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    Hello Clashers! This is KairosTime, bringing you an extremely strong deck for both the ladder and in tournament gameplay! Even with only level 7 rares I’m able to use this deck above 4k trophies by being very careful about when I play my 3 Musketeers. My first time using this deck I took it to round 8 of a challenge, and since then, I’ve only gotten better!

    The Deck:
    The Log -> You can definitely replace The Log for Zap or Ice Spirit. Neither of these work exactly like The Log does, but if you don’t have The Log, you can definitely make the deck successful without it.
    Ice Golem -> He can be replaced with the Knight. This costs 1 more elixir, but can be a good option, especially if your Ice Golem isn’t leveled up all the way.
    Opening Hand:
    One of the trickiest things to do with this deck is decide on what to use from your opening hand. In my experience, the best card to have in your opening hand is the Barbarian Hut. Place it 3 tiles in front of your King’s tower so it will both spawn defensive troops and act as a defensive shield in case your opponent has a Hog Rider. If that isn’t an option, I’d go for a single Hog Rider push to find out what counters your opponent has. You can try to risk using the 3 Musketeers and split them in front or behind your king’s tower as your first move but that can be a risky move, especially if you don’t know what counters your opponent has.
    On Offense:
    This deck takes a slower approach to offense than most Hog Rider decks do. It utilizes the dual win conditions of the Hog Rider paired up with support or the 3 Musketeer split push to really test your opponent’s defensive abilities. Almost always, you want to play the Barbarian hut on the lane that your opponent is most likely going to pressure. They might rush the other lane so be ready to defend with either the Archers or the Mega Minion.
    By placing the Barbarian Hut you can force your opponent to attack you when you’re ready for him. After defending, you can pair up your Hog Rider with 2 Barbarians coming down the lane so that one of the barbarians will soak up damage for your Hog Rider as well as offer support.
    The other great push you can do is the Split push with the 3 Musketeers. Place the 3 Musketeers in the middle of your side of the arena in order to split them into 2 groups (1 Musketeer, and 2 Musketeers). If I have enough Elixir, I’ll support the single Musketeer with the Ice Golem and Mega Minion to make things really difficult on your opponent. If you don’t have that much elixir, use the Log to weaken defending troops that will likely be placed onto one of the groups of your Musketeers
    On Defense:
    Your Barbarian Hut is one of your greatest defenses because of how much HP it has. I’ll use it to tank against Giants and let the barbarians that come out of it take out the Giant. If you pair up these Barbarians with additional support like the Archers or Mega Minion, you can even take out the Giant before he’s taken too much HP off your hut and then counter with a really strong push with the Ice Golem as a mini tank.
    You can use the 3 Musketeers on defense but I wouldn’t recommend it. By using the Three Musketeers on defense, you make it very easy for your opponent to clear them using The Lightning or Fireball. Instead, it is better to use your Ice Golem as a distraction troop and your Mega Minion to clear supporting troops. By doing this, you set yourself up for a great counter push!
    I hope you enjoyed this guide! If you’re looking for more high quality content, deck building tips, and strategy in the game, check out my YouTube channel for frequent uploads and great content! We’ll see you in the Arena!
    Ticking By,

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    While the Angels are busy preparing for the upcoming Grand Christmas Party, the forces of darkness have been watching for their chance to terrorize the holidays! But fear not! Introducing the new Soul Arm, Cursed Scythe! With this ancient weapon of great power, you will be able to thwart their diabolical plans and ensure a peaceful holiday for all of Sapphire!

    Cursed Scythe Skill:

    [Cursed Judgment ] (Lv. 1) Cursed Scythe uses Cursed Judgment on the enemy with the highest ATK, dealing (136%) damage while reducing target's ATK and DEF by 10%.

    This mysterious weapon left by an ancient god will show up in the Angel’s Fund event from Dec. 16 to Dec. 17! As the Christmas Party is about to begin, now is the time to claim this deadly Soul Arm for your squad!

    Official Site:
    Facebook Fan Page:
    GTarcade Game Platform:

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    Have you ever played a Mario game and wished there weren't so many buttons to press? Good news! Super Mario Run is upon us, and it's going to take over the world for a little while. In this guide, we'll teach you all about Nintendo's biggest foray into mobile gaming.


    Mario's mobile adventure is an auto-running side-scroller that harkens back to his origin on the NES (and the sequels on every Nintendo console and handheld since).


    Super Mario Run launches on Dec. 15, 2016. You can download it in the iOS App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Android users can join the fun (join the run?) in 2017.


    You can play the first three levels as a free demo, but unlocking everything will require a one-time purchase of $9.99.


    It's true: If you want to play Super Mario Run, you'll need an internet connection. 

    Here's what Nintendo recently told Polygon:
    "Online connectivity allows us to offer a variety of features and services that enhance the play experience. Super Mario Run is not a static experience, but rather one that players can continue to return to again and again to enjoy something new and unexpected. For example, online connectivity can offer the following:

    "Access to other users’ play data and scores for automatically generated Toad Rally challenges.

    "In-game events that will offer players new challenges and rewards for a limited time.

    "Linkage to Nintendo Account to access save data from multiple devices. For example, if players have Super Mario Run on their iPhone and iPad, they can share one save file across the different devices. However, this save data cannot be used with different devices at the same time."


    There are three ways (or modes, to use Miyamoto's word) to play Super Mario Run: World Tour, Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder. Let's talk about each of them.


    World Tour is probably where you're going to spend most of your time — this is the core of Super Mario Run.
    In most levels of World Tour, your goal is to get from the start of the level at the left to the end of the level on the right, where you'll find the iconic flagpole. You'll jump over obstacles, enemies and gaps and collect coins along the way.

    Yup! If you want to do everything there is to do, you'll also be replaying every level three times (at minimum). Mixed in among the standard gold coins in each level are five pink Challenge Coins. Collect these to unlock the purple Challenge Coins. These purple coins will be scattered through the same level in different and harder-to-reach locations or inside blocks. Collecting all five of these will unlock the black Challenge Coins. These are usually even harder to get to. Think of collecting Challenge Coins as getting three stars in an Angry Birds level.


    No problem. Just one more thing: Completing these levels also earns you Rally Tickets that you can cash in to play the Toad Rally mode.


    Toad Rally is where you go to compete against other players in an asynchronous race — you're not racing at the same time, you're racing against a ghost version of your opponent, replaying their fastest time.

    The race isn't solely about the fastest time, though. Pulling off cool jumps will earn you a crowd of toad fans, the number of which factors in to your final score. These style points also go toward filling a star meter that will unlock a Coin Rush, filling your path with a ton of coins to collect.


    In Kingdom Builder, you create your own little corner of the Mushroom Kingdom. You spend the coins you collect in the World Tour and Toad Rally levels to buy buildings and decorations. Some of these are just for appearances, while others unlock the other playable characters or bonus games.


    As Mario's creator, Shigeru Miyamoto, said in a video introducing the game, Super Mario Run is a Mario game that you can play with only one hand.

    It may look like a Mario game, but developing a side-scrolling platformer for touch-based devices like smartphones and tablets means that some things have changed. In fact, let's talk about that right now.


    The controls in Super Mario Run could not be simpler. That doesn't mean you're without options, though. Let's run through the basics.

    Tap to jump. Tap longer to jump higher. That's it. Mario even automatically vaults over small enemies, low obstacles and small gaps.

    When Mario jumps onto a wall, you can tap to jump again and reverse direction. You can string wall jumps together to climb. This is also a good way to change direction and backtrack a little if you missed something nearby.

    Landing on a slope will trigger Mario to slide down on his butt. Sliding automatically kills enemies, earning you extra coins — and it gives you a bit of a speed boost, helping you reach otherwise unreachable areas.


    First of all, thanks for reading Big Deal. It means a lot to us.

    In Super Mario Run, you're not limited to the basic brick blocks and question mark blocks. There are some fun toys that add some twists to your game — everything from the standard Mario power-ups to new mechanics just for this auto-runner.

    The dashed-outline blocks with arrows in them spawn a few coins in the direction of the arrow. There are also arrow blocks on the ground that change the direction of your jump if you jump on them.

    You collect bubbles throughout the levels — usually from question mark boxes. Using a bubble floats you backward in the level a little bit, letting you redo sections (and saving you from the horror of falling to your slow and agonizing death as you decend into an endless, bottomless hole).

    The red blocks with the pause icon do exactly what they say on the tin. When you stand on a pause block, Mario stops automatically running, giving you a second to think and decide how to proceed.

    The standard Super Mushroom acts just like you'd expect. You get bigger — Mario's Super form — and can break brick blocks.

    The stars in Super Mario Run grant the same invulnerability as always, but also add in a vacuum effect that collects coins from a greater distance.


    Mario is almost never alone on his adventures. and that's no different this time. You start out with Mario, but playing Super Mario Run will allow you to unlock three more friends to do some running in his place.

    What friends? Good question! Here's what we know:

    Mario. OK, technically he's not his own friend. But his name is in the title, so it makes sense that Mario is your starting character.

    Luigi. As always, Luigi has a bit higher jump than Mario, but is still the less cool brother. You can unlock Luigi by building a house for him in Kingdom Builder.

    Yoshi. Yoshi brings his standard flutter jump to the game, giving you a little bit extra after jumping. He also makes a terrible sound while doing this.

    Toad. Toad can run fast, and that's about it. He might be the worst. But The Mountain Goats and Kaki King have an amazing song about him. Sign into your My Nintendo account to unlock Toad.

    Source: Polygon

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    Nexon Korea has released a Restart update for MapleStory 2 as part of the Winter 2016 update. This update aims to bring back players who have left the game while attract new players with a re-organization of the game content. 

    Dungeons become easier, and the requirements to access certain features are lowered (housing, mining, farming, etc), and Nexon will be giving out bonus items for players who play the game.

    The western version of MapleStory 2 is said to be coming soon, as Nexon America is hiring for a Production Manager for the game.
    Via: MMOCulture.

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    Weeks ago, Snail Games debuted their first VR game ARK Park with a secret teaser site, showcasing a 360 degree dinosaur museum. ARK Park is being developed by Snails’ Peacock Studio, while Studio Wildcard is providing creative consultation. It’s going to be kind of educational, allowing players to immerse in Jurassic World. Check the latest trailer below:

    Players will begin their adventure at a visitor center surrounded by life-sized holographic dinosaurs where they'll learn about these creatures that can only been seen in books and summer blockbusters.
    There are several options to explore multiple interactive attractions on-foot or in vehicles & on Dino-back, including a swamp, forest, desert,  snowy mountain range, and more. Each attraction features stunningly rendered and realistic environments of the period inhabited by ARK creatures, which can be found and captured through use of items, weapons, and puzzle-solving.     

    ARK Park will also include a Snap mode that allow visitors to photograph the wondrous creatures for extra points! Capture images of your friends in precarious moments in multiplayer Excursions, or use your ARK Park selfie stick to record your own solo adventures for bonus points.
    What’s more, ARK stalwarts will have their skill and cunning in taming primeval creatures rewarded in this new game, as they can import their own collected dinosaurs from the original survival game into an up-close and personal, full VR experience!
    The game will be released for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus in spring 2017. Please check the official page for more details.

    Source: PlayStation

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    Super Mario Run has officially launched on iOS. The game has immidiately become a must-play mobile game of this month. It's easy to play but hard to master, so you may need some tips, tricks and guides to play the game better. 

    Is the game free-to-play?

    The game's first World (including 3 levels and a castle) is free to play. There are 5 more Worlds that you need to play $9.9 USD to unlock. So play the first World and see if you like the game.
    Tricks in jumping

    • The game is played with one finger. Tap on the screen to jump, and tap and hold to make a higher jump.
    • Tapping and holding and tapping again makes you spin.
    • Tapping and holding and swiping to the left takes Mario back a bit.
    • Jump to collide with a wall or a brick will make Mario's direction reverse.
    • You can jump to hit at the junction of 2 bricks to hit 2 bricks in one jump. You get 2 power-ups instead of just one.
    How to get more points?
    • Points can be used to redeem rewards. Complete daily challenges. Some are easy quests such as adding a friend, while some need a little effort such as completing World 1.
    • There are challenge coins in the game which reward you more points. These challenge coins are in the colors of pink, purple, and black. Once you collect all coins for a color, you can start looking for coins of the other color.
    • Login with your Nintendo account to get points as well (BTW, you can unlock Toad character by signing in with Nintendo account).
    • Complete Missions to get points. You can find in Missions in "My Nintendo" section.
    • Play Toad Rally to get more points. 
    How to get more coins?
    • Jump to collide with a wall or a brick to reverse your direction to collect the coins you miss.
    • Try to clear all paths in the same level. So you have to play the same level for multiple times and take different paths each time to collect all coins in that level.
    • Go where the arrow points you and you may find a lot of coins.
    • Play Toad Rally to get more coins.
    • Purchase the full game and you get 3000 coins automatically.
    What can coins do?
    You can use coins to buy decorations, buildings, and other objects for your Kingdom. However, you have to unlock some items before you can buy them.
    How to participate in Toad Rally?
    Collect Challenge Coins to get Toad Rally tickets.
    How to get high score in Toad Rally?
    Toad Rally is about being stylish and collecting coins. You need to get more toads to cheer for you by making as many stylish moves as possible. That requires some practices and familiarity to the map.
    And then you should try to collect as many coins as possible along the way to the end. There is a Coin

    Rush gauge that fills up as you perform certain actions.

    Don't forget to take out enemies to get additional scores.
    How to unlock Luigi, Yoshi, Toadette, Toad and Princess Peach?
    You can unlock Luigi, Yoshi, and Toadette in your Kingdom by building their houses. Remember to save room for their houses in your Kingdom.
    - To build Luigi's house, you need to collect 150 Green Toads and 150 Purple Toads in Toad Rally.
    - To build Yoshi's house, you need to collect 30 Red Toads and 30 Yellow Toads in the Toad Rally.
    - To build Toadette's house, you need to collect 200 Red Toads, 200 Blue Toads, and 200 Green Toads in the Toad Rally.

    You can unlock Toad by linking your MyNintendo account to Super Mario Run.

    You can unlock Princess Peach by finishing the World Tour mode.
    How to unlock more items in the Kingdom?
    You will need more Toads in your kingdom to unlock new items. You can play Toad Rally to get more Toads.
    Tips of buildings in the Kingdom
    To unlock new buildings, just complete the World Tour. Some buildings offer special bonus that can help you earn more Toad Rally Tickets and coins.

    How to collect Challenge Coins (Pink, Purple, Black Coins)?
    Watch the video below to see how to get all Pink, Purple, and Black Coins in World 1-1. More will be upated later.


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    Black Desert has a special offer for players who haven't played this game. Until January 4th, 2017, folks can try out Black Desert for 7 days for free. What's more,players can purchase all game packs with a 50% discount before January 4. That means you can purchase the Starter Pack for $5 USD only. 
    More over, Kakao Games prepared a Christmas bundle for players. It can be obtained before January 4th in one of the following ways:
    • Invite your friend to play Black Desert, and if 5 of your friends purchase a game pass, or hit level 40 before the end of the event, you will get the Noel Costume for free;
    • If you purchase an Explorer's Package during the event, you will get the Noel Costume for free.
    In other news, Kakao Games reports that its engineers are looking for solutions for the disconnection issue which affects the EU megaserver .

    Source: official site

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    Today, Visual Art/Key unveiled a brand new mobile RPG called Rewrite: IgnisMemoria with some details and a promotional video.

    Based on Key’s love adventure visual novel, Rewrite: IgnisMemoria will feature the cast of Rewrite battling together against hoards of ememies using various sills in a turn-based format. Players can build a team of 3 selected heroes and power them up with skill cards. What’s more players can except a story with over 50 routes that didn’t appear in the main story.

    Players will be able to craft furniture with the material they’ve gathered. Moreover, they can use the furniture to decorate their own Occult Club room.

    Rewrite: IgnisMemoria is scheduled to be released for Android and iOS this winter. If you’re interested in it, please head to the official page to pre-register the game.

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    Originally a F2P MMO publisher, Perfect World Entertainment is now also publishing console style shooters. Livelock is the first non-free shooter PWE publishes and now an unannounced 3A FPS from Turtle Rock Studios will also be published by PWE.

    Without a name, the new FPS game will be a triple-A game IP for PC and console, with intense online co-operative action. "We're focusing on what we do best – heart-pounding moment-to-moment online co-op FPS action," said Phil Robb, Co-founder of Turtle Rock Studios. Turtle Rock Studios is best known for creating Left 4 Dead and Evolve, both of which are popular online co-op FPS games.
    Left 4 Dead

    Left 4 Dead is a remarkable FPS even today. The game did get a lot of support from Valve and its ' Steam platform, but the game itself was original and fun enough to earn that success. So I am very interested in checking out the new game and I hope it's another good game.

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    When Eyedentity Games launched the Dragon Nest in 2010 for PC, gamers from all over the country quickly started being addicted to it. The artistic like animation, the cute voices, powerful and delicately designed weapons and the option to play as different characters each with a different skill set quickly attracted gamers from across the globe.

    A gruelling six years later, the developers are on their final CBT of Dragon Nest mobile. The game, in all manners, is extremely similar to the PC version. The graphics in the upcoming mobile version seem to be sharper and offer a much more interactive gameplay. Improvised graphics is just one of the many new features available in the mobile platform.


    Dragon Nest mobile comes with a lot of promises; an enriched graphical environment, an epic storyline, indulging background music and entertaining characters and Non player Character (NPC). The game features an open world game with a substantial portion of the game running on autoplay. This means that players have the option of just clicking at the mission icon for the character to automatically go seek missions and enter the dungeon


    As stated earlier, the mobile version of Dragon Nest is remarkably similar to the PC version which was launched way back in 2010. The usual four characters are made available to players, however the sharper graphics in the mobile version makes the characters look more lifelike and entertaining. Dragon Nest mobile features four distinct characters,

    • Cleric
    • Archer
    • Warrior
    • Sorceress
    The player is given the option of choosing his/ her character and playing the game. The players are given the option of playing with different characters at any point during the game but they will have to play the game with that character from the beginning. The gameplay that has been completed with the other characters will remain saved and can be returned to at any point of time during the game. This feature offers the players a release from the monotonous playing with a single character and offers them an arena to explore different skill sets and characters. All the characters come with the quick slide ability which helps them to quickly slide away from powerful enemy attacks.

    The Dragon Nest Mobile game quickly attracts the interest of the player with an astonishing cinematic opening with high end graphics. This dramatic opening video ensures that the player is attracted towards the game and keeps playing it. Here is a quick video of the opening cinematic plot to spark your interests.


    The game begins with a quick tutorial with regards to the controls and the basic attack keys. The mobile version offers a standard gamepad with quick and easily accessible buttons to play the game. The movements can be controlled on the left hand side of the screen with a revolving joystick and the attacking are positioned towards the right hand side of the screen ensuring a comfortable game. The tutorial will give a quick understanding of the control and how to use the special skill sets of the character that has been chosen. The tutorial extends to assist the player during the first mission and shows clearly as to how the character can be developed using skill points and coins collected during the game.
                                                        CHARACTER CUSTOMIZATION
                                                              A LOOK AT THE CONTROLS


    Now the game is completely immersive and is relatively easy at the initial level. The game ensures that the players get well acquainted with the controls and their suitable character before slowly increasing the difficulty of the game. The main idea which runs behind the game is to use the available skill sets provided for each character and to use them wisely and carefully in order to defeat the different kinds of monsters that the player faces while playing in the dungeons or while on quests. One of the attractive features of the game is the flexible use of the attacking skill set which can be catered to an individual gamers needs by allowing the player to create a combined skill attack of his choice. Once the gamers get acquainted with the game, the difficulty rises with each passing mission. At some points during the game the players will even be transfigured into a monster and will have to continue fighting as such. A limited time period cure will be provided by destroying surrounding plants etc. This unique method of play is an assurance of the fact that the player will be glued to the game. The game also ensures that the Boss fights at the end of each mission become harder and harder.


    Playing Dragon Nest online is a whole ton of fun. The gamer begins his quest in an open arena where he can see hundreds of different players positioned around him. The player has the option to randomly approach another player and request to join their group. However, in order to do this, the player must have had played the game to some extent and collected enough experience points. Playing DN online provides the players the opportunity to team up with other members who play their roles in different characters. This will altogether help the players in completing the mission more efficiently and tying various types of skill sets and attacks in order to advance further. Some quests while playing the game will require for the player to join up with another player or a team.


    In order to guarantee an enriched and experienced gaming experience Dragon Nest uses a non-targeting system. One of the standout features provided in the mobile version of the game when compared to the PC version is that the players can easily switch from a 2D non-targeting system to a 3D and 3.5D non-targeting system. While the 3D NTS is more appealing to the eye it can take some time to getting used to if one is not previously acquainted with it. One of the benefits that flows from the 3D NTS is that the camera can be used flexibly by the player. This means that the player can easily zoom out, revolve the camera to the desired angle around the character adjust it. The same however, cannot be done in the 2D NTS which requires the player to play from a strict third person view.


    The apk for the game is currently available for download. However, only a Chinese version of the game is out as of now. A global launch of the game across various mobile platforms can be expected to happen soon. Considering the stunning graphics and the in depth plot the game is quite demanding with respect to the specifications. Dragon Nest can run uninterrupted and smoothly on an Android Version of 4.4 and above with a 3G RAM or higher. The game will work on android 4.0 with a minimum of 2GB RAM but will have a slow response and the player will not have a rich gaming experience as the game might lag a lot. It also requires about 1 GB of space for installation. The game will take an average loading time of ten to fifteen seconds, this is barring the initial installation which will take about 10 minutes. In order to play the game, the player is required to sign into his/her QQ account. This account can easily be created and a onetime login is required post which the game can be played uninterrupted.


    While looking at the game overall, it stands out amongst one of the best MMORG in its section. With stunning graphics suited for a mobile device laced with customizable characters, it promises to live up to the standards of its predecessor PC version. While the market for the game is currently limited and is made available only in the Chinese version, a global launch of the game across all platforms can be expected to happen soon. For those of you who can’t wait that long to play this beautiful game, the apk is currently available for download for the Chinese version.

    Have fun gaming!

    Related:Dragon Nest Mobile (CN) Kicks off Closed Beta [Download APK File Here]

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    It seems that Japanese game developers are all focusing on making classic IPs into mobile games. Nintendo just released Super Mario Run today. Sony is going to bring Hot Shots Golf for mobile devices in Q1 2017. And now Capcom announced they will release 6 Mega Man Mobile games for Android and iOS users on January 6. The price is yet to be confirmed.

    According to the official announcement, the game will be well customized for mobile platforms. Players will be able to challenge new bosses with new weapons. To me, Mega Man series are so much more difficult than other classic games, I have never beaten a MM game. Hopefully, I can beat them all this time.

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    Revelation Online Russian version will start open beta this holidays. We reported before that the final closed beta was extend due to the change of schedule until December 19th. Now, just before the Christmas holidays, the publisher Mail.Ru announced that the headstart for Open Beta will start on December 23 and the official launch will start on December 26.

    Additionally, the Russian publisher revealed that in the first week of Open Beta players will be able to level up to level 69, and they can expect to play new content in January 2017.

    Meanwhile, the western version of Revelation Online is about to start the second Closed Beta, and the Open Beta phase is scheduled to start in early 2017.

    Source: official site

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    Lineage 2: Revolution, the mobile MMORPG developed by Netmarble, was launched in South Korea on December 14th. Just 3 days after the launch, Lineage 2: Revolution topped the sales in both App Store and Google Play in South Korea. Netmarble said that the game became the top seller in Apple Store in just 8 hours after launched, with a million users in half a day. On the launch day the game got more than 2 million downloads.

    Now the 2 Lineage mobile games, Lineage 2: Revolution and Lineage Red Knights have taken first and second places on the Korean mobile game chart.

    Source: inven

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    Nexon and Respawn has brought the Titanfall franchise to Asia with Titanfall Online. The game just started the closed beta in South Korea and we can finally see the actual gameplay of the game. 

    Titanfall Online features the iconic pilot and Titan combat that define the series. There are 4 Titans currently available in the game: Atlas, Ogre, Stryder, and Destroyer. You can watch the gameplay videos below.


    Team Deathmatch Mode: 

    Consumer War Mode: 

    More Screenshots: 

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    Nexon Korea released a new trailer for Closers, teasing the upcoming character Violet, the 5th member in the Wolf Team. The trailer doesn't show any actual combat but tells that she uses a big sword that implies she's a melee combat character. 

    Violet is scheduled to release on December 22th in Korean server.

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    This deck is very strong. It focuses on pressuring your opponent by constantly pressuring them with siege weapons.
    Mortar: The main win condition of the deck, along with X-Bow. Primary source of damage before double elixir. It has a blind spot, allowing it to shoot while being attacked by a melee unit unlike X-Bow. I often place the mortar like this to pull hogs or soak damage while still targeting the crown tower to get that valuable chip damage. The mortar can also be used defensively to help deal with a furnace, soak damage, or pull tanks for large pushes.
    X-Bow: A second win condition. The X-Bow usually doesn't see as much play as the mortar early on, but I like bringing it out when mortar is out of hand or I feel like I have lots of elixir to commit to an extra big push. I also use it frequently in double elixir to pressure my opponent, usually supported by an ice golem and another low/medium cost card (archers, MM, fireball or zap). An X-Bow with a sliver of health (like the amount it has after being hit by an rocket 3 levels higher) can still do over 500 damage!
    Inferno Tower: Defensive building for shredding big tanks and sometimes hog riders. Can be played in the front aggressively to defend a X-Bow or Mortar, or can be played to help shred their tank. If I have a surviving inferno tower (even if it isn't up front) I like to do a cheap mortar push (Usually mortar and Ice Golem). Inferno will clean up the troops they use to kill your mortar.
    Ice Golem: Great for killing Skeleton armies, pulling troops, and soaking hits for your siege weapons. I'll often send an ice golem in front of my siege push so I have time to react to whatever card they play. Also good if you need to cycle.
    Mega Minion: Good for defending your siege weapon against air troops. It can also help kill the support of a push, and is a cheap defensive card to help you when in a pinch. I often send this out with my siege weapon when ice golem is out of rotation. It's great for killing cheap troops or air used to kill your siege weapon, and can also be used to take out an inferno tower trying to kill your X-Bow. Also the main anti-air of the deck along with Archers.
    Good for defense and can easily turn into a counterpush. Can also take out minions or minion horde (if the horde has already been weakened by ice golem). It also is a steady source of damage for taking out a tank, cheap units, or a hog rider. It can't be logged in tourney standard.
    Fireball: Fireball comes in handy for cycling for the win, defending large pushes, and defending your mortar. Fireball can kill barbs if the mortar has already hit them once. It is also great for taking out Minion Horde or other large swarms on your tower/siege weapon.
    The Log: Has wonderful synergy with both the mortar and X-Bow. Can take out many cheap ground swarms like skeleton army, and its pushback can be useful in many situations. It can also kill pesky Tombstones distracting your mortar or X-Bow if you have lowered the tombstone's health enough.
    Use mortars to pressure your opponent and for good chip. Try to keep up an elixir advantage, and keep steady pressure.
    Defend for positive trades using Archers, Mega Minion, Inferno Tower, and sometimes mortar. If you have enough troops and elixir, you can turn your leftover troops into a counterpush.
    Once double elixir starts, be more aggressive with pressure. Try to keep them from building up a push. Use Mortars and X-Bows to keep your opponent occupied with countering you.
    Royal Giant: Remember, they only have one RG and you have two siege weapons. Wait until they use their RG, and defend with your inferno tower and/or cheap troops (MM and/or Archers). Try to then attack with a siege push when their RG is at the back of their cycle. Try not to play X-Bow if they have RG in their hand.
    Hog Rider: Try to pressure them often, hopefully breaking through with your X-Bow or Mortar. Mortars can be used defensively to pull hogs while attacking the tower. Always try to keep a solid counter to their hog push in your hand so they don't break through.
    Bowler Graveyard: This matchup is tough. Try to keep the pressure on them, and try not to let them build up a graveyard push (easier said than done). If they do build up a graveyard push, use your archers to defend. Use your MM to kill their bowler. Try not to play X-Bow if they have bowler in hand.
    Lava Hound: They don't have many counters to siege. Anticipate their counters, usually air, with Mega Minion, Archers, or Fireball. Know their counters and counter their counters to break through with an X-Bow or mortar. They also eventually have to commit seven elixir to a LH push. Use this temporary elixir advantage to pressure them with an X-Bow or Mortar push. Defend with your inferno tower and mega minion, sometimes using fireball.
    That's it! I recently used this deck to place second in the Reddit vs. Forums qualifier, beating many experienced players who were using a variety of decks. It is a very fun deck to play and I hope this guide is helpful. If anyone has a suggestion, feel free to leave a comment!
    This deck is shared by JohnCenaRoyale

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    Intrepid Studios is founded by former Daybreak Games developers and Ashes of Creation is their first MMORPG created with Unreal Engine 4. They just showed the first dungeon footage by offering a tour to the dungeon called Water Temple.

    Ashes of Creation promises a live world where players choice matters. “Cities will rise and fall, their populations based on the history of the world as the players create it. Quests will unlock as these populations gather, their needs grow, and secrets are unlocked.”
    You can also expect advanced enemy AI that makes each encounter to the similar monsters different. There’s a trading feature evolves escorting and looting caravans. If you like massive PvP, the game has siege content. 

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    Hey Guys! On December 14th 2016, Netmarble decided to present all of us passionate gamers with an early Christmas gift! That’s right, Lineage II: Revolution was officially launched for Android and iOS. The game, once unwrapped and installed instantly takes the player into a magical land where he can immerse himself in hours of gameplay.

    The game easily sets the standard of quality with respect to cutting edge graphics similar to the PC version of the game. And the reason behind this mind blowing graphics? Unreal Engine 4. It provides a massive boost to the game with respect to the quality visuals and detailed actions.


    Lineage 2 revolution is set up in the same open world that had been featured in Lineage 2 (PC version). Considered as a spin-off of the original version, the game has a lot of common factors with the PC version.  In addition to the game being set up in the same open world, it also features some of the playable classes in the game. The game was officially launched on the Google Play Store and Apple Store after having been licensed by NCSoft. For those of you haven’t watched the trailer, here is a quick peek!


    The immersive gameplay and the attention to detail given in the game is sure to make this game one of the best MMORPG’s released this year. It can easily rival all the other games in terms of the soundtrack, high definition graphics, characters and of course the storyline. The opening introduction to the game is so astonishingly good that it will immediately grab the attention of the players and pulls them almost instantly into the mystical world. This opening video will be played every time the game begins irrespective of the number of times you have played it. I believe the primary purpose of this introductory video is twofold; one, it sets the whole game into a kick-started action by providing a quick peek into the storyline and revolves around this. The second- well, the second purpose is simply to amaze the players with the stunning plot and well worked gameplay. Here’s a quick look at the opening scene.


    As I had mentioned earlier, Lineage 2 Revolution offers the players a set of classes which were made available in the PC version. One of the most interesting facts about the characters is the level of customization that is possible. Also, the game provides the players with one thing that the PC version didn’t; it allows the players to use any of the four playable and they need not play the entire game with a single character. This gives the players an opportunity to play with those characters that they seem fit at any point during the game.

    The characters are loads of fun to play with. Each character comes with a different set of attacking skills and moves. One of the standout features of the game is that the characters can be heavily customized. This includes an option to change their armour, an option to pick a specific attacking move and the players are even given the liberty of changing their hairstyles and gestures. This itself brings the element of fun into the game. The gameplay below clearly shows the various characters which are made available to the players and the different customizations that can be done.


    Lineage 2 Revolution begins with a quick guide so that the players get used to the controls. Clear indicators are given to tell the player what to do next and how to go about it. It even assists the player in customizing their weapons, adding more to the inventory and using other skill sets. The game features the standard controls with a floatable movement controller on the left side of the screen while the combination keys and strike keys are placed on the right side.

    The game also has the auto play feature. If one wants all he has to do is click the option and sit back and enjoy. The character that you have chosen will do everything for you including fighting with various combination attacks. This feature can come in handy if one finds it too difficult to get past a certain level. However, in order to experience the true potential of the game and enjoy it to the fullest it is best if the player handles the game personally. This feature can easily be turned off without the game being interrupted.


    Perhaps one of the reasons why Lineage 2 Revolution stands out from the other MMORG games is because of the smooth and flawless manner in which you can play the game. The essence of the game lies in this very aspect. The game focuses on an intense action based play which will keep the players involved at all times. As stated earlier, the characters are customizable at the beginning of the game, these include armour and style of attack also. However, these features are not made immediately available to the player.

    The game begins with the player having the basics; this means that the armour etc. that had been selected at the beginning will not be readily given but it rather has to be earned. How is this done? As one progress through the game, there will be several tasks which the players are asked to do. Once these tasks are completed they will be rewarded with experienced points and gold. The players can then use these the armour etc. Experience points are also important in terms of learning new attack moves and skills.

    As it has been popularly established through the lineage franchise, there are lots of monsters spread throughout the game, this ranges from simple bears and wolves to fire breathing dragons which will require quite some experience to beat. Battles can be waged even against other classes as once progress through the game.

    The controls are also quite easy to understand and can be used very effectively. The detail given to the graphics is just phenomenal. Sharp high quality images even shows the blood while the player is in a combat, the game features a colourful and stunning image with vibrant colours even while the players are battling, This is just one of the many reasons why Lineage 2 Revolution is a game that shouldn’t be missed.



    The multiplayer aspect of Lineage 2 Revolution is perhaps one of the most important reasons as to why the game is so amazing and fun to play with. The game allows the simultaneous connection of players from across the world allowing the game to be played in real time. The social component of the game is yet another stand out feature. It allows the players to create or join a guild in order to complete quests or raids. Even while playing on a quest by yourself you can easily combine with another player on the same quest. This combing attack strategy can be made to one’s benefit while fighting against powerful enemies. Some of the quests requires that you either team up with another player or join a guild or clan.


    Lineage 2 Revolution boasts of high graphics and stunning gameplay. This means that the platform on which it works must be best suited to play such a big game with such high standards.

    Android: 4.4 and Upwards
    iOS: 6.0 and above
    Internal Memory: 1.1 GB
    RAM: 3GB
    Processor: Quadcore 1.6 Ghz

    Considering the awesome quality of the gameplay that is provided, the specifications are reasonable. The installation of the huge data files will begin only after the game has been installed from google play store. This means that around 1 GB of the data is downloaded once the game has been installed. The average time required to install all the files for playing the game and for initializing the game is about 7-8 minutes. Quick updates are usually done automatically at the start of the game, the installation of these files will take about a minute. The average opening time of the game (without any updates being installed) is 10-15 seconds.

    Here is a link to download the game


    Though the game is a spin off based on Lineage 2, it has been constructed very well thanks to the Unreal Engine 4. Netmarble has done an excellent work in providing the gamers across the world with this amazing game. Lineage 2 Revolution ensures that you enjoy your time playing it and the game will be up to your expectations. All these amazing features makes Lineage 2 Revolution one of the best MMORPG games of 2016. Considering the quality gaming that Lineage 2 Revolution offers I would give it an overall rating of 8.5 /10.

    Have fun gaming!                                                                                             

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    A new gameplay of Star Citizen's latest build shows "what's possible in Star Citizen Alpha 2.6 with this fun emergent adventure." You can see 10 minutes of FPS model gameplay as well as space battle with spaceships.

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  • 12/18/16--06:54: DURANGO SURVIVAL GUIDE

  • Hi… I ‘am one of the castaway in this world. After months of military training, I was on my way back home for the holiday vacation and the train is packed! Then it struck… I thought for a second that the train hit something and we are about to get off track, but the train kept moving forward, then an ear deafening sound of explosion! it is like thunder and grenade combined together. Suddenly the lights went out, People are shouting and panic took over. One of the passengers grabbed the emergency latch to open the door. He jumped without hesitation and I saw him incinerate in this wall of light which resembles the waves you see on a water surface after dropping a pebble. Flashes upon flashes of light, the less people I see… then a monster showed up right in front of my face!

    DURANGO is a unique Mobile Open World Sandbox MMORPG in which players are sent through a warp and into a prehistoric world surrounded by natural wilderness where dinosaurs and wild beast rule and roam freely.

    What we know so far…
    People disappearing is nothing new, but a group or even hundreds of people vanishing all at the same time is something that we have heard of but still lack even the basic explanation. What we know so far is, there are throusands of people who came into this prehistoric world before we did. Not all of them came together, not all at the same time, not all from the same place. But what we do know is that creatures we knew from books, movies and documentaries, from dead fossils, are here…ALIVE!!!

    Please take note that this guide is base on DURANGO Game Client Version 1.1.0 (ANDROID). I will do my best to update this guide as much as possible in case a change is made on the mentioned topics.

    Character Creation, Classes & Skill Trees

    Please take note that DURANGO is a SANDBOX Game. You will be able to choose a path, multi path if you like, you can also choose a path different from your initial path and you can learn any skill you want as long as you have skill points to spend and meet the required level/prerequisite. Choosing your early class/skill will not prevent you from learning other skills, but it might help you move forward faster and more efficient compared to others, but of course this is still base on your preferred gameplay.
    Seat Class Gender Skill Tree
    1 Soldier Male Lv10 Melee
    2 Office Worker Male Lv10 Building
    3 Job Seeker Female Lv10 Defense
    4 Engineer Male Lv10 Weapon Crafting
    5 Homemaker Female Lv10 Cooking
    6 Soldier Female Lv10 Melee
    7 Homemaker Male Lv10 Cooking
    8 Attendant Male Lv10 Craft Clothing
    9 Office Worker Female Lv10 Building
    10 Farmer Female Lv10 Farming
    11 Farmer Male Lv10 Farming
    12 Attendant Female Lv10 Craft Clothing
    13 Engineer Female Lv10 Weapon Crafting
    14 Student Male Lv10 Gather
    15 Student Female Lv10 Gather
    16 Job Seeker Male Lv10 Defense

    Seat 1 & 6 Soldier Lv10 Melee = If combat is your preferred gameplay then this is the best initial skill you should get! From the start you will be able to learn melee combat skills up to level 10. Weapon specialization, Weapon base attacks, bare hand attacks, melee tactics are but a few of the skills you can learn from this expertise.
    In Sync with Slaughter, Defense, Weapon Crafting, Craft Clothing.

    Seat 2 & 9 Office Worker Lv10 Building = one of the crafting class. if building furniture, tents, houses even an entire village if your thing, then you should definitely start as a LV10 Builder. This might be more of a mid-end game class, but without this skill no one will be able to craft more complicated stuff.
    In Sync with Gather and all crafting skills.
    Seat 3 & 16 Job Seeker Lv10 Defense = “The last man/woman standing” If this is your motto then you should definitely start as an Lv10 Defense expert where you will be able to regenerate both your HP and stamina faster than anyone else, avoid and defend attacks more efficiently, increase your HP, Evasion and defense.
    In Sync with Slaughter, Melee, Weapon Crafting, Craft Clothing.
    Seat 4 & 13 Engineer Lv10 Weapon Crafting = sharp blade, giant sword, heavy hammer, weapons to slaughter and tools to build. This skill provides the basic foundation on tools and weapon creation. One of the in-demand and needed skill a player must have in order to survive the wild unforgiving world.
    In Sync with, Melee and all crafting skills.
    Seat 5 & 7 Homemaker Lv10 Cooking = with this skill you will be able to cook food that will not only regenerate stamina but will also provide you with extra buffs like STR+ or CHARISMA+. A delicious meal will also lessen a players fatigue, heal HP and prevent exhaustion.
    In Sync with ALL PLAYERS (everyone needs to eat!)
    Seat 8 & 12 Attendant Lv10 Craft Clothing= After water and food, clothing is one of the basic needs to survive especially in DURANGO where the cycle of night and day, sudden changes in weather can bring you to the brink of death. With this skill you will be able to craft cloths that will increase both defense, tolerance to fatigue and even increase the items you can carry.
    In Sync with Slaughter and all crafting skills.
    Seat 10 & 11 Farmer Lv10 Farming = is a mid-end game skill and if you want to be a farmer then I suggest that you also focus on your gathering skills. Farmers plant crops, manufacture fertilizers and create farming tools.
    In Sync with Gather
    Seat 14 & 15 Student Lv10 Gather = this skill tree focuses more on gathering basic resources from the wilderness. From gathering fruits, medicinal plants, mud and rocks, this skill is what you need to complete the crafting table.
    In Sync with all crafting skills.
    (the next 3 are not included on the character/class selection...not yet.)

    Surviving = Exploration, Animal Training and Survival is the core aspect of this skill tree.
    In Sync with, Melee, Defense.
    Slaughter = the art of butchery. With this skill tree you will be able to learn how to efficiently dissect your cadaver and extract the most valuable parts. From skinning, deboning, meat gathering and seafood gathering.
    In Sync with Melee, and all crafting skills.
    Archery = long range attack and stealth mastery. With this skill tree you will be able to send death upon your targets even before they knew what hit them.
    In Sync with Weapon Crafting, Defense, Surviving.

    Appearance Button = randomly generates an appearance for your selected character. Don’t waste your time trying to get the exact combination that you want. You will be able to fully customize your character later on.
    Select Another Button = you can select another character/class after tapping this button.
    Play with this character = the prologue will start after you tap this button. If you want to chance your character/class then please do not finish the prologue and exit the app.
    Prologue: for newbies I suggest that you complete this and learn what you can from item interaction and combat skills.

    Note: You may skip Prologue by tapping the settings button then tap the Skip Prologue button.

    Note: While the introduction video is playing, you can tap and hold to skip the video and jump right into character customization.

    After selecting your initial class/skill tree and completing the prologue then it’s time to customize your character!

    Character Customization

    1: Tapping the Appearance button will randomly generate a character for you. The Hair Stylebutton will provide a set of different hair styles, Beard Button is for beard styles and Voice Button for voice tone.
    2: This is the portrait section. You can use the Left and Right arrow button to select a corresponding portrait. TheChess Board Button will provide a different background design while the Square iconnext to it will provide a color option for your portrait.
    3: This is your overall character designsection. This is how your character will look like in-game. You can tap and drag to rotate the character.
    4:This is the cloth section where you can change the clothes design by tapping theLeft buttonand you can also remove the clothing of your character to view some sexy abs by tapping the Right button… Right!

    5:This is the Height meter. Tap and Drag the Height buttonupward for a taller character and downward for a shorter character.
    6:This is the section for Color Selection. This area is where you choose different color for you character hair, skin, costume, eyes, lips and this is also where the color selection window shows up for your portrait.
    If you want to change your character Gender or choose another initial skill then please tap the Reset button on the left.
    If you are satisfied with your character settings then please tap Next, then enter your character name and tap Complete.



    After getting your ears violated by a dog…

    And a CPR from a HOT BABE (without mouth to mouth resuscitation, bummer!)

    You are finally awake and survived the mind bending body aching warp trip! Don’t get comfy though, because ahead of you are far worst danger with numerous beast and events that might kill you in a lot of ways you can ever imagine.
    Me: Kansas?
    K: Hm? Kansas! The Kansas State Duh!?
    Me: Oh... k...
    Me: I said O-K!
    K: Yep??
    Me: I said O-K...
    K: Yeah i heard you! What do you want?!
    Me: Nothing! I'm just saying its "OKAY"
    K: Oh... k...

    The Player Screen Guide
    This is something you should get familiar with as soon as possible!

    1: The red top bar is your HP. HP decreases when you get attacked, when you are out of stamina or when your fatigue is in critical level.  Your character dies when its HP reaches 0. Below it is your STAMINA bar which goes down when you perform combat actions, gather materials, craft items etc. Below the two bars is where you can see your BUFFS and DEBUFFS, please pay attention to your current buffs and debuffs as they greatly affect your character survival and performance.
    • Resting will recover your HP. You can also consume mushrooms or medicinal plants (cooked or raw) to regenerate your HP.
    • You can recover stamina by eating fruits, meat (cooked or raw) and by consuming medicinal plants.
    • Your HP and Stamina will fully regenerate when you level up.
    • When your character dies, you can either wait for a rescue or respawn to the nearest warp hole or back to your home. If you chose to warp then you will drop a number of items from your bag. So choose carefully and avoid dying at all cost!
    2: Region Fatigue: This is where you can see how much fatigue the region puts on your character.
    • Doing simple things like taking a bath and drinking water will provide buffs that will decrease how much fatigue your character acquire.
    •  The smiley icon on the left of the Fatigue bar indicates your character current mood. The higher your fatigue gets, the worst your character mood becomes.
    • You can easily lower your fatigue by resting on a tent or on a fireplace/furnace.
    • Getting some sleep will provide a well-rested buff that will increase the exp you get over time.
    • Tapping the icon will show what forces affects your fatigue

    3: This is the Fatigue bar. If your fatigue reaches past beyond the red line then your character will experience a debuff that will decrease its walking speed and will render your character weak.  
    • If your fatigue reaches critical level, the only thing you should do is either rest or warp back to stable island/home (if you are in a unstable island)
    • The higher the region level compared to your character the higher the fatigue.
    • You can check the island level on the map. So look before you leap!
    4: The top square is your mini-map. Here you can see icons like your home, the path you walk/ran into, animal icons, material icons etc. You may tap the mini-map to open the whole region map. Below the mini map is the region Day and Night cycle. The arrow indicates if it is turning into day or night.
    • You might not see the surrounding wild beast due to an overlap of vegetation, so always watch out for yellow/red square icons on your mini-map as they indicate wild animals! The last thing you want is stepping into a raptors nest!
    • You can see your current coordinates on the mini-map. Although not always being used, it is still useful in terms of navigation and marking resource nodes.
    • The day and night cycle does not only affect the temperature (Day=Hotter, Night=Colder) but it also affects some behavior of the animals. You surely want to raid a raptor’s nest when they are all sleeping.
    • Temperature fluctuation affects how much fatigue your character gets, so bring your jacket and water with you.
    • Tapping the mini-map will open the region map where you can see more information about the surroundings and also enables the capability to Return to the Outpost or Return to Home at the base island.

    5: The magnifying glass icon will show all the item, materials, structure, players and all object names when you tap it.
    • This is very useful when you want to target a certain animal/object surrounded by an overlapping vegetation. It is also great in knowing what wild beast is hiding underneath.
    • After tapping the magnifying icon, tap the name of the object/animal/player you want to interact with.
    • Tapping the magnifying glass icon will only show the name of objects covered by your current view range. So you might want to double tap the icon again to view the objects when you are moving.
    6: These are the available interaction icons. For example, as you step into a body of water you will get the drink icon to drink water or wash icon to wash your body and get cleaned/refreshed.
    • As you should already know, drinking SALT WATER will cause more dehydration. Thus don’t expect to get the drink icon while you are stepping on salt water. However, you can still store salt water on a plastic bottle, but please don’t drink it!
    • The body of water that surrounds the island/region is SALT WATER while the water that flows inside the island/region is FRESH WATER. Knowing the difference will not only save your life in-game but also in real life.
    • The radar tracking icon is useful in knowing where warp nodes, meteor craters and ports are located.
    • Some objects may indicate a red wrench which indicates that you either lack the proper tools or a prerequisite skill is needed to perform such action.
    7: Mini-Chat Box: This is where the last message is displayed. Sometimes the chat can be pretty fast, so I suggest you check the chat log by tapping Chat Log Icon (#10)
    8: Mike icon: when this icon is enabled you can enter chat entries by speaking. Although it doesn’t really get everything correctly… Siri is that you?!

    9: Fast chat entry box. Use this when you want to send a message on the currently selected channel (example: Region)
    10: Chat Window icon, by tapping this icon you can open the whole chat window where you can focus on chatting with your friends, clan members, neighbors or send message through your region/world.
    • Region channel is where you can see the chat entries by your or your neighbors. This is a really busy channel on unstable islands, especially to those players asking to get revived!
    • System channel is where the chat entries of quest, game system are entered. So if you miss something, or did not understand what the NPC said, just hit the System chat channel and read the message.
    • You can double tap the name of players on the chat window and you can get the options to Befriend, Send message, Report and Block. Please use the report button properly!
    • When a player sends you a private message their name will appear on the left corner. Tap their name so that you will enter the private channel with that player. To leave the channel just tap the 3 vertical dots icon : on the upper right corner next to the X button then tap the leave icon on the lower right corner.
    • You can form group chats which are great for clans and group raids.

    11: The Encouragement Icon. Tapping this icon will provide an uplifting buff to the players around you. The Encouragement Buff will last for 5 minutes and will make fatigue bearable.

    Please use this icon whenever you can. If someone gives you a smiley buff then please return the favor.

    12: The Confuse Me icon! Tapping this will open a bunch of icons which are more complicated that the ones before! Thus, Confuse Me!

    The Character:
    The Character Window is where you can see your character stats, exp, fatigue rate and the title system which a very few players are familiar with since it is not included on the tutorials.

    To view each window, just swipe from left to right.
    Character infotab is where you can see your character basic stats. You can tap the Character Info window to view the complete stats info of your character.

    Surviving tab is where you can view your character current fatigue and fatigue gain.

    Title tab is where you can view your current achieved titles, title benefits and it is also the same window where you equip titles enabling your character to gain extra stats.

    Tip: ALWAYS check your title window especially when you completed new missions or received a new title. Equip the title with the most stats.

    Equipment is where you view your combat stats, equipments and change equipments. The equipment skills can also be seen under the combat stats.

    Tip: You can get cloths from package boxes, however, crafted items especially those at Lv15+ have better stats.

    Bag is where you can see your currently held items, T-Stones, Gold coins and sorting options. In case you are wondering, that 4 white cubes icon, near the X icon, is used when you want to select multiple items. You can also select multiple items by tap and hold then select other items.

    Tip: You may increase the capacity of your bag by wearing cloths with pockets. Please check cloth crafting for more information.

    Craft/Build is the Confuse Me window part 2! This is where you will be making all sorts of stuff and this is where common sense and ingenuity works well. You will find yourself jumping from one tab to the other, especially when crafting complicated stuff.

    Skill is the Confuse Me window part 3 and by far the most confusing window in this game! If Craft/Build window is where you do stuff, here on Skill Window is where you LEARN stuff! Each skill introduction is written above and I will provide an in-depth guide about skills later on, including the fastest and best way to level them up!

    Career Guide is like a Side Quest tab where you can select your focused skill and complete quest/objectives base on your selected career.

    Tip: Honestly, don’t bother about this early ingame. Task gets completed even if you don’t select the career. You might want to check this out when you reach level 25+. You can choose a career then you can choose to complete 3 quest/objectives that will provide a certain % to complete the career path.

    Tip: You can change career whenever you like. Just tap the circle ? icon on ther upper right corner and select change career. You can also change the current quest by tapping the X icon on the quest bar.

    Tip: Completing a career will provide you with a unique title and titles provides stats!

    Island Market is where you can buy and sell items. Please take note that you have to build a Trading Post before you can benefit from this feature.

    Tip: Always tripple check your item and item price before selling them.. you dont wanna sell a 30K worth item for just 3K! a missing 0 is disastrous!

    Tip: Always check for the item stats before you buy. You dont wanna buy an expensive weapon that will break after 1 use due to a low durability!

    Tip: You are in DURANGO... if you get scammed, no dinosaur will help you.

    Now swipe upward after pressing Confuse Me to view the remaining buttons.

    Communication is where you can view your current faction influence. You may tap each faction to view their message transmission records.

    Tip: Completing certain activities will provide points to certain factions. For example, exploring meteor craters will provide points for Chlorophyll Forum and once you reached a certain points you will receive rewards and title.

    Encyclopedia is where you can view notes, records, and jokes, historic entries of people who lived, survived and died in DURANGO.

    So you better keep on reading unless…

    Clan is where you can create or join a clan. Joining a clan provides a lot of benefits, although players at the time are more focused on learning about the game, clans features will surely get popular later on.

    Beta Key allows you to share DURANGO Beta Keys with your friends. I think you can get 1 Beta Key each day.

    Tip: *cough* Beta Keys *cough*

    Now for the Magic 5 icons!

    Mail icon is where you access the mails you receive. For now, the only messages we receive are from the system.

    Tip: The system messages will provide you with 25 Golden Flower coins, which ingame are the so called PREMIUM CURRENCY. You can use this coins to imediately finish skill learning etc.

    Tip: Upon reaching the stable island you will start receiving the system messages. 1 each day containing 25 Golden Flowe Coins.

    Tip: I really dont know what is the name of those coins... buy hey, common sense, They look like Gold and looks like a Flower lolz

    Friend’s icon is where you can view your current friends list.

    Tip: You can basically add anyone as your friend without them knowing! They have no idea…Bwahaha

    Camera/Screen Capture icon enables you to capture DURANGO MOMENTS!

    and make some DURANGO MEME =P

    Settings is where you can change your resolution, FPS, language, device orientation, sound, link and delete character. (more information about Settings and Optimization on the NEXT PAGE!)

    13: At the very bottom is your EXP Bar. You will level-up once it reached 100%.

    • You gain exp basically on everything you do. From combat, crafting, consuming items, collecting etc.
    • The higher the quality and level of the item you crafted, the higher EXP you gain. The same effect happens when you consume higher quality/level items or defeat higher level targets.
    • You also gain EXP when completing quest from factions. This is one of the efficient ways to get EXP as you also gain faction points which will give you T-stones, GFCoins and titles which will provide additional stats when equipped.
    • Your HP and Stamina will fully regenerate when you level up. Use this to your advantage 



    DURANGO has a very pretty and detailed graphics. Characters, Players, NPC's, Animals, Environment and even the water flow effects are beautiful. However, not all devices have the capability to run the game on its highest settings. Here we will go in-depth on what each aspect is for and what you can do to run the game smoothly.

    Please take note that in every technical device there is always a constant "Cause and Effect" with "Gain and Loss".,

    Cause and Effect = For example, the higher your Resolution, FPS and Sound the more Processing power the device needs to deliver. The more processing power the more energy is used. The more energy used the hotter your device gets... thus, cause and effect.

    Gain and Loss = Like the example above, you gain better graphics and gameplay quality but you lose more battery power. The same happens when you choose lower settings, you consume less energy thus gaining more gameplay time but you also lose gameplay quality.

    Resolution is how good/bad the graphics quality is. Lower quality means faster performance, suitable for low specs devices. High quality means better graphics, perfect for mid-high end gaming devices.

    FPS is the speed of frames in your game. 30 FPS is good enough with the fastest performance, 60FPS is better in quality but consumes more processing power.

    Sound Effects/Background Sound is where you can increase or decrease the volume of both background/Environment. Higher Sound volume means more battery consumed.

    • You can change the resolution from Low to Mid to HighLow resolution is pixelated especially if your device display panel is wide. The graphics tends to get more blurred/pixelated the lower the Resolution. What you can do to lessen this blur/pixel effect is you can either choose Medium Resolution or ZOOM IN on your character while in Low Resolution, Zooming-in however you will sacrifice your character view area, which proves dangerous on certain situations.
    • Battery Saver is 30 FPS while High Quality is 60 FPS. The higher the FPS the smoother the delivery of graphics but the higher the processing and power demand, the hotter your device becomes.
    • You can turn off the background sound and put the effect sound at 30-50%. You can also use an earphone/headset but please be aware of your surroundings.
    • I tried playing the game in portrait mode and unless you want to get a nice portrait screen shot then you should stick to a manual/locked landscape mode.
    • You can cause an earthquake ingame... just shake your device! I do that all the time when i want to wake up my character Bwahahaha!
    Below are sample screenshots base on their corresponding resolution settings.

    HIGH Resolution Settings: Max Zoom Out

    HIGH Resolution Settings: Max Zoom iN

    MEDIUM Resolution Settings: Max Zoom Out

    MEDIUM Resolution Settings: Max Zoom iN

    LOW Resolution Settings: Max Zoom Out

    LOW Resolution Settings: Max Zoom iN

    First things first, if you have multiple apps running on the background then don't ever expect this game or any other 3D game to work well or on their highest settings. So if you want a smooth gameplay then please make sure that you have the minimal apps opened or running. Make sure that you also have the CURRENT version of the game, version 1.0.0 is known to have bugs during combat, mounting, etc. So please update your game client to version 1.1.0 or the latest version. The game also requires a stable internet connection.

    Suggested Optimized Settings:
    Resolution: Low to Medium for 5 inches or lower wide display. Medium to High for 7+

    FPS: Battery Saver 30FPS is more than enough to have a smooth and good gameplay. However the graphics tends to lag when you are being attacked by 2 or more... if those are raptors or a T-REX, the last thing you will worry about is your FPS!

    Portrait Mode: I keep this on Manual. Settings this on AUTO means that the game will continue to receive and monitor the data provided by your device orientation sensor. Although the sensor consumes minimal amount of processing power and energy, still it consumes.

    Sound Effects: You can lower your sound effects but you need to keep it on. You can also use an earphone so that no one else in the office hears you playing DURANGO! =P

    Background Sound: Background sound queues are beneficial at times, but not always needed. For example: The sound of a running water means the ocean/river is nearby...but you can also see this on your minimap. So, its up to you. Turning this OFF will consume less processing power and energy.

    Now lets move on to the last part of the Confuse Me icon...

    Account Number: Your account number... might be useful in terms of bug reporting? or if your character is stuck inside the tummy of a T-Rex and you need someone to pull you out?

    Delete Character: This button will delete your current character, thus you will start anew. I used this a lot of times when i wanted to repeat the introduction and unstable island quest.

    Leave: is like closing your account.

    Credit: is the list of people who contributed to the creation of this marvelous game!

    Link Account: Linking your account will secure your game data. You will be able to switch devices using the same account as long as your account is linked. Please avoid using the same account on 2 different devices at the same time.

    Log Out: Logging out of the game will send you back to the login screen where you can choose from 3 different log in method. This is useful when you want to switch accounts.

    Tip: Logging in using your facebook or google play account will automatically secure your game data. However, if you use the Guest log-in then you need to manually link your game to a facebook or google play account for it to secure your game data, thus enabling you to switch devices and prevents data loss.

    Customer Service: Please report any bug, glitch, exploit and bad behavior players.

    Tip: Customer Service is aware that a  lot of newbie players die after entering the raptors nest. The best help they can give you is a few words of wisdom... "Learn from your mistake" "Look before you Leap" and... "If you can't outrun a Raptor, don't steal a Raptors egg!". Nature at its best!



    from basic survival, combat skills, gathering and into the complicated crafting skills, all of these is what you need to survive and prosper in the world of DURANGO.

    As i have mentioned earlier, this is one of the "Confuse Me". So for you to be able to get familiarize with this guide and the ingame skill tree mechanics, please take note that each Skill TREE have BRANCHES, and each branches have Leaves. Also please be aware of the font size and the color scheme.

    Good luck...


    This skill tree main focus is your melee (close range) combat capability. The melee skill tree have 14 sub branches each with their own respective specialty.

    Weapon Specialization Branchenables you to specialize in 3 types of melee weapons.

    Sword Mastery which increases your CRITICAL HIT CHANCE % (Crit Rate) and your DEFENSE PENETRATION %. Please take note that these benefits will only take effect while your character is equiped with a SWORD TYPE weapon/tool.

    Axe Mastery which increases your CRITICAL HIT DAMAGE% and AREA INJURY APRAISAL% (AoE Damage?). Please take note that these benefits will only take effect while your character is equiped with a AXE TYPE weapon/tool.

    Blunt Weapon Mastery which increases your ACCURACY % and FAINT APPRAISAL% (Stun Chance?). Please take note that these benefits will only take effect while your character is equiped with a BLUNT TYPE weapon/tool.

    • Focus only on 1 type of weapon mastery as each mastery skill requires skill points and you can only equip 1 weapon at a time, so spending points on multiple weapon masteries is not practical.
    • if you plan to eliminate your targets from afar, then you are in the wrong skill tree! Please check Archery Skill Tree for more information.
    • Although weapons are built for combat while tools are made for building/crafting. You can use both in combat and crafting items.
    • Please be aware that both weapons and tools have their durability. Using a Weapon to craft/gather while using Tools in combat is a very bad habit and inefficient.
    • Plan in advance and equip the appropriate item. If you plan to dive into combat then please equip a weapon. If you plan to gather and craft then please equip a tool. But if you encounter a T-Rex... no weapon or tool can save your life... i hope you have high level of RUN MASTERY! lolz

    Skill Guide - Under Construction

    Fast Leveling Skill Guide - Under Construction

    Resources Guide - Under Construction
    Tier 1 Resources 
    Tier 2 Resources 
    Tier 3 Resources 

    Crafting Guide - Under Construction
    Tier 1 Crafting
    Tier 2 Crafting
    Tier 3 Crafting



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