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    Japanese publisher Asobimo has opened pre-registration for their upcoming mobile MMORPG Gate of Rebellion in Japan. The game is a traditional MMORPG with non-tageting combat system. Players can choose from different classes and explore a vast fantasy world and complete quests with friends. You can watch the trailer below and see if it reminds you of Final Fantasy XIV.

    The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4 but its graphcis doesn't look as amazing as those Unreal Engine 4 Korean mobile games such as Lineage 2 Revolution and Heroes of Incredible Tales

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    If you are an avid desktop or console gamer, you will know that multi-player gaming is all the rage in the modern age. It is about to enter a brand new era of immersive interaction, however, with the trail-blazing horror genre leading the way in the 2017 market.
    More specifically, we've already seen the release long-awaited release of multi-player favourite Doom, which was in development since 2008 and finally hit the market last year as an online experience for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the desktop format. Following on from previous instalments and Spectre, this game will continue the evolution that has taken place within the multi-player market and reinforce the reputation of the horror genre as a leading player in the sector.

    Multi-player gaming emerged as a simple concept back in the 1990’s, when consoles such as the Sega MegaDrive enabled players to compete with one another simultaneously. This continued with the first generation of PlayStation consoles in the 1996, while later iterations were also able to allow up to four players to interact during a single session of gameplay. It was during this time that horror games became the main driver of multi-player gaming, thanks to the immersive and interactive nature of titles such as Doom and Spectre.
    As you would expect, the evolution of multi-player gaming gained momentum as online gameplay began to reform the global market. What people don’t realise, however, is that the traditional concept of multi-player gaming and direct competition served as inspiration for online and social gaming, with remote technology being used to develop a simple proposition and make it accessible for the global market (rather than local players who were active in their own living room).

    As a result of this evolution, we are now at a point where online gameplay even underpins traditional console platforms as well as mobile titles. Sony and Microsoft have invested heavily in the development of online communities around their PlayStation and Xbox One platforms, for example, while the modern generation gamblers are able to compete with one another in a multi-player, real-time environment that offers them access to many new Canadian online casinos.
    From humble beginnings, multi-player gaming has become a global phenomenon that connects players from around the world in real-time while generating billions of pounds in revenue. From classic, immersive horror titles such as Doom to online casino experiences, multi-player gaming is the future of the industry and will continue to drive the decisions made by developers.

    More specifically, concepts such as augmented and virtual reality will add a new dimension to multi-player gaming, and not just for visually stunning and engaging titles such as Doom. Such technology will also help developers to recreate an authentic casino environment within the comfort of their own home, driving live gameplay and bridging the remaining gap between corporeal gambling and virtual interaction.

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    Dark and Light is a survival sandbox MMORPG and in its nature, the game is a hardcore one. You will drop your backpack when you die, people can destroy your home, and they will kill your mounts. You are totally not safe out there in the wild.
    These goblins will knock you out and steal all your stuff

    However, the game has some mechanics implemented to lower the risk and help you get back your dropped stuff fast. When you die there’s a respawn beacon over your corpse that can only be seen by you. That allows you to locate your items and gear faster than other players around. But make no mistake, the game is still going to make you die a lot of times and lose a lot of stuff in your backpack.

    For mounts that killed by other players, you can revive them, but at a high cost, according to Snail Games.
    Dark and Light is planned to launch early access in Q1 2017. The game will be buy-to-play.  

    Via: IGN

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    Hey Guys, Sword Art Online recently released its latest game in the franchise; Memory Defrag.

    Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag.

    Memory defrag brings a lot of entertainment to the fans of the Anime based franchise. The global launch of the game can be expected soon as the game was recently made available in the US in the English version. The game brings with it almost all the important characters such as Kirito, Asuna etc. It also features a new control system and different gaming environment.


    The game follows up on the same plot on which the manga/ anime series is based upon. A newly launched MMO called as Sword Art Online is introduced and players can get involved in the game using a device known as the nerve gear. This allowed the players to experience the game realistically.  Amongst those who entered the game were a couple of beta testers. Upon entering the game, the players found that they could not log out of it. The only way for them to survive and get out is by beating the game and in order to that one has to reach the topmost level. If a player dies while he is in the game, he will die in his real life too. 
    The plot of the game has been set quite dramatically. The gameplay also follows the story mode and is quite interesting to play. However, the first couple hours of the game might seem a bit slow as they build the whole story and you get to play quick missions only a few times. 


    Memory Defrag does not boast high definition graphics or complex game environments. However, it offers a quite entertaining gameplay in the most simplest of manners. This, in my opinion is what makes the game stand out. The game has been set up in 2D and yet it offers a colourful experience. The characters are very well designed and so are all other NPC’s. 
    Also, the game aims at breaking the monotony of a single environment by making the players engage in the game in different surroundings. While some levels are set up in well-lit grasslands, the others are set up in a darker environment. 

    The attacking moves and slashes are also quite detailed and quick. There are no lags or issues faced by the game as far as the graphics are concerned.


    Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag has moved away from the standard button controls and approached the game control in a slightly different manner. It offers the players a quick tap and slide to play option. This means that the characters can be moved by sliding your finger across the direction in which you want them to move. Attacking can be done quite easily by simply tapping the screen.

    The game also allows the players to defend oneself by long pressing on the screen and allows to parry by flicking upwards. This feature of the game is essentially what makes it fun to play.

    The skill moves are acquired and can be used with a single tap. The button for this is placed on the side of the screen.


    The game offers its players a very simple tutorial regarding the movements and that is all that is required to play the game. It guides you through the movements and attacking tutorial in order to play the game. 

    In addition to this, it offers an in depth tutorial on upgrading characters, buying equipment, purchasing gems, creating a team, following other players etc. This is very helpful as there are a lot of things which need to be done other than playing the game, this includes evolving characters and weapons, selling items etc. 


    The game offers a lot of characters for players to use. One of the most attractive features of the game is that it brings the most loved characters from the anime series. The tutorial and the storyline begins of with the players being able to play as Kirito and Asuna. Different characters can be used as one progress through the game. 

    Each character comes with a set of specific skill moves and has a specialization too. While some offer a close range combat option, there are other characters which allow you to play as a sniper. This allows the players the flexibility of trying out different combat options while in the game.
    Playing the game.

    Memory Defrag offers the players a lot of choice with respect to characters. The game is fun to play and can be played with other players as well.
    Some quests can be completed only with the help of other players. Once the quest is over, the game offers you the choice of following that player in order to use again in a quest later on. On the other hand, some quests can be performed only solo. 

    The game begins at very easy level with players being able to complete their quests in less than ten seconds. In fact, the first chapter, most quests can be completed in less than five seconds. I believe this depends on the character that you choose as well. While playing as Kirito, a single slash would defeat the monster and the quest would be over. 

    In order to progress in the game, the players will have to pass through each level. In the game, these levels are known as “Floors”. Each floor will have a set of enemies and a boss which has to be defeated in order to move up to the next floor. The game can be completed only once you defeat the boss at the 100th level.  As one levels up, the game starts getting harder and it also starts pitching you against other players within the game making it more interesting.

    After completing each level, the players can claim rewards. These rewards will also be given for daily quests. It is important not to forget to collect these as this will help you unlock new characters and weapons. The most important of all rewards are the diamonds that you get. These diamonds are required for you to scout new characters and weapons.

    Another important feature that the game offers while playing is the ability to switch characters. They can be quickly changed in order to defeat the enemies faster.

    Online gaming.

    Memory Defrag allows players to build their own guild and add players to it. As mentioned earlier players can follow others whom they teamed up with. They can follow upto 300 people. When creating a guild, it is easier to add players with whom one has played before and it also becomes easier to find them.

    Pros and Cons of the Game.


    1) Smooth and fast gaming.
    2) Fun 2D Environment.


    1) Average loading time is very high (Appx. 3-4 mins)
    2) Initially allows you to play less as it focuses more on building up the story.


    System Requirements.



    Operating System 4.4 and above iOS 9 and above
    RAM 1 GB 1 GB
    Memory Less than 200 MB
    18 MB apk
    Less than 200 MB.
    18 MB apk.

    Considering the overall gameplay and the new approach the game can be given a rating of 6.5/10.

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    About a month ago, this mobile game popped up that promised that it was Rocket League but for mobile devices. It had beautiful screenshots and the article mentioned it was free to play. When those words, Free To Play are read, I naturally become cautiously optimistic. So many games are doing everything they can to make money on the AppStore and GooglePlay store, that it's downright sad. This game to me has promise, but the Developers are a bit greedy.

    Now, here's why I say that. In short, this game is fun. The online mode of three vs three is great. The graphics barely slow to a crawl at high frame rates and it barely crashes, al signs of true potential for a great game to be played for a long time. Those things are why this still exists in my library to this day, BUT there is one thing that I don't like AT ALL. It's the fact that one core element to this game is monetized. 

    Rocket League right now, for PC, MAC and Steam is $20.00. Once you buy the basic pack, you get free updates, cars and a ways to unlock a plethoria of things, some cars and maps are monetized, BUT they do not monetize their boost. The best thing about rocket leage is right there in the title. the Rockets. Without those, this game would be a bit more boring.. Turbo League, monetizes the boosts. You either watch a video that gives you one percent boost, or you pay .99 to 5.99 for boost. Or you pay $15.00 for unimited boost, three cars and three months VIP service. This is up to you, seeing Rocket League is a great game for $20 why not make it $5 less than a console game and if you play this constantly, I don't see an issue at all in paying this price. But having to watch 100 videos to fill up your boost meter when you run out of it.. that may be too much for you. 

    Over all, I give this game a 6/10

    How about you guys? Have you played Turbo League yet? What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments.

    You can download this game below:
    IOS version | Android version

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    Illusion is going to launch their next-gen VR adult game VR Kanojo in late February. But they were banned on Youtube recently for publishing erotic and pervy gameplay videos, and all their videos on Youtube became unavailable. The latest video released last week, which showed direct sex content, was a trigger to the ban.
    NSFW: if you still want to watch the videos, you can head to the official site.

    The game allows players to touch the heroine in the game with Oculus Touch and Vive Controller. “Due to the characteristics of the freely movable VR controller, you can touch different operations / different parts with the left and right hands,” says the developer. The image below can give you a clear picture of how you can interact with the girl in the game.

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    Hunt of the Blood Moon is a new game mode in League of Legends that's available for test in Public Beta Environment server now. Hunt of the Blood Moon is our take on the classic Assassin Power Fantasy, compressed into a mode. Two teams of Assassins compete, sacrificing the opposition in an attempt to secure the Blood Moon’s blessing and briefly gain the power of a demon. The team most successful in gaining said favor wins.

    - Players: 5v5
    - Map: Summoner’s Rift
    - Mode Type: Blind Pick, with Champion Restrictions. 
    Game Flow/ Mechanics: 

    - First team to obtain 300 points wins.
    - Earn points in 3 ways: Sacrificing Enemy Champions, Enemy Spirits, and Demon Heralds.
    - Enemy Champions are… fairly straightforward. Find them, make them “Less alive”, and secure favor for your team (5, specifically)
    - Spirits of the Blood Moon will passively filter into both teams jungles. Hunt down the enemy team’s spirits and sacrifice them as well (3 pts)
    - Demon Heralds will periodically spawn in both. …Sacrifice them as well, and secure a grand total of 30 points.
    - If you are able to defeat 3 enemies without returning to base (see: “Wussing out”) or dying you’ll briefly gain the power of a demon, turning invisible and running very (very) fast for the duration.
    - The demon brand will break when you deal damage (or after 45 seconds), instantly doing 20% of the first target’s maximum health in true damage. 
    Other Gameplay Notes: 

    - Minimap indicators in both teams’ jungles will light up to indicate the number of spirits in that half of the jungle.
    - A maximum of 8 will spawn at a time, so hunt them down aggressively!
    - Gold and Experience are flatlined, and Respawn Timers are reduced across the board.
    - Lane minion spawns have been disabled, and turrets are invulnerable.
    - At the start of the game, outer turrets are removed. 6 minutes in, the second row will collapse as well, giving you a bit more space to play around in.
    - We’ve removed a… not insignificant… number of items from the shop (Basically, if it’s mostly defensive, you probably can’t buy it) 
    Restricted Champion Pool: 

    For the first time in a game mode, we’re going to be using a limited pool of champions. We’ll be restricting you to a pool of 20 Assassins and Aggressive Divers.

    - Ahri
    - Akali
    - Camille
    - Diana
    - Ekko
    - Elise
    - Evelynn
    - Fizz
    - Kassadin
    - Katarina
    - Kennen
    - Kha'Zix
    - LeBlanc
    - Lee Sin
    - Pantheon
    - Rengar
    - Shaco
    - Talon
    - Yasuo
    - Zed 
    Hunt of the Blood Moon Gameplay.

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    Project TF is being developed by South Korean company Trance Studio and it's like Dungeon Fighter Online at first sight. In fact Project TF has elements from Dungeon Fighters Online as well as ChronoBlade, while it has an equipment farming similar to the Diablo series.

    The game has its own uniqueness. First it has a town where players can do the socialized activities. And it supports 4-man real-time co-op play and has a mechanic to put AI in control when a player is disconnected.

    Tance Studio plans to launch Project TF later this year.

    Source: MMO Culture

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    Perfect World Entertainment and Cryptic Studios unveiled the next Neverwinter expansion The Cloaked Ascendancy. It allows players to face the mages of the Cloak Tower, as the Spellplague continues to spread over Neverwinter. The plot of this forthcoming expansion is about adventurers who return to the city after the agonizing events of Storm King's Thunder in order to honor a fallen hero.

    The Cloaked Ascendancy will introduce a new adventure zone called The River District, a new campaign that follows the story mentioned above, Spellplague Caverns - a high-end dungeon that includes different monsters and bosses. More over, powerful artifact weapons have been prepared for all heroes who are willing to rise against this new threat. The Cloaked Ascendancy will launch on PC on February 21st, and on consoles later this year.

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    The recent rumors regarding a possible Morrowind expansion have been confirmed by Zenimax and Bethesda. Elder Scrolls Online is getting a Morrowind expansion on June 6th, 2017 for all platforms. The forthcoming expansion will include a brand new location, a new Warden class and new 4v4v4 PvP mode called Battlegrounds, a new Trial and much more.

    Your mission is to help Vivec, the Gardian of Vvardenfell to save the world from the Daedric threat. The new Warden class wields powerful nature-based magic which allows him to engage in fierce battles. You can head to the Ashlands to take on fellow players in exciting 4v4v4 battles in arena-like environments. Players will be able to explore a part of the Clockwork City in a challenging new 12-player Trial.

    Players can choose between four different editions of Morrowind that will be available at launch: Standard, Upgrade, Digital Collector's and Collector's Edition. You can pre-order any edition of The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and receive the Discovery Pack which contains the following goodies:
    • Exclusive Warden costume – a costume for all classes that matches the Warden's outfit, as seen in the announcement trailer above;
    • Dwarven War Dog – a unique armored (non-combatant) in-game pet;
    • Treasure Maps – maps detailing the location of Vvardenfell's greatest rewards;
    • Dwarven Crown Crate – a special Crown Crate that gives you the chance to receive Dwarven-themed mounts, pets, costumes and more Experience Scrolls – advance through Vvardenfell, gaining 50% more experience for two hours.

    Learn more about the expansion at the official site.

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    Snail Games’ upcoming sandbox survival MMO Age of Wushu 2 features unprecedented freedom on the martial arts genre. The games’ Producer Xu Zhenhua just told us that players can design and plan their own ways to interact with the world and other players.
    There’s a tool in the game called Sky Lantern, "which usually works as vanity items in other MMOs," according to Xu. "In AOW2, what Sky Lantern is is all depending on how players use it."
    A Chinese water tank that could be used in other ways

    "Sky Lantern can be a decorative item you can play in the festival, and it can take players to the sky when several Sky Lanterns are combined. Since AOW2 is a realistic sandbox game, it doesn’t allow players to fly or use Qinggong without restriction," Xu add.
    "You can use Sky Lanterns as a flare, as a recon tool, as illumination in the dark, and even as a bomber. Players can add black powders to Sky Lanterns and attack the enemy camp from the sky."
    Snail Games’ Dark and Light is the fantasy survival game where you fight to survive with magic, then Age of Wushu 2 is a martial arts survival game where you can get your hands on a lot of traditional Chinese tools and traps. 

    You can expect to use eastern traps like this one in AOW2

    >> Age of Wushu 2 Unveils Interesting Gathering, Crafting and Survival Tools
    >> Age of Wushu 2: Survival MMORPG Unveils Traps That Can Make Others Suffer

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    The South Korea gaming company Neptune has announced to purchase a 2.4% stake in TERA developer Bluehole Studio, equaling to 166,666 shares for 5 billion Korean Won (around $4.3 million USD) . The deal is reportedly to "comprehensive business agreement" between the companies.
    According South Korea game website Inven, the decision will strengthen the mutual beneficial business partnership based on comprehensive business agreements. First of all, it will be possible to use game IPs owned by Bluehole and Bluehole subsidiaries in games developed by Neptune under mutual consultation.  
    Neptune's mobile games.

    Neptune itself also received a 10 billion Korean Won (around USD 8.6 million) investment from Kakao Games and Kakao Game Growth Share Fund. They are the subsidiaries of Kakao, one of the biggest mobile messaging and game companies in South Korea. Neptune will expand its business by acquiring new studios and invest in popular IPs for game development.

    Bluehole is currently developing battle royale FPS PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds which will start closed beta in February.

    Source: Inven, MMOCulture.

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    Just released as of eleven pm last night, Eastern Pacific Time, Final Fantasy Dissidia: Opera Omnia has famous characters from some twenty series fighting iconic characters from each of their series, frequently crossing over. Yes, this is another title from Square Enix that is mobile. Yes, it's Free to Play and yes, it's turn based. The action is quick, deft and fun. The battle system instantly reminds me of the fun I had playing the older games in the FF series. The graphics are the best when the action picks up, the low poly look that each one has bleeds nostalgia and Squeenix made sure they put every detail in here. 

    Sometimes the screen does feel a bit cluttered with the health bar and the magic bar and the stanima bar and the enemies bars and the attack buttons and even the auto battle button BUT these nuisances goes away in the heat of battle. Below I put some gameplay that i uploaded to YouTube. Please check it out. 

    All, in all, the game doesnt suffer from much. I think it will stay on my phone for a while and even though Square Enix keeps flooding us gamers with Final Fantasy games, I for sure will continue to play each one.

    Definently an 8.5 out of 10. 

    Again, this is my first impressions. I'll fill you in later on to see if there are any changes.

    Download: AppStore / GooglePlayStore

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    Ubisoft has announced the swordfighting game For Honor will start Open Beta next week from February 9 to 12. The full game will be coming out on February 14th, 2017 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.  

    The Open Beta features four modes: Elimination, Dominion, Brawl, and Duel. There are nine heroes in the Open Beta. The full game contains 12 heroes and five modes, so Open Beta players are getting to try a good chunk of the complete game's content. The Open Beta is being held on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

    World of For Honor

    The world of For Honor is harsh, yet filled with beautiful wildlands, grandiose landmarks, and majestic ruins. Its hardy inhabitants eke a living as they can in spite of living in a state of near perpetual war. A cataclysm struck a millenium ago, nearly destroying all civilizations. Homelands were sundered, empires burned, and whole nations exiled themselves. From the ashes of this catastrophe, the Knights, Vikings, and Samurai rose again. They struggled to rebuild their nations, trying to recapture the glory of their ancestors.
    Carve a path of destruction through vivid, larger-than-life battlefields in For Honor, a ground-breaking action game developed by Ubisoft Montreal in collaboration with other Ubisoft studios. 

    For Honor will be released on February 14, 2017 on PlayStation 4 system, Xbox One, and PC.

    Pierce the fog of war and join bold Knights, brutal Vikings, and deadly Samurais as they battle across lush, challenging battle maps. Master medieval weaponry and participate in brutal, fast-paced melee combat in an engaging story campaign and novel multiplayer modes.

    The Art of Battle, For Honor’s innovative control system, puts you in total control of your Heroes. Each has distinct skills and uses unique melee weapons. Combat is designed to deliver the feeling of true dueling without sacrificing accessibility and simplicity. It has been created through motion capture by real martial artists and professional stuntmen to bring the action to life like never before.


    The Knights of Ashfeld are brash paragons of might.

    They were sent by the Iron Legions to pacify the land. They’ve since acquired a taste for freedom and have made Ashfeld their home. They believe that many – if not all – of the ancient ruins that cover their lands were built by the Great Empire, the precursor of the Iron Legion.
    Disorganized for centuries, Ashfeld’s Knights have mostly been a collection of petty warlords and roving bands of mercenary knights. In the last decade, they have been corralled under a single banner, often at sword point, by Ashfeld’s Blackstone Legion, led by Apollyon.

    So far, the Knights have managed to defend Ashfeld from Vikings and Samurai attacks. Apollyon argues that a threat of war is imminent and tells stragglers that joining her Legion is the only guarantee they will hold onto their lands.  

    History has not been kind to the Samurai.

    Originally from a land far away across the seas, they tell a tale of an Emperor and a homeland lost to sea and fire. Nearly a millennium later, the nomadic nation has ceased its wandering and built a new empire near the reclaimed homelands of the Vikings and the contested lands of the Knights.
    Having spent the last decades acclimating to the marshy hills known as the Myre, they flourish but remain vastly outnumbered by their neighbors. They have to rely on greater martial skill, cunning, and devotion to their culture in order to survive – for they may be the last of their kind.

    The Vikings vanished centuries ago, fleeing their crumbling homelands for shores unknown.

    Those left behind were conquered by the Knights and assimilated into their cultures.
    The Vikings returned in great numbers a few centuries ago. They came from far across the sea to where they have established a new homeland. They retuned for many reasons, but mostly to reclaim their ancient homeland in the North: Valkeinheim. Hundreds of Viking clans now coexist in relative peace in the frozen tundra. To the outside observer, however, they seem to exist in a state of perpetual civil war.
    Vikings are the undisputed masters of the sea and fresh water. When this raucous nation gathers together in massive armadas of dragon-headed ships, they are fearsome to behold and nigh unstoppable.


    For Honor features amazing battle maps and arenas created to deliver the best, most realistic melee combat experience possible.

    Citadel Gate




    River Fort


    Story Modes


    Playable as single-player and two-player co-op, the For Honor story mode is an immersive tale of larger-than-life warriors plunged into one of the bloodiest wars between Knights, Vikings, and Samurai in recent history.

    Hundreds of years after a cataclysm reshaped the world, Knights, Vikings, and Samurai have adapted and thrive once more. Each now has the power to defy the other factions, tipping a fragile equilibrium into all-out war.

    Embodying the greatest warriors of each faction, players experience some of the defining moments that led to the war. Dealing with manipulation, betrayal, and catastrophic reversal, they will need wits and skills to ensure victory.
    Storming castles and fortresses, turning the tide of key battles, and defeating deadly bosses in intense duels, players will incarnate as battle-hardened heroes who will shape the course of a violent history.



    In this 4v4 battle you must break the opposing team’s morale and then eliminate them. You do so by scoring points through killing enemies, capturing specific areas, and controlling them over time.

    Once a team reaches 1000 points, the opposite teams breaks and can no longer spawn unless they kill opponents or recapture areas. A team wins by killing the last hero of a breaking team.


    Battle it out against a single opponent in a best of five-round fight in an arena! Use your mastery of your hero’s moveset to slay your opponent. You must do so without feats or radar to pinpoint your opponent’s position.

    Be on the lookout, and tap into your skills!

    This is a 2v2, best-of-five rounds battle to the death. Each hero spawns at a different point of the map. A team wins a battle when they’ve eliminated the last hero of the opposing team. There are no respawns.
    Battle arenas are filled with traps and ledges, so exploit your environment to your advantage!

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    This month we have the chance to try an early access survival MMO, take part in the second closed beta test of a hack-and-slash title or revisit three older MMORPGs that received or will receive an important update

    Conan Exile

    • Early Access (starts from $29.99)

    Funcom’s latest survival MMO, Conan Exile, has recently entered the early access phase and it’s available on Steam in two versions: Conan Exile (Standard Edition) for $29.99 and Conan Exile Barbarian Edition for $59.99. If you just want to try the game, you should go for the cheap version and if you really like it, you can later go for the digital update that is already listed on the Steam page.

    Conan Exile brings to the table a vast seamless world, different survival aspects such as hunger, thirst and even insanity, a state that can occur while fighting inside dark dungeons, a complex crafting system that will allow players to craft and upgrade different tools, weapons and armors or build new structures to help them survive in this new harsh environment.

    Besides the usual mechanics, the game also tries to leave its own mark with a few distinct features such as the option to enslave the criminals of the exiled lands, or cutting their hearts out and sacrifice them on the altars of gods to earn their blessings. This last option will also unlock the power to summon and control huge, towering avatars that can be used to siege your enemies.

    Conana Exile can be played together with your friends in both co-op multiplayer or public servers, or alone, if you prefer a single player experience. When playing alone you will gain access to different game master tools that will allow you to further customize your in-game experience by altering different settings such as progression speed, monster spawn and more.

    The Steam page will also allow players to download different mods or build their own with a custom Conan Exile Unreal Editor. You can be more than Conan, you can be a God.


    MU Legend
    • Global Closed Beta 2 (2P will giveaway beta keys ahead of the CBT2)

    Webzen is almost ready to start the second beta phase for MU Legend and you can already apply for it on the official site. The CBT is scheduled to take place at the end of February, and if there won’t be any changes, it should last one week, between 21st and 28th. If you already played in the first beta phase, you will be able to join this one without a new key.

    Everybody is welcomed to pre-register on the official page, and unlike the initial closed beta, this one will be fully localized in 5 more languages (French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish and Polish). Webzen also announced that there will be no data-wipe for the first CBT so they can gather information from every level bracket during the week.

    The previous beta featured four playable classes and we know that there is a 5th one under development, but there was no announcement regarding the appearance of the Summoner class in the CBT2.

    Most of the PvE content was easy, players were able to reach the level cap quite fast. Mu Legend offered basic quests, the option to “grind” different areas and a lot of dungeon crawling through different difficulty levels.

    For me the game really shines in the PvP content. I loved Diablo’s franchise, but I always felt like something was missing, and that thing became clear when I joined the first MU Legend beta, I always craved for PvP.

    If you want to learn more about the game, be sure to check our MU Legend First Look from a Diablo player perspective.


    Elder Scrolls Online
    • Homestead Expansion

    I guess that you already played Elder Scrolls Online, and if you didn’t, what is your excuse? I won’t get into the basics of the game, but we will take a closer look at the upcoming expansion that features the most requested system, player housing.

    The world of Tamriel will allow players to choose from 40 unique homes and over 2000 decorative and furniture options in order to create truly unique estates.

    When Homestead launches, upon completing the housing tutorial you will be awarded with your first modest room inside the local inn. After that, you will be able to buy any homes that you like, furnished or unfurnished, with the exception of the Imperial-style home that will only be available to those that purchased the ESO Imperial Edition (a digital upgrade is available on the official site).  You can have as many homes as you can afford, and all of them will be account-based.

    Being rich is not enough. Some local residents may ask to prove yourself if you want to live among them, so you will have to complete a special achievement to unlock the ability to own a home in that zone.

    Furniture and decorative items can be crafted or purchased with gold or crowns. Experienced adventures will also be able to display the trophies earned through Veteran Arenas, Dungeons and Trials inside their home. Besides the usual aesthetic aspect of housing, players will also be able to add functional items inside their homes, such as Assistants, Crafting Stations and Training Dummies.

    Houses are instanced so there won’t be any races to claim the best zones, but players can invite their friends and guild members to visit their house and even grant permission to redecorate existing placed items.

    Zenimax and Bethesda recently confirmed that a “Morrowind” expansion will be available on June 6th, 2017 for all platforms. The new expansion will include a brand new location, the Warden class, a 4 vs 4 vs 4 Battleground, new Trials and much more.


    Black Desert
    • Margoria expansion (Free)

    If you already experienced all that Black Desert had to offer, now it’s the perfect time to come back and set sail towards new adventures. The recently launched Margoria expansion brings:
    • Ship Construction – You will be able to start building your own private sailing ship ( I know you have been stockpiling resources for the past months) or work with your guild to build advanced galleys packed with firepower.
    • New Harbors and Ocean – The naval content includes new trade routes allowing you to further expand your trading empire.
    • Underwater monster hunting – Gather your friends and start your underwater adventure looking for new terrifying sea monsters that are ready to challenge your skills. Defeat them and you will earn legendary loot.
    • Enhanced life skills – Reel in new species of fish in the Margoria ocean or dive deep in search of other ingredients in order to improve your cooking skills.
    • Over 100 new quests.
    • Guild vs Guild Naval Combat – The fans favorite feature is also available.
    If you didn’t purchase Black Desert already (the game is now available for only $10) you can opt-in for a 7 day free trial.

    Marvel Heroes 2016
    • Bigest Update Ever

    Marvel Heroes Bigest Update Ever or the tehnical version, Marvel Heroes 2016 2.0 has recently launched and brought many changes that were under development for quite some time.

    Let’s take a look at some of the changes so you can decide if Marvel Heroes deserves a comeback:
    Power Points are completely gone. Players will unlock their powers as they level up, and with unlocking their powers they will also unlock the three sets of talents. Besides the dash abilities that were already available, Gazillion Entertainment brought a new Charge System that will allow each hero to rapidly traverse the world. This charge ability will be unlocked at level 10.

    As soon as one hero reach level 60, players will gain access to the new Infinity System that replaced the old OMEGA. Old points and experience have been converted and awarded to the new system that has far fewer nordes and is way easier to understand.

    In order to appeal every category of players, Gazillion also introduced three new difficulties that can be accessed through the Waypoint “MAP” window. It is said that the last Cosmic difficulty will provide hardcore players with real challenges.

    Below you will find a sneak peek video for the Powers Update and if you want to learn more about Marvel Heroes Biggest Update Ever be sure to check the official site.  

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    This guide will take a quick look at the Gunslinger class of Revelation Online, and help you decide whether or not this is the right class for you by explaining most, if not all, of its skills as well as its gameplay style.

    We will be focusing mostly on how the class performs in PvE, although, by the end of the article, you should also have a basic idea of how it does in PvP.


    The Gunslinger is exactly what you'd expect from its name. A ranged class with a high DPS, the Gunslinger will nearly always be in movement, avoiding enemy attacks as it deals damage from a safe distance, only allowing enemies to get close to have them fall into their traps.

    The Gunslinger can also be called a master of all trades, being (in my opinion) the only class in Revelation Online that can work really well with various roles, be it as a ranged DPS, as a CC character or even as a tank thanks to its various abilities, mobility, traps and mechanical battlepets.

    Sniper Mode and Fury

    One of the most interesting skills of the Gunslinger class is the ability to switch between dual wielding pistols and a sniper rifle. While the dual wielding pistols mode will be the basic mode, as the level up Gunslingers acquire the Sniper Mode skill. (Unfortunately, if, like me, you expected this to be a mode where the character switches to a FPS view and combat style, you'll be disapointed xP)

    Sniper Mode greatly reduces the movement speed of the Gunslinger, but also increases his damage output by 12% and an additional amount depending on the skill level.

    Sniper Mode also adds additional effects to certain skils. Thunder Shell, for example, gains a 20% chance to increase twice the base damage on enemies that are at least 20 meters away.

    As for Fury, it is the "currency" required for the Gunslinger to use its Special Skills. The bar is raised as the player uses combat skills, up to a set limit. This limit is increased as the Gunslinger learns new skills.


    The majority of the skills of the Gunslinger can be used while in movement, making it a highly mobile class. So there's no reason why you should stick in place and take damage when you can simply move about freely.

    Basic Skills

    Thunder Shell - Deals a small amount of damage, but can be spammed indefinitely. While in Sniper Mode, it gains a 20% chance to increase twice the base damage on enemies that are at least 20 meters away.

    Consussion Bomb - Deals more damage than Thunder Shell, but has a 3 seconds cooldown. Applies a Bleed effect on the target if used in Sniper Mode.

    Main Skills

    Grenade - Hurls a grenade that damages and knocks down the target and enemies around them. Great to use after trapping enemies into Helix Blade.

    Oblivion Bomb - Deals a high amount of damage to an enemy. Crit Power is raised while in Sniper Mode.

    Hellfire Salvo - Continuously hits the targets and 3 additional enemies around them for 2.5 seconds. Can hit a maximum of 8 enemies while in Sniper Mode.

    Helix Blade - By far my favorite Gunslinger skill, Helix Blade deals a good amount of damage to all enemies in range every second for 5 seconds. Grenade should be used on enemies as soon as they Trigger Helix Blade to ensure they remain in the damage area.

    Deadeye Shot - (requires Fury) Deals a high amount of damage to a target. Damages increases by 20% if target is under the influence of Death Mark.

    Strafe - (requires Fury) Continuously all damages tagets in the damage area for 30 seconds.

    Rocket Barrage - (requires Fury) Launches rockets thats damage enemies in the target area every 1.5 seconds for 5 seconds.

    Comet Strike - (requires Fury) Deals a high amount of damage to an enemy. 2% of the Gunslinger's health added as extra damage.

    Buffs, CC and Summon Skills

    Sniper Mode - As mentioned above, Sniper Mode is the skill allowing the Gunslinger to switch between the sniper rifle and dual wielding pistols styles.

    Spider Turret - Summons a mech pet that has 20% of the Gunslinger's health plus an additional amount, as well as 50% of the Gunslinger's physical attack plus an additional amount. Last for 30 seconds and only one can be summoned at a time.

    Proximity Mine - Damages enemies in range and deals additional fire damage. Includes additional affects according to the level of Vicious Dynamite and Freezing Dynamite.

    Mana Armor - Grants immunity to damage for 5 seconds, reduces enemy aggro, and removes CC skills from the Gunslinger. Physical Defense increases for an amount dependant on the level of the skill.

    Death Mark - Marked target receives additional damage dependant on the skill level whenever they are attacked.

    Focused Fire - Raises the Crit Rate and Crit Power of the Gunslinger and nearby teammates.

    Ferrous Trap - (requires Fury) Damages and knocks down enemies.

    Arcane Confinement - (requires Fury) Creates a prison thats traps both enemies and allies, preventing any enemy or ally from leaving/entering the target area. Enemies are damages every second for 5 seconds.

    Razor Puppet - (requires Fury) Summons a puppet that has 50% of the Gunslinger's health plus an additional amount, as well as 50% of the Gunslinger's physical attack plus an additional amount. The puppet is immunue to physical damage. Last for 30 seconds and only one can be summoned at a time.

    Juggernaut Armor - (requires Fury) The Gunslinger enters the Juggernaut Armor state, becoming immune to CC skills and mitigating half of the damage received from enemies. Last for 3 seconds and allows the usage of 3 new skills.

    Stat Builds

    All-Rounder Build

    One of the most popular Gunslinger builds is what I like to call the all-rounder build, or balanced build.

    Primary Stat - Dexterity
    As a Gunslinger, you'll want to place points into Dexterity rather than Strength for your damage output. For this build, a maximum of 50% of your basic attributes raises should be into Dexterity.

    Secondary Stats - Physique and Spirit
    Assuming 50% of your stats raised were for Dexterity, the remaining ones should be divided between Physique and Spirit equally, meaning 25% in Physique and 25% in Spirit.

    For example, around level 40, you should enough Potential points to raise your Dexterity to 110, your Spirit to 60 and your Physique to 60.

    Glass Cannon Build

    Forget defense and put (nearly) everything into Dexterity for maximum damage and crit rate.

    Primary Stat - Dexterity

    This time, most of your stat points should be going to Dexterity. 90%-95% according to your gear.

    Secondary Stat - Spirit

    Since at some point, it will be getting harder to raise Dexterity, and you will have some spare Potential Points, you should consider placing some into Spirit. Not for the health or magical defense, but rather to increase your Mana pool.

    Again, around level 40, you should be able to have enough points to raise your Dexterity to 140, and your Spirit to 20.

    Tank Build

    Not as popular as the other 2, the tank build of the Gunslinger is, however, pretty viable. This will not only increase the survivability of the class, but also allow it to use Sniper Mode more often.

    Primary Stats - Physique and Spirit

    For this build, Physique and Spirit should each count for about 40% of your of your Basic attributes. You can play around with this depending on whether you want more physical or magical defense, but spreading it out evenly maximizes your total health points.

    Secondary Stat - Dexterity

    The remaining Potential Points should all go into Dexterity, mostly to allow the Force attribute to raise your damage a bit.

    By level 40, you should have enough Potential points to raise your Physique to 100, your Spirit to 100 and your Dexterity to 30.

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    This is a strategy that was made by Neon who has been a clash royale - youtuber for quite some time now. This strategy has an extremely viable set of cards in the deck which covers all the necessary areas in the game to be successful.
    This battle has been successful to a lot of people and has got several positive feedback. Let me know what you guys think of this deck as well.
    Battle Deck:
    Golem + Executioner + Miner+ The Log + Minions + Fireball + Mega Minion + The Skeleton Army
    Starting Strategy:
    You can always start off with the golem from behind your tower and slowly launch into an opening attack with the executioner behind you. This will use up a lot lot elixir leaving your defense vulnerable. Therefore making such a move should be with caution. You may also wait for your opponent to make his move first and accordingly take advantage of him later.
    Use and role of each card:


    General Information:
    The golem is an epic card that comes at an expensive elixir cost of 8. The Golem when taken out splits into two golemites dealing in area damage.
    The golem has hit points which means that it will require a good defense to take out what could be a potentially threatening offensive push. The golem may be slow, but this will also allow you to regain some elixir and support the golem accordingly.
    The golem has a high elixir cost which means that your other tower is potentially left open for a good offensive push. The golem’s slowness may also come to haunt in tight games. Troops like the skeleton army and minion horde, goblins etc can take out the golem quickly.
    How to use it in the Strategy:
    The Golem off late has been a very reliable card to go to. It may come at a very high elixir cost of 8 but it can certainly do justice to this cost. The golem in this strategy should be used in the typical fashion it always is. The Golem can lead the way slowly while other troops like the new executioner can be placed right behind him. The reason for placing someone like executioner lies in the fact that executioner is effective against both the skeleton army and the minion horde. Make sure your opponent does not take out your tower on the opposite end. By putting sufficient pressure on your end your opponent will only have time in defense.

    General Information:
    The executioner is an epic card that comes at an elixir cost of 5. He has the unique ability of using his axe like a boomerang that can cause damage to both ground and air troops. His axe causes double damage- when thrown from his hand and once again when it finds its way back to his hand.
    The executioner can take out both air and ground troops a=from a distance. Troops like skeleton army and the minion horde cannot take this guy out easily.
    The executioner is potentially low on hit points so watch out for cards like the fireball etc.
    How to use it in the Strategy:
    The Executioner in this deck can either be used behind the golem in order to protect the golem and cause maximum damage or it can also be used in cases of defense. The executioner is extremely effective against a collective attack or group or a horde. This would mean that a good use of the executioner will lead to an elixir advantage in your favor. However the executioner can be taken out quickly so be productive in your placements.
    General Information:
    The miner is legendary card that comes at a low elixir cost of just 3. He has the unique ability of digging his way through to his destination leaving him unharmed.
    Strengths: The miner’s quick nature can give you the edge by causing a good amount of damage to the towers directly as he does not have to get through the opponent’s defense. He is extremely handy in tight situations.
    Weaknesses: He is weak against any flying unit and cards like the skeleton army.
    How to use it in the Strategy:
    The Miner in this deck has the role of an offensive unit who can look to defend your tower in combat as well as cause damage to your opponent’s tower quickly. The miner can be used to combat troops like the wizard, ice wizard etc. Apart from this you can also use the miner to carry out its normal role of causing direct damage to your opponent’s tower.
    4.The Log:

    General Information:
    The log is a legendary card that comes at a low elixir cost of just 2.
    The log can be used against offensive pushes and will help you greatly in defense. It can also effectively take out the skeleton army clearing out the way for your prince, hog rider or even the giant.
    The log needs to be placed effectively. When placed elsewhere consider your elixir to be wasted. Moreover, the damage caused by the log is limited.
    How to usit in the Strategy:
    The Log in this deck has the typical role of pushing back an offensive push by your opponent and also the role of eliminating troops like the skeleton army. When the miner or the golem is put under pressure through the skeleton army or any other troop like the goblins etc, the log can be effective and cheap medium to eliminate these threats. It can also come in handy when your opponent has the princess at his disposition.


    General Information: The minions is a common card that comes at an elixir cost of 3.
    Strengths: The fact that the minions can fly is its greatest strength as it can take out ground troops effectively. The minion are fast and come at a reasonable elixir price.
    Weakness: The minions can be taken out by the fire spirits, the arrows, fireball, spear goblins etc.
    How to usit in the Strategy:  
    The minions in this deck can be used in the defense more or less. Since the minions have the added advantage of being able to fly you may use the minions against any ground troop. Albeit that the minions may not distract a ground unit from attacking, it can certainly eliminate these ground units quickly.
    6. Fireball:
    General Information:The fireball is a rare card that comes at an elixir cost of 4.
    Strengths: The fireball can be used on any troop- flying or ground. It is greatly effective against troops like the wizard, skeleton army, goblins, minion horde etc.
    Weakness: Does not cause much damage against troops like the valkyrie. Placement of this card needs to be done smartly and cautiously.
    How to usit in the Strategy:
    The Fireball has a similar role to the log in this deck. It can be extremely useful in taking out a charging attacking push. The fireball will cause a good enough damage to eliminate that push and in turn give you an elixir advantage. The fireball can also be used against towers. Its slash damage ability lets you cause dmage to anything that falls within its range so make sure you take advantage of this.

    7.Mega Minion:

    General Information:
    The Mega Minion is a rare troop that comes an elixir cost of just 3.
    The mega minion strikes hard and effectively with the added advantage that it can fly of course.
    The mega minion can be taken out quickly due to its low hit points.
    How to usit in the Strategy:
    The mega minion is a vital card to this deck simply because of its cheap elixir cost and the fact that it can cause an ample amount of damage. You may use it in the final 60 seconds if you are looking for an offensive push against a tower. The Mega Minion will cause good damage against the tower. You may also use it in defense like how you chose to use the minions. The results will however be more productive. Watch out for the minion horde and the fireball, as the mega minion is weak against them.

    8.The Skeleton Army:

    General Information: The skeleton army is an epic card that comes at a low elixir cost of just 3.
    Strengths: The skeleton army is extremely effective against the hog rider, the prince, the giant etc.
    Weakness: It can be easily taken out by the arrows, fire spirits, fireball etc.
    How to usit in the Strategy:
    The skeleton army in this deck will carry out its typical defensive role against troops like the prince, hog rider and the giant. However you may also use it in offense when you see an opening. The chances of a productive offensive use against your opponent are slim because the skeleton army can be taken out by a number of cards. Some of which include- the arrows, fireball, wizard, ice wizard etc. The result of an offensive push coming through with a skeleton army though, is quite extraordinary.
    Battle Strategy:
    Offensive: Golem + Executioner
    The golem should be typically sent out right from behind. This will give you the time to build up on elixir and release the executioner. The executioner with his axe when sent behind the golem can effectively take out the viable threats.
    Defensive: Fireball, skeleton army, minion, the log
    The defensive strategies in this deck comprises of several options which can be used in various situations. As it covers most of the defensive voes for any player, this strategy can be seen as a strong and a viable one! The following is the role of each of these cards:
    Skeleton army –- Giant, hog rider, Prince etc.
    Fireball –- All flying units and small units like the skeletons, goblins.
    The log-- Skeleton army and other ground units.
    The executioner can also be used as a defensive option when needed the most as you will see in the video.

    1.Send out the Golem from the back of the tower and use other troops to give him good backup.
    2.Attack one lane while carefully defending the other.
    3.As it is a combination strategy remember to use each card to supplement the other.
    3.Use your final sixty seconds wisely, don’t let your opponent rush you.
    4.Watching videos and understanding the role and the weaknesses of every card in your deck will greatly help you.
    5.Look to win Elixir Trade offs and don’t focus too much on just attacking.
    6.Last of all, like I always say, Have fun, share and comment away!

    You may also be interested in the following guides:

    Strong and Fun Lava Hound Deck

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    Hi-Rez Studios has announced SMITE Tactics Closed Beta 3 will feature the Chinese pantheeon. Every user will receive all of the Free Cards from the Chinese Pantheon.

    New Pantheon!

    The Chinese Pantheon is now playable in SMITE Tactics. Every user will receive all of the Free Cards from the Chinese Pantheon.

    New Campaigns!

    In celebration of the Chinese Pantheon coming to SMITE Tactics we have also added a brand new Chinese Campaign! Completing the entire Campaign will reward you with 300 Favor and the Imperial Archer Rare Card.

    New Daily Quest!

    Chinese Conquest: Win two games while playing as the Chinese Pantheon.

    New Keywords!

    Colossal: Units with Colossal trigger their Passive at the start of their turn.

    Command: Units with Command trigger their Passive whenever a Friendly Item Card is played.

    Disarm: Disarmed units are unable to Attack.

    New Chinese Leader!

    Nu Wa: LEADER, 1/18, Ranged, Ability: Spend 2 Mana to Stealth Friendlies in Target Area.
    New Chinese Minion Cards!

    Imperial Archer: Rare, 3 Mana, 2/3, Ranged, Command: Deal 1 Damage to a Random Enemy.

    Imperial Guard: Common, 3 Mana, 3/3, Command: Gain +1/+0 and Pardon until the end of your turn.

    Imperial Soldier: Free, 2 Mana, 2/2, Command: Gain +1 Movement and +1/+0

    Oogway: Rare, 4 Mana, 4/3, Colossal: +1/+1

    Stone Guardian: Free, 4 Mana, 3/3, Ranged, Colossal: Gain +1 Range.

    White Tiger: Free, 2 Mana, 1/2, Colossal: +0/+1

    New Chinese Item Cards!

    Celestial Guard: Rare, 1 Mana, Give a Friendly Immune: Items and Abilities.

    Crescent Blade: Free, 0 Mana, Deal 1 Damage to a Non-Leader Enemy.

    Emperor’s Prize: Common, 3 Mana, Draw a Card for every Friendly on the Board.

    Evolve: Free, 4 Mana, Spawn a random Friendly with Colossal.

    Projection: Common, 3 Mana, Select a Friendly God or Minion and deal its Attack as direct Damage to a Non-Leader Enemy.

    Jade Boon: Free, 1 Mana, Give a Non-Leader Friendly Colossal:+1/+0

    Manifold Blade: Common, 1 Mana, Deal 1 Damage. This item gains +1 Damage for every Friendly with Colossal in Play.

    Rushing Thunder: Rare, 3 Mana, Deal 1 Damage to all Enemies.

    Transfusion: Common, 2 Mana, Set target Non-Leader’s Attack equal to its Health.

    New Chinese God Cards!

    Ao Kuang
    Epic, 5 Mana, 4/5, Colossal: +1/+0, Ability: Teleport to a tile while leaving behind an Illusion with Taunt.
    The Illusion’s Health is based off of Ao Kuang’s Health when the ability is used.
    If the Illusion is not destroyed, it will explode dealing 1 Damage to all adjacent Enemies.

    Free, 3 Mana, 0/5, Ability: Heal Adjacent Friendlies for 2 Health and deal 2 Damage to Enemies if Hou Yi is in play.

    Hou Yi
    Epic, 4 Mana, 3/3, Ranged, Ability: Deal 2 Damage to an Enemy and a random Enemy adjacent to the Target. If Chang’e is in play, hit an additional Target.

    Sun Wukong
    Legendary, 6 Mana, 6/7, Ability: Select an animal form.
    Eagle Form: Trigger all Friendlies Colossal and double your Movement.
    Ox Form: Deal 2 Damage to adjacent Enemies. Attacks now Knockback units 2 tiles.
    Tiger Form: Gain +2 Attack. Can Attack immediately.

    New Neutral Card!

    Weakening Curse: Common, 1 Mana, Disarm an Enemy until the start of your next turn.

    New Features

    New Ranked Queue

    This patch we have officially added a Ranked Queue. Player’s will start off by playing 10 Qualifying Games. After the player has completed 10 Qualifying matches, they will be placed into one of Six Divisions. These Divisions are grouped by Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Masters.

    New Tutorial

    Tutorials have been revamped in CB3 to be story driven, and teach Tactics in a more fun and enjoyable way!

    New Egyptian Environmental Tiles

    Ceremonial Urns have been placed around the Egyptian Map and contain three Cards; Mana Potion, Urn of Health, and Urn of Attack. Destroying an urn will give the player one of these three Cards. Urns can not be damaged by Item Cards.

    Mana Potion: Gain +1 Mana for this turn.
    Urn of Health: Give a Friendly +2 Health.
    Urn of Attack: Give a Non-Leader Friendly +1 Attack.

    Anti Aliasing
    Hi-Rez Studios has added back multiple Anti-Aliasing options. These can be found inside the settings menu.

    New Audio Cue
    An audio cue now plays when there is 15 seconds remaining on your turn.


    New Health Bars and Action Indicators
    This patch we have made further adjustments to the UI which includes our brand new Health Bars and Action Indicators! Action Indicators allow the user to quickly scan the board to see what units still have actions left.

    Updated unit circles
    Unit circles have been updated to help user readability.

    Friends List
    Added Friend Removal confirmation message
    Can now use enter key when adding new friends

    New Soundtracks
    Each map in SMITE Tactics now has its own unique soundtrack.


    Is now triggered when a God is used to heal a God already in play.

    Fire Shards -> Annihilation 
    Fire Shards has been renamed to Annihilation. Thanks Nu Wa...

    Mana cost reduced from 4 to 3.

    Bull Demon King
    Attack increased from 2 to 3.

    Elder Harpy 
    Movement increased from 2 to 3.

    Fire Imp
    Movement reduced from 3 to 2.

    Can now use his ability on himself.

    Attack increased from 4 to 5.

    Mana cost reduced from 2 to 1.

    You can learn more about SMITE Tactics Closed Beta 3 patch on the official forum.

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    When Nintendo said that they were going to go into the mobile market and feature titles from their massive library of unforgettable characters, I got excited. When Super Mario Run came out, I felt the hype. Their first app, Miitomo was not what anyone of us expected and we were let down by it. When Super Mario Run came out, everybody downloaded it but not everyone bought it with it's Ten dollar price tag. Today, for Japan, New Zealand and later on in the USA, Nintendo released Fire Emblem as a Free to Play game and I must say, I love it.

    Let's get everything out of the way first. There is a Gatcha system for the heroes themselves and the prices for the currency that allows you to get those heroes are Orbs. Those Orbs, you get one after each battle, meaning you have to fight Five battles to be able to get one hero. They are chosen at random and you can pick which character you want, In a sense. do you need an archer for your team? or a spearman or perhaps a swordsman/woman? Tap their corosponding Orb and pray you get a decent one. They range from three star/bronze characters to Five star/Gold characters. 

    You also have a Stanima Bar that caps at 50, meaning you can only play so much in the day before is runs out and you have to wait for a refill. Most battles take 2 stanima. some up to 5 if its a tough battle. The battleing is turn based and it has a simple skill tree of sword beats axe, axe beats spear and spear beats sword. There are simple and entertaining issues with that though. because there are grey orbs and Archers. 

    So far I love this game, but I will give a better impression of it when I can really sink my teeth into. So what do you guys think? Have you played it yet? Are you waiting for it to come out in your area? Let me know in the comments.

    Download link:
    App Store
    Google Play

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    Kakao Games announced that Dark Knight, the 13th playable class will be introduced to the Western servers of Black Desert in March. There is no confirmed date about when this dark elf character who wields a two-handed sword will be available.

    "In battle, the Dark Knight uses a combination of melee attacks and long-range magic. Wielding a two-handed sword flaring with dark energy, she can quickly overwhelm opponents by  unleashing heavy and unrelenting strikes. Tapping into an ancient power from her homeland of Kamasylvia, the Dark Knight can also corrupt and absorb power from spirits around her, then release it onto nearby enemies to extinguish their life force."

    As you may know, the Korean version of Black Desert introduced the Dark Knight on December 15th. Recently, the Korean players were able to enjoy the awakened weapons of this new class, as the Dark Knight class got its awakened update on January 25th.

    Moreover, Kakao Games states that they will share more details about the release date of the Kamasylvia expansion soon. In case you're wondering, the awakening update for Dark Knight comes at a later date. I leave with the announcement trailer!

    Source> twitter

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