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To Play and to Know MMO Games Better.

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    In order to expand global projects, Korean gaming giant Nexon has announced that they will cooperate with Carbon Eyed to publish three mobile games in global market. Founded in 2014 by the former CEO of Eyedentity Games, Carbon Eyed is a new games development studio which is famous for its three flagship titles namely Knights Fall, Tiny Fall and Gigant Shock.
    Gigant Shock

    Out of the three titles, the one really caught my eye was Gigant Shock. Gigant Shock is a 3D side scroller MMORPG which allows you to control four distinctive heroes to fight against massive gigantic dreadful bosses. In order to let players focus more on the fight, Carbon Eyed also drop auto battle system and movement controls. Besides, you can also team up with 2 of your friends to have a co-op dungeon experience in this game.



    Knights Fall

    Knights Fall is a top down strategy siege game in which players have to make full use of different weapons and terrain to complete objectives. There are more than 100 weapons  for players to choose from, such as cannon, flame thrower, stone thrower and more. Moreover, the game also features destructible items and physical engine, allowing players to have epic siege fight on your phone.


    Tiny Fall

    Tiny Fall is quite similar to Knights Fall in gameplay, but Tiny Fall is more casual and features animated characters from fairy tales like Alice in Wonderland, The Snow Queen and Hansel and Gretel.

    Right now, Knights Fall has already been launched on App Store and Google Play in Korea, and Nexon will publish all three game in global market when it is the right time.

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    Dwarves are physically powerful, higher HP, and a unique combat style. There are 3 base classes: Warrior, Rogue, and Mage, each of which can advance to one of the 3 subclasses. If you play Dwarf, you need to know which subclass fits you best.

    Warrior subclasses
    How to play: Guardian has the best defense and highest HP, at the cost of attack power and critical hit rate and critical hit damage. Although Guardian has the lowest DPS, he's the toughest one to kill. If you want to play safe and slow, this is the best choice.
    How to play: Slow in move & attack speed but deadly in every single blow to the enemy, Slayer can charge to the enemy to get engaged fast. That's why Slayer often goes into the middle of the battlefield. When the particular passive ability is triggered, Slayer can go into rage form by using the "Angry Dwarf" ability.
    Rogue subclasses
    How to play: Scavenger can confuse enemies with his combat abilities. Although Dwarves aren't agile themselves, but Scavenger's attack can lower the enemy's accuracy and it's actually an excellent support to the party. Scavenger's playstyle goes against the trait of Dwarf, but his "Search" ability boost the gold gain for the party and it's a value no other class can provide.
    War Ranger
    How to play: Dwarf's low attack power trait determines that a War Ranger can never compare with other Rogue classes. But the high HP and abilities deal damage over time allow War Ranger to play patiently even against high burst DPS.    
    Mage subclasses
    Quarrel Wizard
    How to play: Quarrel Wizard isn't afraid of close quarter combat thanks to Dwarf's high defense and HP. You can play it like a melee Mage and you can expect effective farming with the ability to engage in both ranged and close combat. It's worth mentioning that Quarrel Wizard casts spell slowly but can stun the enemies. "Practice makes perfect" is a good advice for Quarrel Wizard player.
    How to play: Sage is an all-round class that can heal, provide buff and debuff, and deal damage. It's a very friendly class to new player but the disadvantage is also obvious, that none of the abilities is powerful enough to handle tough enemies. Still as Sage progresses towards the end-game, it will be a powerful class.

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    One day in the mysterious land, the fierce battle accidentally broke an ancient seal. After an earthquake a hidden place with roars and ruins appeared from the underground. Will it be the rain moistening the dry land or a demons’ trap Let’s check the Buried Treasures hidden in the ancient ruins:

    In the upcoming version Final Clash: Buried Treasures, you are expecting the following new features:
    New Dungeons:

    Some precious treasures are hidden in the Void Echo, you will have to compete with each other to open the chests. The uncertainty of void requires every team to have one specific hero to stabilize the space for a fierce fight. The faster you win, the more you get!
    Burning Lands absorb the void fire and melt the Outland resources into Morph Gear materials. The demons secure these treasures with powerful watchers, beat them and gather the Morph Gear materials to empower your gear with void illusion!
    New Features:
    Every distinguished warrior should be remembered and on the plaza there will be three statues standing for them: #1 of Arena, #1 of Apex Peak and #1 of Powers! You will have the right places to curve your names on! The daily worship will generate gems or gold for believers of Glory, while the DPS board provide you a place to seek for the highest DMG. You can send out your best hero to climb the DPS board daily for the handful rewards.
    New Hero
    Unstable and erratic. He loves a bloody battle and a good massacre. His only pursuit in life is to find an opponent that can finally defeat him. As his high speed leaves shadow for others to chase, he has to seek some challenges and the unknown power alone in the ruins. Time has gone by and he has been lost for a long time. It is time for you to recruit Giggle and bring him to a new home!
    The new version Final Clash: Buried Treasures will be online in early June with multiple in-game and offline events, please subscribe to Final Clash Official Facebook ( or join in Discord ( for latest news and events!

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    Dark and Light associate producer Horsejoke has revealed new gameplay details about the Elementals, the physical embodiments of concentrated elemental magic. There are several types of elemental magic: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Dark, and Light magic, and these elementals come into the forms of Wind Elemental, Fire Elemental, Dark Elemental, and other Elementals. 

    Experienced players with the right skills and magic can kill the Elementals and harvest them for powerful magical cores. "These cores can be used as crafting reagents for high-level items and spells, or, once enough cores have been collected, they can be used to summon a tamed Elemental of your very own," says Horsejoke.

    Dark Elemental

    Wind Elemental

    Fire Elemental


    Source: Steam page

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    Today at NetEase 520 Press Conference, NetEase officially confirms that War Rage, a highly-anticipated ARPG, will start its second closed beta in China next month. The new beta version will expand the world map once again and there is more exotic content you can look forward to in game.

    Although NetEase hasn’t revealed what exactly we can see in the new patch, we can still find out some clues from the teased picture, which outlines the upcoming characters of the game. I guess they are Vikings, Japanese Samurais and Knights. Do you agree with me? Please leave a comment below.

    If you are interested in this game, you can apply second beta on its official site. War Rage is scheduled to be available globally in late 2017.

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    It has been two years since NetEase firstly announced the martial arts MMORPG Justice (former name Treacherous Waters). Today at NetEase 520 Press Conference, NetEase finally revealed the first beta date for this next-generation MMORPG will arrive on July 21 in China.

    Based on famous Chinese novel The Four Great Constables, Justice is another flagship MMORPG besides Revelation Online. It is said that Justice is the last PC MMOPRG from NetEase so the expectation is high. Apart from visually-stunning graphics, the game also introduces the enlighten technology which provides real-time lighting effect.

    In addition, Justice is designed to give players real freedom. You will be available to interact with the NPC and build special and exclusive relationships with different force.

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    Netease Games’ annual May-20 conference kicked off today in China, and the biggest game developer in China presented 32 games including 13 new games that represent the company’s direction in the market in the next few years. All names of the games below are official English names.
    Identity 5
    Netease’s first ever asymmetrical battle arena game with thrilling adventure. An anonymous invitation letter points to a deserted manor. With disordered clues and unacknowledged deductions, the murderer is far from exposure. In Victorian Era, a gothic suspenseful horror is on stage. Soaked into the puzzle, you are going to experience re-enactments and explore possibilities between life and death. As a brave detective you are going to find a way out of the information fog and survive yourself from the conspiracy.

    Han-Gyaku-Sei Million Arthur
    An orthodox Japanese mobile game and the third installment in the Million Arthur series, developed jointly by Netease and Square Enix. With a celluloid-stlye CG animation, the game continues to unfold a whole new world of Britain like never before to its legion of fans.

    A multiplayer online casual game in which you can control an aircraft to shoot and hide. There are various aircrafts and bullets with lovely looks, incredible props, and exciting co-op fights. The game is designed for all players like students, office staff, and housewives, etc. To play in a relaxing atmosphere.

    Legend of Three Kingdoms
    A next-gen turn-based fantasy MMO from the developers of Fantasy Westward Journey. With brand-new turn-based gameplay, full-scale battlefields and ample cavalry combat experience, the game has received huge investment and will provide high quality 3D visuals, aiming to bring players a romantic and glorious Three Kingdoms experience.

    The War
    The game takes place in Warring States Period in ancient China. You can explore the cinematic world, grow into a true hero, and master the art of war. You can be a king, ruling your kingdom

    Xuanyuan Sword of Netease
    Based on 2 classic IP, Xuanyuan Sword 3 of Netease and Scar of the Sky from Softstar Entertaninment, Xuanyuan Sword of Netease attempts to probe into the culture of prosperous Tang Dynasty and explore the traditional mythology, and ultimately, represent Chinese classics with ingenuity.

    Forever 7
    A role-playing mobile game about urban legends. There game has real-time heroes battle, coupled with classic multiple-storyline element and Japanese style scenes and characters.  

    Index Official Mobile Game
    Authorized and supervised by Kadokawa, it’s a 3D ACG Japanese style RPG aims to provide brand-new ACGN gaming experience. The original novel and CV group’s characters are perfectly presented. The Academy City will be there for players to explore.  

    A stylish basketball game focuses on 3v3 match. The game features American street style of characters and environments, and it’s for free-spirited trendsetters of all ages. You will need some tactics to win the game.

    Hatsune Miku: Roller Skating Music
    A licensed casual mobile music game where you can play single-player casual mode or compete iconic characters. The game has a dressing room system.

    The Open Range
    The next flagship Wuxia game from Netease. The game has revealed first closed beta date. You can learn more about the game here: NetEase Flagship MMORPG The Open Range to Kick Off First Beta on July 21

    Novoland - Storm of Prophecy and Tribes Empire
    Adapted from the TV series of the name and tells an eastern fantasy story takes place in the Novoland. Based on 2 core ideas: restoring the world of Novoland and co-creating the world with players. There are 6 races and 9 continents in the game.

    War Rage
    The sandbox war game is expanding the scale by adding western army and generals. In development for 5 years, War Rage is a strategic product for Netease in 2016-2017, and the game recreates vast medieval civilizations for players to conquer, by allowing you to control a general and the army simultaneously to experience thrilling action and tactical moves at the same time.


    There are 19 games that have been revealed before or are old games.

    The most popular sandbox game is coming to China. Netease Games will provide localized game experience and exclusive content for Chinese players. What’s more, the Chinese version will be free-to-play.

    Japanese fantasy style CCG developed by Cygames. It features various strategies, a unique evolution system and competitive play style. In the meantime, it has gorgeous anime art and high quality voice acting.  
    Crusaders of Light
    A PC quality mobile MMORPG with over 300 hours of content at launch. With 40-man raid, ranked 1v1, 3v3 and 5v5 PvP arena, and 25v25 battlegrounds, the game aims at providing PC MMO style of PvE, PvP, solo and guild play.
    The Trial
    Netease will publish 22cans’ award-winning mobile game in China. The game is about explore, discover, collect, craft, trade, and eventually settle and build in world with amazing vistas and stirring soundtrack.
    Dawn of Titans 
    Another acclaimed mobile game published by Netease in China. The most distinct feature is it only takes a few minutes, sometimes less than a minute for a battle. In the short game period you can experience large scale siege, thousands of units on the screen, and deep strategies.   

    World of Tanks Blitz
    Free-to-play mobile tank battle game is getting localized Chinese version. Over 200 tanks based on real vehicles in the history will be available to drive to gallop across the battlefield. The game features 7v7 real-time PvP.
    Tianxia 3
    A 3D MMORPG creates a majestic and vivid world of ancient China.
    A sequel to the PC MMORPG Tianxia 3 for mobile platform that’s released in 2016. Powered by Messiah engine, the game created a retinal level real 3D world for players. It represents the highest standard of 3D mobile gaming in 2016. In addition to the graphics, Tianxia features seamless world, smooth acrobatic moves.
    A 3D turn-based mobile RPG tells the story of Abe, an Onmyoji who loses the memories. Players’ task is to summon Shikigami, form contracts with them and defeat the enemies. The game swept Chinese mobile game market in 2016 with over 200 million downloads in 6 months.

    Demon Seals
    Powered by upgraded NeoX 2.0 engine, the mobile game boasts cinematic level of graphics. There are 6 different classes, 18 combat styles, holy-trinity-based combat system, “double joystick”control scheme inspired by MOBAs.  
    The Ghost Online
    Netease’s first online fantasy game integrates the originally invented stories with ancient Chinese myths, fairly tales and historical events. The game has 10 classes and dozens of PvP modes and most notably, 50% of the game’s players are female.
    The Ghost 
    Features beautiful scenes and characters and classic mobile gameplay, The Ghost is one of the top 10 best sellers in Chinese App Store.
    Fantasy Westward Journey Online
    Netease’s flagship MMO has been played by over 310 million players since launch.
    Fantasy Westward Journey
    Set in the Tang Dynasty, the mobile version of Fantasy Westward Journey Online was released in 2016 and it supported cross-play with the PC version. The game has over 100 million registered users and features clean visuals, original stories, new characters and customizable mounts.
    Westward Journey 2
    15 years after the initial release, the turn-based MMO still enjoys strong vitality in China. The game has over 200 million registered players in China.
    Westward Journey 2
    Free Version: The free version of Westward Journey 2 has over 1 million players.
    Westward Journey Online 2 - Pocket
    The mobile version of Westward Journey 2 and it supports cross-play with the PC versions.
    The Westward Journey Mobile
    A turn-based mobile MMO that brings the classic gameplay of the Westward Journey franchise to mobile platform.
    Westward Journey the 3D Edition
    The new member in the Westward Journey family with 3D action MMO gameplay. The game inherits the classic elements of the Westward Journey franchise as well, such as the characters and the scenes.

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    Crusaders of Light is a new mobile MMORPG and developed by NetEase. CoL recently started its softlaunch on selected countries. This game is popular due to the WoW like Aura that you will immediately feel from its opening trailer to its NPC's, Characters, Combat, Skills etc. I have seen, tested and played a lot of supposed to be WoW-Like MMO's out there but Crusaders of Light is the closest mobile game to a WoW i ever played!

    In case you haven't played this game, I highly suggest that you check out the guides below:

    For Download, Installation and Emulator Guide, Please CLICK HERE or use the link below:

    For Crusaders of Light Beginners Guide, Please CLICK HERE or use the link below:
    Table of Contents
    -=Page 1=-
    ~Class Introduction~

    ~Mystic, the NEWBIE~
    ~First 4 Skills~
    ~First Boss Encounter~

    -=Page 2=-
    ~Welcome to AERIAL ISLAND~
    ~Auto Path/Battle Mode~

    -=Page 3=-
    ~Welcome to Surgewind Wilds~
    ~2 NEW Skills~

    -=Page 4=-
    ~Last 3 Active Skills~
    The MYSTIC CLASS is locked to the HUMAN RACE. While a Warrior deals melee physical damage and a Ranger deals long range physical damage, Mystic's on the other hand both support/buff/heal and deal long range MAGIC DAMAGE. Some may mistaken that Mystic's are only capable of support like a typical Priest in other MMOGames and must not tank or focus on DPS, but honestly this class is the most flexible of all the currently available class.

    I will do my best to make the Mystic Class as easily understandable during the course of this guide. Please take note that on each stages, i will introduce the Mystic Skills and many more features about the class.

    ~Mystic, the NEWBIE~
    As a newborn Mystic you will start on the same tutorial quest just like everyone else did. Please use this time to get familiarized with your skills. Please follow the queue's on the tutorial quest as this will also help you get used to the game mechanics.

    At LEVEL 1 there are 2 skills available to your disposal, the spammable normal magic attack/heal and Mystic Galaxy. Please take note that BOTH SKILLS CAN BE USED TO CAUSE DAMAGE TO YOUR ENEMIES AND TO HEAL YOU OR YOUR ALLIES!
    Skill Name: None - Normal Attack
    MP Cost: 0
    Cooldown: 0
    Skill Effects: Spammable (no cooldown/delay), can be used to cause damage to your enemies, can be used to heal you and your allies. This skill comes in 3 wave combo in which the 1st and 2nd cause the same light damage/heal but on the 3rd will cause twice or even more damage/heal. This is a great beginners skill and a spammable buffer skill when your main skills are currently on cooldown. You may also move while casting/using this skill.
    Skill Name: MYSTIC GALAXY
    MP Cost: 2
    ​Cooldown: 8 seconds
    Skill Effects:This skill will cause moderate damage to your enemies while it will heal you or your allies. This skill will also slow down the HP Recovery rate once used on an enemy. You may also move while casting/using this skill.
    Path affinity: Shepherd and Magellanas Judgement
    Skill Name: ARCANE SHIELD
    MP Cost: 2
    ​Cooldown: 10 seconds
    Skill Effects: Raises a shield to protect your or a target ally. The amount of protected HP is shown as a light blue marking on your character or the ally target HP bar. You may also move while casting/using this skill. Unlocked at level 3.
    Path affinity: Shepherd 
    MP Cost: 3
    ​Cooldown: 12 seconds
    Skill Effects: Surrounds you with a blast of purifying energy which heals you and your allies while causes moderate damage to your enemies. AoE Heal/Damage Skill. You cannot move while casting or using this skill. Casting time is around 2 seconds. Unlocked at level 4.
    Path affinity: Shepherd, Magellanas and Judgement 

    During the tutorial quest you will encounter normal and elite mobs. Please get familiarized with the difference between your single and area of attack skills. As shown on the image above, the Purifying blast is able to heal you and your allies while cause damage to your enemies at the same time.

    The Mystic is a very strategy reliant class. As a newbie, you do not have the tanking capabilities as a Warrior have nor the high burst damage of a Ranger, however you have the middle ground. Learn how, when and where to utilize your skills to accomplish 2 or more objectives at the same time.

    ~First Boss Encounter~
    During the end part of the tutorial quest, you will encounter a Boss monster which will basically show you the basics of boss fights.

    Normal/Elite/Boss monsters will sometimes cast a Area of Attack (AoE) skill which will show a red telegraph on the floor. As a Mystic you have to learn to predict and avoid these telegraphs.
    Skill Name: FORCE OF WILL
    MP Cost:15
    ​Cooldown: 18 seconds
    Skill Effects: Targets with arcane energy that deals continues heavy damage. Please take note that the skill description says that "This skill must be cast REPEATEDLY", but i think this is a typo error. The skill must be cast continuously and NOT repeatedly. You may move while using this skill. This skill will also jump from one target to another in case the first target dies before the skill effect ends. 
    Path affinity: Verity Spirit

    The 5 skills on this page will be your mail skills until you reach ~. Please always keep this skills at max level. The next skill will be unlocked at level 18 (Dead Blast), 25 (Void Walk), 30 (DreadFall) and 35 (Aurora).
    ~Welcome to AERIAL ISLAND~

    Aerial Island is the newbie area. Here you will learn the basics of Quest, Quest tracking, Skill Combos

    You might encounter some small treasure boxes during your stay on this island. I highly suggest that you DO NOT interact with these boxes as opening them will cost you some precious stamina. However, in case you encounter a rare Big/Giant treasure box, then please pick up this type of treasure box as it will provide gold and rarely items that will be worth the stamina cost. Please visit the Beginners Guide for more info about Stamina.

    After completing the Coulder Crab kill quest, the Main Quest line will teach you on how you can upgrade your skills. Please do not hesitate to upgrade all your current skills by tapping/clicking the Auto-Upgrade button. I suggest that you always max upgrade your skills every time you level up. The max level that your skills can be upgraded into is based on your character level.
    Your total Battle Power will increase every time you upgrade your skills.

    The quest rewards on this island will not only teach you about the game mechanics but will also provide some items, equipment’s and even upgrade items to help you move forward through the game.
    Your total Battle Power will increase every time you equip a higher BT points equipment.

    Objects and your environment can cause damage to your character. So please be alert at all times!

    A gorgeous introduction to the Main Quest line will be unraveled during your stay on the Aerial Island.

    ~Auto Path/Battle Mode~
    By this time you should already be familiar with the Auto Path/Battle mode during your questing. Although this feature comes in handy and provides convenience, As a Mystic you cannot really rely on it most of the time especially during Boss Fights. You also have to manually select quest, accept quest and complete quest.

    Not everyone knows that you can enable auto combat mode even without a quest. Just tap/click the screen icon on the lower right corner of the mini map to activate the automatic combat mode. Your character will attack all monsters (excluding open world bosses) while in ACM.

    [M]ain Quest are your quest related to the game main story line. This quest line will provide you with amazing rewards like rare equipment’s , massive amount of exp, currency and many more.

    [T]utorial Quest are your quest related to the game mechanics like dungeon introductions, event introductions, features and many more. You will receive different types of rewards from the Tutorial Quest line along with the rewards of that you may obtain inside the dungeons or while performing the game events.

    [T]utorial Quest: SurgeWind Valley Charge
    You will receive this quest as early as level 8 and it will require you to enter a battlefield that is populated by ingame bots. This quest will introduce the multiplayer PvP system of the game. I highly suggest that you do this quest once you reached level level 13. 

    [M]ain Quest: First Mount
    You will receive your first mount via Main quest at level 8. Please visit the Beginners Guide for more info about mounts.

    From here on, please follow the [M]ain Quest until you reach level 10 or 15. Please don't forget to take your level up rewards. Please check the Beginners Guide for more info about rewards.

    [M]ain Quest: Driven Insanely
    This is one of the quest that you DO NOT want to auto battle mode since it will automatically target the male character which attacks you. You have to manually target/select and kill the female character which provides invulnerability to the male character.

    Just by doing the [M]ain Quest you should be able to reach level 13 easily. You should also have the same equipment’s as below:

    Now you may complete the [T]utorial Quest easily!

    [T]utorial Quest: SurgeWind Valley Charge MAP

    [T]utorial Quest: SurgeWind Valley Charge Ranking

    [T]utorial Quest: Life Skills / Forge Equipment
    After learning your selected Life Skill, now you may spend your Stamina to gather raw materials for crafting.
    For more information about life skills and crafting please visit the Beginners Guide.

    [T]utorial Quest: Scar Plains
    I highly suggest that you DO NOT use auto battle especially if you are below level 20.

    Continue with the [M]ain Quest after completing all the current [T]utorial Quest.

    You will receive your 1st Free Epic Gear from the [M]ain Quest True Identity

    [T]utorial Quest: Dire Galleon
    By this time you should be at least level 15 with Green set and Epic Sub weapon. As a low level and low geared player, i suggest that you avoid the auto-battle mode when entering dungeons such as Dire Galleon. Aside from the boss AoE attacks, you will also get attacked by the environment (Random exploding barrels)

    Upon reaching level 16, you will unlock Chapter 2 which will bring you to the next map (Surgewind Wilds)
    Before moving to Surgewind Wilds, please try to complete the 3 [T]utorial Quest
    For  [T]utorial Quest Receive Order you might need to wait for the right time to complete this quest.
    ~Welcome to Surgewind Wilds~

    I highly suggest that you try to complete all [M]ain Quest before performing repeatable dungeons and daily events unless they only become available during a certain time of the day. In which case, please do the timed quest/events/dungeons as soon as possible.

    At level 17 you will hit a wall where the [M]ain Quest will require you to reach level 18 first before proceeding. This is the perfect time to farm exp via Adventure>Daily/Timed Events. For more info about Adventure Events please check the Beginners Guide.

    In my case, i choose to perform Trial Quest. Please take note that you will receive exp, reputation points, gold, silver and talent points during the quest sets. The Trial Quest count will only increase once the quest set is completed, thus you may cancel the quest by leaving the Trial Quest party once you reached level 18.

    Reaching level 18 is one of the monumental steps for a Mystic. This is the level where you will unlock 2 new active skills.
    Skill Name: LIGHT SIGIL
    MP Cost: 0
    ​Cooldown: 15 seconds
    Skill Effects: "Generates an energy field that continuously heals allies" but it is more like, summon a tower that will heal you or your allies which can later on be optimized (heal 2 at a time) or convert into a damaging tower (Cause damage to enemies) later on (Path).
    Path affinity: ALL PATHS
    Skill Name: DREAD BLAST
    MP Cost: 36
    ​Cooldown: 10
    Skill Effects: A beam of energy strikes target inflicting light damage and fear. Although the damage is not that much, the status effect FEAR is something that is very useful in both PvE (excluding boss fights) and in PvP.
    Path affinity: Verity Spirit and Magellanas Judgement

    You may now proceed in completing your [M]ain Quest and i highly suggest that you do your main quest alone until you reach level 19 and the Main quest requires you to reach level 23 to proceed.

    At this stage, just continue with the Trial quest or do some Reputation Task or Complete the Logistics and Supply Quest until you reach level 20.

    Level 20 is where the PATH begins. To activate the Mystic Path System, please upgrade any of your current active skills to level 20.

    When any of your current active skill reach level 20, the 3 Mystic Paths will be unlocked. Please take note that you may learn 1, 2 or all of the 3 Paths but you can only activate/use 1 path at a time.

    The same with the other classes, Mystic class have 3 distinct PATHs.

    The SHEPHERD Path focuses on improving the support and healing capabilities of a Mystic.

    Activation Bonus:

    Shepherd Path node tree:

    Bonus under Shepherd Path are:
    0.5% Healing increased per node level.
    0.5% Healing increased per node level.
    0.5% Healing increased per node level.
    Skill Name: CONSOLATION
    MP Cost: 3
    ​Cooldown: 20 seconds
    Skill Effects: Uses the enlightenment state of nearby allies to restore their HP. Self and Party AoE Massive Heal. Affected players will also receive Enlightenment State which will further heal them.

    Aurora Skill is unlocked at level 35.
    0.25% Chance per node level.


    The MAGELLANA'S JUDGEMENT Path focuses on 1 target burst damage attack skill improvements. You will also learn new skills exclusive to this path.

    Activation Bonus:

    Magellana's Judgement Path node tree:

    Bonus and skill under Magellana's Judgement Path are:
    0.5% Damage increased per node level.
    0.5% Damage increased per node level.

    Please take note that Path skills have a special skill slot on the skill button section.
    Skill Name: SUPPRESION
    MP Cost: 2
    ​Cooldown: 20 seconds
    Skill Effects: Launches continues bolts of arcane energy, dealing heavy damage to target. Can be used/casted while moving.
    0.5% Damage increased per node level.

    0.25% Chance per node level.

    The VERITY SPIRIT Path focuses on improving the AoE capabilities of a Mystic. You will also learn new skills exclusive to this path.

    Activation Bonus:

    Verity Spirit Path node tree:

    Bonus and skills under Magellana's Judgement Path are:
    Skill Name: VOID SPIRIT RAIN
    MP Cost: 60
    ​Cooldown: 10 seconds
    Skill Effects: Shoot evil spirits to all enemies within a 20 meters radius from your character, remove their shields, inflict damage and fear on each enemy hit.

    ~Last 3 Active Skills~
    The last 3 Active Skills will be unlocked at level 25, 30 and 35.
    Skill Name: VOID WALK
    MP Cost: 16
    ​Cooldown: 15 seconds
    Skill Effects: Unlocked at level 25. Dash/Teleport forward in a short distance to where your character is facing. Damage is applied around 5 meters on the spot where the skill is activated. Can be used while moving.
    Path Affinity: Verity Spirit
    Skill Name: DREADFALL
    MP Cost: 90
    ​Cooldown: 12 seconds
    Skill Effects: Unlocked at level 30. Summons a Void Creature that cause heavy damage and float status to all enemies on the target area. 5 meters target AoE. Can be used while moving.
    Path Affinity: Verity Spirit
    Skill Name: AURORA
    MP Cost: X
    ​Cooldown: X seconds
    Skill Effects: Unlocked at level 35. Summons an arcane energy barrier to surround the target ally. All allies in the barrier are protected by an arcane energy shield. AoE party Shield Buff.
    Path Affinity: Shepherd
    Everything on this page is base on my own gameplay experience, opinion and idea's. Please take note that you do not have to follow the same exact builds/paths and I highly suggest that you create your own Mystic Path. These suggested builds are only for reference purpose.
    The VERITY SPIRIT Path is my favorite and commonly activated/used path. You can do so many things with this path and I highly suggest that you learn this path first before trying the other paths. This path provides more benefits by count compare to the other 2 paths.

    5 meters bonus to Dread Blast = means you will hit more of your enemies and heal more of your allies. In RAID dungeons like Scar Plains, Dire Galleon, Ancestral Altar and Goblint Camp where you will most likely be scattered, the 5m bonus in Dread Blast radius is immeasurable!

    15% damage reduction after using Void walk = Void walk is commonly used to avoid attacks (thus the name) or to dive into a group of mobs. Having 15% damage reduction after void walk is very beneficial.

    Light Sigil will recast Void Walk = more like remove the cool down of voice walk. If you cast Void Walk then cast Light Sigil, the cooldown of Void Walk will automatically complete thus you may cast void walk again. Since Light Sigil's cooldown is only 15 seconds, this is almost a guarantee that you may use 2 void walks before and after Light Sigil. This is very useful in avoiding attacks or running from closers.

    VOID SPIRIT = is a very powerful AoE skill. It is in par with the total damage of Suppression (MJ Path) and its AoE... but that's not all! It also removes any shield buff on the target and also inflict fear!

    Force of will and Dreadfall have a chance to reset Void Spirit which makes this skill combo more OP!

    Force of Will attacks 2 targets at the same time = nuf said.

    Suggested Skills (In any arrangement)

    Useful Skill Combos:
    Blinker: Void Walk + Light Sigil + Void Walk
    Skud Sorm: VSR + DreadFall + FoW + Dread Blast for any remaining monster (DF and FoW chance to remove VSR CD)

    Verity Spirit path is great and I Highly recommend it for PvE, Dungeon Runs and Multi Player PvP for Mystics who wants to cause DPS.

    The MAGELLANAS JUDGEMENT Path is the best 1 on 1 DPS skill path for Mystics. I highly recommend this path in 1 on 1 PvP Arena. 

    Increases CRIT by 10% and that's Crit Rate not Crit Damage. No idea what "suppressed crit" is.
    10% bonus damage when attack/skill crits. 10% is HUGE! especially when your Suppression skill crits!
    The Stats progression of this path also amplifies the magic damage of your character (+3 INT per level)

    Useful Skill Combos: (1 on 1 PvP/Arena)
    Suppression > Cast Purifying Blast as soon as Suppression starts the cooldown, you will see your character causing damage with suppression while casting Purifying blast at the same time! > DreadFall > While enemy is floating cast > Mystic Galaxy > then Cast DreadBlast > Cast Light Sigil Sigil > Use normal attack or use available skill.
    In case you are fighting a Ranger Class, you should try to get near the enemy as close as possible.

    Suggested Skills (In any arrangement)

    The SHEPHERD Path is the all around support. With a Shepherd, the survival rate of the party is boosted unless the player is in auto-battle mode lolz.

    With multiple single and multi target heals, shield, AoE Shield, Dual healing tower (Light Sigil) this path is surely the game's perfect support path.

    Key Notes for a good support:
    Always focus your single shield and heal skills on the tank.
    Reserve AoE heals for emergencies.
    Use AoE Shield (Aurora) only when the boss will release a massive AoE attack or when the tank needs some shield and your Arcane Shield is still under cooldown.
    Always make sure that you have more than enough reserves! (please check the Beginners Guide for more info about reserves)

    Suggested Skills (In any arrangement)
    Please take note that I currently don't have the AURORA skill, but you should put this skill and remove void walk if you have it.

    If you have some correction, suggestion or question about this guide, Please do not hesitate to post it on the comment section below.


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    What makes an online game interesting? There can be several factors. Some players might enjoy an open world multiplayer gaming environment while others prefer a short and sweet game where players are pitted against each other in an enclosed and obstacle filled environment. Still Alive falls under the latter category where a set of five players from different spheres of the globe are put into a battle field where they have to kill each other in order to win the game. The game is simple and extremely fun to play once you get a good hang of the combat system and controls that have been used in the game. The game is still not released officially and is available only in select countries. In addition to this, out of the two game modes which are available one is still not accessible by players. This article will give you a small peek into what the game comprises of and whether it is one worth playing.  


    Still Alive is a new action based online multiplayer game which has been launched for Android devices by the developers Funter. Still alive is a third person game where five players are made to battle it out against each other in order to win. The genre of the game is definitely not new, but the way it has been created does give it a whole new gaming experience. The five players will have to fight it out against each other over a period of ten minutes. Yes, ten minutes, that’s a really long time for an arena based battle. But if you get good at the controls and have challenging opponents the game will definitely become very interesting and ten minutes will not seem like a very long time. But such is not the case during the initial first couple of rounds. Players will tend to get bored of the game as there is a good chance that they will find the combat system and controls annoying, despite all this, the game has a lot of potential to become a highly successful game considering all the other interesting aspects of it.

     Players can choose from across three characters and will have to craft weapons of their choice for their character. Once in the combat, players will have a time period of ten minutes to get as many kills as possible. A player will respawn if gets killed. Therefore, the winner of the round is determined by the number of enemies that he has killed and the number of times he has respawned.


    The game is a treat to the eyes. The characters and the gaming environment look extremely colourful and realistic. Hats off to the developers for making such good graphics. This aspect does definitely make the game more interesting and would become one of the primary reasons for its success. The characters do look extremely good and the weapons that they are equipped with does show the mean character of it. Another noteworthy point is that the developers have not made one better at the cost of another. Despite focusing a lot of attention to detail on the characters they have not compromised on any aspects with regard to the gaming environment. Meticulous attention to detail has been observed in ensuring that the environment poses all the challenges and all the objects and opponents can be seen moving around.

    There is no tutorial which is offered in Still Alive. This is probably because the game does not really require any. It’s just five players in a closed arena fighting with each other for a time period of ten minutes. That’s about it.

    The control system in the game is definitely worth mentioning. It features a simple floating joystick on the left hand side of the screen which is used to control the movement of your character. Towards the right side you have designated buttons for each skill that you use. If you need to sprint, there is a button placed on the right hand side. Your directions control while you sprint are not covered by the floating joystick on the left but it can be controlled directly by adjusting the direction on the sprint button. The combat system features a lot of options which are scattered across the bottom of the screen. Each special move has a loading time once it has been used by the player. An interesting aspect of the game is that players will have to keep moving. This ensures that other players will be able to keep an eye on you and plan out their next move. The same strategy can be used by the player also.
    The game tries to make the players challenge themselves. In order to this, they have not included an auto aim option. Players will have to personally pin point their targets on the screen and fire. The game becomes even more challenging as the same skill cannot be used more than once in quick successions. However, a drawback to this feature is that the new players will take quite some time to get themselves adjusted to the game. But once they do, the game is sure to be a lot of fun.

    There are three different characters which have been provided in the game. All players are given the same options. The distinctive aspect here is that each player has their own unique weapons. In addition to this, players will have to craft the weapons of their choice for the character that they choose. Each character in the game has a set of weapons and shields and gadgets that they can use. This ensures that the game becomes more difficult to play. You can even change the character you are playing with in order to get rid of the monotony. However, if you start over with a new character there is a good chance you’ll lose the first couple of rounds as it will take some time to get adjusted to the gaming style and weapons of that particular character.


    Specification Android
    Version Android 4.1 and above
    RAM 2 GB
    Storage Less than 100 MB
    Still Alive is a very promising and fun filled game. It therefore is worthy of being given a rating of 8/10.

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    Resultado de imagem para a.c.e. gamevil
    Dragonfly Games is probably more well-known for its PC online shooters such as Special Force. Its latest project A.C.E (Alliance of Champions and Empires) is a fantasy mobile strategy RPG which is set to be published globally by Gamevil. The game tells a story between 2 warring gods fighting over the “Gaia Stone”. 

    You will collect, progress and grow your hero characters in order to form an amry of your own. You will command your own army to invade and loot other players. The Closed Beta is being prepared for the South Korea market and will start soon.

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    We all saw it, the Destiny 2 gameplay reveal livestream on Thursday. It was the thing that everybody was waiting for and now the hype train has finally kicked into full swing. Destiny 2 has a lot to live up to. Many promises have been made and some have proven to come true. Based off what we have seen, we can make some expectations, have some opinions and overall, judge how the game is going to play out. So let’s look at some things and make some assumptions about Destiny 2.

    The New Destiny 2 possible front cover.

    Let’s first talk about how the graphics look. Destiny 1 according to Bungie was using a heavily upgraded version of the graphics engine used to make Halo 3. While Destiny 1 looked great for an engine that old Destiny 2 looks fan freaking tastic. Built from the ground up using an entirely new engine and software, this game look absolutely gorgeous. The first mission alone from the livestream shows us what we’ll be seeing. Whether effects, pretty explosions, battleships, and new enemies that want to kill all of us but look super cool while doing it. However a lot of things can change from now to September. Things can certainly change. Many games have suffered the fate of not looking good at launch compared to when they initially revealed. Considering Bungie had about 3 Years to perfect everything, they better have gotten it right.

    I loved the way the new graphics looked, it was so pretty to look at (not saying war is pretty but this game is) I mean come on! Destiny has been a pretty game to look at but this takes the cake, this is just amazing. Thank you new engine that Bungie has you just made the game look even prettier. Now will it stay that way when the game launches? Or will it be even better! Considering Bungie still has some work to do with the game I bet it will look even better than the livestream!

    A look at the first mission in Destiny 2.

    Let’s talk about gameplay. From what I can tell it plays exactly like Destiny 1 but more refined. Obviously there will be new weapons and armor as well as new exotics like the new Exotic Sub Machine Gun. More information is coming out even days after the stream. The thing I am quite excited about is the new powers we get! We got to see the new subclasses, Dawnblade for the Warlock, Sentinel for the Titan, Arcstrider for Hunters, and maybe that minigun we saw in the stream (I love me a minigun).

    To be honest while the Arcstrider (I main a Hunter) looks really freaking cool, I get a lot of flashbacks to how pathetically weak the Bladedancer was in Destiny 1, at least in PvE. I mean it was meant to be a high damage slayer class thingy and it was soooo weak and I was so disappointed in it. Plus Bladedancers were everywhere in the Crucible so I have a bad feeling that we’re going to be experiencing something quite similar with this new Arcstrider class. However on the flip side I get to be Captain America as a Titan. Throwing that shield around, kinda reminds me of the Sunbreaker Subclass, but instead of a Hammer we get a Shield, and it’s purple not fire red. The Warlock’s new Dawnblade subclass is SO COOL!!! I get to be a flying valkyrie space wizard!! Okay it’s a weird combo but it works because of Destiny’s space magic absurdity. HOWEVER, I am worried on how they are going to balance the subclasses for both PvE and PvP. My guess is that they will make the same mistake they made in Destiny 1. As for weapons I can’t say the same considering there are entirely new weapons for the game. Including an exotic Sub-Machine Gun. So we’ll have to play that one by ear. But considering Bungie hasn’t mentioned anything about weapon balancing I am a bit worried but we’ll see. I JUST WANT MY MINIGUN ALREADY!!!


    One of the biggest elements Destiny 2 is bringing that Destiny 1 messed up big time and I am most excited about is the STORY!!!! FINALLY A STORY!!! However we only know what was shared. That the City and Tower was destroyed, The Speaker disappears, The Red Legion captures The Traveler draining our powers and the Vanguard are scattered throughout the Solar System and we have to obtain our old powers back through new means and find new loot.

    The story could take any kind of crazy twist or turn. Or completely fall flat on it’s face like the first one. Will we see what happened to the Queen and her Brother? Will we solve the riddle of the Vex? What about the mystery of The Stranger? Y’know, that one Exo Girl that appeared and helped us and then vanished just as quickly. What about her Bungie? I think those story elements of the Vex and the Stranger will be dropped in Destiny 2 in favor of this new story which takes place after The Taken King and The Rise of Iron. Who knows where it will take us. However I feel despite the epic story I feel it will either be extremely short or Bungie will once again drop the ball. But only time will tell with this one.

    We lose everything.

    One of the last things Bungie showed off were the new worlds that we get to go to. Earth’s European Dead Zone, IO, Titan, and Nessus. Nessus being a Vex Machine World, IO being the last place The Traveler’s light hit before The Collapse, and Titan being an old human utopia. Supposedly according to Bungie that is the biggest location to date. It’s a little disappointing since we were supposed to go to Saturn. And the other worlds are kind of moons. I mean what each world is supposed to be is cool but it is disappointing we don’t go to Saturn. But it is exciting we get to see Earth outside the Tower, Cosmodrome and Iron Temple. In fact our new social space in the European Dead Zone, a small town. Will we get to interact with the people of the town? Who knows, but these new worlds have new secrets and I am excited.

    There are also parts of the world you supposedly cannot find on the map and have to physically find yourself. That is really cool because it gives you a sort of depth to the world Destiny 1 kind of lacked. I just have this sneaking suspicion that the worlds will be baren like the first game. And I hope that is not the case. But if it is it will seriously kill the excitement of exploring the world. I guess the one thing they got right was the fact that you don’t have to go into Orbit to go from Planet to Planet anymore….That’s cool….I guess….

    The New Worlds.

    One of the little changes that Destiny 2 makes is that clans are now supported WITHIN THE GAME AND NOT BUNGIE. NET. Thank God, not only does this help the game, this also helps the community get to know one another. You can view the clans achievements and see what the clans all about when you look them up it’s extremely helpful. While yes it’s something minor little things can go a long way and this is definitely something the first Destiny needed and I am so happy it’s in the game finally.

    Something else that is pretty big is that Destiny allows matchmaking for Nightfalls and Raids, both of which are returning to Destiny. I am REALLY REALLY happy about this for one big reason. IT WOULD TAKE FOREVER TO FIND A PARTY FOR THE NIGHTFALL AND RAID! So thank you Bungie… listened. THANK YOUUUUU!!! It’s called Guided Games which allows clans and solo players to play with each other. This is so helpful and as a solo player (most of the time, I am in a clan but there only a few of us left) this helps IMMENSELY!!! Okay I’m done….. There is a few things I would like to address that was not mentioned in the stream that I mentioned before and some I didn’t.

    The New Clan System.

    There are a few things that concern me. Such as weapon balancing, ability balancing, and online connectivity, as well the RNG System for loot. If Destiny 1 had taught us anything, Bungie cannot properly do any of those things. Online connectivity being a big one as most of Destiny 1 was peer to peer connected which was God awful. Not only that but the RNG system was just…...oh boy…..You’re making me relive bad memories. As for weapons balancing there were periods where Hand Cannons reigned supreme (I hate you Thorn. I will forever hate you) then it was pulse rifles and eventually after more than a year and half later Bungie found a happy balance. As for RNG, they still have yet to fix it and it’s still broken as well as the ability balancing (Warlock melees are still OP Bungie!!).

    The biggest problem is the Grimoire Cards on Bungie.Net, what’s the problem? They exist on a different medium. It’s completely unnecessary as games such as Dark Souls have any special lore details within the game. Why can’t Destiny do something similar? It’s a problem that needs to be fixed with Destiny 2 and I hope Bungie fixes this. The big problem also is that there is already a season pass for 2 DLC’s just like Destiny 1…….This is a big problem and while this is more on the side of Activision this is an extremely bad sign of things to come and I hope this is fixed immediately.

    Can we not have this on Bungie. Net and in the game instead?

    These are all just some of the details that were revealed and my opinions on them as well as some issues that need to addressed in the next installment. I personnally believe that this is the saving that Bungie desperately needs if they wish to keep this IP alive and keep us. The fans happy. I believe that this will be a really great game and they wiil fix all, if not most of the mistakes they made in the first Destiny.

    But what do you think? Is Destiny 2 going to flop and complete destroy Bungie’s reputation? Or is it going to be the saving grace that the Destiny Universe and Bungie need. Are you excited? What caught your eye? Leave your comments down below and I’ll be sure to respond. Thank you for reading me nerd out a little bit and complain a little on what needs to be changed.

    Thank You For Reading!!!

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    Neowiz Games is going to merge the last 2 Bless Online servers into one in South Korea. 2 servers "Gaius" and "Lumen" will become "Elpis" starting June 14th, the developer and publisher of the Unreal Engine 3 MMORPG announced at the KR official site. Players have to complete character transfer before June 13 if they want to continue to play their existing characters. 
    The Korean version performed a server merge in January 2017, after 2 server merges in 2016. On the other hand, the Russian servers will be closed down later this week on May 25 indefinitely for a "revision". The NA and EU publisher Aeira Games met up the developer Neowiz Games in Korea last month but they haven't revealed anything about the meeting by now.

    What do you think about the game's future in NA and EU market?

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    The Chinese video game giant has reported $3.3 billion revenue in Q1 2017, which is about twice as much as Activision Blizzard's revenue, which was $1.73 billion. Tencent's financial report indicated that the video game revenue increased 55% y-o-y.

    Mobile games in particular, recorded a $1.87 billion revenue in Q1, marking 8 consecutive quarters of growth. Popular mobile games like Strike of Kings, Dragon Nest Mobile, and CrossFire Mobile showed agressive growth. You can see Tencent Games' major game line-up below.

    Tencent has made several stratigic acquisitions and investments (Riot Games and Supercell) that proven to be successful. They are now eyeing Steam with WeGame, a platform aims at global audience.

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    When Alien: Covenant In Utero was released, some people were disappointed about the it was a 360-degree video without full VR interactive experience. However now it seems like we will have a multiplayer VR experience set in the Alien universe.

    Recently, 20th Century Fox’s Interactive Entertainment and theme park arm FoxNext is building a 2000 sq. ft free-roaming multiplayer VR experience set in the world of the Alien movie franchise.

    The new Alien game will be a first-person shooter featuring immersive fighting against alien creatures. Although not confirmed, it does sound like the experience may be weapons oriented, with a chance that the experience may veer towards an Aliens setting.

    “FoxNext was created to support our motion pictures and with the view that technology is creating an opportunity for us to really revolutionize the way stories will be told in the future,” FoxNext president Salil Mehta said, “There’s enormous innovation occurring that allows real interactive storytelling, and we created divisions to focus on games, VR and location-based entertainment. We’re trying to define the best ways to create content for each.”

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    What are the new Chinese MMORPGs that are worth waiting for? Netease's Justice should be one of them. The long-awaited martial arts MMO finally released the actual in-game footage, recorded by the in-game camera on a GeForce GTX 1080 PC.

    The video features a playable character "Iron Fist", equal to a Kung Fu Master class in MMO, who smashes multiple enemies and some objects in the environment. According to Netease, the content shown in the video is Iron Fist fights his way out of an ambush, which is a part of Iron Fist's main story.

    What you can't see in the video is a martial arts world with a lot of freedom. Your behaviors in the game and reactions to NPC will affect your fate in the game. Do you think Justice will bring martial arts game back to the golden age?

    Justice will start alpha in China in July 2017. We'll keep you updated.

    Related: Netease Games Presented 32 Games at the May 20th Conference

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    Pokemon GO and developers Niantic have just launched a new game called Pokemon: Magikarp Jump in Japan app store, and it will soon roll out to other countries in the upcoming future.

    Magikarp Jump is a free-to-play game in which you can capture a Magikarp and complete mission by pitting your Magikarp against other Magikarp to see which can jump higher. 

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    The Korean version of Vindictus, Mabinogi Heroes, has revealed the 12th playable character slated for Summer 2017 named Miri. She's descendant of the draker race and wields huge blade. You can find on her gear and clothes some dragon elements such as dragon textures, dragon scale, and dragon wings. 

    Miri will be available in the Korean server first on July 6th.

    Also coming in the summer is the secondary weapon umbrella for Lynn as well as over 100 changes and optimizations. This will be the biggest update ever released for Vindictus. You can watch below a trailer highlights the new features in the update.

    Lynn new weapon

    New raid boss

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    Wild West Online got unprecedented attention because of the similarity it shares with Red Dead Redemption 2. Regardless of the Red Dead Redemption elements, the west-themed MMO looks promising with the gameplay features at launch.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 has just released a batch of new screenshot, and Wild West Online developer 612 Games also released several pieces of concept art for the biomes. Take a look below.

    Wild West Online has 3 huge and beautiful areas to explore at launch, and the game world will be expanded with post-launch expansions.
    Wild West Online concept art

    Red Dead Redemption 2 new screenshots

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    As Japanese art and animation continues to go global, we have more chance to see our favorite animation  in movie and game adaptions. Recently, Chinese gaming gaint NetEase has announced its officially licensed mobile game A Certain Magical Index is set to kick off first beta in China.

    A Certain Magical Index is a open world anime action game in which players can dive into the Academy City and fight with those iconic characters from the manga series such as Mikoto Misaka, Shiage Hamazura and Tōma Kamijō. With unique abilities of each character,players can experience totally different playstyle when playing this game.

    Apart from the characters, A Certain Magical Index mobile game also introduces the original storyline and lore from the anime series. Players are able to explore the Academy City and interact with different NPC in game.

    The first beta of A Certain Magical Index mobile game will start on May 22 and end in June 6 in China, and there is no word on whether this game will be released in the western market. 

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    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn upcoming expansion Stormblood is around the corner. There are so many new contents in the expansion and new jobs Red Magus and Samurai are just a small part of it. You can take a gander at the actions of the new jobs in the trailer below.

    The developer team at Square Enix also shows the eastern style city Kugane. Watch below a tour of the magnificent city from Producer Naoki Yoshida and Community Manager Toshio Murouchi.

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