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    Developed by BNA Studios, LLC, and published by S2 Games (known for Strife and Heroes of Newerth), the  free to play multiplayer Collectible Card Arena Brawl of Ages officially entered Steam’s Early Access program a week ago, and has been available to play. Being a huge fan of the genre, I just had to dive it and try it out.

    From your first steps in the game, you’ll realise that Brawl of Ages is heavily inspired from the mobile phenomenon that is Clash Royale. As such, it would be hard to review it without mentioning Supercell’s game.

    Just like in Clash Royale, everything in Brawl of Ages starts with a deck of cards that will contain creatures, towers and spells that can be used in battle. These cards constitute the heart of the title, and in the great tradition of the card game, they not only possess a complete set of statistics and abilities, but also an invocation cost and some level of rarity. The players are then tasked with building decks of eight cards that will allow them to triumph in future battles. A choice of cards that can often be an ordeal as the variety of creatures and spells is wide.
    In order to enrich their collection of cards, several means will be available to the players, all centered around around the ‘Big Brawls Board” menu where they can spin a board to unlock random rewards. There are four different boards available; Basic Spins, Silver Spins, Gold Spins and Diamond Spins. Basic spins are unlocked through seals that are obtained by destroying enemy towers and winning in Standard matches. A complete victory (earned by destroying the enemy’s castle) provides three seals, while the losing player (as well as the vistorious player if he didn't destroy the castle) receives one seal for every tower he destroyed in the match. As for Silver, Gold and Diamond spins, there are two ways to unlock them. The first one is, you’ve probably guessed it by now, by spending money. The second way is through the Conquest mode that will remind most of Hearthstone’s Arena mode. Basically, players are assigned three lives, and must earn up to 10 wins before losing these three lives though losses. The rewards get better the more wins you accumulate, with 10 wins giving the player two Gold Spins and one Diamond Spin. A system that works very well and is relatively healthy at the moment.
    To build a good and balanced deck, it is necessary to test it on the battlefield, because Brawl of Ages is above all based on the clashes between players. Once a game is launched, the player placed on a board that is a hybrid configuration between MOBA and Tower Defense, exactly like Clash Royale’s. From MOBAs, Brawl of Ages borrows the system of fortress and defensive towers that will have to be destroyed to win the game, as well as the principle of "lanes". From the Tower Defense genre, it is the system of invocation of troop that it reproduces, as well as a resource system that allows them to be invoked. At the beginning of each game, the player will have a hand consisting of four of the eight cards from his deck, and he will have to summon them to demolish the opposing fortress. Obviously, it will be impossible to spam the creatures, the latter requiring the player to spend Mana (the resource of the game) which recharges as the seconds pass. Once invoked, creatures will move inexorably towards the nearest building or enemy with their goal being to attack and destroy. From then on, a very interesting game of attacks and counter-attacks is launched, with the most sophisticated strategists emerging victorious.

    And to avoid long matches where players just keep countering each other’s cards, they only last three minutes each, with the last minute seeing the rate of Mana generation being accelerated. If at the end of these three minutes, no player has managed to destroy the opponent’s castle, the one that destroyed the most towers wins. Likewise, if none of the players managed to destroy any of the enemy’s towers, or if they destroyed the same number of towers, the game keeps going past the three minutes until another tower or a tower is destroyed. As a result, there are clashes that are certainly very tactical, but also extremely important because of their brevity. Each game is intense, and will require action and quick thinking in order to counteract adversary tactics. This was undoubtedly what made the success of Clash Royale, and Brawl of Ages certainly intends to ride on that wave.

    Brawl of Age is exactly what it seems like, a Clash Royale experience on PC. Granted, there are a few changes in the modes, and the cards are, to some extent, different from what Clash Royale offers, but everything that made the success of Supercell’s title is here. Whether or not the fans of the genre will want to move from their mobile devices to the PC platform is an entirely different matter.

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    Frostkeep Studios dropped new gameplay details for their upcoming hybrid survival MMO Rend, giving you an in-depth look at the class and path (talent) system. 

    Unlike traditional MMORPG, you don't choose class at character creation but start developing your preferred character role starting at level 2.

    At level 2 (and every level thereafter), you will gain a talent point to spend in one of 4 class paths (paths instead of trees because they don't branch). A character can only have talents in a maximum of 2 paths, and will eventually have to choose a primary class and a secondary class. This will slightly change how each player plays.

    Depending on which 2 paths you are going to take and which you will pick as primary and which as secondary, there will be a lot of possible combinations and character builds. An Assassin/Soldier will play differently than a Survivalist/Mystic, while Soldier/Assassin will also play differently than Assassin/Soldier.

    The 4 classes are
    • Assassin: The Assassin is for the players who like to move stealthily and quickly while doing lots of damage. By spending points in the Assassin path, you will do more headshot damage, gain a marginal amount of health, barely increase your carrying capacity, and increase the height at which you can fall. Tiers include things like: increase long ranged damage, increase range, reduce noise generated, and increase jump height. The tier 6 ability will be camouflage, an active ability that lets the Assassin be stealthed as long as he doesn’t move or attack.
    • Soldier: You’re tough as nails and mean to boot. You don’t care too much about those long ranged Assassin’s because you’re so heavily armored their bows feel more like nerf guns. You can carry more weight than the Assassin too, it just goes to show you how weak they are. As you get further down the Soldier path, you get access to doing a ton more damage from close range. Sure, it may be difficult to get into close range with another player, but once you do… they better watch out. Tiers include buffs like: increased armor, increase health regen, increase stamina regen rate, and increase max carry weight. The tier 6 ability will be a huge increase in health and armor for a short duration.
    • Survivalist: You’re kind of the do everything type of player. You want to help the faction out as much as possible, so you don’t want to have to worry as much about food, water, overencumbrance, or health. The survivalists are the players who want to be able to last for a length of time away from the faction. If you want the ability to move faster while crafting, or increase harvest yields, survivalist is for you. Their tier buffs grant things like: increase temperature resistances, and faster mounted speed. Their tier 6 ability is forage, which lets them find food and water where other classes are unable to.
    • Mystic: This is the secretive class. Somehow they already know about the spirit world and can last longer in there than other classes. But Mystics aren’t just to solo into the spirit world. They are the support class, providing buffs to closeby allies that help them survive better. Tiers include: increased stamina regen for you and nearby allies, increase armor and resistances for you and nearby allies, reduce stat costs of spells, and increase soul collection speed. Their tier 6 ability is called Spectral Light. It provides light to the mystic and the mystic’s faction but no light to the other factions. A group of Assassin’s with a Mystic in the cave will be a fantastic ambush party for the unsuspecting torch bearers of the opposite faction.

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    Black Desert Online developer PearlAbyss revealed big plan for the future of their fantasy MMORPG that included a new class Striker. Today the developer released an extended gameplay trailer for that featured the kung fu master character smashed enemies with his iron fists.

    If you plan to play Striker when it comes out in NA and EU version, you can get to know his abilities now. Striker is pretty effective in a toe-to-toe combat against individual enemy. Using shoulder charge, knee kicks, and grappling, Striker is a perfect choice in any duel.


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    Timber Games‘ PC MMORPG Azera didn't work out well in South Korean market even with sexy characters and fascinating mechs. The developer is now focusing on the mobile version of Azera called Azera: Iron Heart, which is published by Webzen will start start Android closed beta on April 20. The final launch is scheduled for May 2017.

    Azera: Iron Heart boasts a Chain System that allows you to combine over 80 different skills to make unique combos. You can explore an open world in beautifully designed mech suits, and last but not least, the massive GvG battles that almost every Korean MMO has. 

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    After several months of buildup, Ship of Heroes finally opened the doors to its kickstarter. Fans donated over 35k to the project before Casey McGeever, CEO of Heroic Games decided to take another approach to launching the game and canceled the fundraiser. Kickstarting MMOs is very common these days, especially for indie developers. It is much more difficult to pull off a successful kickstarter than it was, however, and it seems like every day that difficulty level rises. This decision in no way impacted the amazing progress Heroic Games has made toward the development of Ship of Heroes; if anything, it seems to have further galvanized the team.

    I reached out, curious about the plans Heroic Games had for moving forward, and learned about what we can look forward to, as well as the current state of the game and the progress they've made in the past year.

    2P: MMORPGs are huge, complicated undertakings. What have you done in the past year of development? How do you measure progress?

    HG: So the first element is to decide what is important in the game.  For a game which is inspired by COH, certainly a couple of things must be present:  A really good character creator (CCT), with costumes, weapons, colorization options and character morphs.  In particular, the costume, weapons and colorization were all strong in COH, so players don't want to lose those strengths.  But in addition characters need better models than COH had (15+ years have passed, after all), and the models must have a collection of morphs to individualize them.  Finally, there needs to be a custom-coded system for the CCT which allows growth.  Forgot cat ears and tail?  You need to be able to easily add those items later.  this isn't something that can be bought in a box, or easily created using UE4 starter features.  It needs to be coded.  Otherwise the devs can end up with just a few crude costume pieces, and dipping their nude character models in buckets of virtual paint.  That's a step back from COH.  Even worse, it is hard to correct later on.  In terms of development, this needs to be planned right at the start.
    Another element that needs to be planned at the start is the persistent level.  Most people don't know that Atlas Park was one square mile in size.  Perez Park a bit larger.  Most of the COH City Zones are 1-2 square miles in size.  This was a lot of space.  Other elements of the design include the color palette, and the feel of the zones.  One thing in COH -- almost every zone had been positive and uplifting when it was built, and some had fallen on hard times.  But the color palete and light convey these elements to the player.  Finally, the levels are packed, like real city spaces.  Buildings close together, people walking, cars moving.  This is an important consideration for cost of design, and for server load, depending upon how far a player can see, and at what level of detail.

    What should we see in a COH successor, or even in a game taking inspiration from COH?

    First we should see a real Character creation tool or system.  We should see multiple models (and be able to add more).  There's a key art style issue here -- will the models be more realistically proportioned, or heroically proportioned?  For example, you can see that comic heroes are actually proportioned with longer legs and shorter torsos that real humans usually have -- it's an art style.  COH used it too.  Then there are costumes.  Real heroes need costumes that come in pieces (Batman's mask is not just his skin turned black with a texture's a costume piece.  Heroes should don their costumes, not be painted into them.

    So if a team is making a new MMORPG inspired by COH, you should see a story -- there has to be something worth fighting over.  You should quickly see a real character creator, with costumes and morphs.  You should see signature heroes and their costumes.  Initially this can all be concept art.  But quickly enough it should become a prototype game.  You should see the real persistent level of the game.  Atlas Park or something like it.
    What I just laid out there is less than a year of work, even for s small team.  We showed that stuff when we launched our website in November.  Along with setting and backstory and the plan and ambitions for the game, and a schedule.  That all comes early.

    The next piece is actually building the game.  Early on, a supporter should see his signature hero, made in the games' CCT, wearing costume pieces (not painted skin with textures), in the persistent level, all of which should reflect the story elements.  there should be signature enemies, and some powers and some combat.  The level should be interesting and signature places where key game elements are going to take place in the future (in COH, the city hall, the police station, the Wentworth's, the hospital, even the AE building).
    2P: Has the milestone schedule and schedule to launch been impacted?

    HG: Well, yes and no.  To be completely clear, the only milestone schedule we published is the one we completed already, when we launched the KS.  That one is done, and was successful.  We're making a new one for the remainder of 2017 right now, with the escorted Alpha tours as the year-end highlight.  But the overall schedule has changed a bit.  Since we are launching a smaller game now, we can bring the launch date back to the end of 2018.  And while we have not publicly announced it, we are looking into whether we can, and should, have some intermediate stage between now and then.

    We are almost to Alpha, I would say.  We’ve shown the basic game, with our character creator and costumes, Apotheosis City, powersets and powers, and a first look at combat, including team combat.   It’s not a huge leap to see players street-sweeping and doing missions in a pretty advanced Alpha by the end of 2017.  We are well ahead of a developing game normally is after one year of effort, despite running on a tiny budget.

    2P: It's already been announced that Ship of Heroes is using the Unreal Engine. What assets have you created that you're the most proud of? How do you see these assets affecting the game?

     So there is a general consensus that we are proud of multiple pieces of the character creator.  Having the multiple models, custom clothing that doesn't clip, having the morphs automatically affect both characters and clothing, and having the really clean good UI are all elements that got mentioned.  Also, the fact that our CCT is our own code, so we know it was coded to be easy to expand -- to add weapons, powers, new models, new costumes, new morphs -- all of that is a huge asset for the game.  We have something very good right now and we have the capability to improve it constantly during the life of the game.
    We're happy with Apotheosis City.  When you look at custom assets like the Arch, the layout of the city itself, which includes some 3-dimensionality (it's not flat), the pre-set design elements for flight, the inclusion of custom buildings for ship security, trading, city hall, hospital, and player-designed missions...we have already built all of that into the urban design of the city.  And of course we are still building, still improving, still adding textures and special effects to enhance immersion and realism.  It's just a great persistent level to launch the game in.

    Another thing we have as an asset of the game, which is not visible, is a powerful code system for creating and specifying powers.  This gives us the ability to design powersets in weeks, not months and get them deployed.  In each case we need to optimize the animations, FX, sounds, etc.  But changes are relatively easy once we have what we like.   It is similar to the CCT in this respect -- a good, proprietary system we coded ourselves, and can use to expand the game efficiently over the long term.

    Finally, and this may be off-topic for your question, our team agrees that our story and setting are a big asset.  While we do get people asking if can re-set the game in the ruins of post-apocalyptic Detroit, os some medium-sized Midwestern American town, most people recognize that modern hero games all include space as an element, and that the combination of the ship, and the space travel, gives us the best story and setting for a new MMORPG out there.  We have more potential for  expansion to really unusual, riveting content, than could ever be done in a 1970s American city.  There's a reason The Jedi are in space, and Guardians of the Galaxy too.  Ship of Heroes just has a superior story and setting, and we're proud of it.
    2P: I know you've said you'll be scaling back the game, to launch sooner. Can you be a bit more specific? What can players expect to see when the game launches? Beyond the combat and leveling; You've previously mentioned crafting, day jobs and harvesting, will these be limited or cut from the initial launch for future development?  

     Well we’re staying with Apotheosis City as the launch level, and we’ll be improving it as time goes by.  Characters will be able to level on a slow curve up to 20 at launch, and we’ll have both street sweeping and instanced missions.  Our supporters have told us how important it will be to have instanced missions.  One thing we do not know right now is how much we will get from website donations, when we activate that option in May.  So we’re waiting to decide on the crafting, day-jobs, and harvesting, until we see what level of resources we’ll have.  These features will definitely be added at some point - our dev team wants to play with them, for one thing - but we’re committed to launching as soon as possible.  We think that is one of the lessons we learned from our Kickstarter – supporters want us to prioritize a quicker launch over a bigger game.

    2P: I'm seeing a lot of positive energy about SoH and perhaps even more excitement than before, despite the canceled Kickstarter. I might even say because of the canceled Kickstarter. How are you feeling about the current response from your community?  

    HG: We feel humbled.  Our community is still with us, and in some ways more excited than ever to be part of the development of Ship of Heroes.  That makes us want to dive in and create it for them.

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    Virtual Reality games have created a new obsession amongst gamers globally. By making players feel the game it has taken the world by storm. And in recent years, we have seen substantial developments in gaming. Developers have started creating games with so much graphics involved that sometimes it becomes impossible to determine whether it’s being played in a real life environment or a simulated one. VR games are also progressing on the same front, creating such games which ensure that you are completely taken into a different world. Here’s a list of VR games which require so much player participation that it literally burns the fat in your body. Talk about games to motivate the lazy people to work out.

    Coming in 2017

    We all enjoy sports but quite often lack the motivation to go out and actually play. Sparc is a new VR game developed by CCP which brings these sports games to you. Sparc is a full body virtual reality game which is going to be made available for the Oculus Rift, HTC vive and Playstation VR. Sparc is the first of a kind VR game which uses such an interesting new feature.

    In this game the players essentially play use the motion controllers to hurl projectiles at each other in a simulated environment. Sounds quite simple? It isn’t. Players will be pitched against each other and will have to play just like they would in real life. Hurl projectiles predicting the movement of the other, dodging and throwing in quick succession etc. They can also block or deflect incoming attacks.
    In order to make the game more lifelike, players can queue up for the next match and wait for the game to start. While waiting so they can sit in the courtside and enjoy the current game that is going on. This is quite a remarkable thing that is being done to enrich the gaming experience.

    The release of this game is expected to take place later this year. This is one sports game that is going to be worth looking forward to.

    Here’s a quick look at the gameplay to have a quick peek into what’s in store for us.

    Coming in 2017

    Airtone is an upcoming rhythm action VR proposed to be launched in spring 2017. The game is set to be compatible for the High End VR Equipment like Oculus Rift and HTC vive. There has however been no official confirmation whether the game will be available for the PlayStation VR yet.
    The Japanese game is being developed by Historia Co. Ltd and will provide an enriching musical gaming experience. One of the key highlights of the game is that it features an Unreal engine. The gameplay features creating musical keytones and rhythms to achieve combination points etc.

    Download it at Steam

    Fight it out gladiator style in this crazy virtual reality game called Sword Master. This is a game which will pitch you up against intense sword battles in the gaming world. It is quite easily one of the most entertaining and sweat breaking virtual reality games that are currently available.  The game has been launched for the Oculus rift and the HTC vive. However, there are certain basic requirements which you will need in order to extract the best experience from the game.

    Since the game features a full body VR game with a 360 degree view it is almost necessary that you have a living room or a suitable room with enough space to play the game. Highly recommended that you play in an empty room as this will possibly reduce the risk of knocking down things while engaging in battles. The developers recommend having a room with a dimensions of at least 2.5m x 2.5m play space.

    There are certain attractive elements to the game such as various unlockable swords, different enemy variations and four difficulty levels. The developers have tried to make the game as realistic as possible, this means that while engaging in battles you will have to shift your weight accordingly to deliver powerful blows and block and dodge oncoming attacks. The game has already been launched so give it a try as it’s sure to get you off your feet.

    Download it at Steam

    Sportsbar VR is an entertaining game set in locations styled like a pub. This means as a player you get to play all those games which are available in sports bar such as snooker, darts, chess etc. Sports Bar VR has been developed and published by Cherry Pop Games, Perilous orbit and was made available during mid 2016The game features both single player and multiplayer modes. So you can easily play a game of snooker with your friends and have tons of fun.

    The graphics that have been created are so lifelike that when you actually lean in to take a shot over the pool table there is good chance that you might fall. Because, well, there isn’t really a table in reality in the first place. The game also features several playing modes such as:
    1) Single player
    2) Multiplayer
    3) Online Multiplayer
    4) Online Co-op.

    The game is made available for the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. In order to play this game it is recommended that you have ample room space so not to fall over any objects.
    The game offers several customizations. These customizations can be made with regard to your avatar, the cue, controllers and even the table. In addition to this you can play against up to 6 players in the online mode.

    Download it at Steam

    Golf Club VR is a simulation sports game which has been developed and published by HB Studios for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The game requires a play area with a 360 degree tracking so as to make the most of it.

    Golf club VR is perhaps the best golf game that is available in the market right now. It brings an extremely realistic experience along with it, enabling players to choose the course of their choice. The game boasts a library of over 130,000 courses to choose from. This means you get to expand your Golfing experience for over 250,000 square kilometres. The game come with a lot of attractions such as choosing and affiliating yourself to a golf club and playing for them, customizing your golf bag etc.
    An in depth tutorial has also been provided in order to get the players familiarized with the game. The tutorial essentially guides from the basics of learning how to swing your bat to exploring the environment that has been created. However, the game will be playable only in the single player mode.  Golf Club VR was officially launched in February 2017. So this is definitely one of those VR games which is a must play for the very interactive gameplay and VR experience.


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    MLB Perfect Inning Live has finally arrived. GAMEVIL’s new baseball game is now available on the App Store and Google Play. Developed by Gong Games, MLB Perfect Inning Live uses an advanced gaming engine to bring mobile baseball simulation to life. MLB Perfect Inning Live also features real-time PVP. Face off against real players! Finally, MLB Perfect InningLive gives gamers total control over their team. Players can manage their roster and participate in the game directly while hitting, pitching, or out-fielding. Experience the complete action and relive the excitement of MLB anywhere.

    MLB Perfect Inning Live gives gamers the opportunity to compete with others in real-time and build the team of their dreams. Play ‘Live Battle’ mode and battle with other global users in synchronous PVP. For players who want faster action, ‘Turn Battle’ will give them the chance for a quick victory. Regardless of the type of match, every challenger will want the best team possible, and MLB Perfect Inning Live gives them the tools needed to be a true team manager. The new ‘FA Market’ feature provides players the opportunity to acquire the necessary pieces to make their star lineup.

    Players will be able to experience the exhilaration of MLB on the go like never before. Control every roster member on the field in any of the 30 faithfully re-created stadiums. Improved batting and pitching mechanics give the sensation of being on the mount or on the plate, and each player is portrayed realistically with accurate motion capturing. Direct the path of the bat’s swing, or choose the right pitch to strike out the opposition. Off the field, users can customize their rosters, upgrade their players and even purchase equipment.

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    Korean MMO ASTA is coming back to the west later this month under a new publisher Move Games Co., Ltd. The game will be available on Steam on April 26 and it will be free to play.
    The game was just Greenlit in March 2017 and all major gameplay features in the old version will be in the Steam version. It's not sure if publisher fixes the security issues that many players complained in the old version. Now there are some pre-launch events you can check out for items rewards, and you can learn more details at the Steam page.

    The original ASTA published by Webzen was shut down in October 2016 because with traditional MMO gameplay and hacks & bugs, the game lost its players fast. What do you think about the game this time? Are you going to play it?

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    Never underestimate the ingenuity and creativity of players because they always find a way to exert their talents in the game. It doesn't matter if the game provides the system or tools.

    One player named Alilinke managed to make the famous Mona Lisa in the guild hall in Guild Wars 2. Altough it's not as detailed and authentic as the real one, it is amazing if you see how he did it.

    It took a lot of time and effort since the game doesn't offer the appropriate tools. What he did was to open 2 accounts, one placed the pieces of objects in the sky, and one at the bottom to see if the shadow on the wall was accurate. The difficulty of doing this was obvious, so hats off to you.

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    The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind
    Coming in June 2017, The Elder Scrolls Online's Morrowind expansion will make Warden a playable class. Wardens can summon the fearsome war bear, encase themselves in rock-solid ice, or conjure healing plants from the soil. They are versatile in combat ability.

    Warden looks like a cool magic class to play and no doubt many players will start a Warden when the expansion releases on June 6, 2017.

    Warden screenshot
    Warden screenshot

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    Big Picture Games' sandbox MMORPG Darkfall: Rise of Agon will be formally launched on May 5, 2017 and now the game is opened to everyone for free for a week. The server will be shut down on April 24 for maintenance and preparation for final launch.

    If you like the Darkfall franchise, first-person skill-based combat, high freedom in character development, city building & politics, territory conquest, and free PK, you can download the game at the official page.
    Darkfall: Rise of Agon is subscription-based MMO for hardcore gamers. Learn more about the game at the official site.

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    Chinese gaming giant Tencent Games has revealed WeGame, a Steam-like platform that aims at global audience. WeGame promises 3 features: connecting straightly the developers and players to enhance more direct communications; integrated with purchase, news, streaming and community functions and services; oceans of game contents and the support of player reviews & opinions.

    Tencent Games publishes many multiplayer games and MMOs in China and they will gradually move their attention to both online games and single-player games. For western MMO players that are waiting for Monster Hunter Online, Lost Ark, Call of Duty Online, and Moonlight Blade, WeGame might be their hope of playing these games sooner.

    It's necessary to mention that currently Tencent Games hasn't revealed any specific plans of how they are going to provide games and services for oversea players. They will officially announced WeGame on April 20 and we'll keep you updated.

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    The space sandbox game No Man's Sky has allowed house and base construction in the game. Since then players can find all sorts of whimsical structures in the universe, including a futuristic McDonalds. With 18 quintillion planets in the universe, you have a very slim chance to meet other players or find their buildings, and that's why discovering something not generated by the game is considered an exciting thing.

    A lonely McDonalds stands on a distant planet at the end of the universe. If you discover the burgers, you can check out the menu at an alien NPC at the entrance and then walk around the premises. Everything a McDonalds should have is there: storerooms with freezer burgers, a deep-frying and grill area and, a guest area with fashionable chairs and tables.

    The entire planet seems to be claimed by the corporate called McDonalds, because even the animals in the world have names like "Ronald McDonald"!

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    Onmyoji, a mobile game of NetEase Games, made its debut at Facebook’s annual global developer conference. In this event, Facebook announced the release of Onmyoji PC version in traditional Chinese for global players as one of two strategy games available on Facebook Gameroom. You can install Gameroom and play Onmyoji here.

    After more than 5 months of 
    meticulous preparation, the traditional Chinese version of Onmyoji designed for global players started CBT on April 14, 2017. The upcoming release will support the perfect synchronization of players’ data with iOS and Android platforms and will provide a well-rounded game experience including login, charging and sharing. Therefore, players can switch between platforms effortlessly and maintain a smooth gaming experience. It is worth mentioning that following the release of the Japanese version, the English version of Onmyoji will also be launched on iOS and Android platforms. You can find more on:

    Onmyoji is a part turn-based, part real-time RPG game combining cultural elements, traditional character design and high-quality graphics for a new take on card-based combat. The game features Location Based Services (LBS) networking, which allows players to interact and socialize with others who are nearby. In addition, Onmyoji enlisted popular Japanese voice actors to dub game character voices so that players can enjoy a more immersive audio gaming experience.

    As the latest blockbuster title from NetEase
     Games, Onmyoji has been favored by global players since its debuting. The mobile game garnered over 10 million DAU within 2 months and over 200 million global downloads within six months since release. In the Games of the Year rankings by Facebook, Onmyoji of NetEase was rated as the Best Mobile Game 2016, along with Pokemon Go and Clash Royale.

    Related article: 
    Onmyoji Interview: NetEase Games Talks Releasing the Game in the West

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    The creators of Wildstar are working on their next title
    Wildstar developer Carbine Studios is up for the next title, according to their job posts. The studio says "Carbine Studios is bringing together a world-class team of talented and passionate developers for its next unannounced title." All new recruits will be working in Carbine's headquarter in Aliso Viejo, California. Although we don't know what kind of game it is, we can dig out something from the job descriptions.

    For instance, the extra requirements for Senior Graphics Engineer hints that the unannounced title could be an MMO, while the requirement for Lead Combat Designer suggests the game will be powered by Unreal Engine. 

    What do you expect from Carbine Studios? Do you want another MMORPG? Tell us what you think.


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    Ready At Dawn is the developer known for creating The Order: 1886, and they will release the new competitive multiplayer title Deformers on April 21. Today the develoloper announced to partner with Chinese publisher Tencent Games to distribute the game in China. All games Tencent is publishing now is free-to-play title so Deformers may also be free-to-play in China.

    Stresses on realistic physics, Deformers takes place in arenas where players control “Forms” and battle in the quest to reign over other players. Deformers delivers unique, tactile game play for those who love to show off their skills, determination, and domination.

    • Conquer your opponents using Powers and your Form’s ability to roll, jump, dash, shoot, throw, and defend.
    • Consume the remains of your defeated opponents and other objects in the world to become bigger and stronger.
    • All skill levels can jump in and enjoy the simple game mechanics.
    • Multiplayer options provide a social setting for a group of friends to compete and have a great time.
    • Compete in Social Combat. Games are better when bragging rights are part of the experience.

    Currently the game is in open beta on Steam and it can be accessed for free by everyone. Players who preorder the game or those who log in the game during the first week of launch will be granted the Founders Pack for free.

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    Bless Online Japanese version was announced in May 2016, a few weeks later than the announcement of the NA and EU version, and it's going to start beta test earlier than the western version. Japanese publisher Game On confirms that Bless Online will start closed beta on April 28 in Japan. The first Japanese closed beta will end on April 4 and there's no word whether it will have an IP block.
    There's update for the western version though. Aeria Games will visit the developer Neowiz in South Korea soon and we can finally expect to hear some new information about the game. We might not have a beta time from this visit but we may learn more about the progress of the localization.
    We will keep you updated.
    Source: Bless-source 

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    Recently the Black Desert community is talking a lot about the new Striker class. Today you can take a look at the first hour of striker gameplay in the Korean version as the new class officially available in the game.  

    Striker will be coming to NA and EU version in the future. It's time to see if he's the type of fighter you want to be.

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    Dark and Light is one of the most anticipated sandbox survival MMO for 2017, and the game will kick off early access later this year. The developer Snail Games is currently working on polishing the early access version and improving the graphics.

    The official Twitter account just shared several images featured the improved visuals. The textures, lights and shadows are amazing if that's what the actual game looks like. According to Chinese gaming portal, Unreal Engine 4 MMO Dark and Light's early access will be priced at 199 Chinese yuan, about $29. However, the price may be subjected to change.

    Source: Twitter

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    Ragnarok Mobile has been one of the most popular mobile RPG at 2P forum although the game has no official English language support. But things are changed now, as a team of enthusiastic gamers have translated most of the texts into English. 

    For now, the English patch is compatible only with the Android version of the game. The devoted fans have even created a patcher that runs on Android and will patch the client files for you. All Ragnarok fans can download the English patchhere. Steparu got their hands on the game with English patch, take a look bellow.

    Source: mmossteparu

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