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    Some of you might remember that back in November, Pearl Abyss announced to collaborate with Silicon Studio, aiming to remaster the already visually gorgeous MMORPG Black Desert.

    In their pursue for a much better visual quality, engine development and research on graphics, the Yebis engine technology will be used. Now, Silicon Studio revealed a new trailer with its popular Yebis optics and post-effects middleware, with the purpose of displaying how does this apply on Black Desert's visuals. This video shows only a fraction of the improvement that will be applied to Black Desert as part of the Remaster process. During this year, Pearl Abyss hopes that the game's visuals will reach a higher level, while providing a better visual experience according to the evolution of hardware.

    "Silicon Studio also mentions that the realistic visuals of Black Desert Online are ideal to showcasing the cutting edge technology of Yebis, and since the response from the audience 
    is positive, the company will fully cooperate with Pearl Abyss going forward."

    Source: dualshockers

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    Richard "Lord British" Garriott's sandbox MMORPG Shroud of the Avatar kicks off the Free Trial system, allowing everyone who wants to try the game to play the game until March 9. You can head to the download page to get the game client (of course you will need to create an account first). It's worth mentioning that Free trial access has a small difference between the paid version.

    Free players can't trade with other players, buy and sell items through vendors and auction, the interaction with the chests and the right to open-PvP It will also be disabled. After the free trial you the option to purchase the game and try out all game features.

    Learn more at the official website.

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    Snail Games USA has announced a new Age of Wushu mobile game Sword of Shadows which will be launed for Android and iOS in middle March. The pre-registration has started at the official site.

    Set in the Age of Wushu universe and powered by the second generation Flexi Engine, Sword of Shadows delivers a PC-quality 3D gaming experience to the mobile platform. Sword of Shadows has all the classic elements of Age of Wushu games, including the Team Arena, Sky Arena and Conquest, and more. Sword of Shadows also includes a slew of new gameplay features, including flying skills, expanded quests, expanded guild functions, and more in a breathtakingly detailed 3D environment.

    Sword of Shadows takes players on an authentic journey through Ming Dynasty China as they hone martial arts skills and become legendary warriors. We've paid incredible attention to detail to ensure that even the simplest light, water, wind and texture effects retain the vividness of a high-powered PC game. Sword of Shadows raises the bar in terms of what 3D mobile games can accomplish visually.
    Sword of Shadows Lets Players Spread Their Wings In Sword of Shadows, players can literally take flight, allowing them to experience a martial arts battle like never before The Eight Fighting Flying Skill adds an additional element of strategy to battlefield gameplay, allowing players to soar above their PvP opponents.

    Players can also learn the Ultra Flying Skills that will allow them to fly across Sword of Shadows' expansive map, making for a gaming experience with unparalleled aesthetic value. A Fast-Paced New Take on Classic Martial Arts Gameplay Sword of Shadows retains the original Age of Wushu's "Parry and Feint" fighting mechanism, allowing players to adjust the combat mode based on the circumstances of the fight instead of retaining a static position while releasing skills. Players will master a range of martial arts abilities and develop tactical strategies for battle.

    The Snail team has also added refraction and displacement effects to increase the visual impact of the martial arts gameplay and give battles a more cinematic feel. Endless Adventure in an Immersive World Martial arts isn't the only gameplay feature that players will be able to master in the Sword of Shadows world. Players can also participate in martial law conquests, go hunting and fishing, and earn rewards in various casual quests. 

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    Resultado de imagem para FORTNITE STILL EXISTS
    Minecraft meets Left 4 Dead is what Epic Games' co-founder Tim Sweeney describes Fortnite, an Unreal Engine 4 co-op survival game that has kept players waiting for about 6 years. The game was planned for 2015 released and now it may start open beta in 2017, according to Tim Sweeney.

    Building will be a core gameplay feature in the game, as players have tons of options and various ways to build and fortify their fort to defend zombie invasion. To build, players must have scavenge first, and they will need to work together to explore the randomly generated maps and destructible environment. They have a variety of weapons to choose from such as ranged weapons like shotgun, sniper rifle and melee weapons like katana.

    Via: MMOs

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    Nier Automata is a game that has yet to be released n the West and it only recently came out in the East, however the hype for it is HUGE and that can be seen from all the fan arts and cosplay of the game's protagonist 2B that are currently all over the Internet. 2B is an android who was designed to fight alien invaders and if you're wondering about the cloth on her eyes, it is supposedly a tactical visor.

    Today, we have for you 20 pictures of the Best 2B cosplays currently in existence. Enjoy!

    Cosplayer :Nasu

    Cosplayer: Misa Chiang

    Cosplayer: Disharmonica


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    Hello, gamers!

    I have a question for you.

    Do you like MMOs?

    Well, of course you do or else what are you doing here reading this. What I meant to ask was:

    Do you like anime MMOs?

    If your answer is YES, then you're in luck, because in this article we’ll be looking at the
    BEST ANIME MMORPGs which 2017 has in store for us.

    Most of the games mentionned below are already available in Asia This list contains games which have yet to be released in the West primarily.


    Closers is a free to play, fast-paced, action MMORPG developed by Naddic games, a Korean gaming company. Closers is basically a side scroller beat-em up game, similar to the old fighting arcade games, but it is actually a 3D. Closers has multiple preset character to choose from, each one with his own unique moves and combos and the game also has PVP.  It's one of those fighting games which are very easy to learn, but hard to master, since high precision and maintaining a long combo chain are required in order to get the best rewards. The game first came out in Korea in 2014 and it currently in Open and Closed beta in Japan and Indonesia respectively. There is not an official announcement for a Western release yet, but it surely won’t be long since in the official site of the game an introduction about the game and its mechanics, fully translated in English, was added recently.

    Soul Worker

    Following up we have Soul Worker another fast-paced, action MMORPG developed by Lion Games. Unlike Closers, in Soul Worker you play in a complete 3D, platform environment where aside from beating up enemies you will have to solve puzzles and avoid environmental hazards such as fire, falling debris etc. But nothing too complex or boring that will take the fun out of the game’s core aspect which is its combat. SoulWorker too has a preset cast of characters, each one with his own playstyle and also has some limited character customization where you can pick clothes, weapon-skin, eye and hair color for your character etc. 
    The game was confirmed to be released on the West by Gameforge last year.


    Grand Fantasia Mobile

    Moving on from action MMORPG we have an old time classic mmo. This is not actually a new game by itself, but a mobile iteration of the popular MMORPG Grand Fantasia, a game developed by Aeria Games. The mobile version will have pretty much everything that the PC version has as well as some new exclusive features of its own, new customization options and sprites. Grand Fantasia is the standard MMORPG where you create a character, pick a class, run around killing X number of monsters in each quest until you hit max level where you will start doing some serious dungeons and raids. Personally, I didn’t like Grand Fantasia when I tried it and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you like grinding. Nevertheless, that was for the PC version of the game, when it comes to mobile games my expectations are much lower in general. I will possibly try it out when it is released on mobile, as it may turn out a nice casual game to play here and there.

    Flyff Legacy

    Next we have another mobile MMORPG called Flyff Legacy. Flyff Legacy is the spiritual successor of Flyff Online an MMORPG released by Webzen back in 2005. The mobile version will maintain all of the aspects of the game that made Flyff special, such as the flying and the piercing system and the party growth mechanic. And also many more new features will be added: there will be new dungeons, as well as old ones which will be revamped, fresh and polished PVP meachnics and non-repetitive quests, the developers specifically claimed that you can level up to max level and have decent gear just by following the main story line. Certainly, it seems like a game worth a try which you can download and play the beta version of it from the Play Store.
    Peria Chronicles

    Peria Chronicles is one of the most anticipated games in the West and the only one from this list that I actually can’t wait to try it out. Besides the awesome, colorful, anime graphics, the game’s main feature is that you can capture monster and summon them to fight alongside you, sort of like a Pokemon MMO. There are no classes in the game instead your combat skills are determined by the monsters that you have captured which adds huge variability to builds and play styles in the game. There is also an in-depth crafting system, each player will have a crafting, instanced zone where he will be able to create a whole new area and even add create his own quest line in it. The game unfortunately doesn’t have a specific release date, but there has been talk in the forums and Reddit that a Closed Beta is to be released somewhere in 2017.
    Twin Saga

    Twin Saga is a MMORPG developed by Aeria games and is currently in Open beta in the West. As most of their games, it has stylized, anime graphics and a cute appearance overall. The game supports multi-classing which means that you can freely switch classes in one character, has some nice combat mechanics and animations for each class and you can also carry your house with you which you can built on the back of large creatures. Twin Saga is not an mmo to put hours and money behind it, it’s a pretty casual mmo which you can download for free and play. And have some quick fun alone or with friends. Official page
    Kritika Online

    Kritika Online is a F2P, fantasy, action MMORPG published by Playpark in Asia. However the game is playable in English in the Asian servers and there is no IP block. It was announced last year that En Masse Entertainment will publish this game in the West in 2017 and from more recent announcements the release is to be expected somewhere around the second quarter of 2017. Overall, Kritika Online is similar to C9 and Vindictus, instanced dungeons, epic Boss fights with complex mechanics, super fast-paced, intense combat which keeps you on the edge and a lot of PVP. And of course each class has its own subclasses which you can choose from when you hit a certain level. As someone who have played Kritika Online in the Asian servers and thoroughly enjoyed despite the high ping, I am sure that I will certainly play the game when it is released in the West. You can sign up for the Closed Beta here

    MapleStory 2

    Maplestory 2 is the continuation of the widely known and popular Maplestory, a game developed by Nsquare and published by Nexon. Unlike its predecessor, Maplestory 2 is a 3D MMORPG and it maintains all of the main features of the first game such as the fast-paced combat which is based on successful combo-chaining mechanics and of course the epic boss fights. But it also adds new, cool stuff, such as the ability to create your own dungeons, non- instanced housing system, destructible environment and a lot of mini games which you can play with others. Te game is certain that it will be released in the West as you can see from this forum board, however a precise release date has yet to be announced.

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    Rogue Life: Squad Goals is an energy based squad themed free-to-play bullet hell game. It's developed by Hidea. The game gives you control of a squad of three different characters. Your squad’s main task is to keep on going through these stages in which you'll have to shoot and avoid the bullet hell that's send at you from the enemy monsters or players.

    Gameplay and Mechanics

    Core gameplay is strictly centered around building up your earned (bought) characters by giving them upgradeable equipment that would fill each character’s five slots. The equipment you get your characters have different rarities and overall look amazing.

    Another gameplay element in Rogue Life: Squad Goals that’s unique to the game is the way simulation is added into the mix. Rogue Life allows players to gather this equipment by also doing menial manual labor tasks such as writing stuff, picking up wood boards, or sitting down and reading. Gameplay elements like these give a bit more dimension to the overall gameplay mechanic that the other games like this normally don’t have.

    The difficulty curve in Rogue Life: Squad Goals is what you’d normally expect in the starting to mid tier bullet hell shooters in other titles. This means that unlike in the usual bullet hell shooters where precise movements that require almost perfect timing are standard, Rogue Life has a bit more arcade-y feel when it comes to the evasion/shooting error margin.

    This doesn’t mean that the game is real easy though. Having to control a squad of three units adds a new style to master as it is quite tricky. The game already auto- attacks the active members on the field while you would only need to focus on evading the numerous projectiles that enemies will throw at you.Rogue Life allows your characters in the field a “free pass” of sorts that you can regain as you build up the meter. This means as long as you have the evade meter filled on all almost unavoidable instances, you’ll come out of each map unscathed. But that would be quite challenging especially in the later stages of gameplay where the game suddenly amps up the attack waves.

    Pros and Cons


    • Beautiful and cute graphics;
    • Very smooth gameplay
    • Lots of levels to play;
    • Cool and original characters;
    • Amazing looking equipment;
    • You weapons look more and more badass as you level them up;
    • Active forum which can be entered by the shortcut in the game.
    • Game can get a little repetitive;
    • The PVP AI is not very smart and you either win because the enemy player's AI stayed in front of all your bullets or vise - versa;
    • Slow material gathering. 
    Overall I love the game. It's simple and beautiful. The characters are cute and different too. I like the Forum idea and that the players can communicate through it. I hate the PVP though,because it's all based on luck..and very little on your equipment. I recommend you try this game!

    2P SCORE:8.5

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    It's about the time to pick a server, choose a class and dive into the world of Revelation Online, as the open beta will start later today after a maintenance. If you haven't downloaded the game, head to the official page here

    The maintenance will take approximately 3 hours, from 11:15 to 14:00 CET. Specific time for each region is as below. :
    11:15 - 14:00 Central European Time (CET)
    2:15am - 5:00am Pacific Standard Time (PST)
    10:15 - 13:00 Western European Time (Ireland, Portugal and UK)
    12:15 - 15:00 Eastern European Time (Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Greece, Turkey, etc)

    There are 8 servers for the game's NA/EU version and you can see the list below:
    NA1    Darkfall
    NA2    Snowpine
    NA3    Muroc
    EN1    Moonsea
    EN2    Tidewater
    EN3    Corral
    FR1    Sulan
    DE1    Karstwald

    Game Features

    • Six Player Classes + Four Social Jobs – pick a combat class from a variety of melee and ranged classes, then augment it with a social job at level 20.
    • Infinite Flight – gain a permanent set of wings at level 30 and fly freely across the game world.
    • Freely Swap Skill Points – switch skill points and abilities any time your character is out of combat, giving players the ability to adapt to any situation.
    • Multiple Targeting Systems – play the game as you choose, either with classic WoW-inspired tab-targeting or an action MMORPG targeting reticle.
    • Variety of PvP and PvE Modes – fight hordes of tough boss monsters in the game's instanced dungeons or join a guild and participate in the game's guild vs. guild PvP battles for castle ownership.

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    Skull Girls, a 2D Fighter came out in 2012. Ever since, it has been updated and rereleased for almost every platform out there, and now, it's coming to mobile. Here's my opinion in why you should be excited. 

    Skull Girls starts out in either one, two,or three character matches. They TAG Team each other to switch in and out. The engine for the design and art direction is clearly modled after Marvel VS Capcom 2 and it shows. The comnbat is fierce, compeditive and the art direction is striking! Initially, the critism for Skullgirls fierce but in only two weeks, this game sold 50,000 copies.

    So, in comes the Skullgirls for mobile game. It promises a rich story line, RPG elements and a developed back story, with all the move sets and characters of the original. The twist now, is that it's free to play, you collect, gain and upgrade your items and characters as you progress and there's a kind of auto fight that let's you think more strategically. 

    Slated for Soft Launch between March and April, this will also be a first for LINE Corp, the extremly popular messaging app to release an American made game. So That's why I think you should be excited. Leave your comment down below and tell me, your feelings

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    At the GDC 2017, Conan Exiles developer Funcom revealed their plans to implement new content for 2017 and early 2018. Take a look.

    The following new content will be added to the game soon:

    Trebuchet : If the enemy fortress is too strong, you build such a behemoth and bang the walls with stones. To do this, you must first build a foundation and then build the complex throwing machine. Then you have to fill the part with stones and the fun starts.
    Siege Tower : In this way, you will be able to create enemy castles and, according to Funcom, you will be able to design them yourself.
    Deadpool : In this pit you throw your corpses, which you then catapults as disgusting bullets into the enemy camp.
    Dyeing : A feature for dyeing clothes is also planned. You collect certain plants and create a uniform look in the guild.

    Other new features that will come later:

    "The Purge": The term "The Purge" hides hordes of NPCs who regularly fall from outside the country of Conan Exiles and burn down and plunder everything. So that the invaders do not bother you every time, you should prepare against them. Those who strike back the attackers can plunder their supplies and get new slaves and blueprints.
    Riding Animals : So far, you have only been able to catch and enslave other people. Soon it goes with animals, which then trains you to Mounts. Among them are, besides horses and camels, thick rhinoceroses, which are particularly strong in sieges. To catch a Rhino you need a team of several players.
    Witchcraft : Until dark places were harmful to your barbarians because corruption nullified your vitality. But soon you can learn witchcraft and this is only in exchange for corruption. For this, witches and magicians can call up dark forces and, for example, raise undead.

    Programmable NPCs and Settlements : In the future, you should be able to pinpoint the exact schedule of your slaves. For example, they light and release torches at certain times. This is how to create real cities, which you can connect with roads. These will then let you travel 50 percent faster.

    New Biom "Highland": This landscape is radically different than the previous Conan Desert. There is a cold landscape with snow and ice. There you freeze if you do not have warm coat clothes. There are new creatures, resources and gods.
    Dungeons : There will be story-based dungeons in Conan Exiles, such as The Sewers Under, which will lead you into the canals under the ruins. There you can build phosphorus for torches burning under water and finally kill a giant snake.

    Avatar Protection: Anyone who has the bite of the fact that huge images of Set, Mitra, or Yog are constantly rolling through the arduously built buildings can now build protective measures against gods-avatars against a lot of effort.

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    Twilight Spirits is an action MORPG developed by NetEase and is currently in Closed Beta. The game overall has stunningly good graphics and is heavily skill based as there is no lock-on targeting system, not even soft targeting which is debatable if that is a good choice from the company's perspecive as many players are already used to some form of targeting system when they play.

    Nevertheless, this article is about the latest class which is to be released in the game and this class is of course the obligatory loli class that you see in almost all Eastern MMOs. Tera has Elins, Blade&Soul has Lyns and there are many more MMOs who have their own loli class.

    Not much is known about this new class and from what it can be seen from the video below she seems to be some sort of magical, ranged, glass cannon.

    Related: Twilight Spirits: an In-depth Preview of Anticipated Action MORPG

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    37Games is excited to announce its newest game, Dream City Idols. Players can live out their dreams of becoming Pop Stars! Enjoy the life of a star as you build up your career and compete to be number 1! Dream City Idols will be available from March 9th to players on both iOS and Android.

    Become part of Dream City, homeland of the social elite. Here you will find celebrities, models and millionaires alike, all aiming to be number 1 in this city of wonders. You’ll start off as a nobody but will quickly climb the ranks to stardom with the help of those around you.

    • Climb the ranks to the top of stardom through gaining favor with other Idols
    • Interact with thousands of players, maybe find your dream match!
    • Customize not only your avatar, but also your home, pet, and even your own store
    • Live in an ever changing city, make money, fall in love, join clubs, the choice is yours!
    • Become entangled in the love life of Lady Q, the celebrity girl next door
    Pre-Register Now!
    About 37Games
    37Games is a global online game developer and publisher specializing in free-to-play browser and mobile games. The company has in-house development teams that work with other game developers to create games which appeal to wide audiences internationally. 37Games' growing portfolio includes games like Guardians of Divinity, Fusion War, Nightfalls, Felspire and Siegelord.
    Official website:

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    Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed has soft-launched on iOS and Android devices in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Yesterday, I've downloaded Android version and here is my first look impressions.  
    What I love about the game is the action gameplay. Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed features the genre-defining hack-and-slash experience on the PC and console versions. It's a Dynasty Warriors game, although it's played on mobile device this time. 

    Unlike many mobile RPGs, there's no auto fight, and you have to use abilities and target the enemies yourself to survive.

    The other thing I like about Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed is the graphics. You have 5 tiers of GFX quality options and 3 tiers of FPS and resolution options to choose from according to the specs of your device. 

    Below are some screenshots of the game. You can learn more this game on our hub.

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    Conan Exiles sets in the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian and features gory and nudity content. However, players won't be able to get fully naked in the Xbox One version due to Microsoft's policy. The developer Funcom has confirmed that they will disable "full nude" for the game's Xbox One version.

    The PC version is totally a different thing. Not only players are able to get naked but also they can use the official mod tools to create their own content, including oversize boobs and dicks

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    Console racing games have always been known for their tight controls and fancy graphics. As the systems we own get more and more powerful, racing games get better and better. Grid Autosport has been out since 2014 and it hit all the machines it was on in it's generation, the pc, xbox 360, PS3, Linux and OSX. Being announced just today, GRID which is being released on iOS first, then Android later, by Feral Interactive, announced on Twitter, that the game will have everything that the console version of GRID has.

    That is a big deal for mobile gamers because it pushes the boundries of Mobile Gaming graphically. So let's get into how GRID may change the face of gaming when it releases this Spring. GRID Autosport has been praised for it's damage modeling, it's Artifical Intelligence and it's RIVAL system, which allows you to pick your rival and race them. If these options make their way to mobile, then this game will become a quick hit. It's pricing is a very decent $10. 

    IGN's Review on GRID Autosport HERE

    From other producers, Racing games have been Simulation or Arcade mostly, but GRID strattles the line of both, it's A.I. meant for a Simulation experience, the Racing a bit more of a Arcade. With these components, I feel personally, that we will get great things from Feral Interactive, who with their ports, know how to make great experiences on the Mobile Platform.

    What do you think? Do you play Racing games on your phone? Please comment down below

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    New Horizons is the latest update in the Russian version of Bless Online which allows players to progress to level 50. The publisher 101XP adds new epic and legendary equipment for level 50 characters, new recipes for crafting and new locations for hunting for level 45+ players.

    You can watch the trailers below to take a glance at what the new update has to provide. For the NA/EU version that we've been waiting too long, it's expected to start beta test in 2017, and its gameplay content "will be even more advanced than what you can see in the current Korean version."

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    One month ago, NCsoft released the first trailer for Lineage M, and yesterday they presented the second trailer from which you can see more actual gameply footage of the game. Coming soon to mobile platform is the Lineage MMO released in 1998 with the same visuals (with higher resolution) and gameplay. 

    The video shows adventure zones such as Talking Island, Dragon Valley, Oren, and Thebe & Barlog. It also features 1v1 battles. NCsoft stresses that the game is not a mobile game, and instead, it offers PC experience on mobile platform.

    Lineage M is scheduled to release in the first half of 2017.

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    Bethesda has kicked off closed beta sign-up for anticipated arena FPS Quake Champions. Quake is back, rocket jump is back! You need to be at least 18-year-old to apply for the beta. The CBT is expected to start in a few weeks, and it will be playable at the upcoming PAX East 2017.

    To celebrate the start of closed beta sign-up, Bethesda released an intense, action-packed gameplay trailer.


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    I'm not surprised to hear this. ION, like many other MMOs with a high standard and lots of fancy ideas, remained in silence shortly after the debut at E3 2015. Recently, DayZ creator Dean Hall and British developer Improbable both confirmed that the game was no longer in development. 

    "We can definitely say that Improbable is not currently working on Ion," Improbable stated. ""We are focussed on making SpatialOS available to developers, and supporting developers such as Bossa Studios and our SpatialOS Games Innovation Program partners as they make games on our platform."

    "We're not actively working on Ion, no," Dean Hall told Eurogamer. "I am not involved in that, no. Nor is RocketWerkz studio in New Zealand."

    Here are some of the cool concept the game promised: organs of the game figures should have real functions. For example, if the brain was shot away, then you should be able to do nothing more. With only one lung wing breathing would be difficult and so on.  Obviously it would have been possible to replace the organs again.

    Now take a look at the annoucement trailer below for this will be the only video you will see for the project.

    Source: Eurogamer

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    Snail Games' Dark and Light team has posted a new update, saying that they are currently "working on tuning and polishing overall graphics quality, particle effects, and animations for the Early Access launch later this year." The developer team also offers us a glance at the upgraded Blizzard spell. Take a look here.

    The Steam early access date hasn't been formally announced although it's expected to start something between the first or second quarter of 2017. 

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