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    Like many new VR titles that get some hype, upcoming PSVR title The Persistence is announced with promising features. The game not just attracts me for its settings that remind me of Dead Space, my favorite survivor franchise, it got me because of the gameplay features I haven't seen in other VR games.

    In the year of 2521, you wake up in a space ship where the crews are turned into mutants. Like Dead Space, you have to fight your way out, with or without other survivors' help. Here comes the interesting part, your friends can join your game as surviving engineers, using their tablets or smartphones and work with you (they don't need a VR headset). They can observe the entire ship's compartments and control things remotely, and they can direct and guide you by marking mutants and loot. The best part is your naughty friends can also set you up and make you get killed on purpose.

    How the game handles death is also a fresh thing. The ship carries a lot of people in cryogenic sleep, and each time you die, you wake up as another person from cryo sleep. You will die many times (at least that's what the dev wants to happen), but when you return in another human's body, you inherit all of the abilities your predecessor had.

    The other feature is the mutants are procedurally generated, and it makes you want to replay the game and not get scared by the same mutant at the same place.
    With these cool ideas, I hope the game has solid quality and can reduce motion sickness to the minimum. 

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    Resultado de imagem para toukiden mobile
    Koei Tecmo Games' mobile action game Toukiden Mononofu has started limited Android beta today in Japan. A wipe will be carried out after the beta ends on March 15th. 
    Players can play the first 3 chapters in the main story as well as the co-op experience.

    For those who never played the original game before, Toukidenis a Monster Hunter style action game where you and other players slay the demons for materials used to upgrad your gear.

    Toukiden Mononofu was announced at TGS 2016. The game allows you to break the demons' body parts and play with a single finger. BEsides, it supports 4-player real time co-op play.

    Japanese official website:

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    Good Games LLC. announces the launch of the action MMORPG Legend Hunter - Devil Unleashed for Android platform. The game is action-packed mobile game skips the minion cleaning phase and directly puts you in the boss battle. Additionally, there are several arena modes like 6v6, 9v9, as well as boss hunts, and real-time multiplayer combat mode.

    You can download the Android version at Google Play store

    The game will also come to iOS and Steam later. You can choose from 5 different classes and play with other players from different platforms.

    • 80 giant monsters to battle
    Let’s skip all minion fights and get to the big, powerful Bosses right away! You will control dozens of heroes to challenge fearsome monsters with clever AI! And you can bring your friends to fight in teams!

    • Destructible arenas
    The breakable environment, stunning 3D effects, weather change and day and night cycles will freshen up your gaming experience!

    • Varied combat modes
    With many combat modes like 6vs6 and 9vs9 Arenas, Boss hunts, and real-time multiplayer battles, Legend Hunter is bound to make you come back for more!

    • Open economic system
    You can freely trade items and equipment pieces with other players in the auction house. You can then become profit-driven merchant or geared-up sellsword!

    Mobile version screenshots

    Learn more at the official website

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    Unreal Engine 4 action mobile RPG Heroes of Incredible Tales (HIT) opens 3 new co-op dungeons in the latest major update, and they are Gross Farm, Rotumella Castle and Rolatt Dungeon. The co-op dungeons allow 3 heroes to join forces and conquer together.

    Additionally, players can expect to raises the max weapon and armor transcendence level to 40. Players can test their limit and fight Immortal Moot 1v1 at Seal Defense from 00:00 to 23:00 server time. New craftable accessory Crests have been added tot the game as well, which can be crafted with materials earned from Co-op dungeon. Also, a bunch of event will keep you busy and reward you in the following days.

    You can learn the details at facebook.

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    Revelation Online players, we are teaming up with the game's publisher to give out 200 Golden War Horses, a fast ground mount that helps you travel the world in style.

    To win a code, first you have to answer 3 simple questions about the game in the comment and then pray you are the lucky one that's chosen as a winner. We choose winners randomly from those who provide the correct answers.
    >>> You can register and download Revelation Online for free here

    Now answer the following questions in your comment:
    1. What's the name of Revelation Online's fantasy game world?
    2. How many classes Revelation Online (the version published by currently has?
    3. What is the business model of Revelation Online?
    Event time:
    March 14 - March 18, 2017
    Winners will be announced at this post and codes will be sent to your registered email in 3 days after the event ends

    How to redeem the code:

    • Sign up for an official Revelation Online account
    • Navigate to your user profile ( and enter your code in the "Enter your code" field. Then click "Submit"
    • Once you have redeemed your code, you can download the client here:
    • Head to your inventory on the website which you can find here.
    • Select the item you would like to send to your character. Please make sure you already have a character created, if you do not you will need to refresh the page once you have created a character.
    • Once you have selected item, server and character which you want to receive the items proceed to click on ‘Send’.
    • Your item has now been sent to your character, you will now need to retrieve it. You can do this by going to a Postal Attendant. There is one on the starting island and also one at the bottom of Sulan. You can double check that you have received your items by selecting the Mail icon (the one which looks like a letter) in the top right hand corner, you can also use this icon to navigate to your nearest postal attendant by pressing the ‘item’ button.
    • Once you have visited a postal attendant you can claim your items from the letter you have received by also selecting the ‘item’ button. These items will go to a temporary inventory where you will need to select ‘obtain’.

    About Revelation Online
    Revelation Online is a breathtaking Massively Online Multiplayer experience in which players will discover the lands of Nuanor. Explore a vibrant world of ancient mystery, and use the power of flight to experience absolute freedom. Spread your wings or master one of the many aerial mounts to soar through the sky.
    You can learn more about the game at the game hub.

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    In an interview last month, Blueside CEO Lee Sang-youn told us they will launch Kingdom Under Fire 2 open beta in Russia this fall and then move to the NA/EU version. In a recent press conference in South Korea, Blueside confirmed the PS4 version will start closed beta around the end of 2017 in South Korea, Japan, North America and Europe. The PS4 commercial launch will follow very soon, according to Korean media inven, because all gameplay content are based on the PC version.
    Blueside also confirmed before that they will launch the PC and PS4 versions simultaneously in the west. So the game will be coming to NA and EU market between late 2017 and early 2018.

    On the other hand, the developer also showed one of the Kingdom Under Fire mobile games at the conference. It's an action mobile RPG being developed by a group of ex-developers that worked on EvilBane: Rise of Ravens (called Raven in Korea) before. Only one image of the game is available currently.

    Another 2 more KUF mobile games are also in development and each of them aims at a particular genre.

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    After doing the Iris Yuma and Stella Unibell cosplay, South Korean cosplay team Spiral Cat has released another Soul Worker cosplay by Tasha, featuring Poison, a boss character in the game.  
    Poison in SoulWoker.
    As usual, Tasha's cosplay represents sexy and high quality. Enjoy!  

    For those that are waiting for the game's western version, the publisher Gameforge is still working on localizing the game. Below are what they siad on Facebook recently. 

    We're still working hard on getting Soulworker out. Currently, we're mostly in the translation phase and preparing things so we can get the EU players the best Soulworker experience possible. We can not tell you any explicit dates as of yet, unfortunately. However, keep your eyes opened and on the lookout for further news about it, the upcoming months are going to be exciting!


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    Rend tries to bring some changes to the survival genre, with the hybrid survival game features. The game is developed by Frostkeep Studios, which is composed of MMO industry veterans from Blizzard and Riot Games, etc.

    You may not call the game an MMO depending on how you define the term "MMORPG". The game has 3 factions, an open world, a server wipe mechanism, and plans to host about 100 players in each server. You must strategically team up with other players and friends to battle enemy creatures and rival factions, build and fortify your base, and race against the enemy factions to gather the lost souls to fill up your faction's Divinity Stone.

    If gathering lost souls for your faction and progress your character is the PvE experience, then protecting your faction's Divinity Stone is about PvP. Every week, there will be a server-wide PvP event called The Reckoning. You must join forces to strategically align and plan how their faction will protect and defend their base and Divinity Stone. Server will be wiped off and reset after a winner is declared. To win, a faction must fill up their Divinity Stone to ascend, or destroy the enemy factions' Divinity Stones.

    In terms of combat, Rend features a responsive shooter-style combat system featuring a wide array of weapon types. As players use different weapons, they will increase their skill and eventually unlock customization paths to specialize in different uses of that weapon.

    Rend is scheduled to release in Spring 2017. Tell us if the concept of the game interest you? Tell us what you think.

    Game Features

    • Base building: defensive structures, crafting stations, decor, and more
    • FPS combat: compelling shooter gameplay with a large variety of weapons
    • Crafting and research: craft hundreds of items and research new technologies to increase your capabilities
    • Skill system: a broad set of skills that level up and reward players for most activities in the game
    • Talents: customize your character with four unique talent trees as you level up
    • Mounts: venture into the spirit realm to capture mountable companions
    • Artifact weapons: find and collect ultra-powerful artifact weapons to dominate your enemies
    • Base raiding: invade enemy factions' bases to steal resources and ultimately wipe them out
    • AI invasions: defend your base against hordes of AI attackers
    • Win or lose: full support for your faction to win or lose on your chosen server
    • Custom servers: run your own server and customize its ruleset to your liking
    • Survival mechanics: resource harvesting, environmental danger, hunger and thirs

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    Hi-Rez Studios has announced the tactic first person shooter Paladins enters closed beta on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. You can get guaranteed beta access by purchasing Founder’s Pack available for $15 through March 28, 2017. The console version will be free-to-play like the PC version, so those who don't want to make a purchase can wait for the open beta in the future. 

    The Founder’s Pack doesn’t just give you Closed Beta access. It also includes:
    - Every Champion we ever release. Ever. Forever.
    - A Beta-exclusive Skin Collection and Mount.
    - 10 Radiant Chests, each containing Cards, Skins, and more.
    - 72,000 Essence to craft the cards you want.
    - A Paladins-themed skin for Ares in SMITE on PS4. 
    Hi-Rez also announced a big tournament for console esports. The best teams on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be flown to Valencia, Spain to compete in $50,000 Console Wars Tournament, July 14-16 at DreamHack Valencia 2017.

    Learn more about Paladins console on the official site.

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    Yes Ragnarok is getting another game in the franchise, called Ragnarok R. Asian Ragnarok fans may never feel so happy to have Ragnarok Online (PC), Ragnarok Mobile, Ragnarok Journey (browser) and soon Ragnarok R to play at the same time. Gravity announces that Ragnarok R will be released in South Korea in the first half of 2017 (the game has released in China and Taiwan last year and in Thailand in February 2017, according to report).

    Ragnarok R is a turn-based mobile RPG with card game elements. Players can collect various cards and use them to attack, defend, and cast different spells to slay the monsters. Besides, character progression, pet system, and other traditional Ragnarok features such as costume, guild and social systems are also brought to the game.

    Will the game come to global market sometime in the future? We don't know but we do hope so.

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    Square Enix's upcoming anime RPG Mashiro Witch: Midnight will be released for Android and IOS platforms. For now we know that the game will be F2P with optional in-app purchase. The story tells the young girls fight to stop the degradation in the end of the world. From the screenshots below you can tell that the game allows you to customize your characters with various costumes, gear and on the other hand, progress their magic abilities.

    Square Enix plans to launch the beta test for Android soon, and then officially launch the game sometime later this year. Those who love Japanese anime style game can expect the game to come to global market in the future.

    Official Website

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    The 11th BlizzCon has been dated for November 3rd and 4th, 2017. Tickets will go on sale in two batches: Wednesday, April 5 at 7:00 p.m. PDT and Saturday, April 8 at 10:00 a.m. PDT. This year, ticket sales will be hosted by Universe, and tickets are priced at $199 each (plus applicable taxes and fees).  
    Blizzard also announced two esports tournaments StarCraft II WCS Global Finals and WOW Arena World Championship Finals will host at BlizzCon.
    The champions of the four official WCS Circuit events operated by DreamHack and the top players from the WCS Circuit Standings will earn spots at the WCS Global Finals.  
    - WCS Austin Champion (1)
    - WCS Jönköping Champion (1)
    - WCS Valencia Champion (1)
    - WCS Montreal Champion (1)
    - WCS Circuit Standings (4)
    The WoW Arena World Championship Finals will have 12 teams — up from 8 last year. Latin America now has a dedicated spot and China will be represented by a second team.
    Learn more about BlizzCon 2017 at the official site.

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    If you're playing Final Fantasy XIV on the PlayStation 3 console, your days to enjoy the MMORPG on the 11-year-old console are numbered. Square Enix has announced to discontinue the support for the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV once the Stormblood expansion releases in June later this year.

    Starting March 18th, the option to purchase a 90-day subscription for the game's PS3 version will no longer be available. Good news is the developer will offer the PS3 users free upgrade to transfer their PS3 version to PS4 version until the end of 2017. With the game available on PC and PS4, it makes sense that the old-generation version will slightly move to the closet.

    Source: official site

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    In case you don't know, PixArk is an upcoming voxel-based title developed by Snail Games (the partner of Studio Wildcard) that's like Minecraft meets Ark: Survival Evolved. PixArk is based on Ark: Survival Evolved IP and features fully destructible environment and underground world, and the game will launch worldwide in the first half of 2017.
    Snail Games today shows the actual gameplay of the game through a batch of screenshots. We should remind you that the game is still in development and the screenshots don't represent the final quality.   

    Everything in the world is made of pixels

    Dinosaurs in pixels, what do you think of them?

    You can dig a pit on the ground to hide yourself from dangers

    You can discover unexpected entrances to the underground when you explore in the game

    And through the secret entrance you may find rare materials

    Rare materials may also mean danger

    You can also make the underground place your home 

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    Snail Games' Age of Wushu inspired mobile RPG Sword of Shadows has kicked off Closed Beta for both iOS and Android. The game is powered by the second generation Flexi Engine and wants to deliver PC-quality of martial arts experience to mobile gamers. 
    Sword of Shadows features Team Arena, Sky Arena and Conquest, and more. The game also includes a slew of new gameplay features, including flying skills, expanded quests, expanded guild functions, and more.
    In Closed Beta you can choose one of five schools: Wudang, Tangmen, Emei, Lingxiao and Ming. Among all schools, the Emei is a female-only faction.

    Below are my impressions after over 30 minutes of Sword of Shadows gameplay.  

    - PC-quality 3D gaming experience to the mobile platform with three camera modes: Locked 3D, Free 3D and Dynamic 3D.
    - The classic elements of Age of Wushu combat with three varieties.
    - Three pathfinding modes: Flying Mode, Mount Mode and Smart Mode.

    - No character customize, you must use standard characters and no more defferences with other players.
    - Same flying kill in the early game, no more defferences with other schools.

    Learn more about Sword of Shadows on the official page on Facebook.

    0 0 has reported that Snail Games' anticipated sandbox MMORPG Dark and Light has a beta schedule. They discovered in the game's Chinese official site that the beta (or Steam Early Access) will be starting this summer. 

    Snail Games US hasn't responded to the beta time revealed from the Chinese official site. 


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    According to South Korean media Inven, Gamevil has revealed the global closed beta schedule for ArcheAge Begins, the mobile RPG inspired by XL Games' ArcheAge MMORPG. The beta will begin on March 23 and end on March 31, and the final launch is expected to be the first half of 2017, according to report.
    There's no English announcement yet but you can expect to see it soon.

    ArcheAge Begins is created by XL Games' mobile division, and it can be seen as a prequel to ArcheAge PC MMO, and the game is an RPG at launch and may get MMORPG-like content in the future. While the game is powered by Unreal Engine 4, all the characters and monsters in the mobile version have been redesigned.
    You can learn more in our previous interview with Gamevil.

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    Smite Tactics is Hi-Rez’s new turned-based strategy game, a spinoff of the far more popular Smite MOBA. After months of putting it off, and being a longtime fan of TCG and Strategy games, I finally caved in and bought one of the founder packs to gain instant beta access. Was it worth it? Let’s find out!

    Smite Tactics plays similar to the Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics games, where two teams fight each other on a map separated into grids. Here, however, the main goal is to kill the enemy leader before the enemy leader kills yours, summoning allies to assist you either with your attacks or defense strategies. These allies come under the form of cards that will remind some of the Hearthstone (or Yu-Gi-Oh) mechanics.

    The basic gameplay is pretty straightforward if you are familiar with the games mentioned above. Put simply, you start by picking one of the Gods, possessing special abilities, and building a deck with cards that you will use in battle. These can take the form of lesser Gods, minions, items, and spells. 

    One interesting point is that these lesser Gods will also posses special abilities. Ao Kuang, for example, leaves behind an illusion with 0/5 (attack/life). If this illusion isn’t destroyed by the end of the turn, all adjacent enemies take 2 damage. Medusa eliminates a damaged lesser God or minion and leaves behind a statue in their place. Finally, Loki can teleport to any enemy up to 3 tiles away, dealing 5 damage to the target. Unfortunately, despite having a number of options in terms of cards, a certain lack of creativity is nonetheless felt. While there is no arguing that the different pantheons have their own tones, their overall effects in decks as well as on strategies show no radical uniqueness.
    Once your deck is ready, you can finally go into battle. Matches start with the main Gods being summoned on each side of the map. Then, just like in Hearthstone, they gain mana each turn, which allows them to summon their allies onto the map, or use spells. One thing you should know is that the maps are rather small, with 8x6 grids to move on. While this allows for some amount of freedom, once each God starts summoning their units and move towards each other, things start to get restricted. While this is not a bad thing (it would be a pain to chase an enemy God over a huge map), it gets quite easy for a skilled opponent to corner you at some point. Combat is pretty self-explanatory, with melee units having to be one grid away to attack enemies, and ranged units being able to attack from a set distance. One small complaint I have is that currently (and this will most likely change in future updates) some of the effects of certain abilities and spells are confusing, while the full attack range of minions and lesser Gods are unknown.

    Obviously, taking skill and luck out of the equation, one of the main factor that will determine the results of your battles is the cards you have in your deck. If you are familiar with other TCG or Gacha based titles, you’ll know what to expect. Cards will have different rarity levels, with the best ones being the rarest. And to obtain new cards, you have two options. The first one is using the favor you obtain after battles to buy packs, with one pack having one pack costing 300 favor. Roughly, you will need to take part about 8 matches (and complete daily quests along the way) to be able to open 4-5 packs. This might not seem like much, but is actually a lot of work, even more so when you consider than you will most likely not get the cards you want. And the alternative is, you’ve guessed it, spending money to buy card packs. The best option right now is buying 60 packs for 3500 runes ($50), which puts the price to about 60 runes per pack.


    In its current state, Smite Tactics is an interesting title that remains quite underwhelming in practice, if not bland. A lot of changes will most likely be introduced by the time the game is officially released, but until then, keep your hopes down.

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    Bandai Namco has released on iOS and Android a mobile action RPG based on Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Swordsman Romantic Story, a manga series written by Nobuhiro Watsuki. The game's Japanese name is 
    Rurouni Kenshin: Kengeki Kenran.

    The Story of the Game focuses on Hitokiri Battosai, a swordsman who seeks atonement for the killings he committed in the Bakumatsu period. Players will be able to jump into the shoes of the iconic characters in the anime to experience the unique abilities. Players can also make various combos with other characters.

    If you are interested, you can download the Japanese version at GooglePlay store or App Store.

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    Hello, Gamers

    In this article, we will be looking at Revelation Online, a Chinese, F2P, MMORPG developed by NetEase. The game was released in open Beta in the West about a week ago and is published by, the company responsible for games such as Skyforge and Cloud Pirates.

    This is not a review article, but rather an Honest Opinion about various features  of the game, such as the combat, the levelling process, the endgame, the PVP, graphics etc. The opinions which I will be presenting will be based  on my own game play experience and from various other videos and discussions I’ve found before writing this article.

    Before we start let me give a brief description of my own experience. Revelation Online was a game that I had been looking forward to play from the very first moment I laid eyes upon a gameplay video which I randomly found on Youtube. After a brief google search, I found out that the game was scheduled to be released in the West somewhere in 2017 and I also applied for the Closed Beta, unfortunately I wasn’t picked. Nevertheless one day before the game was released in Open Beta, I downloaded the game throughout the night, so that I would be ready when the servers would open up.

    I’ve played this game for about five days as an Occultist, I picked this class, because scythes are cool. During those five days, my female Occultist quickly reached lvl40 in only two days. It took me that long, because I spent a lot of time messing around with the game, staring at landscapes, tring to fly to very high locations among other things. It can easily be done under five hours, just by following the main quest and dungeons. As for the other three days, I’ve spent them on  playtesting various aspects of the game, such as dungeons, dailies, crafting and a little PVP.  I managed to level up a few more times up to lv.46.

    I am giving my answer to the question of the title at the end of this article, but make sure you read what I have to say about the game's features before reading the conclusion.

    So, let’s start from the basics and then we will move on to more important stuff.
    First off we have:


    Overall the game world looks absolutely beautiful. The stylized graphics which the game engine uses blend very well together creating a colorful, vivid and lively world. While I was playing the game, from time to time I would side track from questing just so I could I enjoy the scenery of the game. I thoroughly enjoyed running aimlessly or flying around on my fabulous white wings through some of the areas. The ones I strongly remember are:

    The place with that huge carving of a woman on a mountaintop

    And a grassy field which was filled to the brim with flowers of all kinds of colors.

    It is not often that F2P MMOs manage to deliver such a detailed and beautiful world for us to play in, this is why when I finally find one of those MMOs, I make sure to enjoy the view as much as I can.


    Character Customization

    In my opinion, when it comes to the more modern MMOs, the character customization in Revelation Online is only rivaled by Black Desert Online. You can literally bring the character of your craziest dreams to life, thanks to the vast amount of customization options and sliders which exist in the game. . Personally,  I must have spent a good 30-45 minutes, creating my character, before deciding on her appearance.

    Say hello, to my albino, dual colored, Occultist with blue pigtails.

    Before I start playing any kind of game where you create your own character. I always watch a character customization video, just so I can get a grasp on how the game feels like.  It’s not a decisive factor when it comes to choosing whether or not I would be playing that game, but it certainly plays a major part in it.

    I also like the fact that in Revelation Online, there are no gender locked classes as this tends to be a usual feature of many eastern MMOs and it is something that the majority of western players despise. Thankfully this thing doesn’t exist in Revelation Online and let’s hope that it will remain like this if they release a new class in the future.

    I also liked the fact that you can change the appearance of your character after creating him for free. All of the games, I’ve played up until now required payment to change your appearance.


    Before starting playing, I’ve seen many people comparing Revelation Online to Blade&Soul, however this is only true for the graphics parts and not to the combat. Blade &Soul is a pure action combat MMO which requires high-speed and precision in order to chain your attack and create combos. In Revelation Online the battle is more of a hybrid between action combat and TAB targeting which was a very good move from the side of the company in order to please fans of both systems, but honestly I didn’t quite like it. If I had to describe it the best word which comes to mind is clunky. But that's just my opinion.

    You can choose your preferred battle style at the beginning or from the options later on, I ended up choosing action combat, because often, in most games the TAB targeting system feels static and becomes boring after a while.

    I generally like action combat MMOs, like Blade&Soul and Black Desert and I have played the crap out of them. I still couldn’t quite bring myself to like the action combat in Revelation Online, and I think that the transition between the casting time and the actual animation could use some further polishment. Generally, combat is responsive and smooth enough for a game that's still in beta. Besides, the aerial combat offers very unique experience.

    Levelling process

    So a big question that many people have before starting any kind of MMO is:

    How grindy is this game really?

    Well, long story short, the answer to that question regarding Revelation Online is:

    Grindy as hell, BUT

    It’s not that simple. So let me expand on it. If you have played the game past lv40 by just doing yellow and orange quests as well as some dungeons. You will surely have noticed that the levelling beyond forties becomes way more difficult than before. But even getting to lv49 is not that bad compared to the grinding which awaits you after that. The curve steeps dramatically, every ten levels up to level 79 which is the max level.

    During my search in the official forums and Reddit, I’ve found this discussion. There was an interesting reply regarding the levelling process there so I quoted it.  
    Lv 1 to lv 49: can be done in a day on CN server. NA will not have the boost features during the initial weeks, but it still shouldn't take more then a few days. Players in RU CBT were Lv 47 on the 3rd day.

    Lv 50-Lv 59: avg 1~2 weeks, but really depending on how much you play. From here on you will also need do a lot of other stuff, such zone reputation building to gain access to cheaper materials, free materials, etc. You also need to gear up or else you will have serious issues for the next level tier.

    Lv 60-69. For Lv 69, you need 68Million exp pts to level up. At this level tier, you will also start to be limited to doing God Mode runs for certain dungeons for exp bonus. Have not personally experienced it, but I have been told by many gear up or stay at Lv 59.

    Lv 70-79: The Devs has a "target date" on a server to have its 1st lv 79 in about 3-4 months, and 4-5 for the server to have 500 Lv 79 players.
    As you can see there are tons of stuff that you have to do in order to level up properly beyond the soft cap which apparently is considered the lv49.  Even the developers are estimating that the first max level characters will start appearing in about 3-4 months after launch. And that is if everyone playing the game well. Meaning,  that you have to complete all dailies each and every day as well as the weekly quests respectively, invest time into crafting which also grants experience, doing PVP and also doing specific dungeon runs which grant the most experience in the shortest amount of time,

    In one way it is good that NetEase has provided us with so many different ways to level up our characters. Because it prevents the game from becoming a mindless, boring chore of killing the same monsters in one area, over and over again.

    So to wrap this up:
    “Yes, the game is super grindy from a certain point, but at least there are many things which you can do in order to level up properly and not burn yourself by doing the same things over and over.”

    Questing and Story

    The quests in Revelation Online are an endless chain of:

    Press F to pay respects!
    (COD players know)

    Literally the only thing you do all the time is running around talking from person to person which will tell you to either kill something or go someplace else and Press F again, to activate/collect/examine that something and then go back, complete the quest. Fortunately, there were some cool cutscenes in the story made up the tediousness of repetitive quests.

    "I think you get my point."
    You will get bored of seeing this guy


    I didn’t play a lot of PVP, besides a few duels with random people and arena matches. But I have to say that a very good job has been done regarding the PVP. There are all sorts of PVP options from the start:

    1v1, 3v3 instanced battles, battlegrounds (10v10, 20v20, 30v30) with different modes such as capture the flag or team deathmatches. There are also guild wars up to 50v50. As well as sieges where you fight to control cities or fortresses and engage in aerial combat.

    All in all I think that was a brilliant move from the company’s part, because not only there is a vast amount of things to do in PVE for endgame, dungeons, world bosses etc. But only from the number of option that exists, it is obvious that a great deal of work has been put in PVP as well in order to satisfy both endgame PVE & PVP fans.


    To sum things up and answer the big question of this article:

    "Is it just another grindy, Asian MMO or not?"

    Short answer is : No, it's not!

    Despite finding some drawback in the game's core features. I believe that this is a game that you should at least try playing up for a few hours, before forming an opinion about it. The game's best features are its endgame dungeons and raids and of course its PVP.

    Sure the game becomes grindy from a certain level and beyond, but the there are so many things that you can do at the moment and there are so many people playing the game that you won't get bored for the next few months if you decide to commit yourself to that game. And this is only Open Beta, when the game is released, I am sure that there will be even more endgame PVE content to do.

    Also, as I've mentionned before the PvP in this game is fantastic. There are tons of options for people who like myself are PvP mains.When most MMOs are released PvP options are usually limited to 1v1 (duels), 3v3 (team fights) and maybe a one or two battlegrounds. Revelation Online from the get 'n go has all these with a lot of variations (10v10, 20v20 etc.) and also has some guild wars and sieges. Those two last features  are usually added to most MMOs a long time after their official release, yet this game has them while it is still in Open Beta.
    (Remember how long it took Black Desert to add Seige PvP in the game?)

    Someone could say that the questing and the storyline are important as well.I won't argue with that, but this is a F2P title and I didn't expect much to begin with in terms of questing or story. Besides Blade and Soul which had a very nice story, I haven't played any F2P MMOs that actually have a compelling story and present it in a nice manner. And in terms of questing there isn't a single one. Lastly,  a good story is good, but it won't guarantee a game's longevity. So for me the story isn't a reason not to play the game and have fun, besides reaching the soft cap is very easy as I've said before.

    So all in all my advice to people who are thinking of starting this game is :

    It's a pretty good free-to-play MMORPG and you should give it a try. 

    You will surely have fun for the first few days and if you decide to commit to it you will have lots more.

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