amazon

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    Back in 2015, a rumor said that Cryptic Studios Seattle was working on a secret Jurassic World video game. However, being a wholly owned Perfect World subsidiary, the studio was closed by Perfect World shortly before the game was about to go on Steam Early Access in June 2015.

    Until June 2016, we’ve heard that Jurassic World Survivor was moved to another Perfect World studio shortly after Jurassic World wild theatrical box office performance. Today, this news has been confirmed as the recent trademark applications of the game was leaked.

    According to Jurassicoutpost, was purchased by Perfect World Entertainment in October 2016. The game itself is shrouded in mystery, though it was reported to be an open world third person survival game taking place on Isla Nublar.

    Similar to titles such as H1Z1, crafting and player interaction was to play a role – though it was apparently light on story. However, since its delay it is likely the scope of the title has continued to expand and evolve in the hands of its new developer (likely Cryptic Studios California). All we know is the play style and story concept are married with the title: survival. Reportedly, it takes place during or shortly after the events of the Jurassic World movie, and centers around player created characters simply trying to outlast the subsequent carnage.
    There is no official announcement for the moment. As the Jurassic World sequel arriving in 2018, maybe we can except the game will be released along with the movie. Stay tuned for more updates.

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    Hello, I'm Aaron. I have two fantastic decks I've had tremendous success with that I'd like to share with all of you. I'm currently at around 4400 trophies using level 11 commons, level 7-8 rares, level 4-5 epics, and level 1-2 legendaries. The decks I am sharing are not super easy to play, but are deadly in the hands of skilled players. The first deck is as follows.

    Elite barbs (11)
    Giant (8) 
    Mega minion (7)
    Tombstone (7)
    Wizard (8)
    Archers (11)
    Log (2)
    Zap (11)

    This is the deck I'm currently using on the ladder. It's fantastic for counterpushing against big tanks and especially Royal Giants (the bane of my existence). 

    Giants, Golems, and hog riders 
    When defending a giant, hog rider, or golem, make sure to place your tombstone in a 4-3 plant. 4 tiles away from the tower the tank is targeting and 3 tiles in front of the king tower. This will pull the tank as far as possible allowing both towers to target it and the maximum amount of time for it to travel. When there is support the wizard is perfect for taking out minions, archers can work well too paired with zap if necessary. I if there is one or two ranged troops like a musketeer and/or ice wizard elite barbs can be placed around them. After they kill them they'll run towards the giant and then you can counterpush. If there's a big death ball you can place the wizard at the far right beside your tower and then distract everything with elite barbs or the giant. This will allow your wizard to kill it all. Obviously I can't go through every scenario but this are some simple and important things to make the deck work. Your wizard may be fireballed, good thing we have archers for backup. 

    Royal Giants 😬 (Just kidding this deck is great against them)
    When dealing with a Royal giant put it 1 tile farther back and two tiles closer to the tower the Rgg is targeting (compared to the hog rider, golem, and giant plant. This will make sure it targets it and keeps the tower in range. The optimal counter along with the tombstone for the Royal giant is elite barbarians which can easily dispatch him and run straight to your opponents tower. The first time it's best to have your zap ready in case they have a skarmy. Once you know their deck it's your decision whether or not adding more support would be better. If there's are minions or weak ranged troop behind the RG a wizard can hit him and clean them up. Afterwards you can play the elites. Don't be afraid to take a little tower damage, you'all often be able to counterpush dealing much more damage. If your wizard isn't available archers can kill the minions and/or you can surround the ranged troops behind him with the elites. They will kill it and then take out the Royal giant. 

    Lava hound 
    Its best not to immediately play mega minion unless you know you have an elixir advantage and it will be able to clean it up nicely. If you see one coming in the back elites down the other lane with zap ready for skarmy works incredibly well, allowing you to use a single mega minion to dispatch the hound. If not playing archers on it instead with elites for a miner, wizard for minions (place him in such a way that he'll target them), or mega minion for baby dragon. Wizard works well for mega minion too. You can then drop a giant in front w/wo other support depending on your elixir and their deck.

    This deck doesn't work super well in challenges, skarmies, hordes, furnaces, and even mirrors are common in challenges. This makes trouble for the deck. Which is why I created the other deck which I've gotten an electro wizard and 5 12 win grand challenges with in the last week. The deck is as follows.

    Elite Barbs
    Mega minion
    Log (Electro wizard in his challenge) 

    The furnace is a wonderful staple to distract tanks as well as keep pressure, deal tower damage, and support other troops. Skarmy and elites are fantastic for killing both tanks and support. Archers+Zap, furnace, and mega minion are best for minions and other air units. Again counterpushing is the key to victory, as well as surprise elites with zap or log. 

    Many of the same tips for the other deck are valid for this one, it just has better defense and quicker yet weaker offense. I haven't attempted using it on the ladder, with a level 7 furnace it just won't work at 4400 trophies. 

    Try out the decks, tell me what you think, and enjoy your challenge wins and trophy climbs. Good luck, keep clashing, Andrea have a great day!

                                                                                                                                                           Shared by Aaron425

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    In Snail Games' sandbox MMORPG Age of Wushu 2 you can use any weapon you like without restriction. You can even wield farming and gathering tools to protect yourself from wild beasts. There are over one hundred different weapons from melee weapons to ranged weapons, and they are all obtained from craft.

    Each type of weapon has a unique weapon skill line. For instance, you can learn a series of sword abilities if you are wielding a sword, and you can unlock spear skill line if you use a spear. Tools like hoe and stone axe can be used as weapon but they don't have any weapon skill.

    In addition to weapon skill, a same type of weapon has different power depending on what they are made of. Wooden weapon has the lowest power, and cooper weapon is more powerful than it. Iron weapons are more powerful than wooden and cooper ones.

    Crafting a weapon is like making items in most sandbox games, which involves a processing of woods, irons, and leather, etc.

    Age of Wushu 2 will be released worldwide in 2017.

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    Tencent Games partnered with NCsoft for Blade & Soul prequel called Blade & Soul: Hongmoon Rising for PC and mobile platforms. After 5 months silence, the game finally launched closed beta in China and it turned out that the game is a mini-client MMO, or browser-based MMO with 3 playable classes and real-time combat system. Below is the download and register guide for the game.

    Download Guide

    Step 1: Open the official page 

    Step 2: Click "下载微端"  to get the file

    Step 3: Open the ZL_latest

    Step 4: You'll see the mini client in the desktop

    Go to, follow all instructions and fill-in all forms. After successfully registering an account, you will receive a QQ ID. This QQ ID is unique to you and you will be using ID as your MHO Game Account (Yes, all numbers).

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    On December 30th 2016, Heavy Gear Assault entered into Steam early access. Developed by MekTek Studios and published by Stompy Bot productions, Heavy Gear assault seems to be a promising game. Here is an in depth review of the game if you guys are planning to purchase it.

    The Heavy Gear Series was introduced into the gaming regime quite a long time back.  Since the introduction of the concept of the game it has expanded its fan base and garnered a lot of attention. Heavy gear assault is the latest game in the franchise. The game features you handling a humanoid robot in the distant planet of Terra Nova. As a pilot of the Gear you engage in duels and gather fame and money to rise to the top. Here’s a quick look at the trailer for Heavy Gear assault.

    Related: Heavy Gear Assault – Early Access Key Steam Giveaway

    Heavy Gear Assault is set in the distant planet of Terra Nova. The game features an open world with genuine graphics which are powered by the Unreal Engine 4. This ensures that the players can enjoy the game in high quality graphics and stunning environment.  The developers of the game have not made the environment too complicated or too simple, they have rather done a remarkably good job of striking the perfect balance between the two ensuring that the players have enough space to go offensive and take cover for defence.

    Unlike all other games, the tutorial in Heavy Gear Assault is optional and the players can either take it or skip and directly enter the game. For those of you who are new to the Heavy Gear franchise, it is recommended that they take the tutorial. The tutorial in Heavy Gear assault does not go into every aspect, this can come as quite a difficult task for those who are playing the game for the first time.

    The tutorial guides you through the basics of the game. It walks you only through the controls and movements. The tutorial provides guides for both the keyboard and the gamepad. The disappointing part of this is that it does not teach you on how to use the primary and secondary weapons, how to equip weapons, how to use quick dodge movements etc. The new players will have to take some time to figure this out before entering the game.



    Heavy Gear Assault provides the players to buy the pack that they desire. While purchasing the game pack the players will receive a set of gears and cash which can be used while playing. Now coming to the gears, the most common humanoid bots available in Heavy gear assault are the Jaegers and the Hunters. Both these gears come with a set number of features. The players can use the money that has been obtained from the starter pack to customize their gear. This will ensure that their gear stands out in style during combat.

    Now the gears in Heavy Gear Assault can be customized to meet the player’s requirements. This involves a detailed weaponry system to intricate paint jobs. The gears can be equipped with a lot of primary and secondary weapons which can be used during combat. Regarding the paint job, the gears can be designed as per the wishes of the player, the game provides a plethora of options ranging from metallic to gloss paints for this purpose.

    All Gears are equipped with a secondary movement system (SMS) in the form of wheels or threads. This feature allows the player to move faster and silently across different arenas.  This provides the gear with a higher top speed at the cost of a lower acceleration. All the gears are equipped with jump jets which allow the gears to jump higher and further. The gear movement is fluid and flawless and is one of the most interesting features of the game

    The online multiplayer gaming is hands down one of the best features of Heavy Gear Assault. The game can be played in different modes online, these include:
    1) Annexation
    2) Team Death Match
    3) Brunesball

    All these game modes are thoroughly enjoyable and there are plenty of exciting environments and weather conditions in which the game can be played. Players can browse the servers and join the game that they like. The game also comes with an option to show those servers which the player cannot join. While the server list is up the players can see the mode of the game, the region and the number of players who are involved. In addition to this, the game allows the player to create and host his own server, the server can be customized according to the player’s needs, he can select the arena, the number of players, the time for which the game is to played etc.

    Unfortunately, the game requirements are extremely high. Considering the graphics and the gameplay the requirements are very high.

    Operating System: Windows 7
    Processor: Intel Core I3 processor
    Memory: 8 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 680+
    Direct X: Version 11
    Network: Broadband Internet connection
    Storage: 4 GB
    Operating System: Windows 10
    Processor: Intel I7
    Memory: 16 GB RAM
    Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970+
    Direct x: Version 11
    Network: Broadband internet connection
    Storage: 4 GB
    The game is quite entertaining in the given genre. If you are a die-hard fan of the Heavy Gear series then it is only apt that you go ahead and play it. However, the attached price tag for the game is quite expensive and stands as a barrier for certain people. After having an overall look of the game, it can be given a rating of 7.5/10.

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    IMC Games has published new developer blog post on the Tree of Savior site that details steps that the team is taking to reduce class disparity. 
    We at the dev team feel the need to reduce this ‘class disparity’.

    We have implemented five class patches so far. These are the goals we have been aiming to achieve with them:

    1. Each class should have its own characteristics and roles.

    2. Adjustments should be carefully planned to avoid one class dominating its rank or being left out, and to achieve a fairly equal distribution of classes in each rank.

    3. Rather than letting one class become too good to the point of self-reliance, we should devise a plan to encourage different types of classes to work together and develop new play strategies.

    The sixth and seventh balance patches we want to implement will be to renovate the classes that have yet to fully show their true potential. For example, classes such as the Cannonneer will be undergoing changes to their AoE range, damage, play convenience and so on. Some classes have already had similar changes implemented in previous patches.

    Now, let’s talk about some specifics of the sixth and seventh balance patches we want to implement.

    1) Barbarian
    - Our goal is to make Barbarian skills easier to use with other Swordsman skills.
    - Upcoming patches will therefore focus on maximizing the potential synergy of Barbarian skills and Swordsman skills.

    2) Rune Caster 
    - We plan to continue expanding the list of skills available when in the Rune of Giants state.
    - After considering which classes are the most often used in a Rune Caster build, we will examine the skills of those classes and see which ones can be used alongside Rune of Giants without any problems.

    3) Cannonneer
    - We find that the Cannonneer is not fully living up to the promise of being the explosive AoE nuker it’s meant to be.
    - That is why we intend to lengthen the Cannonneer’s range and improve the tactical use of this class.
    - Also, we are figuring out ways to improve its performance by utilizing skills from other classes in the Archer tree.

    4) Monk
    - The most urgent problem with the Monk class, we find, is that the skills have too many restrictions.
    - Removing these restrictions could have a huge ripple effect, however, so we’re proceeding with caution.
    - Generally speaking, though, we want to improve the Monk’s go-to skills by changing certain restrictions and aspects of the skill system.

    Aside from the alterations mentioned here, we are still working on other changes to come in future patches.

    Moreover, in 2017 we hope to emphasize PvP balance patches to answer the needs of players from all around the world. We’re attentively examining all issues regarding the Team Battle League, Regional GvG and general PvP.

    One thing we want to start on is dealing with the skills considered either too OP or make PvP otherwise boring.

    The balancing process is never complete, as many seasoned gamers will know, and neither is our quest to improve the Tree of Savior that you and we love.

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  • 01/02/17--00:30: Top 10 Best MMORPGs of 2016
  • Overall it was a bit of a slow year for the MMORPG genre. As usual, World of Warcraft dominated the news, but 2016 was also the year that newer games celebrated their first anniversary and some even launched. While it may have been other online games that dominated the gaming scene we can’t forget to take a look back at the year for the MMORPG genre. What were the best MMORPGs of 2016? Read on to find out.
    2016 was a busy year for Skyforge which celebrated its first anniversary half way through the year. During the Olympics they had the Aelion Games which allowed players to compete for fantastic rewards. They introduced new classes, new maps, and a more casual friendly character creator. But it wasn’t all good news for Skyforge players as the Council of Gods political system is being postponed indefinitely. Overall though, it was a fantastic year for Skyforge and we can’t wait to see what 2017 brings.


    Ark: Survival Evolved
    Another one year anniversary was celebrated this year, this one by Ark: Survival Evolved, marking one year of being in Early Access. They split the game into two, offering a more eSports oriented experience with Survival of the Fittest…and then a few months later they merged the two again. They were hit with a lawsuit which was settled quietly. But for the players they got a constant, steady stream of new content and new creatures to play with all year including an expansion. Which really leaves you wondering, is this game still in Early Access?

    Blade & Soul
    2016 was the year Blade & Soul finally launched in the West! Can you believe it has almost been a year already? Thanks to having been released in Korea for quite some time Blade & Soul has been able to release new content very quickly, having already put out expansions, raised the level cap, released handfuls of dungeons…every game wishes it could be so quick. Financial reports for Blade & Soul were positive all year and a prequel for Blade & Soul has been announced. Indeed it has been a very good year to be a Blade & Soul player.


    Star Trek Online
    This was the year the Star Trek franchise celebrated the 50th anniversary of Star Trek, the show that started it all. It should have been an amazing year to be a Star Trek fan, alas it was no different from any other year…except for STO. Star Trek Online had a stellar 2016! With the launch on console which massively boosted the population, the launch of the Agents of Yesterday expansion, Walter Keonig joined the list of Star Trek alumni voice acting in STO to name a few of the amazing things that happened this year. With a new Star Trek TV show coming out next year and the STO team continuing to shine with content of their own it’s clear that STO will continue being a beacon for the Star Trek community for a long time.


    Black Desert Online
    This year Black Desert Online introduced class awakenings, expanded the size of the world, and made a huge splash at conventions. The European based studio running BDO for Europe and North America got a name change from Daum to Kakao, for reasons that were never really made clear. And there were small additions to the game made throughout the year along with the bigger ones like Valencia. Oh yeah, and it also launched! We had been seeing videos of just how beautiful it is for years and it had started to feel like all hope of getting it released in the West was lost. We lusted after the awe-inspiring graphics and were blown away by the character creator. 2016 was the year we finally got our hands on it and now we don’t want to let go.


    Guild Wars 2
    Perhaps the most exciting thing to happen in 2016 was the return of the Super Adventure Box in Guild Wars 2. Players spent months asking for the return of the April Fools Day joke and they got it in the form of a new yearly festival. 2016 also gave Guild Wars 2 players new Legendary Weapons to pursue, new raid wings, and started season 3 of the living story which introduces a new zone to the game every three months. In between we’ve had smaller updates that have introduced Slenderman like creatures made of energy and can creep you out just by being there and given life to many different zones in the world, showing that the story the players are living out is having an impact on the wider world. From the looks of things 2017 will be quite similar to 2016 while the team works on developing the next expansion, though at this point it is anyone’s guess when that will release.


    Star Wars: The Old Republic
    It was a great year to be a Star Wars fan and this is especially true of anyone playing Star Wars: The Old Republic. The majority of Knights of the Fallen Empire’s life was in 2016, though Bioware snuck in the newest update Knights of the Eternal Throne right there towards the end of the year in the first few days of December. It was also the year that Bioware went back to what they’re really amazing at, single player story telling. They released a new storyline in several chapters scattered throughout the year. Star Wars is in a great place right now with fantastic movies and a great MMO, something all franchises should aim for.

    Elder Scrolls Online
    2016 was THE year for Elder Scrolls Online. The long awaited, and eagerly anticipated Thieves Guild and The Dark Brotherhood were both introduced. It was also the first full year of the game being Buy to Play instead of the having a monthly subscription, a move that proved to be incredibly popular and profitable for the MMO.


    World of Warcraft
    What should have been the biggest year ever for World of Warcraft turned out to only be an amazingly good year. The Warcraft movie, which came out in 2016 wasn’t as good as everyone hoped it would be and it didn’t really perform very well…in the west. In China however it was a huge hit and its popularity translated to World of Warcraft as well. Back to World of Warcraft there was the release of Legion, which was without a doubt the best expansion to come out this year.


    Final Fantasy XIV
    If there is one game that continues to be amazing year after year without fault it has to be Final Fantasy XIV. Ever since it relaunched as FFXIV:ARR it has done nothing but win and 2016 was no exception. They continued putting out amazing new content. 2017 is already lining up to be an amazing year for Final Fantasy XIV with the launch of their next expansion, Stormblood which has just been given a release date. 

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    Whether you like NetEase Games' Revelation Online or not, you should keep an eye on their next flagship MMORPG Justice. Today the Chinese developer released the first ever trailer for the next-generation martial arts MMORPG. In case you wonder, NetEase said the trailer was completely composed of actual game footage.

    It's no secret that NetEase is trying to offer the best graphics and visual experience with Justice. To develop their last PC martial arts MMO, NetEase has developed a whole new engine for the game (they created a demostration video before using Amazon's Lumberyard engine but they won't use the engine to develop the game). 

    0 0

    At NetEase Games Festival 2016, a brand new mobile MMORPG called Demon Seals was announced. Created by the same team who made the original PC title, the mobile version boasts cinematic levels of next-generation graphics, powered by the upgraded NeoX 2.0 engine. It will be available in Chinese App Store on January 6. The Android version is on the way.

    With 6 different classes, 18 combat styles, battle tactics based on the classic holy trinity of tank/healer/DPS, and MOBA “double joystick” controls to make battles even more exciting, Demon Seals is the start of a new real-time MMORPG era! Over 30 PvP battlefields for instant combat whenever you want! You can trade anything with real players. Demon Seals provides classic MMORPG-style entertainment.

    Head to the official page for more details.

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    Twilight Spirits’ 3rd closed beta test will be available in Q1 2017. At NetEase Games Festival 2016, a new trailer features the upcoming healer class was unveiled. Check it below:

    As the first support class in Twilight Spirits, she will be able to speed up her teammates’ HP and SP recovery. Unlike other classes, she can attack the enemies while moving around. You can check the gameplay below:

    In the upcoming beta test, stealth skill will be available for assassin. Instead of traditional cooldown, players can expect the the bullet-related features for the gunner. 

    We’re going to giveaway a few beta keys for the game. Stay tuned for more updates.

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    Resultado de imagem para moonlight blade wallpaper
    On January 1st, Tencent held a Carnival for its Martial Arts MMORPG Moonlight Blade. According to youtuber MMOJack57’s latest video about the event, the game will head to NA and EU market in the future.

    Related:Read here to learn how to register the international version of QQ account to play Moonlight Blade

    There is no confirmed release date and publisher of the English version. Hope it will come to the west soon so we can play without terrible lag. BTW, Tencent is now negotiating with publishers from Russia. Maybe RU version will be announced soon.

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    This guide will take a quick look at the Swordmage class of Revelation Online, and help you decide whether or not this is the right class for you by explaining most, if not all, of its skills as well as its gameplay style.

    We will be focusing mostly on how the class performs in PvE, although, by the end of the article, you should also have a basic idea of how it does in PvP.


    When you first hear the name Swordmage, you’ll probably be thinking that this will be a sword using melee class that also possesses some magic skills (I know I did). However, the Swordmage is a pure caster, a mage DPS class just like the Occultist.

    In fact, you could even say that the Swordmage is the main Mage archetype class of Revelation Online, mostly due to its ability to switch between Fire, Ice and Storm elements to deal ranged magic damage.

    Swordmage Elemental Rhythm

    Elemental Rhythm is the skill that allows you to switch between the Fire, Ice and Storm elements.

    These three elements will be the pillars of your Swordmage’s skills. Using the Fire element with a fire based skill, for example, will add some added benefits, such as the ability to cast it twice without having to worry about the cool down, or apply the Burning effect to enemies. Moreover, each element serves a specific purpose when used with certain neutral skills:
    • Fire: Generally allows your character to deal more damage
    • Ice: Adds CC effects to your skills, allowing you to assist allies or increase your survivability and kiting skills
    • Storm: Mostly used to add shock damage and DoT (Damage over Time) effects to your skills

    As a Swordmage, you will be constantly switching between these three elements to adapt to the different situations.


    To be entirely honest, I was initially somewhat disappointed to see that the Swordmage didn’t use its sword for melee skills (although it quickly became one of my favorite classes), with the exception of two fairly interesting ones, namely Dagger Flurry and Ride the Wind.

    Dagger Flurry

    This skill allows your character to deal continuous damage to all surrounding enemies for 30 seconds. While the damage remains somewhat on the low side and I wouldn’t recommend using this when playing solo (maybe as a finisher when you have multiple enemies on low health), it has great potential when fighting large number of enemies with a group.

    Ride the Wind

    Ride the Wind basically allows your character to ride its sword as a hoverboard for 5 seconds. The movement speed of the character is greatly increased, and they become immune to CC effects for the duration of the skills. Moreover, enemies in their path also take damage and have their movement speed reduced.

    This can be especially useful when you are expecting enemies to use CC skills, to put some distance between yourself and enemies, or simply to regroup with allies if you got seperated. In PvP, it could even be used to chase fleeing enemies, or help an ally escape from an enemy chasing them.

    Basic Skills

    The basic skills of the Swordmage are Lambent Bolt and Angel Fire.

    Lambent Bolt is pretty much a weak basic attack that you can use repeatedly as it has no cooldown. Using it while having the Fire element up has a 20% chance to decrease the magic attack of the target, while using it with the Ice element adds a 50% chance to slow the movement speed of the target.

    Angel Fire, on the other hand, is a heavy attack that deals a lot of damage, but has a 3 seconds cooldown. When used with the Fire element, you can use Angel Fire again right away to add a burning effect.

    Main Skills

    The Swordmage has 4 main damage dealing skills, Searing Wake, Lightning Orb, Lambent Step and Star Sword.

    Searing Wake - Searing Wake will be your main Neutral skill, its animation and effects changing according to the Element you are using. It consumes 5 elemental charges to launch an attack in front of your. While in the Fire rhythm, it creates an explosion in front of your enemies, burning them for 5 seconds. The Storm rhythm creates a series of lightning bolts along your enemies, shocking them, preventing them from dodging, and damaging them for 5 seconds. Finally, the Ice rhythm damages enemies with an ice blast that freezes them in place for 5 seconds. 

    Lightning Orb - This skill sends out an orb of lightning towards enemies that detonates as it hits them. If you are in the Storm rhythm, you can use the skill again to create a lightning zone upon the detonation of the orb, damaging all enemies in range.

    Lambent Step - The character does a backward leap, leaving arcane orbs that attack enemies in range. This skill is great to take down enemies chasing you, or avoid AoE skills/spells, especially when fighting bosses.

    Star Sword - The character summons a large sword that damages and stuns enemies upon impact. The sword remains in the ground for 10 seconds and damages enemies in range.

    Buff and CC focused skills

    Cold Shackles - Damages the target, freezing them, as well as enemies around them, for 2 seconds. While in Ice rhythm, Cold Shackles can be used again to damage all enemies around the target and Bind them for 3 seconds.

    Elemental Rhythm - Allows the character to switch between the Ice, Fire and Storm elements.  Adds a Magic Attack strengthening effect.

    Frigid Aura - Damages enemies around the character and freezes them for 3 seconds.

    Celestial Aura - Restores the mana of the caster and surrounding party members. Also increases the magic damage and max mana of the caster and surrounding party members. (effects are halved for party members)

    Cunning Step - Teleports over a short distance and breaks CC effects. 

    Temporary Starshield - The character will be unable to move or attack for the duration of the skill, but will also be immune to damage for 5 seconds. Greatly reduces the aggro of enemies towards the character.

    Stat Builds

    Balanced Build
    Maintain a good DPS while also increasing your character’s survivability.

    Primary Stat - Intelligence

    Since Intelligence will be the main stat affecting your magic attack, AT LEAST 50% of your stat points should go there.

    Secondary Stats - Physique & Spirit

    Physique increases your defense and health, which can be really helpful with how squishy the Swordmage is. Spirit increases your max health and max mana, and also raises your health recovery and magic defense. In this build, a maximum of 25% of your stat points should be allocated to each of these stats.

    Glass Cannon Build
    Forget health and defense, and throw everything you’ve got into nuking enemies for the highest amount of damage possible.

    Primary Stats - Intelligence & Dexterity

    A minimum of 50% of your stat points should go to Intelligence to increase your magic attack, while a maximum of 50% should go to Dexterity to increase your crit rate.

    Secondary Stat - Spirit (optional)

    Depending on your gear and playstyle, you might want to consider adding some points into Spirit to increase your max Mana.

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    On January 1st, Tencent Games announced more updates and future plane for its action-packed martial arts MMORPG Moonlight Blade. The game will come to the west, aiming at providing unmodified gameplay content.

    Sea Contents
    In 2017, sailing and exploration of islands will be introduced into Moonlight Blade. According to the official announcement, the newly added nautical charts will be larger than total area of existing maps. There will be safety zones and pirate zones for players to explore. What’s more, players can expect to occupy islands and build different constructions.

    New Classes
    Just like Tianxiang, the new class Yihua will be a support class. Using jade flute as the main weapon, the new class will be able to recovery his/her teammates SP and control enemies.

    Two Factions
    The game boasts a simply storyline, however, the relationship among NPCs and their own stories are complicated. In 2017, players will assume the role of different NPCs and know what happened to them personally. Apart from that, there will be 2 factions for players to choose from.

    Loli Character
    In response to Nexon’s requirement, the developer team brought us 2 loli characters from Tianxiang and Tangmen. Players will be able to see related equipment and mounts later.

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