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    Square Enix just announced at Gamescom 2017 Monster Of The Deep: Final Fantasy XV will be released on November 21, 2017 for PlayStation VR. The Japanese preorder site has been live and the global site should be up very soon. According to the official site, preordering the game will reward you an exclusive samurai costume and a PS4 theme. You can see the rewards below.

    New fishing scenes and character customization system were also revealed. Take a look at the images below and stay tuned for the English press release for more details.


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    Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition will be launched in Fall 2017 for iOS, Android, and Windows 10, featuring 10 episodes of the original story with a bunch of chibi style characters.

    Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition is a 3D action RPG which allows players to control a squad of iconic Final Fantasy characters and jump into 10 story-driven episodes. From the trailer, we can see various weapons, bosses as well as supercar vehicle. The first episode will be free but if you want to go deeper, you have to pay for the rest of nine episodes.

    For now, there’s only a trailer that shows off some of the gameplay of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, but fans of Ironhide’s earlier games won’t have to wait too much longer to try it out. 

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    A new expansion is coming to Revelation Online, announced today by, the publisher and NetEase Games, the developer of the game. The new expansion is called 'UPRISING'.

    The UPRISING expansion contains a level cap raise, players will be able to reach Lv79, beside Azure Dragon Guild Tournament for level 70-79 players. Also there will be a new dungeon included, which is called 'Altar of Swords'.

    Altar of Swords dungeon comes with three difficulty versions for 5-man/10-man party. It also contains new mighty bosses, new modes and adventures.

    The whole expansion was announced to arrive in September as a free update.

    In addition to the new content expansion, an Assassin class was revealed for those who prefer to remain in the shadows. The Assassin class will be released during November as it was announced.

    Below, you can watch both, the UPRISING trailer, and the new Assassin class teaser trailer:

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    After the announcement of Tekken Mobile, Bandai Namco Entertainment announced today at Gamescom 2017, the global release of the upcoming mobile game, Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage, which is also known as Naruto x Boruto: Borutage in Japan.

    Naruto X Boruto Ninja Voltage is a new generation action strategy role-playing mobile game with awesome environment where you can play solo or in a team with friends, building your own fortress, traps and defeat your enemies. You can also send characters like Naruto into other's fortress to steal their resources. In addition to participating in co-op missions and action ninja fortress battles.

    The game will be available on iOS and Android devices via Google Play and App Store during the last months of the current year. For more information, visit the official website.

    You can watch the announcement trailer below:

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    December 2017 may be a good window for VR games to explode because Bethesda's Fallout 4 VR, Skyrim VR, and Doom VFR will all be released that time! If you haven't had your own VR headset, perhaps you may want to get one now.

    ​So there are 2 games coming for PSVR and 2 games coming for HTC Vive. Which game do you want to play? Will you buy a Vive or PSVR for it?

    By the way HTC Vive was just announced to become $200 cheaper and you can get it for $599 now.

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    Following the European release on September 22, Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash will also launch for PlayStation 4 in North America on September 26. 

    To celebrate official launch, publisher XSEED Games also revealed a new “Sexy Soaker” digital limited edition for $59.99 which includes the digital soundtrack and redeem code for the upcoming downloadable content.

    Senran Kagura: Peach Beach Splash is a third-person shooter in which players control female ninjas from various games in the Senran Kagura series, using different types of water guns with different abilities and fighting in various fun and competitive game modes. 

    In addition, Peach Beach Splash will also support PlayStation VR for Diorama Mode and Character Viewing in the Locker Room is currently in development.

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    O’olBlue Inc. has announced that its cross-platform team action RPG ‘Hunters League’ is now available to download from iOS, Android and PC via Facebook Gameroom.


    Hunters League is the team based action RPG with unique intuitive game play system (shoot, dodge, target, hit) applied to each character or the whole team of three at once. Players would play the game strategically controlling the actions and the skills of three hunters. And can change hunters’ combat roles by switching weapons with unique skills. In addition, players could confront each combat with different strategy by using Weapon Alteration System. Players can also join PvP battles at Arena and Resources War.

    Hunters League features 3D hand-drawing graphics and various cosmetic skins truly define Hunters League unique. There will be more language options later this year. O’olBlue will support global cross-platform play through all of its games planned to develop in the future.

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    Mobile game developer Indra has announced the soft launch of its first mobile game title, Raziel: Dungeon Arena at Australia iOS Store. Raziel, modeled after classic ARPGs like Torchlight and Diablo, is a hardcore, hack-n-slash ARPG for iOS, and Android version will arrive later.

    Raziel is a meticulously crafted dungeon crawling, boss battling ARPG experience for your mobile devices. There are more than 60+ single player dungeons in the game. In addition, Raziel: Dungeon Arena offers 1v1, 2v2, guild battles, and co-op modes.

    Raziel: Dungeon Arena features stunning graphics coupled with detailed character models and diverse dungeon environments. Though the game’s theme is undeniably dark, there are a variety of dungeon environments for players to enjoy, including dismal swamps, forbidding deserts, haunted forests, and creepy caves.

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    Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Comeplex - First Assault Online, Nexon's first-person online shooter, will be closed down on December 6. The game was released in global market in July 2016 via Steam.

    According to the game forum, the developer stated that "continued development would not help the game to be what they expected it to be," so they decided to end the game for good later this year.

    Until then, however, the game will continue to receive support and update from the developer and publisher, allowing players to play the game if they still want to.

    Check out the official statement .

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    When most people think library they think books. While that is certainly true, these days books take different shapes, such as multimedia books. However, when it comes to video games in the library, maybe it looks like a little bit inappropriate. Recently a Redditor named Warrly posted a thread and revealed Nintendo Switch and games are on the shelf of his school library.  

    Although the Switch Console is coming soon, there are lots of Switch games available to borrow in the school library, such as Just Dance 2017, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 and more. In addition, you may notice the loan receipt which says the overdue fee is $2 per hour, which means you might be available to buy the game if you are not good with returning things on time. Anyway, I am still so jealous.

    What do you think about video games in the school library? I think it does more good than harm since it can not only serve the students who are taking classes about video game development but also let more people know the video game industry.

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    At Gamescom 2017 Black Desert Online announced the game's Xbox One X version will be released in the first half of 2018. While the development for console version is in full swing this year, the mobile version development started in 2016. Black Desert Mobile will be coming out in late 2017, and the developer Pearl Abyss revealed more details of the mobile version in Cologne, Germany.
    In an interview with South Korean media Gamemeca, Jeehyun Hwang, director at Pearl Abyss, said no mobile MMORPG actually succeeded in the western market before, and he hoped Black Desert Mobile would be the first one. He confirmed that auto-battle will be in BDO Mobile "because of the nature of mobile gaming", but players can choose between auto fighting and the authentic action non-targeting combat.
    Jeehyun Hwang
    Black Desert Mobile is about bringing everything from the PC to mobile
    Jeehyun Hwang stressed that you can play all BDO content in the mobile version. This statement may be needed some further explanations and confirmation because it'd be a huge amount of work to bring literally everything to mobile. He also confirmed there will be mobile exclusive content such as the Private Manor feature shown in the announcement trailer. There will be more to be revealed later.
    Related: How Black Desert Mobile Is Different to the PC Version
    He said the PC version not only delivers the non-targeting combat, extensive customization, and life content, but also focuses on competitive experience, and so the mobile version will offer mobile gamers a different feeling. However, he continued, the mobile version won't be pay-to-win. Players won't be able to become more powerful by spending money, he said. 

    The game is developed for global market from the ground up
    Jeehyun Hwang said "Black Desert Mobile was meant to aim at global market rather than specific regions when the game was in the planning stage. In other words, it doesn't require a lot of time to localize the game so the game can be released in various regions simultaneously. That's the strength of Black Desert Mobile". He further explained for there's no NA version or EU version for Black Desert Mobile and console version, and there's only a Global version.
    Now Pearl Abyss really focuses a lot in the oversea market, for 75% of its revenue in 2016 was from international market, specifically NA and EU. At the end, he confirmed Black Desert Online will be coming to Southeast Asian and Turkey by the end of 2017.
    Source: Gamemeca

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    Today, Webzen announced they will be working with Verité Entertainment, the famous voice acting company as well as voice director, René Veilleux on MU Legend's voice. René Veilleux worked on many games before such as The Elder Scrolls Online.

    Verité Entertainment will bring quality voice-overs for the hack and slash MMORPG, aiming at enhancing the personality of the game's characters to make them unique and different from each other not just in terms of the visual and physical aspects.

    MU Legend Global version will enter open beta in September and you will be able to experience the new voice-acting at that time.

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    There are a lot of ways to gain EXP in Lineage 2 Revolution such as farming mobs, doing main quests and side quests and dailies, as well as EXP dungeons. But what is the most effective and fastest way? Here's the priority.
    Basically the fastest way is running exp dungeons (unlocked upon reaching lvl. 38 and completing Episode 5-1 of the main quest). You can run these dungeons twice a day. You should choose the highest level exp dungeon that you can get SSS rating. In the mid-game phase you should be able to run an exp dungeon for 2-3 minutes.
    Then make use of the daily rewards such as exp boost potion if there is any. If you have such items, go to the extraction dungeons (unlocked upon reaching lvl. 24 and completing Episode 3-10 of the main quest). Try to stay and focus on 2 closest herbs. You should be able to gather 20 herbs very fast unless there are PKers.
    And then you can do things according to this order of priority: weekly quests>main quests>side quests. Weekly quests usually don't require you to travel to far locations but kill mobs in a certain location, and they reward lots of exp but cost less time. Main quests may require you to travel between locations which waste time.
    Next is elite dungeon. You should focus on the high exp elites that you can easily kill. Besides, it's recommended to use Hot Time for elite dungeon and quests.
    Finally, daily quests are the less effective way. If you do dailies, only do the grade A or above quests. If you have a lot of gold, use them to instantly complete the quests you can't work on at present.

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    Announced in mid-July, the Rebuild Project is Neowiz's attempt to remake Bless Online. The improvements and changes include character growth, combat, gathering/crafting, pets / mounts, UI and UX, character customization and more. Today, Neowiz released the first video for the Rebuild version.

    The video is in Korean so it's difficult to read all information told there. But it shows 6 aspects the Rebuild version mainly focuses on: character growth, combat, crafting, travel companion, UI & UX, and customization.

    The purpose of this video is to provide a detailed introduction of the Rebuild Project, which has been available on the Korean test server since August 1st. 

    On the other hand, our source indicated that Neowiz Games CEO is also at Gamescom 2017. No doubt they are still looking forward to bringing the game back to the western market. 

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    Nowadays Overwatch is probably the most Cosplayer-chosen video games of all time. With the beautiful wings and white shining armor, Mercy is definitely the most popular hero in Overwatch’s adorable female character lineup.

    Recently, famous Chinese cosplayer “美歪” presents us a series of impressive Mercy cosplay, featuring vivid costumes, beautiful blonde hair as well as eloquent expression. Let’s enjoy it.

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    Launched in mid-December 2016 in South Korea, Lineage 2 Revolution was and continues to be Netmarble's cash cow, while dominating the Korean charts. Following the game's success in Korea, the Unreal Engine 4 mobile MMORPG reached new territories in mid-June, when a "global version" of the game was launched in 11 Asian countries.

    On August 23rd, Lineage 2 Revolution was launched in Japan, on both App Store and Google Play. In just 18 hours, Lineage 2 Revolution took the number one spot on the App Store. This fast performance helped L2R to set a new record as the No. 1 grossing game that achieved this performance in the shortest time among the Korean games launched in Japan.

    With more than 1,63 million pre-reservation made before the launch, there is no doubt that Lineage 2 Revolution will also escalade the top of the Google Play chart.

    Source> mmorpg

    More Lineage 2: Revolution Guides:

    Recommended Classes ​|Elf Race Classes Guide | Human Race Guide | Dwarf Race Guide 
    8 Tips for Beginners | Installation Guide | Beginners Guide

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    fast-paced action MORPG Closers Online which was rumored lately to be released in the west, was actually coming! Today, En Masse Entertainment, the publisher of TERA and Kritika Online, announced to publish Closers Online in Europe and North America this Fall.

    Not just that, the Closed Alpha tests are going to launch in September 2017, followed by Beta phase which you can participate in by signing up via the official website now.

    A teaser trailer was also revealed on En Masse Entertainment's Official Youtube Channel, and you can watch it below:

    Closers Online is a free-to-play fast-paced side-scrolling hack and slash 3D action MORPG developed by Naddic Games and published by Nexon in Korea.

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    Netmarble Games announced that its mobile board game Disney Magical Dice: The Enchanted Board Game, is now available globally in 155 countries.
    Keeping in the spirit of its beloved predecessor Disney Magical Dice, Disney Magical Dice: The Enchanted Board Game invites four players to face off at once in a real-time board game. With dynamic animation and graphics and featuring Disney-themed environments with all-time iconic figures, the all-new Disney Magical Dice: The Enchanted Board Game invites players to choose from multiplayer or single player modes, three game boards, and more than 30 figures from beloved Disney and Pixar movies. Both PvE and PvP modes are available, with more updates planned.

    To celebrate the launch of the game, players will receive special figures and in-game currency, all according to how many games they have played with friends. In addition, useful items will be given out when players level up, guaranteeing more fun and rewards while playing the game. The event will run from Aug. 24 to Sept. 7.

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    We’ve seen a number of developers take a chance on bringing traditional MOBA games to mobile devices, such as Super Evil's Vainglory, Tencent's Arena of Valor and more. Recently, Hi-Rez, the creator behind Smite and Paladins, announces they will launch a new spinoff MOBA game called Paladins Strike, and the Alpha Test sign-ups is now available on its official site.

    Unlike the PC version game which is a first-person shooter, Paladins Strike uses an overhead third person view which is more suitable for modern mobile controls. In Paladins, players are available to choose one of 15 iconic champions from Paladins universe and battle with your friends using high-powered guns and casting various abilities in real-time, 5v5 combat.

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    ArcheAge, the famous MMORPG game has got it's version 4.0 massive update announced during Gamescom 2017 by Trion Worlds, the publisher of the game. The update is coming with new features, addition content and a naval system. It will be released in Q4 2017.

    A naval PVP Arena will be included and it supports cross-server battles. You will be sailing through pounding storms with a crew of 5 players, fighting against monsters in addition to the other crews at the same time. The update was actually revealed recently for the KR version, and now it's coming to North America and Europe.

    A teaser trailer for the upcoming update was revealed on ArcheAge's Youtube channel, you can watch it below:


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