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    In partnership with TT Games (the makers of other amazing Lego PC and console games, including Lego Dimensions) and The LEGO Group, their latest game for Android and iOS has just been assembled. LEGO Quest & Collect is a new role-playing game for mobile users.

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    In this guide i'm going to show you the fastest way to get more than 200 contribution points, which is one of the requirements i have mentioned before in the trading guide. This method is faster than the daily CP quests or even the story/black spirit questline.

    Before following anything in this guide, there are some requirements:

    A- Having almost 50~40 CP  [easy to reach via completing some early quests]
    B- Craftsman Armor +1 at least [obtained from market]
    C- Cooking Armor +1 at least  [obtained from market]

    If you have the requirements above, then follow the steps below:

    1- Nodes connection / Required ingredients

    This method is based on cooking some materials to get contribution points, but in this guide we are going to cook Essence of Liquor which is the best in my opinion.

    Cooking Essence of Liquor requires some ingredients, which are Flour, Fruit and Leavening Agent.

    To get Flour, you will have to grind Wheat, Potato, Barley and Corn grains.

    But how to get these grains plus the Fruits and the Leavening Agent ?

    A- Fruits

    You can buy strawberries from an NPC in Calpheon which called "Milano". Write it's name in the NPC search bar, and it will show you the path to there, 1 strawberry = 700 silvers.

    B- Leavening Agent

    You can get it from any cooking NPC.

    C- The Grains

    Can be obtained from nodes, certain nodes are producing them, all you have to do is going to Incendar and follow the steps below so you can connect the required nodes:

    2- Hiring workers/ Buying lodgings

    Check the trading guide which was writen by me, and follow step no.3 and no.4

    3- Let the workers work

    Now all you have to do is clicking on the node, then choose the worker, which should be the closest worker to the node (so you produce faster), then set the producing times to the maximum and let him work. 
    Do the same for all the nodes and let all the workers work, but keep in mind if you are offline, the workers will stop working until you login again.

    4- Producing Flour

    Once you get the grains, you'll have to grind them to produce flour, to do that follow the steps below:

    A- Press L, then click on the Grinding icon.

    B- Right-Click on whatever type of grains you want (potato,corn,wheat,barley), then start grinding them.



    5- Cooking Essence of Liquor

    After you have done all the steps above, you should have all ingredients required to cook Essence of Liquor. Follow the steps below:

    A- Go to any cooking NPC and buy cooking utensil. There are 2 types of them, Cooking Utensil and Balenos Traditional Cooking Utensil.
    Cooking Utensil is for the short period afk, but the Balenos is for the long term afk.

    B- Install the Utensil in your Residence.

    C- Put 1 unit of each ingredient in the Utensil, then press "Continous Production", and set the number of how many times you want these ingredients to be cooked ( set the max number).

    6- Exchange dishes for contribution points

    While cooking Essence of Liquor, you'll get various types of dishes. Each type gives you a different thing, for example: beer, milk, cooking exp, silver coins and CP.
    But in our case we only need the CP dishes which called "Dish with Poorly Prepared Ingredients".
    Around 90~100 dishes give you 1 CP. 
    Right-Click on the dishes so you can find the exchange NPC.

    That's all, by doing that you will get contribution points faster than any quest, also you can do it while being afk and remember to equip Craftsman Armor while grinding the grains, and Cooking Armor while cooking the ingredients.

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    Mystic, the female kung fu master class, will be coming to Black Desert Online KR server soon and Western server in the near future. Pearl Abyss has allowed selective KR players to try the character creation first. Take a look at the videos below for an early look at the customizations of the new class.


    Mystic is fast in combat and skilled in high kicks and superfast punches. The shoulder charge allows her to force her way through enemy ranks. You can learn more about the new class here.

    Via: Dualshockers

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    Dark and Light had a unsuccessful Steam Early Access launch on July 20 with unbalanced gameplay, poor optimization and other issues compromising the experience. The team reacted fast and worked hard to fix some of the problems.

    Snail Games has added PvE servers which were highly demanded by the community. People were complaining their lower level character got slaughtered and looted by higher level players at the starting area, and they didn't have a choice to play in PvE server. The PvE servers covered every most regions in the world including Oceania. Adjustments on crafting, Stamina and Mana were made, while some bugs on Magic and inventory were fixed. You can read the full patchnotes here

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    There's no a popular Monster Hunter style game on mobile platform, and Chinese developer NetEase Games believes there should be one. After Hunting Era which seemed not working out, they announced Hunter Soul (Chinese name 猎魂觉醒) today, with a fancy gameplay trailer with some interesting features.

    Visually the game has high quality lighting and shadows as well as a day / night circle. For gameplay, the game doesn't focus on farming and leveling up but exploration and 4-player hunting. Like Monster Hunter, this game has no class, and it offers 6 unique weapons: Greatsword, Gun Shield, Gauntlet, Staff, Bow, and Dual Swords. Players can customize their weapon with materials and they will need hunting skills to take down giant monsters.

    Shown in the trailer are 3 key combat features: soul chains, hawk eyes, and monster dismemberment. Soul chains are what hunters use to constraint the monster, and hawk eyes is special skill allows you to detect the weak point of monster's and the damage of each body part. With monster dismemberment feature hunters can defeat monster in their own ways, while they can obtain materials they need from monster's different body parts.

    The game may be coming to global market since Netease Games made an English trailer for this game. They may reveal more at ChinaJoy 2017 later this week.

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    ChinaJoy 2017 is starting on July 27 in China and a lot new games are coming. Based on what we know so far, we pick some game news that we think you will be interested in. And I will keep uploading during the ChinaJoy to bring you newest information, so don’t forget to check.

    Age of Wushu 2

    Genre: MMORPG

    Age of Wushu 2 is a sandbox game. You can do everything you want in the sandbox game. This is a Chinese kongfu world belongs to you. Unlike the original title, Age of Wushu 2 isn't set in any era in ancient China, and it has no quests and character stats. All of these changes are supposed to make AOW2 go beyond martial arts genre. The team wants to stress on freedom, sandbox, and exploration for Age of Wushu 2. Like The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim, the hit or miss in AOW2 won't be determined by your stats or gear but physical position and combat style.

    According to Snail Games, NPCs have advanced behaviors and they will ally other NPCs and even form an alliance. They'll participate in many events in the sandbox world and affect the world. NPCs won't give you quests but will interact with players and the world in a more complicated way.

    Age of Wushu 2 will have a totally different combat system. It claims the physics has reached the level of inverse kinematics. There will be no health bar, no pop-up numbers tell you how damage you make, and no icons notify you what buff/debuff you have, and instead, all these conditions will be presented in physically realistic way.

    Ark Park 

    Platform: HTC/Oculus/PSVR

    Ark Park is a VR game that you can explore a dinosaur theme park with your friends. It’s a little bit like the movie Jurassic World. As we can see from the video, players play as a tourist and visit different scenarios like jungle, Snow Mountain and so on. You can also ride these dinosaurs, make weapons and create your own park. And because it’s a VR game, so every part of this game feels so real and interest. 



    A Certain Magical Index

    Genre: RPG
    Platform: IOS/Android 

    Toaru Majutsu no Index a.k.a ( A Certain Magical Index ) is an Anime adaptation mobile game for android and IOS. As a fan of this anime, I really am looking forward to this game. And seems it doesn’t let me down. They didn't make this game like a card game but a open world RPG game which sounds really exciting.The game not only rebuilds the whole city but also relive characters form the anime. You can explore every corner of this city, just like the video said:”you are living in this city”, talk to these characters, even fight with them. And the PVP mode also makes this game more wonderful. As a mobile game, they really did a good job.


    Dark and Light

    Genre: MORPG

    It’s a really old IP which already developed for 12 years, from graphic to gameplay the game has a great progress, and the early access version was released on steam at 7.21. 2017. According to the official website, the game is a huge magic sandbox game, and I think the interest part is if you want to use a magic spell you need to gather lots of materials and learn skills about how to make these spells, so unlike other games you can use magic whatever you want, it’s really complicated to use a magic. Of course your magic won’t just spray some sparks or ice, it will be a powerful spell that can destroy everything in front of your eyes.


    Fallout Shelter Online

    Platform: IOS/android

    Fallout Shelter Online is coming to ChinaJoy this year, we don’t have any details yet, but here are some guesses about the online version.
    a: Met other shelters
    you can meet other players’ shelters as reference and copy them to make your shelter better.
    Since you met other players, I assume it’s possible to trade with them, exchange items and maybe exchange your talented dwellers.
    c: Aggression
    It would be pretty cool to invade other shelters and loot things from them, and it will definitely add a lot of difficulties to the game. But how to attack them and how to defend these invaders exactly, will there be a cooperate system? If the game balance not good enough, will it become a game that the more money you top-up the stronger you are, we can only look forward to ChinaJoy in 2017.


    Genre:MMO JRPG
    Platform:Windows / iOS / Android

    The first time I see this game, I just astonishing by the amazing graphic. Unlike usual MMORPG, the game focus a lot on the story mode, huge game world with rich stories, and each stage has a wonderful original music.

    This game also has a new battle system called real time turn-based strategy system. During every round you don’t need to wait, you can jump, defense and fight, it’s a new turn-based game ever seen before. Teamwork is also important, you need to change position and consider skill collocation with you teammates to beat a boss. And there is market system, every item you get from the game you can sell on the market. Overall, after closed beta, this game does surprise us a lot. As a mobile game, this game does have every feature inside and didn’t mess them up.


    Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle

    Genre:Turn-based RPG

    After E3 2017 Announce Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Trailer, this game received many good comments and many players looking forward to play it. Now, it coming to ChinaJoy 2017 which means you can experience the whole version first in China. And you can get a limited MRK model if you join the Ubisoft’s activities in CJ.
    Not only the Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Nitendo also bring a funny VR game: Virtual 
    Rabbids to ChinaJoy.

    Apocalypse Mechanism

    Genre: VR
    Platform: HTC VIVE/Oculus Rift/PS VR

    We already know the version on E3, and this time there will be a new version of Apocalypse Mechanism coming to ChinaJoy, compare to the last version, the new one will contain more content, like a new way to use mechanical arm to fight and experience the impact and exciting about drive a giant mecha. 


    Heroes of the Storm


    Blizzard has revealed that Garrosh Hellscream, son of Grommash Hellscream and former chieftain of the Warsong Clan, will be the next hero added to Heroes of the Storm. And he'll be playable at the ChinaJoy conference.

    We still don’t know anything about Garrosh in HOS, but during the CJ, we will know his skills, his ultimate skill and many other massages about him, and I will update this information in the CJ.  


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    After great titles like Gears of War, Unreal, or the somewhat unknown Bulletstorm, Epic Games returns with an ubiquitous, yet far more complex and profound construction/tower defense game than its cartoon graphics might suggest. The principle of Fortnite, at first glance, is actually quite simple:you build defenses around your goal, then defend it against waves of zombies. Thus the tower defense tag. But that does not stop there. Resource harvesting, talent trees and crafts are but a glimpse of everything that makes up Fortnite.

    The Basics
    To be quite frank, new players can quickly find themselves lost with everything that can be found in the menu alone. The best advice I can give is to simply follow and pay attention during the tutorial, which will guide you step by step, taking you on quests and explaining all the features and options.

    To give you some context, one day a big storm appeared, bringing along hordes of zombies. Fleeing this threat, players find themselves in a kind of bunker, managed by robots who will give instructions on how to defend against these hordes, or even eradicate the storm.

    The first step will be to build (then defend) a shield that miraculously can prevent the zombies from crossing. Over time, this shield can be improved by developing its power and unlocking new areas, and thus new missions.
    The game is quite linear in its progression, it is necessary to carry out the missions in order to be able to advance (and to unlock new functionalities). Nevertheless, we can replay previous missions to recover useful items.

    Resources and Exploration
    Okay, now let us dive into the fun of it all. After selecting a mission on the map, players end up in a "war zone"! The environments are different according to the missions: city, plain, etc. This is reflected on the objects to be recovered. Urban environments are full of houses, and therefore provide metal and electronic parts. In more "natural" environments, plants can be excavated and harvested to recover materials that are useful.

    Small note on a very well thought out feature: to recover resources, we have a pickaxe that is used harvest nearly everything in the world. By striking an object, its resistance decreases according to the power of your pick (initially doing 25 points of damage per hit). To add some depth to it, a small circle appears on the object to be destroyed. By targeting it, the damage done with each hit is doubled. This makes it possible to recover resources much faster and make farming for resources a little less monotonous. Note that one can then improve the pickaxe through the talents trees.
    Each mission has its specific purpose, but overall it is a matter of finding a specific point, then defending it. However, there are also secondary objectives, which will require to explore the surroundings. There are, for example, survivors that it is up to you to save or not (assuming they provide good rewards), or radar towers, which will have to be built beforehand in accordance with a specific pattern.

    The farming aspect is omnipresent, with three main resources usable for constructions: wood, stone and metal. It is thus possible to break everything (or almost) in the area: walls of house, furniture, cars, plants and trees, mineral vein and so on. In addition to these three main resources, materials can be found or manufactured, themselves to manufacture weapons and traps.

    After you have farmed the resources, now is the time to use them! Each mission ends with a defense phase, where it is necessary to protect a specific point and prevent the hordes from approaching it.
    Strategies will be required when building your defenses, as the AI is good enough to get through anything half-arsed. Several types of construction can be used:
    • Walls
    • Ground
    • Stairs
    • Pyramids
    Each of these types is available in three materials: wood, brick, metal, wood being the weakest, and metal the strongest. Materials can be selected with a simple right click.

    At first glance, the possibilities remain rather limited. should not rely on your first impression. By pressing the G key while targeting an element, you access a very simple and rather well-made editing interface. For example, when modifying a wall, 9 squares are displayed. You can then remove the squares to give the wall another form, or include another structure type. You can even add a hole in a wall, allowing you to shoot the zombies while inside the base.

    The possibilities are really numerous. And do not forget the traps! They will be very useful to slow down or even eliminate hordes of zombies that threaten the target to be protected. There are tons of sorts, but here's a little glimpse:

    To be frank, I had not specifically heard of this game before. And I'm delighted to have discovered it. Deep, complex, yet still accessible, Fortnite clearly has the potential to become a tower-defense reference. Even those that are not necessarily tower defense fans will enjoy the survival, RPG and crafting mechanics. Fortnite will be free-to-play at full launch but it will remain in early access until 2018. So is it (the early access) worth buying? My answer is YES. 

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    As we previously mentioned, the Rebuild Project is Neowiz's Games intention to revamp Bless Online from scratch. The purpose of the Rebuild Project is to improve everything from basic systems such as character growth, combat, gathering and crafting, mounts/pets to UI and user experience. A test server will be opened on August 1st, allowing players to test the game changes and offer feedback to the dev's team. Those who want to join the test server will have to download and install a separate new client.
    First on dev's list is the character growth, which has been greatly improved in terms of performance and appearance. As a result, the rune system has been revised, while a bunch of new systems such as reinforcement, succession, evolution, durability/repair and decomposition were added.

    The combat system was revised in order to clarify the characteristics between classes and make them more exciting. Combat Hits, Skill Reactivity, Combat BGM, Skill Tree, and Skill Deck have been improved while the Skill Growth System and Combat Bonus have been added.

    The game's gathering and crafting features were also improved. Production proficiency, production skill benefits, recipe acquisition, picking / mining skills will be reorganized, and production  specialization, artillery and workshop systems will be newly introduced.
    Revamping the travel companions will allow players to change their appearance and abilities as they want.

    The goal behind the UI/UX reorganization is to make chatting, partying and moving much easier. New systems such as random dungeon, guild search and subscription application, automatic movement and  route creation, beginner guide will be included.
    Source> official-site& inven

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    The sandbox MMORPG Dark and Light has just been launched on Steam Early Access. Priced at $29.99, the game offers many new features and graphic upgrade comparing to the debut version in 2016. However, it received exceedingly negative reviews on steam because of countless bugs and glitches. Till today, the overall review on steam turns from Very Negative to Mixed and 53% of the 2,167 user reviews for this game are positive.

    Among all the review, more than 70% of the gamers are from China region and there are more negative reviews from Chinese gamers than other players all over the world. Some western gamers don’t know why people give bad reviews for this game, and some are almost being stopped from purchasing. What do you guys think about this game? Is it really that bad? Do you think it’s an Ark clone game? Leave a comment below to tell us.

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    Gujian Online, a fantasy MMORPG, has undergone a lot rework on the graphics for a long period of time almost a year ever since the last close beta. All the sceneries and characters were remade. The landscapes are designed with real world sceneries, and with unique styles culture and tradition.
    The devs stated the technical things:

    “Using Havok Vision engine, combining with some middleware of YEBIS, SPEEDTREE, POPCORN, etc. , it gave room for our customization, and partnering up with Nvidia for in-depth technical work. The whole engine framework has switched from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11 and the development tool supports 64 bits.
    Using PBR (Physically Based Rendering) to improve object (rocks, wood, metal, etc.) surface details. The amount of mapping details and accuracy from the older graphics are doubled. Reflection and texture are drawn anew.”

    Here comes the pictures…

    I love photography, so 50% of my time spent on this game was taking pictures while traveling around. Character size/camera zoom was flexible for adjustments when the shots were made. The character were tweaked small in order to bring out the coverage of the landscape.

    Ever read “Finding Waldo”? Here it is, try to find the person hidden in every picture below...

    Part 1: Landscapes

    Part 2: Detailed Shots

    And last but not least...

    For the respect of hard work, please do NOT copy these picture to other places without permission and plagiarize. Thank you

    To learn information about the game, click here for the article.

    Note: this article is not sponsored nor paid, and completely self-voluntarily written. The personal views and opinions from this article is not related to the standpoint of the official and the media.

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    After one year and half of Blade & Soul launch, today BnS official facebook page announced an update on the game and the future of the Earthen Realm from game producer Jonathan Lien.

    Jonathan Lien talked about Blade & Soul past, and how it went from the launch till now with the various events and updates.

    He mentioned that they have had several pain points they have needed to correct or are still working on, beside mentioning that the BnS team priority is to ensure that they make the best decisions that contribute to its longevity.

    Which means the feedback from the community is important to improve the community overall experience.

    The letter included an announcement of the new Fortune Falls update.

    Immediately ahead of us is the new Fortune Falls update—you’ll be able to explore a new event dungeon, where you can snag an awesome swimsuit set and valuable upgrade materials for a limited time! And on the horizon, you’ll be able to explore a new major update named Dark Origins. It’s got two brand new high level raids, a continuation of our story quests, a new dungeon, systems updates, and LOADS of new gear and cosmetics. Dark Origins will be hitting in August, so make sure you’re ready.
    Also there will be a server merge/consolidating on August 9, due to difficulty in finding raiding groups.
    To help all players have the ability to experience the new raids, we are consolidating servers on August 9. This will affect both North American and European servers—the end result being that all players will be transferred to two realms for North America (Yura and Zulia) and three for Europe (Jinsoyun, Eisenherz, and Naksun). We’ll have more details in the next few days, but to prepare for this, we’ll be disabling server transfers after the July 26 maintenance.
    For more info you can read the letter "here".

    Let us know what do you think about it in the comments.

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    On July 27th, the Korean version of ArcheAge will receive a large scale naval update. Beside the new sea area, the game will introduce in naval arena. In a area known as Trapaces, 4 teams of 5 players that are above level 30 will fight against each other in the sea battle.

    There will be 12-minute for each arena battle where the brave fighters will have to deal with opposing teams, big waves and sea monsters. Players will be able to choose between 4 types of ships, each of them featuring a strong point, such as damage, speed, long range and strong collision damage.

    Bellow you can see the update's trailer.

    Via: mmocultur

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    Black Desert Online KR version official facebook page revealed on July 25, a teaser trailer introducing a new skill enhancement system which called "Rabam's Enlightenment" aka the 2nd awakening system.

    This system will allow the players to merge two different pre-Awakening skills to create a more powerful skill, with new animation.

    One main-skill and two sub-skills for each class to be combined.
    Every class is able to obtain 2 new awakening skills (2nd awakening skill), as you can combine one main-skill with one sub-skill.
    They also announced that more 2nd awakening skill combinations will be added soon.

    The System will be available for the players who are Level 56 or above, just like the current awakening system.

    You can check some of these 2nd awakening skills in the teaser trailer below:

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    Gujian Online, a fantasy MMORPG, has undergone a lot rework on the graphics for a long period of time almost a year ever since the last close beta. All the sceneries and characters were remade. The landscapes are designed with real world sceneries, and with unique styles culture and tradition.
    The devs stated the technical things:

    “Using Havok Vision engine, combining with some middleware of YEBIS, SPEEDTREE, POPCORN, etc. , it gave room for our customization, and partnering up with Nvidia for in-depth technical work. The whole engine framework has switched from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11 and the development tool supports 64 bits.
    Using PBR (Physically Based Rendering) to improve object (rocks, wood, metal, etc.) surface details. The amount of mapping details and accuracy from the older graphics are doubled. Reflection and texture are drawn anew.”

    Here comes the pictures…

    I love photography, so 50% of my time spent on this game was taking pictures while traveling around. Character size/camera zoom was flexible for adjustments when the shots were made. The character were tweaked small in order to bring out the coverage of the landscape.

    Ever read “Finding Waldo”? Here it is, try to find the person hidden in every picture below...

    Part 1: Landscapes

    Part 2: Detailed Shots

    And last but not least...

    For the respect of hard work, please do NOT copy these picture to other places without permission and plagiarize. Thank you

    To learn information about the game, click here for the article.

    Note: this article is not sponsored nor paid, and completely self-voluntarily written. The personal views and opinions from this article is not related to the standpoint of the official and the media.

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    As previously announced in Jonathan Lien's letter that current servers will be merged on August 9th to improve the the raiding population, today Blade & Soul NA/EU team revealed 2 tables showing "before & after" for the current servers.

    In other words the new name for each group of servers in each region "EU & NA".
    You can check the them below:

    Not to mention that the Character transfer service wiill be disabled from July 26th till August 9th.
    The Character Transfer service will be disabled after the weekly maintenance on July 26 and re-enabled after the server consolidation has been completed on August 9. Any transfers that couldn’t be completed will be canceled and the NCoin refunded.

    You can read more about it "here".

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    Anime MMORPG Kritika Online has been in open beta in the west since June 29. After a month's testing and listening to players feedback, the publisher En Masse released the first major update.

    "This update focuses heavily", the team said, "including changes to the Auction House, how items are bound, and how end-game gear is acquired." Additionally, the Arena mode gained 10 times the number of levels, offering now some sweet rewards to those willing to give it a try. You can find the full list of patch notes on Kritika's official-forum.

    More over, Em Masse also mentioned the August update, currently in testing, will be bigger and better.

    Source: official forum

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    Being able to play games that once dominated the gaming industry is definitely a feeling that must be experienced in order to be understood. Be it players who once were ardent fans of the game or players trying out the game because of the fame it carries, such games are always fun to play. Lineage M is one such game. For those who are die hard followers of the franchise the game is going to take you down memory lane with a lot of the classical feature of the original game being included in the mobile version of Lineage, albeit slightly remastered. But the fame that the game has carried forward is undoubtedly visible in the way the game has been dominating the Korean gaming market from the minute of its release.

    arnering millions of downloads within hours of its launch the game has definitely culled up the hype it requires and we can therefore most definitely expect NCSoft to make a global release of the game soon. For those of you wondering what Lineage M is all about or want to understand what exactly NCsoft has done with this game go through this article which essentially explores all the aspects of the game.

    For those of you who are impressed only by those games which have high end graphics and are appealing to the eye, Lineage M is not for you. No, the game does not feature top notch graphics unlike most games which release nowadays. The developers in fact, have tried to maintain the authenticity of the original game which was released in the 90’s. So this is a game for those who are either followers of the franchise or for people who love MMORPG’s and are willing to look past the graphics element in order to have an enriched classical gaming experience on your mobile. The graphics are simple and have been portrayed with an intent to keep the originality. This is quite visible in the slightly pixelated way that the gaming environment has been created. However, in order to not make it too unappealing the developers have remastered the graphics to a certain extent which manages to save the essence of the original game. The game features an open world environment which can be explored by the players individually or through teaming up with others.

    Now one might think if there really is a necessity for a tutorial for a game which was once hailed as the best. Well, the makers of the game do intend to make the game available to the general public where even new players can explore the game. Also, there are certain changes which are made from the original game since it’s been incorporated as a mobile game, so it is quite necessary that a tutorial be in place. Lineage M does provide an in depth tutorial on almost all aspects of the game. It teaches the players how to go about with basic movements and upgrading their characters and weapons. This is quite important as it is extremely essential to progress further in the game. Also, considering the fact that the game is still only available in Korean it would a useful tool for those players who can’t wait to get their hands on this game.

    The controls that have been featured in Lineage M are perhaps one of the most attractive feature of this game. The game has stepped away from the conventional method of offering only a single type of control system for the movement of characters or for attacking options. Lineage M gives the player two types of options when it comes to movement of the characters. The first one includes the standard fixed joystick at the left hand corner of the screen. The joystick however is hidden and can be accessed only when you tap on it. The only problem with this however is that it is a bit too unresponsive and takes quite some time for the character to change directions. The second type of movement controls that have been featured is the ‘tap to move’ system. This is quite comfortable as the character can be easily moved just by tapping at the desired location on the screen. The game also features an autoplay movement. So if you are a tad bit lazy to actually keep tapping on the screen you can always select the autoplay option and sit back and enjoy the game. Coming to the attacking controls, as mentioned above the autoplay system will ensure that you can have an uninterrupted flow in combat if you wish. However, the other method of attacking is by selecting your target and then engaging him in a combat. The combats aren’t stylish but it does contain an element of simplicity.

    In order to play Lineage M you will need to start off by creating your character. You can choose your character from a set four available classes which are based upon the original classes that were featured in the first game. You can create upto four different profiles and can have a different character for each one. This will enable you to kick start our game or continue with any profile that you so desire. Once your character has been created you will have to select a server in order to start playing the game. Due to the phenomenal number of players who are currently involved in playing the game the servers are jam packed and quite busy at times. However, foreseeing this possibility the developers have incorporated almost 180 servers to choose from so that players can experience the game without any lags or interruptions.

    Lineage M features a wonderful multiplayer platform where the players are given an opportunity to play with others and enjoy the game. The players can either explore the open world by themselves or they can join up with others in order explore the world. You can raid dungeons and defeat monsters with the help of your friends. In addition to this, you can form a party in order to get past those parts which seem to be too difficult.

    The game can be given a rating of 7.5/10.

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    As usual, today after the regular maintenance of Black Desert Online EU/NA, a new kind of arena which is called "Arena of Arsha" was released. This arena allows you to be the operator to hold pvp matchs of a special battle arena, beside choosing your own teams.

    You have to be a Guild Master or Guild Officer so you can ​reserve the Arena of Arsha by setting a specific date to claim the right to run the Arena of Arsha, and when the reserved date comes you'll be able to invite other players to participate in Team Matches or Team Survivals.

    Also the Arena of Arsha reservation requires guild funds (10m silvers), but it's not required for the spectating or participating players, which means the invitation of the operator is the only thing required for them, regardless of their affiliated guild.

    The difference between Arena of Arsha and Red Battlefield is that you can form your teams, set the match time, number of rounds, and regulations of the matches.

    For more details, you can read it all here.

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    2 weeks ago, Pearl Abyss revealed that Mystic is Black Desert's 15th class. Mystic is a female martial artist who is fast in combat and skilled in high kicks and superfast punches. The shoulder charge allows her to force her way through enemy ranks.

    Beside sharing some skills with the Striker class, Mystic is also capable to perform a bunch of combos that are familiar to those applied by ninja/kunoichi and wizard/witch.
    Titled "Beautiful and Strong", this new trailer presents Mystic right in the middle of the battlefield, as she spreads death among enemies with a mix of power and grace. 

    Are you looking forward to play it on the Western servers after you see her in action?


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    While players with a Deluxe Edition pack and above start with all the classes already unlocked, others start their Fortnite adventure with only the soldier class available/playable, with the outlander, the constructor and the ninja classes needing to be unlocked. The players can still receive heroes from these three classes from loot, but they will remain unusable until the specific class is unlocked, something that may be overwhelming with the interface.

    The Skill Tree
    Let's start by introducing the Skill Tree, as this is where you will be unlocking the remaining classes as well as other bonuses (including a better pickaxe). It is really not that different from what you are used to. To progress through the Skill Tree, you need to use Skill Points that are obtained either by leveling up your commander, or through quest and collections rewards.

    Unlocking Classes
    The Constructor class is the first one you will unlock, thanks to it being the first item in your Tier 1 Skill Tree. Regardless, it might take you a couple of hours to reach that point, which is hardly an issue really. The remaining two classes will be somewhat trickier as they are found deeper in the same Tier 1 Skill Tree. If you do unlock the Ninja class first, you will then need another 4 skill points to unlock the Outlander, getting an upgrade for your pickaxe along the way.

    However, it doesn't stop here. You will still have to complete a mini quest for each of the classes to fully unlock them:
    • Ninja: Eliminate 20 enemies in melee combat
    • Outlander: Completely explore a level 3 or higher area during a successful mission
    Once these are complete, the specific class will be unlocked, allowing you to play the heroes within it.

    Upgrading Heroes
    In Fortnite, you can level your heroes only up to a certain point, level 10 if they have one star. Then you have to upgrade them to two star heroes to continue their progress. The solution once again lies in the Skill Trees. The tier 1 Skill Tree allows you to unlock

    What I personally enjoyed was that upgrading a hero doesn’t only upgrade its stats and unlock new abilities. It also improves their skin to give them more of a veteran look.

    Fortnite First Impressions, Tower Defense Meets Survival: Is It Worth Buying?

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